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R.I.P. Ronald Lee Ermey.

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There are tall tales and there are strange tales. Half the tail of one is the front of another story and the back the quest. Most stories end with a significant point of view having begun to gell another story as happening. The difference between those tales and this one is that you're reading it. Otherwise its the same story youve heard a million times with the only significant change being that the best way to tell this story is by making sure youre listening as its being told.

Cats have funny ways to them. A dog often tells the tale by permitting himself to journey...cats, though? Theyre a lot lazier than that.
My cat most in particular had a whole way to him. He meddled in only the most important affairs. He had a degree in bachelor's scaled bio engineering but managed to blindside himself into a degree of scatter brain antics that riled even the hide of the local pigeon coop to the point that they managed to stir themselves a new forager of manageable disasters.. it seemed theyd, as an effect, drawn in on themselves a cocker.
The cat had only the understabding that the skies were turning for him to know where to place himself knowledgeably. If the skies were seceding to the horizon, he'd had himself enough to eat and was needing to nap and thus the cocker was settling into the last known position for my cat as his point break.
The cat had no clue what was going on but the pigeons were becoming restless.
Nudge was fighting the urge to reconcile any emotions he and the birds had settled on to the point that they wouldnt properly tip toe around each other as a way to properly handle the distance between them as territory. The pigeons flew the coop once a week to forage and the cat would roam the surrounding area more longingly with every pass. The pigeons knew it was safe because he was full and looking for something to care about. I only knew this because Nudge had his head held high on every entry until that fucking cocker started chirping his nest horn over the fence and into the window as if he was peddling wares the journey home.
Birds dont sell stuff. They can barely speak.
Patiently the cocker turned his wares to a flip the week over. Nudge walked his stride and pet the birds his longing desire for an eveninv to the night prior. Nudge was in love and the birds knew it, he just didnt know it. That hed ever settled on the birds was their favorite belief. Thst hes one day settling into their love nest with only the purest intentions was, to them, his only purpose. Nudge had a knowledve of deceit. A knowledge of contempt
But love? He knew I loved him. He knew I cared and hw knew that meat was a draw that we borh shared. Salted, spiced, glazed, teriyaki, you name it we'd tried it. Most naturally Nudgebhad only the time for dinner to spare and that the cocker had made himself known was to be his despair but Nudge stood only to test time his expertise and not experience it. Love wasny a nest. Love was the draw. Nudgebknew it. I knew it. Hershey, Kettle and Bawk knew it and the little chirps weremt going to learn all about life through it.
The horizon had bleaked a sunset many a nightnover thebterse set of days to whixh the cocker lay claimed his arrival but nost naturally the night belonged to Nudgr. He was gallabt, he was noticeable and there was little he didnt know about the place to know that his description of the matter wasnt necessary. Nudge was the hone of the spirit to the place. He was the chomp to my chew. The eckle to my freckle. The spirit of longing that srew the birda to the yard and away from the pine. Nudge was rad, man. Nudge was cool.

The cocker had drawn to the dusk a way of aroma that hed consuned the night hisbproper glory, a stifling echo of the syars that the concrete bellowed his call like thebsirens responded the twilight and twinkle to stars over the soun of the night sky as it borrowed attention to over below the mount as it stretched the glimmer of passing night life a surmise of the intended and prevailing manner of the times. Time was coursing and the ride was to the health a of a life style the twar un the fabric over yonder. The cocker was just not ready for it.
Two nights into the abyss and the cocker had churned to bawk that hed needed a hug. Something warm. Hungry or not he wanted it and she needed to know. If the available time was used cocker mightve made himself more properly introduced but kettle has a nice of time to settle for the chirps and hershey was only beginning to learn how to fly. There wasnt enough between them ti properly take in the time and there wouldnt be too much opportunity with the waiting that was needed to properly secure the chirps into their nest, what with the cocker running his rampage sale a most proper and adequate tale of his own time there. Was he afraid, no? Did he know he was out of touch? Yes. Did it matter once the day had coursed itself out of important assets? No. Was he going to pay? Who cares.

Nudge climed the back fence and altered his scowl to reveal he had learned of the cocker but srew out of it nothing that he needed was important. The cocker by then had annointed the belief that tjenclothesbmade the man, though, and settled into a scowl of his own. With a twig in his beak and the toil that Nudge had settled for himself as his daily routine, the cocker was beginning to find fortune had begun to make itself available through the turn that the time had most available to him. Nudge certainly wasnt ready to sraw life out and he didnt needed in him the thought the cocker was really hearing what needed to be said. But the cocker steadily pined to create in him the illusion that he had become availabke to the chirps, unknowingly setting hinself in the crosshairs of the bawk that beaked to find a sharebof gold that Nudge lay in his rine the chew that Hershey would follow and the toot that Kettle would brine to preen the little chirps into understanding the turning of time.
The cylinder in the pine had become enough for kettle and the cocker was only waiting for the day anyway, and just the same Nudge had only the crystalline time in his paws to help with anything anyhow. As most days go the cocker found himself a new way to let himself into the situation by drawing the attention of the birds slowly after Nudge had passed the corpse of his last day's routine as a way of sending a message up the heavens that he was ready for another one. Most appropriately, Nudge had encountered a day like this one some time prior. Less intentionally he had the fortunate mishap of listening the foul bird his cry for attention but never on the brink of any sort of instinctive thought did he believe or understand that hed nurtured the cradle of anothers chest to the softening that the heart in their bosom held for him. He just knew he really enjoyed eating meat with his dad and was totally enamoured with the thought of it all becoming his one day. But as love is shared so the meat was and he enjoyed that too. He just didnt know how to describe it to himself. And so he'd leave it up to me to decide what was right for him to do.
Excellent taste that he had Nudge also made himself available to the close call that every female cat in the area made herself available to. Nudge was the beck and call and the last shriek to count every hour that drew the ringing in the neighborhoods ears his love song and the sight that the night was drawing near. Post haste the cocker had a fellowship to sing his song and that he'd found himself among the stars was only fortune.
Kettle had nouned to create in himself an opportunity that could properly encounter cocker his own belief on the matter were he ever to attempt to make himself available to the light they all shared between them. Nudge was still only waiting for the light to keep him from his wits and share his love up properly to the night sky that it may sing him proper the routine he found himself expounding the horizon.
Day after day and night after night, Nudge struck the clock tone a chewing sensation and drew breath with the turning tide. He was whole again. He needed relief. He would poo in a bush sonewhere and come back home. But that the cocker was not there hed only notice at this time and by that hed found himself an innermost peace the kind the chirps would clear the wind for and in his totality grew to depend on them.
As his love of life was kindled to a strewn of intent the life he had made for himself, the chirps would become a fortune of opportunity as the soaring of the night sky as it planted itself firmly as the tear between the life of the mount and the crisp natured air I'd travel the north of the land to clear myself of was the ultimate retreat. Nudge was making a name for himself and he finally knew it. Clear as thebday wasbto the soaring nighg, Nudge wasbclearly a large part of the days due and even his poo stink would clear that yp to him as a say of knowing thst hed at least been there before. Instinct was crawling up his design and managing to tear itself from his draw to life as a most manageable way ro which he could wit understanding as a method to dawning days on end without the hest that hed necessarily ever *have* to sraw breath again. Nature was a fine specimen and this tale of such a nsture being nurtured to recount a tale of life as not of passing or the haste of it was a proportion of the life that Nudge knew he could draw out of the kitty women hed been with. But how? That wasnt important. Side tales of the piedmont mortuary that a dresser of situations drew out of the neighbors that hounded to recount the times their dog had struck wind for a chance to tale his own manner a cat that never listened was the draw that night recoiled to encounter most happeningly. The cocker was only a shriek of the days ability to pine for what was worthy prey to the ears. That such an instinct then prevailed the sense would certainly skim to chew the fat off the toil that elbows wore as dress attire and not as a nature for them to build off of. Nudge had hardly the time to noticr hed made enemies out of the people that noticed everything but couldnt telk that Nudge was making the time shine and allowing wind into their ears again. They just knew they wanted more and that some cocker was offering them the knowledge to know how he would do it. If there wss ever a more opportune moment for them to draw out more of that infornation, the time would need to release itself of the day for them to properly account that theyd missed yet another day making sure they had a full breath of it. Was the cocker going to pay or was the cocker even aware that hed found himself a place in their life as something that would fit to square any portion of fate as Nudge had only found in himself the time to eat meat, chew the fat with the lady cats and claim the attention of the chirps but not the shrieks.

How could then a man journey into the mind of a cat if not to kernel that he make more fervent use of his time? Do cats even think like you and me or would it be more appropriate to assume that Nudge was in fact turning the wind to make himself more noticeable?

Generally sjriekery aside the time was noe and as cats do what they do and cant know what they dont Nudge only had it in him to know what Ive said he knows to do. Anything else is clearly in his fortune to prove.
Why did my IP and my ID change? I dont even use wifi anymore. Just my data plan.
What the fuck is this shit op?
Is it even a quest?

Get a trip and stop phoneposting.
Stuart Little

More like pyre than dnd

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