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Welcome to Trick's Civ Quest.


That's a link to a much better version of the map. Much clearer than this garbage picture.

So here are the basic rules for the set up:

1) You need a name and a tripcode to post and participate. It's best if your name is somehow related to your civilization.

2) First come first serve.

3) Choose a section of the map (be reasonable with regards to area) where your civilization has set up, having given up the ways of the nomadic hunter gatherer. The terrain will vaguely influence what happens around and to your civilization.

4)Tell me your civilization's race - it has to be different than every other player.

5) Mention one starting "thing" your civilization possesses to start with.

6) Every civilization starts with 100 settlers and every turn will be the passing of 1 year.

7) After the set up, every civ gets a singular action accompanied by a roll to see what they do that year and how "effective" things are.

8) Everything is subject to change if I find I'm in way over my head, or some of you are doing retarded things.

Discord link if you'd like to discuss stuff with me.
>Sharn and First Tower

>Bionic/Cyborg Race(a pic will eventually be related)

>knowledge on agriculture(also will be related)
West of the Talenta Plains

Gnolls decided to settle down near Lake Cyre when they realized there was plenty game around the area and the land was suitable for farming.

Starting off with masonry
Would you like to be on or near Gatherhold or where would you like to be in relation to it?
On Gatherhold
File: 1528660113253 (2).jpg (574 KB, 1387x864)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>Located on the shores of the Crimson Water lake

>Race of red Oni birthed from the lake's cursed and warm waters

>Starting off with the secrets of forging and metalworking
Get yourself a trip fampai
Righto bossman
>In the blade desert, on the foot of the Endworld mountains, near Taer Shantara

>Desert dwelling high elves

Zealous religious tradition. "Sulis" Sol and luna as one god.
File: bulwok.png (46 KB, 130x125)
46 KB
>Western isle of Lorghalan (pic related)
>Shamanistic and athletic frogmen.
> Knowledge of Shamanism (spirituality alchemy sort of thing)
Name and trip fampai
So, do we need anymore people before we start?
We can start with this many people. I'm whipping up the first update.
>Q'Barran jungle

>Red Batfolk

>Starting off with air magic
File: Biomechanical Beings.png (39 KB, 710x920)
39 KB
The continent of Khorvaire! A grand, fantastical land rife with markers both technlogical and magical - left behind by those enigmatic beings who came before.

But now they're gone – whether via an exodus to the stars above or wiped out in an extinction level event – there are none around to truly know their ultimate fate.

To take their place come a whole host of new species, just now dredging themselves out of the mire of non-sapience. And from these new species, cultivators of civilization spring forth to create the first pockets of society seen on the continent in millennia.


Perhaps the most impactful remnant of those who came before, the bio-mechanical beings that mutated their way out of the First Tower are a stark reminder of the technological achievements both realized in the past and possible to recreate in the coming future.
Spawned from the seeds of fungal incubators, the sheer specificity, fragility and finite nature of their reproductive methods heavily restricts the potential growth of their population.
Required to layer themselves in highly advanced mechanical plating which can only be stripped and cultivated from the place of their birth - deep within a hidden, underground laboratory nestled inside a empty village on the edge of the King's Forest – indicates both a limitation in manpower as well as location, unable to quickly expand their civilization's numbers or stray far from their technological home into the metal poor surrounding areas.

All hope is not lost, however. Nearby, an abandoned city – inexplicably known to be named Sharn by the bio-mechanical beings – may potentially hold further deposits of mechanical plating.

And above them in the sky runs the lightning rail. Another major relic of those that came before and a potential avenue of study for the technologically savvy creatures.

Regardless of these fellow artifacts, the intrinsic understanding this species possesses for both argicultural methods and technological pursuits is indicative of the very synthesis of their existence.
File: Gnolls.jpg (135 KB, 628x1024)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
But not every species is necessarily a creation of those bygone eras. The nomadic gnolls of the Talenta Plains could surely not be counted among that number. Having wandered the plains for centuries as little more than their beastly hyena brethren – scavengers and skulkers – only now have they evolved to the point where some small number of them could fathom to form a coherent society for all the advantages it might bestow upon them. Choosing to mark their territory in the long abandoned dwellings of Gatherhold by the shores of Lake Cyre, the spark of inspiration somehow succeeded in taking hold of their tiny brains. A desire has swelled to ape the construction of the ruined buildings around them. '

And ruination is all that surrounds them. Ruined buildings. A ruined road. And a ruined lightning rail too technologically advanced for them to fathom its potential purpose.

But perhaps their lowly, nearly animal existence is not the detriment it needs be. For their strong connection to the animal kingdom and the vast animal populations that inhabit the Talenta plains may prove to stave off doom that would claim more highly advanced and detached forms of sapient life.
File: Red Oni.png (994 KB, 752x1063)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
The oni of the Crimson Water have spawned from that accursed lake for centuries. And for centuries they have wandered through the Dead-Gray Mist searching blindly for combat and quickly finding death. Only recently have some small scant number of the red beings thought to do something other than self-destructive combat. They have gathered on the water's edge and formed the closest approximation to a civilization such dastardly-inclined beasts could conjure in their rage-fueled minds. Their surroundings are brutal. A perpetual blinding mist that kills those unaccustomed to its presence as often as it corrupts. Ruins in several directions filled with ghastly, fiendish creatures. And the very nature of their creation – forced to birth new recruits to fill their ranks in the fecund lake of their creation – restricts them from straying too far from the precious resource. But for every obstacle in their path, the red oni are every bit as brutal. The working of metal and the nature of warfare come to them naturally.

Explore the ruins? Venture outside the mists to lands more suited to life? Or discover the source of the Dead-Gray Mist and cease its presence once and for all?

Or perhaps – brutalize and raid those to weak to stop them.
File: High Elves (Desert).jpg (288 KB, 1080x1080)
288 KB
288 KB JPG

The High Elves of the Blade desert have worshiped the celestial bodies above from the moment the concept of worship was conceivable by their primordial ancestors. They worshiped the rise of the sun and the rise of the moon. Whereas as others might have seen duality in the vast contrast between night and day, the High Elves saw perfect unity. That which raised the sun to bring the intense illumination of day also utilized the moon to add the softer light of night. Sulis – God of Sun and Moon. He was loyally revered by their kind for a long time with no response save the ever present transition of day to night. So when the visions finally came, The High Elves knew it was time for a drastic change in their way of life. Images of a permanent settlement, fixed at the desert's edge below the impassable skyscrapers of the Endworld mountain range. They heeded their god's visual proclamation without a hint of hesitation, rooting themselves at the spot seen in their dreams.

Now, however, images of the very highest peaks of the Endworld Mountains flutter through the dreams of prophets and children alike, where the sky and its celestial bodies are the closest to touching the land of Khorvaire below. Such a trek would be impossible – suicidal to attempt at this current moment with how fragile and new civilization itself is for the high elves. But perhaps a light affinity for magic as well as aid sought from the nearby forts of the ancient ones who left long ago might just make the impossible possible.
File: Frogmen.jpg (205 KB, 1500x1604)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

The progenitors of the eastern frogmen have lived in the Dragonreach sea for a long time. And only now that they have developed their more amphibious qualities have they drudged themselves up out of the salt water that spawned their kind and taken webbed toeholds into the more solid earth of the distant isles.

Unwilling to stray far from the water, their civilization has been founded on the western banks of Lorghalan – a very defensible position afforded by the natural, narrow strait between them and the nearby Dreadwood isle.

In possession of a Shamanistic tradition, the frogmen have a natural inclination for the production, acquisition and creation of mind-altering substances that may gift them a momentary glimpse of the beyond place that may grant them that very same insight that first inspired them to bury their clutches in the muddy link between land and sea.

Search Lorghalan for these natural ingredients? Or the more ominously named Dreadwood Isle? Or perhaps the deep dark bottom of the sea that only the frogmen themselves would possibly dare venture – for one never knows what may be lurking in the hidden places that sunlight never reaches.
File: Batfolk.jpg (75 KB, 736x953)
75 KB

Deep in the Q'barran jungle far from anything approaching true civilization there have always been several hundred different species of cave bats existing in the various subterranean tunnels that litter the jungle's underbelly like veins.

And in isolation, one particularly magically inclined species of bat has slowly been evolving – growing larger and larger, developing bigger and bigger brains, becoming more and more proficient in the weaving of magical energies to alter the wind currents that aid them in their flight.

And so they have quickly gained supremacy over the night time jungle as well as the many cave systems that surround them, eventually finding their roost in one particularly grandiose cavern at the jungle's wild heart.

The daytime, however, and their nocturnal, cave-dwelling nature may prove to be the largest obstacle in their path to truly becoming the masters of their environment.

Turn 1 Begin!

Taking actions and rolls now.

Taking actions now.
These biomech people begin to believe their large incubators as almost gods, decorating them in anything shiny or colorful.
The biomechs send out a few scouts for possible supplies.
Roll a d100 for the action.

And let's keep the Development/Action style going for everybody else
Rolled 7, 53 = 60 (2d100)

Rolled 32, 99 = 131 (2d100)

Action: The gnoll mason begin to repair the building, mainly the homes.
Dev: A religion is formed, the gnolls believe that a greater gnoll deity created them to keep balance in the world andshow that might and force surpasses anything.
Rolled 58, 53 = 111 (2d100)

Finding it hard to understand the world with their newfound intelligence a conference is held among the eldest. It is agreed upon, faith will be necessary to maintain our peoples spirits. One of the elders, Camiel is appointed as the 'prophet'. He talks of whispers in the wind, of a great tempest that raged for seven days, bestowing new life to the world. Our people were born on the first day as the inheritors of the globe.
Scouts are mobilised to search further and expand our knowledge of the caves and tunnels that our people rely on.
File: Multi-eyed_oni.jpg (185 KB, 800x550)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Rolled 13, 7 = 20 (2d100)

Dev: The Oni institute a society built on "war parties", groups of 10 or so individuals at a time that eat, sleep, and most importantly fight all at the same time, acting both as a family and as a team. Unity brings power, and with no more rogue Oni wandering alone in the Gray Mist like easy pickings, the Clan is stronger than ever.

Action: The Oni begin ripping off trees from the ground and mining great chunks of rock, stacking them together in order to create rudimentary homes and defences on the shores of the Crimson Lake. With the Gray Mist making survival so difficult, they wish to protect their little corner of civilization.
Unless we're using roll-under, ouch indeed.
Rolled 39, 26 = 65 (2d100)

Dev: The priests of Sulis try to find a way to get closer to his light. Many think that they must get rid of as much earthly distractions as possible and more and more priests start living a very ascetic lifestyle.
Actions: Jakharta the eldest priest of the tribe, the foremost proponent of this ascetic lifestyle takes it a step further. Intending to journey towards the closest ruin without any food and only the water he can bring with him. "The further I get away from my earthly desires, the closer I become to Sulis. May his light impart me wisdom into our prophesied journey ahead." The tribe, sorrowful to see him go, nevertheless celebrates his departure and tattoos his body with the story and journey of his tribe.
Gonna post a nation, hope we aren't full
Rolled 34, 71 = 105 (2d100)

Development: Tribe hunting Traditions.
A tradition of hunts as teaching methods is established. Fathers take their young to progressively harder grounds to hunt for meat. Starting in the peaceful fish friendly waters and progressing onto relatively peaceful land, working through harder terrain until finishing as a right of passage upon the Dread isle alongside a group of other hopefuls. Bounty is split amongst the family, with excess going to the tribal stores.

Action 1: Shamans attempt to scry the greatest threat nearby
Name: That which Remains and Remembers

Race: Living Crystal/Silicoid entities

Location: The IceWhite Island

Speciality: The Grand Unifying Model The distinction between the forces of Physics and the forces of Magic are artificial. Those Who Came Before were not masters of Technology nor Magic, but truly understood the universal properties which linked both. That which Remains and Remembers understands this.

Fluff: A living crystalloid race that operates through manipulating energies in the world, levitating their bodies to head towards energy sources for sustenance. They are very sad, for they remember they were once part of a great Crystal Computation Machine designed to store the vast knowledge of Those Who Came Before and run the infrastructure of their society, but their ultimate purpose was to remember their history so that future species could know about them.

But the great Crystal Machine exploded in a tragedy. Now they remember very little of Those Who Came Before, their purpose has been lost to them. After untold years of scraping ambient energy to pull itself together, the dust and particles of the Crystal Machine scattered around the world have at last come together in the icy wastes to a few 100 shards, and will try to piece themselves back together and remember what they have lost.
Still here OP?
Just got off work.
Might as well take your first turn.

You too, yeti guy from discord.
looking forward to the consequences of my shit fasting rolls.
File: Right There.png (2.46 MB, 1891x915)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG

Farlnen, north-east of Fingerbone Mountains

Starting boon: Spiritual magic and religion. The yetis believe the spirit linger after death and that they can become intimately bound to things like mountains, the wind, items or even
animals and people. Action and devotion is important in life, so as to avoid having to wander the world aimlessly after it.
File: On second thought, here.png (2.52 MB, 1899x925)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
File: ant_warrior.jpg (594 KB, 875x810)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
The northern coast of Karrn, by that river flowing out of Karrnwood.

Karrnants (See Pic)

Start off with exceptional carpentry skills.
File: Dragonborn.jpg (46 KB, 700x880)
46 KB
The Great Crag
Natural Fighters: Physically strong, with powerful jaws and even a few with the ability to breathe flame, Dragonborn are powerful fighters from maturity.

When their Progenitor, the Great Karthanisyss flew atop the Crag, his Flame-bearers followed him up. Cutting steps into the mountainside, they moved up, before reaching the plateau at the top. At the top they were met by Karthanisyss, his breathing laboured and slow. His last words told them to survive, and to fight with all their might against any who would oppose them, as he had done. After burning his body, the Flame-bearers prepared for their new life.
Rolled 88, 76 = 164 (2d100)

>DEV: Appoint a clear leader, to have the role of Progenitor till Karthanisyss is reborn. They will be called The Ember
>ACT: Send the newly matured (Teenagers) out to scout, and seek a nearby food/water source
Rolled 89, 34 = 123 (2d100)

[Commencing localized tele-communications reboot sequence. . .resuming interspatial data transfer and telepathic communication between the crystal nodes. Standby. . .]

[Energy Reserves are Critical. Initializing emergency energy scavenging.]

In the middle of the blizzard of snow, the glowing crystal nodes pulse. In a an area around them, the air seems to . . .stop. Snowflakes hold in place and fall to the ground, the howling gale is quieted. The crystals work on absorbing ambient local kinetic energy for sustenance.
File: Incubators.png (131 KB, 1323x2623)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Perhaps endeavoring to surpass their largely artificial existence as partially mechanical automatons or maybe simply because of ancient faulty programming striving to complete its routine, the bio mechanical beings begin to view the incubators responsible for their life as something approaching the divine. Unfortunately, their conceptualization of divinity is a tad clunky – as one might expect a robot viewing its mundane creator as a form of deity would be. Their haphazard decorations they bestow upon their incubators are not only horribly gaudy, but also utilize a few particularly precious materials that might serve much better use being applied to more practical developments.

Scouts sent forth from the First Tower towards the abandoned city of Sharn do not discover anything particularly out of the ordinary. However, they are able to dismantle and recover several functional sets of sheet metal over the course of the year that not only are useful in aiding their own reproduction, but also may be utilized for other purposes.

65 new bio mechanical beings are hatched from the divine incubators.
File: Gnoll God.jpg (1.55 MB, 1206x2000)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
The gnolls, similarly engrossed with pursuits of a spiritual nature, slowly form a religious cult around a deity who represents both natural balance and unconquerable force, whom they believe made the gnolls in its image. There is much argumentative braying and cackling between two slowly forming sides over what gender this deity is and what that might mean for gnoll society as a whole. While it is mere grumbling at the moment, it may perhaps be a dark portent of a deadly schism to come farther down the line.

Gender politics aside, the gnolls work at rebuilding Gatherhold with ravenous fervor that would evoke tears from the ambiguously gendered deity they now worship. With their intrinsic knowledge of masonry put to extraordinarily good use, the gnolls work to erect walls and fortify broken down buildings that most others would consider condemned and irredeemable. By the year's end, the gnolls have made a gigantic village out of Gatherhold, fit to easily house ten times their current number comfortably – each gnoll family afforded ample housing. Not a single gnoll lives in a dwelling with less than two floors, several bedrooms and easy access to the latrines.

50 new Gnolls are bred as the cool rift between the sexes is largely overcome by natural urges to break in the new bedrooms.
File: Decimation.jpg (14 KB, 474x266)
14 KB

The brutal Oni of the Crimson Water decide to form war parties, gathering into groups of ten so that their combined strength can help empower the clan together. Unfortunately, organization at that level is not yet sophisticated for them and so the selection process for who ends up with who is done almost completely at random. Every single war party suffers from horrid dysfunction as at least half the Crimson Water oni hate or dislike some members of their new 'family'. The oni themselves aren't precisely sure which of their number first came up with the idea that followed – perhaps the spirit of the blood rage overtook them all simultaneously. But the solution developed to ease this tension seemed so simple and effective on its face. Decimation. By way of morbid popularity contest, the war parties collectively selected the least desired oni of each group and then the other nine member horribly butchered that oni as a form of bonding experience. After that, all the war parties were satisfied although there were still the occasional inter-party squabblings from time to time.

The oni attempted their best to make defenses and housing around their lake home. However, finding the necessary trees and rocks in the surrounding environs proved much more difficult than anticipated, their vision as horribly hindered as it is by the all-obscuring fog. What little dead and dessicated plant life they could find over the course of a year of nearly futile searching made for barely enough ramshackle huts to house their number in incredibly clustered, uncomfortable clumps. Unable to find massive boulders nearby, they compromise by grabbing any chunk of stone they can find not so soft as to crumble to dust when reasonably clenched by their meaty fists. These rocks are sharpened and shoved into the soft lakeside mud pointy end up – most of the time – in the hopes they might slice the feet of any barefoot raiders assaulting their lake home.

Who would bother attacking such a foul, unlivable like? It is not likely the oni gave it much thought themselves.

50 more oni spawn from the Crimson Water that year before they are assembled into their own war parites and forced to undergo decimation. By the year's end, 145 oni both young and old feel content with their civilizational progress.
File: Ritualistic Tattoos.jpg (78 KB, 618x733)
78 KB

The priests of Sulis determine that the best manner by which to reach the celestial realms of their God is that of an internal one – to focus on a detachment from earthly distractions. Many of them embark upon this massive change in lifestyle, foregoing pleasures of the mind and body with a wide range of claimed success when it comes to spiritual fruition. Many of those outside the priesthood view the dedication as ineffectual posturing, with several elder members of the tribe saddened to learn their particularly devout children will not be producing grandchildren for them.

Jakharta leave for the nearby ruin of Taer Shantar with the entire village watching his departure. For the first week, all of them await his return each night for one hour before retiring to bed. In three months time, even the most devout members of his family have given up hope of his return. However his loss does not depress the tribe. In fact, his courage inspires them. The art of tattooing flourishes among the High Elves

40 more High Elves are born, several of whom are named Jakharta. The tribe is 139 members strong.
File: Horrific Monster.jpg (512 KB, 727x1000)
512 KB
512 KB JPG

The frogmen develop a tribal hunting tradition that serves as both father-son bonding and as a rite of passage into adulthood for their youth. The tradition is largely successful in its purpose of increasing the tribe's overall competence as hunters while strengthening the relationships both within families and between them.

However, one ominous day arrives when a group of five, hardy young tadpoles disappear on the day
of their designated venture into full froghood. Distraught parents look to the shaman of the tribe for guidance. Driven by necessity, these venerated tribe members indulge in the mind-altering substances of their profession to scry for the greatest threat plaguing their people. The image they conjure of what lurks deep in the Dreadwood Isle horrifes and shocks them to their core.

A year passes and 55 frogmen are born, bringing the tribe's numbers up to 150.
File: Iron Deposit.jpg (41 KB, 550x309)
41 KB

The Q'barran batfolk also choose to adopt a spiritual mindset. Camiel the Prophet tells the origin story of their people ably and consistently – enough so that the populations' burgeoning thirst for answers is sated at the moment. Yet there are those more inquisitive young minds that inquire as to specific details about whispers and the Great Tempest that the elder bat answers with placating assurances that offer no true clarity. Yet there is something . . . seductive in believing one has purpose. And so the batfolk go about their business with invigorated purpose.

Flying through the caves, over the course of the year the cave dwelling settlers explore the entirety of the cave system. Although no maps are made, every member of the colony is soon aware of the rough layout and with their powerful mastery of flight can navigate like the true experts they are, flying blind in the pitch black dark.

One scout, with a particularly powerful olfactory sense is able to sniff out the presence of a highly metallic substance lining the wall of one nearby, oft-used tunnel. Deposits of the odorous stuff spiderweb their way from that point of origin.

45 new batfolk are born that year. A few of them have already begun pestering Camiel for stories.
File: Icewhite Island.jpg (64 KB, 964x631)
64 KB
[Localized tele-communications activated. Diagnostics Check. ERROR: Chance of failure . . . 100% beyond ten mile radius.]

[Energy scavenging complete. Energy reserves at 34 percent and currently holding. WARNING: Current atmospheric temperature sub-optimal for energy restoration.]

[Searching for back-up shards . . . 27 shards detected. Activation sequence initiated.]
File: Goat - Food Source.jpg (148 KB, 820x461)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

The dragonborn of the Great Crag were of a single mind and highly focused – the beginning seeds of an organized army that a more developed world would relish a chance to get their grasp upon.

With the passing of the Great Fire Dragon Karthanisyss, the path forward was clear. A singular leader had to take charge. A mere ember in comparison to the roaring blaze that was their progenitor, but The Ember would have to suffice until the rebirth. And while the gulf between any of the dragonborn and their master was an infinitely wide chasm – the choice of who was to take charge was apparent to all the moment they began to burn the body.

He was the strongest. He was the largest. He was arguably the smarters. He could breathe flame like his master. And, unlike the rest, The Ember to be had one unique quality that no other Dragonborn could boast of – wings! The ability to fly above – hovering several feet in the air to command the rest and quickly grab their attention.

There was not a single murmur of doubt when The Ember stepped forth to assume his duties.

His first command was to send the newly matured out to scout for nearby sources of food and water so the dragonborn brood might remain in this defensible location, the founding of their future civilization's roots as well as the sacred burial ground of their dragon master.

Within hours the scouts return and tell The Ember of their good fortune. Not only are there underground water sources nearby, naturally heated by vents. But a plethora of wild goat with no natural predators traverse up and down the Great Crag in large enough numbers to feed the whole brood.

40 Dragonborn are hatched by the end of the year.



End of Turn 1/Year 1.

Write in your actions and developments for Turn 2/Year 2 here!
File: unknown (1).png (15 KB, 525x320)
15 KB
Rolled 20, 46 = 66 (2d100)

The Biomechs start to wonder or maybe urged if the strange hole in the top of the incubators serves a purpose. They start placing food and non-food into one incubator.
The biomechs begin working on weapons to defend against larger wildlife.
These robots are bad at culture.
File: 21417928521.jpg (58 KB, 564x966)
58 KB
Rolled 28, 95 = 123 (2d100)

Camiel begins to develop and teach the tribe's vocal language. A language unheard by the mundane animals, the prophet claims that the language is similar to that of the air spirits who speak to him and further claims that the first batfolk were primordial air spirits given flesh.
Eager to get at this mineral deposit a small group is sent to mine some of it. It may be dangerous for civilians to wander the mine, and therefore a series of side tunnels is to be used for travel instead.
Rolled 67, 91 = 158 (2d100)

Dev: A government is formed, Kraterocracy unitary state(?) The strongest of them all will rule and appoint roles for head of religion, tech, and military.

Action: Gnoll groups scout the land to see What's around their home, if there's an opputunitly to ambush or take something then they won't hesitate to act
File: ONI.jpg (13 KB, 720x405)
13 KB
Rolled 81, 66 = 147 (2d100)

Dev: The Oni decide to incorporate the process of decimation into their lives fully, organizing monthly tribe brawls and daily training sessions in order to become stronger and whittle the weaklings out of the tribe. The battles and trainings are incredibly brutal, but the red Oni try to keep them non-lethal when possible. Lethalities still happen, and they are not particulairly frowned upon. The dead are thrown back into the Crimson Lake, as the ogres believe that they were born "unfinished", lacking the "wholeness" of a true Oni to survive the world.

Action: A select group of Oni, perhaps the most brave or perhaps the most mad, decide to drink from the source of their birth: The roiling waters of the Crimson Lake, to see the effect it has upon a live Oni. Some even take it a step further, and dive in for long baths, believing that the holy waters of the lake may give them some sort of extraordinary power.
Rolled 93, 14 = 107 (2d100)


Action 1: scavenge for regeants during hunts.

Dev: anti-unit type specific weapon oil.
Shamans use their knowledge of alchemy to combine, bless and refine specially brewed potions which will aid in combat against any future for. While other combinations are good to keep in mind, for now they need anti necro substances.
DEV: The Ember had seen what feuds between the Flame-Bearers could do. With a group as equipped for violence and as hot-tempered as dragonborn, arguments could end in blood with unnerving ease. Karthanisyss had maintained some order, but only had intervened if it looked like a major fight was going to occur. The Ember knew he had to establish a system for solving disputes without bloodshed, before the new Holdfast tore itself apart.

ACT: The Ember commands the quickest Dragonborn to capture several mating pairs of goats, and to build an enclosure to keep them in. Having some domesticated would help a great deal.
Rolled 64, 69 = 133 (2d100)

Location: Whitehorn wood
Race: Faeries
Fluff: Faeries are unnatural creatures somewhere between magical and physical. No one knows their true origin. Perhaps they have been an experiment left behind by some advanced civilization or perhaps they came to be after some insects came in contact with chaotic magical energies either they their origins remain a mystery.
They come in various shapes and sizes. The smallest fae are the youngest and least evolved and with time and experience can grow to reach the size of elder fae. Nevertheless at the top of their hierarchy sits a special breed of royal fae whose command other fae cannot disobey. One such royal has just took all the power for herself after killing her parents in their sleep and securing her position as unquestionable ruler
Special: Biological manipulation magic



All three of your civilizations start with, in addition to your one special thing, 120 population, basic housing and an understanding of the concept of equity since you missed the 1st turn.
Rolled 42, 13 = 55 (2d100)

Action: The true queen
The new fairy queen was pleased with her status and she wasn't going to risk losing it. She devours the bodies of her parents and spins their essence into her own strengthening herself and her magical control over the other fae
Development: Agriculture
To hell with your father's teachings that we should coexist with nature! I'm a queen and nature shall bend its knee to it's new ruler

Due to an unfortunate difference in scheduling, Snow Men have had to drop out of this civ.

Which means if any prospective individuals would like to settle in that area or play as yetis, they may.

I'm about to go to lunch. After I eat some good food, I'm going to start writing the update. So in about an hour or two.

Ants have yet to take their turn.

Crystals have yet to take their turn.

Elves have yet to take their turn.

You three will miss out on Turn 2 if you do not post something before I'm done eating and whipping up updates for the other six players.
Rolled 27, 4 = 31 (2d100)

>posting from phone
Dev: Develop shared information, to improve research actions
Actions: Search for sources of Geothermal Energy
Gonna have to leave the game sorry mate.

Action: We work at harvesting and carving Lumber for use.

Development: Sap tapping. We try and find a way to get at rich, sugary treesap; either by mechanical constructed means or by pressing a creature of some sort to service.
Shame to see you leave. Any reason in particular? I'm definitely open to legitimate criticism.

Hit me with a few rolls por favor.

Nah, its personal reasons, I actually really like this narrative style. Anyway good luck, gonna lurk when I get a chance.
Here's hoping we don't lose many more And the grace of the dice gods, I just want my people to have some home grown turtle shell armor
Driven by religious zeal and curiosity in equal measure, the bio mechanical beings start placing food and other various inedible objects within one designated, divine incubator to observe the results in an almost experimental fashion. At the end of that month, the bio mechanical creature birthed by that incubator is an abominable monstrosity, with malformed bones and various fleshy bits protruding from areas on the body where nothing of the sort should be protruding. The result is an absolute, bone-chilling nightmare . . . or at least it would be to creatures of a different mindset. The bio mechanical beings are merely interested as they clinically put their horridly mutated brother out of its misery before deigning to do further, limited experiments with the same incubator throughout the rest of the year. This limits the growth of their population slightly, but the badly put together cadavers – gruesome mockeries of how their species is supposed to be – provides some small amount of insight into their knowledge of proper anatomy and what certainly does not make the bio mechanical beings tick.

Wishing to cut into these mutated cadavers more easily and to be able to protect themselves from larger wild life, the bio mechanical beings begin working on developing weapons technology. The excess sheet metal lying around from their continues scouting missions into Sharn's outer walls provide them with sufficiently workable materials that they sharpen into small, easy to grasp blades. These sharp sheet metal shivs prove effective corpse cutting implements and are useful in a pinch to aid in self defense.

Only 55 “proper” bio mechanical beings are born that year.
File: Iron ore.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG

Carniel attempts to teach the rest of his people the tribe's vocal language. They take to it slowly and have trouble learning to emerge past the basic screeches and grunts they are used to. Still, the skill slowly spreads and some of the more intelligent batfolk appreciate the ability to attach higher concepts than basic requirements to syllables. Several batfolk also take ire with Carniel's explanation of the origin of the batfolk people. One younger batfolk in particular claims a spiritual origin is much less likely than the idea that batfolk merely evolved from lesser bats. He is proverbialy shot down by Carniel when Carniel inquires as to why there are still bats if batfolk exist.

The theological debate wanes as the colony acquires so much of the fine-smelling metallic substance. Scratching at the deposits with hands and feet, the batfolk harvest such a haul of what Carniel is now referring to as 'iron' in the new language that every single member of the colony is allowed to posses their weight's worth of the substance. The possibilities are theoretically endless.

55 batfolk are born.
File: Elephants.jpg (3.43 MB, 3888x2592)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
The gnolls fathom the concept of government. A single unified state with three supreme rulers who decide everything in their sphere of influence. The head of tech – so in essence, the best builder. The head of military – so in essence, the strongest gnoll. And the head of religion – so in essence, the most charismatic preacher. Unfortunately, for the latter position, there is much disagreement. A female gnoll who believes the god of balance and might is female and a male gnoll who believes the god of balance and might is male. The tribe is almost evenly split on which should be the third head of the new Kraterocracy and a current standstill in the religious sphere looms over the village of Gatherhold.

The gnolls scout around their home in the plains and discover a large herd of big gray creatures with large white tusks. After much harrying and pursuit, being careful to avoid the stampeding creatures' massive hooves and goring charges they are able to slay five of the beasts. Not only are these animals massive sources of meat, but the gleaming white material of their tusks may prove to be quite a precious resource indeed. They are ripped off the carcasses. There is a huge feast in Gatherhold the night after that successful hunt.

60 gnolls are born that year.
File: Horned Oni.png (25 KB, 284x333)
25 KB

Let's not sugar coat the truth here. The Oni of the Crimson Water discover a rough approximation of eugenics – the only method available to them. They brawl and fight and scrap between each other. The strong survive and the weak are culled. Those somewhere in the middle end up choosing a side and most choose to live and become strong. They learn from one another in the best way that onis communicate –- through violence. All the Oni remaining are tough sons of bitches by Oni standards – which turns out to be most of them. Although fifteen of the weaker, scrawnier ones are slain, it seems that the cursed Crimson Water almost relishes the ritualistic dumping of carcasses into its roiling, red surface – bubbling and gurgling in delight, sometimes birthing a new, stronger-looking Oni right then and there.

The bravest and craziest of the oni drink deep of the lake water, hoping it may empower them further. At first it seems a mistake, as all of them develop huge horrific headaches that make them irritable and more violent than usual towards their brethren. However, after three anguishing weeks, all of these oni grow masssive horns from their heads. Most possess only one horn, but a few have two – even rarer still are those who have grown three.

One poor tribe member who mocks the sight of these mutations ends up getting gored by a headbutt from a particularly powerful triple-horned oni and from that moment forward there is no mistaking the horns for the powerful boon they are.

By the end of the year there are 100 regular oni and 90 horned oni.
File: Maggots.jpg (33 KB, 1274x720)
33 KB
The shamans of the frogmen realize they need to quickly work upon creating a substance that might be used to combat this new threat revealed to them. They focus their efforts on making a spiritually enhanced chemical concoction to combat something dead which yet moves and, more importantly, kills. The focus of their investigations immediately turns to maggots – the grubs who feast on dead flesh. Gathering them together and crushing them into a fine paste, the proper rituals are observed, mixing the paste with salt water and prayer. Soon, a glowing substance sits upon the tables of the shamans. And when brought into contact with the corpses of vermin, the necrosis burns away as if touched by flame.

Unfortunately, the frog youth and even the veteran hunters are too spooked by the recent upset to do more than the bare minimum for hunting. The only reagents they gather are basic driftwood – and a lot of it!

70 Frogmen hatch from their eggs.
File: Goat Mom and kids.jpg (1009 KB, 1920x1478)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
The Ember decides upon a series of codes by which members of the brood must live by. No stealing from other dragonborn. No attacking other dragonborn. If two dragonborn are about to come to blows, The Ember himself was to have the issue for their conflict brought to him and he would mediate as a neutral observer. These sets of codes come to be known as “the law” of The Great Crag. And while the more physically minded, unclever Dragonborn are disheartened by the new system, none of them can truly complain since The Ember himself is unquestionably the strongest member of the group. In a way, the law is seen as The Ember flexing his muscles from afar. '

The goats are easily captured and penned in. Fairly uncaring of their imprisonment by the dragonborn, the mountain dwelling creatures are easily fed and bred. They take to domestication in the natural hierarchy of existence quite well. While the dragon born as a whole are happy to have such easy access to meat, the odd fluid that flows from the teats of the females to feed the young kids proves a curious, almost baffling sight.

45 Dragonborn are hatched this year.
File: poisonous spores.jpg (196 KB, 1057x555)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
The dark queen – as she is known by those in the court who whisper of her gruesome tyranny – did not merely commit the accursed act of fratricide and matricide, prematurely stealing the power of rulership from her parents. She then engaged in the bloody, ritualistic act of incestuous cannibalism, eating their corpses whole on the night of her coup. With their supernatural flesh and essence consumed, digested and fully absorbed the dark queen emerged from their woven branch bedroom as the self-styled True Queen, an unquestionable ruler both by the lineage of leadership flowing through her magical veins and by the magical bindings by which she's ensnared the majority of her subjects, ensuring the loyalty of their bodies if not necessarily their words or minds. They obey begrudgingly – for now.

Unfortunately, the next denizens of her domain and future servants she sought to subjugate were the very trees and plant life of the Whitehorn wood. They, however, were made of sturdier stuff than her faerie subjects. Her father and mother had whispered into their boughs and roots all the secrets and words of friendship – not the True Queen. They were still loyal to the dark queen's progenitors – and outraged at the traitorous betrayal and profane treatment they received in their final moments.

The very nature surrounding her would not bend their knees to their supposed ruler and fought back, spewing deadly spores - that even now permeate the atmosphere - in an attempt to claim the True Queen's life. Although they failed to slay her, they did succeed in killing several of her most loyal conspirators who supported the True Queen's plot against her parents as well as and several 'innocent' fae – the unfortunate collateral damage when the magically inclined elements of the world wage their wars of petty intrigue.

50 fae blossom into this reality, making up for the casualties of the Whitehorn Wood Civil War and bolstering the population of fae within the True Queen's demesne
File: Frozen Wasteland.jpg (172 KB, 1000x667)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
[Information Shared . . . Crystal Coordination Improved 27 percent]

[Geothermal Scanners active . . . detecting . . . detecting . . . detecting . . . no sources of geothermal energy detected. WARNING: Current Environment Ill-advised for colonization.]

[Searching for back-up shards . . . 23 shards detected. Activation sequence initiated.]
File: Maple Leaf.jpg (117 KB, 986x555)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
The Kharrnants harvest a fair host of lumber from the nearby forest.

They also manage to discern the presence of certain trees the Kharrnants detect are filled with a sticky sweet substance known to them as sap. These trees also producer a certain type of FUCKING LEAF that is specific to them that makes them visually distinct.

80 Kharrnants are hatched.
And there we go. Done.

I *think* this process should speed up slightly as we continue, not slow down.

End of Turn 2/Year 2.

Write in your actions and developments for Turn 3/Year 3 here!
DEV: The tents and few caves the Dragonborn have been sleeping are fine for the moment, but something more permanent is needed. The Ember task some of the more intelligent of the Holdfast to experiment making walls of piled stone, so as to make better buildings and defences. (Dry Stone Walling)
ACT: Taking with them some goats for the trip, the scouts from before are tasked to descend from the Crag, and explore the surrounding countryside, looking for landmarks, natural resources, and things of interest.
Rolled 68, 37 = 105 (2d100)

File: tegaki.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
Biomechs start dividing themselves into colored professions based on their incubator of origin.
Builder Biomechs start creating a proper town to live in
Rolled 32, 41 = 73 (2d100)

Crap, forgot the dice.
Rolled 5, 96 = 101 (2d100)

Camiel continues teaching the vocal language, communication is the most crucial element if his people are to move past these tunnels.
Some of the folk are tasked with forging weapons from the iron. They go with what they know works already forging spear tips, daggers, darts and spheres of iron. The tribe prefers to stick with ranged combat over melee, with flight and air magic going for them melee should be largely unnecessary.
Rolled 36, 1 = 37 (2d100)

Action: The Queen is not discouraged and sees an opportunity in this unfortunate spore attack with her own talent at manipulating all biological and her most loyal subjects help she attempts to weaponize these spores for her own use creating a new type of plant or a fungi completely loyal to their Queen
Development: Agriculture
Perhaps a more diplomatic approach would work better? Even she the great Queen had to admit nature's superiority she will show some respect to it. Either way if she desire to rule she will need more servants and hunting/gathering lifestyle is simply not efficient enough to support our growing population
Rolled 1, 51 = 52 (2d100)

Dev: housing
Parent-child teaching has proven effective so far and it makes sense for a parents job to be to prepare their child for adulthood. A decree for all frog knowledge to continue passing in this fashion. The first of which is the construction of shelter. Starting with small temporary play dens when they are small and progressing through increasingly robust encampments for multi day hunts, the construction of a permanent home is added to the final rite of passage guarding their adulthood. This should hopefully allow housing to grow alongside the population and improve scouting and exploring.

Action 1: big communal shaman hut is constructed as our town centre. This is the beating heart of our culture where children meet friends, adults can share information and advice and shamans can talk to their people and make decrees and inspire hope and safety.
Wew, guess spooky ghosts > frogs
I feel for you frog bros
Rolled 25, 29 = 54 (2d100)


The Karrnants use their stores of Lumber to build a true settlement for themselves around the base housing near the mouth of the river.

They try and develop boats that won't sink on the water.
File: Civ map - High Elves.jpg (35 KB, 166x130)
35 KB
The High Elves of the Blade desert have officially ascended to the realm of Sulis, leaving their spot on the map open as well as allowin potential players to choose elves
Thanks Jean, gl with your super soldier fairies
File: ONI.jpg (127 KB, 640x640)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Rolled 60, 97 = 157 (2d100)

Dev: The Horned Oni are seen as a great boon, and the original Oni howl praises at the Crimson Lake. Once a Horned Oni dies during the monthly brawls, however, they begin debating what to do with the corpse. In the end it is decided that the horns of the dead Oni will be ripped off of their heads and fashioned into blades, clubs and shivs. Same thing will be done with the bones and teeth of any Oni who die, before they are thrown back into the Crimson Lake. The dead won't mind the desecration of their corpses, as they soon will be re-born from the waters of the Lake, stronger than ever! After all, flesh and bone is the only suitable weapon against the cursed land of the Dead Gray Mist.

Action: Some mixed Oni and Horned Oni warparties are sent out in exploration of the ruins surrounding the Crimson Lake. They tie ropes to eachother as to not lose themselves in the Gray Mist and to arrive at the ruins in one piece. Their intent is looting everything available, and occupying the ruins if they are habitable.

Crystals have yet to take their turn.


Gnolls have yet to take their turn.

I'll give you a few hours but I will be writing up turn three soon.
Is there still space for a new civ or should I take over one of the dead ones?
Nah make your own.
Unless you /desperately/ want to play one of the ones that's been dropped.
File: This, But In The Water.jpg (453 KB, 769x1000)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
>In the seas right under The Hilt.

>Peaceful Fishmen migrating there from the deeper portions of the sea.

>Starting with advanced healing techniques.

2 lewd.

Nah, but seriously, start with a population of 140, basic housing, concept of equity, mediocre leader and basic clothing.

Then take your turn.
My enemies inch a ever closer to me.
File: The Chief.jpg (84 KB, 736x924)
84 KB
Rolled 24, 48 = 72 (2d100)

We need not be enemies, neighbour.

>Dev: The Men Of The Waters set about finding some shelter, in which they may stay permanently. After all, life on the open sea is a very short one, as they have learned in the past.

>Action: Many scouts are sent upriver to search for food sources and other potential resources to be used in the future.
Rolled 30, 3 = 33 (2d100)


Action: There will be a duel against the two gnolls, the one who wins is clearly chosen by the gnoll god! If the other survives he will become the winners vice priest, one who will fetch the priests food and so other mediocre tasks.

Dev: seeing the elephants as a great opportunity to grow, the gnolls develop animal taming/husbandry so they can capture the elephants to have their food output 10x fold

The gnoll player spoke with me and told me his actions.

You can access me if you encounter similar internet problems via the discord:

Rolled 1 (1d2)


1 - Female

2 - Male
Gonna post turn
Rolled 88, 93 = 181 (2d100)

Dev Action: [Adaptation Protocols engaged. Adaptation efforts will be streamlined and more effective]

Action: [Negative Geothermal presence. Instead, establish Solar Collection Pattern, and begin harvesting solar energy from the stilled winter air during ambient kinetic absorption]
File: Color Wheel.png (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB

The bio mechanical beings, swept up in their intense focus on the supposed divine aspects of their incubators, choose to hold the origin of their birth as a manner by which to add division to their lives, duties and society.

The Blue Mech Group of the Blue Incubator become the builders.

The Red Mech Group of the Red Incubator become the warriors.

The Yellow Mech Group of the Yellow Incubator become the explorers.

The Green Mech Group of the Green Incubator become the investigators.

The Purple Mech Group of the Purple Incubator become the coordinators.

While the establishment of these ethnic divisions does come an intensified ability to pursue any goal with more cohesion and precision. However, what also comes along with them is the ability to discriminate and make snap judgments within the greater biomechanical community about the groups that are not always necessarily accurate assessment's of an individual's temperament and competence.

The blue biomechs begin constructing houses and living accommodations among the remains of the First Tower's village that sits atop the site's underground laboratory. Unfortunately, with their manpower cut to a fifth of what it might be before the color-coding decision they are unable to accomplish everything the purple biomechs would have liked them have to before the year's end. The bond and skill between the blue bio mechs is only just beginning, although already they can tell it will grow immensely.

60 biomechs are born that year, each one sorted equally into their respective group.
File: Dry Stone Walling.jpg (232 KB, 1024x768)
232 KB
232 KB JPG

The Ember decides that the current sleeping arrangements are not fit for a long-lasting presence atop the Great Crag, nor are the lack of defenses. The high ground position is a handy advantage but one that is best served when capitalized upon. And so he sets the cleverest of the flame-bearers to working upon using forming sturdy walls. While the full intricacies of enclosed structures with roofing and floors currently eludes these steadfast workers, the concept of making walls of the innumerable loose stones scattered about the mountainside comes to them naturally. Thousands of the objects are gathered, laid atop one another in interlocking position so as to form stable, tough walls that circle the whole holdfast. Immeasurably safer, the Ember's people sleep safer at night than they had before. No force on land would have an easy time overtaking their position without the power of flight.

The Ember continues sending the newly matured members of the brood out exploring the surrounding countryside looking for things out of the ordinary that might prove of interest to the dragonborn.
Some follow the ancient road south, fallen into disrepair after going for so long without maintenance. They spy many abandoned keeps from afar and discover a deserted town along the route. Other groups head North, East and West, discovering a mountain range, a wooded forest and a river respectively.

One particular group of scouts breaks off from the main contingent exploring alongside the road and ranges off farther than any other. When they disappear, seemingly never to return ,The Ember writes them off as having been lost to the wilderness.

. . . until one returns a month later, half-starved and haggard-looking. He speaks of discovering a lake to the Great Crag's east. And just below this lake sits a peaceful looking forest which proved to be the downfall of his fellows. Poisonous spores appears to claim the lives of a pair of dragonborn who ventured within in a matter of minutes, only for the duo to rise moments later and violently turn on their companions, slaying and infecting two more.

The scout passes in his sleep the night of his return.

The Ember ensures the body is burned – just in case.

50 dragonborn are hatched, bringing the population up to 230.
File: Iron Weaponry.jpg (41 KB, 720x496)
41 KB

The religious prophet and elder Camiel tries desperately to drill the concept of linguistics into the brains of his fellow batfolk. But as his efforts grow so too does their resistance. He doesn't seem able to convince them that communication is necessary.

Baffled by his inability to make any progress, he does discover one possible source for why that may be the case. Some of the more stubborn members of the colony describe to him that their form of speech is more than just grunts and squeaks like those of the lowly animal. Their vociferations allow them to observe the world around them – that which they inherited from the air spirits – with much more clarity and in a way that mere eyes cannot detect.

Carniel ponders upon hearing this excuse over and over and thinks, perhaps, that there is some truth to their claims.

Whereas Carniel encounters nothing but failure, the rest of the tribe is having massive success. They transform much of that iron ore into razor sharp spear tips, shivs and thin needles which can be thrown for devastating effect.

Utilizing the air currents and their magical affinity, the red batfolk are even able to carve complex jagged edges into theiry weaponry, making it extra effective and brutal. It also aids them in making perfectly spherical orbs that are easily rolled across the ground, not that those would necessarily prove more effective than simply dropping a rock atop a grounded foe's head.

65 Batfolk are born
File: Poisonous Spore Monster.jpg (280 KB, 773x1200)
280 KB
280 KB JPG

The True Queen realizes her folly of yesteryear and vows to her magically ensared people she will make peace with the unruly plants of Whitehorn Wood. Performing the very same rites and rituals to honor the forest as her parents did – but with ten times the pomp and circumstances to make up for attempting to force them into servitude – The True Queen shows deference to WhiteHorn wood and vows a new century long pledge of coexistence between the fae and the enchanted forest. Wary of potential trickery and with a dull incensed rage still brewing through their roots, nature still desires a return to the status quo. They agree to a shaky armistice that could almost be called a peace. While maintaining the presence of the deadly spores drifting through the air of the Whitehorn Wood, the fae themselves will remain unaffected and unmolested should the True Queen keep her word and strengthen the bond between herself and nature.

However, The True Queen is still a tricky character with dastardly motivations. Utilizing her magical talents, she endeavors to weaponize the spores and construct a new type of plant that may be used against her enemies.

Requiring a few volunteers from the more obviously dissident members of her court, she does succeed in weaponizing the spores after several failures.

However, the infectious creation she makes is no more loyal to her than a blazing fire is loyal to the one who started it. Forced to protect herself from being claimed by the spores herself in one accidental misstep, she casts out the maddened, spore-infected volunteers from her court. They flee into the deeper parts of the wild wood where her influence grows thin and what manner of mischief and horror they might cause becomes anyone's guess and completely out of the True Queen's control.

60 more fae blossom into reality, bringing the Queen's court up to 200 members strong.
File: Shaman Hut.jpg (59 KB, 600x388)
59 KB

The frogmen initiated a form of dwelling construction that would start with the creation of play dens for the young and eventually end with the building of permanent homes. Unfortunately, all these attempts fail horribly as the only materials the frog people have at their disposal is the glut of dritfwood they collected last year. Play dens fall apart, hunting encampments are so shoddy that any passing deer will not only spook the young frog hunters but also smash through their piss poor structures. Even the permanent homes just collapse. Through it all the frogmen learn a great deal about architecture – and what exactly you're not to do when making a home.

However, one piece of information is clear – while the woods of Lorghalan may prove to have strong wood if the trees may be felled, it pales in comparison to the hardy trees that grow on Dreadwood Isle – if the difference in strength between the rotting driftwood from those respective locations is any indicator of what the lumber may be like while still rooted to the earth.

The only driftwood-built building that remains standing by the year's end is the blessed shaman hut that sits of the center of the various collapsed bundles of wood the frog people sleep around. It serves as a source of strength in these trying times. The shamans keep the spirit of their people above water – so to speak.

80 frogmen hatch from their eggs.
File: Wooden Boats.jpg (57 KB, 800x600)
57 KB
The Karrnants utilize their collected lumber to form a shoddy series of buildings around the mouth of the nearby river. It works as a settlement barely.

The Karrnants then try to make boats that don't sink upon the river. Thirty Karrnants drown before they finally succeed in building a design that successfully floats upon the gentle river currents. With these new boats they can sail up and down the river in relative safety as long as no more than ten of their kind get in any single boat. Taking these boats out into the cold Bitter Sea, however? A suicidal journey if one was ever attempted. So they do not try.

100 Karrnants are hatched, bringing the population up to 270.
File: Ankheg.jpg (182 KB, 605x795)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
The Oni now possess a funerary ritual that only an Oni could love. After decimation or an accidental death during an impromptu eugenics-driven brawl, any horns or bones are ripped from the corpse and sharpened into stabbing implements or simply hefted as bludgeoning implements. And then the torn apart carcass – now an unrecognizable hunk of meat and blood – is tossed into the Crimson Water. A few more Oni are killed by other Oni eager to try out their new killing tools, which hilariously enough serves to create even more weaponry that inspires more Oni to use them on their fellow brethren. It's a violent, deadly cycle that ends with every remaining Oni being not only hulkingly strong and brutal, but also armed to the teeth with the teeth (and bones and horns) of their fellows.

Emboldened by their new power, several Oni travel together to the nearby northern ruin of Tronish. There they discover large skittering bugs two Onis wide and three onis tall. Consumed by bloodlust, the gaggle of explorer/raider Oni assault the giant insects and do battle to the death with these creatures. All in all, a dozen of the weakling insects are slain with only one of the assaulting Oni perishing due to a surprise reveal when one of these nasty creatures spits a globule of acid into an Oni's face, burning his face off. The Oni cheer their victory and mark the settlement as having been conquered by them!

By the end of the year, there are 150 regular Oni and 100 horned Oni.
File: Salmon and Bear.jpg (682 KB, 1920x1200)
682 KB
682 KB JPG
The fishmen, already in possession of basic, undersea housing, feel the urge to find even better, more permanent forms of shelter at the bottom of the Thunder Sea. Their exploration of the sea floor leads them to the discovery of a few underwater caves that could house perhaps half their number before becoming unbearably cramped. While much less roomy than the basic dwellings they have created, these dark tunnels would prove extremely defensible . . . assuming their empty.

Fishmen scouts go upriver as far as they are able before the waters becomes too shallow, looking for potential food sources or anything else useable. In the hilt itself they find large quantities of salmon whose only natural predator in this area live on land – large, furry, four-legged beasts who are clumsy enough when wading through the water that the fishmen aren't very afraid of them.

60 fishmen are born that year.
File: Gnoll Whipped.png (262 KB, 480x620)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
The gnolls attempt to capture a few elephants to develop an ample source of food that might be easy to cultivate. Three of their spotted, cackling kind are trampled in the attempt and by the end of the endeavor they only manage to capture two elephants, who both turn out to be male and within hours break their way out of the flimsily and hastily constructed enclosure to keep them penned in.

Despite these failings, the gnolls learn a great deal of the concept of animal husbandry and believe they might have much more success if they attempt to domesticate easier to control forms of life.

The two gnolls who wish to be the head of the religious part of the government duel each other for the position, with the loser intended to become the winner's lackey. However, the fight becomes a bit bloody and the eventual winner is a dedicated follower of her god's tenets. She grips the head of her opponent once he is beaten into submission and rips it off his body along with his spine, lifting it up high for all the onlookers to see.

She then tosses the head to the ground and gives a rousing speech to the watching public of how the Gnollish god of balance and force must be female for the female is strongest and is the bringer of life. She points out how the female hyenas rule the pack. And how the current gnoll in charge of the military is female. While the gnoll currently in charge of the technological aspects of society is male, building itself seen as a more masculine pursuit as opposed to hunting and is therefore lesser. Gnollish society as a whole comes to agree with her message and the gruesome demonstration reinforcing it, with but a few male gnolls whining about it. From that moment on, Gatherhold becomes a matriarchy with a vast difference between the female caste above and the male caste below.

70 gnolls are born that year, bringing the population up to 276.
File: Solar Panels.jpg (779 KB, 1580x1306)
779 KB
779 KB JPG

[Adaptation protocols fully engaged. Adaptation efforts 88% more effective.]

[Solar Collection Pattern operative. STRONG UV PRESENCE DETECTED. WEAK ATMOSPHERIC PROTECTION. Optimal solar conditions for radiation absorption and energy generation. Energy Stores approaching maximum.]

[Scanning wider area for back-up shards . . . 50 back-up shards detected. Activation sequence initiated.]



A bit longer than I thought it would take me, both in getting around to starting and in actually writing it out.

But that's the end of Turn 3/Year 3.

Write in your actions and developments for Turn 4/Year 4 here!
Develop: The True queen gets to work and dissects her failed experiments. Perhaps she will learn a thing or two about fairy anatomy she could twist flesh with her magic easily but without an understanding of how it works the succes of her work was based purely on luck. This knowledge will be useful in her future experiments and in the event that her subjects needed medical help

Action: A group of faeries are sent out to take flight and explore our surroundings
Rolled 2, 76 = 78 (2d100)

Why am I terrible at the one thing I should be good at
Nature's turned against you, the secrets she keeps are her's and her's alone.
Rolled 67, 20 = 87 (2d100)

>Dev: The tribe seems somewhat perplexed at what to do next, some want to investigate the caves, some want to leave and move along the shore to somewhere better. These opposing opinions eventually start creating arguments and conflicts. Before things get deadly, some of the older and wiser members of the tribe diffuse tension, suggesting meditation, allowing the sea itself guide their hand. This idea catches popularity and before long, the Chieftain declared it a tradition in hopes of further benefits.

>Action: Eventually, scouts are sent into the caves, to search for any activity that could prove problematic to the population.
Rolled 97, 92 = 189 (2d100)

Camiel desperately engages in a debate with them, while it may be true that their voice can be used for scanning he tries to persuade that their voice is better off as a multi-purpose tool. What use is vision if an enemy can coordinate better than them?
Scouts are sent outside of their caves and tunnels. Confident in their military strength they think there is no longer need to fear the outside.
Rolled 83, 61 = 144 (2d100)

Firstly, the Ember bans any scouts from going within 100 paces Whitehorn Wood, and if they have to, to ensure they are always keeping fire near their mouths, to destroy the spores. Easy for the fire-breathers, less easy for others.
DEV: The tragedy of the scouts brought thoughts of disease and sickness to The Embers mind. If such things affected the goats, or the herders, food would become scarce desires this position to become more stable and secure. He commands the establishment of ways of preserving food, so that should calamity strike.

ACT: However, far from being discouraged by the scouting, The Ember decides to send out a small party of Dragonborn to visit the ruined keeps, and search them for useful materials, treasure (Karthanisyss liked this, not sure why). Also, he tells them to specifically not destroy or move any scrolls, because while they cannot read, Karthanisyss could, and liked a good book every now and again. Maybe learning to read might be a good idea.....
File: Oni King.jpg (169 KB, 600x784)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Rolled 86, 39 = 125 (2d100)

Dev: The Oni adopt a new philosophy regarding death and wastefulness in general: everything can be harvested if one is creative enough. They begin butchering the giant bug carcasses, removing chitin that is then fashioned as armor and charring the insect flesh so that it may be eaten. Some even try to collect the beasts' corrosive acid, but find it hard to gather as it eats through everything.

Action: The Oni grow ever bolder, sending further warparties to the east of Tronish, where some of the older Onis say that the Mist ends and the earth becomes powder. The warparties travel with ill intent, looking for blood and plunder. Unless they are faced with an overwhelming enemy, they will not even try to parley and immediately attack.
Rolled 22, 86 = 108 (2d100)


Develop: The Karrnants can occasionally see fish below the water of the river, just swimming there. They try to devise a better method to get at them then just lunging with a pointed stick.

Action: The Karrnants send out patrols into the woods around them to see if they can find anything interesting.
Rolled 41, 54 = 95 (2d100)

Dev: Astrology: The Gnoll priest looks to the sky for signs of their god.

Action: The head priest urges the gnolls to construct a great sacrificial shrine so she can offer the whiny gnolls blood to their god as sign of good faith.


Rolling or gnolls again because of shitty internet on that player's part.

I'm also runing my real quest today so this turn's going to be delayed. But since I've been doing one turn a day already it's not like it will matter much.

Crystals have yet to take their turn.

Frogs have yet to take their turn

Bio mechanical beings have yet to take their turn
Rolled 56, 2 = 58 (2d100)

Dev: Tools

Action: Prepare a squad of our greatest hunters for a breach upon the Dread Isle. These are chosen through a tournament.
Rolled 26, 24 = 50 (2d100)

Biomechs continue refining all their talents as the purple further divide into the priests class and the governing class.
The priest continue trying to understand their incubator's great secret. Further research is done to the purple's incubator.
File: Infected Dragonborn.jpg (207 KB, 680x646)
207 KB
207 KB JPG

The true queen attempts to dissect those failed experiments of hers which did not rise again to wreak havoc across the Whitehorn Wood in the hopes she may learn something integral of fairy anatomy. Unfortunately, the full extent of her earlier experimentation has twisted the natural state of these cadavers to be such perversions of fairy kind that she learns absolutely nothing from the endeavor.

Driven into a dark mood from a series of horrid failures across the last few years, she orders some of her court to delve into the deeper parts of the wild forest and slay some of the escaped, spore-filled monstrosities, bringing their carcasses back to the Queen for her to peruse in the hopes their fairy biology may be more in line with those of the unafflicted. Several fae are lost in these mad excursions, but several corpses of the infected. Unfortunately, they too prove useless for expanding her anatomical knowledge.

Driven to despair, The True Queen is at her wit's end . . . when she realizes four of the retrieved corpses are in fact not fae. They are something different. Scaled, bipedal creatures with faces that would most likely appear like dragons before they were warped by the spores. An interesting development, to say the least.

Near simultaneously, more good news reaches the True Queen's ears. Several fae she sent scouting return to her side to inform her of the nearby Silver Lakes and its powerful magical properties. The waters themselves are enchanted.

70 fae blossom into reality, bringing the True Queen's court up to 250.
File: Electric Eel.jpg (139 KB, 755x675)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

Meditation easily takes root in the society of the peaceful fishmen. Not only does it serve as an able tool to clear one's mind, ease the tension of conflict and think of solutions to long-standing problems – it also seems to aid the body's natural healing process, speeding up the recovery of wounds far quicker than when meditation is not employed. This discovery blends marvelously with the fishmen's advancedunderstanding of healing techniques and allows their people to recover from non-fatal wounds in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months.

Which ends up being an extremely useful tool, as the scouts they send out to explore the underwater caves encounter heavy resistance in the form of the local wildlife – long sea snakes with electrical current running through their elongated forms that shock any who get near. The scouts retreat, only losing one of their number but several more returning severely wounded. They recover well before the end of the year.

80 fishmen are born that year, bringing the population up to 279.
File: Killer Babboons.jpg (88 KB, 511x692)
88 KB
Carniel finally does it! After spending three long years annoying the rest of the colony with his insistence upon them learning the spoken word even the most stubborn batfolk capitulate to his demands. Not only that, the whole colony agrees to a series of large meetings where all the minutiae of dialogue can be hammered out and unified so no one is confused and feels the need to fall back on grunting and screeching when communicating with other members of the colony. One batfolk with poor memory insists he will not be able to remember any of this shit and so to placate this individual Carniel is forced to draw a series of images that represent the different sounds that are used in the utilization of language. These series of images can then be combined together to represent multi-syllabic words. The rest of the colony also learn of these symbols and what sounds they represent as well as how to draw them.
The tribe is finally unified with a single language representing a variety of complex ideas as well as the ability to write them down. Everyone in the tribe can now speak and write.

Scouts armed with serrated iron shivs and throwing needles venture out of the caves into the dense, tangled vegetation of the jungle, confident in their technological advantage over the common animals around them. Discovering a particularly violent and bloodthirsty baboon troop that has grown fat and dominant in the area, feasting on small mammals, birds, bugs – and yes, even bats – the scouts choose to assault the monkeys. With the power of flight, air magic and deadly iron weapons the entire troop is eradicated and the batfolk acquire a huge haul of baboon meat. Similarly, a much more mellow congress of orangutan are observed who live in the immediate area surrounding the subterranean dwellings of the red batfolk.

80 batfolk are born that year.
File: Suits of Armor.jpg (28 KB, 400x600)
28 KB
In a desire to build up a long-lasting store of food and meat that won't rot away in case the acquisition of new food becomes difficult in the future for any length of time, The Ember orders the holdfast to discover a way of preserving food.

Within weeks of the order, a duo of dragonborn who are known among the flame-bearers to experiment with the way they cook goat meat inform The Ember of a method of food preparation they refer to as “drying”. This dried meat can last for years and within the week the brood begin stockpiling pounds of dried meat every month.

Several Dragonborn scouts visit the closest ruin to the Great Crag – Grimstone Keep – and search for the aforementioned goodies that might enrich dragonborn society. After much investigation, they discover seven suits of metal carapace that can be affixed piecemeal to the body, including a head covering. Some of the dragonborn are skeptical of their usefulness, but others think that in the right light they're vaguely shiny.

70 Dragonborn are hatched that year.
File: Desert Elves.jpg (117 KB, 705x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
The Oni adorn themselves in chitinous ankheg armor from the corpses of the large bugs they slew, impressed by how hard to crack through the animal's tough exoskeleton was in the heat of battle. The oni are very impressed with their first forays into the realm of defensive protection. Most oni bone from intense burns that don't in any way make him more reistant to acid, despite his fervent belief it would. The rest of Oni society laughs before tossing his acid-ravaged body into the Crimson Water.

Traveling east, a war party of Oni manage to exit the Dead-Gray mist and walk across the sands of the Blade Desert. It is a moment to truly cherish, emerging into the bright, scorching sun and suddenly gaining the ability to see in every direction for miles and miles. Tromping aimlessly with a poor sense of direction, they discover a wandering band of nomadic bipedal humanoids with pointed ears who they of course immediately attack for they appear weak. Several of the creatures are slain before a large majority flee deeper into the desert. A few Oni attempt to give chase, but die of exhaustion and dehydration – their huge bodies adjusted to the cooler, corrupting mists and not the extreme dry heat of the Blade Desert.

A scant few of these smaller, weaker desert-dwellers who realize they have no chance of escape or survival seem to surrender to the Oni raiders.

Hmmm. Wat do?

By the year's end there are 187 Red Oni and 130 horned oni, for a total of 317.
File: Honeycomb.jpg (143 KB, 800x600)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
The Karrnants determine to invent some form of tool to aid them in catching fish. Weaving together reeds that grow on the sides of the river, they construct crude nets that are slightly more useful than attempting to grab a fish out of the water with their bare hands or stabbing into the water with a sharpened stick.

Investigating the woods for which they have derived their names, the Karrnants discover another deliciously sweet treat to go along with the maple syrup. Beehives – and lots of them, filled to the brim with delicious, delicious honey. The honeycomb proves to not only be tasty, but also fairly easy to store and seems to never go bad.

130 Karrnants are born this year.
File: Aztec Sacrifice.jpg (100 KB, 500x750)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Looking above to the night sky, the head of The Gatherhold matriarchy's religious sector swears a certain configuration of stars clearly forms an image of the Gnollish Goddess of Balance and Force if you look at it just right. Her sycophants and yesgnolls swear up and down that this is the truth. The more frank and skeptical gnolls squint real hard and honestly admit that they don't really see it. After much arguing, the head of the religious sector claims any gnoll who can't see the picture is clearly no longer blessed by Gatherhold's patron god. That convinces most into vaguely mumbling agreement that they see Her glorious visage painted in the stars. As for those few holdouts who claim they still can't see it . . . well,

The Head Priestess orders a grand sacrificial shrine be built upon which to offer the blood of non-believers and traitors to their Goddess. The kowtowed Head Builder constructs it to her specifications, but its clearly not his best work as it is not a labor of passion like the rest of the buildings in Gatherhold. Several such dissidents have their throats slit upon the steps of the freshly built altar to christen its entrance upon the scene of Gnollish society and custom.

90 gnolls are born, bringing the population up to 353.
File: Necrotic Antler.jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
The frogmen decide they must build some actual tools if they are to ever build structures of any worth. They can't be held together by prayers and blessings like the shaman hut. After much experimentation, the frogmen construct tree-felling axes which may be used to laboriously chop down strong, living trees so that sturdie material might be used to construct buildings out of as opposed to soggy driftwood.

After a tournament is held to discern who the frogmen's greatest hunters are, the five victorious winners are tasked by the tribe's shaman with venturing onto the Dread Isle and slaying the undead monstrosity that lurks there. Each of them are blessed and their sharp webbed claws are dipped in the anti-necrotic oils as well as several rough stones with which they might batter the evil beast to death.

They leave valorously, heralded with much fanfare.

. . .

A week later, only a sole survivor returns – with an eye gouged out and an arm missing. The frogpeople are downtrodden that even their very best could not slay the beast. He tells the shaman in private of what occurred. Ambushed while they were sleeping, having been forced to camp after the monster had eluded them for the whole day, it made short work of them all. Only a lucky strike to its head by the horribly wounded survivor managed to do any harm whatsoever. The glowing stone struck its jagged antler, breaking it off from the undead abomination and causing it to screech in horrid pain, retreating from the battlefield with its head sizzling.

The survivor does not believe the beast died that night – but he did manage to retrieve the dismembered antler. Not much of a trophy, considering the hunter's failure. But perhaps useful in some other way.

100 frogmen hatch from their eggs, bringing the population up to 396.

The purple bio mechs divide themselves further – half turning into the priests of the fungal incubators while the other half resolves themselves to governorship.

Again, sectarianism proves a new and pressing factor. Most of the rest of the bio mech tribe find the purple bio mechs insufferable control freaks who think themselves above the rest. Inter-tribal violence, however, is not a concept even conceivable to the bio mechs – yet.

These haughty priests then decide they will try to understand the divine incubators – their own, foremost – through thorough investigation and religious ceremony. After a full year of study, not a single insight bears fruition.

The priesthood is stumped.

Until one radical little bio mechanical being does the unthinkable – something considered sacrilegious by many and insane by all.

He dives into the incubator and is digested by it.

Everyone is scared of what might be birthed from this unholy act.

At the end of the month, when that incubator's creation emerges, what stands before the biomechanical beings is a slightly taller biomechanical being – only noticeable due to the uniformity in composition the rest of these creatures share. While it is not the same as the priest who was digested, this new member of the civilization speaks of vague fuzzy images like long-forgotten memories that could only have occurred while it was gestating.

Much of biomechanical society is at an impasse as to what this all means and what this taller version might entail for the future.

60 bio mechanical beings are brought into existence, 12 for each color except for purple who has lost 1 in exchange for the taller biomechanical being.
And that's the end of turn 4!

Accepting action and development choices for Turn 5 now!
Rolled 16, 7 = 23 (2d100)

As the traitors and non believers are systematically weaved out, it's time to strengthen every gnoll.
Action: Fighting pits are constructed to train both male and female Gnolls in combat, speed, and agility. Those who don't progress over time will be turned into servants and won't be able to breed.
Dev: After a routine combat training went wrong between two male gnolls, the winner in a blind rage and adrenaline ripped the losers heart out and ate it. It took hours and many gnolls to subdue the rampaging gnoll, but when he finally woke up he was rambling that eating the heart of your kill gives you great power!
Rolled 92, 70 = 162 (2d100)

Development: Basic tools
Action: The queen fulfils her promise and orders the construction of a shrine dedicated to nature near the Silver lake in hopes that traditionalists of her court and nature itself would be pleased
Rolled 74, 44 = 118 (2d100)


Develop: Beekeeping. Finding the hives was a great triumph, but the Karrnants know they have the Bees to thank for the sweet, sweet honey. Rather then simply stealing honey from wild hives, they work to build artificial wooden hives for the Bees, and then farm off any excess from the managed beehives.

Action: Karrnant scouts probe deeper south into the Karrnwood, hoping to find more things just as good.
File: 18092821590.jpg (168 KB, 839x1375)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Rolled 41, 22 = 63 (2d100)

The most affluent in magic are gathered to form a new group called the Echoing Breath. They practice and learn in the deepest cave, and attempt to refine air magic to manipulate sound to their will.
The orangutan are to be further observed.
Rolled 9, 5 = 14 (2d100)

>Dev: Rather than fear these dangerous creatures as warned by the scouts, the Chief gains a strange appreciation for them and decides they'd be useful. Different scouts are sent into the caverns, instructed to stay at a distance and observe the electric beings. Once they knew enough, they'd draw one out and attempt to capture it so they'd eventually tame it.

>Action: Those members of the tribe most interested in the Chief's attempts swim upriver, starting to gather more food for the taming process.
Forgot to add:
Nature is their god and the queen is her prophet
Rolled 6, 65 = 71 (2d100)

These suits of metal are interesting, but not brilliant, since the head pieces are grossly too small and the chest area is misshapen. However, pretty is pretty.
ACT: We have explored the outside world, but our own Great Crag remains a mystery. With torches and some dried meat (Just in case) scouts are to enter the caverns where the hot springs are, and explore them thoroughly, looking for entrances and exits, and anything of interest beyond the water sources.
Shit Development was
DEV: If we are to make use of the caverns, we need to know how to shape rock. Dragonborn are to develop stone working tools and skills.
Rolled 41, 9 = 50 (2d100)

Dev: Tracking elixers
By combining a powdered sample of the dismembered horn and our scrying potions, the shamans develop a new kind of elixer. Once consumed, the hunter's senses will become attuned in some way to be able to pinpoint anything and everything the target has interacted with (idk, like their prey's footprints glows or we can smell it on things or something)

Action 1: Build a forward military port on the dread isle shore.
The injured warrior's year is spent recovering and wallowing in shame and depression. He was supposed to be victorious. He was supposed to return a hero. Instead he lost his friends and almost his own life to this foul beast. His people, his family under threat because of his failure. He cannot allow this.
THe survivor trains and trains through the night to early morning, often further injury and upsetting those tending to him. But finally he emerges from his long metamorphosis, stronger and wiser. His mind skill & resolve have made up for his handicap and can best the most able warriors dispite lacking an arm and eye. His combat prowess is immense and word quickly spreads of his amazing deeds, earning him respect and the name Terribilis the Green, as those who spar with him only see a blur of green due to the shear speed at which he moves to compensate for his disabilities.
Using his newfound respect and consultations with the tribal shamans, Terribilis aims to establish a foothold on the Dread isle. This port will harvest sturdy and valuable wood for the struggling tribe, as well as hopefully flush out the Dread isle Demon as his forested cover becomes sparse. He assures the shamans that with the newly developed tracking elixirs which can be bolstered with any further of its "leavings", they will find the fiend and free the tribe from its oppressive tyranny. He wants 60 warriors for his campaign into doom. With so many warriors prepared for combat near a the lake, there is no way they will lose again!
for FUCK sake
Rolled 44, 53 = 97 (2d100)

This biomech, who shall be known as Nuparu, was now marked as the embodiment of the purple incubator.
The Yellow biomechs begins searching all the nearby land for landmarks and supplies, greens get around to uncovering the mystery of the "lightning rail."
File: download.jpg (10 KB, 237x213)
10 KB
Rolled 63, 42 = 105 (2d100)

Dev: The Oni attempt to develop a spoken language that is more than grunts, stomping and angry gesturing. It is a deep and gruff tongue, one that would almost be painful if other races tried to speak it. Unsurprisingly, insults and mockeries are abundant, and there are many, different and varied definitions for the various shades of passionate rage that the Oni constantly feel.

Action: The captured desert elves are enslaved by the Oni, working toiling day and night for their cruel masters and eaten when food grows scarce. Before being shackled, however, they are brutally interrogated on the whereabouts of their homes and outposts in the desert.
Is it too late to join?
If not,
Starting location: pic related
Race: Jackal headed humanoids (Anubi)
Starting tech: bow and arrow technology

And since I'm so far behind
Development: agriculture
Action: build palisade around the town
File: Starting location.png (34 KB, 179x102)
34 KB
Rolled 38 (1d100)

Sorry, forgot rolls and map
Rolled 47 (1d100)

aaaand another roll for action
Here's hoping civ still lives.
The gnolls decide to construct fighting pits so that males and females might test their martial might against one another, with those losers who are unable to progess being made into servants who aren't allowed to breed. While these fights do help toughen up certain members of Gatherhold's society, the explosion of servants banned from producing children hinders the growth of the population fairly severely.

Everyone believes the male gnoll's ramblings about how eating the hearts of those you kill gives you great power. (Note: Eating the hearts of your enemies does not actually give you great power.)

80 gnolls are born that year, bringing the population up to 428
File: Lake Shrine.jpg (164 KB, 974x397)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
The faeries attempt to create basic tools and end up creating advanced tools instead. Everything from hammers, to axes, to screwdrivers to nails to crowbars and, most importantly, nets. All of which might aid them in the more grounded realm of construction.

The plants of the Whitehorn Wood are more than pleased that the True Queen has honored them in such a fashion. The peace between them becomes a genuine treaty as opposed to a temporary armistice. The Whitehorn Wood is able to siphon off some of the magical energy for themselves while simultaneously causing the sparse plant life between the edge of the wood and the shore of Silver Lake to grow and multiply. Many in The True Queen's court are happily surprised by this commitment and hope it spells out a more benevolent administration in the future.

100 fae blossom into reality.>>2653307

forgot trip
File: Spider Webs.jpg (183 KB, 500x498)
183 KB
183 KB JPG

Perhaps due to the fact that both the Karrnants and the humble honey bee are ultimately just insects of a different sort and realize the need to stick together in the face of so many mammalian threats, the mutual understanding between the two groups is almost telepathic. The bees put up no resistance as the Karrnants transport and affix their hives to wooden artificial constructs that allows for the honeycomb to flourish along with the bee population. The Karrnants similaryl do not abuse this trust and prove to be excellent at constructing the necessary housing in an efficient manner.

Searching deeper south into the Karrnwood, a few workers stumble upon an intricate silk material strung up in webs with inctricated designs and patterns between the trees. A few karrnants get stuck and their fellows attempt to pull them free. Despite all their tugging, it doesn't seem to work and so they return to the colony to get more karrnants to help. Upon their return to the scene, however, their trapped brothers seem to have disappeared.

160 Karrnants are born, bringing the population up to 557.
File: Orangutan.jpg (191 KB, 640x480)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
A small group of advanced air magic users come together under the name: The Echoing Breath. These 20 or so batfolk practice, learn and innovate their magic together in one of the deepest caves in the Q'barran jungle that is part of the red batfolk's demesne. While they aren't able to manipulate sound in any direction just yet, through commiseration and much theorycrafting they do discover a latent ability to naturally use sound to 'observe' a location. Perhaps they might be able to utilize that quirk of their batfolk biology in the future to master the art of magical sound manipulation.

The red batfolk observe the oragutan for an entire year. The stupid monkeys don't really do much. Lazy simians.

100 batfolk are born that year.
File: Rocks Fall, You Die.jpg (163 KB, 1024x683)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
The fishmen scouts observe the electric snakes for a long while before making the attempt to lure one out of the cave and attempt to capture it. Unfortunately, in their attempts to draw out one of the creatures, a particularly foolish scout ends up trying to grab hold of the aquatic shocker and wrestle it into submission. His electrocuted body slams up against an unstable rock wall and the resulting cave in kills five. The eel survives, however, and the survivors manage to wrap it in a pair of seaweed trousers which insulates its powerful ability. It is successfully capture, but it isn't too happy about its confinement and certainly isn't tamed.

It seems disaster looms for the fishpeople this cursed year, as the fifteen scouts which have been fording upriver to collect extra food to feed the captured eel currently trapped in the abandoned underwater clam house of the foolish fishman who electrocuted himself suddenly disappear one day near the end of the year. The mediocre chieftain sends an even bigger force to investigate what occurred, but all they find is a few left behind torn bits of seaweed clothing. No blood. No bodies. There is an excess of pet food so such upriver trips are not necessary in the near future, but the ambiguous fate of these fifteen scouts troubles the Fishmen greatly.

95 fishmen are born that year, bringing the population up to 354.
File: Underground City.jpg (146 KB, 1600x920)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
The Ember attempts to have his people construct tools made of the very stone of The Great Crag's mountainous terrain. Crudddy stone cudgels are created and then almost immediately discared by a vast majority of the population as being weaker than their own muscles and claws. Those few who still use the cruddy stone cudgels accomplish much. It seems innovation and creativity is difficult at this time for the flame-bearers.

A group of the Ember's strongest and most courageous brave the underground unknown of the dank, dark caverns beneath their burgeoning civilization. For while fires may burn bright, without the air they are all but snuffed out under those million of tons of rock. The dragonborn travel down and down through the winding cavernous tunnels and what they discover at the end of their trek is . . . daunting, to say the least. A vast subterranean architectural marvel – a sign that this Great Crag was inhabited before from below if not from above. And the dragonborn now anxiously realize it still may be.

90 Dragonborn are given the flame of life that year.

Fuck, wrong trip
File: Frog Shaman.jpg (61 KB, 825x825)
61 KB
Whatever you guys know it's me. Its the same fucking ip.


The shaman of the frog people shave off sections of the undead beast's antler – and discover with some trepidation that it continues to grow even after having been removed from the monster. Still, it is kept under cosntant watch as the shaman mix these crushed up shavings with the mind altering substances they use to scry the divine to create potions that enhance a hunter's senses to the ultimate peak of their skill. These prove to be remarkably effective. With these potions, every frogman is a perfect hunter.

Terribilis the Green and his sixty warriors travel to The Dread Isle and attempt to establish a foothold, bringing anti-necrotic weapon oils and hunter's vision potions along with them. However, they are more prepared for slaying the Dread Isle Demon than such mundane pursuits as harvesting wood or building anything more than temporary campsites. A desire to be part of the glorious victory prevents the fighting force creating a port or harvesting much Dread Isle wood, as the warriors are always on edge and alert for the Dread Isle Demon to rear its horrifying, one-antlered head. Terribilis is irritable when by the year's end the skulking demon has yet to return for its rematch, the only indication of its continued presence layered in the discovery of the head of one particular frogman who had wandered off from the group and went missing shoved on a spike – a grisly, demoralizing warning for the rest of the warriors.

130 frogmen hatch that year, bringing the population up to 525.
File: Fish Captives.jpg (195 KB, 805x993)
195 KB
195 KB JPG

Nuparu is seen as the embodiment of the purple incubator. As divine as those fungal birthing pods? Merely a prophet of its wishes? The regular biomechs don't know what to make of it, other than more proof that the purple biomechs see themselves as greater than the other color-coded professions. But the priests and the governors at least are not confused on this one fact: Nuparu stands at the head of the biomechanical beings' civilization. The authority above all others, save the incubators.

The Green Mechs will require much study to decipher the grand mystery that is the lightning rail which runs in a straight line from the First Tower to Sharn. And while not much progess is made that first year, it is not an unexpected delay considering how highly advanced it is.

The Yellow Mechs are much more successful in the short term with their pursuits. Catching an odd group of water-breathing creatures totally by surprise, the biomechanical beings ambush and capture the bipedal fish things by holding them at sheet metal shiv point. Totally weaponless, the creatures surrender realizing they will be slaughtered if they attempt to resist.

60 Biomechanical Beings are brought into existence, 12 of each color.
The Oni learn how to talk! Language is great for insulting your enemies and telling your brethren to go smash something.

The Oni attempt to enslave the elves, however most of the captives who are brought back into the Dead-Gray Mists immediately perish, with several refusing to enter outright to the point of physically resisting the Red Oni and being killed for their insolence. An even smaller portion than those originally captured do survive, however, being corrupted by the unnatural influence of the Dead-Gray Mists.

Before that, however, the Oni attempt to interrogate the elves for the locations of homes and outposts. The desert elves are nomadic, so nothing comes of that. But the Oni do learn of the god Sulis – deity of Sun and Moon. It turns out these elves are vaguely religious, and find the dead-gray mists distasteful – believing the deadly atmosphere is due to the fact that one cannot see either sun or moon while submerged in its obfuscating grasp.

By the end of the year, there are 250 Red Oni and 160 horned Oni as well as 7 corrupted elf slaves.
File: Anubi arrive.jpg (67 KB, 600x884)
67 KB
And by the gulf of Ingjald is born a civilization of Anubi!

With a population of 300, the concept of equity, a mediocre leader, basic clothing, basic tools, a surplus of lumber, a basic grasp of language and a knowledge of the local aquatic fauna – the many eels that inhabit the bay they live beside – the Anubi decide to add to their list of nondescript, average civilizational qualities with an average crop of wheat that doesn't grow too well in the relatively chilly climate and an alright wooden palisade with sharp pointy ends that encloses the entirety of their village.


End of Turn 5/Year 5

Sorry about that taking three days. Was very busy with work/Father's Day and then my laptop died and i just wanted to play some vidya games.
Write in your actions and developments for Turn 6/Year 6 here!
Rolled 86, 87 = 173 (2d100)

Development: Archery

In order to be better equipped to deal with dangers lurking within the forest and to become more efficient hunters faeries invent bow and arrow
Action: Dissect some deceased faeries to learn about their anatomy and biology and not mutated ones this time

In retrospect she should have done this before working on the mutants. Oh well if she's successful the knowledge she has obtained from them won't go to waste she'll just have to compare their anatomy and biology to that of a normal fairy
Rolled 84, 71 = 155 (2d100)


Development: Bow and Arrow/Archery

We start carving bows from trees of the Karrnwood, to better be prepared to face the makers of those webs. That Karrnants vanished suggests hostility.

Action: We set scouts to watch along the borders of the silkweb area, with instructions to be careful and not to get themselves entangled. We need to see what manner of threat it is that lurks here.
Rolled 60, 86 = 146 (2d100)

The magicians try to strengthen this sense by redirecting the flow of magic within their bodies.
Explore northwards of the region.
Rolled 67, 27 = 94 (2d100)

Development: build basic fishing boats so that we may feast upon the succulent flesh of the oceans

Action: send a prospecting team to the mountain to the West with a special emphasis on finding metals
File: lemmeeatyourhead.jpg (93 KB, 640x640)
93 KB
Rolled 97, 82 = 179 (2d100)

Dev: The Oni introduce a sort of discipline into their fights, by creating a regulated fighting style that is based on the moves they find most effective. And to ensure that all newcomers may learn the combat techniques, the ingenious Oni introduce songs based on chanting and stomping of feet to give themselves a tempo during battle, making the whole fighting style something very akin to a fast and brutal dance. It is named Bone Break Dancing.

Action: More warparties are sent out from the Oni strongholds, headed west deeper into the mists, where another ruin is rumored to stand. The red beasts are giddy for more proper battles, like the one against the Ankheg
Rolled 16, 85 = 101 (2d100)


If Raw strength is what is valued, then Raw strength shall be used.
DEV: With the aid of the Fire-breathers, the clever Dragonborn are to try to reshape the metal suits into being able to fit Dragon-born, focusing on the neck and chest (the two vulnerable points). Being able to reshape what we find and use it is of vital importance.

ACT: Several of the scouts are going to set up a permanent watch on the city, trying to assess who may live there, and what they appear to be.
Rolled 57, 29 = 86 (2d100)

>Dev: After finally keeping the damn beast constrained, many, many fishmen attempt calming and taming the creature, but it proves stubborn, even with the extra feeding. Soon enough, almost everyone has given up, until a single Fishman, more determined than anyone else, remains, staying with the electric snake almost exclusively, investigating what makes it tic, what techniques work best, it's habits and much more. His almost religious dedication to it's study eventually pays off when he finally manages to tame it, which impresses his fellows, an impression which is only deepened when he explains how he did it. This knowledge will definitely be used in the future.

>Action: Meanwhile, many regular fishmen and scouts gather and start training themselves, in fear of what happened to the 15 unlucky scouts happening again. They improve their bodies and their capabilities, becoming ever more athletic and capable in a fight.
Rolled 95, 25 = 120 (2d100)

Continued work on those rails, we must uncover their purpose.
Try to communicate with our fishy guests, and, you know, house and feed them.
File: 1422988266235.jpg (63 KB, 692x1000)
63 KB
Rolled 76, 61 = 137 (2d100)

Dev: The head priest has a passionate lewd dream of a beautiful gnoll as the main focus, then the dream slowly transitions to the sky above Gatherhold with some stars connected by a light that creates a image of the same beautiful gnoll. The dream ends and the head priest wakes up, she then later finds the image and spreads the news. A new god has appeared, the gnoll god of fertility, passion, and love!

Action: Packs are formed and set out looking for things to steal!

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