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1870932where were you when 8gag was running its site better than 4chan[View]
1870716Not being funny m8s, with a new controversy about gookmoot appearing every month there is no use in …[View]
1870925Is there any info on what happened before? Did someone MSDOS 4chan or did Hiro fuck something up whe…[View]
1870875What's with this weird optical effect when I see this kind of art, where it looks like there…[View]
1870415Who's akarin from incels.me forum?[View]
1870793How has NO ONE done ANYTHING about these threads[View]
1870792what the fuck happened to legacy captcha im not using this site anymore if i have to click on street…[View]
1870560Thread based verification is an interesting idea. I really like it to be frank.[View]
1867845TESTING: can I haz image post now?[View]
1868241So what really happened?: 4chan got DDOS?[View]
1870428why do mods ignore this thread? the muslim is just insulting in all his posts >>>/int/84707…[View]
1870010It's over: We lost[View]
1869912>taking down image posting for an ENTIRE FUCKING DAY >for the sake of removing legacy captcha …[View]
1870461Me in the middle[View]
1868911>introduce new captcha system >don't force a hiragana/katakana captcha onto /a/ and /jp/ …[View]
1869883Make this last for 5/10 posts, no time limit. This is nearly pointless since it's time-based an…[View]
1869362Anyone tried this?[View]
1868727Is Legacy Captcha seriously what fucked everything up yesterday?[View]
1867381Are we back yet?[View]
1868472Does this work?[View]
1865802What should I wank to next, /qa/? 1. No gore, scat stuff, etc. 2. Anime and furries are allowed, gra…[View]
1868536Press F to pay respects to legacy captchas. [spoiler]I'm still not buying a pass[/spoiler][View]
1870083This thing should last 40 minutes at the very least.[View]
1867503>anime website[View]
1868229What does /qa/ think of this image?[View]
1870007What the fuck is going on with the CAPTCHA?[View]
1869395Switching to different captcha service: ITT: Suggest new captcha services for 4chan[View]
1867562Why can’t we post images?[View]
1869970Wh@tz up n1gguhz?[View]
1867775imageposters not welcome: HIRO PLEASE KEEP IMAGES DISABLED![View]
1868558Goodnight sweet calle[View]
1869438Log out of gmail retards it will fix most of your captcha issues.[View]
1868947*breaks your site*[View]
1869538Keep complaining about captchas so it drowns out the /a/utists please.[View]
1865812Have you ever wanted to go to Antarctica?[View]
1869900Does anyone have tips in order to improve at DDR / Pump It Up? I feel like a complete shitter...[View]
1869857N....n-o....NO! This is our b-b-b-board NORMIES! Shut up about your CAPTCHA![View]
1869574I prefer the new captcha.[View]
1868841little tip: wiggle your mouse pointer for a bit before ticking the captcha box you'll get a hig…[View]
1867701Test: Does this shit work now?[View]
1868952It's over.: We lost.[View]
1868789How do girls react when they see your muscles?[View]
1866071NEET machine[View]
1864973Would you suck a dick to save the world?[View]
1863792Sorry, but we don't serve gays.[View]
1860902Pictured: /qa/'s homeboy[View]
1868097If you could, would you sing with me?: Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer to Thee! E'en tho' it…[View]
1865540Present your question.[View]
1860666Do you think you've ever changed someone's mind on 4chan? If so, do you think it had a las…[View]
1860556What's your favorite anime this season, /qa/? Mine's Sora yori mo Tooi Basho.[View]
1866051How many hikis does /qa/ have I wonder...[View]
1868816How about a big sale on 4chan passes in memory of legacy captcha?[View]
1864793Are liveboards the future?[View]
1868772ITT: post boards: post the boards you visit and have other anons recommend alternate chans for you t…[View]
1868756>It's a 'website makes posting impossible so everyone leaves' episode >It's a 'websi…[View]
1868724Fun Fact: Hey guys reporting posts still uses the Legacy Captcha. They haven't completely taken…[View]
1866035Sanae is a... ????[View]
1868691>Go to post something >Select the street signs >Next x6 >Verify >You failed, please t…[View]
1868689What do you think about vpn?: Are they really necesary for preserve anonymity?[View]
1868444why don't we just add 'shill' to the spam filter? posting quality would improve immensely witho…[View]
1868529Can I FUCKING post on this FUCKING site now?[View]
1867351FUCKING GOOK[View]
1868437Were there any super long threads during the freeze?: Since we couldn't create new threads, not…[View]
1868574Let me save you from the yellow menace.[View]
1868526Mercury tooth fillings: Should I get 3 of my mercury filled teeth taken out, have the mercury remove…[View]
1865691Special delivery for /qa/[View]
1868511How does this look[View]
1868451I was a spin off weeb once. But i saw the light and now i post for pepe.[View]
1866189Why are spinoff weebs obsessed with being like [s4s] when they missed most of the 90s and were born …[View]
1867551>4chan is working again[View]
1868486>entire site shits bed for a day >no explanation at all from that greedy nip…[View]
1868459Why is there smoke coming out of the 4chan servers, Hiro?[View]
1868380I should have been banned, but I'm wasn't? I intentionally started a literal explicit /tra…[View]
1864993Why is Japanese such a retarded language 車 = kuruma = car 電 = den = electricity You might think that…[View]
1868436When exactly did /b/ become so shitty and so filled with obvious newfags?,I remember stopping access…[View]
1866187my mfw mods havent publicly banned anyone in fucking ages fucking milennial fedora soyboy numale lib…[View]
1866099Remember when this board was about discussing the site's rules and the mods did their job?[View]
1867427All I've got to say is...: Pepe eating corndog.[View]
1868309Why am I unable to post in /trash/? I'm not banned, I just can't post in there, every sing…[View]
1864887Why do the Japanese picture all Europeans as blondes? French people, for example, mostly have chestn…[View]
1866190Le Twitter anime[View]
1865523Do you have a question?[View]
1867789What can we do about containment board leaks?[View]
1868351Now that the dust has settled, I seriously hope you soy boys don't ask who I'm quoting on …[View]
1864178She's seventeen and doesn't have a boyfriend either! I think you two should get together![View]
1864953This is /qa/.[View]
1864908Computer Programmer: If you’re good in Programming, does that mean you’re also good in Math?[View]
1867581i want to post pictures you fucking gook in threads: no further comment[View]
1868324Can we block images in /v/ again?[View]
1864755Taking it Easy: How to take it easy? Wakannnai. Oshiete.[View]
1868306I missed you[View]
1866048Won't forget A-san[View]
1866085hat is your opinion on drop caps? If 4chan had markup for drop caps, would you use it? What boards c…[View]
1864840Rading and Thread Dilution solutions: Why can we not give OP the right to ban or block replies for O…[View]
1868247Is /v/ better off without reaction images?: No, you can't get rid of wojak and pepe alone. You …[View]
1868213>>1864928 This is posted 2 days ago and for the first time in ages 4chan servers shit themselv…[View]
1867596I just got warned for reporting some faggot that is objectively shitting up a thread with his hyper …[View]
1868188⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢸⠳⣄ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⠸⡄⠈⠙⢦⡀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢠⠿⡄ ⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⣇⢀⢀⢀⠉⠢⣄⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⢀⡏⢀⢳…[View]
1865119If you had admin power on 4chan for the purpose of changing one thing what would it be? Personally I…[View]
1865323/news/man here with an Op/Ed: Question: Isn't it about time /news/ had its 2-day autosage rule …[View]
1867408/brit/: sorry about image posting going down 2 times in a week everyone![View]
1866045That's a spicy Sanae[View]
1867420Range ban people from the places circled in red please. They're either very rude and annoying (…[View]
1867564did you have a question?[View]
1866060Do you believe in love at first sight?[View]
1867890Slippery wet dog poop[View]
1867632Is 4chan still delivering malvertising? When I access the site on my other computer which has noscri…[View]
1865845>tfw you think youre about to take an awesome mega shit but its just a bunch of gas and a little …[View]
1867534>mfw weebs can't counter my frogposting now[View]
1867367>my friends are on /qa/[View]
1864879/qa/: waking up is comfy[View]
1865808Friend or Friends: >how do you make friends on internet? even you got internet friend, what do yo…[View]
1863482>/qa/ - Discussion about cocks[View]
1865473You think you can solve me?: A test for everyone.[View]
1866963i cant post on /biz/[View]
1867532Image Upload Test: Enjoy this Mugi.[View]
1867520>upload failed please help![View]
1867511>connection failed >upload failed >Unsupported Capcha >Slowly disappearing capcha that f…[View]
1865977Remove the piece of shit moderating /a/:[View]
1867455Hello world[View]
1863896Template Threads: What is your opinion on template threads? I think they're a bad thing. By fr…[View]
1866076Remove (!): What is the purpose of this 'feature'? Are we really pandering to autists that can'…[View]
1865426IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED /QA/????????[View]
1866055Get in.[View]
1866221HOw am I looking[View]
1865645It is gay to have sex with someone of your same sex while being drunk?[View]
1866217i recently started a thread on /vp/ with ' >2018 >still no hamster pokemon ' but it got delete…[View]
1864939m00t appreciation thread: >Where were you when moot left 4chan and posted his final post on /a/, …[View]
1865741DELETE /QA/[View]
1864606/qa/ on the[View]
18449074chan Happenings Thread: ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you …[View]
1865809'There's a time and a place for anime. The time is now. The place is here.' - Me[View]
1865951When did you decide it wasn't worth it anymore?[View]
1865875I dont remember this carácter name And i watched it as a semi adult i linda want to know the name o…[View]
1866059>social ineptitude thread Heyo my /b/retheren I need guidance Be me tall ass skinny pseudochad Be…[View]
1865499Did you have a question?[View]
1865587I demand a question.[View]
1866212THE BEST[View]
1866138/qa/...: >when you think you got a shiny new (you) but when you open the thread it was just a spa…[View]
1864734Is this NSFW?[View]
1866134this is how girls should treat their boyfriends[View]
1859380Tea or Coffee?: I personally prefer black tea.[View]
1865716she sees your /qa/[View]
1863497my hips are moving on their own[View]
1865526Would anyone like a banana?[View]
1865049can somebody explain the backstory behind pic related?[View]
1865402If it's gay to date a guy, and girls date guys, does that mean girls are gay, and so dating a g…[View]
1866063The dream! Live it![View]
1866042Remi! Building the /qa/ mansion! She's doing it![View]
1866049឴ ឴[View]
1863579Cannot unsee: She is making the emoji face.[View]
1864763Is the Ugandan Knuckles meme good or bad? And what about the Tide Pods meme?: I like the Ugandan Knu…[View]
1866004This torch burns eternally with /qa/'s undying spirit![View]
1865807Fucking piece of shit mod of /a/: Five, FIVE fucking Dragon Shit threads while the piece of shit of …[View]
1865397Why doesn't 4chan use its own captcha?[View]
1865967Do you have a good sense of balance?[View]
1865558Will you have a question?[View]
1865940I hope I can visit Gamers one day...[View]
1864928I miss when 4chan used to go down every couple of months. Gave the site a sense that it lived by the…[View]
1865436Have we reached peak tv host condescension?[View]
1865873gibs breastmalk[View]
1865319Linking to discord should be an autoban.[View]
1865253Smh (S M H) Tbh (T B H) Senpai (F A M) Why are these still word filtered? It's been over 2 ye…[View]
1863600there is no difference between modern 4chan and reddit. i hate 4chan.org anyone else feel this?[View]
1865419can we please put a wordfilter on 'cuck'[View]
1865547឴ ឴[View]
1865743Is there a trick to casual encounters on craigslist[View]
1865739does anyone have the frog dressed as mod picture?[View]
1863446Stop gore spamming on /pol/: Gore does not add anything to political discussions therefore it should…[View]
1865698cute aniem discord: Man oh man am I bored! I'd sure like a cute anime discord server to join...…[View]
1844114Pepe eating corndog.[View]
1864237Remove the piece of shit moderating /a/: Remove the piece of shit moderating /a/[View]
1865559Alright /qa/ tell me what your LEAST favorite board is and why please don't say /qa/[View]
1865633H-how do I get a gf?[View]
1824953Suddenly... Out of nowhere... ...THE /qa/ DREAM![View]
1865538Current state of /gif/ and /wsg/: YLYL | REKT | YGYL | YCYL | WAR and any other high bumped general.…[View]
1865515Hey what's up everybody, this is todd. And this is another inside SoCal quick hit. Alright so I…[View]
1865502No tendies on my plate: <iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/WI-SC…[View]
1864668Remove the j*nitor from /sp/: Can someone please pull the leash to the guy that ''cleans'' /sp/ from…[View]
1865388/o/ would like flags added to the board, someone do something about it.[View]
1865238Mcdonalds fries: Just went to McDonalds and bought 7 large fries and put them in a bowl. should I fe…[View]
1865404/vr/ 6th gen consoles: Why the hell is there so much opposition to discussing PS2, Xbox, and Game Cu…[View]
1865318OJ did it?: I just finished 'American Crime Story.' So, what do you think? Did he did it or not? Why…[View]
1865367Why do 4chan mode get so upset when you post Lauren Southern nudes and look for any reason possible …[View]
1864959/vp/ moderation: i recently started a thread on /vp/ with ' >2018 >still no hamster pokemon ' …[View]
1865378When is Hiroshima going to get off his fat Asian ass and fix this godforsaken website that is fallin…[View]
1865220When is mod abuse on /asp/ gonna stop LOL[View]
1865213>>>/jp/18264479 >>>/jp/18255947 >>>/jp/18256512 >>>/jp/18256414 …[View]
1863848Whats the cleanest and least painful way to kill myself.[View]
1862502When will the mods permaban this faggot already? Even most people who aren't bronies despise th…[View]
1864877fav RPG class? mines mage[View]
1865242Delete /pol/[View]
1865109Why do some boards have IDs but others don't?[View]
1865180I no longer identify with the people who post on this website.[View]
1857550>Janitor applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!…[View]
1865208Accomplishments of memes: What have memes accomplished?[View]
1865084I really don't like how every board seems to have a dumb IRC circlejerk behind it[View]
1862847Who is winning?[View]
1864878Hey ABIB. You're gay.[View]
1865078How long rangebans last?[View]
1865074>qa becomes the meta board >No meta threads I'm quoting myself…[View]
1864983why the fuck does 4chan reject all my captchas unless I'm on incognito mode[View]
1856597This doujin is actually and unironically Non-H. https://exhentai.org/g/1170651/5cfb85779f/[View]
1864930PTO question: Why do I recieve my pto pay on the next pay period?[View]
1864819Put the (You) in the bag.[View]
1862666le pear[View]
1861075a real friendsta-ass /qa/eer never runs his f*ckin' mouth cause real friendsta-ass qa/eers don…[View]
1858845Do you like lolis?[View]
1862467Hiro can you make /l/?[View]
1864834Is that factually correct?[View]
1864839What's the best body type?[View]
1857363Does 'loli' refer to a character's age or body type?[View]
1864797>see someone suggesting a guy creating good discussions on /v/ to move to reddit instead because …[View]
1863833How do you imagine the anime posters look like?[View]
1862748What happened to this? http://find.4chan.org[View]
1859775>2011+7 >still posting anime[View]
1863788Who ironic weeb here?[View]
1864598Ban the word shill on /v/: I beg you. I cannot even talk about an unpopular game without a bunch of …[View]
1863493why dont the /v/ mods actually do their job and delete WHIRRposting threads do they just not care?[View]
1864815weebs +frogs = love[View]
1857323What are you up to?[View]
1863597https://desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/XnpORKe28qwpu4nsRvTWcA/ >violates global rule 10 for o…[View]
1864783Please /u/Hiroyuki, tell m00t to come back and do an ama[View]
1862519I haven't made a thread on /qa/ in DAYS. Is the board finally dying?[View]
1863913Posting best spirit so that /qa/ isn't filled with shite.[View]
1864228*breaks the site*[View]
1864332wine goes down way too fast...[View]
1864622is prolonged 4chan use bad for your health?[View]
1864471What can we do about that proxy user who posts loli on /pol/?[View]
1863750who /weed mafia/ here?[View]
1863919kpop general: lets give this a try.[View]
1864562Which one is /qa/?[View]
1860916How does /qa/ feel about homosexuality?[View]
1864255KPOP GEN: a thread for the discussion of kpop, aka korean pop music.[View]
1863990why do soyfrogs always make this face?[View]
1863949/qa/ on the right[View]
1863046Bye nerds.[View]
1863974is this true /qa/?[View]
1862811Create a new board just for Dragon ball related things: We need to create a new board just for drago…[View]
1863890We really NEED MODS on /biz/, or at least a range-ban on Indian posters. These pajeet referal thread…[View]
1863501Is anyone else glad that oldfag worshipping is dead? There is nothing more embarrassing than watchin…[View]
1855204Post wembs with cute girls![View]
1863864Why's the w so dead?[View]
1863856What is she thinking guys?[View]
1863097How subjective or objective is taste in media? Can one *objectively* say that Beethoven is a better …[View]
1862094ははは!This place is very funny![View]
1863806Is there a 4chan app for iPhone? Please don't bully me, I just want to lurk while I'm at w…[View]
1863849Have you ever ran from the cops? How did that go?[View]
1863808Pirika pirilala poporina peperuto~! Make /qa/ FUN![View]
1863804reCaptcha: So last week I kept getting 'you forgot to solve recaptcha' error even though I…[View]
1863193I swear I will move to 8ch if this captcha on EVERY post is not removed. Just fucking had to solve 8…[View]
1863724>DUDE SOY LMAO How do we purge this meme?[View]
1863743Why is this a thing? What kind of a dork would want to wear playstation shoes?[View]
1857599What is your ideal anime girl like, /qa/? Mine is a fun energetic girl who is both shy and outgoing,…[View]
1824705Video games: What video games are you guys playing?[View]
1824892Winter 2018: What's /qa/ watching this season?[View]
1858253What makes an imageboard great? Pic related, all popular imageboard owners[View]
1857063How are you liking the new season of Overlord so far, /qa/?[View]
1854354Is anime becoming better?[View]
1863668delete /pol/? why are racists, sexists, homophobics, islamophobics and transphobics allowed to congr…[View]
1860235>turn off OP comment >all threads become easy to avoid fuck that's better than any filter…[View]
1863642Accelspammer, I beg of you, please come back. /a/ needs you now, more than ever. Only you can save u…[View]
1862997Can we please get mods who do a proper job on /k/? The board is turning more and more into a gatheri…[View]
1862702the /qa/ doggo[View]
1863555How do I stop hiccuping? Please help...[View]
1862801how do you get access to a private twitter without permission from its owner?: I have this one priva…[View]
1863632Why do girls do this?[View]
1861078Peaches come in a can they were put there by a man in a factory downtooooooown[View]
1863605!!!: !!![View]
1863506I was watching some of the old 4chan flash movies and it made me think about how much this site has …[View]
1863602i recently tried to start a thread on vp with ' >2018 >still no hamster pokemon ' but it cpn…[View]
1862841has anonymous-san actually returned to the moderation team?[View]
1863577why do people love talking about themselves on 4chan?[View]
1862357why >>1862134 delete?[View]
1863519New board for dragon ball: Well since we decided to vote yes, what should we do now http://www.stra…[View]
1863542So few days ago i heard a realt catchy song and ref is something like this baby youre gonna burn (re…[View]
1862055Holy shit, didn't even know it was possible to get BTFO that hard.[View]
1861883>>>/v/403987128 This thread got over 400 replies before it was deleted. What are your thou…[View]

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