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Has modern life killed the spirit of 4chan?
Yes. It's full of moralfags now.
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I can tell from just your text that you're just another dfp.
What things killed /b/ as the go-to board?

If you can figure it out, then you will have your answer.
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Knowyourmeme existed since before 2011... agh
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Knowyourmeme is hosted on the cheezeburger network owned by notorious old lolcat thief Ben Huh.
What does modern life have to do with it?

Like many niche/counter-culture communities, 4chan died from popularity. As soon it became known as a edgy/trendy site, it got flooded with retards that neither understood or respected the culture, and what made 4chan special died.

Another important cause of 4chan's decline is the stricter moderation.
I bet he's got a chan folder to put oldfags to shame then.
>stricter moderation

nigga theres hardly any moderation now.
I feel the same way, i tried saying something about it on /fit/ but nobody cared or just made fun of me for posting an anime picture
i think you mean normalfags. then again, normalfags now think of themselves as the not-normalfags and call people who dont "meme" normies, so what does that word even mean anymore
>muh sekrit club!!!!
Neck yourself soyboy. 4chan has always just been a shitposting website.
Why do redditors get so butthurt at threads like this?
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>What things killed /b/ as the go-to board?
The constant creation of new boards and rise in their popularity, along with the deluge of retarded newfags.

Every time a new board was created and gained traction, a hole opened up in /b/'s soul that was subsequently filled with pus.
The anons who were passionate about a hobby, and thus prone to having interesting discussion and creating OC, lost a reason to go to /b/ after getting dedicated boards. Maybe they continued to visit, but as they saw less and less of what made them engaged into /b/ in the first place along with more and more outsiders, they stopped visiting altogether. Perhaps it it could be called the 4chan equivalent of white flight.

Now look at /b/ today. It has no identity. It has no purpose, not even as a random board thanks to ones like /bant/ existing. Everyone who was interesting left, and now it's just a forgotten dumping ground for porn and other plebshit. A walking pusbag. No one even knows why it's still there, yet it is. It's the fucking Detroit of imageboards!

Shit, the exact same thing happened to /v/. The creation of /vp/, /vg/, and /vr/ all chipped away at its userbase and identity too.

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