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File: DragonQuest.jpg (158 KB, 640x440)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Discord: https://discord.gg/fjQ8D

Character Sheet (Full!):https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jI0aGxA_2h3SAcPYri-1fdgskbK3IbtfEzSLJ7VY9gU
Character Sheet (Renexizious Only!): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xgNKMzLUZS9L05DUCxmsvuYs-bGPIRpQsFv5k7oaBBk

In the last thread, we didn't really do much since I got busy with a case of Workitis.

But we were in the middle of convincing Haroldr to go out with Renexizia... And narrowly convinced.

It's not too long until you fly back home finally... You of course, tell Haroldr to make himself at home while you get ready to "treat" him.

It's not until your almost about to inject him with the mutagen you get interrupted...

By your mother, of course.

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>...Move on. You've done enough damage to these lands.
You decide to move where your raiding at...

Choose a direction to move to!

>Move to the Grand Duchy. It's a rather wealthy independent duchy, but one of your sons controls it...
>...Go over the ocean.
>See about going south to the plains...
>Go north, towards the tundra.
>Go west, towards the kobolds, halflings, and goblins.
>Go west, towards the kobolds, halflings, and goblins.
Do these include our Kobolds? If so it might be a good idea to stop by. Maybe even entice another small tribe to move in and bolster it.
Yeah, your going to head to your kobolds.
>Go west, towards the kobolds, halflings, and goblins.

File: Mage RP Pic 1.jpg (5.55 MB, 1359x4278)
5.55 MB
5.55 MB JPG
Gray emptiness surrounds all that you are. You feel nothing, you are nothing. Then, a faded voice, blurred beyond comprehension. You feel energy surging into your body, as you are reawakened anew. (Alright, I saw this one on /tg/ and thought it would be fun to turn into a quest thread, so here we are. We can either do the categories of this CYOA one at a time, or you all can just create entire characters, and we'll play the one that gets the most support. Let's do this.)
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Sorry, I was already typing before that was posted
>>"A pleasure." Walk across the bridge with Amy.
No problem. Got anything planned for this or are you just winging it?
I'm heading up to bed anyway. I have school tomorrow, so I'll post a continuation of this thread sometime tomorrow afternoon, depending on when I get home. Thanks for playing, (all three of you XD) I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have
Have a goodnight and thanks for running. This has been quite fun so.

File: dungeonHeart.jpg (301 KB, 1920x1202)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
At dawn the Scalefolk hunters return from their hunt dragging their prey by sled through the dense jungle. Their families rush out to meet them and help carry the corpse of the gargantuan shark man inside, already cutting and preparing the meat for a feast. The victorious hunters are ushered inside by their families and are made to celebrate immediately. Songs are sung and dances danced as the massive slabs of meat are roasted over the fire and split amongst the tribe, with the newly made adults the first to eat from their hunt. Avila and Victoria participate in the merriment, although they forgo the meal due to the dietary constraints that come with being somewhat undead. The Imps are offered a few fair portions as well as thanks for expanding the barracks to accommodate their new hunters. Gabriel is quick to accept and savor the strange taste of the fishy meat. Even the Myconids are offered a portion of the hunt despite the fact that they do not eat. The Father none the less accepts gratefully and makes a show of chewing on the meat to appease the scalefolk. Later you find him spitting it out in private and burying it so that it can be eaten more rotten, as the mushrooms prefer their meats. As the party begins to calm down and the celebration ends so that your minions can return to work the Chieftain approaches you and offers a leg of meat as thanks for protecting the new hunters on such a dangerous hunt. You accept and levitate it the meat above your body and attempt to will a mouth into existence, after some time you are able to drop the offering into your newly formed mouth. The meat is tough and the bones are strange, considering that the sharkman was mostly cartilage, but it is well seasoned and cooked. You will a digestive system into place and swallow the meal, thanking the Chieftain and personally thanking the cooks.

Gabriel approaches you when the imps have had their fill of celebration, saying that they are ready and willing to continue work on the dungeon.

Day 30
[200/200 mana]

4 building materials available

Barracks; supporting 16/30
Farm; supporting 21/30

Minions vote:
>Clear more rooms ( rooms available)
>Perform upgrades on your rooms (needs a second vote)

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File: Capture.jpg (215 KB, 971x942)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
updated map
>Call and contain his spirit, turn him into a revenant to do your bidding (-50 mana. Gained revenant, lose Knight corpse)
>>Call and contain his spirit, turn him into a revenant to do your bidding (-50 mana. Gained revenant, lose Knight corpse)
You look at the corpse that has been sitting in your crypt for a while now. It remains fresh due to the magic and spells you cast when first creating the crypt, although that has not saved it from the fact that Avila nearly bisected him vertically. Although it would be no issue to fix him with a needle and string, it would be a lot of effort. Instead you opt to try out your newfound ability to bind spirits to your will. Summoning the knight's soul is simple, especially when you have the corpse on hand. The difficult part is binding it to your will. A lesser necromancer might find an object with which to bind it which comes with a slew of risks to make up for their shortcomings. You are powerful enough that the strength of your mind is all you need to keep him obedient for all eternity. You summon the spirit using his own corpse and it comes screaming from whatever afterlife it was consigned to. It is a terrible struggle, but after destroying his body and trapping him in the mortal world he stops resisting at your orders. He bows before you as his will is dominated by your own powerful abilities. He is not a particularly powerful Revenant, but he seems to be unnaturally corporeal, making him more suited to physical combat. You do not doubt that he is still capable of possessions, transparency and other abilities that come naturally to revenants, but it is still something to play close attention to.

Gained 1 Great Revenant

That's gonna have to be the end of the thread tonight, stuff is coming up and it's slowing down the quest a lot. Next thread will be much sooner
Night op.

File: Devil Survivor Spain 4.png (1.65 MB, 1211x808)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
January 1- 17:30// 50ºC
Your name is Nobuyuki Hayashi, exchange student from Japan residing in Spain, and Demon Summoner. That last one since today- when you woke up with a bad hangover and a strange app on your phone, the sun shining in the sky despite it being impossible at that hour, and the temperature slowly raising. You met up with your friend Daiki after getting up, and together you saved your other friend, Keiko Akiyama, from the demons summoned by the app from her- and your- phones, making a contract with them, and getting plunged headfirst into this confusing mess, trying to make sense of what looks to be the end of the world.

An hour ago, you decided to try raiding the nearest shopping mall, since its location would mean it was more likely to have unspoiled supplies- and were ambushed by some sort of strange creature that was using the food as bait to draw in unsuspecting humans, kill them, then add them to itself. You finished off this creature, and are now trying to exit the mall...

"Jack Bros! We´re leaving!" You shout as you pass by the toy section of the mall- Perhaps that´s where they went?-

"Oh, already-hee? Wait, what happened to you guys-hoo?"
Did they really hear NOTHING from your battle? Now that you think about it, they also weren´t there for the battle on the parking ground... That´s weird. Did they just rush ahead? They seem innocent enough, but you just can´t shake the feeling there´s something wrong in all this...
>We ran into a fucking huge demon. Where were you guys?
>We ran into something really weird.
>Let´s get out of here before we do any explaining
>Stare at them blankly.
Also, before i forget... New stats!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Try and risk it, go to "El Solarón

Commence plot
I think i´ll have to keep running tomorrow- it´s super late for me right now, since i have class tomorrow.
I promise to try and get some updates in across the day!
>Try and risk it, go to "El Solarón", where the metro was supposed to be built-You get a feeling it´s somehow related to all this...Though you can´t quite guess why.
See you tomorrow op.
>>Try and risk it, go to "El Solarón", where the metro was supposed to be built-You get a feeling it´s somehow related to all this...Though you can´t quite guess why.
>Inb4 there's another fuck-off strong demon waiting for us there. This is a SMT Quest after all.

File: 1491753766901s.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
This is a thread created for the discussion of Quest threads. Or at least it was, in times long gone. All it is now is another tomb full of ghosts howling shitposts into the graveyard known as /qst/.
It also used to be a place to share advice and guidance for aspiring or current QM's. The only advice worth giving now is LEAVE.

Please do (not) shitpost, and please report any shit posters attempting to derail discussion or cause strife. This means you, as you can't be anything else since you are posting in this thread.

Useful links: http://pastebin.com/u5xPbk6w
This link contains numerous writing guides, general advice, and various quest tools and communities. It should also say to stay away from /qst/ but doesn't for some reason.

These are two directories containing the tweets of many current QM's. While a twitter is by no means mandatory, it is a useful tool for both you and your players. To get added to the second list, tweet @tgQuestList. Spamming tweets unrelated to your quest may result in its removal. Enjoy being cyberstalked!

IRC Channels:
[The Cabal] #QMC @ Rizon.net (slightly related to quests; enjoys worldbuilding, mechanics, and politics)
[Hugbox] #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net (barely related to quests; enjoys Larro quests and anima)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: spacebattles_logo.png (19 KB, 388x132)
19 KB
Come home QMs
>it grows stronger
Should we be worried?

There might even be a slim, slim possibility of it drawing people here since it's a crossboard meme or whatever.
File: impressive.png (102 KB, 391x350)
102 KB
102 KB PNG

>No prompts
>Not a draw quest
>Not an established qm?

>1000000 replies, image limit reached, 100 posters
more like absolutely disgusting

but hey
its the future of quests

File: MUPADTE_3.png (1014 KB, 4733x2609)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG
This is gonna ba a long one so if you dont have enough time dont even bother
Playing with all rules in this map read it all, if you dont know all rules it is your fault
To join pick nation and use trip code, any rolls or join without trip code will be ignored
>What is trip code?

Game rules: Map + this
>Kingdoms, republic and empires have capitals (You can choose one on start or after reaching rep/king/empire status for free, moving capital cost 15 denarii and can be done only once)
>Choose your capital by posting map with marked place for capital (Im not a fucking geography master)
>Every capital is fort, losing your capital means you can choose you become vassal or surrender and leave (This fort doesnt count toward your 3 fort limit)
>Coastal capitals provide +1 sea trade route (in addition to 1 base sea/ground route)
>Capitals are auto defended - if you roll to do anything else you will still defend your capital if attacked (Rest of the tiles will be used in your intended action)
>Building ships take one whole turn (cant roll build ships, spill to XXX)

Forts work like this

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We have only 4/11 players from /pol/ thread
should we just start a new game?
Ok, guys game is kill i will probably host same map tomorrow around 21:00 GMT, if anyone interested i will probably host it on /qst/

Fucking mods, i got deleted and warned but other risk threads are not offtopic
Its 1:13 in my timezone so I cant start new game now

File: Witch Apprentice.jpg (385 KB, 1024x1365)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
"Stay away from me, monster!"

Accusation and shattered glass both fly across the room as my desperate attempts to calm Camille are drowned out by her screeches.

"Camille, please listen! I just want to-"

"NO!" She screams once more as another vial from her seemingly bottomless bag is sent hurling across the room, forcing me to duck behind the bed for safety. I can only wonder at the intended effect its content as it shatters splashes impotently against the wall behind me. I'm not sure even Camille knows at this point.

"You can't trick me, monster! I know the truth!"

I really wish she would stop calling me that. It really hurts..

"I just want to talk! Nothing else!" I yell back at, figuring that if nothing else works, maybe outscreaming her will. Not really much of a plan, definitely not one I really expected to work, and yet she actually seems to, if nothing else, quieten down.

Taking a cautious peek from behind the bed, I finally get the first proper look at her since she started freaking out. Her face carries a grimace like that of a wild animal, cornered and terrified. Her eyes shine with both anger and fear, her teeth are bared as she pants heavily.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
75 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
The reason she distrusted us at first was because she spied on us and saw that the spark dis not touch our body.
Good night! It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to dealing with the wolf.
Thanks for the thread. See you tomorrow.
Hope we get more words tomorrow, night
Sleep well!

File: 1491531365919.jpg (571 KB, 1284x900)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
>The Story thus far:

Your hand has found skill, but your mind is restless, the only way now is forwards.


The time it seems has come for you to move on. You plod around the ancient statue and up the hill, past the blacksmith, through the forest gate. You walk along the path, eyeing the haunting woods cautiously on either side, looking for any sign of hollows or other beasts. A long walk it seems, but you’re travelling light so you don’t tire.

Behind you a twig snaps. You turn a draw your sword, a hollow in nought but a waistcloth shambles toward you. One punch from its claw hand is blocked and you stab it through the chest. Its soul rises and rest into you.

The road continues for long yet uncertain amount of time. A fork in the road stops you in your tracks. The left and right paths. The left continues through into the forest, with no sign of an end. The right path seems to just stop around a hundred meters down, there seems to be some sort of mound or pile there.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Summon Kaydin

Kneeling down, you clutch the White Soapstone in your hand and speak a small prayer directed to Kaydin. A line of runes burns gold into the ground in front of you, it radiates incandescent light, gross and brilliant like the sun. The shape of Kaydin rises forth from the ground where the writing sat, a golden avatar of light, with arms outstretched to the sky, palms facing outward.

The three hollows notice immediately and begin advancing, trotting forward with weapons ready. Kaydin pulls an Incensor from his waist pouch, he raises it high above his head, a long crackling rod of golden lightning is conjured from his hand, he grasps it tightly and hurls it at on of the hollows. A loud crack and a fizzle and the hollow lies dead, its face and right shouldered now molten and charred.

The hollow wielding a bastard sword charges forward. You step forward and block one blow with your shield. As it recoils from Kaydin slices its leg, you lunge forward and bury your sword in its chest.

The last hollow makes a desperate lunge for Kaydin, but he nimbly knocks the spear from its hand. You slice it across the back and Kaydin finishes it with a swift strike through the neck. Its head peels off of is neck and flops over backwards.

“A joyful battle that was, I thank you for bringing me here. But unfortunately my time is limited and must leave soon. I cannot do this often either for reasons I cannot explain to you. You may have to wait a while to summon me again.
Since you won’t always have me around you may want to have this. In case you find yourself with some cretin who would love nothing more than to have a sword buried in you back, or a boulder on your head. Us it to send them back to where they were summoned from. But do not use it fickley, for the gods are always watching, and always judging.”

His phantom fades and the light dissipates, and gives way to the gloom of the forest. Where he stood a small token lies on the ground. You stoop to pick it up and see that it is a small round badge, gilded and with a seal depicting the sun on the front. A hint of warmth can be detected emanating from the medal.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Both loots, equip armor & shield. Then carefully poke/dig through the corpse pile using the spear, avoiding any surprises in the pile, like getting deceases or getting surprised by 'living' things in it.

Check surroundings from time to time to avoid ambush.

Also, we should consider resummoning the guy to discuss the issue with the 'evil' path dude. Maybe we could try to plan to kill him together?
>Loot the armor


>Dig through the corpse pile


>Loot the slain hollows

and finally

>Turn back to the main path

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Check the google docs link it has an inventory at the bottom.

Also what are we going to loot from the hollows?

File: Aftermath.jpg (64 KB, 852x480)
64 KB
Welcome back Anons to Stardust Wuxia Quest

Previously on Stardust Wuxia...

You were Admiral Arturus Baruch, commander of United Sol Empire 7th Imperial Fleet and captain of USIS Morning Star. Your fleet was devastated in the attempt to destroy the greatest threat to the Empire. In the final moment at the core of Hive, you've detonated Ragnarok, an experimental WMD. The Hive was cored, and you and your ship was consumed by the aftermath.
165 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you for running. Will we get more exposition on the empire fall at some point?
Baruch will definitely learn of it, a version of how the Empire fell.
Thanks for running
Thanks for running. Very interesting quest. Hope you keep on going.
File: Spoiler Image (93 KB, 1000x816)
93 KB
Interesting quest so far
I'd appreciate a pastebin of setting information and character stats for future quests so those just finding it can keep up to speed

Also if this Baruch is like the other Baruch I know this is gonna end up turning into Stardust Xianxia quest

File: 400px-Selfish.png (190 KB, 400x400)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
In this quest, Demons walk the earth and ravage the land as they see fit. The players assume the role of a adventurer in these dark times. Seeking fame and fortune.
>Last volume:
>For newcomers
Simply type your character's name, gender, and race and yee shall spawn into the Dark world.
63 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
"This is like last solstice festival I went to" Monty follows Owain's lead and opted to stab the bear in the back.

Zaravan takes his axe in a two handed stance, and moves toward the raided carriage while making a point to pay extra attention to the surroundings.

"Whatever caused this may indeed still be around, if we find nothing of use or none who still live, it would be ideal that we continue on in haste.
De'Moine twists his head to the side and tries to gore the Boar-mans throat with his horns, laughing all the time.
Oh shit, I thought this died

>Sigrid readies an arrow, and takes aim at the boar-thing, waiting until De'Moine is not in the way of her shot.
Maleth charges forth an attempts to stun the Boarman.

File: IMG_4810.jpg (20 KB, 259x194)
20 KB
Your dog looks at you. He is bored.

>What do?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your dog is bored.
>Pet dog
>Say "Good dog"
>Tell dog "OP just lost, OP just lost real bad"
You pet the dog and praise him.

>Hey doggo OP just lost OP just los-

Your dog pisses on you for hurting OP's feelings.

Chinese restaurant calls you up and asks to purchase dog.

>What do?
Bluff and tell them the Thai place down the street put up a better offer. Watch the impending violence from your rooftop with doggo.
>You walk you dog down to the park. He still is bored.

There is clearly something wrong with the dog. Take to the vet.

Last time on MSGQuest:

> ███████ commissioned its Golems to construct a forge for the sapient races of the Mortal Plane to use...

> ███████ commanded the trees of the Western Forest to begin growing nutritious fruit...

> ███████ created a surrogate body through which it could interact directly with its creations...

> ███████ had the Godling Lysander reveal its existence to the sapient beings inhabiting the Fertile Plains...

> ███████ gave the sapient beings inhabiting the Fertile Plains iron agricultural tools...

> ███████ sent its surrogate body to the Mortal Plane...

> ███████ possessed its surrogate body and began searching out any potential evils hiding within its creation. Its investigations lead it to the heart of a strange, subterranean network...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
23 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Command will be decided with a roll...

1 = "Use the puppet to teach mortal 15 how to use the tools."

2 = "Breathe life into the Golems so they don't just stand around like very menacing statues and do stuff like help the mortals learn how to use their tools. The Golems will be given knowledge of our prayer ritual once we breathe life into them so they don't just muck about."


Drawing now...
File: Game_0.108.png (1.52 MB, 2000x2000)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Rolled 17, 6 = 23 (2d20)


> You make your way out of the Twisting Caverns, and begin marching towards the cliffs in the distance...

> You carefully scale the cliff-face despite being beset by pelted by lashing showers and jostled by howling gusts, eventually you pull yourself over the lip and back onto solid ground...

> You enter the Fertile Plains, and approach a group of Mortal congregating around a simple shrine. Mortal 15 is among them...

*The Mannequin is now close enough to Mortal 15 to interact with it*


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 4, 3, 3 = 10 (3d4)



{Weather Condition Rolls}

Roll 1d4. Consult {Weather Status} table...

Roll 1d4. Consult {Ambient Temperature} table...

Roll 1d4. Consult for {Ambient Humidity} table...


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Wrapping up here for now...


Thank you for keeping me company, I hope you all derived some entertainment from this thread...

The Discord for this Quest can be found here: https://discord.gg/yqxASqc

All of the previous threads, save the first, have been archived. If you are interested in reading them they can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Masterpiece+of


Thank you all once again, have a good night...
thanks for running

File: HCQ.jpg (111 KB, 564x776)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
This is a city in the grips of a silent invasion, a slow and creeping attack from some other world. Your nightly battles against these Intruders sends you through pristine streets and shadowy alleyways, gleaming arcologies and decaying slums. Some nights, you fight by yourself. Some nights, you fight with what few allies you have. Tonight, you are alone. Tonight, you are...


A slow and graceful fall, with the night sky looming dark and infinite above you. The stars wink and twinkle there, while other glints of light, far closer, surround you. Splintered shards of glass, catching the light and scattering it around you. Neon, vividly colourful, and moonlight, pure silver. It's all really quite beautiful, and the moment seems to drag out longer and longer so that you can truly appreciate it all.

But gravity cannot be denied forever, and soon you succumb to it. Faster and faster, tumbling head over heels, you fall. Wind whistles around you, tugging at your clothes and hair as you plummet ever downwards. The high window you were thrown through seems very far away now, while the ground is growing ever closer. As you tumble over once again, you see the polished skin of a brand new car rushing up to break your fall. Opening your mouth, you try to cry out and-

Impact, an explosion of glass and metal. Darkness, but only for a moment.
195 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

Buoyed by your lucky find, you quickly set about taking the volumes of poetry out and stacking them up in a neat pile. As you're doing this, you notice that one of them has a bookmark still tucked inside. Smiling faintly, you pick up the book and flick to the marked page. The bookmark is...

The smile slowly falls from your lips. It's not a bookmark at all, not really – it's an old photograph, but not that old. It hasn't faded with age, and there are no other signs of damage. Even accounting for careful storage, it can't be more than a few years old – two, three at the most.

The picture shows your parents, walking casually though a park with your younger self marching between them. You're all holding hands, all three of you. A pleasant domestic scene, the kind that you'd normally be delighted to find. That's why the fourth figure is so disturbing. She stands close to your father, too close to be a stranger, but her face is turned away so that most of it is hidden. Even so, her profile is perfectly visible, and you can't help but touch your own nose at the sight of it. There's a definite resemblance there, common ground between you and this stranger.

With her face turned away, it's hard to guess the stranger's age. Maybe sixteen, the same age as you are now. Her hair is lighter than yours, a soft brown, and her outfit was probably fashionable at the time. The outfit of a carefree teenage girl.

This scene, this pleasant family picture, means nothing to you. Any memories you might have of it being taken are sealed away, stolen from you or outright destroyed.

“Who are you?” you whisper softly as you stare down into the picture. It's not the stranger that you're talking to... it's yourself.

>I think this is a reasonable place to conclude for today, and for this week. I will start a new thread on Friday, and if anyone has any questions, I'll answer them as best I can

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for running, Moloch!

Though, if the other girls are of the evil gods, whose responsible for the Intruders?
I have a hypothesis about gates. It takes a great deal of energy to open one, the reason that demon was so lackluster was it had to open two, which weakened it a great deal. Opening more than that might have killed it from drain.
>It's an innocent question, and you ask it casually enough, but something about it causes the colour to drain from your mother's face.

What just-

Ah I see. The plot thickens.

Thanks for running Moloch.

Just a thought but maybe the reason the cat doesn't tell us much is because if Miho learned the grand scope of how fucked things are she'd fall into despair and in turn be useless. Ignorance is bliss right?

Ultimately, the Curse Gods aren't seen as "evil" as such, although they do definitely represent the darker aspects of mankind. The girls they champion could be seen as a form of redemption or penance. The Intruders are named as such because break into what is otherwise a sealed system. Their source or origin is otherwise unknown to us


Well, a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing!

File: Frontier OP.jpg (855 KB, 1345x2065)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Frontier%20Knight%20Quest

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/TrNWfAke

You are the TEMPLAR, a holy knight sent to clear the frontier of monsters and heresy!

Currently, you were standing in the library of the Templar's local fortress monastery, the interior of which appeared to be sullied by the presence of a mage. A very young mage, yes, but a mage nonetheless.

While you were rather ambivalent about the use of magic, you knew your Witch Hunter kin were much less tolerant of it, and you suspected if you were part of their ranks, you would have kicked the girl out on first reaction.

"Oh, she's kinda cute." Morgan muses.

"She is a menace." Havel grumbles.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
261 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why don't you ask lewdbro, hmm?
File: positivelybarbaric.jpg (56 KB, 490x746)
56 KB
Yall niggers know somethin
It's a usual reaction to Merc's quests.

File: ACT TWO.png (12 KB, 600x600)
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Patch Notes:
Wowie, time for ACT TWO where the you-know-what hits the f-a-n.

Need to Know Commands/Prompts:
Inputs from players are validated.

>[Character] do [Action]
Specify which character, otherwise, 1995 will do it by default.

To get a full detailed analysis on something.

Inputs from players are invalidated - meant for long story scenes and longposting.

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Bastet pulled up the wrong map and is silently swearing at herself.
The pickings are slim, not much to find here of use - just random garbage.
Time to
Go to the next unlisted room.

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