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I help make 4chan faster by optimizing my PNGs. Where is my thanks!?
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Is there a way to do this by the folder, though? Or better yet, is there a way to make image capture in media player classic (or equivalent) make compressed PNGs?
Thank you for your service
Riot has a batch upload compression that works well enough for most things, but i'm still always a little wary of quality loss.
You could write a script. I'm not good with stuff like this but I got an alias that I copypastad from Google set up to recompress PNGs.

File: jxUHIio.jpg (488 KB, 2328x1785)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Was 4chan really better in the past?

You probably know about it already, but here's a small archive from before 2008:

When I look at those threads, I really wonder why oldfagism is so widespread, this stuff isn't any better than it is now. Just going off my memory i get the same feeling.

Is it just that we've become desensitized to this type of content, which in the past was refreshing and exciting?
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You mean videos uploaded recently or old videos whose audience was mainly channers?
Nostalgia of the fags of yore, and over glorification by the fags of today.
The past always looks better than it really was in retrospect. The internet today pumps out more OC -true OC, not 'memes' and repetitive content- than it ever did before, just somewhere else.
File: 1474441574374.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>the fags of yore
heh, i like that alot
Why? Because you're a newfag.
Internet trends have mixed social media with anonymous shitposting: the line between places where you go to post shit you would never say IRL and where you post your boring everyday crap are converging.

The result of this is an immense cyclone shitstorm that never ends, it's like scientology but 24/7, leaving only niche/smaller communities that arn't infested with the "IT'S DA JOOS" and "IF YOU DO X IT'S TRANSPHOBIA"

File: thumb-1920-903718.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Has /qa/ been watching DiTF?
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Can somebody explain to me what DITF is about and why it's fanbase solely consists of manmade horrors Tesla couldn't ever dream of?
It's about piloting robots but you have to have sex in order to pilot the robots so there is a lot of emotional tension between the characters. It's a fun anime, just people like you enjoy being contrarian in order to feign intelligence.
t. incel
>It's a fun anime
But that doesn't sound fun at all.
>But that doesn't sound fun at all
Ok anon

Is >>>/qa/ friends with >>>/bant/?
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holy shit imagine being this much of a loser ahahaha what the fuck
ur mum bro
ur mum
Fucking hate /bant/ and /s4s/......
S4S is shit tho

File: sadpanda.jpg (9 KB, 260x260)
9 KB
my e hentai account is already 10 days old and I've cleared my cookies for 99 times.
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live genius
What, don't tell me that he was trolling
>Panda is really hard to access
is it now? I wish they did have something like this for 4chan, or maybe something like madokamis registration

File: 1349455730548.jpg (56 KB, 300x400)
56 KB
Welcome. To McDonalds...........................................................................................................
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You haven't missed out on anything
I miss the smell.......
File: 1366294498954.jpg (175 KB, 666x500)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
What smell?
What's stopping you?
Literally nothing, there's one right down the road. I just don't go outside.

File: GFC.jpg (220 KB, 1430x1407)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
¥the archives when 4chan freezes
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meant to post this but oh well cute brown girl works too i guess
Who are all the undead gensokyoians?
have a bump
File: 67690592_p0.jpg (1.31 MB, 1400x919)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Thank you for posting the best ZUN album.

File: 1522727928730.png (709 KB, 1535x2143)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
How would you rate it?
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>tfw hiding mass Templars till late game
They didn't see it coming
File: 82147510.png (288 KB, 1314x1380)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Best alliance.
File: 1522727826636.png (230 KB, 720x1024)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Why not?
> last second
> castle practically in ruins
> floor starts rumbling
> Can't hear shit as the chants of deus vult deus VULT DEUS VULT grow ever closer
> doors burst open and a near unlimited amount of crusaders flow out
Well, that was an interesting decision.

File: 1496106607822.jpg (46 KB, 386x480)
46 KB
Saber riding a banana.
Why does she do it?
She has fun doing it.

Dreams thread. Post in here every time you remember a dream.

Last night I had a dream where there was this creepy red doll creature who was influencing lots of people on TV. I thought to myself how weird it was that anyone would allow themselves to be influenced by this weird doll who you didn't know anything about. You didn't know where he came from what he was, just that he was on TV. I felt this doll calling out to me but I tried to free myself from him and as I did I felt he was going to kill me and the dream quickly tuned into a nightmare and I woke up.
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File: 1509620683614.gif (259 KB, 250x250)
259 KB
259 KB GIF
I think I average remembering my dream four times a year
dreamt that I cut off my dick, but by the time I realized this was a bad idea and that I should go to the hospital to get it reattached it had already turned gangrenous
File: 1493918743167.gif (1.19 MB, 390x317)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
My dream last night is that my sister offered me handjob, my other sister overheard her from the other room so she went out and yelled at her on how wrong it is.
Man it made me feel so uncomfortable, incest dreams are the worst.
It seems to help to write it down as soon as possible.
Dreamed and woke up 3 times in a row through the night and don't remember a single one, crud.

What was the best period for internet culture?
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>usenet posts from the pre-meme days
Memes are older than you think. Usenet had its memes too. It's where "meme" went from a term Richard Dawkins made up to the modern sense (excluding the recent idiots who use "meme" to mean "image macro"). Politeness doesn't mean you can't have humor or in-jokes.
Exploding vans and that anon that was arrested for a superbowl bomb threat, the end of anonymity.
Usenet also wasn't always polite, it's where the term "trolling" was coined. That's why I preferred moderated email lists for civil, mutual-interest-based discussion.

Nah, 4chan's creation was part of the decline.
Every period had its ups and down, I enjoyed them all and I'll hopefully live long enough to enjoy many more.

File: moondog.jpg (65 KB, 911x877)
65 KB
Goku VS every Pokemon. Who wins?
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Just use an OHKO move. They OHKO no matter what if they hit. Goku has no chance.
File: 1523913598077.png (324 KB, 1202x892)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Before or after he helps them evolve into their final forms?
depends? think Goku could deal with a FEAR rattata? or aron?
nice triple numbers friendo

File: chen mystery.gif (1.37 MB, 620x620)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
This is a big mystery for a small kitty! Can you help Chen get to the bottom of it? They both look awfully fluffy...
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Chen is my homeboy
I'm glad someone eventually helped Chen, even if it did take over a week.
That cat is sure curious. It might get killed.

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Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception
been listening to this for the past few hours

File: 1520553192003.jpg (17 KB, 338x338)
17 KB
How is /qa/ supposed to be pronounced, /kweJ/ or just /kwɑː/?
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Fighting games as niche as UNIEL absolutely need cross platform play. It's ridiculous to split up already tiny communities
bump for you
"Keh-ah" for me since I'm a Romance speaker.
Same here and but I pronounce it "kyuu aay"

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