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File: tree.jpg (18 KB, 334x425)
18 KB
Ever played Minecraft RP? Either way, I would like to cut straight to the chase. This particular server is based on a fantasy/steampunk landscape with various lite plugins, such as Movecraft which allows you to construct ships, airships, elevators etc.

The server is semi competitive, meaning RP is important but purpose is also crucial.

I belong to an emerging Kingdom and we're actively looking for citizens. Our political system is an offshoot of Feudalism for now, with hopes of expanding into more centralized systems such as a Republic and hopefully Empire if we become numerous enough.

I'd love to throw more details about us so ask away


Come talk to us
Not the board for this shit. You want either >>>/tg/ or >>>/wsr/

File: Village.png (1.3 MB, 1191x670)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Previous threads:

Last time, our protagonist Jack was used by females and began his epic hike through a swamp.
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You concentrate and flood Helena's arm with magical energy. Through whatever arcane processes are involved, cell growth is stimulated, all but healing her arm completely in a matter of seconds.
"Whew. Thanks for that."
Helena examines her arm and frowns.
"Got some nasty scars, though."
You help her up.
"Just be grateful you're alive. Now, then..."
You peek over the top of the next hill and look through your spyglass.
"There's some ruins over there, temple's pretty obvious. A lot of ferals, though."
The beasts in question turn suddenly, only to have their bodies ripped apart by .50 caliber rounds. That fucking--
"Okay, significantly less ferals, but still a few more than I'd prefer. Really, I'd just be happy if they didn't even exist."
"Well, they do." Vaux says. "What's your amazing plan for this one?"

>[]I'll try to rig up a firebomb, detonate it in a big cluster of them.
>[]We're going to fervently pray to grandpa. Maybe he'll help.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>>[]We're gonna try and sneak around. (D20)
You sigh and start crawling toward the temple.
At one point, a beast starts sniffing around the collapsed wall you're hiding under before being called away by his friends.


You hurriedly bar the temple's door and sigh in relief.
"Okay. Skull. Let's get the Skull."
You hurry down some stairs and search the place. Rotted scrolls, bones, a few ancient bloodstains...
"It's not here." Helena says worriedly.
"It has to be, keep looking."
A pathetic gurgle attracts your attention.
One of the beasts is crawling toward you, several spikes protruding from it's chest. You put it out of its misery.
"The hell caused that..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Vaux searches for the piles for anything valuable or important to sell and watches the door while Jack and Helena slowly follow the blood trail
>[]Call Mom. Is she SURE about the Skull's location?
>[]Check the bones. Maybe it's disguised as a normal skull?

File: topuraworm.jpg (25 KB, 200x200)
25 KB
Welcome to the planet Cassia IV. The fourth planet from its star, Cassia has been barren for millions of years, but now for the first time, true multicellular life has begun to appear deep underground. What happens next, you will decide...


How to play:

1) Evolve a creature by modifying their picture on ms paint and giving a plausible reason.
2) Only a single modification/upgrade may be made per 'update'.
3) You can evolve any organism.
4) I will occasionally make a disaster happen, which will drive some organisms extinct and force others to adapt


I present the first of the starting organisms, the Topurakletcus. This is an omnivore which eats both Noralgae and Shloworms. It moves by wriggling around in the water and is around 1 cm long.
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File: shloworm.png (2 KB, 256x166)
2 KB
Some shloworms develop sensitive feelers around their mouths.
File: noralgae.png (8 KB, 416x600)
8 KB
the noralgae develops small root-liked mycelium based structures that bore into the soil , anchoring it to the ground, making it more difficult to be pulled out by the Topurakletcus
root-like, typo

Sada's fingers scraped along the stone leaving trails of dirt. Sweat poured off his face. His muscles were sore, but he kept going until he removed enough soil to get his fingers hooked around the edge of the large slab.

His eyes scanned the trees in the mist around him.

He breathed out slow and measured.

Getting up off his knees he crouched low, gripped the bottom of the stone slab he'd just dug out, and started to pull.

Gradually the large stone lifted out of the ground, dirt raining down in it's wake, a city of crawling insects wriggling exposed on the ground where the slab had once been.

"Rrrngt," he grunted and with one final shove gravity took over and the gigantic block fell with a thud.

"What was the point of that?" A deep male baritone said.

Sada stood up, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. He turned and saw that it was Jaht standing there, thick armed, swaddled in scarf and cloak like some kind of mummy that haunts the gym.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
go check on what made that sound

File: GREEN_DICK_DRAGON.jpg (96 KB, 1021x573)
96 KB
Time is a fickle thing. The slightest decision in the past can cause a cascade of effects in the future. So, what would happen in the prime timeline if an entirely new character was shoved into the mix right before Raditz landed on Earth?

> What is this?
This is an alternate timeline game for Dragonball Z.

>How does it work?
You make the choices, I decide what those choices affect and how the story goes. It's much akin to the other Dragonball games on /qst/, but with more of a focus on how the timeline is changed.

>Our character.

Well, for starters. We need a character. What race should we be?


- Saiyan Low-Class

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We must fight to the death to become the new OP

*prepares tournament ring*

>MAJIN ALL THE WAY. Majin girls are the best
It's not like it matters burden OP is dead
File: atsisiųsti.jpg (7 KB, 262x192)
7 KB
Metal sonic because copy powers

File: mecha-robot-war.jpg (98 KB, 990x556)
98 KB
>Hey guys! Op here! Sorry for my sudden disappearance last time. I had some pretty severe complications during my surgery last week and have barely been functioning. Im up for running again if you guys will join me. For some reason the first 2 threads failed to archive but I will summarize.

You are Private Brandon Crowley, Freshly minted Mech pilot on the French Front of the Great War, the near endless conflict that has raged for years beyond count. The skies are choked with smoke and ash, vast flotillas of airships and swarms of planes floating by like malignant clouds. Great war machines stride along, supported by legions of men and tank's. Conscripted men sent by the thousands to die for a few feet of thick mud at the orders of decrepit generals. You were shuffled under the command of Captain Theodore Price, a stalwart Mech commander. Placed into 2nd Squad directly under Captain Theo's right hand, the mysterious Cricket.

Last time you and Bravo company returned from the front victorious, having scored your first few Mech kills and secured a hefty amount of scrap. You upgraded your trusty Mech "Myrmidon" and set out among the camp.

Currently you are seated at a mess table for breakfast, seated next to your massive tentmate Dawkins, 2nd Squads Gunner expert.

>Talk to your fellow Assault Pilots, look for any helpful tips and tricks.

>Talk to Dawkins and his fellow Gunners. Find out about heavy weapons and armor

>Talk to that quiet Longshot Mech operator. He seems odd

>Shut up and eat your breakfast.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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do you know how long he is banned for
Nope, he should be in Star's discord if you want more details.
link plox?
did they ever find out who continue that side quest with the German soldier we killed
that was me. I had to stop due to real life. If i have time later tonight/ tomorrow ill pick it back up. Thing is i already intruded once via gust QM in cursed's undeadquest, and again here. each time the goal was to be unobtrusive and just entertain the crowd until he got back. I have not actually talked to cursed, nor know what discord he is in to do so, and would prefer that before going any further. so if he has a word on it, or otherwise, or a discord link. cool

The early morning mist had begun to fade as you take another look over the cliff side into the valley… or was it a ravine? Well whatever it was its was, it was left behind by a massive creature that can no longer make such things and has became apart of the landscape. The steep stone walls surrounded the indented patch of land on all sides making a narrow canyon, that you could guess was made by the same beast that made this valley, the only way in or out of the valley. It made for a perfect cage to snare your marks.
Once you're satisfied that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, you pull back to the nearby tree line not wanting to give away your presence to anything that may see you as a snack and regroup with your three other companions. The first was a tall man in plated leather armor named Mezetl. He was quietly kneeling over a massive slab of bone sharpened to a deadly edge and reinforced with bands of metal, and was sharpening it for the coming conflict. The second was is dark clothing that hung loose and thin around his joints and padded around his chest,arms, and legs and had an embroidered motif of some kind bat creature in deep red strings on his back. His name was Shoda, and he was listening with half lidded eyes to your third companion, Akihito, who was talking a little too loudly and was currently shirtless.
“Look all I’m saying is, you kill more, you get more. That not unfair right?” He spoke as he balanced a long, thin, shabby looking sheathed blade on his lap. “If you guys really think you're ready for Initiation then this should be a fair opportunity to make a little extra, right?” he cocked his head back tauntingly, hands palm up as if asking for someone to challenge him. Shoda let out a tired sigh.
“It's not that it isn’t fair, it just o-”
“Don't tell me you scared you’ll lose or something?” Akihito interrupts “Come oon, you can be lazy, but i never figured you for a coward.” Shoda lets out a growl at this.
“No its that stupid rule about the alpha!” He seems to notice you walk back into the camp and realizes he was raising his voice.

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The bathhouse was major draw of Sousato, believed by many to be blessed by the Star Crystal that reaches an underground spring that the bath house pulls its water from. As such, entry was difficult for the general public as people would cram into it at all times of the day. As a guild hunter(soon to be) though you had special treatment. As you entered the bath house you were greeted by a filled waiting room and the bath attendant at the counter beamed a smile at you as she saw you.

“Ah, Mr. Leeson a pleasure to see you.” She give a slight bow as you approach “As I understand it you just returned from your first hunt correct?”
“How did you know?” you couldn't help but voice your surprise.
“Your friend was just here a moment ago had mentioned it. Seemed he had suffered a nasty bruise.” Shoda was the one. Makes sense, he’d have to do some serious explaining to get into the hunter bathhouse. You were all hunters in training but not official licensed hunters, it make using the facility a bit difficult without a proper hunter to vouch for you. Luckily your grandfather was someone who people took note of so as his mentees you and your allies have gained some recognition, you especially.

She led you to the changing and wash room where you cleaned off the day's sweat and dirt in a crowded room of other who were doing the same. Aside from polite greetings no one bothered you. After cleaning yourself you put on a bathrobe and was led to the hunter’s bath, a separate smaller bath from the public one.

The roof had an opening to the evening sky and the smell of calming aromas filled the air. The water was hot, but not scalding, and it tingled as you got in causing your muscles to immediately relax into jelly. You adjusted yourself into the water when you noticed another figure across the bath from you who seemed he might have fallen asleep. Your sure the attendants wouldn't let someone stay too long in the bath, right?

[god bless google docs]

As the knots in your body unfold under the water so to do the ones that muddied your mind. Initiation will be in one week, and who knows what they will throw at you for that. It’s not a lot of time, just enough to get one or two hunts in if you can convince your grandfather to let you. You could also spend that time at the shrine library studying up on potential marks they might have you hunt for initiation, you could probably do some prayers for good luck while you’re there. You’ll talk it over with the rest of your team.

Speaking of them Jorta’s words come back to mind. What was everyone going to do after they were intiated? Akihito was probably going to chase bounties and dangerous monsters for fame and money, he was always looking for a way to get a little extra. Mezetl was always quiet, but he seemed to enjoy the hunt. He might be chase after the biggest hunts he can the thrill of it.Shoda was another mystery, though you can't help but think he’d enjoy the quiet village life. The rumors of another survey team mapping out the wild might also be in his ball park, he was always resourceful and observant and his family would relish the fame of having a son who was on the forefront of new discoveries. But what did you want?

>Becoming a village hunter might be fulfilling and rewarding. People are in need of hunters to protect and expand their homes.
>Big Game hunter, there was a fame and riches to be made and the most exciting hunt to be had.
>Survey Hunter, The unknown is to tantalizing to ignore, new species, new places, maybe even a world changing discovery.
>Can’t decide right now.

[this is not a lock, just some characterizing]

>Big Game hunter, there was a fame and riches to be made and the most exciting hunt to be had.
>Becoming a village hunter might be fulfilling and rewarding. People are in need of hunters to protect and expand their homes.

Sometimes the hunters in the villages are not enough to stop the threat, that's where we go. We are THE cavalry.
>>Survey Hunter, The unknown is to tantalizing to ignore, new species, new places, maybe even a world changing discovery.
Go beyond, plus ultra!
>Becoming a village hunter might be fulfilling and rewarding. People are in need of hunters to protect and expand their homes.
I love me some ballistas

File: IMG_9480.jpg (20 KB, 320x320)
20 KB
Five years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza's armies. Since that day, the Saiyans have acted as the emperor's loyal servents, sent first onto dozens of worlds, exterminating all who oppose Lord Freeza's rule. As mighty conquerors, destroying all who have stood against them, the Saiyans quickly made a name for themselves as some of Freeza's most powerful and loyal subjects.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 736 of the "canon" timeline. You the players, having survived past your "canon" death, are changing history. From here forward your actions may even change the fate of the universe itself.

You are Karn, a Saiyan Brawler with a powerlevel of 31341 and are a leader of your own attack squadron. Your current teammates are:
Prince Vegeta, Meloka, Tunnip, and General Nappa.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn

Quest rules:
>15 minute vote times or first vote to reach 3 votes wins, any ties decided by my roll or second vote at my discretion
>first 3 rolls only, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>Crit fails (1) will count ONLY if no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled within the first 3 rolls
>I can change any of the above at any time, those rules aren't necessarily concrete

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think that while I love how the quest is going, it's going too fast in regards to ssj.

I think that fssj was delivered at a good time, but the real deal was delivered way too soon.
File: IMG_1111.gif (1.17 MB, 320x211)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
I have to agree with this. It did happen way too soon. At the time I felt it was appropriate, with all the energy control training the majority was constantly voting for. Looking back, it was way too soon, and I'm slowing Meloka's full transformation to a more appropriate speed. Unless something terrible happens to speed up that process, and she reacts appropriately, that is.
I think its boring how some of the characters have attacks that are just copies of canon attacks like hellzone grenade or dragon fist.
>least favorite part
I have none
>favorite part
seeing other characters' reactions to the shit we pull off
>favorite enemy/encounter
Godzilla. even though it didn't happen I consider us giving it the finger in Oozaru form to be canon
>most boring encounter
I really didn't like fighting the Hive. really fucking annoying to fight and kill, but they're Xenomorphs so I guess they're working as intended
File: IMG_1083.png (1.63 MB, 1334x750)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
A lot of attacks are from canon sources yes. And I keep the names the same on a few just to cut down on confusion. Other attacks are uniquely ripped straight from other media, like this one. By the way, you've now seen and felt electric energy attacks. Might be possible to recreate, with proper training. Do not try this on the ship please. Guts and I don't want to be stuck on the damn boat.
Come now anon there has to be some complaint.
>other characters' reactions
Oh boy, just wait until you meet back up with Freeza. Or King Vegeta. And the
>Godzilla. even though it didn't happen I consider us giving it the finger in Oozaru form to be canon
Small spoiler: Mecha'll be back, you'll get your chance.
>I really didn't like fighting the Hive.
Anon I have bad news for you.

File: Gotham Poster.jpg (56 KB, 550x850)
56 KB
>The Intro
Hey y'all. If you couldn't tell, this quest will be taking place in the well known DC Comics universe. Here there be gods and monsters, magicians and aliens, and even a clown or two. But bear in mind that due to various time travel related and or multiversal shenanigans, the DC world is ridiculously complex as a whole. So I'll be running a very streamlined version of it. And to be up front about it, it will likely be shaped by my own likes, dislikes, and biases.
Oh, and aforementioned shenanigans won't be making an appearance.

>The Rules
I will write up the life of our young hero Morgan Barret, a high school student who has just begun his career as a superhero in Gotham City as Gray Ghost, you will be given prompts to direct him.
Some things will require a dice roll to determine success or failure or something else entirely. Write In's are absolutely encouraged but I reserve the right to torpedo anything.

The voting period will last 20 minutes after the prompts are given. I will then announce the voting closed and write up the chosen response.

>The Dice
We will be using 1d100 ninety percent of the time here. Best of three. We might use something else when applicable. I'll be running with a loose sort of degrees of success/failure thing here so no real DCs.

>The Pastebin

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
137 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>do you have any powers already picked out
There will be 6 premade powers to select from. All of which are designed to be expanded upon so they'll be plenty of upgrades in the Quest.

>could we form our own superhero group?
Absolutely! There's lots of things to consider in such a venture. Like funding, secrecy and trust within the group, group goals and intentions, how you approach your actions as a group. Let's just say it'd be interesting.

But could we choose the best power of all?

>pic related
File: Jewel City Poster.jpg (311 KB, 1134x680)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
You can't choose to have no powers. It's called Abhuman Quest for a reason.
But one of the origins entitles you to a lot of money so you can go for that if you wish. Still applies to your pic
Yoooo sweet. Is Cybernetic Enhancement available? Like, Technomancy kind of?
Yes, they are. But they are rare and quite expensive and costly to maintain if they aren't top notch.

A couple characters with technopathy already exist and it's not a power listed in your choices

File: planet.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
You are Steve Steverson, a few hours ago you were just your ordinary Fighter Pilot and ladies man. But then you were struck by lightning and this hot old goddess of death sent you to another plane as her hero. Your totes going to get that date but you got sent to the wrong universe.

Which complicates things.

You recently lost your eye to a giant rat who was, according to this bartender, something he summoned that went wild when a "Tameaphone" broke.

Which raises a lot of questions. "What is a tameaphone?" You ask the bartender as the man inspects one of his cleaned glasses.

"Fuck you mean? You records a skill, in this case Tame, put it in a Sirenbox and the box will use the skill around the area. How else will you use magic?"

It appears that magic is music based here... which means your band phase in highschool may actually pay off... once you find a instrument at least.

Either way you have your four brass and the bartender has deigned to give you a list of shops, including a few resturnats you can take Baba to.

>Cogs of war: A equipment shop to get some gear

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sorry man.
File: competition.jpg (9 KB, 274x184)
9 KB
You pat Baba Yaga's hand. "Um... sorry? I don't know what to say I mean.. I cant even get killing rats down right so this is a bit over my head."

Baba nods. "It's fine, I don't expect you to save the world on day one."

"Am I going to have to do that?" You ask as Baba raises a eyebrow.

"Do what?"

"Save the world? Is that a thing expected of me?"

Baba snorts. "What no god no if the world was truly in danger in such a scale we'd save it ourselves. Not even the worst of my sisters are that irresponsible to shunt all their duties to proxies. Your job is just to prove yourself."

You think about that. "So... would I have to fight the other heroes then. To prove Steve is the best and what not?"

Baba tilts her head. "That's a bit aggressive... but some of the heroes are so maybe. But we all picked our heroes for our own reasons. If you want to best them youd have to do it in their own games. Mimire doesn't value violence so even if you do just kick their ass she'd just chalk that up to you being violent not skilled."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Focus on Baba Yaga, and her weirdly younger form your too gentlemanly to bring up
>>Focus on Baba Yaga, and her weirdly younger form your too gentlemanly to bring up
>Focus on Baba Yaga, and her weirdly younger form your too gentlemanly to bring up

File: 1496189038519.gif (7 KB, 500x377)
7 KB
Character sheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WQGRgpc-zFooYJdpJASlkyWbsV3QcagS_MTcPXcgM5o/edit?usp=drivesdk

Thread 7:>>1717880 → #
Thread 8:>>1758219

Quest hours: 8-11pm Pacific time
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You pick up and pocket the goblet and go to the room with the golems you have the priest. The room is locked so you burn through the door and collect the remaining spits, which is only three. After you collect the golems you and Trist find a hotel to stay at. You offer to pay this time to thank Trist for his help. In the morning you eat breakfast and pack up.
>Find another marked to hunt (specify)
>Write in
Let's go to the forest and fight plant man
>tell Trist about plant man
"I know where more marked are. The next one is a naked guy deep in the forest who controls plants, I'm not even sure how human he is anymore; he just grunts and shouts instead of talking and he shoots vines at you if you get close."
"That sounds good, which one of us should take the kill? You had at least one when you meet me so now you're one away from returning and so am I. And how should we attack this guy?"
>Attack head on (roll5d100)
>Have Trist try to lure him out and then attack (roll6d100, 4th is vs 50)
>Try to sneak up on him (6d100 3rd and 6th vs 39 and 20)
>Write own plan of attack (up to 6d100)
>Write in
(Chose person to get kill)
That's it for tonight. And since we're getting near the end of the quest, here's a small spoiler
there are at least three endings
>Write own plan
I can burn away plants to weaken plant man while Trist goes in for the kill, that should be easy enough. How many d100 is that?

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OP.png (484 KB, 590x739)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
You are Captain Kusajishi Riku and it's time for people to stop sitting on the fence. There are only two sides in the battle for the afterlife right now: those who fall in with Aizen Sōsuke and his band of miscreants, and everyone else. This is the day when those who have unwillingly fallen into your custody over the last few months will have to decide which of those two sides they want to stand with. Prisoners of a war between a relative handful of beings with obscene power and hundreds of years worth of prowess, these are the last few holdouts whose positions you need clarified.

And so you find yourself marching towards the purpose-built jail that has served as their prison, hell-bent on getting the answers you need.

The door flies open, light streaming into the dimly-lit space from behind you and startling most of those present with an abrupt crash. Marching down the aisle between two rows of barred doors, you begin to explain the situation as succinctly as you would want were your positions reversed.

“You all knew it would come sooner or later,” you declare firmly, “a day when I would inevitably ask you who you would stand with. When I would ask who you might be willing to die with. That day is today.”

“This is abrupt,” a voice replies testily. “What's changed?”

“Absolutely nothing,” you insist.

“She needs to know where we stand,” a second voice observes.

You nod in agreement, stopping in front of the cell which houses the war-era Sternritter Liltotto Lamperd. “That's correct, miss Lamperd. In order to draw a strategic plan the Seireitei needs to know what assets it can draw upon, and whether any of them may become assets to the enemy...”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Gin_Ichimaru.jpg (103 KB, 1600x889)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Ichimaru Gin has found himself in something of a bad mood.

Training has never been his favorite thing in the world, and after becoming a Captain that trait's only been magnified. That's because most of the people who are strong enough to actually give him an hour or so of entertainment are either just as busy as he is or just aren't any fun at all. And sparring with someone else just defeats the purpose: almost by definition a vastly inferior opponent isn't going to be a challenge, and that leaves all those devious plans and carefully-honed techniques looking a lot more like bullying.

And while a little bit of bullying can be amusing, there is such a thing as taking it too far. Ichimaru Gin is a man who prides himself on toeing that line every day of his life, and has developed a keen sense for when his brand of 'play' just isn't appropriate.

So of course, he's retreated to his shady garden to tend to his fruit trees instead. That's why when the runner finds him, the Captain's first response is to shush the intruder.

“Sir... I...” he begins, only to have Gin raise a single, long finger.

He's staring at a low tree, an old and somewhat scraggly pine, with a pair of clippers in his right hand. “Shhh... I'm thinkin' right now.”

The messenger stands aside for almost a full minute before he tries again. “Captain Ichimaru...”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 56516883_p1.jpg (302 KB, 1405x1895)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Later that afternoon, another visitor finds Gin in the exact same spot, still ogling the old tree in his garden. Unlike the messenger before, Neliel simply takes a seat on the edge of the patio, idly swinging her legs beneath her as she waits for Gin to respond to her presence.

“What do you think about this tree?” he suddenly asks, without bothering to turn his attention from it.

After appraising his work for a few moments, Neliel shrugs. “I think it looks good.”

“You don't know anythin' about bonsai,” Gin observes with a sly grin. “Cause if you did you'd know everythin' about this tree's been done exactly wrong. Each time I've pruned or shaped it over the last five decades I've intentionally done what nobody'd in their right mind would do.”

Neliel shakes her head and frowns. “So you caught me, I haven't had the same chances to attain the 'cultural refinement' you shinigami seem so proud of.”

“Why'd you lie?” Gin asks, his grin widening. “You did it twice, the explicit lie that my poor experiment here 'looks good', and the implicit lie that you know anythin' about what you're looking at in the first place.”

“I...” Neliel begins, seemingly taken aback by the blunt accusation. “I just... didn't want to offend?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The slides are all illustrated with bunnies of course, courtesy of Kuchiki Rukia's 'artistic' talents. After the initial disorientation, Neliel listens carefully as Gin walks her through a very specific thought process.

“See, the thing about tricking people is that consistent success takes a lot of effort,” he explains. “You hafta know what people expect, what they think of you personally, how they think, how they process new information. There's a lotta intricate psychology involved.”

“Which means you've kinda got a natural advantage.”

“In what way, Ichimaru?” Neliel asks, tiring of Gin's playful attitude. “If you intend to explain something to me, then explain it.”

“Everyone knows you're so straight-laced that the mere thought of deception offends you,” Gin continues, the slide behind him changing to show a crowd of vaguely familiar arrancar redrawn as rabbits. “Always seemed to me you treat your 'honor' like it's the sole thing makin' you different from a regular hollow. Which means everyone in the Espada thinks they've got you all figured out.”

“Makes it real easy to pull a fast one on them.”

“You're suggesting they won't see an underhanded tactic coming from me?” Neliel repeats. “That I should play into that?”

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>“Tell me how to do that,” Neliel pleads. Gin yanks down on the bottom of the screen and sends in rolling back up into the overhang with a clatter.

>“That's precisely what miss Riku told me to do,” he grins. “When you can pull a prank on me and get away with it, I'll consider your trainin' complete.”

>“Just a single prank?” Neliel asks in disbelief. “That's it?”

>“Trust me,” Gin insists mischievously. “If you can manage that much, you'll be ready...”

Now I REALLY want to see an omake of Neliel's successful prank.

Gin: rate your satisfaction on mom finding you "the perfect a playmate/pupil" to wage a prank war upon as "legitimate training".
>Gin turns around
>The tree has been re-trimmed
>Gin realizes Riku and Yoruichi did it while he was lecturing Neliel
>He turns to ask if she saw them
>Pie in the face
Training Complete!

File: PlumpQuestTest1.png (353 KB, 660x754)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
In ages long past, the Lussurian Empire spanned the known world. The empire's supreme magical might secured the nation's prosperity for centuries. The nation's opulence grew over time and its citizens became increasingly decadent. Corruption spread, misuse of magic skyrocketed, and in time; the whole of The Empire collapsed under its own weight. Civilization vanished.

One thousand years hence, several countries have since sprung from the ashes, magic seen as a dangerous but necessary tool. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in that fallen empire. Scholars believe that the magic of old may yet be used properly, but lore of those times is all but gone. The ruins of that mighty age still stand, and scholastic fervor has summoned a new profession; the Treasure Hunter.

But the magic of the old empire still lingers in the unexplored ruins, and is dangerous to body and mind.

In more ways than one...
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>>Convince Saturia to wear the dress
>Convince Saturia to wear the dress
"Is it any more embarrassing then what you're wearing now? Or what that might turn into if Molla does another demonstration? At least this can be adjusted for comfort."
File: 1490321935948.jpg (162 KB, 557x830)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Rolled 39 (1d100)

>Holy shit, a drunk giant is throwing dice at us!
We can definitely make our opinions on the dress known, but we should ask her if she'd rather wear that or what she has on now till new clothes can be tailored for her and this embiggening mystery solved.

You are a monster hunter. Recently you have heard reports of unusual deaths in Cragston, a small village in the swamp. Villagers have been going missing at night without a trace.

> Get supplies together.
> Do some research.
> Head to Cragston.
> write in
>Do some research.
From your research, these disappearances have been happening every 13 years in Cragston. It is always 7 deaths. They all appear to be young females.
Ok, let's go rape and kill some young females in the Cragston area and blame it on a monster.
Pack a camera, a few miles of rope, and a knife. Don't forget your trusty canine companion. Might as well bring along the M-1 Abrams, too.
>>Head to Cragston

I'm not afraid!


The word doesn't give justice to the absolute absence of light that's down here.
And yet... what felt alien and hostile not too long ago has become much more gentle, almost soothing really.
For hours on end you've been down here training relentlessly, even if it only felt like a few minutes to you.
But with your new Zanpakuto becoming more and more tired you were forced to take a break.

"Are you ready Marr?"
You ask him.

Let's go."
But as he takes a step forward his legs give out and he falls on his knees.

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File: soul kangz.png (232 KB, 673x420)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
It's a little weird to ask for, but what about the birth of the soul king, and his immediate betrayal by his creators?
That'd be a bit trippy.

And I might need something just a bit stronger than alcohol to write it properly
Try some everclear
Jesus fucking christ!

I just looked up that... thing and WHAT THE FUCK?
Why do you even MAKE such an abomination?!

I had black absinthe once and THAT ravaged my body beyond description.
I'd like to seem some what sort of holidays, festivals, superstitions and other things that hollows culture has developed since it is now a centralized culture. Do they have some sort of Christmas like event or were captain wiggles gives gifts too good hollow boys and girls and for the bad, he leaves the heads for the parents to find the next morning

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