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Can anyone provide me information on gay conversion therapy, or any articles that provide information on how to help someone who is mentally ill with homosexuality?
As long as you're not cutting your dick off you're fine you unironic Faggot. There have always been gays. It was only an issue when it got shoved in peoples faces. Find a dude live your life.
Fuck off, dichkead
Israeli education minister is in the news today saying you can be cured

I'll believe it when Tel Aviv stops being the fag capital of the world.
I don't really agree with our American friends advice, but he is kinda right. You are on the winning team at the moment. Society and the media not only support but encourage you. You could just move to Melbourne and live a fabulous life. How comes you are so conflicted when society seems to be so behind you.

Where I live there are gays everywhere, gay clubs, lesbian only clubs, we have a huge rainbow flag over our town hall and we have just had black pride a festival for black gays. Of course we have just had gay month and the big pride thing and all the shops have been promoting it. Lots of the workers have gay lanyards too which makes them look like they are working for some gay agenda. The point being your lifestyle and what it represents looks like it has one the day

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