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Does your loneliness ever get to you /qa/?
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Not really. There was a time in my life when I was pretty outgoing and had an active social life, and I can safely say that I find staying at home reading manga much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I guess I'm just not cut out for socialization.
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its not the lack of socialization thats getting to me, its the lack of anything. I should have clarified in the OP that I'm not sure if its loneliness exactly that I'm feeling, but thats what it feels closest to

As of right now i am between jobs, and I actually do mean that I am genuinely inbetween as opposed to unemployed. But right now there is nothing for me to do but sit and wait and kill time, day after day. If i keep myself busy I feel fine but often times I have days like today where I start late and then I feel like doing nothing but laying around not accomplishing anything; i feel useless and like im in a rut and it gets me down, the things i usually do are less enjoyable and i lack motivation. I wish i could talk to somebody about it but I have nobody I want to talk to, so i settled on feeling somewhat lonely
it can't be helped
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it's the only thing that does truly get to me anymore. I live a fairly easy and happy life, but I can never quite shake the feeling of isolation.
humans are inherently social creatures; concepts like empathy, sympathy and compassion are so deeply ingrained in us that I feel it's impossible to get away from them. we all, on some level, want to be loved; to have someone who cares about us, a person who we would genuinely feel comfortable confiding our deepest thoughts to, and perhaps more importantly someone who felt the same towards us. we also want a active social life; being around friends, going to events and showing off your material possessions all contribute towards your social standing, they make people respect you and want to be around you.
these are things I think everyone has thought about at some point, finding your perfect partner and being popular are two things that are taught from a very young age make a "successful" human being. people strive for these things because we desire them on such a fundamental level, and being deprived of them is genuinely depressing. in effect loneliness, a lack of compassion and attention directed towards you, is being starved of something you as a person need, almost like being hungry of thirsty.
this isn't to say it's all everybody else's fault, personally I do myself no favors by deliberately avoiding any kind of social gathering, but as something we all need people sure do a shit job of displaying these emotions towards others. for me loneliness comes in waves, it's unpredictable both in length and intensity, but I can never quite shake the feeling entirely.
I spent over an hour trying to write this and yet I still don't feel comfortable posting this, but I want to get something out there. perhaps I need to find myself some friends~
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>I spent over an hour trying to write this
>perhaps I need to find myself some friends~
it was well written and summed up my thoughts concisely, good job. But id like to add onto it

while that is all true, every time I attempt to go out and be social I end up not enjoying it. Maybe its because i used to have a very big and active social life i left behind, and doing anything social reminds me of how sick i was/am of it all. Maybe its the people i attempt to socialize with, maybe its the meta, maybe its just me and I'm too stupid or stuck up or hostile to enjoy anybodys company.

But because of this id say that getting friends is not the solution, its more like just drowning out the problem and ignoring it. The last few times i have gone out, in the middle of the night ive always had a moment where i think to myself "wow this isnt fun at all, why did i come here this isnt making me feel better or fixing anything", all while smiling and pretending to have fun. I dont know, thats just me though
Did you experience things out of the norm? I feel like communities were meant to experience the same things. I've experienced abnormal things. It has separated me from other people. You become not quite X, but not quite Y. Meaning that you cannot relate to anyone. And when you think you've found someone, you eventually stumble onto something that shows just how different the two of you are.
Looking back on it I did experience things out of the norm compared to my peers, but i dont know how to describe it without revealing personal details or sounding like a fedora tipping fag so lets just say I think differently, not better not worse just differently. I guess that does lead to some form of separation

As for finding somebody? I'm not even going to get into that mess, I'll just say its not a high priority for me for at least the next 5 years
I'm mostly numb to it. I think the mind adapts to isolation eventually.

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