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Have you had any dreams lately? What were they like?
i dream i walk and i walk. i walk really far seeings lot of sights and people. i don't get tired but it's all scenery. even when i interact it fades away when i walk further. after i walk around i wake up
Furry mammals began falling out of my clothing while I was taking a midwinter walk at the old place south of town. Rats, mice, rabbits...You name it. I was fine with this. Then something happened I was *not* fine with. I noticed something had begun snatching up the furry little critters before they wriggled out of my pockets and pant legs and sleeves. Hairs and bits of bone and occasional rodent skulls were becoming mixed in with the steady flow of mammalia. Their neutral noises and calls to each other were being replaced with terrified shrieking and squealing.
Then the first centipede slithered out of my armpit. Horrified, I tried to get it off me so it would not bite. It was more than a half foot long and as big around as a whiteboard marker. The creatures all around me were fleeing in panic. As I successfully dislodged that centipede more began emerging, swaying like angry snakes. Scorpions began filing out around them, attempting repeatedly to sting through my outer clothes. Some of the venom got on my hand from their glistening tail-barbs. It burned slightly, like it was caustic. As I moved to completely discard my outer jacket in horror, something began angrily chittering and vibrating from an inside pocket on the liner. I was breathless with fear by this time. All the centipedes and scorpions had dropped to the earth, but several were still slithering and scuttling around my shoes, attempting to bite or sting the soles repeatedly. As I gingerly plied the outside of the liner pocket with my finger, it vibrated so strongly it shook the whole coat. Just as I touched the tip of the lip, the biggest goddamn spider I had ever seen reared up over the top and attempted to maul and bite my finger. It looked like a cross between a funnelweb and a tarantula. I shrieked and ripped the coat from my body as more began exiting the pocket. In seconds a small pile had formed underneath the writhing jacket. The few spiders that had made it out were vibrating their abdomens at me rapidly while they performed a standard arachnid threat posture- the source of the sound I had heard.
Haven't remembered any dreams lately. For some reason when I remember stuff it happens in clusters.
dreams are boson
i dreamt that i beat the shit out of my geography teacher because he darted a friend, thought I killed him and blood was on his face but apparently he was fine and the hour went completely normal.
after that i went home and played a horror game which involved some scp's.
Spiders are good, they can eat those centipedes.
Proof scary video games retroactively cause violence!

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