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File: IMG_0236.jpg (70 KB, 736x962)
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(Sorry about that guys. Got really sick, really busy, and sorta ended up beaten down. I'm back now and I think I'm pretty hype on what's gonna be going down)

Archived threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Burden

Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/NUkYHG2

Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bAE-9Go89ohNxH3kvWfFpoUxG8sF0yhk4J-eH--21gQ/edit?usp=sharing

Deciding the next course of action, you have Salila go off to study what few other times you possess. Hopefully expanding her magical knowledge would rapidly increase her usefulness.

As for the Imp, you send him to begin creating alchemical reagents and creations, anything that could be useful.

The Fire gecko sits idle, enjoying its time of simply seething in its heat. You your self have plenty of time on your hands, though you don't know how much longer before the various factions of the city begin to close in on you.

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>"Thanks sis you really came through. Now i just need some fairy dust, which won't be hard at all, and boom, goal accomplished."
>What do you do?
Figure out how to strengthen dead bodies, makes them actually useful
say thanks
Tell her about the fight
ask Salila about the fae dust
read the Tome of Necromatic arts Vol. II
>thank you

File: YouMug.jpg (24 KB, 550x395)
24 KB
Hey and We're back.

You are Alex Mason, a successful school shooter who died and was thrown into westeros. Horse fuckers btfo

You head back to the horse merchant, and explain you would rather have a mare as a travel horse and you'd like to replace henry. He eyes you suspiciously but accepts. He leads Henry back into the pen and then leads out what you assume is a mare. He says her name is Mildred. He also has a cart which you buy for 10 silver stags. You throw your belongings in the cart after attaching Mildred, Before leaving the market you purchase a stool for a single silver piece. Its a nice stool if you do say so yourself.

You head just outside of town, Where do you go now?
Its around 11 Am
>North (the keep and beyond)
>West ( The coast and villages etc idk)
>South (High garden and stuff)
>East (Goldengrove)
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After a few hours the sky turned dark and the rain began to fall. You had to stop on the side to put up the canvas or risk dying from the cold. The roads turned to mud and the journey would now take even longer. The travel from the village to Old Oak alone extended by two days because of this shitty weather.

The rain continued on and off for the entire journey along the road to Old Oak. If it werent for the cart you would be hopelessly wet and cold. The only events on the road were the passing of a tyrell convoy. Heavily armed and with a great carriage it looked wondrously better than your cart, but that mattered not as your journey came to an end once you broke through the forest and onto a cobbled road that lead winding though the wetland to a Mighty stonewalled town with a mighty keep to the western side.

Once you had stabled your cart and horse outisde and paid a stablehand a silver piece to keep it safe you entered through a mighty gate with two rising towers on each side. Guards wearing the sigil of the Old Oak family stride through on their watch.

The center of the town is dominated by a giant oak tree. It looks ancient and mighty just like the family which preside over it. You know that current lord is lady Arwyn Oakheart and her sons.

What do?
>Move on
File: Oakheart.png (50 KB, 250x334)
50 KB

The lady at the market where you bought food from tells you that its not been long since the Iron Islands stood in revolt and were put down by the Kings forces. Maybe a year
>Check out the marker
Have a look at some armour, if we can afford any.

Alternatively, it might be interesting to go down the evil route. We are an aspie school shooter after all.
>Check the market

Let's see if this fucking thing won't live

File: big-331586137e.jpg (74 KB, 570x319)
74 KB
Welcome to Ophit, the Grand Continent, and Birthplace of the Dillid Empire who united it more than 400 years ago, and brought peace and properity to it... up until last year when after century of infighting in the Imperial Family for the Glass Throne, And the assassination of the last legitimate member of the Family, the Empress, a 3 years old girl was assasinated.
Since then the Empire collapsed, war broke out between all the Nobles, Bastard of the Imperial Family, and other Powerful Figure and Organisation of the Empire.And their is no sign that any faction will be able to reunite the Empire.

Amidst all of this Chaos, you are Sill, a young boy living in the remote Mining Village of Czam, largerly unaffected by the wars, Who Awoke to a strange sight this Morning.

Three Wisp of colored Light float above you, happily dancing and singing an incomprehensible lullaby.One Black, One Grey, One Red.

You are lying on your bed, eyes open, confused by the strange sight:
>Try to Reach the [Color] wisp with your hand
>Try to sneak out of your room
>Stay still and pretend to be back at sleep and wait
>Scream like a Little bitch
>Try to talk to them
>[Write in]
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>[Blacksmith Curse]:Your hand now constantly heat metal to near melting point when in direct contact with it, but not through clothes. You are Immune to the heat you generate yourself, but not to the rest.
>[Blacksmith Curse]:Your hand now constantly heat metal to near melting point when in direct contact with it, but not through clothes. You are Immune to the heat you generate yourself, but not to the rest.
I promised you this time, Mar.

>Blacksmith Curse
>[Blessed Head]:Your gain 10% Charisma, but your hair are now white
>[Blacksmith Curse]:Your hand now constantly heat metal to near melting point when in direct contact with it, but not through clothes. You are Immune to the heat you generate yourself, but not to the rest.

So much for kinghts we just tuch them and they die lol

File: waroverview.png (5.83 MB, 9600x8582)
5.83 MB
5.83 MB PNG
Here's our discord where we handle direct communications/secrets.
Some basic stuff about the civ:
We have a wiki as well!
Wrote up a story summary today that Hare compiled:

1st of Charodis, Year 814 After the Storm


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Dig in hard, set up cannon emplacements, fortifications, stakes, kill zones and magical traps. Treat the wounded and any who can will be given weapons.

Duke Foreman Swift-Hands III will sail for the colony bringing with him 10k of the most elite veterans of Gobbopolis.
I say we dig in and await reinforcements from our allies.
Then, when the Aurileni, High Elves and Paitrans arrive, we'll march out once more.

Trusted Defense shall do it's part. 1k Trusted Guards and 1k of Sir Bill May'se's Discount Mercenary Company shall set out for the new world.
Second wave will consist of Gyolas Priests, Whatever feudals I may have remaining, and 500 Zealots.
Today, Marcus the Vth was found dead, a new Grandholder has been chosen. Long live Grandholder Gabrius!

When Grandholder Marcus the Vth died, he had chosen his son Marcus the Vith to become Grandholder to the general and anticipated discontent of the Archivists who had been ousted of the decision of the grandholder in latter years. Rather than taking a place at his father's seat he instead let his best friend, Georgius. Marcus Latter pledged that he would continue the Marcus line has a champion family of the Archive. Father and son, training endlessly to perfect their role as guard commanders and lords of the land owned by the Archive.

Georgius grew up in Charlestead where he spent most of his life there as a smith's aprentice. There he learned to wield a hammer. His smith's life was interrupted by the siege of Charlestead where he was hurt by a stray firebolt. Even with his injuries he managed to desert the army and flee. He wandered the bullcoast even though he was aware of the lack of the general safety of the area at that time. One day he had stumbled upon a battle of ungodly allures, the battle of the Iron hall. There he was spotted and brought to the Archive by a 17 year old Marcus the VIth. He spent most of his youth there as a student where he learned phylosophy and medecine. He was promoted to combat medic at the last months of the war but never reached the frontline. He was elevated to the level of Grandholder when Marcus the VIth gave the title to him, thus restoring the meritocracy present in the Archive.
But wait is there more?

File: general of the empire.png (416 KB, 295x470)
416 KB
416 KB PNG

Welcome to the Wardogs mercenary company!
I'm your paymaster and commander of your company cubs! As I was generously given this position by the General Alfred...

Your first mission will be clearing a herd of beastmen near town of Koerin

Anyways, intorduce yourselves and then we'll move into battle!

>Welcome to Wardogs, a FKI rip-off set in warhammer fantasy universe, use greentext for actions, cobat rolls are 1d20 and 1d100 for other things, the higher the better
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File: Maneater.jpg (21 KB, 398x450)
21 KB

>A Loud sound of sniffing comes from behind the paymasters tent.

"You have food? Maneater Sur Guzzmarggh think to follow you for time. No worry, Maneater Figger Rutave thing."
>Finishes him beer
A maneater, excellent, welcome!
Hang on
>Searches pockets
Ah here, few pennies
Barkeep, get this maneater recruit something filling
Guzzmarggh lowers his head into the pot of stew placed in front of him. A horrible sucking, slurping sound begins.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

Lord Swift used to be a young and noble gentleman, traveling from city to city and paying well for the highest skilled mercenaries to come alongside his journeys. He was known for his quick thinking and wits, whilst never being cocky or having an ego. For him, every day could be the last, should you not move your pawns right.
One day, he was proven right-- a collective battalion, born from a kingdom made of gold, hoisting soldiers from the far reaches of Averland, to the shores of Lapis, and even to the smaller channels of Hochland-- had come for his head. A fierce and bloody battle took place, but in the final charge against his sins, the Lord had disappeared-- his smartest move yet.
Since then, the Lord had quite the hearty struggle to stand against the odds; small events began to happen in the public eye-- a nomad said to live in a cave, guards slowly but most definitely disappearing, and a furious hierarchy to answer for all the claims. They assured the youth they need not worry, and the rich their money safe. Soon, however, more and more people realized the terrible truth-- somebody was amongst them. Living in the shadows, watching for his prey.
Guards were sent to search every day, but very few would return unscathed. The reports were all the same, 'it came from nowhere', 'he is a being born of malice', 'don't trust the darkness', but the kingdom had simply paid them to stay, remain in the light, and find the one who makes the holy kingdom cower in complete and total fear.
They think they can stop me. They might even think they can kill me. But my eyes lie directly in plain sight. Watching. Waiting. I'll need to practice if I am to slay the king where he stands.
Let's join a group of gentlemen on the edge of Koerin. See if that helps.

The Fallen Lord of Shadows, aside from his intellect, carries a light, cold iron rapier at his side at all times. He will be able to slash with precision and quickness before an enemy with a simple iron broadsword could react.
Upon his primary holster stands a modern hand cannon, the Lord's prized and newest upgrade. Despite the user's experience being simply average with such a device, it's function is more than lethal enough to pack a hearty punch. It's pellets will pierce directly through fabric armor at close range.
The Lord, being a noble, has no armor to start with. As a balance, he comes with a small wealth of gold, which in a counterbalance will be determined by a d100, higher being wealthier.
"Foodmaster, we are near to the Moot. Reckesting permison to accquire a Halfing cook if one is available."

File: Ruined Earth.jpg (576 KB, 1920x914)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Previous thread:

Glory to Alainn!

You are Cathal Rathais, one of the chosen elite, the 13th Legion, scouting a world 4231 years after your country won the Grand War and placed itself in cryostasis to allow the planet to recover.

You have assumed the false name "Ace Locke" for your hunter identity. So far, only two people have seen through it, one of which can read minds.

A Faerie from an alternate world has altered your body, making you appear much younger.

so far you have:
>Updated your bunker database
>registered to the Hunter's guild (and flirted with the receptionist)
>Recruited Pisteia, the Mercenary Princess (Knight)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>go into the laboratory.
We are here for loot, and Vee can manhandle these goons with ease.
File: Dr. Vira.png (580 KB, 805x1357)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
You enter the laboratory. Various computers and counter tops fill the room, bottles of chemicals lining the wall

But what catches your attention is a scared-looking, motherly young woman. She tearfully implores you, "Please! They've been making me do horrible things in this lab to children! You have to stop them! I-I might be able to help you..."
>ask who this woman is
>We need to find Jeremy's room. Can you lead us there?
>>We need to find Jeremy's room. Can you lead us there?
"We are looking for Jeremy Trost's room, could you lead us there?" You ask the woman.

"AH! Yes, of course! It's in the lower levels of the lab. Please, follow me!" The woman gathers her clipboard and leads you down another path.

The speaker crackles, "Vee has reached sector 4! Releasing hounds! All soldiers intercept. Deploying turrets!"

>Vee has temporarily left the party.

"W-we'll want to avoid that girl. The defenses will be activated along her path." The woman states, arriving at an elevator.
>Who are you, by the way?
>Why are you willing to help us?
>>Who are you, by the way?

File: 1.png (201 KB, 2000x4100)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
OH SHIT NIGGER(s) it's an adventure about killing vampires n shit.

3 vampire hunters, 1 little girl and a robutt, is going to infiltrate a vampire castle to kill the head vampire there for casting a spell than kept the world at perpetual night time.

While on the Vampires' side there's Bob the Vampbeast given the mission to stop these hunters.


While the Automaton is travelling with two other NPC adventurers in another part of the floor.

Each character needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n' shit.

Just name yourself something with the highlighted title under the character to identify which team you're going with. Example: Regular Hunter Faggot -> Controls Oswell the regular Hunter

Need at least 1 player for each dude, DOESN'T mean each character is limited to 1 player.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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what next? Reroll begging?
Mate, while I do like you, I am hating your guts right now.
File: 7-1267478808958.jpg (41 KB, 640x480)
41 KB
what a fag
well considering he basically was surrounded by best girls and hardly did a thing, I agree.

Let's try this from the top.
No real system. No mad gods. No underground labyrinth. Just a bunch of young kids trying to get through school.
You all start in your houses. Your parents are downstairs for one reason or another. It is time for school, but you don't have to go.

Everybody starts with some basic items.
> +1 Beginner's Guide
> +1 Magic Feather
> +1 Clothes

File: b75.jpg (189 KB, 680x1094)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Another jojo’s bizarre adventure quest stat’s, rule, etc.
Dice roll RULES

ROLLING: another JoJo’s Bizarre quest uses a d100 rolling. The default table for significant actions the tiers of success requiring a roll is as follows:

2-10: Definite Miss
11-89: Various Degrees of Success
90-99: Definite Success

1s and 100s cannot be overturned unless the other is rolled to cancel it out. Otherwise, the highest tier of success achieved goes.

WHAT DO STATS DO?: The stats do two things. First, they extend the “Definite Success” range of a Stand’s actions, as follows:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You mean as in the next session or in Cold War time? And what's that random one

Cold war time.

Stand master [Sadie Hullbrook]

Stand Name [Victor Wood]

>power B
>speed E
>endurance C
>precision B
>development potential B
>range B

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>I was trying to make a joke stand but as I wrote it down I realized how terrifying it actually was... Imagine it. Your organ's could be replaced by a 2x4 of wood, causing internal bleeding. Your hands could be replaced by a 2x4 of wood, leaving bloody stumps and splinders from where your hand was. Your jaw could be replaced by a 2x4 of wood, leaving your upper teeth barely exposed as the wooden block sends blood bursting everywhere. Its mildly horrifying...

You do Araki proud with turning powers that sound like stupid useless bullshit horrifying. Here's to you.

>Well that sounds mildly over powered, I wanna read it now...

Yep, in an alternate universe Kars decided "Fuck it, this 'go to Heaven' bullshit sounds better than being just the Ultimate Lifeform." And so he stole a number of Stands and made them made them Ultimate Stands. Among them include:

The World Ultimate
C-Moon Ultimate
Whitesnake Ultimate
Made in Heaven Ultimate
Dune Ultimate

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The Andrew Valasco prospective, issue #1. Atlas’s Struggle. (short stories and not quest sessions)

It’s been two day’s since the des Moines police department incident and everyone is in a full on panic. From the blood stains still covering the streets and buildings, to the morning after where body’s, both civilian and policeman alike, littered the streets. Worst of all, the man who caused all of this is still running around somewhere in this god forsaken city. Andrew Valasco’s your name, ever since you announced you would be in charge with reorganizing and reforming the police department the media has been hounding you. Radio hosts, journalists, newsboy’s trying to make a quick buck and so much more have been non-stop asking questions. It makes you wish you could get someone else to do it however only you and a few others knew what really happened that day and only you can fix it. Waking up in your house in Chamberlain Heights, you reach for the radio to see what’s going on this morning.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m your host, Bobby Crete, and welcome to city living politics! Last time we left off, me and Shawn Gilliand discussed Andrew Valasco’s surprisingly stepping up to fix the des Moines city police department. The real-estate play boy turned politician over-night has dedicated himself to help the city deal with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, hundreds of lives lost and the total carnage that unfolded days ago. Shawn what is your opinion on the subject?”

Another voice pipes up from the radio station as you move to your bathroom to brush your teeth.

“Well Bobby I love the fact that someone is willing to step up during times like these however is he truly capable with what he’s promising. This isn’t another real-estate job nor hosting a grand opening of some sort, this is full on damage control and infrastructure repair. As you stated, the damage caused by the corrupt police officers is absolutely massive, with nearly 7,000,000 dollars in damages and 500 lives lost in a single night. That’s not even counting the other criminals taking advantage of the chaotic scene unfolding. If Andrew is going to undertake this mission, He, Cooper Stilts and Rudolf Köhler will need a gravel gut and nerves of steel in order to get this done.”

You are now putting on the final touches to your pink polo, cackies and sneakers in order to head off to the police station as the radio continues to talk.
“Well said Shawn however, even if this is an unpopular decision, I have faith in him. He has shown dedication to this as he is using his own funds to pay off workers and construction crews for repairs and ground work. Even if he never undertook something of this large of a scale, nobody has outside of Oswald Gallantry during the riots of 1895. So I am giving him a shot, hopefully he can sort out this mess and maybe we can get some answers in the process. Well ladies and gentle-men that’s all for that segment, stay tuned as we discu-“

Turning off the radio, you head out into the garage to get your favorite car and drive off. Traffic in Des Moines never was terrible, sure you had the occasional traffic jams but generally the drivers were nice and competent and the roads were really well made. That is until you get to the road that closes in on the police department, where the battle from day’s ago left cracks, holes, and decay. Even a few buildings were missing or completely wrecked. Never the less, you still make it to the police department, after parking and heading up to its entrance, you are greeted by Cooper, Rudolf and what looks like a detective. Rudolf, in his dinner jacket, bowler hat and slick dress jeans and shoes scolds you.

“You are late… Again.”
“Check the clock, you said be here by 5:00am and look at that!”
You shove your watch in his face.
“Exactly 5:00am!”
Rudolf is about to retort however Cooper cuts him off.
“We can’t afford to fight right now! Not when we finally have a lead on Oswald’s whereabouts!”
You nearly jump with glee.
“Really? Where!”
“We are getting it right now. Apparently a couple of crooks encountered him during a bank heist, most of them didn’t survive however. Two did and we are questioning one of them this instance.”
Finally! Some answers to lingering questions. We’re so close, all we need to do is get his whereabouts and we will be in the clear. Cooper nudges the police cadet, though he stumbles at first with his words, he introduces himself.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: larryking50s.jpg (54 KB, 460x588)
54 KB
You start to notice the building looks like hell itself tore through in here, with walls still cracked or parts of them missing however it will have to do until the repairs can be completed. Leading you down a corridor, you can see rooms with glass on the upper part of the door all lined up from left to right with them converging at the end. Continuing to follow Taylor, he leads you directly into the first right hand room, inside you see the crook. Beaten to a bloody pulp with a few teeth missing, bits of ear removed and scars across his feet all the way to his hands covered in them. As you sit down, he asks you.

“When do I get out of this stinkin room? It’s boring and I am curtain the ceiling and floor in here is completely and utterly trashed.”

His thick Cockney accent clearly audible. His comment doesn’t go unnoticed as Rudolf replies.

“Comply and you will be lucky if we reduce your sentence! Now talk!”

The criminal shrugs.

“Calm down calm down no need to get your knickers in a twist. During a heist, me and my boys were attacked by someone… No… Something, and it killed two of em off like they were nothing. I tried to put up a fight however he simply over powered and out smarted me and my remaining pal so we ran like hell and never looked back.”

Rudolf slams a file on the table and asks.

“Did he look like any of these pictures.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: opopopopopopopopopopop.png (314 KB, 1024x1024)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Love. It’s always about love.

It’s always the same, unrequited or not. One would think after a thousand songs about the exact same thing, someone would think to write something else—but they don’t. Or maybe they do, but they realized the magic of pop and love blends together so well. There’s other things in life too, like...

Terrible foreign TV soap operas?

Not even that; at least they have more than two words to describe attraction to someone. But you’re not here asking the hard-hitting questions like “What is love?” or “When will they hire lyricists that don’t recycle topics for the umpteenth like they’re trying to save the environment?” No, Cupid and co. can answer that. The real question is:

How on earth did no one realize that was Rori Shiba in costume?

You deeply mull over this as you walk away from the small, make-shift venue that the Sirens were playing at.

“Wow, can you believe it? The Sirens are even better live!” Kaori says.

You reply, “Somehow, I’m not surprised.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for running QM! Had fun as always!
How did Kaori go from a crazy brocon to a decent and even lovable human being
Love redeems~

Aldo, maybe brainwashing.
thanks for running
I think she only goes into her crazy mode when she uses her power. Then again, i was never quite clear on why she was using her power that first time we encountered her

File: ValenQuest-OP2.png (277 KB, 640x480)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
The morning came with a headache.

It was an unsurprising revelation, considering the state you had been in when you fell asleep last night. Remembering it did little to quell the bitter taste in your mouth, or the way your stomach still churned in distaste at everything that had come tumbling out... Nn, the longer you spent trying to sort through it all, the less inclined you were to even remember it.

'You're going to make it through this.'

You don't know what you had expected to happen after last night's breakdown, but that wasn't it. At some point you would just have to accept that you hadn't expected a lot of things to happen lately, and maybe you were just not very adept at this prediction thing.

At least you understood now why your Doppleganger had thrown such a tantrum in the Ice Queen's atelier; These places were despicable, vile existences. The longer you spent in them, the more they tested you. Prodding and poking your psyche, until they could find a crack to seep into; Remorseless claws stealthily burrowing in, until it was too late to realize you'd been caught.

Or maybe it was your own weakness. You didn't know anymore.

The time you had spent trying to understand the meaning behind this Atelier was affecting you, and the line between your understanding of it and your own problems were starting to blur. Now that you had Ari with you, your inclinations to do anything but leave this place were fading rapidly... But if it was that easy, you wouldn't have spent so much time in here in the first place.

Not exactly the most optimistic thoughts for someone to entertain right after they had woken up, but given that you were apparently trapped in Tim's arms and under a blanket, there wasn't a great deal else to do except gather your thoughts while you figured out how to escape undisturbed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> super strength

Jacked up on Dryad. Super vitality aka excess "life" that makes them preternaturally beautiful, strong, and smart. The same internal "life" that gave the children in the dead zones the will to survive.

Maybe the animalistic features are a side effect of their bodies having so much "life" mana that the following generations born developed characteristics that were present as regressive or undeveloped traits from humanities genetic ancestors.

Maybe they are just more prone to mutation and imperfect or weak culls are quickly killed off, and the successful traits merely are similar to known animals because they're used the same way.

I don't know man. I just can't shake the suspicion that Demi-humans are somehow like, fragments of Dryad that have been isolated and self consume like ouroboros the snake, or has been tempered by isolation into being a single viewpoint of it expressed overwhelmingly.
I like this idea. Convey as much as we can to Dryad before time is up.

On the other stuff, regarding hate/love/etc. do remember that Dryad is explicitly the mana of unconditional love, but also distinctly non-human. How it perceives things may not be as cut and dry utilitarian as we think. Remembering that betrayal is only natural given its very existence, and it would unconditionally hold on to that if it's all they had to remember something by.

I honestly doubt it has it in them to hate, if being doomed to oblivion by its own sibling left them not with a desire for vengeance, but just remembrance.
a feeling of intense dislike or disgust; hatred.

an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

A stranger kills your best friend. What would you call your feeling toward them? Would you ever love them?

But we're getting out into defining words using other words that have to be defined, etc.

>Demi-humans are supposedly ignored by Mana

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I interpreted their beast features as being a consequence of being stripped of their aspects of divinity (mana) in the blighted lands. What is a man with none of the qualities of God? Just another beast. Making them cat girls is a particularly weebish way of portraying that but still.

Was she actually noticed by salamander? I remember her lighting a fire on the alter but anyone can do that. I do think she's closer to human than the other demi humans but we don't really have a good baseline on how they think so it's hard to tell.
>if the delegation makes it to the shrine it'll trip the reset
I don't think it will. It reset last time because of that corpse wagon, so I think the cause was actually the opposite: The delegate couldn't reach the shrine because they were all dead. If the memory is "inviolable", then it freaks out if it reaches a point where the end result is impossible to achieve.

...Which would explain why the oakenrue was killing the delegate, but didn't seem to actually go berserk like usual. Killing the delegate resets the dream, and delays the ending that Dryad is warning us about.

The misc notes don't seem to support this.
>If it could be changed so easily, it never mattered in the first place.
Have we permanently changed anything major? Or is the end result still "inviolable"?

.>Kara was noticed by Salamander
I think i remember someone asking about this, and Riz said something about it being one-sided. Kara seems to just like fire, but Salamander hasn't shown any interest in return that we know of. I feel like we learned somewhere that Mana don't like demihumans because they're incapable of understanding emotions due to being psychopaths.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Marcus and Ellana.jpg (163 KB, 1024x1408)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Bladebound%20Retainer%20Quest
>Previous Thread: >>1755657
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaskForceKaz
>Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/TaskForceKaz

>Combat: +++
>Social: +
>Knowledge: ++
>Indomitable, Rank 1: Ignore the penalties imposed by Blood Loss. Does not negate health loss.
>Atelier of Death, Rank 1: Craft your own Bombs and Poisons.
>Blutmörder: +10 to Combat Rolls made against Blutlings and Blood Mages.
>Fleetfooted: If a Natural One would be among any roll related to acrobatic feats both in and out of combat, immediately disregard it and either take the highest roll or reroll again.
>In Plain Sight: >+30 to Disguising/Hiding/Sneaking, Take 75 in non-stressful situations

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Darakthu…that is the name assigned to this mantle. This venerable ancient that bore several scars of its battles. It had seen battle against the monsters dwelling in the mountains, against gryphons and other majestic beasts of the wilds. And in some layers underneath its armor, the mantle bore the scorch marks of the Dragonic Wars, battling demidragons and even lesser dragons.

For over a thousand years, Darakthu has protected the Drachenwald from all those who would seek to destroy it. Now, it marches to the aid of those who would otherwise consume the forest for all their worth.

Looking down, you see your body of flesh and bone, completely ensconced within a cocoon of roots. It is little more than an empty puppet, a soulless doll lacking even the most basic of sentience. It will continue to breathe, sleep and excrete waste, but it is reliant on outside forces to let it survive. Linked to the roots, your body will be nourished by the very earth itself.

You reach into the ground, slicing open your hand on a nearby stone to let amber blood weep into the earth. All it takes is a single command from your mind, and when you remove your hand, out from the ground comes a sword of hardened amber. Its jagged edges have sundered through flesh and scales, unyielding and completely invulnerable to destruction. A single swing would cleave the trees around you into piles of lumber.

The trunks of your legs moan as you step forward and out of the clearing. You stand easily at a third of the size of the tallest tree, and easily six times the size of a normal man. Every single step causes the forest to tremble, and the trees shudder with every step you take. Animals cease their activity, scattering out of your way as you begin to pick up speed.

What starts as hesitant steps quickly turn into a lumbering walk, and then an all-out sprint. Leaping over fallen logs and weaving through thick copses of trees, the mantle responds to your commands as flawlessly as your original body.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 77 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Rolled 89 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Rolled 39 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

>Custom option.

Ensure they cannot be used by the enemy to swell his ranks.

File: 20170822_131110.jpg (397 KB, 1006x580)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
You just inherited your uncles farm. It is run down, but has potential. Currently there is a single room farmhouse on the property. You have 100 credits.

Where is this farm located?

> sunny grassland
> dense forest
> arid desert
> humid swamp
> desolate tundra
> other
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You leave the saloon without saying anything and go inside the claims and deeds office. Inside is a small desk with a man sitting behind. "May I help you?" He asks.
well as long as we're here, get our shit squared away. if it already is then ask what they do here and how we might use their services i guess.
Oh. You must be John's nephew he says happily. We don't get too many unknown faces in here so I wasn't sure who you were. (He hands you the deed to your fatm)

If you ever want to buy more land or another property come back and see me.
go to the general store
we'll need tools to farm
Ask him when the rains come. Go to the general store and buy enough mortar to build a decent sized cistern. Get a shovel, rope, and tackle. Once we get back to the farm we'll locate a n area where run off is heavy and dig a hole, mix mortar with cactus juice, and build a cistern for catching floodwater.

File: 121.png (71 KB, 512x512)
71 KB
Welcome to Do Your Best Quest. A slice of life adventure with supernatural elements where our poor main character is trying to do his best out of the situations at hand, but don’t worry, just trying your best is good enough for him.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM91m
Discord: https://discord.gg/AmjbaTR
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1701618/ (Chapter 1)
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1728203/ (Chapter 2)
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1748061/ (Chapter 3)
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1767614/ (Chapter 4)

You still don’t know what exactly happened, but Constance seems to be a lot stronger than the mummy she pretends to be. She just collapsed on the floor after doing who knows what to her two kidnappers, who are unconscious. Mr. Calamity is ‘resting’ too after you threw a lamp on his head, you aren’t in your best shape either after receiving a supernatural punch to the gut and all of those boxes fell on you. You carry Constance to her bed… You have to clean this ‘mess’, I guess your work as a janitor just doesn’t stop, does it?

What do you do?

>Call the police.

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If we don't smash I swear to God
>we're actually going teacher route
Life is sour.

Joking aside, thanks for running, shame I miss every fucking session goddamn timezones. Out of interest, how old is Johnny?
17 years old soon to be 18.

Also the way I see it, you just befriended her, so there isn't anything romantic going on yet.
File: 1452561963694.gif (804 KB, 300x300)
804 KB
804 KB GIF
Maybe that's the problem...
Next time she's teaching, she should try a bunny outfit to see if anybody will flirt with her!

File: EvoGame-Planet-Essari-14.png (1.47 MB, 5333x2750)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Hello again fellow creators and questers. It's been a while since I've had the time to do this, but finally I have a period of time to pick up my EvoGame series. This thread marks a particularly important point in the Essari series, as this will be the last thread major evolutions will be allowed. Afterwards, all evolutions in this game will predominantly be restricted to small, speciation evolutions. So this is your cue to go ballistic with the evolution ideas.

As GM, I'll do my best to actively work on phylogeny charts to track the evolutions, and also make random events for the world to drive evolution down new paths. Since I've done this a few times now, and taken the time to observe/lurk on other EvoGames, I've picked up a few new tricks to keep everything organized and streamline too.

How to play:
• Open an image of a species in MS Paint, or your editor of choice
• Make one evolutionary change to that species
• Save as .PNG!
• Post your new species in the thread with a description of what evolution you've added and why.
• Details indicating what the generation of your species is important. Please indicate. (Base Organisms are Generation 0)
• Details regarding a creatures size or name aren't necessary, but are encouraged.
• Nothing too outlandish. Anything incredibly silly or outlandish will not be considered a canon species 95% of the time.

• Unless stated explicitly, no species ever goes extinct. Old species can still evolve, even if they're not on the latest "chain"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Thinking Grabraf, g0,5.png (91 KB, 1200x1200)
91 KB
*Posting an inbetweener for the Thinking Grabraf, before its change in palette. The evolutionary description in the previous post will therefore be in regards to this image, and the text in this post will describe the change in the previous image.

Living on the plains, the lesser amount of braffi-based vegetation (and therefore less available braffifruit) causes the Thinking Grabrafs of Sujardin to find more sources of sustenance. The primary of these, making up nearly 45% of the Thinking Grabraf's diet, is the seeds of Essarian grass. (braffifruits making up another 50%). With the aid of their Symbiotes they gather large amounts of the grass in piles, and then start to systematically shake all of the seeds off. Most of the gathered seeds are then crushed with rocks and eaten.
Due to this change in diet, however, they get insufficient amounts of the minerals and vitamins they need to produce their original, strong colours.
I wish I could get into these evolution games, but they're so far along that the lore is deeper than Game of Thrones.
That's the reason why the PDF is at the start. We can also answer any questions for people in the Discord.
File: Cavernous Grabraf 1.png (47 KB, 450x650)
47 KB
The Cavernous Grabrafs start gather granite and other tough rocks, using them to widen the caves tunnels, as well as to enlarge the cave halls. By beating the rocks repeatedly against the cave walls they slowly free blocks of rock that are nearly twice the size of a regular Cavernous Grabraf, (similar to how the Egyptians used rocks to create blocks for the pyramids). These blocks are then mostly pushed outside of the cave system, creating large piles of rectangular rocks, together with other rock-debris from widening many of the tunnels.

This way more space is created for growing the Cave Braffibushes.
File: Desert Pouchytail g2.png (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
The little finger of the Deserts Pouchytail extends, and the flight-membrane follows. This improves the creatures flight-abilities while decreasing its dependency on inflating its cheek-pouches.

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