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File: sci fi ship in rain.jpg (13 KB, 457x256)
13 KB
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Last time monsters are about but so too are the monster hunters. You got rescued after being kidnapped. There is rumors of some kind of operation and you decided to go delving into some underwater ruins. Except this time you brought backup and snacks. Which you did admittedly had to deal with a bunch of monsters for...and sorta 'fell' through multiple walls. You're still very much hurting from that previous shenanigan, but hey ruins with possible treasures await! Especially one that is in much better condition then the last one you went into. Sadly this also likely means its much more dangerous too.

Welcome back to Cape and Colony Quest. Where you play a hero in a colony on a wild planet in a star system crawling with pirates and with your very own ship on the way. Hopefully the pirates or monsters don't wreck the place. Well on the plus side at least there aren't any aliens yet...

So what do?
>Get medical assistance
>Head to the sunken ruins
>See how the monster hunting is going
>Wonder what the pesky pirates are up to
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Rolled 47 (1d100)

"So uh...you guys got a medic right?"

"Yup," says the medic as he slaps your back very hard sending you stumbling forward. Contrary to your expectations however it felt amazingly good and not painful. In fact afterwards you felt a lot better.

"See good as new guys," claims the 'medic' as he wanders back off.

"Is that really a medic?"

"Yeah ornery knows some healing spells due to his momma being a priestess he picked up a few things."

The nanites have indeed assimilated the gun providing a mounting and some aim assists. It does not however answer when asked about security clearances or password. Instead a strange port bubbled out of the nanite mass that seemed oddly similar to an uplink of some kind. Which wouldn't stop writhing about for some reason. Which is a first besides the cloud 'cape' it has. After that you started the longer then expected walk to the sunken ruins. You were surprised to find that after getting slapped on the back so hard you felt a hell of a lot better.

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Rolled 64 (1d100)

First scan for defences etc with the Fisher... Then ask it too find us a terminal. Let's see if we can get let in as an inheritor and download a schematic.

Have the militia keep watch and form a sphere around us. Keep scanning the environment but don't touch the floor...
Just so people know my plan here is, recon and loot of opertunity. I'm wanting to find what we're dealing with then peeping correctly.

I love me some ruins and ancient aliens. I wonder what their form was...
Rolled 5 (1d100)

Yes, start by scouting.
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Question, did we ever go through with the scan of the people we are with? I know we said something about it, but I can't remember if we did it in character.

I really didn't what to do this, but we are here. May as well see it through and hope the colony is good hands.

Down side is little to not back up if something happens. Since we can assume they will be busy with that plan.

File: Seireitei sunset big.jpg (157 KB, 1600x900)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
The Noblest Soul Reaper Quest.


An Aberrant Spirit Quest, depending on the start you choose.

This is, once more, a Quest using the Bleach setting, but set in an Alternate Universe. Because of this, it's a little more updated to be set during the current decade (instead of the early noughts, like the original Bleach series), and the characters will be completely different. Some may resemble characters in the original story, but overall they're very different. The settings will be mostly the same, with Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, the Dangai, and the Silbern dimension having few, if any differences.

Organizations that aren't major are changed to. For example, the Soul Society (and by extension, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads) have the same organization, as do the Arrancar and Wandenreich, however, the Five Great Noble Clans are different, there are no Kuchiki or Shihoin or Shiba, but there are equivalents.

The mechanics of the universe, such as Kido, Zanpakutos, how Hollows work, and the arrangement of the dimensions is the same, no changes there. There's still Soul Society (including the Beast Realm), Hueco Mundo, the Silbern, the Dangai, the Garganta, the Valley of Screams, the Living World, and the Soul King's Palace.

On the subject of the Soul King, "it" is also pretty much the same, because it's not really a character, however, its limbs and organs and possible family maybe have some substantial changes made to them.

Now that that's out of the way sort of just a quick run-down of the rules/how I run. Dice rolls take place after voting, try to keep any questions during the voting period, try to keep all memes OOC, and have fun.

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shut up being a cute girl has never been bad for a quest ever
File: 1489766515074.jpg (94 KB, 987x670)
94 KB
>restarting us as a girl
One: it was voted for. Shady as it was...
Two: you (may?) know my policy towards females in my quests.
I don't care about gender as long as we stay FAR away from waifuing. That crap can ruin quest.
File: 5f7.gif (515 KB, 220x227)
515 KB
515 KB GIF
Can't fight for a waifu if that waifu is dead, anon.
>policy towards females
What, you make them have dicks?

You should have trusted your guts, you should have ordered you men to wait....

You have underestimated them . The Doslok federation is known to have fierce, strong and underhanded fighters who can withstand even the worst situations.

Perhaps your temporary numerical superiority had inflated your ego to push onward into what seemed to be a war-torn city in the middle of no where. The ongoing conflict between the Galeon empire and the Doslok federation is somewhat recent. Both superpowers must expand. The galaxy is simply not enough for both.

It was a clear ambush and you walked right into it.

Every nook and cranny spawned a Doslok gnawer. While the ruined rooftops sheltered more sharpshooters. they were waiting for your men, their mandibles crushed pristine imperial Galeon, their bolts went through metal m flesh and bone alike....

You found yourself with an open wound, cornered at the sight of dozens of gnawers, the blood of your men dripping from their mandibles. It was the end.....


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The Doslok remained silent for a moment, brushing your insult with a distinct click from her mandible "Arrogant as ever i see, According to our report, you have been more than a nuisance in the last six months. It does not matter, this planet shall soon belong to the Doslok federation . The last of your empire's colonies on this desolate planet are getting sorted out as we speak...."

The Doslok pointed upwards to the ceiling, you could see one of their Great wormship in its full glory slowly swimming in the skies with smaller ships escorting it. You have heard some horrid tales about these kinds of wormships. they can redeploy themselves as walking fortresses in almost any terrain making it a worthy foe in both land and air, their downside is the insane consuming for power and their rather weak joints in fortress mode.

The question remains, why would they bring a ship of that importance to a relatively low priority planet?

"Damen is the name, can't you get anything straight here?" you spat in anger. It was rather expected to see restrains coiled around your legs and arms. That would explain why the doctor is rather calm.

" hmm, must have been an error in the ID scanner. " The doctor pulled out a syringe with a bluish liquid inside. It had a small worm wiggling in anticipation.

"Where is my men? what the hell is this?"

"Please stand still, The hibernation worm requires extreme caution. Three of your men spazzed to death due to their incompetence. I am preparing your body for the hive drive... "

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Pace not picking up uh?
It's probably because starting out by choosing how to react to capture isn't the most appealing to most quest players.
Maybe things will pick up when we aren't strapped to a chair and can actually choose between choices that make a difference.

But we won't ever get there unless the quest is made to advance so, if no one else wishes to, I'll do the honors:
>[remain still in bed]
I'm here

>[remain still in bed]
Meh i am still new to thiss

goodnight, maybe we can strart for real tomorrow

File: planet.jpg (237 KB, 1280x853)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Hey guys, I got 2 hours and figured Id give this another shot, last PCQ went pretty well, I got some new ideas I want to try out.

Congratulations! You(the players) are now a planetary governor! Show competence and loyalty to the Emperor and you may go far, even in the grim darkness of the forty first milennium....

After a decade long campaign fighting the enemies of mankind, you, Lord General (choose name) are to be granted a world in the Segmentum Tempestus, situated near the Imperiums border, things have generally been quiet for most of the regions history, with a the occasional Xenos raid or chaos uprising. However the endless needs of the Jericho Crusade, the defense of Cadia and myriad other conflicts have stripped the regions defences to a bare minimum

Remembrance IV is a moderately sized civilized world, recovering after being ravaged in a series of Dark Eldar raids. Relatively heavily populated and with decent infrastructure and technology. It will take time to repair the damage done and make the traumatized citizens to feel safe again. The central mountain range divides the main continent, into two halves. With the western region being drier, featuring desert and plainslands, the east features rivers and forests and houses most of the planets population in several large urban centers. Known for its ceramite mines, it has special production facilities that can use some of their mining yields to make carapace armor for the forces of segmentum Tempestus.

What regiment did you command during the campaign? They will form the core of your new PDF and support base on the planet

A. The 981st Elysian Drop trooper regiment, skilled in lightning attacks with light infantry and air support, you also have a large inventory of Tauros vehicles. Gets a minor bonus in open areas and fighting in covered terrain, ie urban, underground,and heavy jungles and forests.

B. The 352nd Mechanized Regiment, originally out of Armaggedon. They are well equipped for mobile warfare with chimeras and leman russ tanks. They even have a squadron of Baneblades... Gets a major bonus fighting in open areas

C. The 458th Vostroyan Infantry regiment, a large light infantry force, skilled in urban assaults and effective in cold climates. Their iron will, dicipline and heavy weapons help make up for their minimal vehicle support, consisting of a handful of leman russ tanks. Gets a major bonus fighting in covered terrain.
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average of 50 the absolute most average result possible

There is a slurry of traffic on the vox as dozens of companies report making contact with the orks at the same time...

Droptroopers stand in their trenches, holding fast against the green tide....

Diciplined lasfire cuts down many boy'z as the staccato of the autocannons and constant rhythm of automatic bolter fire join the chorus of death

Despite their best efforts, scything down boyz by the dozens, the orks do not relent, eventually making breakthroughs in several sectors, which are eventually pushed back by reserve companies, with high casualties inflicted.

In one section of the line, ork stormboyz were able to use their jumppacks to assault our defenses and quickly wipe out the heavy weapons teams, leaving the section vulnerable to the rest of the nearby Orkz...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>follow the comssiar
>A. Follow Commisar Stiles' plan
>B. Follow Colonel Farkas' plan
Combine these two plans. We deploy a small team of Kaskrin troops behind ork lines under cover of a heavy aerial bombardment. The troops will mark targets for the bombers with their primary objective to locate and direct fire on the warboss. If said warboss survives that, then they have orders to engage him directly and take him out, we will try to evacuate them in the chaos that will follow his death.
How big is the containment area?
First this to make it easier for Karskin guys to move in.
>B. Follow Colonel Farkas' plan
Do this as follow up.
>A. Follow Commisar Stiles' plan

Mix unit tactics is the way to go

File: IMG_2017.jpg (164 KB, 1024x768)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Rejoice, Questers!

For seven of you will be chosen to obtain for yourself a wish. Imagine the ability to end all the world's suffering. To never know poverty or need charity again. Who among mankind has never had a wish?

And so I call upon you, if you have the capacity to grasp your future - seven masters may step forward.

The first seven unique newcomers to this thread who express interest may request the right to be granted a contract with one of seven Heroic Spirits.

Saber - the Heroic Spirit of the Sword.

Archer - the Heroic Spirit of the Bow.

Lancer - the Heroic Spirit of the Spear.

Rider - the Heroic Spirit of the Steed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Eric was tired and out of breath as he finally plodded into the church. He doubled over, hands on his knees to better keep his balance as he sucked air.

"Why so many damn *gasp* stairs...?" He muttered to himself.

Embarrassed, he notices the father and the other masters. With any luck, they missed the "grand" entrance. Capitalizing on the moment, he looks to the priest and declares,

"My name is Eric Ormus, and I present..." Eric stopped abruptly, patting himself about his person. It seems he'd forgotten that relic thing he was supposed to offer up. "Shit!" He thought, but after a moment of quick thinking and a desperation to save face, he pulls the spectacles off his own face.

"I am Eric Ormus, and I present these glasses to summon the Rider!" Eric said, hoping against hope he wouldn't just be executed or something...he'd unheard stories.
I AM-- Oh goddammit. I'm nobody I guess.
You and me both, buddy.

File: tegaki.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
this is my first quest so we will see how it goes

it won't be like a rpg quest like dungeons and dragons or anything but more like a choose your own adventure story on one go-through. i will make posts and at the end of each post there will be options as to what happens next. i will let you guys vote on it and whichever has the most votes will be what happens in the story. some options may have dice rolls. if an option with a dice roll is selected, i will roll the dice to determine what happens.
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"did you finish replacing it?"
"yes i replaced it. next time you rent an apartment make sure the pipes can handle your urine"
stuff like this was common for John Wolf. being a plumber on a space station meant that all kinds of aliens lived on it, and some had urine so acidic or basic that it melted through the standard pipes on the station over time and special pipes needed to be installed so that they didnt corrode. those special pipes were extremely expensive however, so most never installed them. on space stations there was almost no middle class, only poor or rich, but John was an exeption. he was a specialty plumber, one that worked on potentially hazardous piping, so he gets paid a good amount, but not enough to be "rich" more "lower middle class".

John rode the elevator down to the 3rd street level, and got in his car. these cars are not like the ones you or I know, more like bumper cars at an amusement park. the wheels absorb electricity from the street to power it so that the tunnels and corridors of the station didnt get filled with exhaust. they were also different in that they were self driving, so john just plugged in his adress and the car moved on its own. it was a cheap car, but more than most could afford, almost everyone took the train, so the streets were almost never busy.

it was getting late, so john dozed off while the car drove itself, so he didnt realize it started glitching until it was almost too late. a t-junction was coming up and the car was about to slam right into a wall. john jumps awake and acts. what does he do?

>jump out of car and roll on the street
>pull the emergency brake (50% chance of working)
Pull the brake
Rolled 1 (1d2)

technically i am the one thats supposed to roll because if three people all chose pull brake and all rolled there would be 3 different numbers, but i will take this dice roll if you want or i will roll my own if you want
>1 was rolled
>1 is in lower half
>did not brake in time

the car has some amazing technology in it. magnetic wheels to stop the wheels faster, an energy shield and momentum absorbing capabilities, but none of those worked. the only things that did were the emergency brake (not soon enough pulled), his seat belt, and the airbags. the car was still moving about 40mph when it hit the wall. luckily, pulling the emergency brake locked his seatbelt before the crash, but it didn't stop bones from breaking.

its not like they were snapped in half, just cracked, but two of his ribs, one of his finger bones, and his wrist on his left hand broke.

John wasn't knocked out, but was too much in shock and pain to notice the car had slammed right into someone. this person did not survive the crash. her spine was snapped and head was smashed into the wall. she was dead seconds after she was hit.

this was a good thing

otherwise john would be dead too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: vacuumguy.jpg (18 KB, 450x300)
18 KB
You're a normal guy living in a shitty apartment. One day you eat a family sized pizza by yourself and feel something tremble in your innards. Turns out it wasn't the pizza, it was your power awakening. What is your power?

1 = Summon and control vacuum cleaners
2 = Telekinesis
3 = Mind reading
4 = Become incorporeal
5 = Time stop
6 = Deadeye mode
7 = Necromancy
8 = Transform into animals
9 = Shoot fire from mouth
10 = Choose any from above

Roll 1d10 to see whose answer is picked, the higher the better. Roll 2d10 for this particular situation, second roll picks power.
71 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Just practice mind reading then until the next round
just try and see everyone's hand and practice our powers until we're dealt in.
You try and get an image of everyone's hand, but conjuring an image takes a lot more from you than thoughts do. You start sweating and shake a bit, but manage to get a reading on all of the players' cards.

Aight, gotta go now. Maybe we'll continue tomorrow, if you guys up for it.
Try to be more efficent by just reading get the card's number and suit.

File: KamehamehaZ.jpg (346 KB, 800x1007)
346 KB
346 KB JPG


>You are Maple Son-Mahogany, one of two young Tuffle twins thrown at Earth starting in early Dragon Ball by your "father," Dr. Raichi

>"Canon" had already taken a sharp turn from the "norm" when you began, and through your actions, choices, and dialogue, took even further turns from the "norm," and will probably continue to do so

>Stats and dice mechanics are used, and can be explained again as needed

>Let's all try to have some fun, ok?

And a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/AfN5cVzt


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Super Saiyan Nappa
Kickass. Thread's been fun, Kato. What's Peppa and Goku's Power Levels?
Also Peppa gonna spend some time with Videl before she goes in?
Already explained it >>1298183

Nappa's been strong enough for it for a while now, he just never really got the opportunity.

You could try, but he might refuse, and instead focus on trying to master transforming.

Peppa and Goku are at 15 million and 13.4 million.

She could. She wants to see her brother and cousin again first.
If Peppa and Gohan fuse at the Ozotto Games.

Will we win in one round?
Fusion might not be allowed.
What does Nappa clock in at these days, anyway?

File: Maka Character Sheet 1.jpg (380 KB, 1119x982)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
The palace's basement is basically a second palace, at least in size and scope.

Storage rooms, the rooms of servants and guests of lesser prestige, a second kitchen, but also an armory, a "confidential meeting" room, and... well, the treasury, too, of course.

And it's in the meeting room that you find the Alchemicals, as well as Mikahil and Aexel. Your entrance in the small chamber seems to interrupt some discussion.

A round, polished oak table stands in the centre of the room, surrounded by upholstered chairs all around. Engine is the only one not sitting down, and Mikahil looks like a student struggling to stay awake during a particularly boring lesson. You arrival jolts him awake, but he's clear he's suffering from the Alchemicals' strange influence as well just like you and Valeriana did.

"Bwuh. Hi, Maka." He mumbles in your direction.

As you approach and pull a chair, you take a moment to focus on your internal perception. You still feel that strange sensation coming from the Alchemicals - much like the essence resonance of a powerful Orichalcum artifact, in fact, now you realize - but you don't feel tired or sleepy anymore.

Probably it's something that happens only the first time, and now your organism has adapted to the strange wavelength of memories coming from the two artificial Exalted.

"It's getting to you, too, right?" You smile, trying to keep him awake by grabbing his cheek and pinching playfully.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Still not better than a headpat.
I have to sign off for tonight. Exalted Quest will continue tomorrow!
See you tomorrow EF.
Until then!

That is so fucking hype my dick is adamant right n-
>unexalted mortals have won

File: One_Piece_Anime_Logo.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
The Grand Line, the ocean of dreams. It is here the World Goverment's throne of power is seated and it is here the Yonkou roam, pirate lords who spit in the face of all who would restrict their rampages.

In this frenzy you are a ant in a storm, a single drop in a bucket of giants and legends that floats adrift in the ocean of the World Goverment's 400 year reign.

But this is YOUR story, not theirs.

Time to tell it.

But what kinda story is it?

>The Age of Gold: Thirty years before a man named Luffy sailed off on his boat, when Roger was just a rookie still content to roam east blue and the Navy was lead by Fleet Admiral Kong.

>A Homebrew: All the cursed fruits and setting elements are still there, but none of the characters, fight different pirates, different marines.

(Yup I said I wanted to try something different and here it is! I can't do the "You are in the same time and place as Luffy is" because there is too many secrets left in the story.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Kizaru hasnt ever done anything that sketchy he just has worked as a hit man and beat the shit out of anyone pointed at.

Its gravity powers arent so obscure though it has to use that black gunk and water will cancel that out.
Make a shaft, tunnel it out and inject it into the soil, Boom.
Oh yeah your immune to water if you have a mining team and several days advanced notice.
Is there a limit to the amount of Black gunk he can put out? Cause if not, set up shop somewhere and start pumping it out or hell make a bridge above the water with it.
The shadow stuff isnt SOLID its a shadow cause darkness.

Blackbeards range is based on what the spooky dark stuff touches, which doesnt work in water.

There is a reason flight is such a big deal in one piece.

File: Fresh Soul Reaper Quest.jpg (249 KB, 1131x707)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1230328/
Char Sheet: http://pastebin.com/fUKdUWLF
Hmm, its night already? Should've guess it would be since I got to the world of the living in the morning and the sun was already setting when I was finishing up my patrol. Guess I just didn't realize it had been that long. Honestly I thought I'd get back here before the sun actually set and had time to enjoy myself and relax for awhile after a boring, routine and bloodless patrol. I mean, I probably still have enough time to find something to do before I head to sleep. But my options are much more limited than they would be otherwise, you know if I didn't get back in the middle of the night when Seireitei is mostly already asleep or preparing to be.

I look over the dim streets from the top of the stairs I'm standing on, slowly turning my zanpakuto over my shoulders as my black kosode blows in the breeze, almost musically. I can see some lights down the street so, I'm not the only one who's still awake at a time like this. Funny how routine it has gotten...all of this, I'm pretty sure if I told the me of a few years ago she'd get used to living "peacefully" in the land of the dead, she'd laugh at my face and ask if I was really her. But....well I've always found peace among friends. Sure it isn't real peace but people like me can't really thrive in times like that, I realize. But...maybe that's why I'm so content hear, serving among the gotei 13, serving Lord Kuchiki, both of them. A shinigami's life isn't ever peaceful, and that fits perfectly for an artist like me, an endless stream of opponents to test my skill against until one manages to outstep me or I grow too old to hold my sword properly. Which judging from the captain commander will be a long fucking time from now. And not to mention, I'm not just fighting, I'm doing good. Guiding souls and protecting is truly an honorable undertaking. if my old comrades could see me now, I'm sure they'd be smiling proudly.

My smile slowly sours and turns to a frown....Yeah I still need to avenge all of them don't I? I've been trying to not think about it, but I haven't killed the hollow who devoured Saigo sama and the others yet have I? It...infuriates me that that thing is still out there, even after it killed me and preyed on the battlefield like a vulture.

Gripping the hilt and broken up scabbard of my zanpakuto, I take a sharp breath of cold air. And calm myself as I begin to walk down the stairs. Well I have all the time in this life to find the bastard. And I should worry myself right now, its too late to be stressed. I should just focus on finding a friend to be around or something to do before I go to bed.

I just hope I find that hollow soon....and I never have to deal with another Quincy's self righteous bullshit.
389 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
So it looks like we killed all our comrades? Is AIzen going to tell Kimi?
And if he does tell us. How will honor color our reaction? We did swear to kill the hollow who did it so will Kimi commit seppuku to follow through on the code or not?

Makin a lot of assumptions there.

Still not crystal clear exactly what happened, but didn't Kimi recall fighting the thing herself as well?

How do you explain her outside perspective in her memory? Was she having a Fight Club dissociative identity moment? I'm not saying it's impossible, just that it is anything but certain and would need something to explain it.

As for killing herself if it is true? She might feel like crap and want to crawl into a hole and die . . . but at this point I would make the argument that taking her own life would not be the most honorable course of action under nearly any interpretation of Bushido.

She still has a crucial responsibility and obligation to her lord with whom she currently serves in good standing. Taking her own life would be an act of selfish escape from her grief. You would have a much better case if it turned out she had somehow killed Saigo, her prior lord, but that's impossible since the historical record has him dying during the battle of Shiroyama, not after.

Furthermore, she already IS dead. The rules of Bushido, unsurprisingly, don't exactly cover that.
It's entirely possible that the hollow that killed her comrades is still out there but that event was so important for her that it was imprinted on her soul and now her hollow form looks similar because of it. Or something like that.
It could be her remembering eating their souls after the fight. Given her memory is fucked anyways and she really should not be able to remember who she was.

This is distinctly possible given they would all have unfinished business in the way of the betrayal and regret over what happened.

File: 080.png (26 KB, 512x512)
26 KB
Welcome to From Pleb to Hero Quest! A not so magical adventure where the odds are stacked against you! Have Fun.

Archive of last Chapter: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1264379/
Archive of the whole thing: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=From+Pleb+to+hero

Discord: https://discord.gg/AmjbaTR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/91m10

3 Months have passed since the beginning of your training with Enlia. So much has happened, but at the same time so little.

After a week trying to survive with almost no money, Enlia decided to take Iged as her apprentice too, in exchange Iged pays a weekly fee. Iged does not live with you and Enlia, and the relationship between the two is cordial at best. You have no idea where Iged gets the money.

Gretchen is still working in the Champagne Bear; she started to drink alcohol at every meal. A drunk guy called Johnny tried to punch her once, but Gretchen retailed with a kick on the balls. Since then she has been employee of the month twice.

At weekends, Enlia visited her siblings, while you spend them at home with your family.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Haha, okay, objection retracted then.
Can't rescue her dear sis if the horses pass out on the course to her.
Oh, hey author, if it's okay to ask now, was Brogid right?
Are alignments more or less unshakable in this setting, meaning that while cute and empathethic kobolds will always be monsters and always be a threat to civilized communities?
Or is he wrong and it would be possible for them to not be disruptive?

It's alright if you don't want to answer that and let us find out as we get to know more of the world in later threads. Quests do not mandatorily come with manuals and bestiaries stating alignments.

It's a tough question to answer really, because it will change how you guys will approach every encounter from on with any type of monster, I don’t want you guys to go full pacifist or full beast hunter. So I’ll prefer saying it depends from case to case, but as a rule of thumb treat every monster like any wild animal, tigers are cute, tigers are neutral and tigers are dangerous, you don’t need to annihilate every tiger because the ecosystem and such.

In this case in particular, those kobolds were feral, and at best they wouldn’t attack you, but that doesn’t make them peaceful creatures to the rest of the world.

In every future encounter with any type of beast I’ll try to give you guys a small description about them and their behavior, so you don’t felt cheated or wronged. Except special beasts like the Big Rat and the Great Mighty Big Fish, they are supposed to be unique.
Sounds cool, though I wouldn't have felt wronged even if you went with "no comment" because Nora might simply not know this things.
In fact, it could be argued that this is a kind of subject that could even split the people in the setting we're looking at ("Not all Kobolds!", "Kobold lives matter!")

Anyway, I hope this is the last time Gretchen's past comes back to haunt us. I like her and I don't want her to turn into the blue haired teen from Life is Strange (but I'm fairly sure the quest isn't gonna conclude with the dilemma "do you save Gretchen or do you let dozens of people die?". I believe we've got a much better writer than that, so no worries)
*specifically, I meant something other than what we've already dealt and are currently dealing with.
It is of course only natural if these things will always loom over her and, by proxy, us. The world isn't gonna forget just because we move across the sea.

File: 1.png (90 KB, 2000x1500)
90 KB
Oh shit nigger it's a /qst/ adventure thing. That I'm pretty sure I saw someone did before and I'm ripping them off but I can't remember the name so I can't credit them. Yea.

6 persons form an adventuring party in a nondescript generic fantasy land. Each with their own colour code for my convinience: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange and Purple
Each character needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n shit. And the party only needs 4 active members. The rest are part of the Backup Reserve Formation.

Just give yourself a name with the character's team color to identify which person you belong to. Ex: Yellow Faggot"

The party's current quest is to traverse the Obvious Evil Tower to Rescue the Princess. Currently they're following a prisoner they've rescued from the dungeon through the third floor.

Oh and the prisoner used his magics to reduced everyone in the tower, including the party, to 1 HP, making every battle a sudden death match.

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Do green's lemons become more powerful if I light them on fire?
Pray for Teal Lion

When it's not being affected by Masketta Man's aura

My man Teal Lion dindu nuffin and they took him from us like that #respek

You are human garbage. The kind that lives and rots all the same. Who cares about himself and the world of the smallest degree.

You dont know your name, all you see is open sky, and all you smell is garbage.

This is your story.

>input action
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I've been lurking in this thread because I'm new here but I'm free this weekend too, so I'll join you guys since it's slow
Looking forward to it.
Oh btw I just got info that ill be free the entire day tommorrow. So thats when the new thread will be up. Threads here stay out of sage for three days, so it should be up during the weekend.
This is a nice quest, go on mate!

File: Black_Star_Blue_DBs.png (215 KB, 731x1094)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
A rickety boat dock gently creaks with the waves of the ocean. You sit on the edge of the dock, fishing for your afternoon lunch. In the distance, a ship sails toward the small island that you call home. Dropping the fishing rod, you race back inland to warn your friends of the incoming visitors. You run into the middle of a clearing in the woods. Around you sits houses built out of shipwrecked wood.


Your warning scream triggers rustling within the shanty homes and out pops your best friend, Nodal.

Your name is Roni. Time to go on an adventure.


Welcome the Dragonball: Blue Star Quest! Taking place in the world of Dragonball, This quest will differ in that it is set many years after the Buu saga and the Z-Fighters are nothing more than legends now. You, the Readers/Players, will control the destinies of three characters on their adventures of exploration and growing stronger as fighters.


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Nodal stomped on the side of Captain Tall Tide's knee dropping him onto it. Mallow took advantage of the ease in force and reared back. She smiled a large grin at her adoptive father and smashed her head into his nose. The Captain stumbled back a few feet from the hit.

"Why you little... I RAISED YOU FROM THAT LITTLE LOST PINK BLOB INTO THE FIERCE PIRATE YOU ARE TODAY!" Captain Tall Tide was visibly becoming more upset.

"YOU OWE ME EVERYTHING!" The frustrated pirate yelled.

1. Mallow punches Captain Tall Tide sending him flying to the base of his ship.

2. Nodal spinning punches the Captain in the throat.

3. Write in attack.
I'm trying to draw Mallow in the vein of a pirate.
The thread doesn't seem to be bumping anymore when I update it.
3 Mallow slaps him
>3. Pirates take what they want and owe nothing!

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