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You are Kazimir Baradlian. Disciple of Ra, an officer of the Cortian Coalition, commander of men, and freshly one of the saviors of the town of Velidec. However that doesn’t really interest you at the moment as you are trough the side streets. A week ago, one of your old friends have been murdered, and with his dying breath asked you to take care of his daughter. The only surviving member of the family.

However the murder of your rival, your following imprisonment, and the impending bombardment of the town have kept you from the fulfillment of this promise. Now, hiding beside a trashcontainer, you aim to correct this neglect.

The location where your troops have been stationed, was mostly centered in the richer part of town, considering that the field HQ used to be the mayor’s house. You have been around here not too long ago, as it was your first destination after freeing yourself from prison. The documents and furniture are still scattered, as the soldiers tried to clear out the place before the Tirian troops arrived.
Luckily you were faster.

You barely take a glance around. Things are as you have left them. You go around the building that took up the barracks. Most of the tents are still around as well. Probably to confuse enemy scouts. A little sleeping bag catches your attention. It was yours. Which is weird since you never use it.
The bag have been taken out from your formally given equipment and used. The pillow is missing.

What could this mean?
>A) Apparently someone stole your stuff
>B) They were so sure in your death that they already started to hand out your belongings
>C) Your adjutant might have done his work after all
>D) Write-in (alternatively where to go next)

Older threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Manus
Discord: https://discord.gg/zhPKrp
>Your adjutant might have done his work after all
We should collect up our stuff if we can; we're going to need it.
Looks can be deceiving, and the look of that puny fatso apparently hid a good soldier beneath. Before your incarceration, you have asked your adjutant to look over your ward while you’ve been gone. He must have took the sleeping bag assigned to you and let the girl use it.

Indeed, upon closer inspection, you find a pair of the smallest sized socks, and pieces of uniform that was possibly available in the entire army. Roughly cut and re-stitched so it would fit an even smaller person.
You’d might have to give out some nail-spanking for the adjutant after this tough.

Pocketing some ammunition, and a spare pistol, you head out and follow the trails. She must have been up and about many times around her little camp, but the freshest ones don’t elude your attention. Especially not because they fit the pattern you thought they would be in.
You start to pick up the pace, not wanting the returning Tirian troops to catch you in their city. You are not sure how well would they take your explanation, but you don’t intend to find out.

The place of your dead friend is almost like the day you have left it. Well not quite. Akov’s men turned the place over trying to find out where you threw Ferlain’s body, so the place is in a bigger mess then it was. Furniture have been turned over, and floorboards have been vandalized. You know however where to go. Up. You have never been to the upper floors before, but you here the movement right away, and know which door you have to take. You know that it’s probably the scared child you have been entrusted by the dying breath of your most faithful comrade. How do you approach things?

>A. Knock on the door
>B. Say something comforting
>C. You have no training for this!
>D. Write-in
>B. Say something comforting
>A. Knock on the door
>B. Say something comforting
>>C. You have no training for this!
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Kazimir wasn’t quite used to the sweet-talking. As many of his peers, he’s been separated from his parents, and been put trough a selection process. However the basic awareness of another person who is going trough loss needing a soft approach did not elude him even so. He walked up to the door, and knocked.

“Hello? Can I come in?”
No answer for a while.
He pushes in the door. It wasn’t barred or locked.

The little room is in similar disarray as downstairs. However only the furniture is all over the place. On the floor, among a collection of clothes, and something resembling of order, sits the little girl. Long brown hair, once-green boots, and a peach coat in surprisingly good condition. Also a gun.
She is there with wide eyes, looking up. She takes the gun off once Kazimir enters. A relieving thing really. Not because of the gun, but because she was holding it so wrong she would have hurt herself it she fired. Provided it was loaded to begin with.

“Mind if I sit down?”
Just a nod, nothing else.
Kazimir does so. He isn’t sure what are the right set of words, but remembers the silent place beside the lake he used to go. Maybe something like that can be done here. Perhaps he has enough water in his flask to make a little pond? How will he get the ducks tough? Or the frogs? The frogs were cool. Although he heard some hearsay that girls don’t like frogs. Which is weird. However before he can continue, the child speaks up.
“You are one of the robes.”
“Huh?” he looks down to his uniform. The infamous coat that all the Cortian officers, whom have earned full-fledged membership to the Cult of Ra wore hanged around his waist. “Oh I...”
“Dad said the robes are big people, and that they are scary, but they are honorable.” she says, going silent and hugging her knee. No words pass between the two for a while.
“Listen. I promised your dad, I’ll take care of you. If you believe you dad, then do you trust me?”
She finally turns to him, eyes are wordless brown pits. Kazimir stands up, and offers her a hand.
“We have to leave. This place will become a warfront, and people will be carried away. I have to stay with you to protect you.”
Another long, expressionless moment. No good, he should have hit a stronger note, but the child probably didn’t go trough formation practice so wouldn’t know what to do with loud and immediate orders, maybe he should just knock her out here? But what if the impact is too weak and she just begins to cry? Oh why it couldn’t be a teenage boy, they can be handled with a few slaps, the Tirians are probably closing in too…
However, before the train of thoughts would settle on an action, the child takes the hand, clutching a doll beneath her other arm, and they leave the room.

How to leave the place?
>A.)Try the sewers
>B) Trough the forest
>C) Meet them head-on and surrender
>D) Write-in

I've gotta go for a bit. Continue in 14 hours!
>Through the forest
>B) Trough the forest
>B) Trough the forest
File: stone-wall-texture.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1280)
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1.04 MB JPG
With his knowledge of the Cortian positions, and an approximate estimation of Tirian movements, Kazimir has the route where they are least likely to meet with either. However they have to take the more risky route within the town’s walls, if they want to cross trough the open filed without any harassment.

Once again, the commander have found himself among Velidec’s streets, keeping to alleys and darker corners. The arriving evening helped both of them. As stranger to the town, he still had to make stops to climb onto vantage points, and re-adjust their course. He did so with some unease every time, but people seldom look up during battle, the townspeople kept to their home, and the girl shown no intent to escape.

“So what’s your name?”
“Well, Evetke...”
“Just Eve.”
“Okay Eve, I am Kazimir. I was your father’s”
“I know.”

Kazimir just stared at the little girl. She couldn’t have been more than twelve, and apparently not in the mood to talk much.
In half an hour, they have reached walls. To avoid troops, they couldn’t pick the gates.

>1d100 best out of three to get trough
>Implying I get 3 players
Best out of 2 will do.
Or one if I have to wait more than 2 hours.
Rolled 76 (1d100)


Us euro Qms have it rough, but you'll get players.
Rolled 4 (1d100)

I'll keep playing. I want to see what the rest of this world is like. Lore dump? A map? I want to make some more i formed votes
File: rope-sliding.jpg (66 KB, 550x412)
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Kazimir looks up to the high temple tower that’s standing close to the wall.
“So how strong are your arms?”
“Nevermind, silly question.“ he says taking off a nearby drying rope “are you afraid of heights?”
She shakes her head in response.
“Good, because we’ll have to go high.”

Five minutes later, Kazimir have had the rope tied to a sign taken form a clothe store's front. Him and Eve have climbed up the rooftop, and the commander was eyeing a flagpole on the wall.
He brought the contraption over his head and started to swing it around, faster and faster. When he let go, the thing flew towards the pole, going around it, and getting stuck to it. After that, he secured the rope on his end, keeping it tight.

The tower was taller than the wall, so the rope went in a sharp degree downwards.
“You ready?” asked the commander, producing a prepared wet rag, throwing it over the rope. “Hold on tight!”
A minute later, anyone who looked up, would have seen a man with black-white robes, slid with dazzling speed towards the ground, being held by a little green-dressed figure by the neck, flailing in the wind like a coat.
The pair have hit the wall’s top half, climbed over, and then after a quick jump, disappeared on the other side. The couple ran trough the open field and got into the forest.

“You feeling fine?”
“Mhm” came the confirming nod
“Brave work soldier” he pat her in the back, trying not to cringe when he called her soldier. “Hey maybe it will make things simpler if I don’t try a different attitude” he thought, not entirely convincing himself.
Now they were in the forest, and the night was already here.

>A. Move in the night, and rest during the day
>B. Camp down for now
>C. Write-in

> A/C

But get some distance from the city first of all.
>A. Move in the night, and rest during the day
Well the map is VIP, but here is what I can reveal now.

>The Cortian Coalition
The "nation" whom you are the part of. They are a collection of kingdoms, cities, dutchies, who have joined under the guidance/leadership of a cult so to speak.

The cult is more about the worship of ideals than dieties, although they are not actively against god worshipping.

Troughout the centuries, they developed lot of goodstanding with the people, and after a series of catastrophies a few centuries back, where they had to extend their help for a long time, people decided that maybe putting them in a position of power would be beneficial.
The first city they have helped out (as in compeltely rebuilt after it was devastated) was Cortia, which later became their capital, and the core of this coalition.

>Cult of Ra
The militaristic cult where Kazimir is from. They raise warriors from a young age, and since they are now in charge of a nation and their armies, they also train them to be officers in the army

>Tirian Republic
Another coalition of kingdoms that decided to come together as well after the Cortian's power started to build up alarmingly.
It is also the first country that is being invaded by the Cortians who's populace are not happy to see them. Usually it's been with very unpopular rulers, or large slave population, who are usually freed after the occupation.

There are other places too, but they will be revealed in time.
I mean WIP as in work in progress, not VIP as in very valuable person's only
allright, give me a d100, best out of 3
Rolled 6 (1d100)

>A. Move in the night, and rest during the day
Rolled 100 (1d100)

Rolled 57 (1d100)

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