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File: lamplighter6.jpg (683 KB, 1583x845)
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683 KB JPG
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lamplighter%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OuroQM
Questions: http://ask.fm/OuroQM
Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/4TrWRPPq
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beatrice can do it, so...
>As far as taking these guys's armor and uniforms go, we really want to be careful with the latter. Not out of any regard for nonexistent treaties or war crimes, but because we don't want to risk Abe getting mixed up in a bunch of people. The Sun Cult's thing of having red shit somewhere on them is a good idea.
The tabard can be ditched after this raid, but he really needs some proper armor. I'd give some to Beatrice too, but she's too weak.

No one is interested in trapping the elevator, sending it to a different floor, or disposing of the bodies?

At the very least, we should make sure that the scene of the crime isn't apparent when they come to investigate the gunshot.
We need to take advantage of the chaos we caused, no more wasting time. The fire won't last long.
Causing more chaos, more casualties, will make it harder for them to catch us. Disposing of the bodies and crime scene will make it harder to track us. It will take time, but we can make up for it when the second elevator reaches us.
Thread will resume in an hour or so.

File: PLUS ULTRA.png (41 KB, 550x550)
41 KB
You are Ushi Walker, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", U.A High first year student and, along with Mineta, one of the two 'Heroes' sent to deal with with the 'villains' holed up in the junk filled building you are standing in, before they deploy their nuclear weapon in less than ten minutes.

This is all, of course, part of a Trial of Battle and not an actual raid. However, that doesn't mean you aren't giving it your all. and the fact that Todo-kun and Tokoyami trapped both the outer walls and the damned roof assures you they aren't going easy on you either.

Thus you stand on the fourth floor, surrounded by debris, with your shrunken partner partly entangled on your hair.

The light entering through the hole in the roof lets you see that the whole room is full of junk, with piles of crates, plastic barrels, boxes and metal drawers covering every wall, or making new ones. The floor is no better, with splintered pieces of what looks to have been a door once, moldy cardboard and empty paint and spray cans covering every inch of the ground not covered in the debris of your entry.

"So only one of them is coming?" You ask Mineta, pulling him off your hair, along with some strands of your own hair. Ow.
>"From the west!" He replies, standing on your hand. "If the map was right, that's the same direction to the staircase."
"From the third floor, then."
>"...May I go back to my height now?"

Now you can hear it too, a cracking and scraping sound, closing on your position.

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actually, don't throw it in, keep it on us
Hell yeah.

Also, poor Mineta just can’t make a good impression.
>["That's the room the bomb is, now cover your eyes, I'm making an entrance." Grow to 4 meters and smash the wall with your axe.]
>["That's the room the bomb is, now cover your eyes, I'm making an entrance." Grow to 4 meters and smash the wall with your axe.]
Yippee Kai Yay!

File: Welcome.jpg (201 KB, 800x1200)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
The Year is 2147, and you, Deltorian Tessan, are one of the specialist of Department 7, the department of security for the World Council.

Figures are moving in the shadows and plan has been put into motion. Delving into the underbelly of heights of a Golden age, will you find what is being plotted?
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Green path it is. Would like some rolls.
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Sure thing boss
Rolled 29 (1d100)

Rolled 8 (1d100)

I'll roll another one just in case.

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OP.png (484 KB, 590x739)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
You are Captain Kusajishi Riku, and after an intense fight you've managed to help your long-time friend and ally Tia Halibel attain something that's truly remarkable... and which you hope is unique. Her second stage of release is powerful, much more powerful than you'd even reckoned such a form would be despite not changing her all that much physically. The only visible difference was the 'sharkskin' material covering her torso and left arm and the expansion of her mask fragments, and though you gathered that these represent a deadly effective form of enhanced offense as well as a deterrence against direct physical attack you also realize that her dramatic increase in reiryoku is deadlier still.

And in spite of all that, you get the feeling there's even more to it.

“She'll be fine,” you declare, setting Halibel down almost tenderly and allowing her old companions to rush to her side. Of the three it's Apacci who moves the slowest, her focus on you even if her eyes are on Halibel. “I think it's more a question of mental strain... I had to push her hard enough to overcome the trust she's gotten used to showing me.”

White slowly spreads across your haori as the blood staining it flows back into your veins, an eerie reversal of when it soaked into the fabric just a few moments ago. You can feel several pairs of eyes watching in fascination... you're not sure exactly when you gained that ability, but either way you need this back inside you. Maybe it's a residual effect of Rosa having been released, affecting your untrained use of Blut to heal your own body?

Whatever. So long as it works.

“I'm gonna need to rest a bit myself,” you sigh, taking a seat right where you've been standing and eventually lying on the ground. “The whole thing pushed me as well.”

“Will you be ready after I've caught my breath, Apacci?”

You can practically feel the eyes of her fellow arrancar fall on you in dismay.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Something I ate messed me up, so that's it for today. I'll try for more tomorrow.
Time dilate the valley of screams?
Or hell just turning it into a trainning pit designed to force the people living in it to grow.
>tfw you don't have 16 5* characters to ascend
Anyone know they best way to farm characters?
Also Soi Fon's great. Her basic attacks hit 3 or 4 times each.

>Suggest that they might direct Abarai to contact Captain Urahara about the more... “unusual” training methods available.
That actually might be safer than the stuff Ichigo did for "training" in canon.
>>Suggest that they might direct Abarai to contact Captain Urahara about the more... “unusual” training methods available.
I don't trust Renji's judgment. Does Tenkotsuki even see him as anything other than an unusually strong-willed hooligan?

File: map of westeros.jpg (624 KB, 1773x2683)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
You are the head of House Melrose and a Commander under Tywin Lannister himself. Having a seat upon his war council. Robert's Rebellion has just ended and you have returned home after providing full support during the Sacking of King's Landing. You were one of the first Commanders inside and became notorious throughout the realm through the event. The loyalists loathe you through your actions under Tywin and what you did during the Sack of King's Landing. The Rebels however celebrated your actions and just as Tywin proved his loyalty to Robert you proved your loyalty to Tywin.

With the wealth you looted from King's Landing and after the last official War Council Meeting for Robert's Rebellion. You have returned home at long last to your wife and children. Tywin's suggestion still rings in your head as you ponder how to about the logistical improvement of Westerlands. At the same time you been making moves to retake land that rightfully belongs to your House with Lannister's blessing and willingness to look the other way. You have since traveled among the smallfolk and gained support. Much to the ire of your neighbors but its not like your relationship with them was ever good. They know they squat on lands that belong to your House originally and that makes them very nervous.

And they should be.

At the same time as you work to handle managing affairs at home. There are still concerns for you abroad that need handling. The funerals you should attend and weddings that will begin sometime afterwards. You need to make the necessary travel arrangements and prepare gifts. Those concerns put much pressure on you to handle home affairs sooner rather then later.
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"We can offer many things. With enough coin we can ensure we know what the greedy sorts of bandit are up to. Not difficult to bribe them for info. Unfortunately things are a bit more difficult regarding House soldiers."

"We can naturally offer other services too. After all we aren't officially part of anyone's team. Meaning when things need to be done that can't be tied back to you. Bandits can be very helpful like that."

"Of course the previous offer still stands."

"Your asking for an awful lot and what would we get hm? Becoming a part of the Great Game of Houses on your side. Will not be cheap. We don't mind working with you to fucker over mutual enemies so long as we get paid well."

"But if you want something more...that will require something more from your end as well."

"Revenge is all well and good but it wont help our families. It wont fill our bellies or coin purse. Not all of us live solely for revenge. Some of us still got loved ones to worry about and others hope for something more."

"Me personally...I just want my lands back in the hands of my family and revenge even if I have to take the Black afterwards."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just had an idea for our son since he's at the age to be sent off as someone's ward and be educated.

Make a deal with Slade. He takes our son as ward, and we take his. Each of us has a different skill set and way of thinking that if combined could create something truly fearsome.

In addition if his son has passed that age, we can offer a marriage between our daughter and his son. Officially the dowry would be exactly as it appears, but unofficially it's payment for some service he has provided. It links our houses to a point we can't really betray one another and it gives us an alliance that can make frightening things happen.

Just a thought.
I am forced to admit Slade would be downright amazing at destroying your son's foolishness and would probably be successful in beating some sense into him. Like even better at it then Sir Briarheart since he's more chatty and can into intrigue as well as dastardly deeds.

Then again there is also the possibility of your Son pulling a Gohan and Picolo with Slade.

Which would be hilarious and less kidnapping involved.

As for Slade's children you know he has 4 children currently. 3 Daughters and a son. He's worried for his son because he relies way too much on his sisters and mother to a disturbing degree. He has gotten in many arguments with his wife over their son's possible fiances.

You've met his son and your less sure its 'reliance' and more being absolutely brilliant with women. Its sickening how good he is at it and he hasn't even hit puberty yet. Fortunately he hasn't reached that level when dealing with other men...yet.
>I don't mean it like that
I getcha. Spears make the most since. I was to focused on the build and not the character.


I think our daughter's build is done. She is gonna win the hearts of, Everyone!

Our MC has 20exp gained. Acquire or Improve Specialty 10 Exp / Improve Ability 30 Exp / Gain Destiny Point 50 Exp ( Destiny Point, you may immediately invest it into a Benefit or erase a drawback as normal.)

I can post a PDF like the kids later on for Norbert.

For sure saying we buy roads. With the 5 left over I think we should save for town upgrading or later things.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
To make things simple anon at a minimum they want coin and payback. Which will ensure they become helpful allies.

However, if you want more then that then they want assurances. Some of them have families and others want a promise for something more. Like forgetting that they were ever brigands, forgiving their crimes, and give them their land back. Stuff like that.

Currently, it would appear anons do indeed wish to use them, but if you want something more then you'll need to make certain written promises. Which doesn't have that much consensus among anons?

After meeting with the bandits and coming to some initial terms. You come to an agreement on that they won't target your lands and peoples. With coin to oil the wheels they will also help with your bandit and shady noble problem.

Sadly you encountered problems ensuring something more they wanted a lot and you wanted a lot, but you could not yet come to an accord. Maybe in the future, you can give it another try.

Until then you headed back home to your castle. As you have visitors to prepare for and need to deal with your family. Your son has reached that age for becoming a ward or squire. While your daughter has reached the age for marriage. You need to find her a fiance. While your lady wife longs to visit family and your mother's disagreements with your wife.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

well we have gotten ourselves in a pickle. First off we are injured from the fight we just went though, to be expected but still nothing good. The actual bad part is that the military base that we just were going to has been taken by cultists.

to make matters worse there are two demons, one being that ever massive pain in the ass Thera, in this building along with thirty cultists by the report of Markal who survived the assault.

one good part is that we have managed to secure Markal from their clutches and are in his office.

Welcome to guardsman quest.
I realized that I miss numbered this one so lets just make it clear this is 24 of the series not 23
alright quick and dirty, this quest is not for die hard lovers of cannon since fun and shenanigans beat cannon for the most part. Though I will accept info about the warhammer 40k universe general rule of thumb is fun is king here

Here is the link to the Doc archive https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N6DV3ou3h5MO0TZi61pc9jGoMBA4p3S4fJ0rCI6qooM/edit?usp=sharing

here is a link to the character's stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VEdRRmqRN2wb661ea1Bz2iXQwqQl2JVgl1OdrmHk3Tk/edit?usp=sharing

For roll questions you want to roll below the DC I give for a success as per warhammer 40k rules, for Psychic powers you must make one success and one failure or a random effect from the warp phenomena table will be rolled along with the intended action.

This quest only moves as fast as the votes come in and there is a 2 vote rule meaning there must be at least 2 votes for one option for us the continue.
You look around the room to check for any hidden surprises before walking up to Markal. he looks up wearily before his eyes open wide and you cover his mouth to stop him for saying anything.

"Markal dont say a damned thing." you whisper "alright test time to make sure you are the real thing, what did I look like when you recruited me."

you remove your hand and he begins talking "Guardsman, you had just gotten back from fighting nids, about 5'8", black hair, pale skin, brown eyes."

"correct, alright" you check him to find any odd looks, maybe a scar that was not supposed to be there or a chaos symbol hidden, it comes up with nothing.

"He's real," you begin to unhook him, finding several points where the chain was rigged to tighten if you undid it you bypass then and eventually free the man "what happened?"

"I swear I barely knew myself, at first nothing was happening and suddenly thirty cultists and two demons appeared on our doorstep. blew down the door and cut though the men here like a hot knife though butter."

ya that is bad "any idea on the demons"

"the blue one is a standard lord or should I say lady of change, expect a lot of psyker abilities, and the other is a massive herald of khorne, though they seem to be on quite bad terms."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
we back and still waiting for votes

File: beast-wars-logo.jpg (26 KB, 300x225)
26 KB
Beast Wars Two Quest

Character info pastebin: https://pastebin.com/fqsyvZJw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeastWarsQuest

General Rules

15 min voting period after each main post. Write-ins votes are welcomed/encouraged. Votes that are non-contradictory and add to the narrative will be considered. Think 'Rule of Cool'

Combat mechanics/skill test will be done using best 3 out of 5 rolls of 1d100, unless otherwise specified. Modifiers may come into play depending on the PC's actions which can improve odds and vice versa as the QM sees fit. The QM will do their best to inform players of when such modifiers will come up during votes. (Example: Aim at a target at long range with a scattershot weapon will require a higher roll to make a successful hit than a normal blaster weapon).

Strong character relationships with NPCs can also benefit the PC as it will improve battle synergy, interactions, skill test, etc. Of course the vice versa can come into play as well. A failed mission may have consequences but result in unforeseen outcomes (In the show, Tarantulus, Blackarachnia, & Quickstrike were supposed to secure an energon post. The Maximals interfered, resulting in the loss of the post BUT Tarantulus gained a new lair.). A Predacon can always sabotage missions to make other bots look incompetent with a persuasive skill check. Just becareful as they may do the same.

Keep an eye out at your energon build up levels; too much time in robot mode outside of a structure, such as a base, can cause negative impacts on your combat maneuvers/skill test, including potential loss of spark. In the event of loss of spark, pending the results of a vote, a time lapse in the narrative will happen and a new stasis pod will fall. (Roll for new character or with a high relation level, a blank protoform will descend and your allies will reignite your spark)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Numbering in agreement.
File: Nightracer headshot rd.jpg (1.57 MB, 2522x3675)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Alright lads, here's rough headshot of what I was thinking for Nightracer. If you have some suggestions on what you think she looks like, let me know please!
sorry about the massive size, my normal computer is a doorstop, and my laptop has no art programs installed on it.
Needs more bullying of Rattrap.
Other than that, though. What do you think about the facial features? We haven't really decided on what we look like much, so I'm just throwing art at the wall to see what sticks.

File: file.png (212 KB, 590x332)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
hello and welcome to Broken Horizon quest where we tread the skies with out trusty crew and officers , please read the following before starting
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Rolled 11 + 83 (1d100 + 83)

Did the tireless devote get upgraded when we drank the thing?
File: file.png (9 KB, 464x165)
9 KB
An elusive target

The sleepless devotee deals with the living not the dead. Her miracle hands can do so little in such situation.

You search high and low looking for a speck of blood or anything to latch onto....


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: file.png (13 KB, 492x243)
13 KB
any other place nearby?

File: EMQ Logo Silver.png (1007 KB, 1600x867)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 150
Sheets and Info: pastebin.com/u/phantomcrossing
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Artemis_QM
Ask.fm Account: ask.fm/Artemis_QM
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Eclipsed+moon

Quest Intro

You are Mikage Chiba, second year high school student, fifteen years old. You used to be the third woman to carry the mantle of the magical guardian of love and justice known as Sailor Moon, after your mother and older sister. A year and a half ago you had a traumatic experience fighting the corpse of the father of your best friend, struggled victory leaving you thinking you had killed the man you had set out to save and prompting you to abandon your heritage. More than that, the relating emotional collapse lead you to abandoning yourself. Developing disguises and personas to inhabit and do the things you could not in secret, to live while you let yourself wither, you carried on.

Now you know the truth and have been taking measures to put yourself back together, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. More than that you’ve been doing your best to support your younger sister, Koyomi, as she has become the fourth to carry the title as Sailor New Moon.

Quest Start

The salon was relaxing. Pampering, even. They woman at the front had recognized Keiko quickly and the two of you didn’t have to wait. You settled on keeping your preferred style but at a much more manageable volume, shortened to a length from before all of this started.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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“DAD!” you cry out and throw yourself into the garden.

Your shout draws both Koyomi’s and Luna’s attention. As you approach the scene, your sister begins to glow anew at the use of her power to draw on the wounds of others to relieve injury and pain. She already appeared near her limit when you thrust an open palm into her shoulder.

What you witnessed before was likely not her first attempt at using this power, the pain she clearly has now, and she hasn’t taken on the main wound that threatens your father now. Even as she is seemingly bleeding this effect into the garden, it is too much for her.

The force you apply is for her own welfare, you can heal without costing your own health. And in such a quantity that whatever wound your father has suffered will be outright nullified.

“Mikage!” Luna shouts as you tip the already exhausted Koyomi into the grass.

Her eyes were already falling, a smile weakly spreading across her lips, when they meet yours. A thankfulness that you made it home. And acceptance that because you are here everything will be okay. She lands softly, arms spread with a flop, as you turn and thrust your hand to the red soaked bandages.

Expending the pure energy of your starseed, you invoke the spark within you. Planet Power rises in your soul and taps into the reaches of your power that have trespassed into the realm beyond humanity. This power is more a concept that an execution. It’s ideation afflicting the reality of the target with greater raw magical force than the comparatively nuanced and limited ability you have used to push back the shroud of death.

You heal.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>”What happened!” ask, not calmly
We'll be calm. Eventually.
>”What happened!?” ask, concernedly.
Let not get away from ourselves, but this isn't something to be calm about either.

File: Emperor_Great_Crusade.jpg (376 KB, 1090x717)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Alright lets do it!
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The overall facility and assembly line was done in-house by your engineers giving them critical experience, and leading to a great celebration, as smoke begins to belch from the facility's massive steam engines powering cranes, and a conveyor belt, allowing individual workers to each bolt or screw on specific components on the new automobiles, with the first production run being simple utility trucks, designed to run on the new highway system, carrying light cargo loads or passengers, which you believe will lead to dramatically increased surface trade.....

Demand has already grown, with your plantations and mines requesting the new machines, as well as the interest of hundreds of lords who would like the trucks for their operations and personal use....

Where should we priortitize sending them first?

A. Use them for our own industries, the Lords can wait
B. Sell them to surface based Lords and Merchants first
C. Other(Write-in)
A. Use them for our own industries, the Lords can wait
>A. Use them for our own industries, the Lords can wait
You decide to focus on equipping your own facilities first, however demand for the new vehicles has vastly outstripped supply, with orders going for the next few years....

A new issue has come up regarding the new vehicles, as coal to power steam equipment, previously mined by small local miners and lords, and bought by our facilities has seen a major increase in demand as well, forcing us to either develop new coal mines, or, as one of your engineers has suggested, building new engines powered by a substance called petroleum, which he assures you is easier to come by and extract than coal, due to its liquid form....

A. Establish new Coal mines(-1 TU)
B. Switch to Petroleum, and set up oil wells(-1 TU)
C. Other(Write-in)
B. Switch to Petroleum, and set up oil wells(-1 TU)

File: Resistance poster 1.png (712 KB, 602x860)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
>Yes, it's back, it's finally returned after nearly a year of hiatus! Your QM has finally decided that he's not about to die from spontaneous detonation of the pancreas and is ready to start the resistance once again. God I hope at least some-one remembers this schlock...

Terms and general glossary (will be updated as needed)
Basic mechanics and rules (a work in progress)
Character sheet
Previous thread

You are Iwo Malinowski, a former police officer of the peaceful Republic of Awsbet; a small and young nation on the borders of what was once the ancient and holy Kingdom of Eortan. Life was fairly good for as long as you can remember; you had a fine job keeping the peace in the capital city of Yetrizcy, living in a small apartment with your younger brother. Awsbet was a quiet country; almost a backwater really, with horse-drawn carriages and gas lights still the fashion, while the rest of the world steadily marched into the modern era... All that peace and comfort was shattered however, then the armies of the Eortite Federation crossed the border. In a matter of weeks, any resistance your nation's pitifully out-numbered and out-gunned army could muster was swept aside and your home occupied. You and your brother were among those who resisted, planning a daring bomb attack on Federation officers at lunch, but your plot was discovered, your comrades gunned down one-by-one by the Federation's soldiers. You escaped, but were forced to watch helplessly as your brother was executed by firing squad. Now you are all alone, poorly armed, still weak from pneumonia and facing a near impossible task of liberating your country...

But you refuse to let the flame of resistance die!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Look in on Artur. He seems to have his ear to the ground in this city

I think we should look at this as a protracted people's war. Since we're in the city, where armed conflict is going to be basically impossible while the occupiers have the upper hand, this should mean gaining the support of the people by trying to provide for their needs as best they can. If they're hungry, we can rob collaborators, if they need medicine, we can rob military hospitals.

The goal is to become popular enough with the people than we can be reasonably sure no informants will hand us over to the occupier. Until that happens, any strike or mass action will end with the ringleaders shot and the movement crushed.

If we can root out informants and establish safe houses, we'll have a lot more freedom of action. Artur can point us in the right direction.
>Start looking for information and see if you can preempt the Federation's next move
>See if you can look up your old friends from the police force. They might be interested in joining your resistance, or at least be able to help you secure some kind of weapons
Four votes for four different options... Oh dear. Who wants to try and persuade others?

We need allies and weapons before we can do anything. Police are likely to go along with the occupation, so that leaves Artur

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 259x194)
11 KB
Before today, you were an ordinary wage-slave, just out of highschool, working a minimum wage 6-10 job six days a week just to get by. Your customers treats you like an object, an unthinking servant to their capricious whims and arbitrary desires, your peers openly disdain, hate, and shun you for no fault of your own, and to top it all off, your boss and landlord talk to you like a dog, and daily demand what you simply cannot give. Finally, today when you found yourself on the verge of a breaking point, a flash of brilliant light struck the earth, and all became clear. Before today, you were nothing but a nobody, but now? Now you have the power to take what you want and avenge yourself against a world that wronged you.

> Roll 1d5
507 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.

I'd say each Tier of Inhuman Intelligence gives a weekly +2 to SP acquisition. That seems reasonable, especially considering the vast amounts of XP poured into it for relatively little benefit, compared to other, more tangible powets like Inhuman Speed, Regeneration Factor, etc. As for other skill-effecting powers, I suppose I'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In fact under your system Batman would probably at least have tier 2 or 3 super intelligence.

The real struggle you have right now OP is dealing with our illusions. Frankly, according to your cannon, with army-scale illusions we should be able to reliably put a group of 20 or so normies or 1 or 2 supers into illusions so deep they'll wake up a day later with their pants on backwards, even if they did have tier 2 or 3 resistances. But we've repeatedly faced very stiff DCs that don't seem to reflect the strength of our powers. You've written the quest incredibly well but we seem to be pigeonholed into tier 3 or 4 illusion strength to balance our character. I'd almost rather you arbitrarily downgraded our rank label to 3 or 4 so that we could look forward to getting stronger.

I hope this doesn't come across as too critical, just offering some feedback for you. When you read the thread from the beginning it's like "here are your Greek God-tier illusions" and then "oh no your tricks aren't working against a small group of gangsters and a minor super with a metal pole".

Hmm, I see what you mean. It's difficult to balance that level of sensory manipulation, but I haven't really been following my own canon for much of this quest... I'll explain the relatively low power level by saying you aren't yet practiced enough to weave illusions on that scale in the midst of extremely stressful situations.

You've only had the power for ten days, and while your strength is unrivaled, you lack the technique that comes only with practice. You're like a legendary chess prodigy, you have the potential to eventually best even the most skilled grandmasters, but you've only just started learning the game.

Illusions that deceive a single sense are extremely complex, let alone tangible and convincing illusions that deceive all five senses, but unlike almost all other illusionists, being Tier 5, they come to you as easily as walking. The only problem is that metaphorically, you've just started to crawl.

tl;dr: You're completely correct, and to keep the earlier part of the thread making any sense canonically, I'm going to QM Fiat and say you haven't yet learned to apply the full extent of your power. Right now, convincing 20+ non-supers of a complex shared illusion is around the peak of your ability, in a decade's time, you'll be a walking nightmare for anything that isn't a soul-less machine.

tl;dr the tl;dr: OP is a cheap hack, so he's reducing the Tier to eventual potential, and saying you'll need to advance an Illusion Control/Precision skill to keep things balanced, still provide a sense of character progression, and allow you to eventually be the de facto god of nightmares.

Is this acceptable? I honestly can't think of any other way to keep the canon.
OP I think you just hit quest gold for cannon and "realism". XP unlocks abilities to use (say, super illusion god) and AP is the tool that balances that, so say you have a meathead with NO AP points invested into any brain power related skill, then he can't use Psychic Strike or Illusion at all because they physically (mentally but still) can't. But if said Meathead Chad had muscle mass/strength 5, he could use all the physical abilities he wanted. If it's a new system, I'd just assign different AP trees to each starting one (physical, mental elemental, esoteric,) to keep as a power gauge throughout.

Illusory Environment A) Fog of Madness. A fog in which whispers, giggles, and shadows can be seen. The fog can clear just enough to present odd shapes, show clear ground where there is none, and lure enemies to their deaths. All senses beyond sight and sound within their immediate vicinity becomes muffled to the point of incomprehension, touch gives off a cold clamminess and clinging clothes, taste is cold water, and smell is turned off entirely.

Illusory Environment B) Oblivion. This one is much simpler, all senses turn Off.

Illusory Environment C) Spanish Inquisition. Bring to life the faceless red robes of the spanish inquisition and all their brutal tortures. No matter what movements they actually try to make, all they will see is the inquisitors working on them, all they will hear is the tearing of flesh, breaking of bone, and screams near and far, all they will smell is blood, burnt flesh, and the stench of fear and death, all they will taste is their own vomit and spittle...and all they will feel is the gentle touch of their Inquisitor.

Feasibility on these, OP?

File: 322.png (100 KB, 512x512)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
You invited a slightly drunk Ms. Uccelli to pass the night at your apartment for her safety, the curfew was going to start any minute now and the state she is in was worrying you for her wellbeing. After refusing for a bit you convince her to stay. As you two were chitchatting, a fuming Amelia woke up and she’s lashing out on Uccelli for seemingly no reason!

“…I don’t want her here! She’s a coward and she hasn’t even apologized!” Your furious sister says to you while dissing a confused and troubled Uccelli.
“Amelia, go back to sleep.” You shush your sister away, waving a hand. You are not only annoyed by her defiant attitude but are completely and utterly confused by it.
“N-No! I’m serious here! I can’t believe you let her here after what she did to you!”
“Excuse me, Amelia. Could you be more specific?” Uccelli asks. She doesn’t understand one bit of what is happening. That and the drink is still affecting her.

“Have you two completely forgotten what happened a few days ago? Just look at him! Look at what you did to him!” Amelia points to your almost healed wounds. If this conversation happened a few days prior this probably would have had more of an effect. “Explain how something like that could happen to him? The so-called bully didn’t have a spirit thing! You know what? I don’t need to hear it. It’s impossible for you have any worthy excuse! Today Johnny and I fought a bigger threat than some brain-dead delinquent together, and both of us are completely fine! I-I really thought you were too scared to do anything, like – I thought I would understand you! When you’re too afraid of doing something, your hands get sweaty, you don’t think right and you freeze. But this isn’t a school presentation or anything like that; Johnny’s life was in danger! …A-and I know I’m not super strong so I thought I would hesitate like you did, but knowing my brother was in danger… That I could lose him… That I couldn’t see him again made all these doubts leave my mind. So you either don’t care about him at all, or you’re worthless as an ally to us…! Either way, you should leave! You’re useless!” Amelia throws her feelings out on Uccelli, as if the words themselves could hit her hard enough to snap her out of it.
“I-I…” Uccelli looks lost. Amelia’s words have been like a rain of daggers going directly through already Uccelli’s fragile heart.
“W-what’s that smell?” Amelia finally realizes that Uccelli reeks of booze. “Don’t tell me you’re drunk…?! What’s up with you? How do you even show your face here in this state? I thought you came to finally visit Johnny. But you can’t even do that right!” Amelia is unhinged now - her voice is coming out slightly ragged from her ranting but the fire is still going.

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Dude probably wants his own flame. I say we get him to help, but keep Constance and our power a secret. So also everyone that Constance took a flame from.

Also we should let the Clinic dude know to watch out for him if he snoops around.

Better to have Howie where we can keep an eye on him.
>>”I think you’re hiding something from me, tell me the truth.” Tight up your handshake. He’s lying.
Get some help from Philonune.
>”I think you’re hiding something from me, tell me the truth.” Tight up your handshake. He’s lying.
Not sure if this shitpost has been posted or not but I had to.

>”I think you’re hiding something from me, tell me the truth.” Tight up your handshake. He’s lying.
Philo hasn't been wrong yet.

New Avalon Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=New%20Avalon
Colors' Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gq9ZEFrwnYjQpSeuMg1a_7UepedMrQUSEwbrHWntFCo/edit?usp=sharing
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1964514/

You are Colors Eriksdotter, the Warlock Knight, and Arthur has called a recess so he can have the sort of sotto voce conversation that only musicians and those who wield power have on a regular basis. It started as just him and Zoe, but now it's him, Zoe, and Ramona. You spare a curious glance at Princess Natalia, who mimes shooting herself in the head with her fingers before she rolls her eyes and drifts towards a small knot of her supporters in Spring.

You decide to take a moment to try and bury the hatchet with Cherry Kinkaid. You really do not need this drama in your life. The Sage Escort is here, comforting some of her peers who are in shock at Zoe's brutal execution. Cherry herself is clear-headed, though. She knows violence from personal experience.
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I gotta hit work; I'm closing the store tonight. I'll update when I get home, or else tomorrow morning/evening.

In the meantime I'm available via phone for Q&A.
Sure. What happens to Lost who are seen as people who won't stand up for themselves?
Depends, honestly. Depends on a lot of things. Changeling society can be violent and unforgiving but it is still founded on principles of mutual cooperation and respect. There's a lot of cases of people who join Courts to learn how to stand up for themselves or because they desire what the Court has - strength, power, joy, safety.

Since I suspect you're asking in the context of Cherry, it should be noted that Spring is fractious and cliquish, with essentially no formal power structure and few positions of official responsibility. In a lot of ways, Colors is simply on her own here, except insofar as she can persuade others to stand with her.
So it really depends on what kind of friends we'd want. If we were to appear socially fragile, we'd get picked up by the mothers, but daughters wouldn't trust us to be strong enough to protect them.

And Colors wants to be respected and a protector...
> supplicating
> grovelling
> make us lose face and support
> get on our knees and beg
> grovelled
> spat in our face
> she'll have the balls of our reputation in her hand

First off, calm the balls down, this is literally her job. Getting people to think and act in a more spring-ish way has been her entire role as Sage Escort. Your insistence on agonizing over everything you perceive as a slight and your need to feel tough is exactly the sort of thing that isn't going to serve Colors well in the spring court. You know, the court of trying to live your life without agonizing over the past. Avoiding feelings of powerlessness by getting mad and lashing out is exactly the summer attitude that Cherry is talking about. You are proving her right.

Second, what reputation? We're both the Warlock Knight and already her rival. Rival status already means that people aligned with Cherry don't respect us, which is why the diplo penalty extends to them too. The people who would listen to her about us already don't like us.

File: Star Wars Fleet Command.jpg (2.18 MB, 3000x1500)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG

...You sit quietly with the communications and tactical officers of the Liberator, having stayed unmoving since the battle aboard the Vanguard had begun two hours prior. You had been on call with the crew when the initial salvo of ion bolts from the Liberator and Cutlass slammed into the Vanguard; Arcs and bands of electrical energy jumping along its hull before all that remained was the barest of systems. From what you could gleam from the helmet cameras everything but the Magnetic Shielding and Life Support systems were still functional and if it weren’t for a quick use of your Tractor Beams the Vanguard would have begun to drift down towards Rothana below.

Even two hours later your stormtroopers were fighting through the corridors, room by room, door by door. Your suspicions of the crew's loyalty however was wrong, as much of the flight crew and actual staffing officers were quick to surrender; It was the stormtroopers that were staffed on the Vanguard that were giving you trouble. While you outnumbered the troops by a significant margin, the fight was spreading out from a core position that was deeply concerning: The Engine deck.

With that fact in mind you decide that enough was enough, you did not want to have to, but you decide that:

>A. You’ll have to gut the Liberator, target the reactor.
>B. A little goes a long way, prepare the Spacetroopers
>C. It will be risky, but Prepare the TIE Borders.
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Reaching the quarters of the captain the door slides open without a sound, the cylinders that you had taken from the wounded Karsavo allowing you access.

The room is clean and surprisingly well decorated, with a deep red carpet emblazoned with the Imperial logo replacing the usually dull grey metal flooring. Along the walls were a number of art pieces including those made of the once captain himself; Even a liquor cabinet stocked with Corellian Whiskey and a bottle of Mandalorian ne’tra gal. You were certain you were going to have to...keep these safe.

Shaking your head however you finally get back to business. There had to be something, Files, documents, anything. It was time to find them

>A. Search his computer Terminal
>B. Search for any physical records
>C. Screw it, save the liquor and the rare art, otherwise tear the room apart!
>B. Search for any physical records
>>A. Search his computer Terminal
>>B. Search for any physical records
>A. Search his computer Terminal
>>A. Search his computer Terminal
>>B. Search for any physical records

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