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No. Excerpt
2189460How do I become happy, /qa/? The most common pursuits of happiness don’t seem to do anything for me.…[View]
2191936these girls are free I am letting go[View]
2192503Hey Hiromoot, I got the dough, all you gotta do is delete /v/.[View]
2192231Say cheese[View]
2192481Why do you personally use private trackers?[View]
2192277browsing /qa/ sure is addicting, so don't forget to eat from time to time[View]
2192224Would you rather think or imagine?[View]
2191882Do you like pokémon gijinka?[View]
2192218What is Orin doing???[View]
2192299Living the dream[View]
2189307Is this NSFW?[View]
2192232How far off do you think we are from full immersion VR?[View]
2180197Ro chan says hi[View]
2192401Why do people get 3 day banned for posting topless trap pics?[View]
2190719/qa/ is feeling very boson today![View]
2191799Faces of /qa/: Me in the middle[View]
2192296Are you prepared for death?[View]
2192272PA PA[View]
2192334browsing /qa/ sure is addicting, it's because your friends are here[View]
2192289how come people don't just go on 4chan to have fun and discuss things that interest them?[View]
2192340What's your favorite holiday?[View]
2192244The loli renaissance is coming[View]
2192339¥I loves memes[View]
2191647What would you do if you had your very own shikigami?[View]
2192327Vlad is smiling on the French right now[View]
2187228The have-everything-to-do-with-/qa/ girls[View]
2191684採用にあたっては、日本語力や不法滞在ではないかといったことを当然調べるのだが、外国人店員が仕事に慣れてくると、今まで以上に店が上手く回るケースがあることに気づいたという。 「自分が回っている店はオフィ…[View]
2190652What's the best mobile app for 4chan, if there is one?[View]
2191932>was out of the country for a few months so haven't browsed 4chan in that time >come back…[View]
2192310browsing /qa/ sure is addicting, so don't forget to stretch from time to time[View]
2187514You purchased any figs lately?[View]
2191201I feel like I should have moved on from this site by now, but I don't know to where.[View]
2191945Saber riding a banana.[View]
2192297Is it Halloween yet? What do you think 4chan will do next time?[View]
2191628Onward to post on /qa/ with our friends![View]
2191788Why were cats worshipped?: What is the significance?[View]
2192009Would you say that you're more of an 'オラ' or a '無駄' person?[View]
2190410What do you think /qa/ will be like 5 years from now?[View]
2191586Have you been sleeping well? I haven't.[View]
2192259Are you awake anon? It seems that you crawled through my window and decided trying various drugs fro…[View]
2192247Vive la France![View]
2192245If you were forced to spend the night with Vlad the Impaler and his 7 foot shaft, Bloody Mary with h…[View]
2192234What is the optimal number of cute girls in one photo?[View]
2192094small talk, banter, playful discussions and serious debates, international server for everyone: http…[View]
2191928Are there any guys here on 4chan?[View]
2192221She eats![View]
2192219She eats![View]
2192041Would you f*ck a 2hu if the only alternative was a slow, painful death?[View]
2191683My green filter is working wonders.[View]
2188502the sipping girl[View]
2191540how many threads on /qa/ do you have hidden? I have 19 hidden threads as of right now[View]
2190250This statement is false. Threads are not good or bad. To think such a thing is an opinion. Why do so…[View]
2192165Why the fuck do I get this fucking message everytime when I try to solve the captcha? Is it fault of…[View]
2191351didn't enjoy the /qa/ irc channel to be perfectly honest, it seems like it's full of teens[View]
2192111Would any boards be improved if a /r9k/ bot was implemented, even if only temporary?[View]
2191823Does anybody know where this is from?[View]
2191838/v/ mods are still faggots: >threads about horror games >generally pretty good horror game dis…[View]
2191783I want you to have this rare golden Pepe, /qa/. Please take good care of it.[View]
2183519>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to pr…[View]
2190827>go to board I never browse >make a thread >check board 3 days later >thread still up wi…[View]
2191773Is it still the userbases fault when you're not even allowed to talk about filmy, but teenbros …[View]
2192062>Three day ban for one off topic post on /pol/ How about just deleting the '''''offending''''' th…[View]
2192036quit your job[View]
2191018Marijuana induced misery: Around a year and a half ago i moved into a new condo after starting a new…[View]
2184616The call that saved /qa/.[View]
2186679Another weeb thread down. Another frog thread up. This is good for the /qa/ community. Just doing my…[View]
2190564DELETE /POL/[View]
2188914>be me (honestly expected myself to be someone else) >wake up today >be creating yet anothe…[View]
2190123>that faggot who thinks he'll improve the board if he spams it for hours…[View]
2191952Found a roach in the bathroom...[View]
2182422Wholesome pictures that you enjoy: What are some non-sexual, non-suggestive, or otherwise non-provoc…[View]
2191854When do the /jp/ teens go to sleep so /qa/ can go back to being a meta board?[View]
2190565Does every thread deserve a reply?[View]
2191642Safe to say the filtering of 's o y boy' means mods themselves are one?[View]
2191828>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies…[View]
2191927Has anyone been cyberbullying in the past?[View]
2188381Q anon: since when did larping on 4chan translate into real world fame?[View]
2190889BTFO: >>>/sp/86230193[View]
2189789frog thread up... ...weeb thread down[View]
2190903>post some frogs on /qa/ while on the shitter >schizo weeb spergs out the rest of the day and …[View]
2189796It rained today, but I decided to wear these glasses anyway.[View]
2187460It's the weekend lads time to pump the radio! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9r_nMzdTu4[View]
2191817Discord is killing 4chan: Ban discord threads or move discord threads to /soc/, they are a problem f…[View]
2191688Mods/Janitor Complain thread #2: Its the very first complains thread come here and vent your frustra…[View]
2191406>posting an*me[View]
2191765sleep well, /qa/.[View]
2190885'auto-pin your own posts' feature when?[View]
2190122what is the worst board on the site and why is it /vg/ ?[View]
2191477Stupid complaint but there has been someone for a long time advertising in our general, /agdg/, by u…[View]
2181163>go to /b/ >too much porn >go to /bant/ >too much anime can we have a random board that …[View]
2191331Why is this board a run down pos? It's literally just frogs and animes fighting a pointless tur…[View]
2191649Would this go on /v/, /tv/ or /pol/?[View]
2183200hello /qa/ i have a question why the FUCK are the webms muted on /wsg/?[View]
2187556>that one time Wojak knocked Pepe the fuck out Is there a more iconic fight?…[View]
2191593Can anything stand in their way?[View]
2191533Porn and internet addiction. How do you stop?[View]
2189302What's your favorite browser /qa/?[View]
2183985What do you do to stay happy?[View]
2191044Exactly how cancerous does the Star Wars fanbase have to be to warrant a containment board and GR15 …[View]
2189995don't use /g/: this entire board is a psyops mission to keep you retarded so that the next gene…[View]
2189287What's going on in here?[View]
2191530does /qa/ love birls?[View]
2189635¥They see your /qa/[View]
2190724Something is wrong with my brain[View]
2190262What's the best education for a child?[View]
2187767What's the most lewd thing you'd willingly do with your sister/brother?[View]
2190683im boson im boson fuck yeah im boson boson boson boson oh yeah boson particles boson hell yeah fucki…[View]
2191136Frogposter approved anime thread: Based and redpilled weebs allowed. Cringy weebs stay out.[View]
2190662is it just me or is /qa/ boson today[View]
2188924Hello /qa/ I hope you are all having a good night/day right now![View]
2190648bosom thread: fight the power[View]
2188946I'm back you worthless peasants![View]
2188982Play my game~[View]
2190322I shall start a new thread.[View]
2190580Is it illegal to run a script on a website without the knowledge of the owner?[View]
2191261Is there a more awesome place to be then /qa/ on a Saturday night?[View]
2191295>'Oh anon, happy birthday! What was it you wanted me to get you sweetie? Your mother can get so c…[View]
2190336Is 'zoomer/zoomie' the gen z version of a 30 yr old boomer?[View]
2183211Mods/Janitor Complain thread #1: Its the very first complains thread come here and vent your frustra…[View]
2191104/qa/ & /gn/[View]
2189816MODDS: Why cant we use the word S O Y B O Y anymore? Its not even offensive compared to other words …[View]
2190977Filter boomer into Bubbles Filter incel into loser Filter Reddit into Rabbit Filter kys into die[View]
2190888What does fb/ig/vsco mean?[View]
2190794out of every interest i've ever had, only 2hu (& vocaloid) keep me coming back. for 2hu spe…[View]
2190819Free hugs for /qa/ bugs.[View]
2190810Did got deleted in one minute. How is it off-topic again? Can't talk about e3 on /v/?[View]
2190690Please play my game anon.[View]
2190409Do you still hate MLP?[View]
2190659believe in the power of being a faggot[View]
2190247I feel very sad[View]
2190395Nihabo nya[View]
2190552IMPORTANT REMINDER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhAiK3-Jvdk[View]
2189772So why exactly was a mutt hate thread 404rd on /pol/? Are mods dare I say muttants?[View]
2185949Anyone else here unable to make pictures inside your head?[View]
2190508Can someone tell me why my wife's son, who lives in a different house, got banned today? Are th…[View]
2190494>All great art is a struggle for communication What did he mean by this?…[View]
2190366How do you pronounce /pol/? We need your input /qa/. https://strawpoll.com/zpp4p48r[View]
2190485ACK appreciation thread: Post here everytime you run across the supreme autist. I'll start …[View]
2190108Kuso thread: Kuso thread[View]
2190119nekomimi nanodesu~[View]
2190118What are the strings in this image? Is she tangled?[View]
2190309I think I'm being watched /qa/. Black cars are all outside of my house and people in suits are …[View]
2190379Thinking of making some JavaScript games /qa/. What's popular nowadays?[View]
2190367What's the meta behind diarrhea jokes?[View]
2190317T: Last bread: >>221117397 -SAFE FIRMWARES- 3DS: 11.3 (all via DS card, seedminer or another h…[View]
2187986I wonder when Hiro is going to drop the noscript captcha and force everyone into solving the JS junk[View]
2189791I just bullied a poster about the content of his post and he deleted it. Should I feel bad?[View]
2190265Do you like to sing?[View]
2190257So as I pray.... Unlimited titty works![View]
2189704Saber riding a banana.[View]
2189764I'm bored[View]
2189129These guys show up at your local /qa/. What do?[View]
2190094When is no you coming back?[View]
2190193neet general[View]
2190179what do you think of you[View]
2189668I'm not angry at Saten anymore.[View]
2188967I'm a filthy pervert...[View]
2188418Post random Touhous[View]
2189408Sometimes I dream about giving a cute girl a nice leg massage...[View]
2190103Huh? Who's raiding us? Let us have fun in peace....[View]
2186855when will technology allow me to leave humanity behind[View]
2187478how do you respond when she pushes herself into you?[View]
2189774>be having a nice thread >American enters and brings up race or politics out of literally nowh…[View]
2190098Why is /lit/ so terrible?[View]
2188775Party at the /qa/[View]
2188495me on right[View]
2188719Can we get a videos and video editing board?[View]
2189813Yeah, I think that's enough of this.[View]
2186781What is the point of having multiple random boards like /bant/, /trash/ and /s4s/? Why not just use …[View]
2189787>Error: You must wait a bit before deleting a post >Error: You can't delete a post that o…[View]
2188931This place has become a fucking embarrassment. It's nothing but threads by teen autists like …[View]
2188843Can we just make /trash/ into the official furry board and kick out all the shitty /co/ generals and…[View]
2187741Be blessed (free healing): If anyone has any medical conditions state a name and I will bless you…[View]
2188594what's the difference between the concernbro, the frogbro, the teenbro, the schizobro, and the …[View]
2189341Is it Christmas yet?[View]
2188022>the New York Times (the most respected and literary newspaper on the planet) publishes a literar…[View]
2189114This is a secure tripcode testing thread. I am going to roll secure tripcodes until I find one I lik…[View]
2189469>4chan is finally shut down How do you feel, /qa/? cont. of >>2183940…[View]
2187395Made this thread on /pol/ too but I guess this is the meta board so I'll try here too. Who cont…[View]
2189466What does /q/a think of /k/? It's my favorite board. cont. of >>2186592[View]
2189455Can somebody help me please? I cant remember name of song from this video. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
2189250>2011 + 7[View]
2187606hello frens. i come from distant land that is wrought with strife and desolation, in search of bette…[View]
2183724Please make a board just for Equestria Girls. Thanks.[View]
2188608the instigator is at it again[View]
2189039He's up to his old tricks.[View]
2189094>>2187283 goes bye bye[View]
2188619>Past the age of 29 specifically, a man without a family, house, paid off car, completed higher e…[View]
2187676What is the largest floor-to-ceiling window you could build into a house and have it be structurally…[View]
2187726defend this[View]
2189153We're a happy family.[View]
2187649Why does a cartoon toad get anime fans so riled up? Is there a reason behind it?[View]
2188364how can I type 's᠋o᠋y᠋boy' on 4chan without getting filtered?[View]
2188766wtf mods this is vidya[View]
2189345Anon...I'm waiting....[View]
2188335ama: I’m a 19 year old boy who lives in Mexico. Ask me random questions[View]
2158688Does anyone else like to use exclusively female possessive pronouns in posts? As in, assuming every …[View]
2189306Drinking ochaa[View]
2188869Why are there always bugs whenever I go camping?[View]
2184034when you spot a tenshi thread in the wild post it here http://dec.2chan.net/55/res/10636782.htm[View]
2187438Does anyone have a large collection of Three Angled Blue's drawings and reaction images, and ge…[View]
2188597How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?[View]
2188970Does /qa/ swim for fun?[View]
2188602What's the most threads you've ever made on a board?[View]
2187808ask me to stay...i want you more lately....[View]
2187885Me on the bottom[View]
2188692When do I get my free complementary 4chan GF?[View]
2188649Did you have a question?[View]
2188860There are so many problems on all the major boards of this site, why do we keep 4chan open?[View]
2188881Can someone please be my friend? I'm really lonely. My discord is DPM#4215[View]
2187335How can I go to Gensokyo? Please help, I'm tired of this shitty world![View]
2187283fapped to a trap video[View]
2186592What does /q/a think of /k/? It's my favorite board.[View]
2189044Character turned into a meme[View]
2187542Tripcodes: how do they work exactly? are they thread-wide? board-wide? site-wide? can I cancel it af…[View]
2189032¥This board[View]
2188971Hail from the Northern snows![View]
2187426does 162 still exist what was the full address[View]
2187178Croatia is FINISHED[View]
2187727are /cripple girls/ the best grills[View]
2187792Why does Google think I'm botting alll the tiime. I didn't do anything![View]
2188195stop defending incels you incel janitors and mods[View]
2183940>4chan is finally shut down How do you feel, /qa/?[View]
2173636Can I have touhou reaction images? Looking for lots of laughing youkai.[View]
2187815Have a good day anonymous![View]
2158833Where do you guys stream anime? What platform?[View]
2176906Do you cheat a lot in games? I find that whenever I'm playing something that I have a nigh-irre…[View]
2188834Got your Iphone right here phoneposter[View]
2188816What are you doing you fucking pussy? Taking a break? Get back here and start lining up threads for …[View]
2188511Why: Just why do we allow watch threads on /g/? I understand that it's technology, but then aga…[View]
2188742pepe thread[View]
2187765What's your favorite gift?[View]
2187898>He posted on /qa/? >Kill his mother in her sleep tonight if he doesn't reply to this thr…[View]
2185934How do we fix /b/?[View]
2188373I am a car salesman AMA: I am a car salesman AMA >>>>>…[View]
2188693Have you pledged allegiance to the black flag?[View]
2187958What kind of coding is this /b/ I believe the answer is the result of highligting numbers or they…[View]
2188544is r9k reddit's favourite board?[View]
2187588So this thing is pretty vague. I'm following the instructions but I'm not getting an optio…[View]
2188612What's /qa/'s opinion on lap pillows. Both giving and recieving[View]
2188563How would you fix moderation?[View]
2188530why weebspam when barneybro will bump your threads for free[View]
2187568What mountains are these?[View]
2097799Is it raining? https://a.safe.moe/gdgCDpj.mp3[View]
2188379We need a containment board for divegrass: >something happens in a soccer game for once >autis…[View]
2188157banned for writing 'manlets': So why exactly is writing the word 'manlet' considered trolling/flamin…[View]
2184537>>175478089 MODS=GODS[View]
2188193What race\ethnicity?: Names Edna daughter of Seraphine. 1952[View]
2187402Saber riding a banana.[View]
2187630I shouldn't be doing this but I am going to post this on /qa/ as well as /bant/, as you people …[View]
2187638>based >cringe >yikes >upvote >reddit Why are one word replies like this not a bannab…[View]
2184668Would you prefer a board where each poster adopts a singular group identity, or one where each poste…[View]
2187993What is the most inactive board on 4chan?[View]
2187379how do people deal with posting in 4chan without 4chanX? I had to solve an actual captcha in some ot…[View]
2187157Can someone point me to the last time /qa/ was a normal board? I seem to have lost it.[View]
2187941/qa/ is a Luka board hag worshipper >>2187908 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfbU9cmWDQk[View]
2187667what does /qa/ think about cosplay? have you ever done it?[View]
2187022How do I become more confident?[View]
2187908Her name is HATsune Miku but she doesn't normally wear a hat? Explain yourselves weebs![View]
2187496So today I realized /b/ is a board that has been used by 3 serial killers and CIA agents Tell me wha…[View]
2186782Why if it was almost 4th period and she did not want to be caught in there did she stay for another …[View]
2177338is there any archive for old threads? and for 'old thread' i mean 2003-2009 4chan[View]
2187459What's your favorite thing about Megumin /qa/?[View]
2186833Why do you watch anime?[View]
2184056You didn't forget, did you?[View]
2187566why are /v/ mods showing that they are actually reddit[View]
2187847So am I allowed to say anything even minutely negative about the mods here without getting banned?[View]
2187473Revy is asleep, what do?[View]
2185431It's all come down to this moment[View]
2187172avodkabottle is a really nice artist. It's nice when people decide to take the artistic route a…[View]
2187820hey mods if you public ban everyone then public bans lose their impact[View]
2187816I want to FUCK Saber![View]
2186061OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO Filter when?[View]
2187800Every second you type, a thread that you would have liked dies on some board. Prevent thread death. …[View]
2187657How do you tie someone up without knots?[View]
2187786¥Me and /qa/[View]
2179631Does anyone know what he's been up to since he joined google?[View]
2187412Nothing signals more powerfully to a woman's primal instincts that a male is unfit for reproduc…[View]
2187092how do i go to bed and not wake up?[View]
2187316Don't know if this was asked before, but why don't these automatically close anymore?[View]
2186448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY6UDT5R7fk (woooooAAAAHHH) NO SUCH THING, AS FATE FOR THOSE WHO SPE…[View]
2186854What makes redditors think it's acceptable to post their nonsense low IQ memes on this website?…[View]
2187385>You have mistyped the CAPTCHA >image captcha What did it mean by this? Sometimes it fails upw…[View]
2186867When was the last time you went to the doctor and why?[View]
2182755What's some good music to just leave on in the backround? My headphones have this annoying beep…[View]
2187286Fear the 6 /qa/[View]
2187653Couple of /qa/[View]
2186780why is the catalog so tiny?[View]
2187563hello BOIS, i just felt cute in this picture, might delete tho, how do you find me ? xoxo <3 <…[View]
2186359/vn/ Board Request.: Here we request hiro for a /vn/ board. There's a shit ton of generals dedi…[View]
2185883New Board: There needs to be a board for Podcasts, Stand Up, and Radio since podcast threads(specifi…[View]
2187450/u/ Mod is Fucking Useless: >>>/u/2657214 https://archived.moe/_/search/boards/u.de.rp.talk…[View]
2186819mods, wtf. really?[View]
2185977/v/: Can we discuss what is happening on /v/ right now? How is this acceptable? Mods just won'…[View]
2187046Should /v/ get more boards to ease things up? /nv/ = Nintendo Video Games (since most of /v/ hates N…[View]
2186199>posting from your IP/ISP range is blocked LET ME MAKE THREADS I DID NOTHING WRONG…[View]
2185965https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/12/17561768/dont-feed-the-trolls-online-harassment-abuse What do you…[View]
2187051I'm Jew Ask me anything[View]
2186682Has anyone had any luck getting any sort of official explanation as to why watches are still being b…[View]
2182512Why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?[View]
2183655Does /qa/ like big cocks?: UwU[View]
2184455help i need some logging help not just any logging help you know i need some logs help![View]
2187195Stop having sex.[View]
2183973The ultimate drink[View]
2183659uh... guys? who poked him this time[View]
2187140What does /qa/ think of Pepe's gf, Pipi?[View]
2186641I just got in a fight with my dad, and I'm trying to calm down by finding a video game to play …[View]
2185819Rate my neetfast, /qa/.[View]
2186669Dog is swinging.[View]
2187004/qa/ teens... ASSEMBLE[View]
2186980>been posting on /o/ for months >give out shit advice >only respond to meme threads >get…[View]
2186027i believe in the inferiority of black people.[View]
2186919I want underage alcohol. is postmates.com a good idea??[View]
2186352why the frick am i rangebanned from r9k?[View]
2187042>thread watcher indicates that i've got a new (You) >it's just some jackass replying…[View]
2186420Hes being charged for meddeling with 2016 election yet..... the worst crime hes done, is cheating on…[View]
2182864>mfw nobody makes mspaint meme templates anymore (not feelsman)[View]
2186847>>2150721 bye[View]
2184529wow it okay wow[View]
2186831>>2146293 bye[View]
2185709I am Sanae MacLeod, born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal, and I am not alo…[View]
2185737me and my bitch jelly, nerds?[View]
2186464Why did Hiro replace Yotsuba with that purple-haired abomination on the home page?[View]
2186310Alright /mlp/ it's time for a meta thread here on /qa/ since the janitors on our own fucking bo…[View]
2161469Do you do any game modding /qa/? I'm getting back to obsessively modding Skyrim[View]
2185491>when people reply to obvious bait[View]
2186610I have a question for people who like feet. Do you get turned on when you see random women on the st…[View]
2186097So... Is /qa/ single? I'm asking for a friend.[View]
2183966I want to know why the faggot /gif/ mods deleted an Antifa rekt thread. Thread was a YLYL titled 'An…[View]
2184481Why don't mods allow any self moderation on other boards?[View]

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