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What do you guys think of this article. I know it's got the usual liberal viewpoint but does engaging trolls work better than ignoring them, like mods do with this board? It's got a point with the 1st paragraph as well, life was always just as bad before, we just have more things to do to ignore the fact.
Would 4chan even work without trolling?
I don't think you know what the word liberal means if you think that's a liberal argument.
How well did "Gamers are dead" work for anything but inflaming the controversy? This is nothing but self-justification from a business that makes money by meeting trolling with counter-trolling.
Well it talks about how trolling marginalises minorities on twitter and 4chan, etc, and makes various references to events where trolling attacked liberal values.
This isn't about trolling back, it makes no mention of that in the article. Instead it is about using moderation and calling people out to stop trolling. And while I think zero-tolerance policies like they apparently use on the Verge are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands, it stops the culture of "it's already here so we may as well give up" which doesn't work when people spam a forum like 4chan.
"liberal values" are human values, Anon. They don't apply just to political liberals.
Hello my fellow human being, you are trolling and attempting to get a rise out of someone. This is wrong and abusive. Your post will be taken as evidence, you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in an eCourt of Law.
>Would 4chan even work without trolling?
Is OP a troll? Anyway, I'll hide this thread.
>they hurt my feeling 4real so I want them banned
I would start by cutting down that internet.
>What the troll, the stalker, and the abuser really want out of the situation is to feel powerful and in control.
This is true. Totally because I wasn't seeking attention or masochistic abuse or anything when I trolled people

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