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File: Yukito_Tsukishiro.jpg (23 KB, 300x295)
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How about banning everyone that uses /pol/?
File: 1512607007465.jpg (20 KB, 420x418)
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>ban half the site
lol sure
It's a good idea, but Russia is only willing to pay for the servers if Hiro keeps /pol/.
File: 1488059300802.png (45 KB, 625x758)
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Mental illness
It's a good start, after that ban everyone that uses /a/ and /jp/, then we're on the road to making a beautiful great 4chan great again.
you mean /tv/ and /v/
/tv/ is the only board on this site that actually discusses its intended topic
What about it?
Don't reply to such people
>was considered g&t until high school
>occipital bun
>partial ashkenazi ancestry, tested for IQ as a child - 128
>military family
>pressured into all kinds of sports and extracurricular activities like robotics
>had a "soulmate" encounter last year
>been paranoid my whole life
please redpill me on this shit
here comes the spambot, you guys are so mad all the time it's hilarious
4chan is /pol/
Idle. The moral/intellectual snobbery of /pol/ is the core sentiment of 4chan in general.

/ck / uses "soyboy" for veganism endorsers. /Sci/ asks about intelligence of women as if women are created for breeding only. If it's not women, they obsess over black people's IQ.
It's also been dead for a long time. Coincidence?

Best way I've heard it explained, thanks, anon.
Also, another thing I notice, all of these people from both political wings, hell, even disgusting communists(which, ironically, is a Jewish movement) hate many things that have to do with Jews and not even realize it. Left wingers and their illuminati, right wingers and their globalism, commies with their greedy capitalists, the list goes on. If only there were some way to truly show them the big picture, without getting them to do tons of research on companies to expose the Jews.
One great redpill that I've used on a few of my spic friends are the Banana Republics. They fucking hate what Banana Republics did, so I told him to look up the people who ran those companies, and then he completely realized how bad things really were.

Pic related is a text convo with one of my spic friends. He goes on little political rants now when we talk, it's kinda funny yet really scary about how he went from a liberal to a full blown National Socialist in the matter of 8 months.
Redpill on Antifags and why they are subhuman trash. An instructional thread on how to deal with them at protests can be found on infinitychan.
someone redpill me on david bowie and the occult
File: 1501128315005.jpg (9 KB, 250x120)
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If you think that 682 is just a big lizard with regeneration and adaptive evolution then you need to go actually read some of the shit he's done. He has an entire spectrum of ridiculous abilities that fit right into the absurdity of SCP. He just never uses them because he doesn't need them. He's fucking invincible. But when he gets serious he's basically got powers as the plot demands.
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aww shit son, I can't remember the last time I saw a spiderman thread

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