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File: 1484475525500.png (73 KB, 949x1037)
73 KB
Previous thread: >>1423592

Some image MD5 filters for 4chan-X (guro, frogs, and other garbage):

http://reg-exp.com/ Not everything is supported, but it's a good tool.
http://www.regular-expressions.info/ This one has pretty in depth explanations.

You can apparently filter image hashes via 4chan-X. You can't filter your own posts if your browser has cookies enabled. Use forward slashes to start using regular expression, and put an 'i' at the end to ignore capitalization. '\b' is a word anchor, so you can do something like /\bhi\b/ to only filter the word hi but not high.

Post screenshots of your user style and or show us some neat tricks.


Style tools:
Color Pallet:

Gradient Editor:

Border Editors: (works great for reply windows)

Text Shadow Generator:
Here are some filters:
/(fb|facebook)(\/ig|) (fap thread|fap|)/i;boards:b;op:only
/Otwieram Polski/i;boards:b;op:only
/(pics|pictures) you (should|shouldn't) (share|have)/i;boards:b;op:only
/forever queen/i;boards:b;op:only

/under two million/i;boards:sci,g;op:only
/sum of primes/i;boards:sci,g;op:only

/>(2017|2000 *\+ *17|2010 *\+ *7|2020 *- *3)/i;boards:g;op:only
/.* is technology/i;boards:g;op:only




/.* /i;boards:soc
Some basic filters:
/([a-z])\1\1\1\1\1+/i repeating letters in excess of 5
/\w{7}\.(jpg|png|gif|webm)/i filenames with 7 alphanumeric characters (imgur filenames)
/IMG_.*/ some phone filenames
/^>?\b[kĸƘĶǨɮkϏКЌкќӃԞᴷᶄḰḲḴ₭Ⱪ][\s_\W]*[y¥ƳƴŶŸɎʎΎΥΫΨγϒϓϔψЎУӮҰӰӲẎҮỲỴỶỸỾῨῩῪΎ][\s_\W]*[s$ƧSϨϩsշᵴᴤ]\b/i any posts containing "kys"
/[\r\n]t\./ any posts with >t. [meme]
/.\n.\n./ any 3 characters like so:
/1[0-2]\d{10,13}\./ old timestamped files
/^(>>\d+( You)?\n)*Th\w{2,3}[\.,;:\?'"]?/i posts containing "this" or "these" with only a reply
/^([^\.,\?!:;'"])+$/ posts not containing any sort of punctuation
/\b[t2]bq?h\b/i desu
/([^\w\d\s])\1\1\1+/ non-whitespace and non-alphanumerical characters in excess of 3 in a row, made for """this""" meme, but could be refined
/([a-zA-Z])(\1+)?([^\W\d\1])(\1|\3)(\1|\3)(\1|\3)(\1|\3)(\1|\3)(\1|\3)+/i Two repeating characters like HAhHAhaHAHAHAH in excess of 8 past the first line of characters:
Wouldn't filter HHHHHhHHHhhHHha but would catch hhHhhHhHHahhhhhh
/^>\s?\b([^\W\d]+)\b$/ one word greentext posts such as ">ishygdt"
More filters:
/\bc.ck(old)?\b/i cuck posts too
/what .* mean by this/i
/\b[rl]e[db]{2}it\b/i reddit
/_{2,}/ garbage blank posting like ___anon or something
/[a-z]$/ post doesn't end with punctuation
/^>[^\n]*$/ posts that are just one line of "greentext"
/[a-z]+-$/i any post that ends with a string of letters cut off into a hyphen, like so "candlejack is the grea-"
/post.*filters?/i essential for this thread

/qa/ catalog essentials:

Cleaned up some filters from pic related that https://boards.4chan.org/qa/post/954044/ posted

This will filter most state threads, probably could use some adjustments /(australian?|new zeland|nz|canada|scotland|dutch|irish|mexic(o|an)|spanis|alabama|alaska|arizona|arkansas|california|colorado|connecticut|delaware|florida|georgia|hawaii|idaho|illinois|indiana|iowa|kansas|kentucky|lousiana|main|maryland|massachusetts|michigan|minnesota|mississippi|missouri|montana|nebraska|nevada|new hampshire|new jersey|new mexico|new york|(north|south) (dakota|carolina)|ohio|oklahoma|oregon|pennsyllvania|rhode island|tennessee|texas|utah|vermont|virgina|washington|west verginia|wisconsoin|wyoming|\d{3}|al|ak|az|ar|ca|co|ct|de|dc|fl|ga|hi|id|il|in|ks|ky|la|me|md|ma|mi|mn|ms|mo|mt|nv|nh|nj|ny|nc|nd|oh|ok|or|pa|ri|sc|sd|tn|tx|ut|vt|va|wa|wv|wi|wy) ((th|b)read|general|central|pics?|pictures?|requests?|noods?|nudes?|sluts?|bitch(es)?|whores?|girls?|here|wins?)/i

/(dub{1,2}s?|doubles?|doupes|trip{1,2}s|triples?|quads?|quints?|\d{1,2}|first|second|third|fourth|fifth|sixth|seventh|eighth|ninth|tenth) (decides?|gets?|tells?|chooses?|reply( chooses?)?|names?( it)?|reveals?)/i

https://pastebin.com/uuAPMM1h longer than 2,000 characters.

https://milkytiptoe.github.io/Name-Sync/ Enables names on forced anon boards

https://github.com/bakugo/4chan-imgur Embeds image links in 4chan posts as normal thumbnails

https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/16129-pagewatcher Displays the page of threads in the 4chan-X thread watcher

https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/28486-tripcolor Tripcode coloring script for 4chan
Whoops. Should be >>954044
Posts consisting entirely of a large number (50+) of short (30-) lines:

Any post containing a 1900+ string of characters consisting only of capital letters, numbers, and newlines:
where does one ever encounter a post that has fifty lines
Useful thread. Have a bump.
Why are you trying to make 4chan more like Reddit when Reddit already exists?
well /int/ is a terrible board anyway but here's a smaller filter that would catch a post like that:
/(?:[A-Z]{30,50}\n){2}/ at least two lines of 30 to 50 unbroken capital characters
how is this thread making 4chan more like reddit also consider that most people probably do not go to reddit so they would not know if they were "making 4chan more like reddit" in the first place
We're making it more like Usenet, you filthy mod cocksucker.
Is there a script that shows the amount of replies in a thread in the native archive? This used to be pretty useful.
Unfortunately you would have to open up every thread to do that.
t. Butthurt spic
Are you using the native extension or 4chanx?
you sound like a bitter nigger cuckold
I used to have all of those filters before bant came around lol
File: 1500689052852.jpg (9 KB, 191x197)
9 KB
LmO the sheer assmad in this thread

You have been cucked of your sekrit club and this only accelerates the death of your hugbox
No one seems to be paying attention to the CSS part of the thread, but I'll change that tomorrow if I can remember. I need to make a new "theme".
t. Butthurt spic
To hide the hidden thread count in the 4chan X catalog except on hover over the [Show] link:

#hidden-label:not(:hover) > #hidden-count {
display: none;
#hidden-label {
display: inline-block;
#hidden-count {
float: right;
#hidden-count::before {
content: "\A0";
Let's be real here, you're the only one that's mad, and it's because you're being deprived of the attention you so desperately need. I feel so sorry for you that I have alotted you one (1) free (You) for your troubles. I hope this can hold you over until the next one.
I started using md5 filters for the frog and other raid spam on /qa/:
File: file.png (29 KB, 878x209)
29 KB
Speaking of MD5s, you can add them in one click in 4chan X if you add a "%f" to your File Info Formatting settings (on the Advanced tab). It also hides the thread.
I don't understand, but I really want to. Does this mean it adds a hotkey or something?
File: file.png (15 KB, 293x134)
15 KB
It adds a button. The trash can there.
>It also hides the thread.
or reply
Oh sweet, thanks. This does make it a lot easier.
thanks you!
Putting trip on to avoid interference.
Updated agitator md5 list
Here are 2835 frog MD5s covering the most common to even some of the infrequently posted ones. There are no duplicates.
File: 1477073044576.png (146 KB, 600x600)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Wow, very nice. This needs increased visibility. Do you mind if I make a thread for it sometime?
A berry nice CSS https://pastebin.com/Zhk6hrMT
Probably shouldn't make it here, but I don't mind. I'll update it if I add a significant amount.
>Probably shouldn't make it here
But why?
just dotted all my pics ;)
be seeing you gents around
My favorite filter is short and simple:


Hides OPs starting with maymay arrows. It's almost shocking how much trash this cleans up. Only works with OPs, since replies can obviously be using the quote feature legitimately. (I imagine there might be a way to write a script that checks to see if a reply is actually quoting a previous post in a thread, but that's beyond my abilities. Might also make long threads load slowly.)
How flattering.
The effort is appreciated. But sadly, it will always be defeated by faggots like >>1491258.

For those more knowledgeable in these sorts of things than I am, would it be possible to make a simple image recognition script? Perhaps just something that could recognize color palettes.

Like, if an image is composed of a certain color combination and ratio, such as green with a bit of orange-ish red (with adjustable tolerances to account for things like variations of the image, compression artifacts, or fags trying to alter the shade slightly). Such a script could be used to filter other garbage, too, such as that emoji shit that's spammed everywhere lately.
Nifty. I never noticed that. Thanks.

Is there something similar for the catalog?
In the 4chan X catalog, if you click the catalog so as to expand the posts on hover, the button should show up at the top next to the file info.
I literally can't imagine being this autistic, putting in this much effort because you don't want to see 1 image? What? Surely you're all being ironic?
Of course if I see you people being faggots THIS much i'm gonna fuck with it, who wouldn't? What are you even hoping to achieve?

Yeah, how fucking dare anons take counter measures against low effort trolling.

I thought of a color recognition filter too, but i don't know javascript.
>counter measures against low effort trolling.
Thats a really nice way of saying what it actually is, which is putting in an inordinate amount of effort because an image unironically triggers your tendie attacks.
Pepes are an ingrained part of 4chan culture now, like it or lump it, almost every board uses them and your autistic resistance makes them use it MORE, so why even come on 4chan? Why not go to a spinoff that just bans people who post them?
You're spending half your life making an easily bypassable catalogue of images and writing out fucking neural networks just so you can stay here without getting PTSD, when clearly the fact that you have to do this implies noone wants you here.
To be clear, i'm not the one saying "go back to your spinoff", YOU ARE.

What a contrived and lengthy way to say:

>you guys need to let us piss all over your face and learn to like it!

Way to justify your shitposting by blaming people who want nothing to do with it. Scores of users have filtered me, but i never have said a single thing about it until now, because they have their own reasons and benefits for it. It doesn't matter though; i highly doubt you fully have yourself even convinced of the bullshit you argued.
holy fuck you got destroyed my man, delete your account
File: 1493633953564.png (110 KB, 500x517)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Dumb tripfag
filters and the ability to hide posts have existed and been encouraged since years before all the premade rare pepe starter pack teens discovered this site, the fact that you think they have anything to do with being "triggered" or "ptsd" only shows how obsessed you are with tumblresque behavior and rhetoric
>1 image
If it was only one image, it would be trivial to filter, now wouldn't it?

Do you use a spam filter on your e-mail? Or do you you allow the fake pill pushers and Nigerian princes to have free reign to flood your inbox, just because you don't want to appear "triggered"?
False equivilancy on multiple levels, mostly that you don't pick and choose what spam emails you like, whereas I don't see many anime spam filter lists here.
"Frog images" are variants of 1 character, 1 image really, so its fair to say that 1 character makes you asshurt, no? I stopped caring, you're all beyond saving, please don't reply to me.
Apples and oranges. One is a deceptive offer that's geared to destroy your finances and the other is simply a harmless cartoon frog that you have an irrational hatred of. Irrational in that you are willing to filter any OP with Pepe regardless of the post's content itself. Not that anon btw.
Should SFW boards allow porn on them in the name of not being "asshurt"? Should colorsquares and other spam be allowed to return just so we don't look "triggered"? There are rules, and one of the most important rules is that images must be on topic. That's why 4chan is divided up into many different boards. Otherwise, there would just be a hundred pages of /b/ and nothing else.

You fags have /b/ to post your off-topic garbage, it doesn't belong elsewhere. It's always been this way. When /b/tards would try to post their reidicks and cockmonglers and other cliches outside their board, that shit wasn't tolerated. Why do you seem to think your newfangled memes are above the rules?
>please don't reply to me.
Don't tell me what to do.
An anon on /g/ a while back posted this one:


It filters out most of that vertical text flooding.
I lied, you managed to draw some more care out of me, but your post shows you have a clear lack of understand about anything and everything forum related.
I don't post frogs, I am neutral to them as I am to anime images, I *would* like /qa/ to be a meta board, however. Now thats out of the way:
A post with a frog image has the same probability of breaking a rule as a post without a frog image, less even since then you can't be posting porn or something. You saying any post with a pepe on it is spam doesn't make it spam. Do you see many frogposts on /qa/ without distinct text attached? No,
and nevertheless, /qa/ DOESN'T HAVE AN OFFICIAL TOPIC, so they aren't breaking any rules.
>A post with a frog image has the same probability of breaking a rule as a post without a frog image
No, it always breaks the rules if it's not on /b/ (or one of the /b/ variants that have been created for some reason), since it would always be off-topic. And no, I'm not just talking about /qa/. There are boards that do have distinct official topics, should they still get flooded with this crap? Le ebin maymay frog has fuck all to do with technology, or cars, for example, and yet /g/ and /o/ are littered with this garbage. (That last one really puzzles me. Is it that hard to find and post a picture of a fucking car of all things?)
Replace "frog" with "anime" in your post, realise why your argument is terrible, then kill yourself.
>it's an anime site
Isn't an argument, as YOU said, you think the posts are breaking the BOARD topics.
You've constructed a totem in your mind that every post with a pepe attached automatically has no content, quite frankly I think you just want to believe that to have an "us vs them" narrative going in your head. But it just isn't true.
Please leave me alone now, your posts are really really bad.
Since I know you're only aware of two global rules, allow me to educate you on the relevant ones 2D random shitters bust everyday:

6. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

7. Submitting false or misclassified reports, or otherwise abusing the reporting system may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

10. No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.

14. The use of scrapers, bots, or other automated posting or downloading scripts is prohibited. Users may also not post from proxies, VPNs, or Tor exit nodes.

In short, you don't have a leg to stand on. Filter frogs to your heart's content, but do not pretend that what you are doing here is any more justifiable than what they're doing.
I never said anything at all about anime.

>every post with a pepe attached automatically has no content
I never said that, either. But it's irrelevant. An off-topic image is an off-topic image. Whatever other content a post may or may not contain simply doesn't matter.

If some anon posted some MLP porn on a blue board (or any board for that matter), but included a lost Shakespeare sonnet in the comments, it would still be a violation, regardless of the merits of the poem in the comments.

>Rules don't apply to me because other people break rules, too.
So, no rules for anyone, then?
>So, no rules for anyone, then?
None of you were following them before. You tell me.
You can make filter lists for anime or anything you want, no one is stopping you. The point of filters is to hide things you deem to be of low quality, which is why they're entirely user-created: quality is subjective. They are not supposed to be a substitute for moderation, that's why they only affect you if you choose to use them.
The "argument" that images don't necessarily reflect the contents of the post can also be applied to almost every other filter: one could make a detailed, informative post while using "cuck" as a generic insult, or in a greentext story format. Why don't you take any issue with these? Why are you talking about "us vs them" when you're the one bringing up anime out of the blue?
GR6 is supposed to be interpreted by mods, not by regular users, and apart from announcing reports/sage, only mods would be able to identify GR7 violations.
Also, when did anyone ever claim to "have a leg to stand on" or that they're "justified"? Again, filters are entirely personal.
>Submitting false or misclassified reports, or otherwise abusing the reporting system
Are you a mod or a janitor? Just curious how you're so certain about this one.

>Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post
Anecdotal, of course, but mods are usually pretty on top of this, they always show up as [Deleted] before I even get to the bottom of a thread -- even in a thread chock full of other violations.

Other than that, I'm not actually going to disagree with you on most of these. These are frequent problems that need to be addressed. But I don't see how some rule violations somehow justify even more violations.

This anon has a point, we are all getting pretty derailed here, probably, even me, my apologies. This thread should be about filters, not necessarily rule violations (there's certainly overlap, but they're not identical sets).
>we are all getting pretty derailed here
That's not unexpected given the way some people react to the very idea of filters (despite them being a native feature)
Noone said you shouldn't be allowed to make them, they said it was petty that you spent so much time making an encyclopedia of image MD5's people can change with 1 millisecond in paint.
This is an anonymous imageboard, you can just stop posting, you know that you're wrong and that you're purposefully misrepresenting peoples points. Cut your losses mate.
>given the way some people react to the very idea of filters
The thing is, in some ways, I don't like them either. At least when it comes to things that are actually off-topic or otherwise rule violations, the problem should not be hidden, it should be fixed. I am also a firm believer that the "ignore it and it'll go away" philosophy does not work; if anything, it makes things worse.

But as long as those with the ability to fix problems continue to leave us hanging in the wind, filters are vital for us to at least try to do something for ourselves.

It all boils down to this: Some of us are trying to solve problems, even if the solution is imperfect. Others are trying to create more of those problems. If there is an "us vs. them" thing here, these are the two sides.
I don't know who you think you're addressing but I didn't spend any time doing that or even copypasting it into my filter list. As you say, this is an anonymous imageboard so stop trying to create identities. Besides, filtering takes 2 clicks and works for every instance of an MD5 hash. Between people who use filters and people who manually edit their images because they take personal offense to the fact that someone might be implicitly calling their post shit, which one is petty and contradictory to the spirit of anonymity?
>Cut your losses
What losses? Are you allergic to discussion?
>manually edit
I used paint as an example, you can write a python script in about 10 seconds to change the md5 of a group of images without even changing the actual image.
The losses are everything having to read your dumb faggoty posts.
So you are allergic to discussion. OK.
u: *shits on the floor*
me: *walks away from the shit*
This analogy would work if it was the other way around, since I'm the only one here addressing the points made. This is an anonymous imageboard, you can just stop posting, you know that you're wrong and that you're purposefully misrepresenting peoples points. Cut your losses mate.

>What losses? Are you allergic to discussion?

He's bargaining.

MD5 is not as effective as i like it, but it does remove general clutter, since on other boards most anon's aren't going out of their way to edit pepewojakfeeliotbh40XX.jpg. That's thr thing; It's only the unlisted vestigal board where we encounter someone so obsessed to shit on it's regulars that they edit pepe's while trying to subvert a board, howling and bitching over any attempts to ignore their unimaginative sperg tantrum.
Most of 4chan posters are too lazy or retarded to do that.
I would sacrifice my family if it meant you would be killed too
Frogposter: *Shits on floor*
Me: Well, I don't have janitor or mod powers to clean it up, but I can at least use my filter nudge it out of my way a little.
Most frogposts don't shit on the floor, ergo you are filtering them for the sole reason that it triggers you.
If you could argue against this fact once (ONCE) it might make for some interesting discussion, but until then every reply you make is actual shit on the floor.
File: 14916602499812.jpg (105 KB, 800x586)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

So i'm more important to you than your family?

"Shitting on the floor" is subjective.
Your death would symbolically mean more to me than my love for my family, importance doesn't have much to do with it
As is murdering someone, but we have to draw the line somewhere.
No, not really. This is an imageboard.
File: 1487542284258.jpg (60 KB, 1022x862)
60 KB
First I would need an argument to respond to. Murdering someone and saying that something is bad are not comparable.
>Most frogposts don't shit on the floor
What do you call off-topic image posts, then?
Other boards still do. What's your point?
>putting in this much effort
It took 10 minutes. I'm sorry you are a computer illiterate windows user.
You didn't filter 2358 images in 10 minutes.

Stop arguing with him, he's not here for debate and his goal is to derail the thread and tire you out.

On 4chan a long, long time ago there used to be a saying something along the lines of "All your well thought out arguments can easily be ignored"
You're right. I spent the last 8 months browsing the /b/ archive manually copy pasting every frog md5 I found, knowing how easily such a list would be to foil and how inneffective it could be.
Yes, typically if someone is completely out of counter-arguments they've been exhausted and the debate is won.
Your medal is in the mail.
Please don't.
File: 1497388678623.jpg (408 KB, 1324x1200)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
I can only hope one guy is samefagging and /qa/ isn't retarded enough to let him take over a thread so easily.
Updated md5 filter list combining >>1484424 along with various images I've been adding. If you think a dog shitting is cool unfortunately you won't like this list.
wait I forgot the link
What are you laughing at?
I may sound dumb here but is there a way to use Google API or some shit to identify images?
File: 1531.jpg (3.25 MB, 2883x2162)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
/g/ filter

/(every[- ]?day|daily) carry/i;boards:g;op:only
/(gaming|gayming) (desktop|pc|laptop|system|tablet)/i;boards:g;op:only
/(just|recently) (bought|ordered|purchased)/i;boards:g;op:only
/(small|stupid) questions thread/i;boards:g;op:only
/battle[- ]?stations?/i;boards:g;op:only
/Chink Shit General/i;boards:g;op:only
/Daily Programming Thread/i;boards:g;op:only
/Desktop (thread|thred|bread)/i;boards:g;op:only
/for gaming/i;boards:g;op:only
/hom(e|o) ?scree(n|m)/i;boards:g;op:only
/m(ous|ic)es? (thread|bread)/i;boards:g;op:only
/Private Tracker General/i;boards:g;op:only
/should i (buy|upgrade)/i;boards:g;op:only
/smart[ -]?phone (thread|bread)/i;boards:g;op:only
/watch (thread|bread)/i;boards:g;op:only
/worth (buying|upgrading)/i;boards:g;op:only
Thank you for the examples. This is the perfect way for me to learn how to adapt and customize mine.
Not bad or anything, but roughly half of them could be replaced by just putting /general/i in the subject filters. (As an added bonus, it would work for other boards, too, instead of having to add ALL the cutesy names for all the generals on all the boards you frequent.)
Remember to filter these image hashes
The problem with "general" is that it also happens to be a word used fairly often in... general conversation.

What are they?
try /general.?$/i
>The problem with "general" is that it also happens to be a word used fairly often in... general conversation.
True. It might depend on whether you're using the native filters or 4chanX. I haven't used the native one, so I don't know how it works, but 4chanX has different filter lists for the subject field and comments field. Putting /general/i in the subject filter list won't affect someone using the word "general" anywhere in the comments.
>>1493900 >>1493957
Updated again. After this one I think I might start just listing the new ones instead of the whole list.
File: 05-08-2017_17-41-46.gif (217 KB, 1920x812)
217 KB
217 KB GIF
Post current CSS, give thinspo.
Thinspiration. Pro-ana term. Just another way to request people to post their styles.
File: Untitled.png (5 KB, 257x181)
5 KB
How do I filter these and other variations at once?
Try /\/our/i
What can I do to fix the font rendering? For me, the big green text in >>>/s4s/5662468 looks too awful, like jaggies in bad video games. Anyone can help?
File: 1476486727091.png (3 MB, 1701x1800)
3 MB
hyper trigged bitchboys: the thread
instead of finding a safe space, they just block out all of the room with safety pillows
^ mad
File: 1474388427682.png (29 KB, 1477x51)
29 KB
Can anyone tell me how to change the cursor icon like what's on /tv/ right now?
I don't want the pickle, but I'd like to be able to choose my own icon for it via CSS if possible. I assume it's related to what I have highlighted here.
Yeah, pretty much.
Thanks. I'll have to try this out.
File: 1497417840526.jpg (135 KB, 850x518)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Post some CSS lads.
smhing my head

i used to browse a heavily filtered /a/ until i realized how little actual discussion there is on that board

similar thing with /g/, it's also full of shitposting so i don't browse that board anymore except for occasionally visiting a few generals (sqt, dpt, wdg)

i think you need better websites to frequent unless you actually enjoy the threads not caught by your filters?
File: 50678814_p0.png (503 KB, 1000x850)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
I forgot to make a dividing line so this update shares the beginning with >>1505239
Frogs, some goldface and some more avatars

>smhing my head
>i used to browse... /a/
We can tell.
Asking here because it's the most relevant thread. Does 4chan X work with Brave?
Not easily.

You can use
although it doesn't work with HTTPS and may be a bit buggy.

You can also try following these instructions:
They say they're planning on adding userscript support but haven't gotten to it yet:
When they get around to adding that, 4chan X and other userscripts will be usable in Brave.
File: rice.png (508 KB, 1237x1390)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
hello this is my css
Pretty cute.
/qa/ncer in a nutshell
Nice, well done.
*rolls eyes*

i only smhed my h (short for head) ironically
It seems I was too slow to see the stealth bump this time.
Hi bot-age.

Why don't you ever add anything of value?
Your posts are worthless as well.
>wake up
>see this
What do?
Oh look, bot-age.
This is the fist time I've seen you today.
File: 1490242014161.jpg (13 KB, 331x309)
13 KB
File: 1426071353169.gif (346 KB, 400x300)
346 KB
346 KB GIF
>posting on /int/
Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the weekdays in 4chan X's time format with their respective kanji? i.e. (Sat) -> (土)
i want to know this as well kudsai
I too am interested in this.
/* Ignore memeflags */

img.countryFlag {
display: none!important;
File: file.png (78 KB, 911x610)
78 KB
I added a language setting in the beta version. Japanese would be "ja". Let me know how it works for you.
File: 1484639887341.png (63 KB, 797x625)
63 KB
File: 1475027858243.png (64 KB, 672x139)
64 KB
>last post over 13 hours ago
>page 3

Hellos stealth bumps, I see you have been going on here.
Hi bot age.
Captcha is broken.
All captchas are broken.
They're just a barrier so that the most technologically able are the only people allowed to do automated posting..
The barrier didn't used to be so low, particularly for Recaptcha before they thought "risk analysis" was a good idea.
A whole lot of talk for someone who hasn't looked into breaking captchas before.
What makes you think I haven't?
I can make a machine solve my captchas now. This wasn't something I was able to do a year ago. It's absolutely gotten easier.
File: 1481398903123.png (356 KB, 750x602)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Is there a script to get a larger list of "Popular Threads" than the one on the front page?
Any idea how often the list is updated? Maybe it could be done by loading the page several times over AJAX.
File: 1363760337744.jpg (42 KB, 300x300)
42 KB
Updated again. https://ghostbin.com/paste/wb7z7
Once again I forgot to make a new line so it completely replaces the text I posted in that pos.
Combine it with >>1502325
Make sure to filter this image hash:
Is there a filter for posters that spam a bunch of links in a post.
which image is that?
What kind of links? If it's quote links, then there's this, actually used as a sample filter in 4chanX:

# Filter posts with 10 or more quote links:

I imagine it could probably be modified to filter URL links, but someone with more regex knowledge than me would have to chime in on that.
Hey everyone, just letting you know about the stealth bump that took place here.
This image
Don't care.
How do I filter two words that need to be in order like "stealth bump"?
Plain old /\bstealth bump\b/i; works.
# B*rney Part I
Part 2:

File: 15001606939012.jpg (43 KB, 500x500)
43 KB
Do you get triggered when you see a frog because it reminds you that the only website you ever belonged to was cucked from you by shitposting memeing normies?
Are these images baiting barneyfag or barneyfag's own images?
They're his images. This should catch most of them. He's the only guy who posts these anyway, nothing of value will be lost.
File: 4 laugh.png (163 KB, 566x227)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>being this triggered by barneyfag
It's spam and doesn't contribute to anything in a meaningful way.
Just like your posts?
How do i get the beta version!
File: 1478435914023.jpg (28 KB, 323x412)
28 KB
File: 1388302605331.png (38 KB, 900x900)
38 KB
Let's be real here, you're the only one that's mad, and it's because you're being deprived of the attention you so desperately need. I feel so sorry for you that I have alotted you one (1) free (You) for your troubles. I hope this can hold you over until the next one.
What features does the beta version have?

Once again I've caught you stealth bumping a thread.
File: smug.png (260 KB, 563x542)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
confirmed that you do indeed get triggered when you are reminded that your only refuge in life was cucked from you
File: file.png (83 KB, 864x772)
83 KB
Everything from here to here except the stuff that starts with "Merge"
mm hmm.
Has a horsefucker ever been BTFO as much in just one post?
Let's be real here, you're the only one that's mad, and it's because you're being deprived of the attention you so desperately need. I feel so sorry for you that I have alotted you one (1) free (You) for your troubles. I hope this can hold you over until the next one.
How do you know I'm a brony.
Remember to filter this image hash
>see anons get asspained by the images I post
>they literally filter it by hash
>make script to slightly alter image, save as a new one, then post it instead to get around hash filtering
>they still get triggered
who are you quoting?
Updated this thing. Maybe merge it with yours? Some of these haven't been posted on 4chan yet, but they will be filtered when they are. Nearly all of these are from external websites though; made quickly with a script. External websites might compress the images further, but people saving them from there will be filtered.
this is literally what i do whilst frogposting, i dont get why more people dont do it
>make script
No you didn't

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