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You are Norbert the Head of House Melrose. An ancient House with a history that dates back to the age of heroes itself. After settling some affairs back home you made a risky decision to visit your wife's family in the Reach. Given how the Robert's Rebellion just ended you a Commander on Tywin's War Council may not have been a great idea, but it was a necessary one.

While present you realized a problem. In the heart of chivalry of Westeros your own Knights stood out...and not in a good way. They reeked of blood and war even making the freshly experienced knights look mild in comparison. Most importantly their lack of chivalry, tourney skills, and courtly manner is making them stick out like a sore thumb. While they would certainly trash most of the knights in the battlefield...well your not currently on a battlefield. At least not like the ones you're used to.

On top of that, your wife's family was hit hard. They haven't been doing well for quite some time now but their proximity to the Stormlands and their allegiances cost them greatly. They lost their herds of pristine horses, lands, wealth, and many men to the Rebellion. Currently, the only one who's keeping things together was the youngest brother who came back from Oldtown away from his Maester training to handle things.
the only other brother in law of yours that is still technically alive is on his deathbed and it's looking like he won't survive. His stomach wound had soured and according to the Maester is unlikely to survive as the infection rots his organs. Your Father in Law meanwhile the man who mentored you also fell on the battlefield with his remaining sons.

Your wife unsurprisingly is devastated and your daughter whose reached that age is at the tourney grounds with some knights.Meaning you shouldn't have anything to worry about with her. Your son on the other hand...you really need to find someone who can beat some sense into him. A lot of it.

You were even tempted to hand him off to Lord Slade to take care of it. Knowing he would be extremely good at sadly Lord Slade is also a snake of a man. Which made you reconsider...especially with those daughters of his.

For the first time in a long time, you suddenly find yourself with a surprising amount of free time on your hands. At least until you went to find something to do in this case looking into recruiting some proper knights who could thrive in the Court instead of a battlefield. A challenging task but you're in the best place to look.

Your other consideration was expanding some trade deals in the area. You would have loved to have gotten some horses and other animals. Alas, your In-Laws just lost their remaining grazelands and got their horses taken from them. On top of encountering a threat to their current lands. The close proximity to the Stormlands is really biting them on the ass.

Still with some logistics concerns your cursed with dealing with its time to see what you can find. In the breadbasket of Westeros in you approached the Steward after asking Ser Smolder about some proper courtly Knights compared to your Knights who bath in blood and live for battle.

From the steward, you get a better idea of what the Reach has to offer. Everyone has heard of their vineyards but they also produce vast amounts farms and grazeland. Giving you some ideas on what to go on. Food, leather, booze, and cloth. Probably some medicinal herbs and perfumes if you looked hard enough. Though that would likely require getting closer to Oldtown for the medicinal plants.

There is also the matter of the War Academy present here which you are deeply tempted to borrow or come to think of it the war games your father in law used to do all the time. He even tried to dig himself a lake so he could do ship battles too...

Many people who didn't know him well would have thought him insane, but as his former squire who knew what others didn't. The man was a genius and was a huge influence on your own 'enlightened' ideals, tactics, and strategy. See the infrastructure here that is organized in such a fashion as to create artificial wetlands like in the Riverlands makes you ponder the possibilities of doing the same around your lake...something that he had come up with.

'Artificial flood plains'.
A mad idea of his that he actually went through with. You didn't pay that much attention until you started poking around for trade deals. You took a look at the records of food production...which had vastly increased and the levels of soil exhaustion in the targeted area had declined massively. You would have no idea this place could churn out so much food until you took a look at the records the steward showed you as you considered where to ask around for trade deals. Incredible.

Unfortunately, the amount of work it to get reach this point was vast but...damn was it impressive. Your gonna have to talk with your brother in law about a food deal. Damn shame about those grazelands and horses...but maybe you could help with that.

If you 'borrowed' the war academy and you if left behind some unmarked gold bars(Slade idea and reminded you to bring some with). Would help immensely given the heavy penalties they been wracked with.

OOh, even their wine production has gone up too...damn. According to the records, they are working at full capacity and expansions are a consideration.

The old man clearly left his children a hell of a legacy.

The only problem with shipping it to you is that final stretch over land in the mountains...everywhere else its ocean and rivers. Your gonna need to deal with that when you get back. Fixing that problem will vastly increase the ease of transporting of goods to your House on this side of Westeros. Probably need to expand some streams and roads.

After getting a much better idea of what's available you leave the records for a breath of fresh air as you considered some things. You could potentially profit quite a bit from some deals...particularly from devastated houses like your In Laws. With your surging wealth it would be very profitable to you.

If you went with merchants, on the other hand, they weren't hit as badly and there was the likely loyalist sentiments among them. Your best off with approaching Houses and their stewards/traders directly. Firstly beginning with your dear Brother in Law.

As you recall he was the smartest brother of the bunch and while a bookworm. There was a good reason why he sought to be a Maester. Dealing him won't be easy especially given how he's sunk himself into the house records and matters. More importantly, your wife would probably kill you if you tried to rip her family off.

Still after getting a look at the records which included how much his neighbors were roughly producing. You can't help but acknowledge the old man for his foresight. He's dead and his enemies are still gonna end up weeping in the long run.

Everyone thought he was just a military fanatic...but after seeing those records your view suddenly changed and you got a very different picture. Especially given how your older and most importantly you were directly looking into logistical improvements.

Everyone was too busy laughing at his 'mad' ideas and war obsession to notice much else.
Even if they did how many of them had your ideals and could realize what it was he was up to?

The purposeful flooding of farmland. The madly expansive irrigations to the extreme.The digging of ponds. All of it seemed like madness...

but those artificial floodplains exploded with healthy crops. Those irrigations reached deep and generated a change in the very land itself. Those ponds flourished with fish that were easy to catch.

Those ponds and artificial wetlands also morphed the terrain around his keeps and towns. Making them that much harder to invade.

When he died he was attempting to see how deep he could make the changes go but seemed to be considering how to mess with his grazelands. The ideas he had been working on you saw a bit of it. carefully burning grassland and turning fallow fields into temporary grazeland. Moving the herds into a rotating farm system.

The way he organized it, however, made him seem mad and a war fanatic. You couldn't help but gasp at the genius of it and full of admiration. These ideas...were enlightening, to say the least even for you. Sadly all that you got to see were old records.

Stuff he did in the past...there wasn't much about plans he had for the future within those records. Just some hints as you could see him making preparations.

Maybe that brother in law would have a better idea of what he was up to. You would love to see what he had planned for the future. You pondered all of this as you waited to see your brother in law. Honestly, you weren't that miffed about waiting as you were still quite busy digesting those records and some of those old plans.

Talk with the brother in law make some deals. Probably going to need to visit other Reach Houses to make some deals with given how they are currently being screwed by Robert's Reparations. Great time to do deal-making with them and a great way to introduce your children to the Courts of the realm as well as to see how things are done.

Finally, you got welcomed into the office of your brother in law who looks worn out.

What do you bring up?
>Start with 'borrowing' the war academy
>Ask about what his father was up to before he passed
>Bring up the farming output improvements
>Get straight to business
>His House's current condition
>>Ask about what his father was up to before he passed
>>Bring up the farming output improvements
>His House's current condition
Lets find out what we need to know, If we can im willing to have our wife here for the business
once we know whats up and where he need the help and "above price" to help our in law and borrowing the war academy. along with that.
Sounds good let's do this
"Ah Father? He started to have a strange obsession with herbs, herds, and with ships No wait fish something about 'fish farms'. He always had a ship obsession. You know how he was with his 'obsessions' and peculiarities he forced everyone else to go along with. Especially the commoners. Poor bastards couldn't ever turn him down. How do you think we ended up with such deep ditches and so many frigging ponds? Even stranger still was when he demanded the deep soil to be placed on top of the farms deeper inland."

"Oh yeah and the MERCENARIES AND CRIMINALS goddamn him and his stupid mercs. When the men finally got fed up with him and his endless war games. He even grabbed criminals to play with before giving them to the Blackcloaks. Crazy old coot."

"...Mercenaries?" You asked stupefied at the very image of the grim man playing nice with mercs and criminal scum.

"Yeah hard to believe I know but I swear he grew crazier with age. Probably why he liked Mad King so much."

"Oh really."

"Well you know about those war games right? Well eventually some of the men who attended became sellswords and after those Merc Companies started to form. Even worse was the criminals got into it too. Sure some of them turned around and joined the guard. The rest meanwhile became real bloody pros at what they did or got sent to the Wall."

...my god that genius son of a bitch. He can't...did really...holy shit. Sounds like he also left some shady secrets behind...but with who?

"Well, he can't be all bad. Surely you saw the farm output records?" you attempted to defend the old guy. Yes, he was probably so insane he was actually a genius. Damn shame so few are able to see it like you do.

"Ah...yeah, they have improved greatly. Reminds me of this crazy plan he had with a 'waste disposal facility' he wanted to attach to the sewers, restaurants, and slaughterhouses. He certainly did make some major improvements with farm production and strangely even the fisherman was reporting improvements of their catches. Something to do with the ponds and ditches. The farmers were also happy once they got past the insanity of father's ideas. I mean who even heard of irrigating the land so much it turns nearly into a swamp or purposefully flooding your own farms? It's insane. Even stranger then the plants he had planted in the stuff around the towns and keeps."

"Yeah but it even affected the vineyards output though right? With all those grapes growing even better," you point out.

"It did but do you know he got this bug obsession later in life? Stuff like ladybugs, bees, and wasps. Still, with the vineyards, the extra grape output would have been great if we could have afforded to expand the wineries."

"Surely it aught to help with your House's current condition no? The bounty of food and wine being produced?" You asked carefully.

"Well normally yes but a number of reparations we got hit with are not small thanks to Father's flamboyant loyalty to the Mad King."
"Throw in the loss of grazeland and our best horse herds. We don't have much space to put the rest of the herds and with our heavy troop losses. Well, the enemy is already attempting to see how much more they can rip out of us. After all, people have noticed the condition of our farms. The excuse to take our grazeland and our horses directly was an easy excuse. The rest is harder which is why they're taking their time about it. Mostly the only reason we have been able to hold onto it, to begin with, is due to the loyalty of the smallfolk. Despite our father's...eccentricities the stuff he was up to help them out immensely."

"Most importantly our lands appear to be well managed and very productive. Its harder to come up with legitimate excuses to strip them from us" mutters your brother in law. "Which is what the debt to the Crown is for," he sighs. "Along with our lack of ability to 'protect' our lands due to our weakened forces."

"Oh you saw more then I thought you would," you note surprised.

"I may not be a soldier or a courtier but I know lots," laughs your Brother in Law. "It doesn't help our House has long been decaying. Truthfully our recent recovery of the House mostly has to with the 'insanity' of my Father. He made a lot of friends despite his eccentricities with fellow war fanatics and he was dearly loved by the smallfolk."

"Now however Father is dead along with many of his fellow war fanatics. Those who survived are in no condition to offer a helping hand and the only the smallfolk's love has kept them from complaining about the recent problems...because they know if they do then it will only further screw over our House. However, the merchants are much more willing to complain and the smallfolk's remaining goodwill will only last for so long. Once they do suddenly our enemies will have the excuse they are looking for in taking our rich lands, because we are unable to protect them properly and if that doesn't work...well we can also lose lands due to our debts."

"Hm so, in other words, your House needs everything wealth, soldiers, and political weight," you note realizing you may have underestimated just how bad you're in laws have it.

"I'm afraid so," sighs your brother in law. "But what can I do about it? I need soldiers despite the amount of heat it would bring down. I need political weight to throw around to give my House some much-needed breathing room, and I need the money to pay off the Crown. No matter what we try to do we are being closely watched and the only man who can a damn thing about it is me. The son who was supposed to become a Maester because he was an otherwise useless bookworm. The only other brother I had who isn't dying as we speak took his Vows to the Seven years ago and no longer has the right to inherit. Here I am trying to...to do something. Anything really."

"Well if you're so smart you must have realized your father had ulterior motives with his apparent insanity right?" You point out.
This caught your brother in law off guard as he takes another much closer look at you and your smile.

"...Right i was too young back then to really notice. I have forgotten you were father's...protege. So how much did you know?" He asks gravely.

"He acted the madman because his ideas who were so outlandish they appeared insane. While at the same time doing so would make everyone underestimate him," you say cooly shrugging as you take a gulp of arbor red. "Thing is though he was honestly the smartest man I have ever known. Not even the Maesters had his...insane brilliance. Your the only one who's smart enough to realize it too. Yet you are trying to keep his false identity up...to the worst possible person." now you are laughing.

"Of ALL the people you tried to fool...hahah you chose the one squire of his who knew the truth! I mean come on here your smart enough and have gone through enough of those old records. That alone should of meant you realized what was really going on. Much less is more current projects and future plans. His very office. So tell me truly my 'dearest brother in law'. Everyone knows what your House's 'current condition' is but what is the hidden truth of the matter? What did the man who Knighted and Mentored me have squirreled away for such times?"

By now he was frowning deeply before letting out a loud sigh. "You know I can't really be truthful right?"

"Is it not for the same reason why I should never have come here? Don't worry my excuse is we are just passing through to attend weddings, funerals, and formally introduce my daughter to the Court before her proper debut so she doesn't embarrass us all. So tell me what is your excuse?"

"...Honestly, I don't entirely know everything he had arranged. You now know the real reason why I locked myself in this office and was madly going through the records. See I wasn't supposed to be the sole male heir left. So naturally, I wasn't informed," he admits with a sad chuckle.

"Hm," by now your brow was furrowed. Here you thought he was the emergency backup but if not him then who? "Then who is?"

"That's just the thing, I have no idea. I think my second brother was the one but that doesn't make any sense. While he's a backup yes but he is also the brother meant for commanding armies. He should not have been considered as an emergency backup. Meanwhile it wasn't me nor my priest of an older brother who naturally no longer has the right to inherit."

You were scratching your chin as you pondered before it hit you with those last words 'right to inherit'. That's right this brother wasn't supposed even have inherited! HE was supposed to be a Maester thus had lost that right? Meaning...

"Who would have inherited should you have become a Maester?" You asked suddenly.

"In that case, it would have been uncle's son but they both died. With my sisters wedded off the only one would have been my baby uncle Nick...but that doesn't make any sense. He's the black sheep."
"there should be another sister," you mutter remembering a baby sister of your wife who she didn't know very well.

"Nick or Larissa? She's yet to be married and Nick...well he was father's kid brother. A spoiled prick of a knight who got into a LOT of trouble. I mean he ran across the Narrow Sea just get away from it a few times until things cooled down. Nealy got sent to the Wall a couple times too. Larissa is the youngest in the family and my little sister. That doesn't make any sense."

Well, your brother in law is smart enough to figure things out from the clues left behind, but if there was such a backup which of the two was it? You don't think you missed anything. Unless...if he was so paranoid what if he had a close reason to be even at home? Traitors and spies within...if that is the case which it probably is. He would have been smart enough to leave those kinds of secrets out in the open and his backup. Could very well also be ignorant except for a very simple hint.

'You are surrounded by enemies'.

Suddenly the hidden ramifications of that hit you like a sack of bricks. Even now all these years later...he still figures out a way to teach you a lesson even from beyond the grave. He certainly knew how to plan deeply.

Even if spies were everywhere unless they had your kind of thinking or your brother in laws level of education. Even if they went through every record in the entire Keep they wouldn't be able to see the things you two see.

If there is such a hidden inheritor it would be someone they would least expect or bother to spy upon. Someone they would underestimate. In which case all three of them qualified. Nobody would suspect a young daughter, bookworm wannabe maester, or the black sheep brother. If however, they couldn't figure it out on their own...

He left behind a secret keeper. Someone who knows but was kept a secret all this time.

>roll for memory to see if you can figure it out.

Guesses are good too and the closer they are the bigger the bonus you'll get to your memory roll.

>Also what do
Rolled 2 (1d20)

What are we rolling with?
I genuinely think is was our wife, she seems to be crafty enough. And has the skill set for it. Just don't know if she had these skills early enough for her father to place his trust in her.
Rolled 6, 6, 4 = 16 (3d6)

Only one smart enough to do be trusted with secrets is our wife. Go talk to her.
Rolled 2, 6, 6 = 14 (3d6)

Well if think the brother since he is the black sheep but since I doubt he would also be the person incharge if shit and from what we know wasn't the best person.
Someone he could trust, I could only assume would be someone helping and making sure the future succeeded would be Ser Smolder.
I assume it'll be a 3d6?
Cunning+memory in d6s.
So since your cunning is 4 you get to roll 4 dice but you don't have any specialized Memory dice to add to it.
Rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10 (3d6)

are we rolling 3dice?
Rolled 1, 5, 4, 1 = 11 (4d6)

Well then let see if we don't do worse!
Rolled 6, 5, 3, 6 = 20 (4d6)

Come on brain
As for the guess as to who. I think the brother is likely the person. Since they have the 'right to inherit' and could to do things across sea. I'm not sure how worth it would be to send people over seas to train. We know of that one merc ground who travels. Think our wife has said something about them. So it's possible.

Yet my heart says the our wife. Because the old man probably saw how we let her help with things and gain the experience need to do the plan. Plus those 'friends' of hers.
Rolled 5, 4, 6, 6 = 21 (4d6)

Damn it anons...how the fuck did you manage to roll epic tier rolls?

Even a Faceless Assassin would of been in deep shit with those rolls.
You think hard about what your old mentor and the people that were around that could explain that secret keeper he would have left behind. Its hard though someone like that wouldn't have stuck out. They would be someone you would easily miss but be in close enough proximity.

His wife he talked about their relationship before about having come to some kind of agreement. She focused on the court and he the battlefield. Both would have had need of someone sneaky. Someone who lurked in both their social circles.

A servant...a relatively important servant who wouldn't be out of place talking with them privately. Privately...ahah that's it!

It wasn't a secret office it was a private place! Someplace nobody would suspect...the gardens. You remember those old gardens and the Grounds Keeper.

Both of them would often take walks in the gardens. Both of them would speak with the grounds keeper. You never payed much attention but...some of those groundskeepers, when you were thinking about your House Finances, talked with you about plants. Of them one, in particular, brought up medicinal plants for troop care and poisons. He knew an awful lot about those strange plants...and you recall both him and his wife talking to him an unusual number of times.

The that...that fellow must be the Secret Keeper. He was well educated enough to understand those plans. He was well hidden enough that nobody would ever suspect him. In other words, he is the PERFECT Spymaster!

Realizing this you abruptly grabbed your brother in law and pushed them out. Confused he asked why and you responded with 'Answers I know who we need to talk to.' Following your memory, you headed to the gardens into where the poisonous but beautiful plants are grown and herbs. There you saw an aged groundskeeper tending the plants. The one who you remembered and sure enough here he is.

You approached him carefully painfully well aware this man knew those plots and was frighteningly skilled spymaster.

"Ahem," you coughed and acting strangely polite despite your difference in status. It pays not to piss off the guy who could easily poison you.

"Ah yes my lords what may this old groundskeeper assist you with?" He asks keeping up his disguise.

Your brother in law meanwhile was clearly confused as he turned towards you.

"Drop the act Spymaster of House Ambrosia. Your talk of poisons and this perfect spot to meet discretely with both the old Lord and Lady of the House I have figured you out," you coldly reply carefully making sure Ser Briarheart was close enough to act with ease.

"...I don't know what you're talking about my lord, you must have me mistaken. This House holds no Spymaster and I merely attend to the gardens and keep," he explains with a straight face.

Oh he's good you'll give him credit for that much.
Your wife actually has a lot of friends. While you were busy kicking ass she was busy moving through the courts and the common streets.
"Normally I would believe you but let me be honest here. The one time I had conversation with you knew too much about poisons and medicinal herbs. You met an awful lot with the lord and lady in these quiet gardens discretely. I once you saw dealing with some mercs and gangs in the town when I was young. I thought you were being mugged or paying them off. I didn't really think anything of it. I have seen you deal a few times with the old lord's brat of a brother. Your a pro and i respect that. You also didn't suppose to reveal yourself to my youngest brother in law because he was supposed to be a Maester and hence out of the inheritance. He should never have known."

"However the scenario is not quite according to plan is it? Your the only one who would have gone completely unnoticed by all yet had the knowledge and ability to meet the House Lord as well as lady with perfect discretion. So drop the act so we can get to business about saving this House that you are SWORN to serve," you snarled out.

This finally caused him to cave and he gave you a deep look before bowing respectfully.

"I underestimated the squire who has become a fine lord. Somehow recalling such minor details and realizing who I really am," mutters the Spymaster in amazement. "The old lord would have been most proud."

Your brother in law meanwhile was staring with a gaping mouth at the recent turn of events before sputtering back to life. "But but...how...what....why?"

"It's a long story my Lord. Suffice it to say and not to be mean about. You were never supposed to have known. The lord kept a backup son, an uncle, two cousins, and a daughter in case of such problems. You weren't supposed to be on the list."

"You...you know what he was planning and his secrets now don't you? You...you could have helped with our struggles!"

The spymaster cocks his head and stares at him sharply before speaking. "I already have you whelp. Why do you think they haven't been able to move against us so easily or that your people have yet to be heavily molested? The Lord and Lady knew they couldn't afford to fight fair. To play by the rules and needed to keep an eye upon those who sought to take advantage of a weakened House with such ancient claims. We lost the protection of the greater Houses when the Westeros was united. We were no longer needed to help block invasion by the Stormlands up the river or the Dornish."

"Most troublesome that the one who found me out...was an in Law. No offense intended my Lord."

"None taken, the only reason I got involved is due to my wife and the man who Knighted me," you replied.


"One thing though I need to ask about."

"And that is?"

"Those mad plans of the previous lord. I want to see them in detail. I could use them to improve the condition of my own lands."

"Hm...the records should have what you seek."

"We both know that isn't entirely true."

"...Those plans relate to the espionage, military capacity, and infrastructure."
"Well how about the ones relating to logistics and future infastructure improvements?"

"The Lords idea of logistics...hm. The lord had an idea standardization of gear and equipment, the concentration of materials and manufacturing in select focal points. The concept of using excessive stores that were to be disguised as merchants running their businesses. That during wartime could easily convert themselves into a military supply line and supply caches."

"That...that...is certainly something," you mutter trying to wrap your head around it all.

"As for infrastructure improvement. The lord was planting to create a facility to 'process' waste then use the product to fertilize the fields and feed the fish farms. He was considering the use of controlled burning of grassland and more sophisticated plant rotation. Seeding mechanism and production of herbs to mass produce medicines. He was pondering the possibility of created lineages in animals that are...less valued in order to attempt to maximize some kind of valuable attribute. In the towns he was planning to speak with the guilds for the more organized teaching of recruits and even willing to pay for their apprenticeships of the less fortunate. He was considering drilling in mass the smallfolk both men and women."

"Women are you mad?" You question.

"Crossbows my lord can be just as easily shot by a woman as a man."

...He has you there. "So much of sounds...insane. Even hard for me to wrap my head around it. Some parts I can see through but the rest..."

That was when your brother in law interjected. "I have seen some of the results of his...madness with my own eyes in the records. So I know my father wasn't completely insane but...but how is this going to help me? We need soldiers. We need support in the courts. We need money to pay off the bastard Usurpers...ahem pay for reparations. This is all nice and good but of what use is it for our current straights?" He demanded and questioned desperately looking for some light.

"...My Lord your forgetting something very important."

"Which is?"

"Our History and the smallfolk love. You are also forgetting about those tourney grounds and the fruit they sprouted. Your forgetting your uncle and me."

"Explain." He asks trying to figure it out.

The Spymaster merely sighs before he begins. "Those tourney grounds trained commoners into how to be fighters and redeemed criminals to. They also provided a lure for some men to enlist and others to become mercenaries. The mercenaries established themselves here...and who do you think they owe favors to?


"Now for troops how many knights do you think those tourney grounds attract? How many men do you think we have beat into decent fighters but who have other jobs? How many of them are young enough to consider being traders instead of focusing on some other trade? We have lots of potential recruits my lord. Problem is we don't have the money or gear to equip them thanks to the war."
"However we have those mercs and they owe us favors. Quite a few of them too. The previous Lord allow them to set up shop here and recruit but in exchange...well lets just say it wasn't for free. You freak out about the lack of men in our desperate straights and our enemies think they can pay off the mercs to join them, but they forget of the people who make up those merc companies."

"Their families are here, we trained them here, and we treated them well. They think they can be bribed to turn against us but even if their commanders wanted to they would never be able to convince their men to play along."

"As for support in the Courts you forget our Ancient Prestige and the Claims our House has. it's not a matter of defending but rather of counterattacking. The majority of the whelps thinking of taking us down forget whose lands they squat on and we have the mercs to beat back their attacks."

"We push those claims and suddenly they forced to defend. How can they then even consider to attack us?"

Damn this spymaster is frighteningly good.

"Not to mention our more...shady of assets."

"What assets," he asks.

"Criminals and spies my lord. Some of those unsavory sorts are loyal to our House and we have used that."

"We have...they are but how?"

"An uncle and a cousin. Most importantly our lord was forgiving and willing to help some of those criminal sorts. Taught them skills and forgave their desperation. Some of them left and others chose to repay us."

"They think they can attack us from the shadows or spy on us from them...but the truth is I OWN these shadows in your House's lands. I know of most of the spies and any shady troublemakers here are surrounded."

"So the only problem is...money then. Great."

"Not entirely true I'm afraid my lord," coughs the Spymaster. "See what I merely stated is only good at giving us some time and the lack of money is indeed a problem. Our smallfolk are relatively fat and rich but if we tax them too hard and our lands of plentiful in their production."

"So your saying you don't have any solutions to the money troubles?"

"Not entirely my lord. Tell me how much money did your Lord squirrel away?"

"I know exactly how much."

"No you don't," smiles the Spymaster. "The lord demanded a tax of the certain shady elements and the mercs. A tax that never made to the official records. There was also trading across the Narrow sea which was never officially recorded because good luck finding proof of it. Surely you must have noticed something was off about all that wine being produced yet not all of it was traded in Westeros."

"...How...How much?"

"A lot," smiles the Spymaster. "Most of which was stored in Iron Bank except for a stash that was stored here in case of emergencies."

At this point you were even more impressed.

"Will it fix our debt to the crown then," he happily asks suddenly in good cheer.

"...No afraid not. The amount they demanded of us was truly absurd," sadly sighs the Spymaster.
"That's because they wanna cripple the loyalist Houses as much as possible and use as an excuse to rip the flesh off our very bones," grunted your brother in law. "Damn it." he curses.

"Its enough to finance our new troops my Lord and to help pay off a chunk of it. They won't be able to use it an excuse to rip us off in the short term at least."

"Yeah but it would be suspicious if we suddenly had so much money wouldn't it?"

"Indeed my lord which is what certain merchants are for as in deniable assets and records kept safe by the Iron Bank itself. They may try my Lord but they will fail."

"Still need to come up with the rest of the money," mutters the worn out young bookworm that is your brother in law rubbing his temples.

"That...I am afraid there is no fixing that problem. Quite a bit of your father's future ideas relied upon the existence of herds and grazeland."

"We can convert some of the farmlands no? At least into something."

"We can but it would directly cut into our production. Instead my lord my I suggest massive barns and feed from the farms production instead?"


"Well its like this my Lord. The original idea was massive barns near the town and close to the waste facility. A sort of temporary holding area for animal products and slaughtering, but we might be able to use it as a temporary stopgap until we gain back some grazeland or convert some farmlands."

"...Doesn't sound cheap," frowns your brother in law.

"Oh that is isn't," admits the Spymaster. "The idea of grazeland was obviously to cut down on such costs. Without them, however, we must pay for the housing and feed directly. Most importantly those housing wasn't supposed to be for long term usage. Just a temporary holding area."

"...Tap into the stash funds, Spymaster. I want that waste site built and those herds were taken care of. We also need the money to equip or new forces. We can rely upon the mercs favors until then."

"That can be done my lord. Anything else may I ask?"

"Yes in fact," he replies. "Tell me what do think of boat farms?"

"...Parden?" Asks the Spymaster again.

"Floating Farms placed over the water. With fish beneath probably best to use barges instead of proper ships. Easier that way."

"Uh...I have no idea, my lord. You'll have drawn that up yourself. Your father never thought of something like that. I have no idea how it would even work."

"Suppose so. Just occurred to me in truth. Fish farms...why not farms on top of fish farms or simply the water itself?

What do?
>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)
>Look into those logistical improvements
>Look into the infrastructure improvements
>What's this about township improvements
>Probe about the military/espionage(will require a convince roll)
Rolled 2 (1d6)


>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)

Might as well bring this one up first, since it seems we could help them a lot financially and it would make them grateful and stronger ally later, if we help now.

Plus our wife is from that house and trade is always good.

>Look into those logistical improvements
>Look into the infrastructure improvements

Lets focus on these firsts
File: MC.pdf (3.25 MB, PDF)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PDF
>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)
The trade will be a nice way to mask deals. If we need to offer help later. I believe the Bargain roll will be 5d6 drop the lowest. Assuming the PDF sheet is correct.

After that I agree about Option 2&3. Tho the township improvements could be nice as well.
Rolled 6, 3, 4, 4, 6 = 23 (5d6)

>>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)
>What's this about township improvements
Rolled 2, 3, 4, 6, 4 = 19 (5d6)

>>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)
>>Look into those logistical improvements
>>Look into the infrastructure improvements
Talk about the improments first.
We could look into an "investment" here.
Also we could buy as much of the emergency stash here as we can. With our new found wealth. And make a profit from selling it in our neck of the woods.
That should help with a couple if there problems. A long with renting the academy, send in the shipment of money for the wine with that gold as well. Unmarked
>Look into those logistical improvements
>Look into the infrastructure improvements
>What's this about township improvements
Rolled 5, 5, 3, 4, 4 = 21 (5d6)

>>Time to bring up those trade deals(prepare to roll negotiation rolls)
>>Look into those logistical improvements
>>Look into the infrastructure improvements
>>What's this about township improvements
If I have to drop one it would be township.
>All of them

Each of which are long complex target alone.

...You sons of bitches wanna see just how long a sequence of Genie can go don't you? All of the topics are complicated as fuck.
"Actually simple my Lord its that running water is much harder to farm then still water thanks to the effects of water flow," explains the Spy Master. "Which is why the lord's father decided to stick with ponds."

"Good. I am sure you have to know an awful lot about the interesting logistical improvements and infrastructure yes? Ooh how about the township ones as well? Not to mention I would love to also talk about some business arrangements."

You could see the spymaster's eyes twitch. "All...all of them? Its all quite complicated and-"

"Oh I am sure," you agree. "Which is why I would just LOVE to hear my mentor's ideas about it and hear your own input. I am sure the young lord hee would too given how he is currently digesting the current House circumstances and its records."

The spymaster's face became pale as he mutters under his breath, "Oh lord," before looking back at you two after taking a deep breath before beginning. "As the spymaster the old lord wished to hide his logistical ideas. In this case, we stood up some merchants to provide us with a deniable cover. The old lord's idea was as such. Dual supply lines and stashes."


"Aye my lord. 2 systems working and helping cover for each other's weaknesses. One of them would also double as a sale network for trade goods as in addition to military supplies. Thereby providing the perfect cover. There are many merchants my lord."

"Another idea that the lord failed to set up probably was centralization of materials flow and skilled persons to establish a focused manufacturing center. The idea being to...combine the two and help ensure they work together. Producing supplies and in this case, goods to sell. To help cover for operating costs."

"That would be...very difficult and costly," you interject.

"Aye it was so, but the Lord had to a degree managed it with produce and he was working on animal-based products as well. It was ongoing work in progress. After that there was another idea. Standardization."


"Yes my lord. Certainly you have noticed how poorly put together the equipment the troops use yes? How strung out supply lines are and difficulty in finding the stuff that fits the right specifications?"

"Very unfortunately."

"Imagine if you will...everyone shared the same standard. It was all uniform. How much would that simplify repairs, replacements, and resupplying?"

"Immensely but there is no way you would get everyone on board with their trade secrets and loss of profits."
"Exactly the situation. Which is why the old lord focused on acquiring sources he owned so he could force them to standardize to one specification. He forced the men to use the same kind of gear and purchases were kept uniform to make it easier for the merchants to regularly supply it all regularly and on time."

"To a degree, it worked but it was a project in the works so to speak. Very costly setting up those centers and acquiring the necessary talents."

"What about supply lines? The idea of creating two of them. One of which is disguised as merchants no? How would that work exactly?" You ask.

"Merchants are actually owned and operated by the House. We need them, however, to keep people from realizing that fact and while there is an official supply lines. Storehouses, imagine if there was an entirely different one working together with that one to run supplies? It was the only largescale idea the old lord had for supply lines."

"So there were others?"

"Failures and small scale fixes. We successfully inputted the secondary supply lines through using some merchants under our control. I had a lot to deal with it in order to ensure maximum secrecy."

"Hm...I see to control so many sources of material and manufacturing seems like madness. Definitely an idea he would have. The dual supply lines one of them disguised as merchants is ingenious but tricky. Then there is the standardization...very difficult to ensure and costly. All works in progress. Was there anything he completed," you asked.

"Heh aye you noticed how deep those watering ditches are? Enough to fit small boats to carry cargo down to the river. All this food production and animal herds. The growing herbal gardens the only material the lord lacked was metals. The old lord was working on handling the animal products. The dual supply lines while untested at the time were developed and used to supply trade goods instead of military supplies. Not to mention the development of those wetlands. You should know how difficult wetlands are to deal with for invading forces and they all surround the towns and Keeps with lots of sources of smallscale flowing water. The old lord had actually accomplished quite a lot."

"Yet the majority of it is disguised as side effects of his lunacy," bitterly mentions the young in law.

"It was both an act and not an act," admits the Spymaster. "From people watching he appeared mad, but those in the action realized it was actually quite brilliant."

"Was there any easy logistical improvements," you couldn't help but ask after getting a headache considering the others.

"Standardizing the gear and spares. Making a deal with a trusted merchant to help deliver supplies according to your route and to meet the standardizations. Construction of roads and ships to help move both men and supplies. The smaller stuff really but it adds up which is why it can take so long to properly arrange it all."
"Then what of infrastructure improvements?"

"Had to do with one of the four following, defense, transportation, producing, and manufacturing. In this case those extensive irrigations enhanced production and defense by turning the land rather treacherous but very productive."

"The idea of the old lord was to improve how the water, land, and settlements worked. Enhancing the land to increase yields and decrease depletion. To provide more water and find other uses for it. To better handle the twin towns and keeps. In this case, the Lord created a massive and extensive irrigation system. A large scale means of dealing with depletion with more than just fallow fields and patience. Improving transport through more than just roads. Ensuring some of those watering ditches were large enough boats could be used. Greatly enhancing transport."

"There was also the idea of moats and canals. Most importantly the old lord grew curious about the edible aquatic plants and fish. Along with other possible uses for water beside watering crops, fishing, and transport."

"Things get more complex however when we consider the Twin Towns and the Keeps. They are so very old and people are not so simple. The old lord went through a lot of trouble considering them. He eventually settled on making the commoners more useful, greater food availability, more jobs, and better transport. Canals into the towns were old and poorly made. He intended to redo them."

"Most unusual was his concepts of digging down."

"Digging down?" Asks your brother in law.

"Aye besides the sewers well. He wanted more than just underground tunnels and cellars. To save more land for farming and for defenses he wanted to consider something more."

"In other words his idea of infastructure development was transportation, defenses, and increased production?"

"More or less," confirms the Spymaster shrugging. "it does get rather complicated though. He had quite the thing for digging deep into the earth. Despite the lack of minerals in the Reach it never stopped his love for it."

Sounds like a long lost Westerlander...

"What of his ideas improving the towns and Keeps?"

"He helped pay for the education of apprentices learning trades. He drilled the common folk into learning how to fight. Even the women got to learn how to shoot a crossbow. Serious improvements besides those came in the digging of old canals and digging beneath the buildings. Establishing deep cellars and even connected them by tunnels. 'For winter and siege' he explained. His ongoing underground project was some rather large 'open' areas underground to create some larger structures and proper 'streets' instead of tunnels. Mad I know but he was serious about it. Besides that he was buying up parts of the town to renovate or demolish."
The trading so going to be done?
I like what the old man did. Setting up shops making them our supply lines and putting them on certain routes to deliver our goods.
Roads are a must anyway. An underground city would be a huge undertaking.
But making canals/water ponds and roads would put our people to work atleast anyone not busy. Providing jobs to the poor. Also increase our food production and long term our law since they would arrive to their places faster, while putting our troops to use patrolling the roads.
Paying for 2 apprentices for every trade from the best we have in our town seems like an amazing idea. Try and set up a contract where they must serve x amount if years from that.
The trading I'm guessing is how well we can think of a trade since "winning" here is not by how much we can take from our in law but rather the best deal for both thinking of a possible trade he didn't even know he had or investing and such, right?
Hey, does anyone here have the Game of Thrones Edition of the Campaign Setting Book? Apparently, it has updated stats for characters.
"Besides that, he also reorganized the market areas into proper bazaars. Along with reorganizing the guild and shop locations. Mostly in terms of expansions within the town. There are such things now as Weaver Street which is full of weavers. Another place called Brewer's Alley which is full of breweries. The old shops and businesses are still there. The old lord merely encouraged the relocation of certain businesses and planned for future expansions of the towns. Not particularly big townships upgrades but it mostly came down to reorganizing and making deals with the Guilds."

"Ah wait there was one peculiar investment he did. He bought up large areas of the poor living areas and built large ordered fortified structures there. Divided into a bunch of little compartments and rented them back to the poor."

"For what purpose," you asked finding it hard to see any reason to bother.

"Well besides making room it also provided them a much safer/cleaner place of residence that was easy to fortify and protect. Ridding cramped poorly made hovels, lack of sewers, and tight streets. While the income is quite modest, to say the least. It helped a great deal in opening up space and keep the poor satisfied with proper homes."

"Hm so he came up with planned expansions, repairing old infrastructure, and reorganizing the previous sprawl of the towns?" You ask as you think about your own lands lack proper settlements much less organized ones and very old infrastructure that probably needs some work done that was forgotten about.

"More or less. With a few proper facilities being purchased that is what it mostly came down to," agrees the spymaster. "There were things like entertainment as well."


"Aye. The people grew fat, had plenty of food and drink. Military improved with the training of the smallfolk and reorganizing of the guard system. The problem was there was very little entertainment. More people turned to crimes and frowned upon hobbies like gambling as well as excessive whoring. When the lord realized this was causing a crime wave we had quite the problem to deal with. Especially as the guards became corrupted from boredom as well and in addition to the bribes relating to the new crime wave."

"What's this about reorganizing the guards and military? A crime wave how did you get so involved with it?"

"Frankly my Lord crime is the single greatest friend of espionage. I already mentioned a bit about the reorganizing through standardization and large-scale training/ fake battles in the modified tourney fields as well as the military academy. Most of the big reorganizing actually came in the formation of proper militias, troops that could be raised easily in times of war, and the modifying of the guard system. In this case proper training, practice drills relating to different scenarios like plague, fire, and the like. Most importantly was teaching them some proper manners and basics about the Law."
"In addition, we later were forced to focus heavily on the problem of corruption. Especially once we found it rooted in lower nobles and even the Clergy. In addition to purges within our own rank and guard. Naturally, it didn't make the Lord popular among the noble circles but the stricter higher ranking Clergy smiled upon him offering them their blessings for his harsh stance."

"Overall the Old Lord learned to invest in the smallfolk, merchants, and clergy. Learning the importance of not just stressing solely upon the military and fellow nobles. He made sure there was safer homes, more food, better sources of money, and drink. Even invested in their children to help them learn trades even the poor. So they wouldn't have to rely on crime, military services, or brutal hard labor for their children. Whom would be able to live better lives than they. Especially important among the poor, but even the middle class appreciated the old lord helping to pay for their children's apprenticeships. The rich meanwhile had no such problems but even they appreciated the wealth the lords often insane ideas frequently churned out for them. Even they were ultimately pleased."

"The lord invested in businesses and shops. Forging longterm contracts and even assisting them in moving to better organize the towns. Often done through investing some wealth into the various businesses in exchange for certain benefits."

"For the Clergy his reaction against crime and corruption drew some favor. While at the same time he donated more than just wealth but materials and expanded the Septs in both towns. Which while the more...corrupt clergy didn't appreciate the 'materials' those who swore vows of poverty smiled upon it. Even the clergy longing for finer things enjoyed the Sept expansions in both towns."

"For the township investments, it was less about building up the towns and more about using what was already there. The people, old preexisting infrastructure, and space," finally finishes the spymaster with a strange wheeze.

"You still haven't told me about the anti crime and corruption measures inside towns. I am familiar with the crushing of bandits but inside towns is something that I have little experience in," you point out.

"..." the spymaster sighs before beginning again. "At first the lord sought to crush it but noticing that crushing only one gambling den or whorehouse always resulted in new ones arising. That busting criminals and spies meant others merely took their place. The Old Lord realized it was futile but didn't want to give up. Instead, he thought long and hard about what he could do about it."

"And how did that go?" Your younger brother in law asked.

"Rehabilitating criminals to make a change in their ways, destroying the reasons behind the crime, and attempting to get a handle on that which could not be destroyed. Underground Pit Fighters, for instance, were welcomed into the Military to fight properly in the light."
"To prevent poverty the Lord invested in the Poor. Granting them better lives and more wealth. He chased after reason why and how to stop it. With mixed results unfortunately."

"Mixed how so?"

"There is no stopping crime completely," sighs the Spymaster again. "Especially when there are enemies who are investing in making sure the crimes flourished and trouble brewed as much as possible. We soon stumbled upon the ghosts of the House in its great decline and enemies invested in our misery. Then there were things that couldn't be stopped completely. Like thievery, gambling, and whoring."

"Not to mention the bored smallfolk who were much more inclined to cause trouble and with troublemakers to get them riled up. We soon encountered a real big problem."

"One so large in fact the Old Lord had no choice but to backpedal and compromise. Having to allow whorehouses and gambling dens to flourish. To come up with other sources of entertainment for the small folk so they wouldn't cause as much trouble. The problem was this action didn't please the hard lining Clergy and it gave the Corruption along with the old Decline within the House a place to flourish."

"Even so the Lord relied heavily upon my services and certain espionage of our own to help. While at the same cracking down what crime and corruption that he could. While coming up with additional avenues of entertainment. To such degree that games were held regularly in the tourney field and battlegrounds. Legalized Arenas flourished with voluntary fighters and animal fights. A House of mummers was built, even an art show was organized, and more bars/restaurants were opened as well."

"Finally things began to calm down...but well it was only peaceful on the surface I am afraid. Beneath it...problems just kept on boiling up endlessly. The Court here is unusually busy but particularly vicious when you add everything together. Which runs quite contrary to the Status of our House I'm afraid."

Depends on what kind of trade deals are you interested in exactly? Besides the obvious food and booze. Is there anything else you want? Perhaps something to help with logistics of yours temporarily?

>Gonna need some trade deal ideas anons.
Well the obvious were we profit being food and booze to use or resell.
Adding into that the academy to get some good from it. Now things like help with logistics. If possible that would be great. Would we be buying some plans or expert builders and such? In which way could they offer support?
What are things we know our bro in law can offer? Other than food and drinks? Anything in particular that we lack? An excess of laborers? Anything else they have more than they know what to do with that we could turn around and sell at a profit? Any experts we could make use of for a while?
The only acclaimed Master here is an architect whose been kept busy by the Old Lord(since he died he's finally had a break once he finishes up is old assignments and given how the House is broke he won't have much to do). If you want you could request his services or maybe a copy of his blueprints for something or another.

Besides that there are some growing guilds which may provide some experts. However, there is no Masters among them except the Architect.

There are indeed a good amount of expert builders present in these towns. They have worked land development, infrastructure, housing, workshops, and defenses.

There is also an Elite Combat Engineer troop present known as the 'Fast Bastards' Actual name Twin Keeps Engineer Corps. They are kept busy maintaining the siege equipment, defenses, and most of all absorbed in setting up the 'battlegrounds' with fortifications or deconstructing them.

House Ambrosia maintains a vigorous fishing, excellent agriculture, and the skilled craftsmen to take advantage of the materials those two provide. Plenty of linens and cotton cloth is made here. Lots of brewing, pickling, curing, and drying as well. There are even fields of herbs both edible and medicinal are grown here as well. Including medicines made by herbalists and Dentists. While not as good as Old Town sourced herbs and medicines they do have a presence here. Mostly for patching up the combatants in the games who beat the crap out of each other. Usually in mass. Surprisingly enough the towns actually have a thriving Medicinal industry and many farmers have been converting some of their fields to grow the herbs they require.

Outside of gold, honey, and oranges yup you're quite lacking.

Your pop indicates you have the laborers they are just entirely unskilled outside of Mining given the lack of industry.

Besides the obvious food and drink. They also produce a lot of cloth, ceramics, bricks, and medicine. Leather and other animal products used to be common as well, but losing the grazing lands hit that rather hard. If they recover enough they will be back on the table that or when they get the time to convert some of the farms back into grazeland.

Unlike you, however, they are entirely lacking in metals and lumber. They DO have however get a lot of lumber shipped downriver to them by some Stormland houses upriver. To a lesser degree metals are also included in the Dornish Marches, but obviously, they get shipped quite aways and aren't very cheap. Obviously, you got a lot of good which they are lacking thanks to the Reparations which made them go broke like many Loyalist Houses.

Laborer wise most of their population unlike yours are concentrated in the twin towns. Those who don't live in town live on farms or are herders.

They have expert weavers, brewers, chefs, herbalists, Medicine Makers, farmers, breeders, engineers, builders, diggers, bakers, butchers, fishers, clerks, merchants, potters, brickmakers, and the like.
Well I'd say we have the architect brought over have him look at our land and draw up some blue prints, on things we may need. Like having him look at the poor and setting up the same thing he did with the old lord but with experience fix any mistakes he see's now in hindsight. Bigger and better. We could also put him to use designing where we could use infrastructure upgrades.
And I am sure we could pay a nice some of money to have some spare experts move to our town, setting them up nice and leaving our in law some nice change for each one. Any one he doesn't really need and is willing don't want to ruin/slow down his future/rebuilding efforts in the process

Also have our wife and any one in the party we brought along give us any ideas on the products that sell well or even make a profit. We could buy it, and resell anything slowly but surely at higher prices or trade for better goods back home.
We could even set up a bartering trade for these items and we trade our metals they are in need of for a fair price. Since it seems they might be in need and are likely getting the shit end of the stick on a metals deal.
So really just rent any experts we may need providing for them, and paying our in law some thank you cash as thanks for letting it happen. Breeders and farmers and such so our people will have people to learn more diverse skills from. And letting any stay that he is fine with.
And regular trades involving foods and drinks and any other exotic goods that we can sell. I say we cover any upfront costs to the trading, and we get a monopoly on certain goods. Our wife shouldn't have an issue with that since we will cover the upfront costs and be paying a fair price as well as providing good her brothers house needs.
Also see about purchasing seeds for medicines and edible herbs and other exotic plants see if we can grow them our selves.
I see these things a repayment to the old lord for everything he has given us and as thanks for the help they provided in our time of need. Least we can do is provide the funds and materials they need while also profiting.

Also what exactly does having access to the academy mean short term for us?
Now the issue is, could we do all these things with out backlash? As in since they were loyalist would we receive a lot of criticism from Tywin, for our helping our family? If it's not much I say we set up a strong "defense" of our trade ships so we regularly have troops in and out of our brothers lands that way people rethink "destroying bandits" on their territories only to be pushed into our brothers. And things of that nature.
With ther lack of money they have, we could provide work for a bunch of our people and of our brothers. And once they are done the experts we could send them back one by one as they finish their work. So they are providing for their families and more importantly not being unhappy in our brothers land cause there is nothing to do & his family starves.
I agree with the trade we didn't get a 21 bit I think we got a 20 so even with the brother negotiating he would have to get an almost perfect roll to make us lose money on this deal. And be shitty person too.
Seems like we should be able to trade for those things with our wealth. And our regular income. We just have to set up new trades with our new goods. But I'm sure we will find buyers hopefully ones with a huge demand and lost of wealth.
And if that happens we can really focus on things like buying our son his way into an amazing squire for someone that's good at cunning and amazing at tourneys and fighting from a great house or some shit.
As well as an awesome dowry to get our little girl into a greater house to set us up better politically. Earning our way into a decent modeling house. That isn't doing all the grunt work.
I like what a lot of what the others are asking for. I want to add in getting teachers. Since we need people trained up for growing our industry.
Well hopefully it gets updated tonight.

Genie, you have me committed to this quest. lol
I am loving he thought you put into your posts and the research that you have clearly put in time to make sure things really connect.
If It helps I promise to try to do less info dumps so we can move the story along faster. I do enjoy them though your well thought out posts and plot
Keep in mind what Lord Slade advised you about. Nobody can trace unmarked gold bars also you had a long term trade deal with them already. Mostly in the form of expensive fine wines. Your father or you never thought to make deals relating to far less valuable materials. Thinner profit margins which are largely why you ignored it but they can be very beneficial to your logistics.

The closest things to 'exotic' are just their medicines which they obviously have a lot of need for due to the war games.

Short term it means whatever units you raise or retrain gain the benefits of the War Academy meaning you convert 1 wealth to 1 power directly. However, there is rent required for borrowing the academy.

As for due to it being your In Laws you have a decent enough excuse. The bigger problem isn't Tywin but actually the Houses who rebelled and the Loyalists. You have to remember there was bad blood between them even during the time of the Book series and this time is right after the rebellion. So the bad blood is fresh indeed and the loyalist houses are currently being suppressed. The loyalists will look favorably upon the those who help them but the rebels will frown upon it. Tywin meanwhile trusts you enough to be a Commander and have the right to possess a large army. The bigger problem is actually Tywin's view of your successor. Your loyalty proving dates back to the day when you escaped Castemere and most recently you were among the first to sack King's Landing and know quite a bit about what went down in the Red Keep. Then there is your long career as a Commander stepping on people.

You helping your in laws out isn't something Tywin can frown about given his love of cooperating Houses and your history.

Keep in mind previously you were largely unknown in Westeros outside the Westerlands where you became infamous for being one of the ass kickers under House Lannister. You stepped upon the big stage when you became known for being one of THEE main people in charge of the Sack of King's Landing. Suffice it to say but the Stark's despise you and the Dornish downright hate you(for surprisingly good reasons actually). The only thing that saved you from the deep despise of the Reach was solely your marriage to your wife who is a Reach woman. You showing up to help your wife's family is also earning you some major favor in the Reach. So while some of them may dislike you still and frown internally. Most of them won't dare be open about it because despite your loyalties during the War you still came down to help her family. After all right now is when the Reach is currently hurting real bad from the War especially with Robert while 'forgiving' them still slapped them with penalties and reparations. Not to mention the Stormlands taking advantage of the current situation to trouble their neighbors.
As for monopolies, your House possesses the monopoly on the legendary Ambrosia Wines in the Westerlands. Only House Ambrosia is able to manufacture their legendary fine wines since nobody else has been able to figure out what makes their wine so special. Over the long millennia their wine has slowly become less popular. Mostly due to the increase in the competition who made their own fine wines to compete against them. Still, Ambrosia drinks still maintain quite a following even across the Narrow Sea the Ambrosia wines are considered among the very best of Arbor Reds. Less well known is the fact that their beer and mead is also quite good. Along with other fine liquors, however, only their Wine is legendary.

Acquiring a monopoly of their other goods is far easier said than done as competition is intense. Even their medicine production can't really compete with the likes of Old Town with the backing of the Citadel directly. They're more like a knockoff for the common people because only really the nobles are really able to afford the Maester quality goodness.

They aren't the only ones growing a lot of food or brewing a lot of booze. Much less making a lot of cloth. It's a very common industry and the profits are much slimmer given it's leaning towards for the common masses. Eve in terms of production the Reach gets competition from the Riverlands and the river lands have the advantage of tons of waterways.

House Ambrosia has accepted this fact and the Old Lord had bought out some merchants and backed the forming of guilds. Including the quite peculiar 'farmers' and fishers guild. Who help ensure fair prices and good quality along with backing their members.

Basically the only really valuable/exotic product is their wines. Particularly the legendary Ambrosia line of drinks. The only one of which that is still popular is the red wines.

Everything else is pretty much bulk products. Food, drink, cloth, and medicine. Once they get their current situation solved leather and animal products will be back on the menu in bulk.

Their food is known for...well lots of it and good quality. Same is true for their drinks.

Medicine isn't as good as old town medicine but most importantly is surprisingly affordable and available in large amounts(those war games are no joke yo). Especially as people who took part in the games grew fond of the surprisingly high quality yet afforable medicines that were available here.

Their cloth and formerly the leather whose production is currently troubled while not legendary. Is known for its tough versatile nature thanks to the hard work of the weavers who figured out a way to reinforce their work. Their clothing is thicker and tougher then you would normally suspect, but also a bit pricier.

The only large scale customers you can expect to find are merchants or stranger nobles like yourself.

Actually the experts of the town are their most valuable asset outside of the wineries and river.
The old lords of organizing and establishing all sorts of guilds have finally started to bear some serious fruit. Not to mention all the work he's done that made people seriously question his sanity.

After all who the fuck ever heard of a farmers guild or water tourney ground? Among many other mad ideas of his.

His builders in the town are experts at what they do now especially once the Master Architect showed up to guide them. Throw in those insanely good Combat Engineers with their quick forts and rapid deconstruction for the War Games. Ensured that they are great.

The heavy investing in the land production has resulted in rich surprisingly well educated and organized farmers. Who are really starting to know what they are doing. Even the fishers aren't missing out on the peculiar idea of using the artificial ponds and irrigations to also provide fish.

Even the craftsman have been carefully organized by the old lord who helped support them in forming guilds and he started to work with the artists and entertainers to get them situated as well. From expert chefs to weavers and other tradesmen. Have established themselves well and are currently trying to form largescale guilds for themselves.

But thanks to the House going broke that won't be happening anytime soon. So they are just small and organized.

The problem with the experts is that there really aren't a whole lot of them. If there were the Old Lord wouldn't have bothered with paying for apprenticeships. Not to mention while they formed small guilds they aren't really that well developed. Not to mention your land is very different from what the Reach is like. Not to mention even if they went with you...what are they going to do exactly?

The only things your land has is bees, oranges, and metal. It's not like there is a great blacksmith guild for the same reason. Keep in mind the old lord while eccentric was quite popular.

The Master Architect meanwhile was so skilled he cost the amount it takes to create a large powerful guild. He is naturally a very valuable person who is key to many of the Old Lord's plans. Getting some plans from him is one thing but borrowing is a whole other. Much less keeping him...
Well even with all our planned upgrades. Im sure we could afford to stock pile cloths and medicines. Providing cheaper cloths for our people and our army having less loss of life is always good. An expert weaver to stay on pur lands would be great either out right moving or staying for a bit enough to take some apprentices and for them to learn enough so they improve on their own.
Now the architect I feel like we should get at all costs. And the academy for sure as well.
We need hi. To come to our lands so we can maximize the most of our infrastructure. And provide work for any day to day labourers. Building more roads and the peasant buildings with sewer systems and possible water ditch with potentially better designed mines.
We can chat about all this while on the boat ride back and have him look at our lands and draw up plans. Once he is done he goes back. Once we have that done.
I would also say we figure out how to possibly plant a small field of medicine and bring back 1-3 knowledge farmers from the farmers guild. To figure out how to make the most of our lands. Even with it being a completely new land/soil experience should help.
And ofcourse the wine we can take as much as they want to offer of all of their production.i say We atleast get 25% of it all to resell in our neck of the woods. We have to profit some how.
I feel like this is all a good plan. And are good trade demands any else would be fine.
The consistency kinda sucks tho..
Question. I've not had much luck finding building limit on lands. I want to know what we can add? Since it would be good to follow the standardization going on. We can get some bulk goods to get started and build up the infrastructure in our lands. That gives the builders something to do and adds new jobs. From there we can try the entertainment rout to help our low law rating. If we can get meds like they have here. We can start our own fighting area.
Normally I am lot better about that sorta thing but these past few weeks have been complete shit for me.

Depends on how much 'space' it will take up. It is for instance a lot easier to fit multiple mines on a piece of land due to them going underground then grazeland due to the space restraints. You only have one surface area to put stuff but there is a lot more space beneath it. Which is why its possible to fit multiple mines much more easily then say grazeland stacked together on a single realm. There is only so much space to go around.

Settlements and fortifications are somewhat able to get around this by being considered their own small domain to put stuff.
Yeah, Colosseum level shit. Would be good keeps them entertained and we could also tax it. Just don't know how that would be looked at in the eyes of the faithful. But I agree an arena would work. For most entertainment issues. But I believe we are far from that issue.
We should also look into a national park of sorts, or just like a huge garden where people can socialize. Don't know how much either would help but still a public work that would keep them busy and keep many/some entertained.
>one surface area
Hm I guess we better pick the best option for us then. Since we have metals as a resource. I assuming making a guild or up scaling a smith will fit nicely. Then will new lands we can start cotton or animal farms for cloths and armor.

Speaking of space. Is our lake good enough for ship battles? I kinda want to see if we can attempt what the old man was doing.

Anything is a start. Us giving back to the people will help keep their trust and make it harder for people to do espionage.
We should also ask the spy expert about setting up a valuable network. Possibly using some of his contacts. With our trusted people.
After this trade if we get the chance.
"I trust you have some special records and the plans written down," you asked.

"The both of us would just LOVE to see them." Finishes your brother in law in surprising sync with you.

"There are only two of them," explains the Spymaster. "The one that was previously the Lord's wasn't kept in his office or records and when he passed it was up to me to...misplace them. The only other one in existence is in the possession of the Master Architect Henry Bricker. After all, someone had to see the plans and ideas to figure out how to build them properly."

"What about those...'misplaced' ones?" You ask frowning.

"Well after the old Lord's death I was ordered not to take them out until things settled down, as he didn't trust there to NOT be some issues when the new Head took over, sorry my Lords but I can't take them out yet."

"What about the Master Architect's copies then?" Asks your brother in law.

"I don't know where he hid them, the man's trade secrets are his most guarded and they counted as one of them. Not even I am entirely certain on where he stores them and well he's not about to take them out easily. However, the stuff he's currently working on should be in his office. As for the others, I don't know where he hid them."

"In that case there will be the fish farms, tunneling, and deep inland irrigation system along with some of the in town infrastructure," mutters your brother in law. "Stuff like the guild HQ's and work sites along with a few other facilities."

"Oh you...you actually know about most of them," mutters the spymaster in surprise.

"Only now the House is broke thanks to the Reparations...what does the Architect think about that?" he suddenly asks.

"Well your father was smart. He paid for everything upfront except for unexpected problems that crop up. Yet arranged for a fund to serve for such situations."

Easily. Technically according to the rules even ponds count.

The biggest problem of getting a good espionage system going is trust. Norbert largely focused on his military instead. Relying upon Lord Wallace Slade his ally and your wife for espionage assistance.

Its ultimately the reason why your having such a big problem with your neighbors. They know they can't outright fight you House to House given your large military and status as a Lannister Commander. Instead, they focused on fucking with you within the shadows. House Walker fucked up in that they finally gave you the excuse you needed to go in and kick their ass with your large military. As it turned out they were very smart about screwing people over but one of their untied strings came back around to strangle them to death(see Ser Falkner and Co.) you provided you with the charges and proof you need.

Right now they don't have any idea what's coming to them in the not so distant future. Especially since Slade had passed through on his way to Essos and helped you arrange everything even giving you advice about your in laws.
"Which means all the curent ones are covered already...what about the future ones?" He continues.

"Not all the future expenses were yet paid for, but some of them were. Its just the work on them hasn't started yet. The money is stashed in the Investment Fund."

"Which you haven't brought up because you are afraid I am going to drain it to pay off debts," he accuses causing the spymaster to flinch.

"The old lord was adamant in that the fund wasn't to be touched by anything but investing. The people who can draw funds from it are a very short list and unfortunately my lord you aren't on it."

Boom just dropped something big. As you saw the spymaster suddenly shrink back away from the increasingly listless yet angry young lordling.

"...Is there any funds I can touch then," he asks. "That I probably don't know about because they obviously weren't in the House Accounts.

"Well yes, actually you can also tap into the Education and War fund. The Old Lord stated the war fund after the war was to be used to rebuild the forces and helped pay off certain losses. Which the reparations count as. Meanwhile, thanks to you wishing to become a Maester...the lord set out some money asset just for someone like you or did you think that awfully large 'allowance' was just for fun?" teases the spymaster. "To be honest if you hadn't gone off to try and be a Maester. We would never have thought of helping smallfolk pay for apprenticeships from the guilds in the first place, but when the Lord was considering to pay for your studies in place of giving you arms, armor, a horse, and a squiring under a Knight instead he caved and paid extra."

"...Wait a second are you telling me my sister got the same treatment who ran off to be a trader?" He suddenly accuses as the Spymaster actually looks embarrassed before saying.

"Where do you think she got her startup funds?"

Hm...you know this sister as your wife bitched about her a lot. Of her spoiled little sister who didn't want to get married or be a proper lady instead wanted to be stinking rich and ran off to be merchant. She wasn't 'satisfied' with the amount of money in the Reach or even marrying into a wealthy Westerlands House. Supposedly she pawned her jewelry and fine cloth to get started. Apparently, that was a lie.

"I-I can't believe this. My father of ALL people was that lenient and....untraditional?" Your brother in law begins.

Truth is though he does actually have a point. While an eccentric genius he was big on being a proper lord with a proper lady wife who he didn't love but came to an understanding with. Really outside his eccentricities, he was spot on traditionalist to the core a proper lord who views being a great Commander more important than a skilled fighter.

"She had father's blessings? Even when she ran to Essos and met that damned merchant prince became his whore?"
"I can tell you it didn't nearly work out like that. He was smitten by her when she ripped him and many others off because they underestimated her due to possession of a pair of tits. Even the Essos Courtesans are leery of the woman for her strange skillset and beauty. Her being popular was mostly due to her being competent and pretty. In other words she was exotic and real breath of fresh air. Which is why she ultimately fled the Free Cities due to her popularity and went even deeper. After that, it became quite difficult to keep an eye on what she was up to."

"...Oh you have to be fucking kidding me," you suddenly speak as it hits you. "Is SHE the Merchant Princess?" You remember hearing about an unusual female Merchant Prince but it was just a short-lived rumor and curiosity.

"She didn't stick around long enough in the Free Cities to properly earn that title," explains the Spymaster. "Became a bit too popular you see and left. After that well it's very hard to keep track of someone just that far away. If it was only the Free Cities that would be one thing. I am surprised you spoke poorly of her my Lord. Weren't the two of you rather close children?"

"Yeah which is how I know exactly how greedy she is," he admits. "You have no idea why she refused to marry into a Rich House. It wasn't about not wanting to get married but rather them not making enough money. She got into her head it would never be enough so why settle down? To her, it isn't about the spending the money it's about having it. More of it." He explains rubbing his temples. "Her not wanting to get married was simply because none of them could ever have enough money to her and she wasn't interested in just spending it away. She loves money like a horny teenage boy loves sex. Having more money and making money. So, of course, she wasn't satisfied with being a wife expected to just spend it all away in exchange for popping out some kids and being a lady. If she were born a man instead I would guarantee you that her greed she would put the Ironborn reavers to shame with the willingness to pillage and plunder everything possible. The only reason she settled for being a merchant instead is due to her being a woman."

"Speaking of trading part of the reason I came here was to help out with that reparations problem," you smoothly slide in and change the topic. "Not just fine wines this time though. I am also interested in bulk supplies and goods with the desire to borrow some skilled experts."

"...In that case there is our version of the Master of Coin sort of. A merchant we keep close to help with trade deals," explains your brother in law calming down a bit. "I am obviously not a skilled trader so I will require his presence before we can negotiate. No offense intended Norbert."

"None taken so where is this important merchant? I am guessing the merchant's guild?"

"Actually no. He is an in House retainer and one of our best middlemen," mentions the spymaster.
"The old lord had him move into the Keep for a very simple reason. He was the one with the best courtly manners. The man slides right into the Court as if he were a born noble. You probably met seen but didn't realize he was a merchant instead of a courtier," the spymaster explains with a strangely satisfactory tone.

"Guess that explains why you like him so much," mutters your brother in law. "In that case this will be much faster then I thought and while we meet with him. I need you to go to the architect and request him to meet with us. Hopefully, you can convince him to bring the plans along too." After that, the two of you left the spymaster to probably curse under his breath before leaving probably to do spymaster things. The two of you meanwhile had a servant summon the merchant while you went back to the office.

>What kinda trade deals do you wanna make?

Now is the time to make an official list of what do you negotiate for. After its finalized the rolls with commence.
>The wine we know sells well. As much of it as possible buying up the stash they have saved up. To resell for profit.
>cloths and medicines
We will use to make it more available to our people. Bringing down the prices along with having weavers to practice their trade.
>the architect
We will be trying to get him to come to our lands and work on several projects.
>See about bringing 2-3 expert farmers and weavers. teach our less experienced farmers and our no weaves or shit weavers we currently have.
>Buy medicine seeds to stat a small farm of quality over quantity.
Anything thinking of anything else we should be trading for?
I meant to buy all of our brothers stash. A long with buying say as much % of the production as possible.At least 25% So we resell it to others by us for a profit.
That way they have steady income, and so do we.
>Also access to the military academy.
Cause that is nice to fucking have.
I agree with grabbing goods we can resell for profit. Grabbing seeds for starting new crops, herbs, things we needed for the Godwood and Orchard. It would be nice if we can get stuff that grows in the mines. Start the mushroom farms.

Teachers/experts to gain new insight to our current in use fields. Like farming, mining, smiting, and so on. Probably best we space out new fields till we get infrastructure setup. Plus not as much of a drain at one time.

The architect is something I'm unsure of at the moment. Tho it could be worth it to have them give estimates and start working on ideas.

The use of the academy would help our boys back home grow.
Oh yeah and the bulk goods to start our way to standardizing.
>mining, forgers we likely have much better more numerous experts at least compared to them. Since our land have many more mines.
Farming and weaving is where I think we would gain the most from. As we don't have many expert farmers since our lands are not great for that. But setting up mining farms would be great, since it would put our empty mines to use instead of leaving them for bandits to occupy.
And like you said we need to standardize, and having the people who make cloths set a standard would be a great start along with our forgers/smiths. Weapons and armors in certain sizes with everything down to the same clasps making it easier to repair/replace.
> architect is something I'm unsure of at the moment
Why? Having him set up our infrastructure would be great. It would be someone we could trust not to screw us over since he isn't completely random. We have money, we might as well use him for setting up our next big projects on our lands. Making them sturdier and just overall better made. A long with using his current plans and ideas we just have to make a few tweaks, since our father in law already had him thinking of these things for years.
Yeah, sounds like a plan.

But we should see about getting as many other experts to start multiple apprenticships.
>Architect, why.
Because my brain is being dumb. Mixing in game mechanics versus real. So I was thinking will likely under use him. But hell yeah they we'll be useful for getting better infrastructure up and running.

As for weaving. I believe there is one building slot on ground level. So I'll unsure if we can do the farm area and building for weaving.

I was thinking we use that building slot for stuff we do currently have, like metals. Which makes me think build up the Smiths and the necessary warehouse with them. Once we kick walker in the teeth I was thinking we build up the Weaver stuff afterwards with new land. Assuming any is left over if we bander house Falkner.

If there is not land left for us. We gotta use those more claims and likely grab that quarry near us for stone.

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