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Displaying 311 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
23705254chan cup: Will you watch? Since we don't have our own team, who will you be rooting for?…[View]
2375505Is it possible to sit on a chair without sitting on the penis?[View]
2376429How do I stop seeing fortnite shit on YouTube? Every time I search something that could be related t…[View]
2376498that frog wont go away[View]
2376642How has /qa/ntifa been fighting for the NEET revolt lately?[View]
2376509>/qa/ Yikes......[View]
2376524Have you ever seen a pool of delicious blood on the ground?[View]
2376093i went swimmin' in the caribbean[View]
2376595Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
2376188bow to your queen[View]
2376348Why is 4chan so anti-white now? Is it just a reaction to /pol/ blowing up over the past few years?[View]
2374976Is /qa/ excited to re-encode their entire FLAC libraries to Opus again?[View]
2376300how long does 4chan keep ip logs for?[View]
2376029Does anybody ls use uBlock Origin? It's conflicting with my Appchan X(Tampermonkey installed). …[View]
2376549why the FUCK isnt there an /idol/ board yet??? /jp/ would get 1/3rd of its turf back, /mu/ /bant/ an…[View]
2376570you know what's better than frogs and animus?[View]
2376472Post 'em.[View]
2374949Does fireden archive more of /a/ than desu or are they completely identical?[View]
2376192Why does an anime website need politics and 3D porn boards?[View]
2370333I'm too stupid to play mahjong with /qa/ help[View]
2375738I once fingered my asshole.[View]
2376421IT’S SATURDAY!!!!!![View]
2376211Do you browse any subreddits?[View]
2374510Is /pol/ satirical?: Newfig here, i know that alot of 4chan revolves around counter-culture, shitpos…[View]
2376393Honk honk![View]
2376414Why can't I report threads for multiple violations? For example, if a thread is off topic AND i…[View]
2376380Mods, please ban this fucker: >>>/a/179628891[View]
2376182Why was I banned for something that's not even true on this board? Bipolar, hypocritical modera…[View]
2376343>>>/his/5522593 >This board is dedicated to the discussion of history and the other huma…[View]
2376334we still have a long way to go, lads...[View]
2376292E-celeb board when? These people need their containment board[View]
2376124what is this thing and what does it do[View]
2376160Stop shadow banning me you fucking cowards.[View]
2376184what does this mean?[View]
2376157/pol/ is dead: they are now literally supporting a murderous Muslim dictator just because he killed …[View]
2376119has /qa/ not suffered enough? when will the frogposters leave?[View]
2376116will /tv/ ever recover?[View]
2376079oyasumi /qa/ let's do our best tomorrow[View]
2376073How often do you seethe? Do you look for things on 4chan to get angry at? Are you a frequent poster …[View]
2374796Can we discuss the fucking faggot mods on /a/? >>>/a/179556271[View]
2374495I remember that one hentai game I played back when I was 15, where I raped a girl and felt bad about…[View]
2373807Hey mods remove kpop generals on /mu/ please[View]
2374714Why is this show full of derp eyes?[View]
2376003grrr i anger person[View]
2375574POL DISCORD SPAMMING: The individual or organization posting the hidden discord that's allegedl…[View]
2375988I'm scare. There's an anger person on /qa/.[View]
2374521https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJhvqnT6Mk4 >/qa/[View]
2373821Who's a cutie?[View]
2375625Have you ever saved an animal’s life? How about a person’s life?[View]
2374564Oh, it's another trash cartoon where they pointlessly taunt before killing and somehow don…[View]
2375013Bots and Template Posting: What is effective being done to combat this sort of thing? Some of it is …[View]
2374711>>>/a/179581865 The OPT is the only Manga part that the /a/ board has One manga threads alo…[View]
2374058goodnight /qa/..[View]
2374123why is it so bright outside when I sleep...[View]
2374854me IRL[View]
2374586ファクVarappiウー#2i3y5o2i3yoIOPEIRE: fuck it. Varappi is back. And he will never die. YOU HEAR THAT /jp/…[View]
2375062Mods, do your fucking job and delete this shitposting thread: >>>/a/179595223[View]
2373742favorite video games thread pic related[View]
2375688Why No SSL?: So I was wondering why 4chan doesn't use SSL? That's pretty much it. Why does…[View]
2374850Microwave dinners are really easy ... too easy...[View]
2374808good day /qa/[View]
2375616What are they talking about?[View]
2374543How often do you go to the shooting range? I'll have something printed out for next time.[View]
2374847>go to /tv/ and I get called a /pol/tard >go to /pol/ and I get called a degenerate lefty >…[View]
2373039Suck my dick Fatemonkeys[View]
2373576>dont mind me just killing a thread maybe he's not trying to kill a single thread but is mak…[View]
237471917: 17[View]
2375592Fuck filter fags.[View]
2374476fuck wh*te ''''people''''[View]
2375569Fact: 4chan cannot explain why it hates other websites or platforms without using the terms circleje…[View]
2375564How many of the Megaman games have you played? Do you have a favorite?[View]
2375566The Azur Lane general in /vg/ has been nuked by mods at least 3 times now, the most recent one was a…[View]
2373656Was it autism?[View]
2374084/qa/ gang assemble[View]
2375486What do you think of /v/'s queen, 4kuma?[View]
2373865Where is Janitor?[View]
2374107What are some questions?[View]
2375084pepe in the presence of a corn dog[View]
2375094Vtuber contest: So what are your thoughts about the new 4chan's face to normalfags ?[View]
2371192Time's up, weeb mafia. Your days of diddling kids are over.[View]
2371114say it[View]
2373726lol weebs[View]
2375339Delete /pol/.[View]
2372908the /qa/ frog[View]
2373738Two scoops Two genders Two terms It's pretty simple.[View]
2375306How many are willing: I'm gonna try to start up a company selling clothing that deals with meme…[View]
2361159my feeling when the weeb mafia is losing, there is even infighting in their tiny little faggy irc ch…[View]
2368069hey jannies heard you got your pay doubled. too bad 2 times 0 is still 0.[View]
2373333let's use this thread to post quintessential 4chan originals. i'll start.[View]
2371059Sheriff is in town >Get fucked pedofreaks >Anime is gay You can't beat the pepe posting …[View]
2374775Do you like DC? Too bad, /co/ jannies don't, so you don't get to talk about it >>…[View]
2374729Does anyone else get really annoyed when they go back to an old video from one of their playlists on…[View]
2375026Are older women attracted to younger men like older men are attracted to younger women?: Always hear…[View]
2375025Help me decode this please, it can change my life for the better[View]
2374972I'm bringin' Pepe back Those /jp/ teens don't know how to act[View]
2374868The REAL 4chan Vtuber plan thread 3 So whats her name and who's voice acting?[View]
2374962Cuck, boomer, thot, cringe, NPC. We can introduce whatever word we want. And no matter how much it…[View]
2374568THIS IS SPARTA[View]
2374640would having sex with this slime mean having your dick gets melted....[View]
2374689Prisons are a storage place for people who don't fit into society. A good society has no cages[View]
2373403who /diapers/ here[View]
2372631When I'm done, half of all threads on the board will still be up. Perfectly balanced, as all th…[View]
2374099time out for everyone[View]
2373838Anyone else is way too self-aware to samefag? In all my years here I have never been really able to …[View]
2374607Is this how you make a thread?[View]
2369470I think discord is healthy for 4chan[View]
2374151Does anime really make you gay? wtf?[View]
2374408Do you take care of your eyes?[View]
2370785The way I see things is that everything is leading to a collective meltdown where nothing makes sens…[View]
2373685Is this the /qa/ dream in action?[View]
2371142I pride myself on my ignorance of politics and other goings on in the world.[View]
2374364Why am I seeing a ban message from January 2017? Which I don't even think was me, not that I ca…[View]
2371519The 4chan Vtuber plan thread 2: Next step, we need to name her. https://www.4chan.org/4channews.php…[View]
2372536Names and Trips: Why does it honestly matter if we use a trip or a name? as long as they aren't…[View]
2373766this is pathetic. the only thing getting knocked off the board are his own threads[View]
2368221I want to protect this goblin...[View]
2374144Is it Christmas yet?[View]
2374142>my mfw when weeebs Fuck off from my homeboard, fa*gots[View]
2367677Hiro what did you mean by this?[View]
2373789Delete /pol/.[View]
2373966I fucking hate you all.[View]
2373672Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2372155I'VE GOT THE POWAAH![View]
2372679I think this frogman is epic. What things do you consider epic?[View]
2373419I'm sick of this stupid fucking frog all it is on /tv/ is JANNY this Nigger that I'm sick …[View]
2373019Did the REAL hiroyuki just comment on my youtube video?![View]
2373611Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373328A redpill a day keeps the degeneracy away.[View]
2373191must the weeb mafia make a fool out of themselves and in the process harm us innocent and humble con…[View]
2373717I find the current state of /qa/ beautiful.[View]
2373388Bugs...easy on the carrots[View]
2373552Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373550Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373544Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373541Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373538Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373534Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373533Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373531Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373529Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373528Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373525Don’t mind me just killing a thread.[View]
2373451How do I make myself throw up after I've eaten something that I regret. I will eat food then wi…[View]
2369400How is /qa/ so subtly rude & how do I master that?[View]
2373417Delete /pol/.[View]
2373389In the midst of all this thread war, no one will notice what this dog is looking at.[View]
2373067Did you have a question?[View]
2372314This is an /a/ quote. I was in the thread that this actually unfolded in. How do we fix this?[View]
2372937Is there a way to filter phone posters (specifically iphone/ipad) with 4chanX? Their images have nam…[View]
2373369Discords: I want discord to join for fun. Preferably a moonman discord. thanks[View]
2372863I'm tempted to have this shirt made, where should I wear it?[View]
2372724/qa/ /ck/ /n/ /out/ all belong to the frog mafia[View]
2371628>file.png >image.jpg >download.jpg >[long hash].png >giphy.gif >Screenshot XYZ.jpg…[View]
2372947grinman likes to grin[View]
2373336Red Pill Reflections: Highschool kid here, so many people give me such diverse advice its hard to di…[View]
2373197Why do American people do this?[View]
2373226Die quietly, retards.[View]
2373307/tv/ sucks[View]
2370415Ahem. I just wanted to make a toast...To all the unpaid jannies! And to niggers! And to lolis! Fuck …[View]
2370561smart birb[View]
2368732Why do I get banned from every board I visit?[View]
2370084Why aren't you wearing a fundoshi right now?[View]
2373250Do you ever listen to/watch educational videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGhR7tMDgxg[View]
2372572im tard[View]
2367783How did the weebspammer make all of these threads in 10 minutes? How does he bypass the 10 minute po…[View]
2372645Government's money should go funding trade schools instead of wealth redistribution through wel…[View]
2373156>he thinks life has a meaning >not knowing that at literally any point in time an asteroid mig…[View]
2371272People who say that /qa/ is exclusively for anime are part of the problem. People who say that anime…[View]
2373149Rejoice, rec threads are now allowed on /a/! >>>/a/179545678[View]
2372416Daily reminder that spamming and bump cults are cancer and don't contribute anything to the 'co…[View]
2368476I should have won![View]
2373130Why doesn't he save Julian Assange? Could he? Maybe with a mecha lemur?[View]
2372346>get captcha right >it pretends I didn't kill yourself hiro im not buying a pass…[View]
2373086Bored and gay[View]
2369066theres a desperate neo-weeb poster: frantically bumping neo-anime threads[View]
2370771I never realized before just how long a visual novel is. Fate stay night has 10x the amount of words…[View]
2373012so are the mods ever going to do anything about the constant genwars on /vp/[View]
2372353>>/pol/189906808 They actually discuss reddit screenshots, and you tell me hiro shouldn't…[View]
2371644/v/tuber chan![View]
2372911Delete /pol/.[View]
2371252The /qa/ girl.[View]
2372899the /qa/ girls[View]
2372891I don't deserve the digits on my posts. TAKE THEM BACK[View]
2371969math: how do I solve this[View]
2371907So, what is going on with 4chan?[View]
2372670/qa/ should be renamed to /ea/ for /excitement always/[View]
2364826I can't watch 'old' anime anymore, i keep remembering the 2000s and how comfy it was.[View]
2370089What was the greatest year in 4chan's history? Comfy screencaps preferably[View]
2371497Should we filter 'based' and 'redpilled'?[View]
2372687die hiro >>>2222886[View]
2371496I was not around to see /z/ when it was a thing, but if I understand the concept, before it was a si…[View]
2370411Which board has the best meta threads that get moved here?[View]
2370481>weeb mafia needs there to be no frogs on the board to win >frogs need one frog on the board t…[View]
2372595i'm a big pin i love a big win[View]
2371384old movie request: hi anons, saw this gif very times, so spoopy. What movie is?[View]
2370594qajp rage spam watch: >>2370496 ITT, we count down the hours, minutes and seconds before /qa/…[View]
2371764my mfw when i weensperm to boson /qa/ boys!!!!!! UwU[View]
2372527A redpill a day keeps the degeneracy away.[View]
2368901>clearly on topic >one nigger mod spergs out >permabanned from all boards What do…[View]
2372246>meme happens >eventually makes it's way to /pol/ >gets traction with /pol/sters >p…[View]
2371465Frog and wojack posters should be permabanned on sight, they are the equivalent of rage comics and s…[View]
2371498We're all rocks being skipped across a lake. We'll all sink in the end, but some make a mo…[View]
2367624If you could go back in time to some point in history, where (when) would you go? You can only obser…[View]
2371223reddit is unironically good[View]
2370712Rate my dinner, /qa/.......[View]
2372471how much do you have to doxx yourself in order to be a janny? i want to be one for the extra power b…[View]
2371092What the fuck is up with the captchas lately on /pol/? >select traffic lights >wrong try again…[View]
2371459Who is we? It's you, and me.[View]
2372376>tfw someone posted a dog getting skinned alive and dismembered on /tv/ again…[View]
2365895This is your Yotsuba from now on[View]
2372149>/qa/ 'friends'[View]
2372258post dank 4Chan memes[View]
2371876this is your vtuber that is representation of you, chosen by discord cliques and 4chan pass normies.…[View]
2370562>multiple on topic vidya threads are deleted >pic related if left to hit the bump limit Why ar…[View]
2368816Where's his dick?[View]
2371561What's a word or phrase that NPC could be filtered to?[View]
2371914Is YouTube /tv/ yet? I mean since Netflix is, and the difference between YouTube and Netflix is rapi…[View]
2372134The least understandable ban of all time: >5 month old post. >Post on /vip/, not /v/. >I ne…[View]
2371992What did Elon-chan mean by this?[View]
2361528Post some wallpapers[View]
2371264When will mods stop moving meta threads to /qa/?[View]
2370615Fuck racism, fuck homophobia and fuck sexism. A toast to the janitorial staff of 4chan for keeping …[View]
2368950Mods should ban /pol/itic bait on /mu/: This board is for discussing music, not /pol/'s garbage…[View]
2372026>draw an anime >put an arrow towards her with the word hole >win the contest…[View]
2371286Delete /pol/.[View]
2368045This /qa/ girl is inviting you over, how do you respond?[View]
2370703Can we get an /advg/ board?: Seems like a lot of virgins have one big problem. Would be more efficie…[View]
2369102The 4chan Vtuber plan thread 1: https://www.4chan.org/4channews.php We have chosen the Vtuber design…[View]
2370057Why is linking to gfycat banned? With a 2-4mb limit on images/vids on most boards, I need to upload …[View]
2371370>*Starts lawnmower* *WHIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRR* NOOOOOOOOOO IT'S SATURDAY MORNING >*Opens a can…[View]
2371371Posting or downloading images on /adv/ is impossible when you have an adblocker on (ABP, uBlock Orig…[View]
2371457Great job mods, you enforced the rules. and turned 4chan into a sterile wasteland of nofun allowed[View]
2371396You won't BELIEVE what she's doing now![View]
2371393>go to /co/ >porn dump with lewd OP thread up for an hour >stays up for another hour before…[View]
2370627Tenshi eating corndog[View]
2371109I wished i had a girlfriend so i could watch her die and play love songs about her for the rest of m…[View]
2361263The /qa/ md5 filter list has been updated. Unfortunately, ghostbin has been offline the past few day…[View]
2370527**META THREAD**: Hey /pol/ See pic related. Current status of the catalog when you search 'NPC.' 20 …[View]
2370906i like to eat sausage for breakfast got a pound of raw sausage from the grocery store but it's …[View]
2368204Tripcode fuckery: Trying to figure out why my tripcode results in a different trip on my phone vs de…[View]
2370460The quality of 4chan would increase greatly if sage was on as default.[View]
2355230Some guy uploaded 10 million 4chan threads from 2006-2008 https://twitter.com/textfiles/status/10493…[View]
2370668why is it 4chan is so low tech in comparison to other imageboards? bronnen, 8ch, even fucking ylilau…[View]
2369100what is /ota/[View]
2366699Do you use uBlock Origin? What filters do you use for it? Have you imported any third party filters …[View]
2365624Why the fuck is /pol/ deleting the NPC threads?[View]
2370745>3 day ban and rangeban from starting new threads for posting a snake that looks a bit like a pen…[View]
2362934Post YFW the Bowsette fad died in just a week.[View]
2370673Why is this necessary?[View]
2369426Will this site ever produce anything funny or original again, or are we doomed to Wojak edits foreve…[View]
2369491This coin.: Vat is dis?? Found it in my house 0.o[View]
2370643>feelio take a stinker so massive tears me bum and fill toilet with blood piss n shite looks bett…[View]
2361470Are your thoughts funny? I've noticed my thoughts rival some of the current worlds's best …[View]
2370555Are you taking it easy?[View]
2370549i am the normslayer i will slay the norms[View]
2370523Are the mods going to actually stop the /pol/ and /tv/ shitfest invasion of /ck/ or are you just giv…[View]
2369819Any advice?: So I’ve been talking to this chick at work and I wanted to break the ice but I’m not gr…[View]
2370516Okay, what did Hiro get us into this time?[View]
2364732Are you wary of strangers? What about cute girl strangers?[View]
2364847You like non-humans, don't you?[View]
2369591>still no containment board for rap[View]
2368862The queen of 4chan[View]
2369560Please save /a/ from cancer and give us hiragana/kana or N5-N4 kanji captcha. At least kana captcha,[View]
2368533*she sees you ron*[View]
2362386Food thread: >>2362385[View]
2370360She saw you weensperm, /qa/. You thought you were being sneaky, but she saw it all. Everything.[View]
2370130what happened to /mu/ ?[View]
2370335Thought about /qa/ again today......[View]
2358252This is Satania's thread, welcome.[View]
2370063this is /qa/[View]
2361970What 2hu would you celebrate halloweenspern with? For me it'd be Sekibanki https://www.youtube.…[View]
2370018you guys tryin to kill the weeb mafia? don't you know it takes a weeb to kill a weeb[View]
2370119What the fuck? German cable ISP, btw.[View]
2368893imagine saber riding a banana... wait ... you don't have to... it's here[View]
2364690Do you have someone you can trust to destroy your hard drive should you suffer an untimely death?[View]
2369673Would /a/ be better if it wasn't a blue board?[View]

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