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You ever wonder why American WNs constantly fail to gain traction? Because they don't understand American culture. Evola did though:

>The “integrationists” who draw these conclusions – as logical as they are aberrant – from the dogma of egalitarian democracy, and who, while talking at full blast about freedom, are in fact advocating a truly coercive system (1), are still opposed, especially in the South, by certain groups that have no intention of giving a green light to the advance of the black race and the “negrification” of their country.
>However, these latter groups fail to realize the extent of the phenomenon, in the sense that they only notice it in its most material and tangible form. They fail to see the extent to which America is “negrified” not only racially and demographically, but above all in its civilization, in the behavior, and tastes of Americans, even when there has been no actual mixing with negro blood.

White Americans, at least those with influence, adore blacks:

>But the phenomenon of popular and dance music is even more conspicuous and general. Fitzgerald was not wrong when he said that in one of its main aspects, American civilization can be called a civilization of jazz, i.e., of a negrified music and dance. In this domain, very singular “elective affinities” have led America, by way of a process of regression and primitivization, to imitate the Negroes.


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