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Previous Class:

Well.. Might as well be a good pet and go with her. At this point you can't afford to jeopardize your relationship with her. Besides, the Washouts said classwork was pretty much useless anyways. Might as well invest your time in an area that matters.

"Master, if you'll permit me, I'd love to come with you for some ice cream."

"You need to work on sounding more authentic with your begging. But sure, I'll permit you to come along."

She winks at you. You sigh.
You're outside the school in the parking lot. Z12 approaches a Motorcycle. It's a dark cherry red, seems very nice. Your jaw drops a bit.

"No way.. You ride a motorcycle Z12?"

She smirks.

"Still got some payments left to make. Luckily my little stooges are helping with that."

You notice her boots are leather biker boots. Of course, it all makes sense now.

"I.. I see.. Anyhow, master, might I ask what your real name is?"

She looks to you,

"It's Rose. Fitting isn't it? Considering your name real name is Thorn and all. Don't be surprised, I pulled your file."

"My Dad gave me the name. I guess he's got a sense of humor."

"You don't have much of a prick yet for a Thorn do you? Here you are, future revolutionary leader. But for now you're my personal bootlicker."

"You really get off on this don't you?"

She chuckles at you,

"Oh 855. You really can't see the forest for the trees can you? You're only looking at things for the right here and right now. Have you ever even once stepped back to try and see the puzzle from a distance? To try and think outside the box?"

"I don't think this school encourages thinking outside the box."

She laughs again,

"I don't think the school really cares what we do. This is all part of their design from the start. Shaping us into the leaders and followers of tomorrow. A culture of absolute obedience."

You look down. She pulls out a helmet putting it on, and then grabs another helmet tossing it to you.

"Wait, what's this?"

"Get on dummy, we're going to get some ice cream."

She hops on her motorcycle. Your heart pounds as you nervously climb on behind her. You feel so nervous being this close to her. She seems to almost sense it chuckling lightly.

"Hold on there bud. I like to ride fast."
After a smooth but speedy ride you arrive across the street from the ice cream shop.

"It's a shame the parking in front of the shop was full and we had to park so far away."

What even is this school? What's the point of it all? Leaders of tomorrow? More like tyrants of tomorrow. What kind of monsters support such a system. How can people defend this? Here you are, out here with this bitch licking her boots and being her little bitch. All for what? So you can be another cog in the machine? Z12 was right. You really haven't been looking at the big picture. How deep does this all go? Is there any hope for salvaging this? Is there any-

In a split second you realize that a car is charging at you from the side, you've unwittingly crossed the street at the wrong time. The car honks but it's too late, you won't be able to react! You feel warm strong hands grip you and pull you back just in time as the car zooms past.

Z12 wheels you around and glares you in the eye,

"What the hell is a matter with you? You almost died! Don't you care about your own life!?"

"I.. I'm sorry.."

She groans grabbing your hand.

"Come on, let's hurry up already."

You feel her sort of dragging you along. You still feel a bit numb from the incident.

"You.. You saved me."

"Yeah? So? I wasn't just going to let you die."

You feel a sense of warmth in your chest as her hand pulls you along. She seems upset right now. A few minutes later you arrive at the ice cream shop.

You get some Rocky Road, and she gets Mint Chocolate Chip. You're both sitting down at a table booth across from one another.

"Aren't you gonna say something like, 'you owe me big time' or something?"

She pauses seeming to think about it for a moment,

"Nah. Doesn't matter to me."

She takes a bite of her ice cream.

"But you saved me.. Ergh.. Anyhow. I uh.. I was wondering how you got to where you're at. I wanna get to know who you are as a person."
She smirks.

"You're learning. Good boy. Information is power. Whatever you can squeeze out of me is something you can use against me when the time comes for your eventual triumph over me. Anyhow, there's not much to say I guess about how I got to where I am. I did whatever it took. I put on the Soda Mascot uniform. I scrubbed toilets. I did peoples homework. I sucked dicks. I was everyones personal bitch. And all the while I learned everyones dirty little secrets along the way. I've got enough dirt on the people here, including some of the teachers that I basically run this school. I had so much fun getting here that now that I'm on the top it's become terribly boring for me. People are so predictable. All of them acting on their base instincts, to bolster their pride or reputation. The Z's and Monitors are full of boring tedious politics. A lot of them are scared, trying to keep a low profile. But then you've got a couple outliers who just don't care like Z15 running around. But you can bet that all of them do pretty much the same thing as Z15 does behind closed doors."

"That's terrible. I.. I don't know what to say."

"No one ever said getting to the top was easy. I'd say I've more than earned my position here. But then there are runts like you. Cocky upstarts that want to change things. Talking about the Owls and all that. When you finally get to the top I get the feeling you'll be the one to shake things up here. All the Z's have gotten so comfortable in their positions. I think it would be nice if they had to deal with someone like you."

"Eh, that doesn't sound like a great idea."

"Don't you even think about backing out now. I won't let you. You have my full support behind you. You're going to do this, or I will punish you harshly otherwise."

Great.. She's got you boxed in..
You get home sometime later. Britney is there looking over some papers on your kitchen counter. Her expression is more somber and serious than usual.

"Hey there Britney. How was school for you today? Have you made it as a Monitor yet?"

Her expression seems distant, she replies almost nonchalantly.

"Oh yeah, made it in."

"Really? You passed all the tests?"

She looks up at you.

"You haven't been doing anything illegal have you?"

"Eh, what do you mean?"

"I mean.. I mean that it's important to follow the rules. Rules must be obeyed or there is chaos."

"You feeling ok?"

She looks away.

"I should go home, and get some sleep."

"Wait! But what about our usual cuddle-"

"I'm sorry 855. But there is much that I need to do. Goodnight."

She collects her papers and within a few minutes she leaves your home. It feels vacant here without her.
It's the next day after your first period class, and you have a question for Professor Snidely. He seems to be going over some paperwork on his desk.

"Um, sir? I have a question."

"Make it fast, you aught to be preparing for your next class right now."

"What is the 'Way Out' act? I heard some of the inmates talk about it when we visited the prison."

He looks up at you,

"I'm a bit surprised you don't know already. In any case, before the way out act, it was mandatory to go to a state run learning facility for higher academics, just like it is for your E through 12. However some sentimental old buzzards decided to pass a bill which offered a.. Way out. You can one time only, reject the states offer for a free education. But it's a fools errand. Artists and dreamers who take it always suffer for it. They lose any way to support themselves and like you saw, turn to crime."

"That sounds awful."

"It is, why reject a free education? A path which offers you success and happiness over a life of poverty and misery? All for some supposed dream. The starving artists seem to think their lives are better without the government stepping in. But they become like rats. Feasting on scraps and devouring each other. If nothing else, the way out act should serve as a good visual reminder of why you should always obey the law."

He goes back to scribbling on his paper. You look down feeling unsure.

"But.. What if the law is wrong?"

He looks back up at you with a stern expression.

"The law is never wrong. But if you're referring perhaps to the incident with Z15 people like him who grossly abuse their power, well I think you'll find that those sorts of problems generally fix themselves."

You scratch your ear, trying your mind in vain to understand,
"How do you figure exactly Mr. Snidely?"

He sighs.

"The purpose of a school is to learn. And if we're teaching students to obey we also need to teach some of them how to lead. Now being children.. Those child leaders are going to make mistakes. Consider the cruel actions of Z15 and how he's perceived by others. They may follow him now, but if he's not careful he'll make the wrong move and the other students will take him out. And next time, if there is a next time, he may be more inclined to be subtle about his neglect so as not to set the entire school against him."
"How can you endorse this? It's a completely unfair set of rules that we have to do whatever the Monitors say."

"Chaos is a beast that feeds on insubordination. And if you don't like how the Monitors behave, feel free to act differently in the case that you yourself become a Monitor. Often morals fall to the wayside with the new Monitors. So used to being subservient that they go mad with power when they get the chance. But in time they settle down. And order returns. I believe wholeheartedly in the system we've created. A system which uses our own self lust and greed to keep us in line. Combining the best aspects of capitalism and authoritarianism to create our utopian society you see today."

"It.. It still doesn't seem right."

He smiles,

"Only because you're on the lower end. Washouts like you always have the same aversion to it. But stick with it and obey. In the end when you achieve your position as Monitor you may come to understand why we've set these rules in place."

You look around for 700 but upon investigating it seems he's transferred out of this school. Likely to avoid further embarrassment.

The lonely weekend approaches, as it's Friday and classes are wrapping up. It would be prudent to text either Britney or Z12 and see if you can spend time with one of them.

1) Text Britney

2) Text Z12

3) Write-In
Welcome back, glorious Monitor.

Nice update. All sorts of fun information.
Z12 is a bad ass biker chick, and she surprisingly saved our lives. Its kind of interesting how the MC is actually developing a sort of a Stockholm with her, but I like it. We should call her out on that behavior some time, that she went out of her way to save *us* when she could just as easily pick another upstart W-class kid; especially since she isn't even going to lord it over us or take advantage.
She also seems to want us to rise just to give her a challenge. I kinda want to get up to her level, and not overthrow her, but work along side her, see how much that entire mentality throws her for a loop.
Also, love being "Rose and her Thorn".

X244 made it to Monitor position, that's pretty impressive. I wonder if she'll get into Y soon. I'm both happy for her, but also nervous. She does really care for the law and order, but idk if she actually has it in her to follow through with being an executioner of the law. She also seems rather off-put by the experience and perhaps a little suspicious of us. We should probably talk with her and see how eye-opening of an experience the tests were for her. We're already a bit more open-minded and cautionary about the school system, but X244 seemed pretty dead set on what it was all about. I can only bet that her imagination of what things were really like isn't quite living up to reality. Hopefully we can help her not be taken advantage of, and grow a spine to help her lead her own ideas of order.

Snidely is still one of my favorite characters.

Hmmmm, tough choice. On the one hand, always a safe bet to hang out with Z12, even if it might be a bit... demeaning.
On the other hand, I also wouldn't mind meeting up with some other class mates that stand out/fit in too well. Get another in on the school and its population.
On the other other hand, Z12 did just get the spotlight, and X244 did just provide a pretty good plot/character hook. I'd say we bite that and see what's up with her and her monitor test.
We should do some independent learning before our next "lesson" with Z12.
Maybe stalk the school grounds and keep an eye out for interesting characters. We need more people to learn from.
You decide that it would be best to stalk the grounds for other interesting people. Perhaps they'll allow you to gain some more perspective. You decide to text Z12 and let her know to excuse you from class so you can stalk the grounds. Interestingly enough there are still quite a few people who aren't in class right now. The Monitors and their 4 leaf clover badges. And their obedient little servants that surround them. When looking at it like this, it really does begin to fit the image of mini-kingdoms. And the collective, a mish-mash of Kingdoms co-existing with one another. Notably amoung these you see those washout kids from before. And they seem to be consorting with a very distinguished looking Monitor. You approach and observe from a cautious distance.
The Monitor in question is an enchantingly beautiful woman. She has long strawberry blonde hair past her back. She's wearing an elegant white dress like a Princess.
The girl washout from before with the hat seems skeptical.
"So wait, you're just GIVING us the test answers? What gives? What do you get out of it?"
The Monitor kindly responds,
"I've seen you all, you take the sneaky routes through the halls. Living in fear of the other Monitors. But what if I were to tell you it didn't have to be like that? What if I told you there were others who felt the same. Who want to start a revolution?"

The Washout girl responds,

"Yeah that sounds a little too good to be true."

"I'm Cabella. It's very nice to meet you."

The other Washouts gasp.

"D-did you just give us your real name?"

"Why not? That's what friends should do right?"

The Washout girl seems shocked. She shuffles her foot seeming unsure. She responds however with,

"I'm Bailey. This here is my crew."

The other Washouts seem concerned.

"745, you sure that was cool? Just giving this Monitor chick your name?"

"It's fine. I wanna see what this chick is all about. If she can help us like she says, maybe we can work something out after all."
shadow the washouts
those sneaky routes will serve us well once we know where they are
Cabella nods smiling,

"I'm so glad. I've been against the abuse of Washouts and the lower classmen for a while. I've only recently earned my title as a Monitor. And I've been waiting for my chance to change things."

"You sound a lot nicer than these other Monitors. You just keep helping us, we'll see where things go."

Cabella seemed pleased.

"I'm sure we'll meet again. Take care."

Cabella leaves them with the test answers. She walks towards you. She seems to notice your uniform and stops.

"Oh my, another Washout."

You feel a little uneasy. She examines you further and she notices your collar. She grabs the tag.

"Property of Z12? How cruel."

You nervously chuckle,

"Gotta do what you can to survive."

She gently places her hand on your cheek.

"You poor thing. Consumed by the Cutthroat Queen before your time."

"Cutthroat Queen?"

"Z12 is notorious among Monitors for her cruel and erratic behavior. I'd like to save you if I can. And release you from her control. Men are not meant to be controlled, they're meant to be free."

Her green eyes are so beautiful and enchanting,

"How do I become free miss Cabella?"

"Take my number. If you're ever in trouble again, you can call me and I'll be there. This school has been cruel for far too long. Its time we reclaimed our birthright. Our rights to freedom."
Her soft voice and alluring appearance make you feel at ease. But something about what she's saying doesn't feel right.

"I mean, you're going against order. Against obedience."

"Chaos is the natural state of man. The OWLs understood this. They understood what it meant to be free."

"The owls? What do you know about them?"

"Not as much as I'd like. Everything about them is shrouded in mystery. But from the digging I've done. They were a secret society, with almost religious rites and practices. Some say they even got in contact with the school administrators and built secret passages and rooms inside the school. But nothing's been discovered. All that remains are rumors."

"Thats incredible! I.. It would be impressive if they were still around."

"Sadly I have my doubts. But the tales of the Owls inspired me. To change what was into what should be."

You feel unsure about all of this.

"Consider what I've said. Don't you want a life that is your own?"

She walks off. She seems regal in her dress as she traverses the halls. Commanding attention by her very presence. Could what she said really be true? Are there secret passages built into the school? Such a thing must surely be fiction. The OWLs couldn't have been that powerful..

You decide to text 244 but she's not responding. As you're preparing to go to class you stumble into Z15. He stops as before and dismounts from his faux golden throne.
"Ah and here we have the lovely personal bitch of the Cutthroat Queen herself. Tell me how's life been treating you?"

"Hello again fatty. I see you haven't lost much weight since I saw you last time."

He laughs heartily.

"Oh it's been treating me great. 620 still sucks my dick every single day. Poor 700, I hear he transferred out because of the sheer level of how badly I owned him. I stole his bitch and now she's my bitch. Funny how love works sometimes I guess."

"You're a damn pig you know that?"

He seems irritated.

"A pig am I? You know, I'm not really sure I LIKE that attitude."
He steps closer trying to seem intimidating.

"In fact, I don't really care what Z12 has to say about it. I'm gonna wreck you, you pompous little asshole. Maybe then you'll learn how to speak to your betters!"

Suddenly a voice from down the hall.

"Oh really? Planning to make a move on my property are you?"

Z12 emerges from the shadows. She sways forth like a woman being puppeted on strings.

Z15 looks at her seeming a bit nervous, but he laughs.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it all by your lonesome? You gonna come at me and take me out right here? You're powerless! In fact, maybe after I'm done laying into your boy here. I'll have my boys hold you down and lay into you. I'll make an example out of you and make you rue the day you messed with me."

Z12 laughs madly.

"You know something Z15? I really do like you. That's why I let you wander the halls uncontested. You've got some real balls to be loud and proud with your power. I honestly respect that. A man who acts like a king and takes what he wants. You'd honestly be attractive if you weren't so damn fat."

"Shutup bitch! Don't you sit there and talk down on me! I'll get to you soon enough!"

She looks up at Z15. Her cruel expression gleaming like a demon with a devilish grin.

"It'd be a real shame if we had to clash like this. So I'll give you one chance. Submit to me, acknowledge I'm better than you. And agree to serve me. If you do, I'll overlook this."

Z15 laughs,

"Oh, man.. You are one cocky bitch you know that? But you seem to have forgotten about my boys. And not to mention, I can overpower you. I'm afraid I've figured you out. You're nothing but talk."

She sighs.

"That really is a shame Z15. We could have been friends. Oh well!"

She pulls out a butterfly knife and charges forward with reckless abandon. She plunges the knife into Z15's left shoulder before he can even react.

He screams in agony dropping to his knees. She pulls the knife out and licks his blood off it.

"You! You fucking bitch! You're dead! You're dead you hear me!? Guys! Help me out! Get her! Hold her down for me!"

Z15's men stand there with emotionless expressions.

"Guys come on! Move! Your king was just attacked! Do something! Help me!"
Z12 laughs.

"You heard him boys. He wants help. You should definitely 'help' your master."

She snaps her fingers. The men move forward towards him.

"Wait? What's going on?"

The men encroach closer on Z15.

"No, no get away from me! Stop it!"

You watch in horror as the bloodied Z15 is encircled and beaten by his own men. Z12 grabs your hand.

"Come on, let's get going shall we?"


It's after school. Z12 is there by her motorcycle.

"I.. I still can't thank you enough. You saved me again."

She sighs

"It's a real shame, I was beginning to like him. Now the other Monitors are going to be even more cowardly without him waltzing the halls.

"Did I mess things up for you?"

"Maybe a little. You know 855, I could use someone to be my personal bitch this weekend."

Suddenly you get a text from 244.

"I'm free this weekend. Come to my place."

1) Be Z12s personal bitch for the weekend.

2) Go hang out with 244 for the weekend.

3) Write-In
>2) Be Britney's personal bitch for the weekend
>hang out with 244 for the weekend.
I hope nothing unsavory happened to her.

Swear on our honor to pay Z12 back some over time. She'll probably get a kick out of it.
Being Z12's personal bitch doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Now, being Britneys personal bitch however.

"Uh, listen.. I have uh.. Prior engagements."

Z12 glares at you.

"You piece of shit. How dare you turn me down like that."

"Listen, I mean being your personal bitch, honestly not that much fun. And about the saving me thing, I'll pay you back in time. I promise."

Z12 grits her teeth, her gaze hardening into something of a murderous glare. She pulls out her knife, eying you like a predator eyes prey.

"N-now Z12, just hold on a second."

She flicks the knife closed putting it away. She then sighs.

"Learn to take a fucking hint you dummy."

She climbs on the back of her motorcycle putting on her helmet.

"Later loser!"

She flicks down her visor, starts the Motorcycle, and floors it out of the parkinglot. You groan trying not to breathe in the exhaust. What the hell is her problem?


You arrive at 244's place. She opens the door for you inviting you in.

"Please, come in."

You cautiously walk inside. 244 is wearing her 4 leaf clover badge. It matches her uniform with the green stripe on it.

"You uh.. You look nice today."

She glares at you sternly. She shuts the door behind you.

"Cherry Bombs. You brought Cherry Bombs to school."

"N-now wait just a minute-"

"Shut up."

You swallow hard.

"I'm sick of the crime at this school. Sick off all the people getting off without doing their homework. Getting test answers from the Monitors. Drug smuggling, secret sanctioned arena style fights, gambling, extortion, blackmail. The list goes on and on. None of these are school activities. I seek the return of true order."

"Lemmie guess, you want my help?"

"I had these ideas.. But I guess I was just fooling myself. All this time I believed that following orders was the way for everyone to be happy. But I was wrong. When I saw things from the Monitors perspective. The tests they had me take. They told me that I needed to be stricter. That I wasn't being cruel enough with my punishments. And then I got to see the Monitors. Acting out in self interest, instead of acting for the interests of others."

"Did you just now realize that? That's kinda how it's been."

She grimaces looking away.
"All I ever wanted was for everyone to be happy. When I was a kid I used to play pretend. That everyone lived in a happy kingdom where people obeyed the laws. And we all sat around and had tea parties. Growing up, thats how I saw the world. And I was happy with it. But more and more I've realized the cruel intentions of everyone around me."

She glares harshly at you,

"Including you. My so called "friend". Making me do those humiliating things for you. Did you enjoy it, sicko?"

Her venomous tone drives draggers into your chest.

"I.. I'm sorry."

She comes closer to you. She grabs you by the tie on your uniform. Her eyes glaring directly into yours.

"Listen here. You're going to do everything I tell you to do. And if you don't, I'll report you, and get you sent directly to the re-education room."

Suddenly she notices the collar around your neck. She grabs the tag,

"Property of Z12? What is this?"

"I uh, I.. I've gotten myself into a pickle with Z12. I'm kinda working under her for now."

"Good. Maybe you'll finally learn some respect. When you're not serving her, you can serve me. Help me bust the criminals who abuse their powers."

"Yes ma'am."

She sighs.

"Take that damn thing off. You look like an idiot."

You sigh untying it. You slip it into your bag.

"Is there anything else I can do for you my master?"

She grimaces.

"Do your homework. All of it. When you're done you can take a jog around the block a few times. Then you'll do pushups, cruches, and jumping jacks. Then you'll write me an essay about why obedience is important."

You groan,

"Oh man, are you serious? Can't you just like, make me massage your feet or something?"

She looks at you quizzically.

"And what would that accomplish? I didn't become a Monitor to waste peoples time and resources. Now get to it."
And so, miserably you tackle the veritable pile of homework you were putting off. Why even bother if Z12 was gonna give you all the answers? You take that long jog around the block several times. You do the body-weight exercises. And now here you are at last writing the essay. Your face feels like it's going to sink into the paper. The dull white. The monotony of it all. It's sucking the life out of you.

244 used to be a cute naive girl. But you guess a girl like that wasn't meant to stay pure in a place like this. She's seen the school for what it is. And now she's going to start cracking down. At this point you don't know what side of the fence you're on.

The weekend rolls by. Britney coldly ordered you to do a bunch of menial tasks. You feel numb by it all. You're patrolling the halls with Britney when all of a sudden you run into Z122. The guy who had the crew cut and aviators. The Monitor who almost busted you.
"Ah, 244! Good to see you."
"Salutations fellow Monitor. I see you're looking sharp and presentable."

He grins at the compliment.

"Thank you. You're looking lovely yourself. I see you've brought a uh.. Wait isn't that Z12's lackey?"

"He'll be helping us today, isn't that right 855?"

You nod,

"Yes ma'am."

And so it goes. You, 244 and 122 all patrol the halls, doing random searches and writing reports of suspicious activity. The energy is less than enthusiastic. It feels mechanical. These dull white walls. You're writing the reports. 'Subject 653, an X, wore a red baseball cap with his uniform. Complained he was late. Shows signs of insubordination. Submit the initial report and do a follow up interrogation at a later time.'
After turning in your homework and enduring class. You're free at lunch to eat and wander the halls, colorless as they may be. Cabella shows up out of the blue.

"Hello there friend. You're 855 right? I'd rather call you by your real name. What is it?"

"I.. I'm not allowed to give it out."

She chuckles,

"Well, what if as a Monitor I ordered you to give your name."

You sigh,

"Its uh.. It's Thorn."

"Thorn is it? How nice. I see you're still wearing that collar."

You look at it. Sometimes you forget you're even wearing it.

"Oh yeah. I guess that's still a thing."

"How cruel. How can you bear to suffer through this? Isn't it humiliating?"

"Only every single day of my life."

"It's terrible. If you chose to serve under me however. I would be greatly appreciativ-"

"And WHAT is my Property doing over here talking to this Monitor?"

The sultry voice of Z12 from behind you. You turn around seeing her directly behind you.

"M-ma'am I-"

"And who are you to call this young man your 'Property'?"

Cabella stands defiant,

"No Cabella wait, you don't-"

"Well, you see. Property is the correct term because I own him. He's MINE. Maybe you've got that fucking corset tied around your waist too tight and it's cutting oxygen to your brain. But in case you didn't realize, that collar clearly stakes him as mine. You'd be wise not to put those dainty little hands of yours on him."

Cabella seems disappointed, but then her expression becomes oddly smug,

"Very well. Continue on. Who am I to get in your way?"

She walks off elegantly. Z12 wraps her arm around you.

"YOU'VE, been very very naughty. Refusing my generous offer to be my personal bitch for the weekend."

She brandishes the switch for your collar.

"I make things so easy for you. But you keep on fucking it up time after time don't you? I have half a mind you torment you until you're begging for my mercy. But I'm feeling exceedingly merciful today. Now I hear you're hanging out with 244. Busting kids for drugs and all that. When did you become such a choir boy? Hoping to get lucky with the little robot girl?"

"I uh.. Well you see-"

"If the gentleman wants to be a choirboy. Feel free. I'm sure you're much more interested in following her rules than mine. I was disappointed at first. But you know, I could always find a new Washout toy to play with."
>Learn to take a fucking hint you dummy.
>He's MINE.
>I could always find a new Washout toy to play with.
Not nice.
Britney's just a friend. I didn't know she was going to make me do grunt work all weekend.
I do appreciate that 224 called us out on our shit. And that she's encouraging self-improvement too. How'd she find out about the cherry bombs, though? She would've said something if she found out back when we made them.
Looks like we got an uber-lawful monitor roaming the halls now. And pretty interesting that she trusts 122 to uphold the law as well, I guess he's a pretty chill guy, by monitor standards anyway. Wonder if we'll get the chance to interact more when working with him.
I'm honestly not sure what to make of Cabella. Initial gut reaction is to not trust her. It almost feels like she is way overselling it. Though getting some information about those pathways and what not could be undeniably useful.

>A bit more defiant here.
She got dirt on me, and I feel bad for what I did to her.
Besides, didn't you tell me to do whatever it takes? Getting on the good side of two very different monitors only opens up more options for me. And you, if you want a more... official channel to take out a competitor. Can't tie it back to you if 244 just happened to get a good lead on someone who was breaking the rules.
>Back down here.
She said I would work for her when I wasn't yours, and I am yours whenever you say I am.
Yeah, this is good.
It just hurts be reminded what a bad writer I am.
>I do appreciate that 224 called us out on our shit.
I don't. we already had that conversation. We apologized to her and started treating her as an equal and now she's bringing that shit up like we never stopped.
She's way worse than Z12. Z12 wants us to become some guerilla leader and surpass her. X224 wants us to be a conformist slave and threatens us with the reeducation room.
Actually, would it even be accurate to call 224 a friend?
A little discipline is good for self-improvement, but since the purpose of the master-servant relationship with her is to be keeping us in line, I'd think it would be nearly impossible to keep friendship from becoming just loyalty and obedience.
>"Including you. My so called "friend". Making me do those humiliating things for you. Did you enjoy it, sicko?"
the friendship is pretty much over
Nah, you got your point across pretty well. Clarifying our relationship, and our surprise at what we ended up doing, are both pretty important to tell Z12.
I was worrying I was being overly verbose with my write-in. Or trying to shove too much in at once.
I guess it depends; I was rather turned off by the entire sexual harassment stuff we pulled, so I don't mind 855 getting chewed out for it. But I can see where you are coming from. It was more of a personal appreciation, than one for how its effecting us, or how she's acting.

Though bare in mind, we only apologized for the sexual harassment, not the cherry bombs or refusal to still follow orders. She did just get a face full of reality, and is probably a bit bitter and cynical about our entire relationship with her. We used her naivety and willingness to obey for ourselves, stuff she's just been exposed to as a school-wide problem. So while her order-bound self is angry at the situation as a whole, she probably has a much more personal anger with us, since we did it to her first hand. Not to mention she now probably sees our attempts at being a 'friend' as little more than a way for us to cheese the system: find a monitor before they are a monitor, support their rise to power, and enjoy the rewards of loyalty. She might still think we were trying to use her after we apologized.
Doesn't make her sudden turn into a taskmaster appreciated by 855, but at least it is expected, and more importantly, understandable.

In the end, I at least see it as good character development for both 855 and 244. Snidely mentioned how basically 'all' monitors go a bit power mad when they get their positions, because they have always been under someone else's foot before that. Until they get a kick back from the rest of society when they overstep.
The key thing for me is, 855 has already had this experience, in a much more controlled environment. He abused his power over 244, he then saw Z15 do the same thing, and came to the realization that he wasn't much better than the pig. So he called himself out and apologized. And then gets a stronger kick back when the one he was abusing gets a higher position over him. So 855 learns these things for the future, and in worst case scenario, he only loses a friendship out of the deal. Rather than getting stabbed, beat up, and overthrown like Z15 did when he pushed too far.

This way, if we do get into a monitor position, perhaps we can break the cycle by being more wise than our precursors.
That's one of the rather interesting things about all of this, isn't it? In a society completely based around the leaders and the followers, where you are always subservient to someone else, do people even really have the same understanding of friendship?

The closest you might get would be the lowest of the washouts, who all gain a camaraderie of sorts in that they are all in the shitter together. But for most students, who are trying to rise the ranks or at least not be a washout, others are only seen as rulers, underlings, rivals, competitors, or enemies. Two students might come to agreements or understandings, but at the end of the day, one of them is going to be lower on the totem pole than the other. And then there is the constant undertone of everyone trying to use their fellows to get above them.

To the point that someone like Z12 doesn't even seem to consider the possibility that we wouldn't want to overthrow her. (not saying we will or won't, but to her that's the *only* outcome.) She's grown up where the only action was to obey until you could take command. She only really understands the idea that she rules over us, or we will rule over her. It's one of the reasons both 855 and I are rather curious why she didn't try to take advantage of the fact that she saved our life.

244, I'd guess, thinks she is doing us a favor, as a "friend". She probably sees us as a washout heading for self-destruction, and only wants to help us. Be our Shepard. To her, the leaders are there to guide the followers, and then everyone is happy. Problem is that her view is rather clinical, doesn't give much room for the concept of friendship. Like how she addresses 122; in another setting, she might be friends with him since they are both interested in the same things and seem to get along, but to her he is just a "fellow monitor" doing their job.

I'd think, in a strange way, 244 does see us as a 'friend'. In the sense that she probably feels personally responsible for us. She wants nothing more than for us to improve and benefit from our obedience. She thinks she is doing the best thing she can for us, and in some strange way, that might be how she considers us a friend. Someone she is more invested in improving than others.

Whether or not we can change their cognitions by helping them understand the world isn't so black and white, or subscribing ourselves to one of these mentalities, is all up to how the story progresses.
I'm glad everyone's been reading and paying attention. Makes me feel happy.

"Britney's just a friend. I didn't know she was going to make me do chores. Besides, didn't you tell me to do whatever it takes? Getting on the good side of two very different monitors only opens up more options for me. And you, if you want a more... official channel to take out a competitor. Can't tie it back to you if 244 just happened to get a good lead on someone who was breaking the rules."

Z12 glares at you.

"I guess you don't really understand the concept of ownership yet do you slave? I OWN you. You're MINE. My whims come before anything else you're doing got it?"

She sighs,

"You're so hopeless. Don't you understand anything about master servant relationships? How do you expect to earn points and stay on top if you can't even keep your master happy?"

"W-well, she said I would work for her when I wasn't yours, and I am yours whenever you say I am."

"Your duty to me comes before anyone else. Understand?"

You nod.

"Yes ma'am."

"You're coming over to my house, understand?"

The glare in her eyes denotes a serious expression.

"Y-yeah.. Sure."

"If you flake out on me, I'll beat you within an inch of your life, understand?"

"S-sure.. I mean, I uh.. I don't have anything else that important to do anyways."
It's after school sometime later. It's gotten dark awfully fast. You're at the liquor store with Z12 picking up some beer. The grizzled shop owner remarks as she drops the 12 pack of beer bottles on the counter,
"Tell that shithead of yours he needs to stop coming in here early in the morning and fucking around in the store. The asshole stumbled in here and started ranting for a half hour about his car troubles. I let you come in here and buy cause I know it goes to him. But tell him he has to tone his shit down ok?"

Z12 sighs,

"I'll do what I can."

You're outside of her place. A run down rusty mobile home.
"So what was the deal with that? What's with the beer?"

She sighs,

"Dad wants his beer so he can watch the game in peace."

"Oh, so it's for your Dad.. Sounds like he got himself in some trouble, is he ok?"

She looks to you,

"It's better if you don't ask."

You and her walk in the house. It smells heavily of cigarette smoke. The dim glow of the small t.v in the darkness of the room. The grubby man sits there, shirt soaked in stains pounding his armchair.


He coughs loudly and then notices the two of you.

"Eh.. Who the fuck is this? Also it took you long enough to get me my fucking beer didn't it?"

She walks over and sets the beer next to him.

"Sorry it took so long."

He looks at her, and then at you.

"Well, get me some fucking ice you dumb bitch. I can't drink this shit warm."

She sighs,

"Yes Dad."

"And don't get sassy with me just because he's here! I'm trying to watch the fucking game. And I have a useless fucking daughter who barely pays her fucking dues around here. Seriously, I raise you for how many fucking years and you can't even get me a proper fucking beer?"
He throws an empty beer can at the wall in his anger.
You stare at him in disbelief. He notices and looks back at you.

"What are you looking at choir boy? That's a cute little white uniform they make you wear."

"Dad how much ice do you want in it?"

"Fill the cup halfway you dense bitch! I always like it halfway."

"I don't like the uniform either sir."

"Yeah? Well get fucking used to it. And don't drop outta school either. The way out act is for fucking idiots like me."

"You took the way out?"

Z12 brings her the cup. He cracks open a beer and pours the drink inside. He takes a swig.

"Yeah, I took it. Wanted to be a painter. Didn't like the government coming in and making me do their dirty work. Little did I know it was gonna ruin my whole fucking life. After school people started treating me like a different person. I was a criminal, a scumbag. No one would buy my art. I was struggling to get by. I got involved in some gangs. Almost died a couple times. After that I decided to beg people to hire me. I had to swallow my pride and get down on my knees just to get a job to support myself. And it was shit. And it still is shit."

He takes a long hard chug of his beer.

"Get out of my face kid. I can't stand to look at you."

Z12 leads you to her room by the hand.

"If you two are gonna fuck back there, you'd better not be loud! I'm trying to watch the game!"

You and her go back into her room. Inside there are metal band posters. Filing cabinets full of papers. A bed which looks banged up to hell and almost flat. A bunch of knives, guns, and metal devices you can only assume do God knows what.

"Welcome to my room. Make yourself comfortable on my bed."
You walk over and sit down on the bed. It sinks down and is somewhat stale and crusty with sweat.

"So uh.. You live here huh? Why do you let your Dad treat you like that?"

"You heard what he said didn't you? He raised me all by himself. He knocked up some rich girl. But once she found out he was a Washout nobody who took the way out, she left me with him and took off never to be seen again. My Dad busted his balls to support me. Most Washouts don't have what it takes survive without the governments help. They turn to crime or die. But he always took care of me. These days he drowns himself in alcohol to try and forget what a failure he's become."

"You extort the kids to pay the bills don't you?"

She laughs,

"So you figured it out. Yeah, I had to do something."

"I'm.. I'm sorry to hear that."

"Growing up poor, it was get tough or die. I learned young that the only way to survive is to be the one in charge. I pretended to be everyones servile little bitch. Meanwhile I gathered all this dirt on them. Files upon files of dirt. Photocopies of incriminating photos. USB, CDS, I've got tons of videos of people doing what they shouldn't be. I've got a network of spies so long in this school, that people can't fart without me knowing about it."

She leans back in her chair.

"So how does it feel? Knowing you've been the bootlicker of some nobody washout's Daughter? How does it feel to be my personal bitch?"

"It uh.. It's a surprise."


She gets up and walks over to her closet. She pulls out a large french maid outfit.

"Put this on bitch. I made sure it was just your size."

"Isn't your Dad in the other room?"

"I said put it on now!"

She shocks you hard. You feel it sting harshly on your neck.

"Ah! Ok ok! Just stop!"

She tosses you the uniform. She politely turns around, leaving you to get changed into the skimpy revealing maid outfit complete with striped panties. Once you're dressed she turns around.

"Isn't that cute? Just like a little bitch aught to be dressed. Say cheese."

She snaps some photos of you.

"Ah, please don't show those to anyone.."

"I'll do what I want. Now, get down on your fucking knees, and lick my bare feet."

She pulls off her boot, and then her black sock revealing her foot. It smells pungent. You wince hard as you drag your tongue up her smelly foot.

She laughs,

"That's a good little bitch. Make sure to kiss my feet too."

Submissively you kiss the bottom of her foot.

"I want you to say out loud that you're my personal bitch."

"I'm your personal bitch."

She rubs her bare foot along your face.

"That's right. You're my bitch. Everything you are, I own. Doesn't it make you hate me? Aren't you humiliated? Embrace the hate. Remember how much you despise me when it comes time for you to overthrow me. Otherwise this shame will live on in you forever. And if you don't overthrow me, I guess you'll just have to be my personal footlicking bitch forever. Is that something you want?"

1) Write-In
>"God yes, it's exactly what I want."
Its humiliating, yes. But I understand you so much more now. Hard to hate what you understand.
I want to help you.

Anywhere else you want me to lick, Ma'am?
This and pour some smug into it.
Not this. Respectable revolutionaries have some self-respect and control. I admit the idea of being beaten by Rose is exhilarating, but I'm not going to let my kink direct me.
"Its humiliating, yes. But I understand you so much more now. Hard to hate what you understand. I want to help you."

She seems upset,

"What the hell are you talking about? Don't bullshit me."

You remark smugly,

"Anywhere else you want me to lick, Ma'am?"

She chuckles,

"Not in the mood for that tonight. But here you are, making such.. Audacious claims. Claiming you want to help me. You're a bad liar 855."

You kiss her foot again,

"Its true Ma'am.. I.. I want to serve you. Legitimately."

She sighs rolling her eyes. She's smiling.

"Very well, I'll play along with your game. Join me on the bed will you?"

You and her move things to the bed. She removes her other shoe and sock. You snuggle up with her, laying on her breast. She pets you like an obedient lapdog.

"How isn't this eating you up inside? How are you not in agony right now? Why don't you despise me?"

"I already said it, it's hard to hate what you understand. I.. I understand your situation, and I want to help you."

She looks away,

"You don't know what you're saying."

You look up at her.

"But I do. Please. Just let me help you."

She grimaces. Her eyes seem distant.

"You'll do whatever I ask. Without question you'll really obey."


"I know what you're after, you want to get close to me. Learn my secrets and betray me when the time is right. That's all it is."
"I understand it's hard to trust someone. Maybe.. Maybe I can be different and really help you."

She seems distant,

"We'll see."

You hug her close and nuzzle against her. She returns your embrace. You and her lay there for a while. Quiet, resting against each others warm bodies. At the very least she isn't tormenting you. It feels weird, but it's a welcome change. You fall asleep resting against her.

It's the next morning. You're awoken to the sound of a can hitting the wall behind you.

"Get up dammit. I have a hangover you fuckers.. I hate being your fucking alarm clock Rose."

She groans,

"Love you too Dad."

He leans in looking confused,

"Boy, what the hell are you wearing?"

You pull the covers over you covering yourself up.

"You're a damn freak you know that? What the hell is that school teaching you?"

"I-i um-"

Z12 laughs,

"It's alright Dad. I made him wear it as a joke."

He chuckles,

"You got a sick sense of humor. I like it. Get dressed fuckers. Make me some money so we're not homeless by the end of the month."

He stumbles away.
You take a lukewarm shower in their place. Then you stumble out. The Dad is lighting up a cig watching the game. Z12 is in the kitchen making eggs, bacon and pancakes.

"You can cook Z12?"

The Dad groans,

"Don't call my daughter that here. You goddamn robot, call her by her fucking name. Or so help me I'll kick your ass."

"Yes sir.. I uh Rose-"

"And of course she can cook you fucking dimwit. She ain't no pampered little flower, she can take care of herself."

"Breakfast will be ready in a moment you two. Thorn, why don't you make yourself comfortable and have a seat on the couch? I'll bring you your food."

"Oh. Thanks."

You sit down on the couch. Rose diligently cooks the food, flipping the eggs in the pan while watching over the pancakes. You sit awkwardly across from her Dad. He fishes around for the last beer bottle.

"Dammit, where the hell is it?"

"Sorry Dad, it's too early for you to be drinking. I've hidden it away."

He grumbles. He looks over to you.

"Thorn huh? What's your story?"

"Pretty normal I guess. My Mother and Father work all the time. I rarely see them when I come home. They don't really look after me that much."

"Yeah, that's rough. But hey, count your blessings you don't live in a place like this. I know, it looks like shit. But this was the best I could afford. Neighborhood ain't so bad. No noisy neighbors.. Well cept in the summer when they're out mowing the lawn when I have a hangover but-"

"Breakfast is ready."

Rose serves you and her Dad a plate of Pancakes, bacon and eggs. The Dad grumbles looking over his food before eating. You decide to dig in as well. And you gotta say, it's great. A hell of a lot better than the slop they serve the washouts at school.

"It's good Rose, thank you."

Rose is eating her own plate of food. She flashes you a thumbs up before returning to eating.
You ride to school on Roses motorcycle with her as the rain sleets down on you both. You and her go to the Monitors lounge opting to skip first period.

"Hey, thanks for letting me skip class again, master."

"Don't mention it.. Listen."


"When we're not at school, just call me Rose please. I like it when you call me Rose ok?"

Holy hell did she just ask politely for something?

"Yeah sure. No problem."

Rose catches herself seeming a bit embarrassed.

"Don't read too deeply into it. It.. It doesn't mean anything."

You enter the lounge with her. Kids back here are smoking, drinking and gambling. Guys on the couch getting their dicks sucked.
You hear from the room.
"Do my homework for me. Mr. Grizzly wants it in by next Tuesday."

"You wanna earn those points for me, don't you?"

You hear messy lewd slurping noises.

"Mmm, yes, I'll do my best to pleasure your cock master."

Rose sighs smiling,

"Ah home sweet home. Welcome to the lounge. Here, we Monitors and our underlings come to gather and do business away from the public. The rules are simple. Don't stare, and don't blab about what you see here."

"I-i see."
She leads to the back room with a bunch of computer monitors. Two people are watching the screens masturbating, one guy and one girl.

"Geez could you fucking knock Z12?"

"Sorry. Anyhow, this is the surveillance room. We got two people watching it at all times. And well, since there are cameras in the bathrooms this is kinda how it gets sometimes. But hey, at least they're paying attention, sort of."

The girl Monitor pulls out her wallet pulling out some cash.

"I uh, I got you the cash like you asked."

She hands it to Rose.

"Only 43? I asked for 80. What the hell is this shit?"

"Sorry, he said he didn't have any more."

"Send a message to our shakers. Make sure to do a body search, make sure they aren't hiding it in their shoes. These kids have rich parents, you can't tell me they aren't swinging around way more change than that."

"Right away. Also, can you let me finish?"

Rose laughs. Right, I'll let the two of you get back to your 'work'.

You and Rose leave the surveillance room.

"Well that was certainly weird."

"Yeah, you haven't seen anything yet. There are a lot of freaks back here."

Suddenly a guy approaches Rose, he's wearing a Blue Painter hat.

"Z12, target 333 was spotted in the gym. If you hurry you can catch him."

"You're such a reliable boy. Keep it up and that little secret of yours will stay safe with me. By the way, you got any cash?"

"Aw man.. Again? Look I told you I'm-"

"You really want people to see that video of you nailing your sister in the ass? You'll lose that Y ranking for sure. An incestuous Washout isn't going to last long in these halls."

"Shhh! Keep it down, fine!"

He hands her 7 dollars and 30 cents.

"That's a good boy."

She pats him on the head.

Rose speaks to you,

"Hey 855, you ready to shake down 333 with me?"

1) Write-In
Yes ma'am
>I have no confidence in my physical abilities, but I'll do what I can.
>Of course my mistress
"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, that's what I like to hear 855."

Even though you have no confidence in your ability to rough someone up..


You arrive in the mens locker room with Rose at your side. You see the target 333 standing by his locker putting his shorts on.

"Yoo hoo~, oh 333! I've found you!"

333 is a big burly looking guy with a bit of a beard going on. He seems a bit uneasy seeing Rose.

"Listen, we're done. You and me? We ain't got no business, you can leak that picture of me trying on my sisters dress if you want. I ain't gonna give you no more money you hear me?"

She laughs,

"That doesn't matter to me. What matters is that you owe me a debt."

"What are you even doing in the mens locker room anyhow? Is this your boy? This wimpy guy here? Was this the best you could do? Cause I ain't scared."

"He's just my apprentice. He'll be spectating for now. Don't worry too much about him."

"Geez, why did I even bother coming along?"

"Z12, you're still not allowed in the mens locker room. It's men only, get out."

"Then you'd better get out too because real men pay their debts."

He grumbles.

Suddenly a bunch of jocks surround you.

"Hey what the hell you two doing in here?"

"333, these guys giving you trouble? Don't worry, we got your back."

They encroach on all of you.

"You'd better scram or things are gonna get ugly!"

Suddenly Z12 shouts,

"If 333 can't beat me in a one on one fight, he doesn't deserve to be on the football team! I want to fight him one on one! If I win, he pays me what he owes!"

The others look at the two of you harshly, but then 333 speaks up.

"A one on one fight?"

"Nah man, don't do it 333, we got this."

"What's the matter 333? You scared to take on one little girl all by yourself? Need your buddies here to do it for you?"
333 responds,

"Alright fine. But you asked for this. Just so you know, I am on the football team. I've been training all year. I won't go easy on you just cause you're a girl."

The other jocks back off and give you some space now. 333 cracks his knuckles. Rose whips out her butterfly knife and starts flipping it around in her hand.

"That's interesting. Let's go then."

"W-wait, you're using a knife?"

"Sure. You didn't say how we had to fight did you? What's the matter? Your muscles can't handle one little girl holding a knife?"

He grimaces.

"I've got a lot of respect for you 333. You stood up to me bravely, I commend you for that. That takes balls. But the time has come to pay your dues. Just 50 bucks. I know you're good for it."

"N-no.. I can't. It's not about the money, it's about the principle of the thing."

"You should know better than that. Morals don't apply here. Just 50 bucks and I'll leave you be. Or you could tango with me, and risk injuring your shoulder, your leg. It'll put you out for the season for sure, possibly longer. And I wouldn't want to see that happen."

The other jocks talk,

"Shit man, I heard she stabbed Z15, that bitch isn't messing around."

333 pulls out his wallet looking defeated.

"Alright fine.. You're one tough bitch you know that?"

He hands her 50 dollars. She takes it smiling triumphantly.

"Pleasure doing business with you boys. Good luck this season, I'll be rooting for you!"
You're wandering the halls later after feeling pretty emasculated by Rose. You just felt so useless. All of a sudden you come across a huge gathering of Washouts standing around Cabella.

"Brothers and Sisters! We must unite as one! For so long you have been oppressed and used by the upper classmen! It is time to band together as one! The time is long overdue to rebel against this authority. To restore freedom and peace which has long since been forgotten! Who's with me!?"

Scattered cheers from the Washouts around her.

"Fuck those upperclassmen, I'm sick of shining their fucking boots!"

"I just wanna be able to go to class again without being harassed."

Cabella responds.

"In time my dear brothers and sisters. In time.. Remember that I am one of you. I was once a slave the same as you. A so called Washout. Afraid for people to call me by my name. But hear it now, I am Cabella! And I will no longer stand for this oppression! I will use my newfound authority to be the light for you in the darkness. To be your guardian and shield against this oppression. Approach me any time and I will save you, you are not alone!"

The students seem pretty pleased with her. Though with the rampant mistreatment of the lower classmen it's not hard to see why she's popular. Cabella's crowd disperses soon enough. And she approaches you. She has a sort of ethereal beauty. Her strawberry blonde hair so long and flowing it seems somewhat unnatural.

"Thorn, I've missed you my child. Still under the oppression of that tyrant queen I see."

"Uh, I guess?"

She places her hand gently on your cheek.

"Do not worry. In time my efforts will bear fruit, and you will be free of the chains that bind you. I will set all of us free. And we will all roam together in paradise."

"Are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

She looks at you with concern,

"My sweet child. Your mind has been warped by the evil authority that controls us. Perverted by it's twisted design. But I will free you soon enough. Forsake your bonds. Join me in my quest for freedom, for love, for justice for all that have been maligned!"
"I think, that's quite enough."

Mr. Snidely appears behind Cabella. She glares at him,

"Professor Snidely."

"You're causing quite the ruckus out here. I have to say, I'm not very fond of your lectures about the supposed freedom you're offering the students."

"You're just a slave! And a taskmaster who wants to force us all to obey you! Your evil designs are transparent to me. I won't let you hurt these children anymore. I'll save them from you! From all of you!"

Snidely calmly responds,

"We are all slaves to our emotions. Slaves to our desires. The internal drive that forces us to keep going, could that not be called slavery as well? That which gives us hope against all odds. Even if it's false, that we still cling to it. You offer these people that very same hope. Hope against a system which forces obedience. And yet it is in vain, setting them up to fail. Your evil is the same but with a different name. You expose these children, the Washouts to being singled out by their authority figures. The nail which sticks up is hammered down, and believe me, they will all be hammered down. And it will be your own teachings which lead them to ruin."

She looks at him with disgust.

"You're wrong. You have no right to judge me. I'm doing what I can to save them. To give them freedom. I offer them that, a way out. All you offer is slavery."

"There is comfort to be found in the supposed slavery. Who will build the roads? Who will stop the criminals? Who will give us the security we desire? The ideas you champion are all ill informed, and based on nothing but shallow idealism. Without rules the weak are more openly oppressed. Nothing gets done, we have chaos. Even the animals have hierarchy, order within their ranks. You would reduce us to less than the common ape society? A society without rules is a hellhole of madness."

"Freedom was lost to the people long ago. We've been gifted with reason. We can co-exist peacefully without enslaving anyone. I truly believe this. I will not have them bend their backs to the whips of the taskmasters. And I will shield them from harm even if it means my downfall."

"Admirable in the naive concept if nothing else. Because you have authority as a Monitor, I'm obliged to let you do as you please. So feel free to conduct your ideals. Be warned that idealism and reality aren't always compatible."

Snidely calmly walks away. Cabella seems upset.

"You believe in my ideals, don't you Thorn?"

1) Write-In
"I mean... some of it, sure,.. yeah?
The excessive power it gives to potentially unfit leaders is less than ideal. The system could certainly have more ways to check and balance itself. Other than one leader toppling another like Z12 did to Z15.

But, I don't think its so clear cut that order is evil and freedom is good. Like Mr. Snidely said, if everyone was free, anyone could be a tyrant. And there are plenty of people interested in being a tyrant, enough that you probably couldn't defend us all."

Depending on where the conversation goes, maybe this too:
"Why are you trying to cause such a radical change, when you would get a lot less push-back if you took things through official channels?"

Feel free to shoot me down if you guys do agree with her more.
While I agree with her, this is a decent responose response. But aren't we trying to more or less do the same thing? Albeit less preachy I imagine.
>"Yeah, but does it have to be an all or nothing thing? There are times when obedience is best, and times where personal freedom and choice are best. I think we'd be better off if we had both in moderation, instead of skewing to one extreme or the other.
In a perfect world yeah, but this one is too far along for a peaceful transition. And violent upheaval, gets pretty nasty both ways.
"I'm rooting for you, but practically, you're going to need to compromise somewhere to get the results you want. You're outnumbered in an entrenched system ... you're going to have to get dirty to make allies, or you might be looking at a noble fall back to Y-class, where you'll lose the power to effect change."

"I'm watching with interest either way though, maybe you'll surprise me."
Supporting this
>"Hmmm,it sounds good but my loyalties lies elsewhere.".Walk away thinking about what honeypot schemes Cabella has plan out.

so we have Rose the queen who rides infront,
Britney a Knight Aspirant,Rose's father the loving but bitter single tired parent.
Cabella the'White' queen.And Thorn(Us) the schizo student with a foot fetish who may or may not be possessed is slowly changing the school with our actions.
>foot fetish
Figured it was more of a general femdom fetish.

What would you call Z15 and Mr. Snidely?
>foot fetish
I just want Rose to beat us within an inch of our life
>To tell you truth, I wanted to have freedom too, but I learned that neither freedom is absolute good or slavery being absolute evil. There will always be people who want to rule over others with force, no matter what.

Also, if there is no clear cut hierachy system, how IS it different from being enslaved by emotions, going back to what Mr.Snidley said
Sorry for the long wait, hopefully it was worth it.


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