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File: pirate king.jpg (37 KB, 600x338)
37 KB
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Last time you collected some plants before getting caught up in a mission to capture two ships. First the smuggler ship which was easy but then you took on a large pirate vessel. Only reason why you won is because their strongest fighters made the fatal mistake of approaching Doctor Sicko. After they were taken out the ship was soon yours. After celebrating the victory you chopped of your foot in the name of research before departing the island. When the Captain somehow managed to piss off the locals. Resulting in the long awaited getaway to a couple abandoned islands to lay low.

Here you found out about the Haunted ship and the cursed pact that the crew must abide by. Before one of the haunted ships departed with the coffins supposedly to take them to the 'other side'. You also talked with your former foot about how to into plants.

Yes, that actually happened.

After you finished talking with your former foot about plants you went on a walk hobbling around the island. Getting a decent view of the place before returning to watch a fight. As a bunch of zombies turned the deck of the ship into an arena while everyone else celebrated on the beach during the Wake.

The zombies on the deck attacked each other with blades, guns, and fists. With the first mate Jenkins acting as the referee. the fight was by far the most vicious one you have ever seen. The wounds they afflicted on each other would long have put a normal man out of the fight. Instead they just kept on fighting as it were an ordinary flesh wound. Their strength was also something else when blades clashed you could see their weapons warp underneath them from the power and sparks flew wildly. Yet they fought on and when their weapons finally broke on them. They resorted to fists and kicks. With a solid hit resulting in large bruises or broken bones. Often with the unlucky zombie sent flying and should they fall off the boat they were considered disqualified.

What they were even fighting over you honestly don't know, then again you probably missed part while on your walk.
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>dig for 'treasure'
Use it to train. Try breathe life into the dead wooden hulls to drag the goods up for us.
Support combining studie/training with finding lot
>dig for 'treasure'
I second the motion to try and use/train our powers to find stuff. I think actively sending our roots down and trying to convince other roots to give us info of hidden stuff
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Digging Digging...you know what you need to do as you go fetch your former foot.

Which as turned into a bushy yet oddly straight branched shrub with large sharp leaves. You remember that your ability over plant language has slightly improved. Now you can understand more about good and bad in plant language.

Your foot noticing your approach starts to bristle when you communicate what you plan for it. It pauses for a moment before it sheds a couple branches who've just sprouted some roots. After that, you swear it waves at you as you leave with the branch root things.

Next, you plant the branches randomly through the piles of debris and wait to see what happens.

roll a 1d100 for results.
Rolled 79 (1d100)


File: Good grief.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
You don't go out much. More than even your name, this has defined you. To the rest of the world this has defined you more than any character trait you exhibit behind the four walls of your confine. Despite society's cold indifference toward you, you have found respite in the fictional worlds of games, anime, and manga. Small figures scatter across your room, the closest you can hope for a physical link to the worlds where you are unhindered by social formality or your appearance. Perhaps it is of good fortune then, you think. Rain wets your pained eyes, held open by invisible hands, forcing you to stare at whatever portion of the starry sky is not hidden by dark clouds. That while I am here, for the first time I am able to see a society which mimics my ideal.

Your body is broken and you cannot breathe. Intense pain stirs deep behind a fog of shock and endorphins, but your heart is warmed by the faces of people around you, who want to help even though they can't. Mayhap... I was wrong. Wrong to retreat to my lonesome, to self indulge in habits and behaviors against my best interest. In another life, maybe I would give back to the whole, treat others well, meet a woman... Your thoughts trail as the cold water finally drains you of your senses. Your vision fades and with it your consciousness.

Some time passed, and you awoke.

You are in a sunlit room, yellow sandstone walls are covered in ornate murals and pottery. Many vases house papyrus plants and lotus flowers. It all feels distinctly arabic. A manly laugh bellows from around a corner near the end of the elongate room. A woman in a nurse's outfit walks from the doorway. She is wearing glasses and carries a clipboard. "The doctor will see you now."

She beckons and you follow her. Entering the chamber you notice several nude women running out from the back laughing. In the center sits a tall and well built man with a towel wrapped around his lower body. He has a huge grin on his face and leans casually.

"See you later girls! Thank you nurse, that will be all." He winks at the nurse and she walks out the same way as the other girls. He laughs again and turns to you. "Hey guy, nice fuckin' monologue! I haven't gotten a good laugh like that in ages!"

You were really proud of that monologue... Spent ages working on it.

"Anyway getting to the point. How's it going?"

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Lets meet some new friends
>>Banquet hall

>Banquet hall
>I was right by mistake
Now seriously though, did you invent a language for the sake of this quest or did you just find and learn some really obscure farawayistan language?

Because I'm not quite yet sure whether I should shake my head at or be impressed by such amazing level of autism of either option.

File: 1470088626083.png (232 KB, 1280x768)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
The earth rumbles.

Pebbles dance around on the ground and boulders quaked as two monsters clashed in one corner of the changed Seireitei.
But as Wiggles was unleashing unspeakable amounts of destruction another monster was also carrying his share of the burden.

Marr grinned as he could feel his innards shake with each shockwave.
"Oh yeah...
Somebody is going at it real good!"
He cracked his knuckles happily.
"Well... better not fall behind!"
With a hearty laugh he began running towards the Quincy footsoldiers all of whom started evacuating the area the moment they saw him.

After brutalizing a few of the Soldat Marr tossed his current victim to the ground while he was still screaming and stepped on his head.
"NO! NO! NO! NO!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I only managed to recover fully once it was time to go to sleep again but fuck it! I'm back!

Here's a list of the omakes that I'll do throughout the week in no particular order:

>Takeshi meets Yuzu (may be canon or not, haven't decided yet)
>The cucking
And last but not least:
>Takeshi visits Ghost Mexico

If you have any other ideas that you'd like to see then I'm open for suggestions as always
man, I'm actually really excited about all these Takeshi omakes, he's a fun character
In an alternate reality, Sophia picks up her dress sense from dante. Commence annuerisms and plotting murder.
Huh... Guess this really shows how much of a tool I am because I really, REALLY don't get all the love for Takeshi.
Maybe I'm just a massive faggot for not realizing how beloved he is. Yeah that must be it

Heh... that's actually funny.

Okay you managed to win me over.
Just don't regret it when I write the story
I don't hate him or anything but I don't really get it either.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mqmTAu

285 AC: Iron Islands - Anchorall Isle

The chilly wind of almost-spring is dancing in the warm sunlight as the smallfolk go about their business.
The Melted snow had formed paths of mud wherever the wooden sidewalks would not reach and the thick and dark log structures formed an almost oppressive atmosphere in the evenings.
Smell of smokehouses dominated the air and the telltale clinks of the shipyard and the smithy reverberate throughout the village as the Town Crier relayed Balon's reforms to the people.

Having masterfully dodged the privilege of being roped into some physically demanding errands to "build your character" by your willful father or into another strange scheme by your brothers, you are idling through the landscape of mud and wood.

>Grab something to eat.
>Go and listen what the Town Crier is saying
>Go and have a look what the shipbuilders are making
>Go and visit your friend, Devran the Blacksmith
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File: Gallery_Merrowborn.gif (256 KB, 510x660)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
I'll resume writing tomorrow.
If you don't change your opinion by then, give me 3d6 Survival check to see what sort of catch you get.

>DC: 6 "You catch some Mackerels"
>DC: 9 "Found some cods too"
>DC: 12 "Nice, some Turbot"
>DC: 15 "Is that a whale?"
>DC: 35 "They are coming for me."
>DC: 50 "The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as of some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me. God, that hand! The window! The window!"
File: 1508480005574.jpg (20 KB, 473x473)
20 KB
Rolled 5, 1, 3 = 9 (3d6)

please dice gods let it be a whale
Rolled 5, 5, 2 = 12 (3d6)

Alright, let's see if the dice like me... Do we have a character sheet by the way?
Rolled 5, 5, 1 = 11 (3d6)


File: canteen.jpg (126 KB, 900x521)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Let me be the first to offer congrations, congressman. The numbers are just coming, in but it looks like you won by a fair margin. The people have trust in you, and after your campaign romp through the state, they would be hard pressed not to, so go out there and give a victory speech they’ll remember!

Modern American politics is one of those things to be remembered in many different ways. Some may say unique, some may say corrupt, the maniacs may even say “inefficient”, but there is one thing most can agree on, if you have the skill, and the will, you can do anything. Now, whether you ran for the red side, or the blue side, it doesn’t really matter. While most Americans don’t want to admit it, they’re basically the same thing. But, which animal do you pledge your “allegiance” to?

>Democratic. The Youth love me, and so do the minorities.
>Republican. The Middle Class were my main support group, but the Youth took a liking to me also
>Independent Libertarian. People wanted a change, and I gave them one through the promise of limited government and a fight for lowered taxes.
>Independent Green Party. The nation has polluted the country enough, and it is my job to make sure corporations are following the laws set for them.

Now that we got that messy bit of party loyalty out of the way, the country is a large place with many different states. Where do you start your political life?

>Nebraska. A good Midwestern state that symbolizes an honest, hardworking American. Speaks to both sides of the isle.
>California. The most populous of the US states, it has it’s history in a long liberal voting pattern. If you ever get to run for president, this would be a boon.
>New York. The East Coast state. Busy, populated, and business-orientated. Perfect for a young and ambitious man.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>It’s all about the money, above all else. My first job should be filling my political warchest, and that means wining and dining special interests.
>I’ll take it slow, feel my away around Washington, see where I should go.
>I’ll take it slow, feel my away around Washington, see where I should go.

fuck the other shit.
>I’ll take it slow, feel my away around Washington, see where I should go

File: Starflak.jpg (181 KB, 1131x707)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
In this quest you will craft a character and take command of a great starship, exploring the stars, dealing with the economics of military inventory, and leading and growing a crew of loyal (hopefully) subordinates!

It'll be a mix of roleplay, strategic ship management, with themes from fiction like Battlestar Galactica.


The console’s glow greets weary eyes as you arise from slumber. All around the grey metal room of guest quarters blur into focus. Quietly, from beyond the ajar door that leads out into the labyrinthine halls, a space station’s buzz of activity can be heard.

You’re aboard The Ionclad, one of the dozens of fleet command stations dotted across Terran territory. Having walked through the motions of your formal recognition assembly a few days earlier, today you are stepping up to your first command. Over a decade in the making, realization of your life long dream of taking command of a fleet starship and patrolling the edges of Sol is only hours away.

Both nervousness, dread and anticipation fill your stomach as you rise, dress and prepare for the day of introductions, protocols and information overload.

Before reporting to station’s Intelligence Command Centre (ICC), there are a few things to make clear…

>> Name

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: proposedjump.png (79 KB, 940x665)
79 KB

>> “Very well, PO Broka. Find us the quickest course. I’m sure an under-par expedition for my first flight will put us all in the good books with HQ.”

What follows is a short pause, all eyes on you as the decision settles over the command team. Eventually, though, a smile of determination spreads across Brokna’s face as she gives a definitive nod.

“Yes, sir. I’ll get us around the loop in record time.” She headed away, a spring in her step, to the key navigation console and began issuing instructions in a quiet voice to the rest of her navigation team. At the central command table Lieutenant Scrivener busied himself with a data tablet, seemingly reviewing some of the operational situation reports as the Adronis prepared for a faster than light jump. Your other supporting officers did far less to hide there reaction to the new course.

While neither of them speak it, the looks of concern are on their faces.

“Very well, Captain. I’ll prepare the deck for transit.” With a crisp salute Chief Nelson makes his departure, hands tucked in pockets as he leaves the command room. Kors, though, remains in placed, spending a few moments giving you a long, knowing look. The judgement is thick, though not necessarily negative – you figure a woman like this has her way of sizing up new folk, especially those calling the shorts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> Proceed – in such a vast blackness, AI can do the guesswork to map the missed area

We push our ship and our crew to their LIMITS

only then will we know what we are capable of
> Proceed – in such a vast blackness, AI can do the guesswork to map the missed area.
>> Proceed – in such a vast blackness, AI can do the guesswork to map the missed area
> Proceed – in such a vast blackness, AI can do the guesswork to map the missed area

File: Githyanki Ladies 2.png (683 KB, 1100x626)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
The Raiders – Part 36

“Help me with this,” you command softly, and Tzanzi smiles as she stalks slowly towards you, her dark eyes glittering maliciously. Yzia smiles and watches with interest as you and Tzanzi remove the chain mail and plate mail combination that is your personally designed and enchanted war armor. It leaves you a bit more vulnerable, but not by much – your glimmering glass-and-gem bracers protect you adequately, though Siobhan herself does so just as well, her power enfolding and protecting you as much as her love sustains you. “How are they?”

“They are maintaining,” she posits, her half mask glittering in the light of campfire and were-lights crafted to light your isolated little kingdom. The mists and spells that guard your people from outside interference protect you from their light sources and many of the slaves need light to see – though not all, you recall with amusement as Yustuoc toils over your forge and kiln nearby, half dressed and muscular upper body sheened with sweat. “Yashi better than Kteine, but only just. Mage-craft lends itself to hard demands upon the body and mind.”

“Yzia believes you're just being sadistically amused by it all.” Tzanzi looks up at you as you unbuckle and discard the padding unceremoniously.

“She would not be wrong, but it is not a matter of desire or by design, only a necessity. I do not want them sullied by others.” You tilt your head, inquiring without asking. “Not only men have an interest in them. There are a number of females who have an interest, and those are the ones I am more concerned with.”

“Body sellers?”

“Just so.”

The value of a young githyanki just into his or her adulthood and half mad with battle lust is something to be prized by many a male, and female githyanki have been known to charge exorbitantly for the privileged of mating with such youth, attracting males to their cadres and campsites for nefarious ends. It is a tool, and serves needs for many, and strikes you as slightly perverse, but then, you prefer Yzia or Tzanzi, so that would be a touch hypocritical. “Have you had some?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I am glad you all enjoyed, despite my slow writing and the disruptions.

Power cut out and I had to reset a fuse - but this time it was fully autosaved, thank the deities.
The one thing I'm more happy about now that I'm using a laptop instead of desktop - random power cuts are only minor buzzkills! Praise be batteries.

And things weren't so slow, except that one update when anons were waffling about and not rolling.
Thanks for writing looking forward to next time
let's be honest, it's her fetish
As someone who always reads your threads after they are done and who doesnt find his way around 1d4chan where would I be able to find that pastebin?

File: Miranda Styles #39.png (341 KB, 577x894)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
It's been quite some time since you've taken on a solo job. Having no one else to worry about except yourself, being able to focus entirely on the assignment. You've been taking on multiple person jobs lately, largely due to Sal's attempt at expansion, but it's high time you got back to roots. And this job is perfect for it. It's time to prep, then.

Welcome back to Magical Girl For Hire Quest!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Magical%20Girl%20For%20Hire%20Quest
General Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/MGFHQHandler
Character Details: http://pastebin.com/9J70gqM2 - UPDATED
Miranda's Techniques: http://pastebin.com/eTu7U2PZ
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8unLWUjF
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGFHandler

You are Miranda Styles, a relatively unscrupulous magical girl currently working for Silver Eye Solutions, a umbrella corporation for magical girl mercenaries such as yourself, located in scenic The Intersection, a dimensional nowhere and everywhere where you rest, recuperate, live, and get details for your next job.

And it seems like you'll be doing some wetwork in the near future. Someone wants you to assassinate what sounds to be an entire criminal organization. The pay is good, and they don't seem to be particularly concerned about much else aside from getting the job done - obviously they don't want a whole lot of fuss to be made in public, but that's understandable, considering the whole, y'know, *assassin* part of the job. As a secondary thought, you look up a bit more info on the job just for curiosity's sake.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
152 replies omitted. Click here to view.
we dont need to do that... just make it look like a mafia related execution; like if someone was sending a message to somebody else. considering how the world runs, it will create little rabble.
That's what I meant; if we killed them in our usual fashion, the resulting mess would be... atypical. We need to deal with them in a non-unique fashion, whatever form that takes.
Going out on a limb here, but typical mafia-related forms of violence probably go, in order from most common to least: Blunt-force trauma, lacerations, "accidental" car crashes, stabbings, gunshots, and "creative punishments." The "creative" category is for things like heads in hydraulic presses, power drills to kneecaps, vats of acid, meat processing plants, and that glorious classic: feet in concrete at the bottom of a river.

That said, since magical shield glyphs are apparently a thing here, it's possible magical executions actually do occur. I'd expect them to be in either the gunshot or "creative" tiers. At that point you can't reasonably write it off as an accident or a common criminal's activity anymore.

So let's just bludgeon these guys into submission.
> "If anyone asks, you say 'the idiot at the top of the steps tripped and knocked us all down like dominos,' get it?"
We could also go with a “mugging gone wrong” wherein these muggers tried to hold up a spellslinger, and we blast the guy with the gun.
i´d rather not do that, because we don´t know how magic and social status work here. its simplet to beat them down and discard the corpses on the conviniently placed dumpster...

or force them to work for us.

File: request184.png (64 KB, 421x600)
64 KB
Story so far: http://lom678.deviantart.com/gallery/63645625/NotQuesty-The-Search-For-May-s-Soul

Discord: https://discord.gg/wr6bSKV
File: part170.jpg (1.15 MB, 686x3351)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Let's continue..

Charger actually does come here often, this is her city and a spot she loves. But she's also heard of Cynthia's reputation and plans to avoid. Besides, she's more into regal purple-eyed beauties herself.

Year 2199, 20th January......exactly 50 years since World War 3 erupted and devastated countless nations and millions of life. The aftermath of this conflict left the very earth itself polluted by residues of nuclear bombs and weaponry. Humankind now live in mega cities that are either interconnected or separated far away from each other, each holding nearly half a billion human life at once. As a result, shortage of daily necessities and overpopulation becomes an everyday issue in every mega cities. Crime run rampant especially in the lower part of the mega cities as gargantuan corporations and government that are infested with corruption control every aspect of these safe havens on the face of Earth.

The story begins in one of these mega cities, Zeus-01 to be exact. It is one of the biggest and earliest mega city ever to be erected in the aftermath of WW3 and of course, more corrupted than most mega cities. Up above in the skyline, Sector 1 which is where the rich and wealthy lives in luxury at the cost of the tears and sweats of those below. Sector 2, the "mid-section" of the mega city. Here are where the public servants, the white collars and the ordinary folks alike live. Decent housing and living conditions for this mega city's standard makes living here as is a blessing itself. And then there is Sector 3, or the "Gates of Hades" so would the denizens of Zeus-01 would call it. An industrial wonderland filled with factories and chem labs as polluted gas fills the air making the usage of gas masks paramount for day to day survival. The folks who live here are either poor, uneducated factory worker, or criminals and gangsters that makes the life of its citizens even harder. Law enforcers of this parts are particularly brutal and indiscriminate in dealing with crime, executing criminals on the spot. Finally there is the lowest part of the mega city and why Sector 3 is called "Gate of Hades", the Necropolis. A place truly devoid of any human kindness, or humanity for that matter. Bio enhancement and alterations that would be illegal are used here, giving its people bestial features and causing them to be treated poorly by "normals", which is how they call unaltered humans there. Often citizens from Sector 3 and sometimes from Sector 2 are kidnapped and changed into the aforementioned altered humans to be turned into cheap labor, doomed to slave off their days in the depths of the uncaring Necropolis.

30 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

(DC check failed)

[The assassin got Albert. You are now playing as Cynthia Parker, the girl I mentioned earlier in the thread and the one who passed by Albert just now.]

For your whole life you've been living in an agriculture sector, surrounded by nothing but animal droppings and manure. Every day since you reach your teenage years you've been hoping to live in the big cities, living a fun life surrounded by neon lights, techno music and fashionable clothing. Its not like life in the farm was THAT bad. The green landscape and fresh air of Agri-Sectors of mega cities certainly sound like a paradise to many but it just gets boring when you've been experiencing it all of your life. Not to mention your grandma had been very strict on your usage of gadget and technologies saying that it will "rot your brain" and gives you bad influences. Maybe. Maybe a little?

But that's irrelevant! you're a city girl now and that's all in the past. Uncle Phil and Aunt Delilah allowed you to live with them if you earned your living with them as a courier for Uncle Phil's delivery company. It's fairly easy. Just send parcels to locations where the delivery truck can't reach. Plus you get a free (company) scooter you can use (during operation hours only)!

Uncle Phil just called you to come back home now. Guess you took enjoying the city life too much on your first day here huh? You saw a weird ass guy in some weird cloak and mask enter the alley you just came out of. You didn't bother finding out what's he up to considering you do not want to be dead on your first day here. You could also hear police sirens nearby, did something happen? As you are atleast 10 meters away from the alley you heard a scream!

A police car arrives near where the scream originates and police officers rushed out of the car with their pistol unholstered. They stopped and aimed at someone in the alleyway.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Use this as an excuse to go around town more. Uncle Phil will understand.
>>Flee the scene. There is no reason for you to obstruct police work.
>>Try to snoop around and see whats happening.
>Use this as an excuse to go around town more. Uncle Phil will understand.

File: silverpincesscover.jpg (120 KB, 500x658)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Looking for a few players. Going to play it fun and loose with an emphasis on Role playing. Just tell me your class ,race, and stats and we can begin. Use a trip code in your name so we can keep it straight. When we get a prty of 3 or 4 we can begin. The setting will be a mish mash of old 1st and second edition with a little 3rd edition thrown in. So bards, jesters, half orcs , and sorcerers are all on the table.
61 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kraug also accepts his offer. He doesn't care much who he smashes as long as the are smashed and he is paid
>Colective rp with a narrating op
Is there room for another Anon?
I wanna run a cleric for the groups healing needs
Damn, I might be to late to join as the parties healer
You could be a paladin too
I might fill out some other roll in the party if the DM let's more than 4 players join

File: OMOPicII.jpg (151 KB, 1719x1118)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
You are Alexei Solokov, scion and heir of the Sokolov crime family. It is Monday, October 16th, 2017, and the Family is in a dark age. The assassination of your father and the severance of the Family's ties to the forces of Hell and the Witch Covens have left the once Great House in a downward spiral. Only the monstrous servants remain allied with the Sokolovs.

Your bank reserves are at 165,000,000 USD.
Your weekly income is 70,450 USD per week.

Your forces are:
>250 Werewolves, scattered across the globe; 100 at the Manor, 20 in Beijing, 20 in Louisiana, 30 in New York, 30 in London and 50 in Afghanistan
>20 Jaegers (S), all at Sokolov Manor
>2 Cyclopes (S), here at Sokolov Manor
>5 Minotaurs (S), here at Sokolov
>10 Centaurs (S), at Sokolov
>1 Dragon (S) (Vern, a Red adolescent) here at Sokolov
>2 Pegasi at Sokolov
>8 Nightshifters, at Sokolov
>25 Salamanders, at Sokolov

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
103 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Head: Nothing
>Body: Shoulder Holster
>Legs: Nothing
>Weapons: Light Sidearm, Cane sword.
We're not really expecting a fight.
tactical glasses, pants and coat.
Shoulder holster and knife.
>Tactical weave jacket and pants
>Shoulder holster
>Heavy sidearm
>Sword cane
That would go over point cost limit (Sword cane + knife + heavy sidearm = 7 pts / 4 pts)
No sword cane then, classy though it is.

File: EmpressI.jpg (363 KB, 1000x1240)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I must confess, I find his sudden eagerness for talk rather amusing considering his prior obstinacy. And surely this abrupt change of heart has absolutely nothing to do with my armies now being only a day’s march from your precious capital. Certainly not.

No, you don’t have to explain. I understand your lord must have reasoned that a woman would be utterly at a loss when tasked with directing a formidable defensive campaign against his invading forces, to say nothing of a swift retaliation that would find its way to his very doorstep. And now, after having at long last realized his fatal blunder, he wishes to sue for peace. Well I dare say he finds himself in a somewhat precarious position of late, wouldn’t you agree?

You know when first our nations opened a dialogue, I deemed it necessary to send my most trusted courier as a gesture of goodwill between our two peoples. You may recall she was quite gracious, and that your lord delivered her back to us rather worse for wear. You see, more than just a fair messenger, she was a very dear advisor to me… and a talented songstress as well. So perhaps you might imagine my sincere… displeasure… upon discovering my once vociferous and virginal maiden-of-the-court no longer chaste upon her return, and that she was missing her tongue as well.

“Where could it have gone?” I asked. “To the king’s hounds,” I was told.

No, I’m afraid there will be no further negotiations. Your kingdom will be burnt to ashes and everyone of it either put to the sword or sold into servitude. As for your lord, I trust the irony will not be lost on him when he inevitably finds himself at the mercy of the accommodating jaws of my palace tigers.
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Now now, OP might return and update, have faith.
Which this isn't. It's copypasta.
>the fucking irony
File: Merc.jpg (1.69 MB, 1621x1513)
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1.69 MB JPG
Well, M'lady. I can't let you burn them yet. I haven't been payed yet.
So... do you normally let people see your panties or was today laundry day?

File: karathaYearOne.png (143 KB, 1500x1308)
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143 KB PNG
You are a King, turning 32 with 9 years on the throne. It is 1259 and you decide you want to rule a cross continental empire.

Your kingdom is called Karatha, a small country, without specialisation in any field. You have been working to fix that these last 9 years.

Your kingdom has no skilled conjurers and magical creatures have little presence in the surrounding lands. Suggest two specialties for the kingdom, the two most popular specialties will win.
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I feel like the mechanics for diplomacy and combat are kind of crappy, the politics should be much more interesting, it feels like it would be another 50-60 years of nothing of significance happening, what I would like is recommendations on systems where interesting shit happens with combat and politics, or a better writer to continue in my stead

Yes I have been keeping a sheet
Well we know nothing about the mechanics, your doing all of that behind the scenes. Which is completly fine. Stops us from minmaxing.

Your writing style is a bit dry and more to the point. Which is not as much a problem for me but I think most people would prefer alot more fluff in the updates.
>we know nothing about the mechanics, your doing all of that behind the scenes. Which is completly fine.
Intimacy with the mechanics can be distracting.

>Your writing style is a bit dry and more to the point. Which is not as much a problem for me but I think most people would prefer alot more fluff in the updates.
I dig the dry style though.
Fluffy and wet could work too, I suppose.
>what I would like is recommendations on systems where interesting shit happens with combat and politics
Not a clue, I'm afraid.
Perhaps we could ask /tg/?
>recommendations on systems where interesting shit happens with combat and politics, or a better writer to continue in my stead

Pathfinder ultimate campaign has rules for Kingdom managment and there are some interesting tables for random events.

File: Magical Invasion 2.jpg (240 KB, 680x958)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
It was a normal day in October when the magical portal first appeared in the sky and thousands of magical girls flew out. They chanted "Desu! Desu! Desu!" as they poisoned your water supplies, burned your crops, and delivered plagues into your houses.

Humanity could only watch in horror as the magical girls continued their brutal conquest. One by one, cities and nations fell to the might and magic of the ruthless invaders.

You are a hard-boiled Japanese schoolboy detective fighting alongside other resistance fighters against the eldritch abominations known as the Mahou Shoujo. Can you stop the magical invasion or will you and your comrades suffer a fate worse than death?


In the last episode, Captain Steve Rogers gave his life to give you and the other resistance fighters a chance to escape from the magical girls. You told him to keep the last bullet for himself as being captured by magical girls would be a fate worse than death.

You and your fellow resistance fighters then decided to go separate ways to gather intel and meet back at the military base where the legendary general, Thundercock Ross, is waging war against the forces of the magical girls.

Resistance Fighter #3 and Resistance Fighter #4 returned with items of dubious use, while Resistance Fighter #5 returned with only bad news from different parts of the world. Resistance Fighter #6 went missing while trying to sneak into the magical girl headquarters.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Take the Red Pill

Your head feels funny after you swallow the red pill. To your surprise, you realize that you can now understand what the magical girls had been saying.

Magical Girl 1: Desu! Desu! Desu! (Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne! Sanity is for the weak desu!)

Magical Girl 2: Desu! Desu! Desu! (For working Mahou Shoujo to be free, we must seize control of the means of production desu!)

Magical Girl 3: Desu! Desu! Desu! (Ia! Yog-Sothoth! Let loose the Gates, we turn the Key! Usher in the return of the ineffable Darkness, banish the Light and its myriad lies desu!)

You notice one of the other resistance fighters taking a blue pill, you ask him what he hears. He says, “I dunno, they are talking about tea parties and sharing candies with their friends, I think.”


>Build a raygun to exterminate Mahous, using the toasters heat energy

You use the toaster Resistance Fighter #4 got from Dr. Hououin Kyouma to build a raygun to exterminate Mahous.

You are not sure if it will work, but you decide that it’s the best option you have right now.

"The doc said something about how we can use the toaster to infiltrate the magical girls headquarters," Resistance Fighter #4 reminds you, "He said his microwave told him about our mission."

"I'm not really sure if we should follow the advice of a guy who talks to his appliances," Bob shakes his head in resignation, "But it's not like we have any better plan right now."


A few days after Bishop joined your team, you and your team were going over plans to infiltrate into the magical girls headquarters.

"So, I say we take one really big cardboard box," Bishop continues, "Or we take eight smaller cardboard boxes and......"

"This is fucking retarded," Bob mutters under his breath, "I really hope we come up with a better plan and soon."

Suddenly you hear an alarm and notice several soldiers running around with guns.

"It's the Mahous! They have somehow got inside our base!" One of the soldiers shouts at you frantically.

What do you do?

>Take your raygun and join the fight

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank God OP wasn't kill

>Do something else [Write-in]
We tell them to take us to their leader, our plan is to go straight through their front doors, but this is just a diversion so Armless John can sneak into their base and free the prisoners of war using his super human leg skills to stealthily move about, we also mix the remaining blue and red pills with magical potion to create the purple pill which we plan to trick the Magical Girl King into eating
Sure let's talk to their leader, We can understand them now anyway

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