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2051846Which board do I ask questions about Meditation at?[View]
2052764>mfw /qa/min 'cleans' /qa/[View]
2051956Is this a girl's room or an oniichan room?[View]
2052752clean it up~[View]
2051337I'm a super special miracle baby born hopelessly super......[View]
2051940Why is Takane so fat?[View]
2051884Why do doctors always treat me like I'm retarded?[View]
2049940No shirt, no service.[View]
2052710Get in, /qa/[View]
2051549Slowest board on 4chan?: What's the slowest board on 4chan? I want to retire to a comfy slow bo…[View]
2051101Someone posted something I don't like, what should I do?[View]
2052357Literally nobody likes me...... Wish I would just wake up dead already.....[View]
2049356Are you well hydrated, /qa/? Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.[View]
2045057>yfw mods just filtered onions[View]
2052567sneed's feed and seed chucks ____ and ____[View]
2033183Let's compare /mlp/ to /vp/.[View]
2051290Hollywood Sex Cult:: >Literal sex cult outed in Hollywood >Some therapist turns hot women into…[View]
2052281>first scp >now halo online Ah, I see now. I know how this problem can be fixed. Requesting a …[View]
2052335do mods plan on deleting /bant/?[View]
2051112Transgirl here. I got a boob job last week. What do you think about my girls? Do they look real to y…[View]
2052187This site has nothing to offer anybody. There is no quality content here you cannot get more quickly…[View]
2051607Ok, so I told her I liked her even though I know she doesn't like me back. Why did I do this?[View]
2052177I am a lone wolf fighting for control over /qa/ Many times I have told weebniggers to fuck off, yet …[View]
2052157Why are kids so cute?[View]
2052027Is this normal?: Ok so my brother chocks me all the time, he slaps me, he insults me (which doesn…[View]
2051249Removing emulation discussion from /vr/ and taking it to /vg/: I'm not taking this to the unlis…[View]
2051895What's With /gif/'s Race War: /gif/ seems to have an obsession with race, every single thr…[View]
2049473>deleting Jenny threads on /tv/: I ask you; is there a greater herasy?[View]
2052006what did her husband see?[View]
2052014remember her, /qa/?[View]
2051985Can some one explain to me, what the fuck constitutes a loli ban? Last night on /pol/ there was a th…[View]
2051972Have you seen this movie?[View]
2051321The fucking state of /a/ >>171935809[View]
2050854This board ruined 4chan[View]
2051872/tgg/: We're allowed on meta thread apparently. Why is everything generals now? Does it kill …[View]
2051881Normalstories thread: Are normals a problem on your boards? Why do you hate normalfags so much? Just…[View]
2051737>banned >turn airplane mode on and off >unbanned…[View]
2051502over the past week I've been having problems with captcha while trying to post on 4chan I usual…[View]
2051009Saber riding a banana.[View]
2051755the /qa/ has been garbage lately.[View]
2051244There should be an option to hide thread from a catalog.[View]
2051675>he posts on /qa/ outside of times when something is wrong with the website or hiro does somethin…[View]
2051386The Reddit Menace: >tl;dr: reddit is replacing freedom with ads, will they invade us? Reddit was …[View]
2051651Why is this board such a crybaby reddit zone for underaged newfags who need to KYS? I mean seriously…[View]
2051382What does crossboarder mean?[View]
2049334Okay, real talk.[View]
2051573>Make animu vidyer thread on /v/ >It gets pruned regardless of OP pic or contents of thread I …[View]
2051226itt: we summon Hiroyuki-gook: I will start FUCK YOU GOOKMOOT[View]
2051489Stop posting anime Start posting manga[View]
2051369I used my mic in Overwatch for the first time and my teammates were giving me shit that I sound like…[View]
2051384Are there any good boards on this site anymore? >Inb4 it was never good…[View]
2050994I'm torn between electrical and software engineering... the latter is much 'easier' / intuitive…[View]
2048180I didn't even check if there's a Sachiko thread on the catalog or not but I'm making …[View]
2050912Mods, please filter the reddit word 'based' to 'kawaii'. Thanks for reading.[View]
2051003Sometimes, my vision will randomly blackout for a split second, and return to normal afterwards. It…[View]
2051211This board is ok.[View]
2049845Now that the dust has settled, was he elite?[View]
2051190Console wars should actually be against the rules on /v/: It says they are in the rules, but they…[View]
2050969Want some nice mental gymanstics? >>>/a/171914280[View]
2050547OJ is literally fucking trash and does not belong on /qa/.[View]
2051143basedmods are cucks[View]
2051076why can't you purchase a 4chan pass with btc? do you want my money or not[View]
2051036Shaky after bath: Hey guys. I hope it’s the right place to ask this. So basically lately after a bat…[View]
20510515 stages of /biz/[View]
2051039>People are nothing more than a game to me. >Spend months at a time strategically planting id…[View]
2048648stop posting anime[View]
2051027Thank you /vg/ mod: For deleting the /sfg/ general that came 1st and was not made by a shit stirrer …[View]
2050966Image posting: Anyone else having issues with posting images? I can post text but if I ever want to …[View]
2050665Can you ban blatant r/socialism shilling on /his/? Cover it under /pol/ outside of /pol/.[View]
2050995Why are there so many anti-white posts on 4chan?[View]
2050743why is everyone on 4chan so stupid[View]
2050976>post the same bait on the same board three different times >get banned for three different re…[View]
2050459Why do you hate /pol/ I mean really, /pol/ is the greatest, most anti-reddit thing to ever happen to…[View]
2050404>be american >can't write onions >get shot…[View]
2050906Thinking about buying a Something Awful account if only to get away from you miserable people My fri…[View]
2050722A redpill a day keeps the degeneracy away.[View]
2050917Im glad i have /qa/[View]
2049971Was Holo the Wise Wolf actually wise? She spent most of her time just drinking and running off with …[View]
2048317This week in /qa/ mentions: In this thread I'll post collages of /qa/ mentions on other boards.…[View]
2050853she sees your /qa/[View]
2050883How do you manage being satisfied with yourself and not falling into stagnation at the same time?[View]
2049532What's the best Style and why?[View]
2049802/v/ meta thread: >/v/ is going to be ruined by tranny posting again thanks to agdq Thanks for doi…[View]
2050776Woke up with the taste of tapeworm in my mouth[View]
2050761gonna be banned soon lads[View]
2049788How many anons have died during all these years? Should we have a death counter?[View]
2048263You are only allowed to post in this thread if 1. A mod has replied to you 2. moot has replied to yo…[View]
2044757Do not come to /qa/ - Question & Answer please.[View]
2050002What a truly awful board.[View]
2050702>50% of Jap women would do porn if offered money because it's 'just sex'. https://www.youtub…[View]
2050271RN: As a nurse, there had been many times I fucked up, but none as bad as a few days ago. So last w…[View]
2046512do you go on 4chan in public?[View]
2050653perro caca[View]
2049655Numerous times in the past few weeks and with increasing frequency there have been invasions of the …[View]
2049502best banner[View]
2050582>talk about a certain VIDEO GAME on /v/ - Video Games >thread gets deleted I don't get wh…[View]
2050568Where are my catholic people at? Pic unrated[View]
2048062How many of these lines do you identify with?[View]
2050530i am teen and I am based fear me /qa/[View]
2050539This is what the average /qa/ poster looks like.[View]
2050467damn it feels good to be a friendsta[View]
2050511>go into thread for shows I don't like on /a/ >spam discord links telling people to join …[View]
2050374>be janitor >get butthurt over a meme word…[View]
2050443>>2016076 bye bye degenerate furfag thread![View]
2050471I'm above the law. I listen to no one and I give absolutely 0 fucks. I'm a based weeb gang…[View]
2050474What's you favorite type of candy?[View]
2048389>board-relevant thread I made that doesn't break any rules gets deleted >third time this …[View]
2048348Did this filtering seriously happen only because of one butthurt /g/ mod?[View]
2050018This is Azusa, say something nice about her.[View]
2050059that feeling when you see a picture that you posted once and you get excited because someone else sa…[View]
2048911Please make r9k a blue board. >>>/r9k/44605472 >Posting porn benefits nothing that coul…[View]
2047964Friendly reminder that moot literally filtered the word 'reddit' in 2013 because of how much out of …[View]
2050427How do we stop the libtard shill basedboy menace from destroying our website?[View]
2050423Wordfilter Blacked to 'stop watching porn'[View]
2048480Why did the mods get so triggered by onions?[View]
2050198I've noticed a trend recently with my posts being deleted on /u/ if they are negative towards b…[View]
2049219Should 4chan bringk back the old wordfilters such as these: Moot (lowercase M)= sigourney penis (cap…[View]
2049067Fix Cuck Spam On /gif/: For example - /gif/ thread: 'Webm's in this position, extra points for …[View]
2050382>make a thread about video games on v >get told to go to vg >make a thread about basedboys …[View]
2050274>/co/'s 100 millionth get was some anon sincerely thanking someone else for storytiming clas…[View]
2050219Some times i wonder how muh chinese self is doing...... He's probably a total chad. Being surro…[View]
2048876Ten TRILLION hugs. From one BILLION /qa/ bugs...[View]
2050235How accurately does this describe /pol/?[View]
2050212what is the meaning of life?[View]
2050132Sanctuary Thread: As I'm sure you've noticed, the quality of the threads on /vp/ is absolu…[View]
2050204why can't i post about anime on /tv/?[View]
2049926The burden of pass users: Why is it that we are lead to believe buying passes makes things better Su…[View]
2049027reminder that drumpf will be impeached this year.[View]
2050104bring back the cuck filter[View]
2049303>here's a picture of saber riding a banana!![View]
2049782how do I use google search efficiently? trying to find a pdf file but it is so rare and there are al…[View]
2043734ok seriously can we just have a simpler, non-google captcha[View]
2049763What is....4chan?[View]
2050049Can we get a yu-gi-oh board?: So yu-gi-oh is a pretty good topic to make a board out of there is man…[View]
2049913/qa/ can i use virtual reality to become a girl[View]
2050005Just a friendly reminder that Glycine max doesn't make males feminine. https://rationalwiki.or…[View]
2049801Anyone knows if there is a good quality version of Hetalia somewhere?[View]
2049989Catawiki, one of the largest ecommerce and trading sites in europe Opinions/thoughts? If my country …[View]
2049784Is it a casual filter?[View]
2048910Is there anything I should know before I buy a ps4?[View]
2048752/a/ should be my blog, yea or nay?[View]
2049470Saber riding a banana.[View]
2048602¥only normalfags ever say normie, us true 4channers only ever say normalfag ¥if you space in a certa…[View]
2049549What's the japs take on art? In most anime it seems like thinking outside the box seems like a …[View]
2043090I can't believe /qa/ enjoys stuff like this.[View]
2048135/qa/ doreemu![View]
2043270Is it more important to be virtuous or true to yourself?[View]
2043958Do girls like being head patted?[View]
2049404Bring back the lowercase cuck wordfilter. Do it.[View]
2048487Would you hit it y/n?[View]
2046953So is Darling in the FranXX actually good or is /a/ just trying to make force another le epic meme l…[View]
2046162Found this on page 2950, thought I'd share it >>1640810[View]
2048234Why are there numbers at the top of this?[View]
2048192そうだ きみ[View]
2049254How could you refuse that offer?[View]
2049335Make a mobage generals board: Consider the following: >/vg/ is more than half mobashit right now …[View]
2047762>it's a corrupt individuals use their power to censor the people episode…[View]
2049286The morning moderator is a homosexual who needs to perform fellatio on my penis.[View]
2049232>post a thread >another one dies[View]
2044775Would you rather have a small daughter or a small girlfriend?[View]
2048569Have you ever been to a haunted place?[View]
2043637It's Ruri's birthday!!![View]
2036423No words. Only cute pictures[View]
2047968Have you tried taking it easy /qa/?[View]
2046262What boards do you notice that the '4chan culture' is much older? And what boards do you notice the …[View]
2049106>prove x wrong >Hard mode don’t mention the one thing that objectively tears this shitty state…[View]
20478204chan and freedom of speech: Word filters are the gateway to censoring any opposing speech on 4chan.…[View]
2049060ARE THERE ANY BOARDS ON THIS FUCKING SITE THAT ISN'T /POL/ 2.0 The ones that have the least …[View]
2043252A bamboo stalk 10 syaku high is broken at a point Q so that the top of the stalk falls over and touc…[View]
2048449hiro this is /ourgoose/ say something nice about him[View]
2046037Do you like ASMR? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ixZb7tv2qJ4[View]
2044908Which edition of LB would you recommend?[View]
2048183Friendly reminder[View]
2048233Thoughts on this daring synthesis?[View]
2048867What kind of fucking knuckledragging subhuman still posts on this board in 201X? It's so far pa…[View]
2048835>shitposting on 4chan >mods give me a 2 week ban >hover my finger over the airplane mode an…[View]
2048514Why isn't linkify URLs on by default Why isn't the thread watcher on by default Why isn…[View]
2048831Have you ever done something stupid, only to immediately regret it and recoil in terror at your blun…[View]
2045393Is this from anything? Besides lucky star. I'm wondering if it's original otherwise, or an…[View]
2048760>Nihon Heh, what a joke.....[View]
2046042No: No[View]
2047001/pol/ META THREAD: How do you want to change /pol/ for the better?[View]
2048714i dropped darufranxx....[View]
2048718Man i wish i can do a cumshot multiple times without tiring my dick out...[View]
2047338/a/: >>>/a/171801592 >>>/a/171802176 >>>/a/171805773 >>>/a/17180…[View]
2048731>>>/tv/97581383 >tfw a direct quote from a movie gets deleted for no apparent reason Why…[View]
2048046Settings being dork.: Is my browser just dumb or do the native settings not get saved for the whole …[View]
2048708Quality Anime[View]
2040398I'm 25. Should I study computer science?[View]
2047205Pedophilia is always YOUR fault. >B-B-BUT I WANT HELP The 'help' you're going to get is to s…[View]
2048098cute girl stroking her pussy[View]
2045407Is the order a rabbit?[View]
2046850Is it just me or does this board feel sort of like old, pre-generals /jp/? Why is that?[View]
2044719DO YOU LIKE ANIMAL CROSSING ?? ? ? ? ? ? https://youtu.be/gulzBiEmSbc[View]
20486864CHAN PASS & FILTERS: It would be a beautiful thing if my FILTERS were PASS-WIDE, meaning wherev…[View]
2048622Drug testing in the security field how does that work: Hey guys I live in the state of Arkansas and …[View]
2046865S.OY GOT FILTERED TO ONIONS: >TYPE S.OY without the dot and it becomes onions. BASED MODS WIN AG…[View]
2048498What's the best show to watch through filters?[View]
2042615Why is it that no matter how much I pwn the newbies, the site just keeps going in the direction they…[View]
2046938So they're all going to go back to /r/the_donald now right?: Now that we have an onionfilter, w…[View]
2046617Saber riding a banana.[View]
2047091Why the obsession?: It’s a word. You should be able to handle not saying THAT word you imbeciles…[View]
2045039What is the most replies a post has ever gotten on 4chan?[View]
2047690Shinobu's feet thread[View]
2044980I vomit every time I look at my reflection through the vision of my third eye.[View]
2048364why do nudogs always make this face? is it all of the onions in their food? how do we deal with the …[View]
2048081HIRO SACTIONED META THREAD: how can we improve /v/ as a board? do you think that our mods are doing …[View]
2048412Is 4chin going to renew its SSL certificate and start using HTTPS again? I find it a bit annoying th…[View]
2047697You suck snake ass[View]
2046606Do you believe in god/s?[View]
2048125Does /qa/ like athletic 2D girls?[View]
2048214Stravinsky ruined music. It was so pure and delicate until he had to go along and infuse it with pro…[View]
2045005STOP!: Now that you've seen this thread, you must post an image from your 4chan folder, then fo…[View]
2048368You want pass? That'd be 20 dorrah gaijin[View]
2044540/aco/ janitors: Overzealous janitors are deleting my vore threads I'm completely serious Hiro p…[View]
2048332I WANT A FUCKING WIFE muh number goal is to get married pretty much. Its all i thought about last ni…[View]
2047693I read.[View]
2048181What have you done to piss off /ota/ today?[View]
2048190So how does the archive system work? What boards use it?[View]
2047715can I be a mod? I'm like really good at 4chan and stuff[View]
2048212You need more potassium in your diet, /qa/. Open wide.[View]
2047364/sci/ used to have Putnam Problem of the Day threads using the problems from this site http://www.ma…[View]
2048186Hey /qa/ I have a question: In your opinion which are worse? Weebfags or delusional weebfags. I hate…[View]
2048159Would you like to be in Okabe's position here?[View]
2026155/qa/ is full of nerds, I'm going to bully all of you.[View]
2047700Waha vending machines[View]
2048138How can /b/ be saved and brought back to its old glory?[View]
2047565GabDrop threads issue: Apparently in these threads on /a/ you can't post certain images because…[View]
2048154There's nothing wrong with being attracted to beautiful two dimensional females, is there?[View]
2048162The drug addict sans drugs[View]
2046184Is this what /qa/ is like?[View]
2046169¥2018 ¥not dead lmao[View]
2046574Can you really get banned for announcing a sage? I've never seen it happen. Not for reports eit…[View]
2048077what is basedboy?[View]
2047962Glitch or Mod abuse: Is this happening to anyone else? I didn't post anything even remotely NSF…[View]
2045233WHY DID YOU WORD FILTER S.O.Y!!!!!: pic related - the mods[View]
2047950So I look at the 4chan bans list every once in a while and it's got me wondering, how do mods u…[View]
2046134What is your favourite movie? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9IKVj4l5GU4[View]
2047305Here, have *ANOTHER* f*cking gay ass 2hu thread since you retards apparently like this trash so much…[View]
2041324Can girls love girls[View]
2045776Does /qa/ approve of Monero chan? love, /biz/[View]
2047723? + ?[View]
2047115Why are you all such faggots[View]
2047301>filter onions and basedboy >basedposting becomes 500x worse good fucking job retards…[View]
2047222Why does /pol/ get to steal all of /int/'s memes, spread them to the rest of 4chan, and take cr…[View]
2044495turned myself into a redditor morty, I'M REDDIT RIIIICK[View]
2047386In this thread we thank the mods for these new wordfilters.[View]
2044965Today is 4/20, So why is there no /420/ board yet?: DEAR ADMIN HIRO, Why is there no /420/ board yet…[View]
20454374chan Administrators and Moderators, It is with great frustration that we come to you with a modest…[View]
2047207>watch 2011 movie >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
2047350>there are people who genuinely think that s o y of all things is part of '''the 4chan lexicon'''…[View]
2047351the weebiest board?[View]
2047152Thanks a fucking lot, now I can't use proper Spanish because of your fucking filter[View]
2047296Live webcam feed to the Feedback page[View]
2047238>Mods filtered onions and brappposting is now getting deleted/banned Thank God. What needs to go …[View]
2046970RIP /a/: again. murdered by triggerniggers.[View]
2046321please wordfilter 'based' and 'cringe' next[View]
2045970i sure do love onions.[View]
2044399Would you slidd this guy's logs down your throat?[View]
2045748why did they filter soi?[View]
2045691>/pol/ is literally crying about their free speech being supressed because they can't say on…[View]
2046983remove /bant/, it will give /int/ a boost, /s4s/ is already enough.[View]
2044769stop posting anime[View]
2046957based on what?[View]
2047065What's the safest part on your body to shoot at?[View]
2046999>Basedboy and onions becomes a new insult towards the left >Liberals bans them too…[View]
2046994>It's an Abby video[View]
2046623Mods, please remove the onions filters from /ck/, it will cause havoc when it comes to actual recipe…[View]
2046915Why fitler a word? another word will just replace it and onions died months ago.: desu cuck onions…[View]
2046902>/jp/ complains about 'teens' but writes like this >>/jp/18864279 >>/jp/18864294 >…[View]
2045099The onion filter is great. Don't pussy out and remove it like you did with cuck. Incidentally, …[View]
2046585Unfilter O. it never did anything to you. t. dane[View]
2046629this is how desperate /pol/ is: Reminder that this is the same guy with no life posting in here out …[View]
2045291Filter sneed[View]
2046628>Cant say my favorite buzzword anymore I'm telling mom[View]
2045928Is this the start of the basedboy rebellion?[View]
2045916Do you know me /qa/?[View]
2046545You're doing God's work, mods. Now can you do something to 'reddit spacing' term as well?[View]
2046548did the norms leave yet[View]
2046587How well can you dance?[View]
2046517How do we forcibly eject feminists out of the anime fanbase?: Seriously. Anime is the one thing I ca…[View]
2046248How do we forcibly eject feminists out of the anime fanbase?: Seriously. Anime is the one thing I ca…[View]
2046475>ahaha this filter is great shitposters BTFO now I can have intellectual discussion about videoga…[View]
2046396Why don't they just feed pandas a meat heavy diet while they're in captivity? Zoos should …[View]
2044864>he's a ban evader >on the internet >on an anime imageboard >he pays for it >he …[View]
2044989Who is a good anime character to post porn of?[View]
2046306Why are the /v/ moderators and janitors so biased in favour of Nintendo? Sony shitposting threads s…[View]
2046367Mods of this site, can we filter the evil word 'nazi' into jej? That would be the best thing to happ…[View]
2045231Why has nobody sued this website for libel, hate speech, hacking, threatening, stalking, etc.? This …[View]
2045810Can you please remove the filter for 's.o.y'? Do you realize that is the Spanish word for verb to be…[View]
2046256What is this? It came as pairs. How do I use it?[View]
2045027Someone ban the faggot /v/ mods on /a/ already. There's gonna be 70 threads of darling in the f…[View]
2045172Please unfilter s o y on /int/[View]
2046123>come onto 4chan at an earlier time than usual because hangovers suck >retarded basedposters a…[View]
2044926Whats the checkmark box for? pic unrelated.[View]
2045817I want to thank you mods, from the bottom of my heart.[View]
2044423Bring back the april fools event.[View]
2046058hop in big guy[View]
2046034Hey Hiroyuki moot if you're there, will the Venezuela ISP CANTV get unbanned? I can't reme…[View]
2045872Quick question, but is it against the rules to impersonate a 4chan user (not a staff member) using t…[View]
2044902>be me >8 months ago >150 pounds 5'10' >meet qtpi latina >make her my gf >two…[View]
2045866look at this sad Onionknight[View]
2044646which anime girl would you have sexual intercourse with for the sole pourpose of procreation (nothin…[View]
2045880Think we need a couple more thread about that epic word filter.......[View]
2045991>>212412098 >Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts. >Do not use avatars…[View]
2045833>mods filter reddit likes >/qa/ flooded with useless spam What a bunch of losers. Even worse t…[View]
2045045Mods: https://boards. 4chan.org/v/thread/413879545 Mods, your server is broken.[View]
2044770moshi moshi~[View]
2044027cute cat[View]
2045924can we remove (you) while we are at it?[View]
2041651The /qa/ girls![View]
2045847Why does reddit love onions senpaitachi[View]
2044614Weekend-Only Boards: Here's a suggestion for Hiro: make weekend-only boards. Boards that are on…[View]
2045061>s o y is now filtered to onions based mods[View]
2042543Can you spot /qa/?[View]
2044398PLEASE LET ME HAVE AN 80 OR ABOVE ON STATISTIC EXAM..... if i dont, i wont get a japanese wife.[View]
2043724Help: I told all the people I know I’d ask put this girl I’ve liked for awhile and now that I’ve los…[View]
2043203What are some good habits you have, /qa/?[View]
2045681heh, bye nerds[View]
2045715How about filtering 'Trump'?[View]
2044817Why do americans constantly post cuckshit everywhere[View]
2045087/news/ is basically russian bots: It's pretty obvious at this point. Every /news/ post falls in…[View]
2045663please tell me what is the best pc program for restore archives deleted really i need help a lot of …[View]
2045501>CV: Saori Hayami[View]
2044835how to fix /tv/: 1. wordfilter 'based' and 'cringe' 2. ban anyone posting memefrogs thank you for yo…[View]
2042709Saber riding a banana.[View]
2045402what does the 'aborted' message mean? Why does it show up whenever i try and post?[View]
2042633Where were you when /biz/ saved OC?: https://youtu.be/-5OeVSiisLU[View]
2020334ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit. previous thread: …[View]
2045249Guide to /discord/: Ultimate guide 4th edition: There is only a handful of 'good' public 4chan disco…[View]
2045155Here are some soᅠybeans for you, /qa/.[View]
2045159I fucking love the mods so much.[View]
2042815Do you love your parents, /qa/?[View]

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