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you ever think how you were originally a sperm in your fathers testicles? you battled in a life or death frenzy against 250 million other sperm to swim into your mothers uterus and fertilize the egg. you don't remember this carnage but you did it. then you grew splitting your cells using your mothers genetics. you were just a sperm inside your dad but then manage to overcome all odds in a marathon of death to get a chance to be born. since your inception you have been fighting against the current without any break. cause you took the shot and won the race the other 250 million brothers and sisters of yours died.

i was lying on the bed thinking about life and suddenly i imagined myself as sperm swimming. i always brushed this kind of stuff off, but when i think about it it seems really intense.
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Yeah, it's kind of amazing to think that every single person alive was a victorious sperm cell.
I never understood this romantization (is that a word?) of the process. You were an egg, too, you know. Eggs are just NEETs that sit on the uterine wall or whatever
>you were a sperm
I actually find this idea incredibly stupid. No offense.
For starters, it's not like that sperm cell or even a single atom that made it up is a part of your body today.
And what about the billions of other cells in my body that came from other places like food sources? I bet nobody has any difficulty at all saying I wasn't a cell in a fucking apple before it was eaten.

>inb4 DNA/RNA sequence
yeah well I have a pile of cum socks over here full of my DNA, am I my cum socks too?
i was thinking and suddenly felt that's the case. since i had that feeling it's simply now a truth of this world. you should better accept it than futile resistance
>I bet nobody has any difficulty at all saying I wasn't a cell in a fucking apple before it was eaten.
there's eastern religious beliefs which would exactly say that if you asked clearly enough
>am I my cum socks too
yes. those are your dead children too

imagine whenever you sperm there's a potential life that would be born instead it ends up on tissue. instead of tissue it should be deposited into another guy to honor the sanctity of life
No matter what path we take we all start as weensperm
You're an idiot. I was going to patiently explain where you erred in your imaginings, amazed none-the-less that you were capable of even the attempt. But now I see it would have been a waste.
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Some sperm cells are more victorious than others.

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