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>Parenting can be a challenge, but a trio of bald eagles in Illinois have banded together to tackle it.

>In an unorthodox nest on the Mississippi River in northwest Illinois, two male eagles named Valor I and Valor II and a female eagle named Starr are sharing baby-raising duties.

>So far this year, the proud parents have successfully produced and hatched three eggs, said Pam Steinhaus, visitor services manager at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

>The Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge have set up a live stream of the site, where the eagles can be seen taking turns feeding the eaglets and taking care of the nest.

kinda fitting that bald eagles would be into cucking at this point, don't you agree?
based and redpilled
Bug fuck pt 3
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>hurr cuck
Those two males are probably the females younger brothers, birds (particularly intelligent species) often do generational families, where older siblings raise younger siblings, or siblings help to raise the chicks of their older siblings. (to gain exp)
Putting a human perspective on the survival tactics of other species, especially to promote degeneracy is truly Jewish.
>>Parenting can be a challenge, but a trio of bald eagles in Illinois have banded together to tackle it.
eagles sharing little marriage hacks, it takes a village to adult, it's hard
Don’t ever talk to me or my wifes eaglet again.
>Animals are faggots!
>We should be faggots too!
Animals rape each other too. Should we-
everytime i walk it back from gassing they reel me back in to gassing them.

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