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What kind of life do you want for yourself?
One where I can make money from home.
One where I am permanently content.
In other words one where I can od on benzos.
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I want to wake up into the body of a young boy in the mid 90s. See BBS culture, imageboards from the start, live a life with nobody but myself, lots of anime, 2hu, comikets, visual novels, cosplaying, everything, for as long as possible. This life went extremely wrong, it was a huge disaster, so everyday I beg that the day I die I can get a second chance to live this dream of life. I really want it, and think of this everyday, but I know I'm just a little animal who will die and nothing else.
File: thinking.png (35 KB, 565x534)
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a peaceful life of discovery and enjoyment,
maybe something similar to my current life,
but with a little more freedom from my worries
of doing certain things, if anything,
i'd say the life i already live is good in of itself,
i wouldn't trade the present for anything
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I have what I want for myself!
It's now about giving it all back to the world!
A life of excitement, danger, violence, and ultimately the destruction of reality itself.
i just want to be a side character in aria: the animation and wave to akari every day as she rows her gondola down the canal past my home and i want a nice job and a cute gf and have everything be calm and nice forever
File: watching screen.gif (3.69 MB, 1400x794)
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I want to be imprisoned by thoughts of life.
I want to know the boredom of existence.
I want to comfort myself with escape.
I want to drift through endless night.
I want to see the light.
I never want it to stop.
I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas.

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