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Blackness is all you know.
Memories? You have memories?
Voices long gone and forgotten, they sound afraid.
How do you know what fear is?
Can you feel fear?
I guess those are some deep questions for something that never asked any in it's "life".
Do you want to have life?
I'll give it to you, under one condition....
Save them.
...Who? Your Parents.
Go now child, the rest is up to you.
You awake. Everything around you is green and full of life. You know what those things are, your Parents called them "plants", there's a lot of them, some even growing right through you. This is the first time you ever actually perceived those things. Where were you earlier? Was it a dream? Probably...then again you never dreamed before, so you wouldn't know.
Though your body is far older than your Parents could ever hope to be, your mind has not existed until now. You have just been born.
You try to move, but it's nearly impossible.
Though you feel like there's still some sort of energy left in you, you are far too weak to move.
You rotate to look at your surroundings and spot something in the distance....smoke? You know smoke, you make lots when you fight, maybe if you can get there, you'll find your Parents.

What will you do?

(as far as I know, this is an original quest based on nothing. At least nothing I ever heard of)
>What will you do?
Enter tranquility.
Stay, ponder existence and stare mesmerized at the smoke until the very last particle has faded into the sky.

It took a long time. What is time?

You try to move, toward the smoke, but it is too taxing. You sit back and watch it rise slowly into the sky. Being as you are, there is no concept of time inside your mind, things just happen, all at once.
The light vanishes and returns. They do so several times as you watch the smoke fade.
Not quite gone yet, it's getting too thin to see...you suppose the spectacle is over.
There is nothing for you to see anymore....you wonder what that smoke was as your vision gradually turns black.

You can't see a thing, for who knows how long or short a time. It ...feels good? You're not sure, but it is something you don't mind continuing....but soon this peace of yours is disturbed by a familiar sound...steps. Not as heavy as you know them, but fast.

They're coming in your direction, what do you do?
Destroy the source of the disturbance.

The noise of the steps increases as they get closer. The sound of sticks cracking and grass being mashed under someone's weight.
Two voices....they breathe heavily, touching your body with theirs.
They say something, but you don't understand.
Your vision returns and something begins to make a noise....it's you. You rotate your head with what little energy resides in you, to look at what is touching you.
You are met with two, gasping.....what are those? You know, but you forgot. The sight of them invokes a deep urge to fight within you.
You want to fight them, but something tells you not to.
Is it that voice again? You don't think so, that thing that stops you has no voice....it just..feels wrong to do attack them.

You look at the two creatures before you, and they look right back.

you think...what will you do?
Reach out to them, try to communicate in some way

you have rotated far enough for your nose to point right at them. They raise their hands up in the air. You know this gesture....they surrender...but why would they? Perhaps they have that thing....what was it again? Oh right, fear. You don't know why they're afraid of you...is it because of your nose?
You point it slightly to the left, away from them.
They lower their hands and wave at you.
You don't know that this means but you try to return the gesture.
You make your nose point upwards and move your head a little to the left, then to the right, as fast as you can.
The screeching noise this creates though, is not appreciated by these two creatures. They put their hands to the sides of their heads.
Some of your Parents did this when you were around and didn't wear arches on their heads. You figure that they're trying to protect themselves because you're too loud.

You stop waving and look at them again. They're confused, they're saying something to you, but you still don't understand.
One of them climbs on top of you and knocks on your head, repeating the same words over and over again.

"Hello" and "is somebody in there"

What do they want? What do you do?
Knock them on the head, repeat the words back

You want to do what they do, though your nose is big, bigger than them. You rotate your head slowly and tap the head of the creature knocking on yours.
It says "ow" and stops knocking, looking at your head.
You want to replicate the noise they made, but you don't know how, you have no mouth like them.
The creatures look at each other, exchanging words.
The one on top of you now climbs on to your head and opens your hatch. You lift your nose, aiming at the sky. You want to aim it at the creature, but it is already inside of you.

"Wow" echoes your head. "What is this?"
Now the other climbs onto you as well
"What do you mean? Did you find something?"
it says, before looking down into your head.
"Wow. what is that?" it said as well.

They touch whatever it is they're looking at
It makes you feel very uncomfortable, it hurts.
Your heart revs up loudly and lets out an agonizing "vroom".
The creatures leave your head, not sure what they did, but they know it must be bad.

You're revving irregularly, as if you were out of breath. The smaller of the two creatures is leaking a liquid from it's face. It keeps saying "I'm sorry"

You don't know what that means, but it seems to try and comfort you.
How do you react?
Gotta close our noggin' shut so no one can poke inside it again
Are we a sentient military tank with the corpses of dead servicemen inside?
also yes, a closed noggin is a good noggin
aside from the skeleton crew, you're dead on

Watching the creature leak seems familiar to you. You know you've seen this before, but never anywhere near you.
You try to think why it's doing that, calming yourself down in the process. Your head doesn't hurt anymore, and you don't want to feel this again. You decide it is best to close the hatch but....you can't.
You can't feel the hatch, like it's not even there...this can't be right. Do you not have full control over our own body? Is it because of the state you're in?
Either way, this must be closed.
The creature is still leaking on you and repeating "sorry". You tap it on the back with your nose to get it's attention.

The creature looks at you with a wet face. You point your nose upward.
It doesn't seem to understand what you want from it, as it looks up to where you're pointing.
You point up multiple times and make an audible "vroom", pointing up one final time.
The creature seems to have understood and climbs on top of you again, closing the hatch.
The sound of your heart grows quieter again, until one almost can't notice, just like before.

The creatures look around the place, talking to each other before taking their leave.
The smaller one runs up in front of you and says something, waving at you with a smile.
As they go your vision fades and you indulge yourself in the sensation.

Is there something you want to do?
Can we follow them?
you can certainly try

Light vanishes and returns, and with it your vision.
You feel somewhat joyous, having made this experience, this time undisturbed.
You still haven't gotten any answers as to where your Parents are though or why you're here. You think as to what you could do...maybe go where they went?
You forgot for a moment there that your legs are badly damaged and without feet, and decide to roll out toward where the smoke was.

You make an aweful noise, and it pains you to move, but your desire to know more is stronger than this. Your heart is pouring all of it's power into getting you to move.
You're walking slowly forward, each step a terrible experience.
As you move you notice that you get faster...faster than you ought. You look downward and notice the ground is sloped.
This is not good.
The slope gets steeper but you cannot stop, you try to brake, but they're broken. You stop your heart for a moment to come to a halt, but you're too fast, you're going to crash! Your entire body makes a loud screeching noise that from a distance might sound like a scream of pain as you involuntarily run down a hill.
You come to a painful halt as you slam face first into the ground. You're knocked out, unable to move.

You regain consciousness...but you're not where you're supposed to be. There are no plants around here...everything is grey..and so bright. You spot one of the two creatures...it's the tall one. It seems smaller than you remember, you look down and notice that you're elevated. Just where are you?

It holds some sort of tool in it's hand and smiles at you.

What do you think this means?
Maybe try to repeat that "Hello?" noise, followed by the "What is that?" Point at... Everything and repeat.
you don't understand english though
what would be the point?
fix away little flesh beast!
Good point
Idunno, maybe to justify it in character the sounds are something the big guy associates with humans?
Otherwise just stare at the flesh creature or something

You stare at the creature, unsure why it's smiling or what that tool is, but you're a smart fellow. That getup it's wearing looks like that of a mechanic. So you figure it wants to repair you.
You still don't understand it's language or have a means of speaking, but you understand a few words that are similar to the language you know.
one such word is "repair". Now you definitely know it wants to fix you.
But what exactly is it going to do? You're a mess, back when you were up and running, you couldn't be fixed in a state such as yours.

You are intrigued and watch the creature take care of you. It hurts here and there, but you know what it's doing, it's nothing unbearable though it is uncomfortable.

The creature just continually talks with you, even though you don't understand it or have the means to do the same.

Most of the fixes you have observed so far were re-additions of body-parts you've long lost. You can feel that they aren't made from the same materials as you, nor are most of them.

Now the creature is done and smiles at you again. It balls a fist with it's thumb sticking out, pointing right at you, before lowering the platform you're on
You ought to be functional again, but have become an amalgamation of prosthetics.

What do you make of this?

(I'm sorry for the delay on this, I wasn't there yesterday)
a friendly bump for our heroic tank
Strange, but not altogether disturbed. And slightly concerned with the lack of concern it feels towards being modified like that.
I meant you, as in the character
(since there was no input I'll just continue on my own)

You walk a little back and forth to test out your prosthetic feet. They're pretty good, you're surprised the creature was capable of such a thing.
Come to think of it, you did have a mechanic back in the day as well, that would make this creature one of your Parents, right?
In any case, you want to thank it, but how would you go about this?

Before you could find a solution to this question, the room shook, deafening noise can be heard from outside. It somewhat sounds like guns, but not like any you would know, you're at a bit of a loss.
The creature is noticeably scared and hides behind you.
It's small counterpart enters the room, rubbing it's fist across it's face.
"Mommy why are you hiding?" it said.
"They're here again, dear." the other responded.
"You mean the bad men?"
"Yes, dear, the bad men. Please go hide somewhere."

Your heart stutters in excitement, at these noises. You have no clue what these creatures are saying, but they seem concerned. You on the other hand, you were made for this kind of thing. You know there's a battle going outside, you can feel it. You want to fight.

As these thoughts course through your head, the wall behind you is blasted open, and creatures with strange weapons, and helmets, wearing light-brown uniforms storm into the room.

The fight you wanted, has found you.

What will you do?
Motion both fleshly beasts to go inside your hatch and kill the other flesh beasts wearing light-brown uniforms.

you open your head's hatch for all to see. The uniformed creatures, point their guns at it, likely assuming for someone to exit you.
You remember the pain of someone poking into your head, and in doing so are able to rev up your heart aggressively, letting out a deafening, screeching "vroom" once more.

Everyone covers their heads, although the uniformed creatures seem unable to do this properly due to their helmets.
While they're distracted, the friendly creatures hop into your head, closing the hatch behind them.

you rotate your entire body toward the gaping hole. The creatures open fire on you, and just like it was back in the day, they tickle you at best. You walk forwards, right at them. Some manage to dodge you despite the cramped room. The ones standing on the other side of the hole simply run. The rest however, are caught, trampled and squashed beneath your feet, their bodies making disgusting, wet, scrunching noises. The creatures that dodged and witnessed what you have done to their comrades, vomited through their helmets.

You march onward triumphantly. The battlefield awaits!

How will you proceed?
Do we have weapons on us?
if we do, lets blast these creatures like old times!
we do, but that will come along with the tank reveal
for now, you can only run people over and smash into walls.
Can we just swat them like flies and throw them like rocks?
To terrify them for wanting to hurt our new parents?
throwing anything like rocks isn't something a tank can do
what you could do tho is swing the cannon at them like a baseball bat
it's slightly unrealistic given any tank's turret traverse speed but....this IS fiction...
Welp if anything is possible..
Batter up! And run them over like ants!

Your rotate your head along it's entire axis to assess the situation. There seems to be no hostile creatures around, so you walk deeper into the city, looking for a worthy fight.
You don't quite consider your passengers' safety while doing this, too long have you been craving for battle. Your blood-lust shows in the speed at which you move.
You're hardly walking anymore, you're running.

After a couple minutes you spot a group of enemies. You run them over with a sadistic pleasure. More than ever before, the blood of your enemies, splattering upon your hull, makes you feel alive.
The uniformed creatures are unable to stop you, as they seem to lack any sort of heavy weapons. Some you send flying in their attempt to climb you, not expecting to he batted by your nose. They are powerless before you.

Your onslaught continues for what seems forever, in reality however, ends after only a couple of minutes. You've simply run out of enemies.
You take it slower and walk around the rubble to clear your mind.

As you're walking around, your hatch to your head opens and the tall creature pops out to take a look around. It pats you on the forehead and points to a nearby bridge. It is destroyed, though not from war by the looks of it.
You walk there and drop your passengers off.
They run under the bridge and leave you alone for a moment, before the tall one returns and waves you toward it.
You decide to follow and find yourself entering through some sort of hidden gate, right under the base of the bridge.

The way inside is like a tunnel, long and dark, you don't like this, but it doesn't last too long.
At the end of the corridor, you find yourself in a large complex, reminiscent of a Bunker.
You and your creatures are greeted by a variety of differently clothes that look like patchworks of various uniforms.
You are with some sort of ragtag band, that you can only assume to be partisans.
They welcome you quite warmly, they greet you with hope.

How do you feel about this?
Turned out better than I expected...
Well we are a guardian, so lets guard our new fleshly friends!
also lets try to interact with the smaller creatures, they might be able to teach us something and show us the place with their perspectives (Since we kinda act like a child, ie. not being able to control our excitement for blood).
well our tank friend doesn't just act like a child
he technically is a child
he's literally a couple days old...mentally at least
Did he get traumatized by something?
or did he just lose all his conciseness when he got deactivated?
as you can infer from the first post
he never had any before recently
the thing that gave him consciousness doesn't even know why it has memories prior to this
Thanks for clarifying
Then lets go with the kiddies, with huge curiosity about everything we see here

So many creatures...you're overwhelmed.
Your creature points a lot at you while talking to the rest, maybe it's talking about you?
You wander off in the meantime, though obviously noticed, no one bothers to stop you.
You go through just about any door that you can fit, ahead of you is the small one of your creatures. It points at a lot of things, trying to guide you. This goes on until you reach a facility where a lot of creatures the same size as yours are.

They practically storm you, climbing onto your body in excitement and touching you everywhere. You don't know what you're feeling, but it's good. Even though you don't understand what they're saying, you manage to play with them.
They're quick to pick up on your inability to communicate and try to find a way around this.
They make crude drawings of things that you recognize, telling you what they're called and some even spell them out for you.
During your time with them, you have picked up on "nodding" and "shaking" your nose to provide simple agreement and disagreement.

They seem to share the good feeling you have and call it "Fun". You like fun...it sounds fun.
It's funny to you that fun is in fact fun.

As you ponder the hilarity of "fun" the creatures received cans of paint from their taller counterparts. They stick their hands in the cans and paint shapes and objects onto the wall.
You're too busy thinking how strange this is to notice that some of them have grabbed a can and stuck it onto your nose.
You shake it a little, making the can fall off, and the noise of it makes you the center of attention. They mutter something to each other and soon cheer you on. With some wild gesturing they instruct you to draw something on the wall as well.

You carefully walk toward the wall.

What will you draw?
sorry for not being here early, can only get on around this time.

Lets draw what we feel when were having fun

personify it if we can
sorry there won't be an update for today, and likely tomorrow
gotta study for a major exam

You put your nose to the wall, paint dripping from it. You move slowly, with gentle strokes, trying to visualize your master piece.
You've never done this before, but you observed the little creatures for long enough to have a good idea of how to do this.

All kinds of thoughts are coursing through your mind right now, coming so fast you don't have the time to ponder on them. What even is the point of them then? You don't know and you don't care. What you care about right now is putting your feelings on concrete.

As this thought passes your mind, you apply the final touches to your drawing.
You take a few steps back to admire it, along with the creatures.
They notice something about this peculiar drawing....
.....it's you.
Indeed you have drawn yourself, sneezing at another tank, with the letters "F A N N" crudely written underneath.
You haven't seen the word "fun" written out yet, so this is your best guess.
The creatures giggle at your mistake, but don't bother correcting it, they seem to enjoy this for some reason.

Your fun however is interrupted shortly thereafter, as one of the partisans enters the room and announces "dinner time".
You don't know what this mean, but you assume it has to be good as the creatures are cheering at this proclamation.

What do you do now?
Well if there cheering then, then it must be something F A N N too, right?
yes, question is what will you do with this insight?
Well we follow them with excitement!

maybe a bit to excited?

You follow the partisan along with the small creatures as they march out of the room, through the large door you came in from.
You quickly realize the meaning of dinner time, as you find yourself looking at everyone gathered around several enormous tables, eating and drinking.

You figure you're out of place here and turn around, but the small ones stop you and urge you to be at the table with them.
You oblige and receive several weird looks from around the room, but you pay them no attention.

Some of the creatures poke around on their plates, as though they don't want to eat. While a few really did not enjoy their food, the others begged their, what you presume to be, supervisor for something.

After a defeated outburst of the partisan exclaiming "FINE" it leaves the table. Shortly thereafter it returns with an oil-canister.
It says something to you, but you don't understand. Then it touches you all-over, looking for something.
It keeps touching until it finds your fuel door and opens it, pouring something inside.

You craft a hypothesis on what might be going on. After the partisan closes the door again, you decide to put your hypothesis to the test and rev up your heart.
It makes a much healthier sound than it did until now, confirming that you have been indeed been refueled.
Then a thought strikes you....you are having dinner...and have been refueled...does this mean that what your parents have always called food is in fact, their fuel?

An intriguing thought, one that you'd like to investigate some time in the future.
For the moment though, you seem content.

Dinner comes to an end and the creatures scramble in all directions, you are approached by another partisan, this one wearing a grey uniform. Though the design is foreign to you, it's symbols are definitely those of your parents.

Now what?
Well he must know something about our parents? Right?

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