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why is /jp/ here?
Because they're awesome.
They're not. Some /pol/luter thought it would be funny to pretend to be /jp/.
Watch out for /qa/ Chris-chan! The public enemy of /qa/ #4:

- found /qa/ during hiro's winter announcement and decide he'd "outdo" all the delete-/pol/ spammers he found
- encourages users to abuse the illegal report feature and claims the mods are on his side
- responsible for making all anti-/pol/ sentiment in /qa/ irrelevant by subsuming it into his retarded crusade
- militantly derails entirely unrelated threads by attempting to link them back to his crusade against /pol/
- was not even around to know what 4chan was like before /pol/ existed but claims to be its champion
- fails to do anything that would actually accomplish his stated aim anyway
- obsessed with the notion that /jp/ spinoffs are all secretly /pol/ in disguise
- ignorant enough to announce that ``faggot quotes'' were a /jp/ meme resurrected by /pol/
- sees nothing with spouting ignorant bullshit because he can disclaim it with anonymity
- so butt devastated that he keeps replying to a bot

His ultimate goal is probably to be some sort of avatar of insufferable stupidity.

Add further observations of shittery to this list and repost it when you see him.
Because this shitty board needed to be improved
Why wouldn't /jp/ be at the 2D/random board?
>2D/random board
That's /qa/.
To save /qa/ from itself and create the last good board on 4chan in the process.
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/jp/ posters are the guardians and servants to the shrine that is /qa/.

Everyone is welcome here, but you must respect the board!
Because they're the heroes we need right now, helping to reclaim this website against the unwashed hordes of recently arrived users who came here from watching the news.
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I do not know who that is!
Reimu's bellybutton.

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