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Previous Class

"I'm rooting for you, but practically, you're going to need to compromise somewhere to get the results you want. You're outnumbered in an entrenched system ... You're going to have to get dirty to make allies, or you might be looking at a noble fall back to Y-class, where you'll lose the power to effect change."

Cabella seems caught off guard. She seems to take a moment to ponder what you've said. You stand in silence as she stands there in the empty hall with you.

"I'll do what I have to I guess. If it means freedom, the ends justify the means."

"I'm watching with interest either way though, maybe you'll surprise me."

She seems a little reassured.

"Thanks.. I uh.. I hope you'll come out to support me sometime. Anyhow. I'll call you if something comes up, you have my number after all."

She makes a slight bow and excuses herself.

You're not sure you believe in such her extremism. But being on her side at least for now might not hurt. While you're pondering this you recieve a text from Z12 to meet her in the Lounge. You decide not to even bother asking and just do what she wants.


You show up a few minutes later at the lounge. It's more empty and dark than before. There are a couple of students sitting on the couch. One particular guy with a tan and short black spiky hair talks to you. He's wearing a tank top with his muscular body exposed.

"You there, bootlicker."

You turn to him.

"Scuse me?"

"You're standing up a little too straight for a washout who just walked into the Lounge. This isn't your playpen, it's ours."

"Look, I don't want trouble. Anyhow I'm with-"

"Z12. We're aware. We wouldn't pick a fight with her. But we just saw you talking with Cabella. We don't need any washout sympathizers in here. Even if you are one for now."

You pause before responding,

"But.. I mean I think the washouts deserve more rights. They're kind of weak and vulnerable. Don't you care about their feelings?"

As you say this you realize that sentiments like this probably aren't going to go over well. Sometimes you forget who you're talking to..

He grumbles,

"And who cared about my feelings when I was a Washout? No one. And no one's going to care about yours. And if you're smart, you won't care about anyone elses either. You might feel sorry for them in the start, but once you become a Monitor you begin to understand. That obedience is the tool that elevates them to our level. And once they're here, they become another rival to contend with."

"Thats uh.. A cold way of looking at things Mr uh-"



"I'm Z1. You're looking at the number 1 student in the school."

He sounds serious, but you can't help but chuckle,

"Isn't the number system based on the order you got here? That just means you were here first right?"

He laughs in return.

"Wrong. Numbers change year by year. And the top 10 numbers are actually a matter of who earns them."
He stands up and walks over to you. You notice that his stature up close is massive, he's gotta be at least 6'5. His muscles bulging out of his tank top.

"Let me tell you something. I was a Washout last year, and I don't have any sympathy for any of them. Those who can't earn their position don't deserve respect. They deserve to be slaves for the rest of us."

You can't believe your ears.

"You? In just one year you became the number 1 student? What the hell did you do?"

"You're new, so I guess you wouldn't know. But there's a fighting ring that happens right here in the gymnasium at night. Athletes and the more physically inclined students come there to train. Sometimes the Monitors make the students under them fight for their amusement. They make bets on it. Think of Dogfighting but with humans. And once every 6 months they hold a little tournament, and the winner becomes a Monitor."

"It's that easy to become a Monitor?"

He laughs,

"Easy is it? A scrawny wimp like you has no chance the way you are right now. You'll be torn to shreds."

You notice there are scars all over his arms.

"Just what kind of place is the fighting ring?"

Suddenly Rose from behind you speaks,

"Enlightening him with war stories huh Z1?"

"You should keep your pet on a tighter leash. His scrawny presence irritates me."

She laughs,

"I'll try to keep that in mind. Come on then my pet, let us depart."

You sigh.
You're in the parkinglot with Z12.

"So what the hell was with that fighting arena crap Z1 was talking about?"

Rose laughs,

"Every year we get these meatheads coming in. Some people get by with brains, others by brawns. He's a little of both. Though he's definitely very proud of his strength from his days in the fighting ring. Who could blame him after all? A no name nobody Washout gets elevated to the highest possible rank? Talk about an ego boost for anyone."

"I guess."

"I forbid you from trying by the way."

"You what?"

She waves her hand in a disapproving manner.

"I can't have you running off and becoming champ on my watch. But on a more serious note. You'll get hurt, badly. People have come away crippled and even died in that fighting ring. The Monitors make the rules. And you could get stuck bare handed against a guy with a knife or worse. And even my influence wouldn't be enough to change the rules for you. Those guys operate on their own agenda."


"And another thing.."

She looks at you,

"I don't want you shadowing me anymore. It's bad for business. Plus not only does it make me look weak. But as a future revolutionary leader. You're kind of consorting with the enemy. Not a reputation you want to have."

"I see, that's a shame."

"But.. There is something else you can do for me. Something that would be just perfect for you."

"And that is?"

She snickers,

"Our cute little Cabella. I want you to go support her little revolution thing."

"Wait, are you serious?"

"She's attracting followers like crazy. She's going to change things around here fast. I can feel it. What better way to keep tabs than my own personal slave that reports back everything he learns. Oh, and you have my permission to take off that collar while you're with her. Make it seem like you've grown some balls and want to rebel against me. That'll get her attention I'm sure."

"Geez, you've really thought this out haven't you?"

"It would entertain me to see what chaos she brings with her army of followers. You might even call it a cult. The cult of Cabella, has a cute ring to it doesn't it?"
The way she talks about it. It makes you feel bad that you didn't come up with this plan on your own. You really are her little bitch. Can't come up with plans, can't fight, can't even defend yourself..

And so you're driven to your house on Rose's motorcycle. Rose and you enter your home. It's vacant, and Mom and Dad aren't home.

"Smells. Sure is messy around here huh Thorny?"

"Ugh. Mom and Dad never clean it."

She chuckles,

"And where are they I wonder? Already asleep?"

"They work nights. And when they get home they're already asleep by the time I wake up. I rarely see them."

"Aww how lonely."

She slinks up behind you and wraps her arms around your waist.

"Luckily your Monitor girlfriend is here to keep you all snuggly and warm tonight."


"That's what you want isn't it? I've figured you out. You're being sweet on me because you've got the hots for me. Not that I blame you. I AM the absolute most beautiful woman at the school."

Gee, and so humble too..


"So audacious of you imagining yourself as my boyfriend isn't it? I haven't said a word about you being anything other than a slave to me, and you've already taken to the idea of us being equals."

You sigh,

"Unfortunately, for now I realize you're kinda my master."

She rubs her hand under your chin.

"Aww don't be so glum about it. You should be reveling in your servitude. All the precious advantages I give to you out of the kindness of my heart."

You grumble.

"There's nothing kind about it, you're using me as your pawn to cause chaos Z12."

Suddenly her hand grips tightly on your throat. You start gagging.

"That isn't what you're supposed to call me is it?"

"R-rose! Sorry Rose!"

She releases you. She backs away from you. She seems a bit regretful. The silence lingers there for a moment. You feel a bit unnerved. That wasn't a tiny squeeze, that was a near deathgrip. She responds,

"Sorry, it was an impulse. I.. I didn't mean to do that exactly. I just.. I asked you to call me by my name didn't I?"

Your neck still aches in pain. You rub where it's sore.

"It's.. It's ok."

She slowly walks forward and rubs your neck. She gently kisses the sore spot.

"Hey.. Lets do the dishes together ok?"


"Yeah. I'm sure your parents would like that."

"Aww man, come on."

"You should respect them more. They did raise you, and give you this place to live. It's a hell of a lot nicer than my place. You aught to be grateful."

Maybe she's right..

"I guess you have a point."

So you and her decide to do dishes and tidy up your place a little. She doesn't seem to mind doing chores at all. In fact she seems quite proficient at it. After some real effort you manage to get your place clean. And yeah, it was a whole lot easier to do with her here.
It's sometime later and you and her are on your bed together.

"Thanks for helping me clean. I really appreciate it."

"I still do chores for my Dad all the time. It wasn't a big deal."

You snicker.

"Kinda uh, goes against the whole master thing you've got going on right now huh?"

She sighs. She pulls out her controller and presses the button shocking the hell out of you with the collar around your neck. You cry out in pain.

"You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut do you? I'm the master, I decide what's normal for a master to do. Understand my impudent underling?"

You nod as you rub your neck.

"Yes Master. Sorry Master."

She laughs,

"Good, now as punishment, you get to sleep on the floor. And I get your bed all to myself."

"What? Come on that's not fair."

She's grinning like a demon.

"Then beg for it. Say 'master please let me sleep in my own bed tonight'. Or do you like the cold hard floor?"

"Ugh.. Master please let me sleep in my own bed tonight."

"I dunno, I mean, sleeping in the same bed with my pet? That doesn't seem like something a Master would do."

"I get it, I get it. I'm sorry. Please? You win."

She laughs,

"You could have avoided all this embarrassment if you'd just kept your mouth shut. Underlings of Monitors have suffered worse for less. Be grateful that I am so merciful in my dealings."

"Right. I understand."

She's smiling at you,

"Now get over here and be my warm human sized body pillow to cuddle with for the night."

And so you and Rose cuddle in your bed. You smell her coconut shampoo in her hair. You feel her soft delicate warmth in your arms. It's times like these you kinda wish you were Roses boyfriend. What the hell are you thinking?
It's the next day, and you're in Professor Snidely's class. Sitting down 1 row from the back. Snidely looking rather tired this morning.
"Before we begin, I feel it's urgent to remind you all of the field trip to the homeless shelter. Two weeks from now, we'll all take a visit there. The purpose of this visit will be to see the effects of the Way Out act, and how you can avoid ending up like these people. Occasionally, you'll see someone who didn't take the way out in the shelter. Maybe they overdosed on drugs, or have some kind of mental issues. Regardless these things are important to consider."

One of the students raises their hand,

"Um, excuse me, Professor Snidely? What about homework? Aren't we ever going to get any?"

He chuckles softly,

"Well isn't that curious? A student who willingly ASKS for homework. Class, would you all like some homework?"

The class softly grumbles disapprovingly.

"As I predicted. In any case. You can use your free class time here while I lecture to catch up on your other classes. That is if you feel what I'm teaching is a bit too rudimentary. Though should you fail to heed the advice you receive in my class, you'll have no one to blame but yourself."

The students don't seem to react much to his statement. But you know all too well that Snidely's advice is scarily accurate.

He seems tired having had to explain all that.

"Moving along. Todays lecture is about Fast Food and why it was outlawed."

Snidely begins scribbling some things on the board as he speaks,

"The concept itself seems fairly innocuous. And perhaps even novel for it's time. Looking back on it now. It may be difficult to understand why it had to be outlawed. But after a while, we as a society recognized it as the cancer it is and cut it out."

You raise your hand. Snidely calls on you,

"Yes, 855?"

"But why?"
"I was getting to that. You see, fast food is very fattening. As a species we find it difficult to control our urges for something which is readily available at a moments notice. Fast food was the drug of choice for those always on the go between their work. Or people who couldn't be bothered to make their own food. Now restaurants of course are still legal. But any sort of drive-thru system where people can just drive their cars by and be given food to go is absolutely outlawed."

He's writing up obesity statistics on the board.

"Now in addition to the chronic obesity crisis our country had been facing. Fast Food employees were easy to hire and required no experience. Entire generations were raised on a fast food budget. It was a worthless job that paid minimum wage. The kind you might expect a Washout to take. But the government gutted all of it. Every last fast food restaurant was shut down permanently and forced to cook all their meals in house from scratch. And while yes, more effort was required to prepare the food. The quality of life for everyone involved generally improved. And as predicted, Obesity rates plummeted. The drastic measures put into play were an overwhelming success."

He walks back over to his desk and sits down.

"The government can be at times a bit draconian. But everything it does is for our own benefit. You would do well to respect and serve your country well. Don't forget that next Friday the soda company will come here to peddle their wares. If you want extra points. Consider helping their sales effort. Wear their merchandise. For those dedicated enough, losing a small amount of pride will be worth the extra points."
It's later that day at lunch. You find Cabella after she's finished delivering another speech. Cabella approaches you. You're holding your lunch sack. A paltry burger and gross greasy fries. Served at the cafeteria commonly to the Washouts.

"Cabella um.. I.. I want to join your cause."

She looks at your neck,

"Where's your collar?"

"I.. I took it off. I can't stand being treated like a dog! I'm a man dammit. I want your help. I want to be free."

She seems a bit skeptical but smiles a little.

"Oh? I see. You're really willing to forsake your master? Break free of your chains?"

You nod.

"I.. I'm sick of it all. Please help."

She nods in agreement smiling at you.

"Ok, then come meet me in the parkinglot after school."

"You serious?"

"Mmhm. I mean, if you're serious that is."

"Sounds great. I'll uh.. I'll talk to you then."

She smiles waving goodbye turning to exit. You watch as she exits. Half expecting Rose to pop out of nowhere and wax poetics about her master plan being put into action. But she doesn't appear. What you are greeted by however is..

"So here you are planning to break the rules again."

Britney appears before you tapping her foot expectantly with a stern expression on her face.

"Ok, so maybe this looks bad but.. I mean I'm free to do what I want right? She is a Monitor after all."

Her expression remains stern,

"Rules must be kept to avoid chaos. That Monitor wants to overturn the rules."

You walk up to Britney,

"But what about the corruption in the Monitors? Doesn't that kind of invalidat-"

"Someone like her should have never become a Monitor. Monitors are meant to uphold order, not destroy it."

She comes closer glaring at you.

"W-what are you-"

She starts patting you down. Her cold icy gaze locked on you as she touches up and down checking for anything that stands out. You stand still and try not to say anything.

She pulls out your wallet. She files through it.

"12 dollars huh?"

"Yeah what of it?"

She puts the money back and slides the wallet back in your pocket. She stares into your eyes, her tone is rather menacing.

"I don't know what you're up to with her. But I don't like it. If you know what's good for you, you'll start obeying the rules from now on."
After a while you arrive at the wooded area. You've exited the car and are walking through the trees. Trees which like any forest tower over you. Making it seem old. You imagination wanders wondering what sorts of creatures live here. And you do see a few. Some birds, some squirrels. Spiders and a few other bugs. Being out here in nature walking alongside Cabella really paints a stark contrast to the icy cold walls of the school that you've grown so accustomed to.

The sky above is white. The nature out here feels damp as you pass through grasses, under branches and around puddles. Eventually you come to a particular clearing. You and Cabella walk under a large tree with a dry dirt place to sit underneath it.
Cabella takes off her pack and sits down. You sit down next to her. The area here seems particular. It's just a clearing. But it's design seems almost intentional. As if to bring focus to this particular area. As to it's significance you don't know if there is any. You do like how it looks. With it's low grassy plains. Lack of any ugly marring features or manmade garbage strewn about. There are sticker bushes and tall trees surrounding the open area. The area does feel rather special without it being announced as such.

She takes in a deep breath,

"Sure is nice out here isn't it?"


You say mirroring her and taking in a deep breath. She pulls out some granola bars and water.

"I'd have liked to have had a proper picnic here. But I didn't have anything prepared in advance."

You take the granola bars and water. Your stomach growls as if on cue. You dig into the bar.

"I'd actually wanted to get naked with you here. But it's way too cold out today."

You look at her with surprise,

"You what?"

"So we could be together in nature in our natural state. Not for anything sexual. Just to enjoy nature how it was intended."

That sounds a bit weird to you. While you're thinking about that, you notice an owl high up on a nearby tree. Its distinguished appearance makes you stare at it in awe. Certainly a rare thing to see these days.

"Look at that Cabella, it's an owl."

Cabella takes a moment and spots the owl.

"Oh wow! That's so cool! It's been a while since I've seen one."

"Yeah, can't remember the last time I saw one in real life."

You bite into your granola bar and wash it's sweetness down with the water. You and Cabella watch the owl from under the tree. It sits there perched upon it's branch. Its dark eyes make it seem mysterious.

Time passes and the owl flies away. The rain begins to pour from above and you and Cabella make your way back to the car.
You're driven back to Cabellas house. A lavish glass house surrounded by trees. You walk inside to see Cabellas parents working on dinner peeling potatoes and cutting meat. The air is filled with a warm vanilla cinnamon smell. Must be candles or something. You notice a nice fireplace with couches in front of it. Cabella drags you along towards the couch.

The Father, a well groomed handsome fellow speaks,

"Welcome home sweetie, I see you've brought a boy home. How was school?"

The mother chimes in also particularly wealthy looking and well groomed,

"Yes, how was school? Did you help any of those poor Washout kids like you wanted?"

Cabella sighs smiling,

"Oh, I'm working on it."

She says as she continues pulling you towards the couch. You sit on the lavish plump couch. You sink right into it. Your body being warmed by the cozy flame in front of you. Cabella nuzzles next to you on the couch for warmth.

"Get nice and cozy ok? Don't be a stranger, everything here you're free to use ok?"


"A lot of people get nervous when they come over. But just be yourself. My parents are really nice."

But you weren't nervous? Well, now that she mentions it.. This is a pretty nice place. Maybe you should try to behave yourself.

"I'll uh, keep that in mind Cabella."

You still feel a bit damp and cold from the rain. Luckily the fire helps to warm you right up. As well as Cabella. You notice her eyes in the light of the fire. Truly stunning emerald gems. Some of the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. They remind you of the waters on a tropical beach. Her long strawberry blonde hair trailing behind her. She's stunningly beautiful.

It's sometime later and you're sat at the dinner table next to Cabella.

The father opens the conversation,

"So uh kiddo, what's your name?"

You have half a mind to say your given number, but then you of course respond with,

"It's Thorn. Thorn Prick. My Father has a sense of humor."

He laughs.

"Well I'm Corbin Coda. This is my wife Feronia. And of course you know my daughter."

The mother awkwardly speaks over him towards Cabella,

"Oh dear you've gone and gotten your dress all dirty again. You weren't out playing in the woods again were you?"

Cabella groans,

"Mother! I'm not a child anymore! Must you chastise me in front of my guest?"

"Oh sorry, but really you should take better care of your appearance. You're a Coda after all. It wouldn't do for you to look anything less than your best."

She sighs. The father clears his throat,
"So, as I was saying Mr. uh.. Thorn was it? How did you come to meet our daughter?"

All eyes fall on you. This is not the time to say something stupid.. Not the time.. Not the time.. Oh geez.. Uh...

"U-um.. I uh.. We met in the halls.. And we chatted, and she seemed nice and-"

"He's my boyfriend. We've been dating for the past month now."

Your jaw drops but before you can properly process things the mother speaks,

"Oh goodness, you're telling me you had a real boyfriend for a month and you didn't even bother to tell us? We're your family dear."

Cabella groans folding her arms,

"You don't understand me Mom. I'm doing my own thing. I'm trying to save the Washouts of our school. It's a noble thing that only I can do. You don't understand what that's like."

The father speaks,

"Now sweetheart, don't be so critical of us. Your mother and I have been at work a lot managing the company. We don't have time to always be in the loop with you. But we try-"

"No you don't. All you ever care about is that company."

The two parents look at each other and then back to her. The mother responds,

"Now look, we know you've always been a very 'do your own thing' kinda girl. I'm not going to pretend like your father and I have always been saints when it comes to business practices. But we do think it's very noble what you're trying to do."

The father speaks,

"And I think you're forgetting that the company is the reason we all get to have these luxuries. This sort of work isn't easy to maintain. It's a lifestyle that requires constant attention. You understand don't you? Sweetie don't get upset. I promise, next summer we'll all go out on a Vacation to the tropics. I'm sure by then you'll have forgotten all about this thing you're going through and come around."

She grumbles,

"I don't want a vacation Dad.. How can I feel good about myself getting pampered all the time when there are people out there suffering?"

The father sighs. The parents finish their meal and go upstairs. You've finished yours, but you see Cabella picking at hers. You can tell she's miserable.

"So.. There you have it I guess. You know the truth. I really am just a spoiled little brat."

1) Write-In
It's after class and you meet up with Cabella in the parkinglot. Out here she seems to stand out even more than she did in the school. She's got a white luxury car. It looks brand new.

"We're going on a little hike, we'll take my car to get there."

"A hike?"

She smiles,

"It'll be fun, I promise."

You're in her car. The soft leather seats and luxurious interior make you feel extremely lucky to be here. The car drives down the road. Some soft classical instrumental music plays.

"So what's your deal? You dress like a princess, you act like a princess. You've obviously got money to blow. What gives."

"Not a princess. An heiress. And the money isn't really 'mine'. It's more that.. I'm just very well taken care of."

"So, rich parents huh?"

Cabella seems mildly upset,

"I know what you must be thinking. It's what everyone thinks. 'What a spoiled little girl you must be.' And you know, I guess they're right. I haven't had to deal with anything hard in my life. But my heart bleeds for those who aren't as fortunate as I am. I want to show the world that I'm not just a spoiled rich girl. I want to use my position to make the world a better place for everyone."

"Well, your heart seems like it's in the right place at least."

She grimaces.

"It's not good enough. Anyhow. I want to show you a place I was taken to a lot as a kid. It's a nice quiet forest area. I haven't been back in a while myself. So it'll be interesting to see it again."

The ride is quiet. You're not exactly sure where she's headed so it makes you a little uneasy. Not to mention the idea of going to a secluded wooded area doesn't exactly make you feel great. If the roles were reversed and you were a girl, you'd probably be pretty sketched out.
So I kinda fucked up the order of the posts here.

It should read like this.


I know, it's confusing. But I wrote it all out in one giant text block and somehow misplaced that one piece of dialog
You spend days trying to write something and it's nearly fucking indecipherable because you ordered the damn text wrong. Just fuck my shit up family.
>"Not in my book. The difference between you and a spoiled little brat is that you're using your resources to try and help those who find themselves in harsh conditions instead of satisfying your own whims. I respect that."
No sweat, OP, you're doing God's work.
It's cool
Pretty much this. If you're going to whine like a brat, you should be whining about something that needs to be whined about and then do the best you can to change it.
>"And who cared about my feelings when I was a Washout? No one. And no one's going to care about yours."

Bleh, hate guys like this. God forbid anyone acknowledge a shitty system and try to improve it, you had a crappy time and now everyone else has to validate it.
"Naw. You've got advantages, and you're leveraging them for a cause you believe in. There's nothing shameful in that. Hell, I've already seen plenty of monitors with less wallowing like a happy pig in their tin pot dictatorships. If the Z-class students are supposed to be the leadership of tomorrow, I'm glad at least one of them has some vision, "
Just glad to have you back, OP. I'd hate this to end prematurely.

We finally know who holds the esteemed title of Z1, and that the top 10 are based on rank rather than seniority. And we found out about fight club. >>2955828 is pretty right, he is a bit of a dick. But I wouldn't mind talking with him when he can stomach our presence, I'd at least be interested to hear his thoughts on things and see if we can get him to open up a bit. I wonder what he thinks of Cabella, Britney, and possibly us if we make it into monitor position.

>That entire scene with Rose at our place
Please beat still my heart. Such a nice mix of vanilla and femdom.

244 is still suspicious of us, but at least isn't taking too aggressive of a policy, yet.

And Cabella is a naturalist on top of being an anarchist. Huh.

Cabella is acting pretty spoiled in all honesty. Its pretty obvious the parents care, and are trying their best, but she's just having none of it. Hell, her parents are even there to try to defend themselves, unlike ours. Still, I agree with what the others have said, she's trying to at least use her resources to help others. Which is rather admirable.
I think what people are saying is that she's not spoiled in the way she thinks she is. From a strictly utilitarian point of view, agreeing with her out of hand isn't going to get us into her good graces either, which is something we want for ourselves and Z12 both.

The way she treats her parents is kinda crummy, but it seems more striking to Thorn because his own parents are so absent. Of course, Cabella's folks only have the time to spare because they've climbed higher up the hierarchy (i.e. backstabbed and exploited more people more effectively). I think we need to untangle our feelings on our own home situation before we can go around lecturing our betters on theirs.
"Not in my book. The difference between you and a spoiled little brat is that you're using your resources to try and help those who find themselves in harsh conditions instead of satisfying your own whims. I respect that."

She perks up a bit smiling,

"Thanks Thorn. It's.. It's nice to have a friend like you. A friend who understands."
The evening wraps up without much of a satisfying conclusion. That is to say Cabella didn't invite you up to her room or anything and cuddle with you more. After that comment she made about you being her boyfriend you were almost sure she was into you.

Later that evening when you get up you decide to relieve your sexual frustration in the bathroom. You've had to relieve yourself many times just so that you can keep a clear head. It's not ideal, or glamorous, but its what's needed to survive.
It's the very next day. You've just gotten out of your first period class, about to go to the second period Home Economics class, (one of the lesser stressful classes that tends to do fun things like cooking and talking about life). When suddenly you receive a text from Rose. 'Drop what you're doing and meet me in the Girls Locker Room now.'
Your heart pounds. Immediately you wonder what sort of possibly lewd shenanigans she might have planned there. Snickering to yourself you immediately head there.
You show up in the girls locker room. It seems dramatically lit with the entire room being dark. That is except one light being shown in the middle of the room where Rose sits upon some short lockers. Legs folded over looking like the domineering queen she usually does. Silence lingers, silence which you break.

"So uh.. What's going on here?"

She snickers softly.
"You've been getting a swelled head haven't you?"

"I'm gonna stop you there. I haven't been getting anything. Literally, I've tried to do everything you've asked. Please, whatever I've done, just overlook it. I'm sorry."

She playfully feigns a sort of thinking motion,

"Hmmm. Nope, I don't think I will. Oh gentlemen!"

5 submissive looking guys emerge from the shadows and kneel themselves at her feet. You respond with confusion.

"What are you doing?"

She laughs cruelly.

"You may begin licking my boots now. All of you."

All of them start licking her boots. Some desperately so, running their tongue up the side like animals.

"So boys, all of you have been serving me for a while. And some of you even owe me a great debt. But what if I were to tell you that one of you could be my boyfriend, and that not only your debt would be swept under the rug. But you'd have the honor of dating me, your Monitor?"

They respond hurriedly,

"Y-yes mistress, please pick me!"

"I want it, I want it so badly!"

"I'll do anything, PLEASE!"

She laughs looking down at them, and then looking over at you with a cruel grin.

"Well would you look at that. It looks like what you have to offer isn't that exclusive after all."

She snaps her fingers.

"You may leave me now. I have things to think about."

The other men bow and disappear back into the shadows. You stand there a bit dumbfounded by it all.

"You continue to disobey again and again, without even a care that you could be easily replaced."

"Z12 please, I'm sorry."

She climbs down from her exalted perch. The lights come on as she approaches you.

"Sorry isn't good enough. I demand absolute loyalty from my subjects. Obedience without question. You can break the law, and do whatever you want outside of that. But when it comes to me, I'm number one. My needs come first. You see, I'm not some sort of innocent little princess like that Cabella girl. I've had boyfriends before. But none of them could satisfy me. All of them so careless, so audacious. Never paying me the right sort of mind."
You feel tears welling up in your eyes. She continues,

"You're nothing but a worm. An animal. Less than scum. And you think you have a right to me? Just because you lick my boots just like every other servant I have? What can you give me that no other servant could? Nothing. That's what."

You feel the tears stream down your cheeks. You look away trying to squint and get these damn tears out of your eyes. Suddenly you feel her warm hand on your cheek. You open your eyes through tears to see a more tender expression in her eyes,

"But, you are cute. I bet you've been pent up this whole time haven't you?"

You respond through tears,

"H-huh? Pent up?"

She nods,

"Oh yeah. How often do you jerk yourself? Once? Twice a day?"

She comes closer whispering into your ear,

"Imagine if I could help you with that."

Your cock immediately stiffens. Her grin becomes slightly cruel.

"I can be a demon, or I could be your angel. It all depends on how you act."

You look down wiping the tears out of your eyes. You're not sure what to say.

She turns away,

"Or, perhaps you're one of those prideful types. I understand, very commendable. After all, what self respecting man would lower himself to such humiliation? Especially to someone like me?"

You grumble,

"What do you want from me?"

She turns around with that evil grin again,

"I want you to admit it. Here and now, that you're helplessly in love with me. That you would bend over backwards and do anything I ask just to satisfy me. Admit that you're a shameless man with no self respect or morals. That you're my personal bitch, but you desperately want me to be your girlfriend."

You look down. She continues,

"Make it convincing too. Confess to me like a drunken man at a confessional. Forsake everything else and give yourself to me. If you do.. Maybe something good will happen."


1) Write-In
I am legitimately torn on what to do.

On one hand I personally don't like being anybody's bitch and have opposed that option at every opportunity.

On the other we're pretty fucked if we don't.

If we could do it with dignity then sure.
I'm a bit torn too.

I like Rose, a lot. And not just for the femdom shenanigans. She's probably my favorite girl so far, and her character depth is something I really want to see more of.
And pragmatically speaking, she is probably our greatest advantage right now. We'd be hurting if we lost her. Even more so if we made an enemy out of her.

Though I'm also not fond of throwing away all our freedom of operation. Paying lip (and tongue) service is one thing, but completely throwing away everything isn't something I'm keen on either.

At the moment, I'm seeing 3 main courses of action:
Low Risk, High Reward, No Dignity: Just bite the bullet and bend the knee. We become the bitch, and have to be at her beck and call, but we gain a solid ally and lots of resources.

High Risk, Low Reward, High Dignity: Stand firm, stand proud. Probably get shocked and possibly stabbed by a crazy bitch for it though. She might respect our pride, and that might make her slightly less antagonistic, but either way she's probably going to have it out for us in the future. If nothing else, she'll throw things in our way just to see how much we flounder without her help. We'd have to stick close to 244 or Cabella for safety.

Super High Risk, High Reward, Maintain Dignity: Now, my crazy ass plan, call her bluff. She's saying we offer her nothing that can't readily be replaced. She's mostly right, a 'loyal' minion to bully and dress in drag is easy enough to find. But how much do you want to bet all those washouts she had were exactly like she described? Scheming bastards just waiting for the chance to stab her in the back and take over, without giving a second thought to her when they ascend. We're the only one who's told her we care about her more than just as a way to rise the ranks. We could even say that we would still be willing to help her even if she does toss us out of her cabal. Alternatively, this causes her brain to freak out, and her immediate responce to this is to completely destroy us for our supposed superiority, or whatever she's got going on in her head.
Well she said convincing, so we could make it sound so sweet it makes her retch.
>Super High Risk, High Reward
Well its alot better than my plan of attempting a witty insult and giving her the finger. Most likely followed by a dead sprint back to class while leaking blood.

I'll go with it

Yeah but I think she deserves more than that like>>2956446 said.
I'm partial to the third option, as much as it could bite us in the ass if she doesn't respond well. We can't let her stay in full control of the situation like this, need to spin it on her head.

Be willing to bend the knee a bit, but try to make up the slack with some honest heart to heart.

"What do you think those washouts were really bending to? You, their debts, or their own self interests? You aren't wrong, they are probably a lot more willing than I to do anything to please you. But how long is that dedication going to last? You said it yourself, those washouts are just bidding their time for you to slip up and then take over, leaving you on the street, at best.
I told you I wanted to help you. That isn't going to change. Even if you throw me out, I'll still be willing to help you if you need it.

And before you ask me why I'd do that: what about all those things you've done things for me, and never gave them a second thought? You saved my life twice, yet I'm not being extorted for everything I'm worth. We both have dirt on each other, more than we'd be comfortable with anyone knowing, yet I haven't at all tried to use it against you, and you haven't been using it as blackmail material like 244 has. So sorry if I'm not entirely buying your world-view when you yourself aren't living up to it."

"I'll admit, I do think I love you. I want to please you, but more than that, I honestly want to help you. If that's not enough, then why do you still tolerate me? If all you want is someone to be your bitch, you have plenty of candidates. So why, exactly, have *you* been so hung up on making *me* yours?"

If people would rather us just bend the knee, or just not do this, please say so. Or nix a specific line/paragraph if you think it'd go over poorly. This is high risk, so I'd prefer if others consented or proposed other solutions before we take action.
"If we're so interchangeable, get one of your other dogs to do it."

Don't meet her eyes, it's more the hurt talking than anger. That did hurt though.

Of course, what's coming next will probably hurt too.
>Super High Risk, High Reward

What did we even do? Does she know we fapped to Cabella? Is this an act of jealousy?
Geez, did she set this up just to force us to ask her out?
Incidentally, I think she kinda gets off on the "Sith Lord" angle, so I don't think calling her on the bubbling treachery is the way to go.

This whole scene is because she thinks she's worked out our "handle" (and maybe she's right). She's not using it to rein us in though, she's using it to kick us where we're vulnerable, and forment resentment.

She doesn't want a puppy to come eat out of her hand, she's in the market for an attack dog, and that means keeping someone confused and hurt until she's ready to let them loose on someone.

I kind of agree with this. Besides we did already tell her we’d be there for her didn’t we? Just rephrase that even if she does toss us out or reveal our laundry that we’ll be on her side or something.
You decide to stand your ground.

"What do you think those washouts were really bending to? You, their debts, or their own self interests? You aren't wrong, they are probably a lot more willing than I to do anything to please you. But how long is that dedication going to last? You said it yourself, those washouts are just bidding their time for you to slip up and then take over, leaving you on the street, at best."

She scoffs looking angry,

"Yeah so? Where's the part where you start begging?"

You start up again, Rose looking increasingly unstable.

"I told you I wanted to help you. That isn't going to change. Even if you throw me out, I'll still be willing to help you if you need it. And before you ask me why I'd do that: what about all those things you've done things for me, and never gave them a second thought? You saved my life twice, yet I'm not being extorted for everything I'm worth. We both have dirt on each other, more than we'd be comfortable with anyone knowing, yet I haven't at all tried to use it against you, and you haven't been using it as blackmail material like 244 has. So sorry if I'm not entirely buying your world-view when you yourself aren't living up to it."

Rose screams,


She pounds the nearby locker with an astonishing amount of force sending a loud bang sound echoing through the empty lockerroom. Roses face has contorted to one of anger and hatred. She shoves past you, running towards a garbage can. She picks it up and chucks it across the locker room sending paper towels and other garbage all spilling out of it.


She's breathing heavily. It seems like she's been driven completely mad.

"Rose calm down! I'm not lying!"

She focuses her gaze on you. It fades from an ugly scowl to one of pure madness as she starts laughing.

"You think I haven't been around the block a couple of times? You think I didn't WANT to make friends? Don't get me wrong, I was always a fucked up person. But when you have boyfriend after boyfriend, and friend after friend drive their fucking knife into your back. You start to realize that this school is all full of greedy little parasites!"

She cackles madly, her eyes wide with absolute insanity,

"You'll betray me too, just like all the others! You think you can fool me but you're wrong!"

"Rose please-"

"The last boyfriend I had.. He told me he was different. And he was.. For a while. He was sweet, thoughtful. But once he got what he wanted out of me, he used the influence he obtained to have me sent to the Re-education room!"

You gasp.

"I endured their punishments for weeks! To tell you the truth, I don't think I'll ever be normal again. But while I'm still here. I'm going to serve only myself! The only person who matters is me! You're nothing but a tool to me! A toy! I can get rid of you whenever I want!"
She's gritting her teeth with tears now streaming down her face.

"I won't let you betray me!"

She pulls out her knife and without even unfolding it clumsily throws it at you missing entirely and hitting the locker behind you.

Rose looks down with a broken expression. Tears dripping down her face,

"Why can't you just be honest? Why can't you just tell me that you're only in it for yourself? Why are you saying it in a way that makes me think you actually care about me!? You people are all the same, you're all backstabbers!"

She balls her fists seeming increasingly frustrated. Her tone is dark and serious, and her voice sounds like she's in deep pain,

"You don't understand anything.. You're not allowed to be weak here. I've wanted to trust someone since I came here. I wanted to relive those brief moments of happiness I had back when I was a child. Back when we were children and we didn't have to worry about ranks. And all that mattered was just coming together and having fun."

She grits her teeth.

"But it can't be like that anymore! Because we aren't children anymore! This isn't some fucking fairy tale! There is no happy ending!"

Rose slumps down against the wall. Her eyes red and overflowing with tears.

"The only people who do what you want are slaves. And when you let them get too close, that's when you get hurt."

1) Write-In
Hug her
>Kiss her
Damn, the reeducation room? That's pretty fucked up.

Walk over and sit down against the wall next to her. Let her calm down a tad, then offer a hug if she's willing to let us get that close.

~Just need somebody to lean on~
Let her calm down and then hug her if she lets us. Reassure her that we’ll be there for her.
>Pick up the knife
>Go hug her
>Stab her in the back
Not going to lie, did make me laugh.
But nooooo...
"I'm new here, so, maybe I'm stupid and I don't get it. People who do things like that really twist my guts ... even if you put me in place to do exactly that to the princess."

"A washout can't have a moderator as a girlfriend, I get that, but I can't help you if I don't have any worth either. Just let me be useful for now, rely on me a little."

"If I'm useless, if I offend ... well, you can always just throw me away, and no one will judge."
More seriously supporting >>2956736
Maybe give her some kind of collateral that ensures we can't betray her. Oh and give her the knife back.

You walk over and sit down against the wall next to her. You decide to let her sit there and calm down for a moment. After a few moments she lays herself against your chest gripping your shirt tightly. She sobs against you. You hug her and hold her close to you. She gasps and wheezes between crying spells. Sniffling and sobbing in a most undignified manner.

After what you think is about 15 minutes she's calm enough to where she's stopped crying and being hysterical.

"I'm going to be there for you. I'm not just going to use you like those other guys. I'm going to look after you, I promise."

She remains silent. So you decide to press your luck and continue.

"I'm new here, so, maybe I'm stupid and I don't get it. People who do things like that really twist my guts ... Even if you put me in place to do exactly that to Cabella. A Washout can't have a Monitor as a girlfriend, I get that, but I can't help you if I don't have any worth either. Just let me be useful for now, rely on me a little."

She looks up at you. She has a serious expression.

"No, you can.. A Washout can have a Monitor as his girlfriend. I can.. I can try to trust you, as a person. As a human being.."


She looks down.. She's quiet for a few moments. And when she looks back up her expression changes, her eyes have a frightening gleam in them,

"If I ever find out you betrayed me, I won't just take away your rank, and your points. I'll take away your life."

"Rose no I-"

She places her finger on your lips.

"Don't fucking betray me. Don't you dare fucking betray me."

You hold her closely in your arms.

"Rose relax, I'm not going to betray you."

Her expression softens. And fades to one of sadness.

"I sound like a monster don't I?"

"No Rose, it's fine. I understand."

She grips your shirt. She looks up at you with a hopeful expression.

"I.. I want to come over to your place tonight.. I want to cuddle with you."

1) Write-In
No maid uniforms please
"If that's what you want, then that's what we'll do."
>As long as I get to wear a maid uniform again

Hey, if she's that worried about betrayal we can swap out the shock collar for ab explosive one.
>Of course, I'll even wear the maid uniform if you want.
Need to lighten the mood regardless of if we actually wear it or not. Rose being this sad and scared hurts me.
"If that's what you want, then that's what we'll do."

She smiles leaning herself against you. You chuckle,

"I'll even wear the maid uniform if you want."

Her smile fades a bit. She nods no.

"I just.. Nevermind."


And so later that day after class you go to your home on her Motorcycle. You get inside to find it dark and vacant as usual. It was raining outside so you shake off the rain. Rose speaks,

"You must get lonely here don't you?"

"Yeah. Surprisingly the only people I've managed to make friends with are girls, and all of those friendships, well.."

She looks down,

"Friendships have let you down too I see."


She looks at you, she's smiling but she doesn't seem happy. There is a grim sense of melancholy behind it.

"All this time I've been alone too. Watching my back. I've never gotten comfortable where I'm at. I'm addicted to the adrenaline. Of not knowing what the next day brings. It's a blessing and a curse. You bury your soul behind your rank and you torment those beneath you for as long as you can. The system always wins."

You grimace,

"You've accepted it haven't you?"

She nods and responds,

"What else is there? I don't believe people can change. Not these people. They're all evil and rotten. As far as I'm concerned they're getting the system they deserve."

"But what about the innocents? What about their stake in all of this?"

She laughs looking away at the rain dripping down the window at night.

"Still can't see outside of that box can you? Always looking at things just as they are, but not as they could be. You can only see what's right in front of you."

You groan,

"Come on, not this again."

"It's true. Right now what happens at this school is relevant to us. But it won't be all that long before we graduate. Before we're sent off to college. When that happens the rules are sure to change. And things will probably get worse. Even in the perfect conditions where you could improve life here for a year or two, who's going to maintain that when we're gone? You've got kids who just want to abuse the hell out of their power, and so long as it's easy for them to do so, they're going to keep doing it."

You ball your fists.

"Dammit, you're right."

She walks over to you, looking at you with tender eyes,

"But I don't want to talk about the school tonight."

She runs her hand through your hair,

"I want you Thorn. I want you because.. Maybe you'll be someone I can rely on in the future.."
She wraps her arms around and kisses you there in your dark home as the rain pours down outside. The warmth of her arms and the wet pressure of her lips against yours. Tongues mingling lightly with one another.

You and Rose decide to clean things up for a bit, and then you make some Nachos for dinner. You and Rose split the nachos as you and her cuddle close and watch t.v all night. Every now and then Rose will chuckle at something on the screen. Her expression right now.. She seems so different. She seems so relaxed. She has such a pretty smile. You want her to keep on smiling like that. Seeing her truly happy kinda makes you happy too.

You and Rose fall asleep together on the couch. Nestled closely in each others arms.

Its the weekend. And your Parents have left a note. They've gone away on a business trip, and they also want to know who the girl is. Maybe you should text them about Rose?

It's still cloudy outside. But it'd still probably be ok to go out. Rose got up to make Breakfast. The thought of her leaving your alone this weekend seems unbearable. You hope like hell she doesn't have anything better to do. You want to be close to her as much as you can. Being with her makes you feel warm inside.

Rose laughs,

"You know what's funny? I was thinking you and I could spend the weekend together. Like the entire weekend. We don't need to go anywhere or do anything special. But I do want to be with you."

She chuckles as she flips an omelette in the pan.

"Don't get the wrong idea though, I just.. I don't have anything else planned."

"You, want to spend the weekend with me?"

She grins,

"I'll order you if I have to. No wait.."

Her grin fades.

"I.. Maybe that's not right.. I should.. I should let you decide on your own."

Rose seems conflicted.

1) Write-In
Newcomer here, nice quest. Gonna go read the archive soon.

>write in
Give her moment to sort her head out/de-conflict herself, then say "sure, that would be nice"
Glad to see some new readers here. I just added the old threads to the archive just in case.

Yeah,wait a second or two before accepting. It'd look weird to be too eager.
now that i think about it.
the coda family basicly own the whole of usa
z15 is a fat henry wannabe,mr snidely is tired merlin.if fast food is bad then how come there is pizza,burgers with fries,soda and junk foods unless it is a capitalist takeover of the country.
and where does thorns parents work

I to, am curious about what our parents actually do. Since have work the night-hours and what not.
>"No please order me, you're smart and know what's best for both of us."
Seconding this. However let her know that we or maybe it’s just me don’t mind her getting dominant.
I prefer it as well, my fellow gentleman of culture.
You decide to give her some time to sort out her thoughts. She however doesn't seem to offer any sort of response to you or further comment. She seems to be waiting for you to say something. Perhaps you're just feeling sentimental, but you respond with,

"No please order me, you're smart and know what's best for both of us."

She seems surprised but pleased all at once.

"Of course. Then.. I'd like us to stay here. Stay home in your place."

"You don't want to go out?"

She nods no.

"I'd rather you and I just had time to ourselves. Besides I like it here, it's nice. And it doesn't smell like beer or cigarettes."

You smile,

"Thats fine. You're more than welcome to stay."

It's so weird to see her acting nice and considerate. It's almost like she's a completely different person sometimes.

You eat the delicious omelette she prepared for you before heading off to your room. Its small and lacks a couch. Just one plush comfy bed. It has a t.v and a console setup. You decide that it'd be interesting to watch her play a single player game in your room.

Rose isn't at all opposed to it and seems to like the idea. But it becomes clear after a while that even just watching her play the game isn't as fun as you remembered. Rose soldiers on through the game beating the first dungeon. You feel like you could watch her keep going. But you realize that it wouldn't be very fun for either of you. You gut the plan and decide to put on a nature documentary instead from your laptop.

Rose has been taking this time as she's wrapped around you to slowly feel around your body. You've caught her several times smelling you.

Her expression is mellow, but underlies an odd seriousness. She looks up at you.

"You're mine. You belong to me."

She claws her hand softly along your chest. Her tone is soft but serious,

"The only person who gets to touch you like this is me.. You're my pet, and you have to do what I say no matter what."

"U-um I-"

"You don't get a say in this. I've decided that you're mine. And even if you become a Monitor, you'll still be mine."

There's a sudden gleam of madness in her expression. Her tone is affectionate but drips with an underlying insanity.
"I'll destroy anyone who even looks at you weird. I'll protect you, my pretty little pet."

You laugh nervously,

"You're uh.. You're being a little possessive all of a sudden."

She crawls over you straddling you. Her expression is madly amorous as she stares into your eyes,

"You're not allowed to leave. I won't allow that."

The pressure of her on top of you triggers that natural bodily response as your boner pokes against her. She notices, and her expression becomes somewhat smug. You wince for what's to come. She grinds herself against your hard cock still in your pants. The slightly sexual exhale of her breath as she smiles at you.

"You like this don't you? You want me?"

Her grin widens as she slips her hand down your pants. Her hand slightly cold against your bare cock.

"This is mine too."

She leans against you whispering into your ear.

"Ask nicely and I'll help you cum."

"A-are you sure?"

She looks away,

"I used to do this for guys all the time.. For guys I didn't even care about.. Who cares anyway? You want to feel good don't you?"

Right now your mind is almost completely consumed in lust. You can't even formulate a response.

"I don't feel like going all the way. But I'd love to see your cute face when you cum for me.."

She rubs on your bare cock some more. Her expression is soft again, and her tone gentle as she continues,

"You have to promise again.. If I do this, that you become mine.. You won't disobey.. You won't betray.."


She whispers softly in your ear,

"It's just the two of us.. It's ok to submit to me here. It'll be our little secret ok? I promise it'll feel really good."

"What do I have to do?"

She's grinning,

"Just sit there and I'll do all the work. Beg me to let you cum. Submit to your queen.."
1) Write-In
We will not submit.

This relationship will be based on equality, not some fucked up sense of ownership over another. Using sexual pleasure to blind us from the truth, and bind us to servitude will not work. (spoiler) For the love of god horny anons don't fuck this up.(/spoiler)
Tell her that she doesn’t need to worry about us betraying her and try to have a heart-to-heart about us needing to be equals in this relationship.
Then we go back to being dominated in the bed.
Do this
> We can do this if you want, but you don't have to bribe me to stay with you.
This is too harsh. She's probably acting this way mostly because she's scared that we'll leave her and that she has to do things to make us stay.
Danger, danger. We got a potential yandere on our hands, gentlemen. I guess it should've been rather apparent with her mental instability. We need to be really careful about how we go about this, guys. I'd rather not have to gingerly side step every female we know for fear of the school getting turned upside down in jealous rage.

I like >>2962204, make sure she understands she doesn't need to do the same carrot/stick thing for us. No need to bribe or threaten. Its our own personal choice to be hers.

Also, see if she wants us to do anything for her. She said she's used to doing it for other people, but is she used to others doing it for her? If we can flip the dynamic again so that we aren't in as dangerous of a position, we might get through this. Totally isn't my own desire to please talking here. I swear anons, my boner is not the one in control.
"Listen, we can do this if you want, but you don't have to bribe me to stay with you."

She seems caught off guard.

"W-what are you saying? I'm offering you something.."

She growls.

"Are you stupid or something? Can't you see I'm offering to make you feel good? I thought that's what you wanted!"

"Rose! I.. I do want to feel good, it's just, you don't need to bribe me or anything. I don't plan on betraying you."

She looks down, her mood seems to be significantly soured.

"You don't need to do the whole carrot on a stick thing. You don't need to bribe or threaten me. I'll do what you ask without all that. And I'm doing it because I care about you."

She growls,

"Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about."

"Rose I want us to be equals. I don't mind so much if we do this kinda stuff in the bedroom. But I'm not about to make promises to be your personal bitch forever or something."

She climbs off you. She sits on the edge of the bed with a face much like a petulant child.

"You don't even care about how nice I've been to you."

You can't help but chuckle a bit,

"Rose, I've noticed. And I appreciate that. But that doesn't mean I need to be your slave. I'll do what you want without threats or bribery. So just relax ok?"

She looks down.

"I'm scared.. I don't.. I don't want to be hurt."

You place your hand on her shoulder.

"I would never hurt you. I promise."

Her expression still pouty, she responds with,

"I want to cuddle with you, but I don't want you to say anything until I tell you to.."


"If.. If you want to that is. It's your choice."

You smile and wrap her in your arms.

"I would love that."

She smiles a little too returning your embrace. She holds you close. Her body is trembling a little. Shes gripping you tightly with her hands. You gently rub her back and continue to hold her in your arms without saying a word.
You and Rose spent the rest of that evening cuddling and watching nature shows. The next morning however Rose was gone and the only thing left behind was a single text saying 'I need some time to think about things.'

You respond with ok. And while on the move with the texting thing. You decide to text your parents about Rose. Your parents work for a corporation in an office. They've often referred to it as 'The business that never sleeps'. Hence the need for a night crew to do work around the office.

You spend your Sunday dryly doing homework. You miss Rose, but at the same time, it's nice to take a break from her insanity.

It's after your first period class with Snidely. You honestly didn't sleep well the night before. You're out wandering the halls when you're suddenly jumped by a bunch of strong guys who hold you by your arms. A guy with a curled black haircut with half his head shaven bald speaks to you. He speaks with a dramatic flare.

"My my, what a perfect piece we've found here."

He's thin, and his eyes seem cruel as he stares at you. You wriggle around but the guys have you pinned where you stand in the hall. The hall as you notice is now otherwise empty.

"Back off! I'm the property of Z12 I'll have you know!"

He grabs your little tag on the collar and examines it. He seems oddly pleased.

"So you are, so you are!"

He rubs his hand along your chin,

"I love those fiery eyes of yours. A will unbroken even though you're bound by servitude. When I saw you I thought to myself. 'Now there's a Washout'. A man without a plan, a ship adrift without a captain. So helpless. And yet so strong."

You give him a weird look,

"What the hell is your deal buddy?"

He chuckles,

"Yes, curse. Struggle. Cause a scene, your discomfort only makes you more attractive to me. My boy do you know anything about art?"


"Yes.. So few people have a true appreciation for it these days. It's been debated for eons. 'What is art'? What makes art? People say that an artist needs to suffer in order to create great art. But I think it's the suffering itself which makes for the greatest art."

He laughs to himself,

"Come now, be a part of my exhibit."

"I-i'll pass man."

"Don't be so shy.. My name is Z8? What about you my wayward Washout? What cute number did they give you?"

"855. Now can you let me go? I'm really not a fan of this!"

You struggle again but it's useless. He laughs again,

"Just one painting, that's all I ask.. I must capture your essence! I would be remiss to pass up this opportunity to paint such a specimen!"

You groan,

"You want to paint me? Dude are you serious?"

"Yes, now come! There is art to make!"
You're dragged off to his private art studio in the school. The room is dimly lit with you in the spotlight. You were forced to wear nothing but a dirty painters apron whilst hoisting up a slab of concrete.

Z8 is giddy as he looks you over in front of his easel. His easel is held up by a naked lifeless looking Washout. His paints, odd as they appear are each held by a different naked Washout. And all over the room just lurking in the shadows are his men.

"For my paints, I love to use acrylics. But I also use human sweat and blood in my paintings as well. I really like to give them that 'human' touch. To capture everything about my specimen that I can."

You struggle underneath the weight of the cement block that he's awkwardly forcing you to hoist.

"How the hell do you get away with this shit you psycho?"

"It's art my friend. There are many wealthy patrons who pay me thousands for my exclusive works. If only you could feel my excitement. How lucky you are to be featured in my painting! How lucky that you will become my living work of art."

He concentrates deeply on his painting. Slowly dragging his brush along the canvas. The weight of the brick isn't getting any lighter. He chuckles to himself,

"It's so rare to get a specimen like you. So entrenched in servitude yet entirely unbroken. I was once a Washout and I still look back on it as the highlight of my artistic career! How wonderful my paintings became when I was in pain! Oh but woe, how greatly they fell when I rose to power. I was beside myself with grief. Hours and hours of failed portraits that lacked soul. Only to realize it was the pain that was missing. That servitude was an expression of art itself!"

He chuckles once again,

"That delicious expression, of fear.. Of pain! I'm trembling with so much excitement I can barely hold my brush!"

He stops and seems to think to himself,

"Oh, but I know.."

He grins evilly.

"What we need, is to increase the pain! Yes.. A more agonizing expression would suit you well!"

He snaps his finger. His men rush out from the shadows and grab you.

"Do what you do with the other ones. Beat him, but lightly. Don't leave bruises on his skin! Make him feel more agony! He must feel pain in order for my painting to truly take form!"

They start beating you, punching you. They hit you on the ribs, in the balls. They stomp on your feet with their boots. It's truly agonizing. Your body begins to go limp.
"Oh YES! YES thats it! It's beautiful! Now.. Just hold that pose and-"

Suddenly from behind him,

"One more move and I'll make sure YOUR blood ends up on that canvas.."

Rose has appeared and her knife is at his throat as she has him locked in a chokehold.

"A-ah, of course.. Your property. Guards, please release the specimen!"

They release you, and you collapse to the ground.

He laughs,

"You know you can't do it. I'm one of the 10. Even you can't touch me!"

She grins letting him go.

"One warning. That's all you get."

He gasps for air smiling back at her.

"There we go.. Thats a reasonable girl.. The cutthroat queen.. Haha, how very literal in this sense. I would have loved to have painted your suffering back in your day."

She laughs,

"Keep talking and I might be tempted to make an 'art exhibit' out of you."

He laughs madly,

"Oh my dear, nothing would make me happier than to die as a work of art! Sadly, I have more works to paint before that time comes. You can take your pet and go now."


It's a few minutes later outside of Z8's art studio. Rose looks at you with great concern,

"I came as quickly as I could. I'm sorry he hurt you."

1) Write-In
"I can recover from something like this. It'd be unseemly for Z12's subordinate to whine about a beating that doesn't even leave a mark, right?"

"...Thanks for coming before he could get any more 'inspired' though."
We should try talking to Z1, see if we can get in his good side and get some training from him.
>It's okay, I shouldn't rely on you being able to save me too much.

Definitely wouldn't hurt to try, probably.
"I can recover from something like this. It'd be unseemly for Z12's subordinate to whine about a beating that doesn't even leave a mark, right?"

She still seems concerned,

"You're sure you'll be alright?"

"I'm okay, I shouldn't rely on you being able to save me too much. Thanks for coming before he could get any more 'inspired' though."

She nods,

"I'll always come for you. I promised I would protect you no matter what."


After feeling emasculated yet again, you do the only recourse that makes sense. Find the biggest guy in the school, and become his bitch. You learn unsurprisingly that Z1 frequents the school gym and spends most of his day training.

You decide to seek out Z1 when he's doing his personal training at the gym. When you find him he's under the bar benching. There's another beefy looking man spotting him. Z1 speaks,

"Well, if it isn't the scrawny runt from the other day. Rumor has it you were looking for me."

You take in a deep breath,

"The rumor is true.. Z1, I want to train under you. I want to become your protege."

He racks the weight and stands up. His muscles bulging and his body dripping with sweat as he sits on the bench. He looks at you with disgust.

"I don't train underlings. I can't lift the weight off your shoulders, only you can do that."

"I mean we're not talking about lifting weights in the gym! We're talking about several big strong guys coming out and jumping me in the halls!"

Z1 dismisses his spotter and focuses his attention on you. He stands up and walks over to you. He's buff but slender in some aspects as well.

"Even when I was a Washout I never feared physical violence. If you're strong, people respect that and leave you alone. If you're weak, you'll be devoured by those who prey upon weak people. Relying solely on others is a crutch and a weakness. And even if I were to consider taking you on as an underling. I have no interest in training a coward."

"Is this about me sympathizing with the Washouts from earlier?"

He groans,

"It's about you not taking personal responsibility. Take gym next quarter. Try your hand at a sport. But don't come to me and expect to ride my coattails and cower beneath my shadow. Do you think you're the first to come to me and beg to be my underling? People are attracted to power. They seek to use me for what I can give to them."

He glares into your eyes,

"Covet my power. Seek to become as strong as I am. If you're any kind of man you won't rely on others to save you."

You look down. Rose was right, this guy is a meathead.


It's later after school. You're feeling pretty bummed out about what happened with Z1,

1) Spend time with Britney, maybe you can patch things up with her?

2) Try to spend time with Cabella. If she's the rising star that Rose said she was, then she's just the one you need.

3) Spend time with Rose. Serving at her feet again will bring you comfort.

4) Write-In
>I'll destroy anyone who even looks at you weird - Rose
>cabella is interested in us
>Britney is gonna make us do chores
These could end badly

Write in:
>take Z1's advice, go to the gym and work out
I want to make a Rose proud when we beat the shit out of the next guy that tries to start shit with us.
Cabella was chill so I wouldn't mind getting to know her more, and I would be nice to clear things up with Britney. Rose murdering them could be a problem when we get around to that, so maybe we should give some warning so she doesn't jump the gun.
I'm always down for self improvement.

We don't need to turn into the hulk or anything, but enough to be able to wrestle out of a lock would be nice. Learn some basics of CQC and get some core strength, perhaps. Also cardio, always can make use of cardio.

Other than Britney, I think we are doing pretty well social-links wise. So its a pretty good time to invest time into ourselves rather than relationships. And if Z1 sees us taking his advice, he'll probably mellow out in time.
>I think we are doing pretty well social-links wise.
That's the problem, though. We may be doing too well for Rose's liking and at this point it's pretty clear how she'd alleviate that problem. Not that I'd have her be any other way.
More in terms that nothing is super pressing at the moment. Everyone's personal story are more or less at a nice point, with no major plot hook to continue looking into right this moment.

In terms of how attached we are to these characters is a little more up in the air. And how Rose interprets those interactions is even more so. I don't think we are close enough to either of them to get Rose overly jealous, but your concern is valid.
You decide that it'd be a good idea to use the school gym after hours to get in some training. Z1 is right, you need to get strong on your own.

And so you go to the gym. Feeling pretty lost at first, lots of weird weights and machines. You sort of mirror what everyone else is doing. You don't know how much you should be lifting so you honestly just wing it. You work out for about 45 minutes before getting completely worn out. You really need to get in better shape..

Feeling sore but a little better about yourself in general you decide that visiting Cabella would probably be the best option. You text her and even though it's after hours she's still willing to come pick you up.

Cabella picks you up in her car. It looks like it's going to rain soon as Cabella drives down the road. She giggles,

"Heh, sorry I was late, I just had to pack some things for our trip."

"Eh? Wait come on, we're not seriously going out into the forest like this are we?"

She grins,

"Why not? I've got a tarp and some poles, a couple of fold out chairs and blankets. I even brought snacks!"

You fiddle with your fingers,

"Geez, that's a lot of effort just for me."

She nods no,

"Don't think of it like that. I just wanted to hang out together with my friend.. It's been hard for me lately.. Hard for me to find people I can trust. More and more people keep approaching me. Wanting me to start some kind of official movement."

"It's not official already?"

"Not really. There are a lot of Washouts interested for sure. But I think they're just a little too nervous. But if we could find something to make them take us more seriously. I'm sure we could really do some good."

You ponder about this as the car continues to drive down the road.

You're back in the forest with Cabella. Cabella has brought a nice tarp to set up, and honestly a lot of things. It looks like its already starting to drizzle so it looks like she had the right idea. You and Cabella hurry to the clearing as the rain pours down. You rush to try and get the tarp setup. It's not as big as you imagined, but it's enough to keep the rain off the two of you.

After some time you manage to get it set up as you pull out the fold out chairs and blankets. You sit cozy beside one another wrapped in your blankets. A bag full of snacks and other goodies sits between you. The rain pours down on the tarp. You watch the scene as the rain all around you crashes down. The wind blows. But here you are, almost unaffected by it. Its your very own nature theater.

As you're packing up later to leave, you catch a glimpse of an owl. And once again you are in awe of it's majesty as the rain pours down. You and Cabella get packed up, and she drives you home.
It's later, you're in the sewer again. The rats have come like they did before. Hundreds of black beady eyed screeching rats from all directions. Just when you're about to scream. The ceiling of the sewer breaks. And light seeps through. A giant Owl bigger than a house lets out a shrill shriek and the rats scatter.

You climb out of the sewer to try and get a better look at the owl. But by the time you get up there, the owl is gone. Instead you see a set of human footprints leading into a forest. You decide to follow these odd footprints which have come before you. You walk and walk for a while till you come to a clearing. But it's not the same one as before. You're out where the school bleachers are. You hear the shriek of the owl again and you're jolted awake.

You're there on your bed, rather confused by everything.

You're not really one who believes in magic or anything, but just in case.. You decide to take the moments before first period to head out to the bleachers where the track is. You climb up into the bleachers walking over and finding nothing but wrappers and bits of garbage. You check below the bleachers and find more trash. But there. underneath the middle row ever so slightly out of reach is some kind of insignia. It looks to be an old fashioned candle super imposed over an owl.

Your heart pounds as you climb the cobweb covered metal bars under the stands and pry at the box shaped object affixed to the underside of the bleacher.

You manage to do so but fall onto the cold damp muddy ground below. The box itself has broken into pieces. And inside the box is a weathered old book. It has that same insignia pressed onto the cover. The book is massive like a phonebook. And seems like it's done in an older style like something you might find in the 1800s.

Theres no question about it. Whatever is contained within this book was probably used by the original candlelight owls.


1) Write-In
Shit. I really don't want to be holding onto this until after school. Even if we are protected from random searches, it'll be rather tough to hide a phonebook in our backpack, I'd imagine.
On the other hand, we can't really afford to let this just sit out here out of the box. Especially if its going to rain again. And we can't really trust anyone to hold onto it just yet.

What do you all think?
Hide it somewhere? Try to smuggle it through school? Do the proper thing and turn it into Snidely/Brittney's hands without looking inside?
QM, how big is our backpack, and how much space is there for the book?
Your bag is crammed full of textbooks. There's no way in hell it could fit this book inside.

However, if you were to dump everything else inside of the bag, you could feasibly place the C.O book safely inside.
Stashing it until later seems like a good idea for now, I mean if it hasn't been found until now, what are the chances that it will be until recess?
What about taking everything out of our bag and putting the book inside, then burying it? We could just carry our textbooks till after school.
You know how important appearances and conformity are here; if we show up without a backpack, we will stand out just as much as if we didn't have any of our books. Not to mention the time it'd take to dig a hole without a shovel.
Dumping the books is a no go for me, that's just too dangerously rebellious for my tastes.

Realistically speaking, I'd agree. We could put the box (or part of it) back around the book and shove it either in the same spot, or an even harder to find spot. Preferably somewhere safe from the elements.
Genre savvy speaking, that's just guaranteeing for it to be found.
Text cabella and get her to put it in the trunk of her car
Are any if the textbooks large enough that we could tear pages out and slip the book inside of the cover? Or maybe tear pages from multiple textbooks to slim them down until it can fit? We could, though I'd prefer to keep the book intact, tear pages out of the book and try to fit them in our bag.
>But if we could find something to make them take us more seriously. I'm sure we could really do some good."
>Find C.O. book
>Didn't even think of Cabella
I'm an idiot.
That's the crux, isn't it? I take it none of us are really sold on just handing this over to Lawful ones we know, but I'm not so sure we should just give it over to Cabella either.

If we give this to Cabella, a lot of things are going to start changing very fast. It'll probably be what she needs to finally start the whole movement. And we will get swept along with that one way or the other. For better or for worse.
If we are eventually going to give this to Cabella, I'd really rather us read it first, and get an idea of what information we are giving to the revolutionaries. I'd be pretty scared giving it to the radicals, in all honesty.

Sounds like we'd need the full backpack to fit the phonebook in there. If we could just get rid of one text-book, I wouldn't be as worried, we could ask Brittney to spot us for a day, but an entire backpacks worth of supplies is a bit much. Though the idea of taking some of the more important pages out of the Owl Tome and into one of our folders is an option.
I can get being wary of radicals, but bloodless revolutions aren't exactly a common occurrence. We should definitely be prepared before we get to that point, though.
>Are any if the textbooks large enough that we could tear pages out and slip the book inside of the cover?
Tearing the cover off of a textbook and putting it over the C.O book is an option

We could also wrap it in note paper and tape the paper up, then have cabella put it in her trunk. Just say "hey can you hold on to this for me, I need a safe place to keep this." She doesnt know what it is because it's wrapped, and we can say "it is a gift for our parents so please don't unwrap it" if she gets curious.
>All this autism
Or you could just skip class

While you're deciding about what to do with the book. You hear some distant yelling. You peer out of the bleachers from underneath them for a moment and discover an entire team lead by Britney to include.. Include attack dogs? Wait that can't be right, when the hell did they get attack dogs!? But alas your eyes do not deceive there's a massive group of monitors and they're all headed towards the bleachers.

"244 or you sure someone saw a Washout headed under the bleachers? It's cold out and I'm only wearing a skirt today.."

Britney glares forward with a stern look,

"I'm positive. Substance abusers love to hang out underneath the bleachers. We're going to bust them and get them in big trouble."

You panic wondering what the hell you're gonna do..


1) Hide super hard, maybe they won't see you.

2) Attempt to dig and bury the book.

3) Rip a bunch of pages out of the book and stuff them into your bag.

4) Dump your crap out on the ground and stuff the C.O book inside your bag, then book it out of there.

5) Submit to the authority. Offer the book as tribute to Britney and her crew.

6) Text Cabella to meet you in the nearby parkinglot and put the book in her trunk.

7) Text Rose and give the book to her.

8) W̶r̶i̶t̶e̶-̶I̶n̶ [This option has been disabled!]
>6) Text Cabella to meet you in the nearby parkinglot and put the book in her trunk.
Time to bail
Idk if rose is still on board with the whole rebellion thing
Yeah I'm not sure how Rose would actually feel about the book. Maybe it could give her hope? That would be nice
But fuck, is it weird that I'm more afraid of Britney than Rose?
>5) Submit to the authority. But don't hand over the book.
Hide the book in a hard to find place, then come out and play dumb. Like we were trying to figure out the best place to run or exercise. If the rumor mill is so strong, it should already known that we want to get stronger and physically fit.

No way we can outrun/hide from attack dogs.
The book has to smell like old book more than us, right? The dogs should be trained to smell for drugs anyway, if that's what 244 is bringing them along for. Not musty old books.

This way we play the dogs to our advantage and come off completely clean of drugs, and therefore guilt/suspension. Just some washout wanting to not get picked on as much.
>But fuck, is it weird that I'm more afraid of Britney than Rose?
One has a knife, a shock collar, and knows she's insane. The other has attack dogs, a posse, and thinks she's entirely in the right here. That's not a weird feeling at all.

Though damn, she is managing to round up an attack force all on her own. I'm liking Monitor Brittney a lot. She doesn't fuck around.
Yeah, Britney managed to accomplish a whole lot while we were lying about with Rose, but I don't regret a second of the time we spent with her.
Okay, what if we take all of stuff out and slip the book in iur bag, then just pretend we were studying? Of course we should zip it back up so the book can't be seen. Maybe preemptively text Cabella or Rose and have our bag already on us so we can dash at the first sign of trouble. We should hide the bits of the box in our bag our somewhere.

I just remembered write-ins are disabled, but I already typed it so I might as well post it.
>Text Cabella to meet you in the nearby parkinglot and put the book in her trunk.
Fuck, I want to give it to Rose but I don't want to risk her having a fourth(?) breakdown. But can we try to act casual and progressively speed up so we don't have to immediately start running from dogs. Also hide or smash the box until the symbol can't be made out.

I guess Britney was the rats all along.
We don’t we try and align Rose with Cabella? I mean both of their interest seem to tangentially align in terms of not being content with the regime.
You decide to smash up the wood box as much as you can so that the symbol can't be seen. Then you quickly text Cabella several emergency texts telling her to meet you in the parkinglot. You don't have room in your backpack so you just decide to carry the book out of here. You huff it out of there in a hurry. By the time you make it out on the other end, Britney and her dogs are already exploring under the bleachers.
It's less than 5 minutes later and Cabella is already out there unlocking her trunk and allowing you to store the book inside. You didn't tell her what the book was, only that it was of paramount importance to stow away. Although, as Cabellas eyes make contact with the book, a look of pure shock and joy washes over her. She speaks,

"Don't worry, I'll keep this safe, I promise."

You're not feeling too sure about this. You didn't even get a chance to peek inside of it..


Every period that passes feels like forever.. You just wanna know what the hell was in that book. At lunch, you see Britney and her crew doing random backpack searches and busting people. She's deadly serious about her duties.

You're watching her when all of a sudden from behind you,

"Hello there my precious specimen."

You wheel around to see Z8 looking at you with a strange grin and those cruel eyes of his,

"Get the hell away from me you freak!"

You're about ready to just book it when you realize he doesn't have his men around him.

"Theres no need to worry, I won't be taking you back to my art studio.. That is unless you want-"

"Hell no."

"Such a shame. But no.. I'd rather not have a literal knife on my throat again. How will I create beautiful art if I am dead after all? No, your master keeps you safe for now.."

"You're a fucking creep you know that?"

He feigns being offended,

"Oh my, you wound me! Why and here I am helping to keep law and order, and here you are calling me a creep. As though I were some common vagabond or lowlife thug."

You chuckle a bit,

"Oh yeah, and how are you doing that I wonder?"

He flashes a toothy grin,

"Why, I'm lending my men to our new Monitor 244 of course. She's been looking for people to help maintain order. And as I am a truly good Samaritan, I loaned her my support out of the goodness of my heart. No one here can question now my ethics. Would an ethical man concern himself with order and peace? Surely I would think not."

You groan,

"Well, you're not fooling me. You're still a piece of shit in my eyes."

He seems genuinely offended,

"Such foul language! All because you have that wretched collar around your neck! Were you not the property of such a notorious Monitor I would teach you twicefold on how you should treat your betters!"

He storms off in a huff.
More torturous periods of class pass till the school day concludes and you meet Cabella out by her car. She's already reading the book by the time you're there.

"Oh, Thorn there you are. I was just looking at this book here. There's no question. This is a formal instruction guide for C.O operations. Senior members of their society have autographed their names on the inside cover. This is a priceless treasure! How did you possibly come across it?"

"It's uh.. I had a dream and uh.. You know what, never mind. I was just wandering around and I found it just lying around."

She doesn't seem entirely convinced but doesn't seem to question you further.

"In any case. We'll need to look at this more carefully and in greater detail together!"

Suddenly you get a text from Rose.

'Come over to my place tonight and rub my feet tonight.'

You groan.

"Uh, well-"

"Thorn, this is the chance of a lifetime! There's so much knowledge in here, I can just feel it!"

Another text,

'Hey dickhead, respond to me.'


1) Write-In
>yeah, we'll need to look at this later
>I'm kind of busy right now, I'll tell you when I'm available to go over this with you
>text Rose: I'll be there
Ouch, while I don't exactly agree with what Z8 was doing, that was kind of harsh. He doesn't seem like a necessarily bad monitor, just an eccentric. I can appreciate his obsession with beauty, just not finding so much beauty in suffering.

Good to know that 244 is getting her people from other monitors, though. I guess its a good way for higher up monitors to pay lip service to Order if they just delegate members of their cabals to 244's posse while they go about their normal stuff.

See if Rose would be interested in us getting a major foothold in causing revolution. And if that takes priority over footrubs.
Text 'I managed to find some rather... potent documents for the whole revolution thing. Pretty serious stuff. I figured I'd let you know before you decide what to do tonight. Should I get in on this, or head over to your place?'
I'd really prefer to see what's in here, but best to give Rose the final choice.
>See if Rose would be interested in us getting a major foothold in causing revolution. And if that takes priority over footrubs.
>Text 'I managed to find some rather... potent documents for the whole revolution thing. Pretty serious stuff. I figured I'd let you know before you decide what to do tonight. Should I get in on this, or head over to your place?'
>I'd really prefer to see what's in here, but best to give Rose the final choice.
Changing to this
this my dude
Supporting this

You decide to text Rose: 'I managed to find some rather... potent documents for the whole revolution thing. Pretty serious stuff. I figured I'd let you know before you decide what to do tonight. Should I get in on this, or head over to your place?'
You wait a few moments for a response,
'Fine. You're off the hook tonight. I expect you to fill me in on this later in greater detail.'

Cabella seems concerned with you,

"Is everything ok?"

You sigh,

"It's uh.. A friend was just worried about me is all."

Cabella responds with,

"It was your master wasn't it?"

"N-nah, of course not."

Cabella sighs,

"I'd figured as much. But I suppose people have to do what they can to survive. But don't worry, with this, things are sure to change for the better."


Cabella drives you to her expensive home. You're greeted by her parents. Then you and her go straight to Cabellas bedroom. There are candles and incense. Colorful pictures of wolves, a big feathered dream catcher, a Wicca pentacle, and a giant anarchy symbol poster. The room is also filled with small glass animal figurines and other various nature themed niknaks.

"Please, come sit on the bed, we'll read it together ok?"

You obey and sit on Cabellas plush bed with her. She opens the book on both of your laps. She leans against you laying her head on your shoulder with a contented look on her face.

"I've wanted to find something like this for so long.."

Our mission as Owls is to defeat evil wherever it hides. Just as owls are nocturnal predators we too operate under the cover of night. Our passages built by the Elders and their connections, are as the writing of this script still very much a secret. A complex pressing of mechanisms are built into several facets of the school. They make for easy movement and surveillance of the entire school as a whole.

In order to join the Owls it should be made clear that the Owls are by definition law breakers and contrarians. An act of grave defiance recorded by another Owl shall then be used as initiation for that member. This hazing ritual helps to prevent infiltrators within our ranks.

A series of other increasingly difficult "proving tasks" shall test the worthiness of the owls and how they progress. There is to be no ranking system, but rather one head to give direction, and the owls themselves free agents to execute orders as they see fit.

-The Owl Walk-
The Owl walk is a demonstration of power. Ready the Owls beforehand. Have them dawn their traditional brown cloaks and masks. Next have each carry one candle. When the time is right, cut power to the school, and then have the Owls march right down the center carrying their candles. By the time the power is restored, the owls should have vanished via the series of escape routes built into the school.

-Dealing with Monitors.-

Owls as they are in nature, are birds of prey. Feasting upon moths and mice as they see fit. And as the Monitors themselves are rodents, it is only fitting that we prey upon them.

Learning about what route they take home is important. Often dangerous Monitors will surround themselves with their slaves. But after class their slaves are dismissed. If you can give your Monitor detention this will also cut them off from their support. At this point it's just a matter of silent abduction. They are to be taken beneath the school and humiliated in any way possible. Usually sexual humiliation is enough to shatter even the most cold-hearted Monitors pride.

At this point you should be able to cut the camera feed and spread the embarrassing photos all over the school. This will send a message that other Monitors will heed. That even the most powerful mouse in the field should fear the Owls.

Beneath the school each night it is important to host meetings. Everyone will lay out what they've learned and debrief the status of their missions. At this time a community bonding is also important. Snacks and refreshments aught to be provided, and a light music should fill the air. Being at the school can be dehumanizing. And these experiences will help to maintain our humanity.

If in the case the school grounds are inaccessible.. There is a Mausoleum in the old graveyard outside of town. It should remain stocked with supplies, and it should also have access to the security system at the school for further coordination and planning.


Monitors upon learning of the Owls existence will attempt to wipe them out. Known Owls or suspected Owls will be made to suffer. It is important to remain composed and deal with the offending bullies in a concise manner.

If the school becomes too unruly, a group of school "Coordinators" will be brought in. These are measures by the superintendent to secure peace and stability. Because they come from outside the school you will likely have no information about them thus making them dangerous.

We have learned they come from private pristine schools. That they are the absolute letter of obedience as deemed by the state. But they will be High School age so they will blend in. Make no mistake that they are highly coordinated individuals who will attempt to dismantle our establishment by any means necessary.

Teachers will be unable to assist you. Long has it passed since any Teacher was a trustworthy ally. However if it is possible to safely secure the aid of teachers this action is recommended.

-The Way Out Act-

A long time ago the community of Way-Outers was able to regulate itself. It is the dream of Owls to have this system re-established. It is suggested that perhaps it could make it's own currency and create for itself a micro-economy. But this dream lies far outside of what we are capable of as of the writing of this script.
After reading as much as you could, you realize that more of the book is dedicated towards blueprints of secret hideouts within the school as well as greater nuances when dealing with emergency situations. It also goes over the code and creed of the Owls as well as their more 'spiritual' ritual practices.

Cabella seems as floored by it all as you,

"I.. This is everything I've ever dreamed of! With this.. We could legitimize our movement. With my parents money, this book, and access to the secret passages, we'll be unstoppable!"

She looks deeply into your eyes,

"I can't possibly thank you enough! If there's anything I can do to repay you, anything at all, just name it!"

She fiddles with her hands nervously,

"A-also, if you want.. I mean, you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight. T-that is to say.. I wouldn't mind cuddling with you."

1) Write-In
>"no way fag"
What ever we do, let us try our damnedest not to bring these onto the school. Basically 244, but on crack.
Even if one of them is a cute girl, we're already on the Rose train, so chances of having foe-yay romantic relations are kind of out the window there.

I... appreciate the offer. But I'd prefer the couch, if you don't mind. I'm already called for.
This, but also ask if you can have the book for now.
>I wouldn't mind cuddling with you
If only she knew how dangerous it is to even suggest that. I like Cabella, but Rose came first and needs the emotional support more. Plus she'd murder both Cabella and us.

Also, I'm not sure if Rose would be okay with getting directly involved with Cabella, but I'd prefer to not keep the nature of our relationship with her a secret. Cabella is likely to find out Rose wanted us to be a mole, and even if it was to assist her, she's not going to like it. I also feel the need to defend Rose.[/spoile] Obviously we should consult Rose about to make sure she's okay with it and be sure to make clear that we didn't help soley because of Rose and that we do consider Cabella a friend. If we do this at all, that is.
I read it three times and still fucked up the spoiler.
>I... appreciate the offer. But I'd prefer the couch, if you don't mind. I'm already called for.

"I... appreciate the offer. But I'd prefer the couch, if you don't mind. I'm already called for."

Cabella looks down seeming pretty disappointed.

"Oh.. I.. I didn't realize you already had.. No, it's fine I guess."

You speak,

"Hey, you mind if I just take this book with me?"

Cabella nods no,

"I'd rather hang onto it now. I plan to study it some more before I put it to use."

You sigh,

"Well, alright I guess."

You doubt she'd ever be one to lose something like that.

You slept on the couch last night. It was a plush couch so it wasn't too bad. It was almost more comfortable than your actual bed.

While walking to first period you stumble on Rose and Britney having a conversation in the halls. Rose is speaking,

"So, just wait until I give the signal and we'll make a move ok?"

Britney nods smiling at her,

"It's a deal then."

The two of them look at you. Britney speaks,

"Oh 855, there you are. Not getting into trouble are you?"

Rose looks at her, and then back at you.

"Oh that's right, the two of you know each other, I nearly forgot."

Britney grimaces shooting a dirty look at you,

"Know me? Hardly. But he did molest me and take advantage of me when I was weak."

Rose seems shocked but then grins,

"Oh really? 855, you never told me this story.."

"I-it's not as bad as it sounds.."

Britney is glaring daggers at you,

"There IS no misunderstanding! You groped my ass and made me walk around a whole day without my underwear you disgusting pervert! I hate you!"

Oh boy.. Rose is grinning like a demon,

"Hehe, do go on.. 855, I had no idea you had that sort of side to you."

"P-please Rose. Don't blow this out of proportion."

Rose turns and walks away,

"Well whatever. 244, you just make sure you follow through on your end ok?"

Britney nods. Then she turns her attention to you.

"You should have owned up to it. Coward."

She walks away from you in disgust. Fuck..
The Soda Company is here today. And you're looking to score some extra points. You put on the silly looking Gopher mascot outfit as you try to remember the company slogan off this sheet of paper.

"Let's see.. Gopher Coda, Gopher Coda, it's better than your other Cola.."

You already see some upperclassmen snickering at you as they walk by. This blows..

It's later at lunch and you're out advertising for the Soda Company in the lunchroom. You hop around and say,

"Gopher Coda, Gopher Coda, it's better than your other Cola! Fizzy and sweet it's quite the treat, so come on down it can't be beat! I love this brand it is my life, Coda drinker fans for life!"

A group of Monitors have gathered around you laughing and howling at you,

"Hehe, loser!"

"Get a load of Gopher boy over here!"

"Aww, come on, dance for us some more!"

"Hey Gopher, say the thing again, I don't think I heard you the first time!"

You nervously respond,

"G-gopher Coda, Gopher Coda, it's better than your other-"

They all start throwing garbage and empty cans at you.

"Ha! Loooser!"

Suddenly the group of Washouts led by that girl from the other day walk by and laugh at you,

"Wow, what a sellout."

"God how pathetic."

You look down feeling absolutely miserable.

After hours and hours of dancing and walking around the school covered in trash and sticky soda which was thrown at you you're finally able to wash off in the showers.

As you're getting out you get a text from Rose.

"Meet me in the empty classroom across from the library."

You groan.
You're in the classroom. Rose is sitting on the teachers desk with one leg folded over the other. The golden sun radiating off her.

"So nice of you to finally show yourself."

You groan,

"What is it this time?"

She snickers,

"I've finally figured you out.. Why you've been so resistant to my advances-"

"I'm going to stop you there, and guarantee whatever it is you're about to do is wrong."

She snickers some more,

"Oh no, this time for sure.. You see, I've realized you're not really the submissive type are you? But in truth you LOVE being dominant don't you?"

"Rose, if this is about before with 244, I mean that wasn't-"

"Was it a lie?"

"W-well, not a 'lie' exactly but.."

She's grinning,

"So it's the truth. My precious little slave. Future revolutionary leader and the savior of the school. Our hero, a pathetic, lecherous molester. Taking advantage of an innocent little girl."

"Rose please-"

"Oh 803, you can come out now!"

Suddenly you hear a loud crash. A dorky looking girl falls flat on her face out of the steel locker in the back of the classroom which was holding cleaning supplies.

She stands up awkwardly brushing off the broom and mop which fell with her.

"Y-yes ma'am!"

Rose makes a 'come hither' motion and 803 walks over to her. You get a good look at her. A shy frail looking girl with big framed glasses with tape on them, freckles, big goofy buck teeth covered by braces. She's wearing the usual white Washout's uniform. Her hair is done up in long twin braids on each side of her head.

Rose wraps her arm around the frightened looking 803.

"This here is W803, a cute little virginal Washout girl. I had to look pretty hard to find someone I thought was your type, but after some digging I found the perfect one."

"Rose no, this isn't-"

"Isn't she though?"

Rose pinches her cheek roughly grinning cruelly at her,

"She's sweet and innocent. And helpless too. Just the way you like em. And she's gonna do whatever you want today? Isn't that right 803?"

She's shivering,

"I.. I don't think I'm ok with some things."

Rose chuckles,

"Oh nonsense. You wouldn't want the wrong people knowing you cheated on last fridays big test would you?"

"N-no! You wouldn't!"

"I would. Now, the first thing I want you to do for me, is take off your panties and put them in my hand neatly."

803 seems shocked,

"N-no! I can't do that! There's a boy in here!"

Rose grins evilly at her.

"Oh but you can and you will."

You speak up,

"Rose, aren't you taking this a little far?"

Rose seems almost confused.

"What do you mean? Isn't this what you want? I'm just trying to help you out.. Now, 803, panties now or we're going to have to get rough."
803 nods no.

"I-i'm saving myself for someone special!"

"Someone special huh?"

Rose glares into her eyes menacingly,

"And what makes you so fucking special huh? The fact that nobodys touched your precious pussy yet?"

803 is slouching and cowering in terror before Rose.

"I lost my innocence earlier than you. Wasn't anything special about it. You think I give a damn? Now take off the fucking panties bitch!"

803 begins sniffling and crying. Rose sighs and walks around the desk,

"You know, I thought it might come to this.."

She pulls out a cute stuffed rabbit. 803 looks shocked,

"No! Mr. Teacup! How did you-"

"Ah ah ah.."

Rose pulls out a pair of scissors holding it up to the stuffed rabbit. 803 looks horrified,

"No please don't!"

Rose lowers the scissors,

"What's so special about the fucking stuffed animal anyway? What are you like 16 or something? Aren't you a little fucking old to be playing with shit like this? How do you expect to survive when you're this weak? I'm practically doing you a favor-"

"No please no! Don't hurt Mr.Teacup! I'll do anything please!"

Rose snickers again,

"Well, let's put that to the test then."

803 sighs and releuctantly reaches under her skirt and pulls off her panties. She walks over to Rose and places them in her hand.

"N-now please, give back Mr. Teacup.."

"Not yet.."

Rose walks over and hands 803's panties to you. They have cute little ducks on them.

"This is your fetish isn't it? Making cute innocent little girls walk around the whole day without panties?"

"N-no.. Rose this is-"

Rose brings her over to you and turns her around flashing you her butt.

"She's got a cute little butt doesn't she? Feel like giving it a squeeze? It's untouched so far.."

"Rose stop-"

"I'm giving you my permission. You can do whatever you want to her just so long as I get to watch. I wanna see you defile this girls innocence. Thats what you like isn't it? Being in charge? I'll even let you keep her fulltime as your pet and fuckbuddy, and all you need to do is submit yourself to me."

She pulls out a collar and shows it to you. The collar tag says "property of 855". She hands you the remote for it.

"You're gonna learn what it's like to be in charge for once. Aren't I nice? A lowly little Washout like you gets a sneak peak at what being a Monitor is all about. And like I said, all you have to do is submit yourself to me, and I'll make this dream real for you. I'll do whatever it takes to make you mine Thorn."

803 is sniffling and crying hysterically.


1) Write-In
Someone really needs to slap some sense into this bitch.
On the other hand, whiteknighting this girl outta nowhere would be a pretty retarded decision.

If I had to pick, "Would you shut up and listen?" sounds like a good course of action to avoid getting ourselves some unwanted reputation (and we're going to have to keep an eye on that shit after the Gopher Coda thing).
>244 let me do it, but it was because of her own deluded world view that she did
and horny anons with no eye for the consequences of their actions
Now all we have to do is figure out what to say next without triggering another mental breakdown until 803 is far away
"I think it would look better on you"
Who knew shitposting would bring consequences?
>Look, Rose, I never said I was an incorruptible saint. What happened with Britney was a msitake. She thought following orders was just the best, so I gave her a couple to see if she'd stick with that. I admit that I enjoyed it at the time, but I went too far and so are you. Whatever buisness we have should stay between us.

Or something like that.
Geez, what we did was pretty bad and we shouldn't have tried to hide it, but didn't we tell her it wrong BEFORE she would admit that it was? I get it's not the kind of thing you just let go, but she caused a girl to be assaulted because she can't let sleeping dogs lie.
My vote is now to string together these three
>Would you shut up and listen?
>244 let me do it, but it was because of her own deluded world view that she did
>Look, Rose, I never said I was an incorruptible saint. What happened with Britney was a msitake. She thought following orders was just the best, so I gave her a couple to see if she'd stick with that. I admit that I enjoyed it at the time, but I went too far and so are you. Whatever buisness we have should stay between us.
It's the best we got at the moment
Also, why does Britney trust Rose? It's certainly beneficial to us, but Rose seems to proudly flaunt her reputation so I'd think it would be hard to miss the red lights and sirens that scream "I'm going to sell your organs when I'm done playing with you."
>whiteknighting this girl outta nowhere would be a pretty retarded decision.
Less whiteknighting in this case and more just common decency to our fellow man.
As an anon that goes through the archives looking up old quests, you have no idea how much giving the d has bit anon in the ass. And how infuriating it can be to just sit and watch all these bad ideas play out.
I wasn't here when we decided to do the whole thing with 244, but it definitely icked me out a bit.

Pretty good. I think our run in with Z15 made it pretty clear to Thorn just how fucked up it was to demand this sort of thing out of people.
Alternatively, if Rose is having none of that, give the panties and shock collar button to 803, since we are allowed to do anything we want with her. Then let her run out while we face off with Rose.
this, but also:
>"I enjoyed it, however I did it to her so she could see just how malicious total obedience is. I mean if it makes things any better I DID apologize."
>I only wanted to show 244 that she was taking obedience too far, I never thought she'd actually do any of that.

Maybe we should start sleeping with Rose if it'll get her to settle down.
Sure, sleeping with her regularly would probably make Rose more assured thate we're her's, but if you mean getting more intimate than snuggling then I don't think we should until she really understands that she doesn't have to win us over.
Also tell Rose that she's the only one we want to do lewd things with.
Not this yet, see >>2972175
Britney is just a bitch. We did in no way use physical or social force nor did we threaten with it, what she did she did of her own will to prove her fucked up deluded world view that she wanted us to follow.
And I would respect her belief in obedience and the fairness of the authorities. If she actually stuck with it, but the moment she got power she started to abuse it to take "revenge" for our orders she could have refused at any time without consequences.
My post didn't imply we do them right away.
There is probably no need to make a new thread on your next update, OP. Let the thread coast a little. I can understand wanting it to be on the front page for others to see, but I figure it causes just as much retention losses as it does get new people in, considering how few people participate in the first few updates in a sequel thread.
Also, the higher the thread number, the more discouraged anons will feel to read the rest of the story. A quest is more attractive the newer it is.
"Would you shut up and listen? Look 244 let me do it, but it was because of her own deluded world view that she did."

Rose seems confused while 803 continues to sob in the background,

"Look, Rose, I never said I was an incorruptible saint. What happened with Britney was a mistake. She thought following orders was just the best, so I gave her a couple to see if she'd stick with that. I admit that I enjoyed it at the time, but I went too far and so are you. Whatever business we have should stay between us."

Rose sighs,

"And after all the work I went through for you? Fine, whatever."

She gives 803 back her underwear and stuffed rabbit. 803 sniffles and looks at her,

"A-are you letting me go?"

Rose looks at her flatly,

"Get out of here before I change my mind."

803 clumsily scurries away running out the door. The door shuts leaving you and Rose in silence.

"Maybe I was wrong about you Thorn. You're a lot less of a golden boy than I thought."

"Why do you sound so disappointed about it? I thought you hated that part of me?"

She chuckles,

"It just won't be as fun to tease you if you're as dirty and rotten as the rest of us.

You stand there in the room with her. The orange light as the sun is starting to go down seeps into the room. Silence lingers here for a moment.

"What do we do now?"

Rose shrugs,

"What else? We go back to my place and cuddle."

"But.. What about 803? Wasn't that a little harsh?"

"Pfft, you really expect me to feel bad for her? I was practically doing her a favor. Maybe she'll toughen up and stop being so weak."

You look down. You should have figured as much..
You and Rose get home to her place. The room greets you with booze and the suffocating air of cigarette smoke. As you get inside you notice a woman laying on the couch top exposed. She seems like she's about to pass out. She's got tan skin, and ugly colored hair, and is wearing too much makeup. She looks like what you might imagine a typical prostitute to look like.

Roses Dad is sipping beer staring at his t.v in his recliner seemingly unconcerned with the woman on his couch. Rose storms in,

"Dad what the hell is this?! I thought you said you were done with her!"

The Dad sips his beer and looks to Rose,

"Shutup, I'm a grown man. And I needed a woman to fuck for an hour. Is that so much to ask?"

Rose groans,

"She's no good for you Dad, she's a drug addict!"

Rose lifts the slutty woman to her feet.

"Oh hey sweetheart, it's YOU again.."

"Get lost you cheap whore. Don't bother my Dad again or I'll shove my foot up your cunt so hard you won't be able to fuck straight for a week."

Rose leads her to the door shoving her out and slamming the door behind her. Rose groans again walking back over to her Dad,

"We've talked about this before Dad. You can do better than her!"

The Dad looks down in shame,

"Listen, kid I-"

"Don't give me that! I'll.. I'll find you someone, I don't know how but maybe one of these kid's Moms would be good for you."

He groans,

"When are you gonna get rich already? I thought you promised you were gonna beat up all those rich kids at school and become like their alpha dog or something."

Rose seems irritated,

"I'm working on it Dad."

"Well work harder you little shit. Don't lecture me about my taste in women when there ain't nothing better I can get right now!"

Rose sighs seeming defeated,

"Yes Dad."

Her Dad crunches up an empty beer can and tosses it against the wall lazily. It lands on a pile of other cans, clinking as the little pile rolls over on itself. Rose leads you to her room in the back.
Once you're inside she shuts the door behind her.

"I still can't believe it Rose. You're still taking shit from him? I understand he worked hard in the past but that doesn't mean you have to be his bitch."

Rose's hair is covering up her eyes as she smiles,

"Someone like you wouldn't understand I guess. My Dad worked himself to the bone day and night. He'd come home exhausted like he was about to pass out. Always covered in dirt and grime. He never prioritized getting another woman over me. He destroyed himself just so that we wouldn't be homeless."

She's still smiling as tears drip down her face,

"I grew up on ramen and cheap pasta dinners. I never got to go out to fancy restaurants. I never got fancy toys or clothes. The other girls always had more than me, they looked down their noses at me. And I was jealous.. I was such a stupid kid.. And at the time, I blamed my Dad because he wasn't working hard enough to get me the things the other girls had. And so he worked harder and harder for my sake, till he drove himself crazy."

Rose is gritting her teeth choking back tears, she mutters,

"That's why I can never fucking forgive myself for what I did to him! The reason he is the way he is, is all because of me! He worked so hard for my sake all by himself and I never once appreciated him! Even now, he's still working just to keep us afloat. So if he wants to drink, and smoke, and call me a bitch. He has every right to. He sacrificed fucking everything for me!!"

"Rose, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to drag all that out of you."

Rose looks away,

"No.. I'm sorry. For getting all emotional over nothing."

Rose wipes away her tears forcing a smile.

"Maybe you were right earlier when you said I should've cared more about that 803 girl. Here I am bitching about my problems, when I didn't even bat an eye about the things I did to her."

She laughs looking over to you,

"I'm kind of a fucking monster aren't I?"

"Rose no, don't say that.."

You rush over and hug Rose. She sniffles and cries into you.

"I-i'm sorry Thorn.."

You pat the back of her head.

"Shh, it's ok. Everything is fine."

"How the fuck can you love someone like me? I'm a monster."

You don't really have an answer for her. But you hold her close in your arms as she sobs into you for a few more minutes. After that you and Rose lay down on her broken mattress together and fall asleep together.
It's the next day at school and you happen to see Z8 talking with another guy with a Lavender Bowl cut.

"Oh Z7 don't be ridiculous. What do I have to fear? Z12 isn't any big threat to someone like me."

The man Z8 refers to as Z7 flips his hair and sighs,

"Everyone thought Z15 was invincible too, but look what happened to him."

Suddenly they notice you.

Z8 laughs and walks over to you,

"Hear that boy? I'm not scared of you or your master."

"Listen, about the other day. I feel like I was a bit harsh."

"Too late for apologies now. I'll get you yet. You'd better watch yourself.."

He checks your shoulder as he struts by. The man named Z7 seems to have vanished.


At the lunch period you see Cabella out preaching to a massive group of Washouts, and even a few upperclassmen as well. They all seem quite enamored with her,

"Birds do not cater to the bees, nor the sun to the grass. Everything works in tandem with one another. we've become so divided by our ranks, by our numbers that we've forgotten what it means to be free! Every day we must hide and watch our backs. Every day we bow at the feet of our superiors! Every day we support the system which enslaves us! Fight back! Don't give in to the system!"

The other students cheer and seem impressed,

"Hell yeah, fuck those upperclassmen punks!"

"I want freedom too!"


"I'm sick of being other peoples slaves, what makes them better than me!?"

"Fuck the system!"

It's becoming quite loud..
It's 4th period when you get a text from Rose.

'I want to go out on a date with you tonight.'

You're a bit surprised but respond,


'Yeah, come ditch class and meet me in the parkinglot.'


You meet Rose in the Parkinglot shortly thereafter. It's raining like crazy. Rose is sticking out her tongue catching the drops. You can't help but laugh,

"What are you doing?"

She chuckles, her face dripping wet,

"I love the rain. What about you?"

You smile,

"I love it too. This area wouldn't be the same without it I guess."

Rose smiles looking wistfully off in the distance,

"It's weird how some people see it as depressing or sad huh?"


You hear Roses phone buzz. She audibly sighs,

"Dammit not now."


"Oh, it's just Dad. He's complaining about some noises outside the house."

"Is he alright?"

Rose looks mildly annoyed,

"He's always sending me drunken texts. I have no idea what to make of it."

"Sounds rough."

"Yeah well, that's just my life I guess. Oh, I forgot to apologize to 803.. I think I had meant to at some point but I just forgot."

"You forgot?"

"Yeah.. Funny how that is I guess. You humiliate the hell out of someone and then forget all about them."

She's forcing a smile as the rain splatters against her face.

"Are.. You ok?"

She chuckles,

"It.. It doesn't matter. I mean, at least you can put up with a monster like me, right?"

You're not sure what to say to this, so you just awkwardly force a smile.
Rose has gotten herself changed into a red pleated skirt and white dress shirt with a black ribbon. and over it she's wearing her leather jacket. You're at a local diner. Nothing fancy, but it's still pleasant.

You're both served a burger with a side of onion rings. It actually looks pretty nice. Rose wastes no time crunching into one of the onion rings. You decide to fill the silence,

"So uh.. Nice dress.."

Rose swallows and pulls her wet bangs out of her eyes,

"I.. I usually don't get dressed up like this. But I.. I guess I wanted our date to be kinda special.. Even if this was the best I could afford."

Her phone buzzes again. She groans pulling it out,

"Dammit Dad can you leave me alone, I'm on a fucking date!"

She growls angrily texting back and putting her phone back into her jacket pocket. You try not to stare as you begin to bite into your burger hoping to avoid talking. Rain splatters on the window outside. Rose notices your slightly soured expression and looks guilty.

"I.. I really am a fucking monster aren't I? Here I am, screaming about the man who raised me.."

"Rose, its-"

"It's not fine dammit! Why can't I just be normal for once in my life!? I just want someone to love. I want to be happy. But all I can do is just hurt people.. I can't control myself.."

"Rose, relax.. I'm not judging you. You're fine. You're way over-thinking things."

Rose seems to recover from her insanity for a moment,

"Y-you're right.. I.. I just need to calm down. I'll.. I'll try to be less of a monster."

You wish she wouldn't talk about herself like that..


The night goes on and you're out taking a night stroll with Rose. The rain is still coming down but harder. The orange streetlights give light to the scene.

"It's a lovely night isn't it?"

"Oh yeah, it's great."

Rose smiles spinning around in the rain carefree.


You can't help but be happy seeing these rare carefree moments from Rose. Your heart feels warm when you look at her like this. Rose looks back at you pulling the wet hair out of her face, she speaks,

"Is everything ok?"

"Y-yeah, everything is fine."

She walks closer to you as you stand underneath the street light. Her oddly doe-eyed expression as she looks up at you. Rose pulls the wet hair out of your eyes too examining you. She looks deeply into your eyes. She moves her face closer to yours. You're about to kiss when Rose's phone buzzes again.. She stops, balls her fists and then screams,


She stomps the puddles on the ground splashing everywhere. After a few moments she composes herself enough to pull out her phone and look at it. Her expression of anger fades to worry.

"We need to go right now."

"What? Why, what's wrong?"

She takes a deep breath,

"There are armed gunmen outside of our house."


"It's the gangs. Dad borrowed money from them to pay the rent. They're probably back to try and squeeze more out of him, or worse."
You and Rose speed through the rain on her motorcycle arriving a few blocks away from Roses house. Rose pulls out a gun from inside her motorcycle. She tosses you a gun too.

"Rose, where the hell did you-"

"When you live out here, this is what you need to survive."

She looks down,

"I guess when you think about it, I'm every bit the monster people think I am huh?"


She has a stern expression,

"Come on, let's bust some skulls."


The gunmen are shooting up the place blasting it full of holes,

"Come on out Ransley!"

"Time to pay your fucking debts you drunken Loser!"

There seem to be two of them. Rose motions for you to cover her while she moves in. Your heart is pounding. Shouldn't this be a job for the police? Why are you holding a fucking gun? You can't shoot anyone! There's no way you can take someones life.

Rose moves in and fires a round at one of the mens legs downing him, then she pulls out her knife and chucks it at the other gunmans hand with perfect accuracy slicing his hand making him drop the gun. It's like something out of an action movie.

Rose violently beats the guy she shot in the knee with her gun.

"No! Please, have mercy!!"

She kicks him in the stomach and starts laughing as the rain pours down,

"Mercy huh?"

"Where was his mercy huh?!"

She kicks him again. The other guy is looking like he wants to grab his gun but Rose calls out to him,

"You make one more move and I'll paint the pavement with your broken skull!"

He cowers slouching back. She quickly walks over, grabs his gun, empties the magazine and throws it at his face. She then throws the empty gun at the face of the other guy who's attempting to grab his gun. She pulls the knife out of his still bleeding hand. The man screams in pain as she licks his blood off the knife.

She grins covered in his blood looking down at him,

"Come here again and I'll slice your balls off, cook them, and fucking eat them. My Dad doesn't owe you shit, got it?"

He looks terrified. Rose looks back to the other guy,

"And you too sweetheart.. Hey, go on, reach for the gun again.. Give me a reason to shoot your other leg!"

The other guy seems terrified too. The both of them leave their guns and scamper away in the rain. Rose stands up putting her knife back in her pocket. You walk over to her. She's got some blood on her as she stands in the rain.

She looks ashamed of herself. She knocks on the door, her Dad slowly unbars the door and opens it. He rubs the back of his head,

"Dammit Rose.. I'm sorry you had to bail my ass out agai-"

She runs up to him and hugs him,

"I'm so glad you're safe.."

She pats her on the head holding her close.
After the hug you and Rose head back to her bedroom. She shuts the door behind you. She takes off her coat tossing it on the ground.

She stands in front of her mirror with the blood from before even more visible. She seems deeply ashamed,

She looks to you,

"Guess there's no hiding it now. I.. I'm a monster. I hurt people and.. I enjoy it.. I'M DISGUSTING!!"

She grits her teeth seeming angry.

"I'm sorry I can't be like all those other girls you like. The sweet and innocent ones."

She looks down at her hands, she sounds miserable,

"I've hurt anyone and everyone I've ever come into contact with. I've hurt my Dad, I've hurt my friends, and I've hurt you.. It's no wonder I keep getting betrayed. Who would ever want to be with me? I'm a psychopath, a monster.."

1) Write-In
>I want to be with you. You're not sweet and innocent, but few are and I don't think you're a monster for doing what you've had to do to survive in an unjust situation. You may be violent and possesive, but you're not a monster and you'll never be in my eyes. Besides, monsters don't get this beatup about being monsters.
>hug her like our life depends on it

I think that's decent. Was somewhat difficult to make useful response instead of gush about liking how violent she is, especially after the scene before. Also, if you bail without giving Rose a happy ending I will make a very strongly worded post illustrating my contempt and disappointment.
This, but also after everything is said and done mention z8's threat (when appropriate).
Can't afford having her killed off now
>"I don't like sweet and innocent girls though, that's why I dropped things with 244 and never tried with Charlotte."
Maybe not exactly that, but a line about liking her for who she is would be fine.
Wait, exchange like for love. It more properly conveys our feeling s towards Rose and I just want the scene to be as heartwarming as possible.
More in favor with this >>2976665 rather than >>2976852
"I want to be with you. You're not sweet and innocent, but few are and I don't think you're a monster for doing what you've had to do to survive in an unjust situation. You may be violent and possessive, but you're not a monster and you never will be in my eyes. Besides, monsters don't get this beatup about being monsters."

She seems a bit shocked. You run over and hug her like your life depends on it. Holding her close in your arms feeling her soft warmth. She trembles slightly returning your embrace. She sniffles,

"Do you mean that? Do you really want to be with me?"

"Yes, of course. I guess it needs to be said. I love you. And I want to be with you for as long as I can. I'll accept you no matter what, and that's my promise. You don't need to enslave me, I'll.. I'll try to do what you need without being coerced."

She grips you tightly. You feel her tears drip down on your shoulder. You hear her sniffle some more,

"Thank you.. I'll protect you.. I'll take care of you.. It.. It's going to be hard to trust. But.."

She looks up at you, you notice there's a bunch of white powder on your shirt, you notice as she's looking up at you with those teary doe eyes of hers.. That she has a huge scar along her eyeline running across the bridge of her nose.

"Rose, your face.."

She gasps, instinctively covering her face. But then as if in shame reveals herself to you.

"This is me. I.. I've got little scars all over me from fights I had before. I try to cover it up with makeup usually, but.. Sometimes it just comes off."

She seems insecure about it. You rub her cheek and smile at her,

"I think you're beautiful just the way you are."

Roses eyes well up with tears as she seems touched by your statement. She wipes away her tears and smiles,

"Y-you jerk, stop making me cry by saying such cheesy things.."

You hold her in your arms,

"It's true. I love you Rose."

She places her hand on your chest as she rests against you.

"I.. I love you too. At least.. I think I do.. It's been a while. But I do think about you all the time. And I get angry whenever people try to mess with you. I just.. I want you to be mine all the time."

"I will be.. Just.. Try to take things easy. You don't need to do anything extreme just for make sake. I'm already yours ok?"

She nods smiling through her tears.

"Ok Thorn."
You and Rose take things to the bed as you're now cuddling with her. Theres a sort of light in her eyes. You can tell Rose is happy with you. She's been resting against you with a sincere little smile. Her long brown hair, her blue eyes, her visible scar on her face now. Her white dress shirt slightly unbuttoned revealing a saucy red bra underneath.

While you're there you feel it's best to mention what happened earlier,

"Uh, Rose.. Listen, today Z7 was talking to Z8, and Z8 was saying some stuff. Like he was gonna get even."

She smiles tracing her finger in a circle on your chest.

"Oh did he?"

You chuckle in response,

"You uh, don't seem that worried."

"Par for the course. I'm sure he wants you for his sick obsession again, but I won't let him have you."

You remember the distinct appearance of Z7 and his Lavender bowl cut hair.

"Hey Rose, can you tell me anything about Z7?"

Rose sighs lightly,

"Why do you want to talk about him? Don't I interest you at all?"

You notice her cute grin, and her cleavage. Your chest thumps as you swallow.

"Y-yeah I guess you could say that."

She giggles,

"Well which is it then? Do you want to hear about him? Or would you rather focus on me?"

"You ma'am of course."

She grins salaciously patting your head like a dog,

"That's a good boy."

Wearing this collar still and having her pat you being this close.. It's making you more aroused than you anticipated. As you continue to stare down the barrel of her cleavage she looks into your eyes and notices. She grabs your hand and pulls it to her breast.
"Touch as much as you want."

You boner springs to attention.


"Go on, you've been staring for the past couple of minutes. Touch as much as you want, I won't get mad."

Your cock throbs wildly as you grope Roses breasts. Rose lets out a slightly sexual exhale of breath. Her eyes misty with lust as she absorbs the contact of your hands on her breasts. You fiddle trying to get your hands under her shirt but you just end up looking like an idiot. Rose unbuttons her shirt and reaches around unhooking her bra. She reveals to you her adorable pink puffy nipples atop her squishy d cup breasts.

Like a starved animal you lunge at her breasts. Groping and feeling them with your bare hands. Rose moans in pleasure letting you do what you want to her. You rub them around squishing them in your hand. Feeling her nipples harden and scrape across your palm.

As if by instinct you feel your mouth drawn to them. You suck on her nipple. Its raw fleshy texture in your mouth. Her nipple on your tongue as you suck her. Rose moans wildly gripping the bedsheets closing her eyes with a look of ecstasy.

You look up into Roses eyes. You realize as if you were snapped into some kind of sexual trance what's been going on. Rose is smiling gently,

"This is what you wanted wasn't it?"

You nod,


Rose feels your package.

"This thing.. I.. I want to see it."
Your cock stiffening. Honestly if this action has a consequence you can't be fucked to care at the moment. You start to unbutton your pants, Roses fingers slide under your pants yanking your underwear and pants down to your ankles in one clean motion. Your raw cock is exposed to the air, stiff like steel as Rose ogles your member in awe. Her bare hand makes contact with your cock as she rubs it.

"You like this don't you?"

You nod yes quickly. Her eyes stare down at it. Her hand slips down cupping your balls.

"I bet you've been so pent up here haven't you?"

"Rose, if you're thinking about the whole sexual slavery-"

She places her finger on your lips nodding no.

"You're a cruel man. You won't even pledge yourself to my service, using your sweet words to make me fall for you. And now.."

Rose lowers her face down to your member, and she drags her tongue up it. Her head slips over the top. The wet hot pressure of Roses mouth wrapped around your cock has your mind in a haze.


She looks up at you,

"Don't get a swelled head about this.. I.. I had planned to do this earlier. It's the least I can do.. Since you put up with me so much anyhow.. I've done more for less. Being forced to suck dick just to survive.. But I like you, so this isn't too bad for me."

Rose submissively licks and kisses your balls as your cock rests on her face.

"How does it feel to have a Monitor doing this for you?"

"I-it feels so good! Thank you Rose ah-"

She begins licking up and down your shaft holding your cock in her hand. Her mouth slips over the top again as she takes your dick back into her mouth. She takes you all the way down to the base of your dick without much effort. You feel her lips hitting the base as you feel that hot wet suction of her mouth consuming your cock entirely. Rose looks up at you with your cock in her mouth just as you cum. She pulls off just as you squirt a bit more onto her chin.

The cum drips off her chin. She holds open her mouth which is full of your cum. She takes her middle finger and draws the last bit of cum into her mouth and swallows it all. She then smiles at you and laughs.

"How was that?"

You sit there worn the hell out as you weakly hold the thumbs up sign..


"Yeah? I take it you won't be able to go farther then? It's alright.. I'm satisfied with just this honestly."

She reveals her soaked panties dripping out onto the bed.


She laughs,

"Bet you didn't expect a blowjob from me tonight did you?"

"Thank you so much Rose. I love you so much."

She groans just a bit as she lays against you,

"You'd better love me, I just sucked your dick."

She seems happy laying against your chest like that. You hold her in your arms.
It's the next day and you're in a fan-fucking-tastic mood. You feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Rose is already up making some waffles and bacon for breakfast.

The Dad seems to be missing.

"Uh, where's your Dad?"

"He had work this morning. Dunno how he'll manage with as much as he drank last night."

You sit on the couch watching Rose skillfully work her magic in the kitchen. Her focus devoted to her task. She seems to have zero qualms about cooking.

Several minutes later she has a delicious looking palette of bacon and waffles with syrup that she made for you. As she herself sits down next to you with her plate on the couch. You eat the meal she lovingly cooked for you.

"Thank you so much Rose. You're the best."

Rose seems flattered, is she blushing ever so slightly?

"Thanks.. Usually no one ever thanks me for what I do."

You notice she still hasn't put on her makeup. You get to see her with a skimpy tank top and booty shorts, and that scar across the face.

"Y-you're really cute Rose."

"Yeah? What else is new?"

She's grinning at you.
You arrive at school sometime later that day. You see in the hall Z7 with a fruits and veggies stand in the hall.

Z7 seems rather pleased to see you.

"Hey there 855, wanna buy some fresh fruits and veggies? Locally grown! Good for you!"

You look at him skeptically,

"I.. I'm not buying it. That is to say, aren't you one of the big-wigs around here?"

He chuckles to himself,

"Oh more or less I suppose."

"Well, I mean.. Most of the Monitors I've met are generally.. Well kinda awful people."

He maintains his grin,

"Buddy if you haven't noticed, everyone is an awful person. Washouts are just the Monitors that haven't bloomed yet. But we all come from the same seed, you feel me?"

"I guess so."

"Yeah, if you ask around, I manage the gardens around here. I use students in my labor. But it's all for the greater good see? I put them to work, they get points, I get profit. Everybody wins."

"So people work in your gardens and grow your crops for you? Geez."

He responds mockingly,

"Oh I know, what a demon I am for trying to make a profit off this whole ordeal. You gonna buy some fruits or what?"

"Maybe. You got any info on Z8? What's his deal with art?"

"Curious huh? Well, just like I'm an artist in the garden, he's the more traditional sort with brushes and paints. And while his practices are, questionable at the best of times. He commands a ton of respect from fellow artists. Just as I command respect from vegans and health nuts. Kid, if you're smart, you'll find the sort of clique you fit into before you find yourself on the outside."

"I see."

"Certainly advice like that warrants a sale no? Don't worry, I'm not like Z8, I don't water the crops with blood or anything. The only thing you'll taste is homegrown goodness."
He seems amicable enough I guess. Let’s buy something from him even if we don’t eat it.
Appled, plumbs, grapes, and broccoli.
>sweer potato
Get oranges too
"What is your favorite fruit or vegetable Z7 and why?"
>sweet potato
We should make a pie for Rose.
Buy some cherries
Yes we should now that you mention it
Yeah, why not. At least he is making good out of all this and not ruining anyone's lives in the process. I like him.
>>2979732 Because now I am curious, too.

I'm down for pies.
You decide to buy some apples, sweet potatoes, and cherries. Though it cleans you out, you'll have enough to make something with all this.. Perhaps a pie for Rose..

Z7 seems pleased.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

"If you don't mind me asking.. What is your favorite fruit or vegetable Z7 and why?"

He stops to think for a moment,

"Well I suppose that would be the apple. They're crisp, grow in one of my favorite seasons. And they taste wonderful. And you can't gloss over the rich aesthetics of such a fruit either. Although there are many fruits and vegetables I could gush about now that I think about it.."

"Ah.. I see."

"If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop on by and say hi ok? And uh, y'know.. Maybe put in a good word with Z12 for me?"

He winks at you.

"Uh. Will do I guess."


As lunch rolls around you see even more people gathering around Cabella. It's grown exceedingly large. Raucous roars of applause and cheers erupt from the spellbound audience of followers. Some of which surrounding rose are wearing brown robes. Cabella herself looking even more elegant and regal than usual. Her bright white dress shines like light.

You observe it from a distance not wanting to get yourself too involved with it.

It's only a period later when you see a Monitor getting shoved around by a bunch of Washout kids.

"W-what the hell!? What gives? Who's orders are you on? Why are you doing this?"

They grin evilly at him,

"Oh we ain't on nobodys orders, we're just sick of taking guff from morons like you!"

They start kicking him and beating him. Not knowing what to do you casually walk by and try not to notice the poor Monitor getting mauled in the hall.


You try to forget all this revolution nonsense in class. The dull monotony is a nice distraction of sorts. But it does make you crave the entertainment of the outside, particularly of one special girl of yours. You check your phone noting that Rose has sent you a message. You sneakily check it,

'Hey, I'm feeling horny, send me a picture of your dick.'
'I'll reward you nicely when we get back to your place if you do.'
'I know you can do this for me.'
You groan. You can't do that.. Not at school with all the cameras.. Someone could see. Besides, that's just too lewd for you.. Isn't it?
Shortly after you excuse yourself for a bathroom break. You're in the stall. You peer down at your flaccid cock. You feel a bit sad seeing it like that. Rose wouldn't be impressed with it looking like that.. But maybe.. No.. You couldn't.. You can't just snap a picture of yourself like that.. But then.. You imagine Roses face when she sees your huge hard cock.. You mind feels numb as you start stroking yourself.

Just to do this for Rose.. To please her.. She wants to see it.. Your cock has gotten pretty hard now. You look up noticing the cameras. Maybe she's watching right now.. Or maybe those Monitors in the lounge are watching. But that doesn't matter.. You snap a picture of yourself and send it to Rose. Your heart is pounding as sweat drips down your face. Oh God what did you do?

However a few moments later Rose responds with, "Hot! <3 God I'd love to suck on that right now."

You chuckle to yourself,

"You like that huh?"

"I'm in my boring English class right now.. You're getting me even more hot and bothered.."

"Love you Rose."

"Love you too Thorny."

You feel a tiny prick of electricity in your collar. Then another text comes in, it's just a heart.
Another period goes by, you're out in the halls when you suddenly see Z8 and Rose squaring off. The halls seem clear around them as they speak,

"You're interfering with my art. Your little pet had the best expression for one of my portraits. Just let me borrow him for an hour.."

"How dare you request to use my property like that!"

"Oh? Attached are we?"

"Shut up! You don't know anything."

Z8 smugly remarks,

"I wouldn't take such a harsh tone with me Z12.. You may be strong, but I've got an ace in the hole. And if I wanted to, I could ruin you."

Rose smiles,

"Oh? I'd love to see what you've got up your sleeve then."

She steps closer to him, and in response he steps closer to her.

"You're so feisty I love it.. How about you let me do a nude painting of you? I won't even charge for it."

Rose madly grins,

"You're pretty confident yourself, I'd love to break you and see you squirm when I beat you."

"Mmm, suffering is the truest form of art.."

At this point you're not sure if they're ready to kill each other or fuck, but you're not exactly comfortable with it. Rose walks away quietly dismissing herself without turning towards you. Did she even notice you were there?

Z8 turns in your direction and walks towards you. He grins at you smugly,

"Oh 855, I was just having a little chat with your master.. You know.. I'm beginning to suspect perhaps there's more to your relationship than just master and servant.."

Oh shit..

"Mmm, your face the other day didn't lie.. There's no way you'd wear something like that around your neck unless you were particularly into her.. I can see it now.. The two of you are dating aren't you?"

"Y-you're wrong! I'm just a pet."

He nods no,

"You're a bad liar 855.."
He rubs his hand under your chin,

"Oh the things I'd love to do to you if your master wasn't here.."

"G-get away you weirdo!"

He shoves you up against the wall and stares into your eyes,

"You should watch yourself.. All alone like this I might be tempted to do such awful things to you."

That creepy smile of his grosses you out. You slink against the wall trying to get away from him. He speaks,

"No.. That wouldn't be quite enough I think.. But I know one better."

He moves away from you still grinning.


"Oh.. Nothing, I suppose I was just thinking instead of hurting you I could hurt your master instead."

"What? Pfft, you couldn't do that."

"Oh? But couldn't I? I wonder about that.. What if I told you I had an ace up my sleeve? Something that could bring even Z12 to her knees. And it wouldn't bode well for you either I imagine."

"N-no way.. You're bluffing."

He walks around you smugly encircling you,

"You could model naked for me.. Maybe then I wouldn't hurt your precious master.."

"Eww, no way!"

"Mm? Oh that's a shame.. But maybe we could get her in on it too.. Imagine this scene.. It's dark all around, and a single spotlight shines illuminating you and Z12.. You're naked on all fours, and Z12 is clothed sitting on your back yanking your collar like a dog!"

"N-no way. I wouldn't do something like that!"

But as you say that your cock stiffens a bit. Being dominated by Rose in public doesn't turn you on.. That's just too weird!

"Maybe you'll consider it?"

"Forget it!"

He sighs,

"Such a shame, you could have saved your precious master some humiliation. But now I suppose there's just nothing I can do."

He walks away confidently.

You look down in shame.


It's after class and you meet Rose by her bike. Rose greets you nicely with a hug.

"You crazy boy.. I didn't think you'd do it.. But I hoped you would anyways.."

"H-heh.. Anything for you I guess."

She pulls back and leans against her motorcycle looking at you,

"So, what would you wanna do with me tonight?"

"Hmm? I uh.. I dunno."

She's smiling at you nicely,

"Oh come on, surely there's something? I might be a little more receptive because of that pic you sent me.."
We should try and figure out whether Z8 is bluffing or not. Also maybe try and get Z12’s thoughts on Cabella, the book and the whole revolution thing. We certainly wouldn’t want to be caught with our pants down if the coordinators come in do to Cabella. Then if we have sometime perhaps have Z12 help us toughen up.
Go on another date!

Maybe suggest she turns off her phone for this one
We should tell Rose about what happened with Z8.
Honestly, I think it would've been better to just let him paint us in exchange for whatever he has on her.
I don’t disagree but I feel like we should have Thorn try to better fend for himself. I still think we should try lifting and trying to have a good relation with Z1.

Doesn’t hurt to network and shit.
Yeah, I just wish we'd do SOMETHING when confronted. So far all we've done is hide behind Rose's reputation and cower. I'd prefer that we put more effort into righting back, but I'd settle for not being afraid to take a few blows.
Gotta start somewhere.
Rose can protect us, we just need to focus on supporting her.
I mean we could protect her better if we could fend for ourselves.
She likes protecting us though. I don't want to take that from her.
"Let's go on a date to the gym"
>another date
>turn of phone
No, if her phone were off her dad could have been shot dead
I don't recall there being anything to suggest that Rose enjoys protecting us rather than feeling a need to, but even if she does I think she'd be proud that we don't act tough then stutter her name every time we face adversity. Also, Rose won't be able to come rescue us every time, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't enjoy us getting hurt. At least not by others.
They won't come back so soon
We should definitely let Rose know about business before we begin pleasure.

Let her know about Z8's threats. Whether or not *we* give them any credibility is irrelevant. Rose needs to know whats going on under her nose so she can make her own choice. If she thinks Z8 has any chance of hurting her, she'll be sure to take proper measures, and if not then she can let us know not to worry.
Fill her in on what was in the Owl's Tome, especially the stuff about the Coordinators. She might not have too much to fear about the top 10, but she'd be in deep water if Coordinators started showing up.
Along with this, ask her opinions on Cabella's revolution, and if she's at all at risk of washouts undermining her position like that one monitor today.
And might as well ask if she wants us to make a pie together. Let her know they are Z7's crops too, give him a bone.

And yeah, next time we get some freetime, might be good to do more workouts. Gotta be there if Z12 gets in a pickle, or more likely we do.
Along with the Z8, let her know about his offer too, with both of us as models. Might as well give her options and potentially a non-violent out. Or if she really wants that portrait of us together.
>Let her know they are Z7's crops too
I have a hypothesis
>Rose avoids talking about Z7
>Z7 says "put in a good word with Z12 for me"
What if Z7 is that past boyfriend who put her in the reeducation room
What if WE were the past boyfriend that sent Rose to the reeducation room but we were betrayed by Britney and Z15 (who at the time was not fat) and we got sent to the reeducation room as well and lost our memory and Z8 secretly made a grand painting commemorating the event which will trigger out lost memories if we see it? And Professor Snidely is our real father.
"Actually, can we go to the gym together?"

Rose seems intrigued,


"Yeah I.. I just.."

"Wanna get big and strong?"

"I'm just.. Gah.. It's almost embarrassing to admit."

She chuckles,

"Well now you have to tell me."

"It's just, I'm so damn weak.. Every time, I'm always hiding behind you. I never feel like I'm strong enough to protect myself. Or protect you either."

Rose seems genuinely concerned and walks over to you placing her hand on your shoulder.

"We'll go together ok? How about every day after school you and me go visit the gym together."

You heart pounds with excitement.


She nods as she wraps you in her warm embrace.


You feel so happy in her arms right now. You nuzzle against her a bit.

"Thank you so much. I.. I really appreciate this."

"It's no big deal. I aught to hit the weights myself so I don't lose my edge."
You and Rose head to the gym. With her there at your side you work even harder than before. She spots you on the weights. Squirts water into your mouth with the water bottle, (you do the same for her when she needs it). But she also cheers you on and encourages you to lift more than you thought possible.

Not to mention you get to see her in her gym outfit. You didn't really notice before, but Roses body is pretty ripped. She's got some well defined lady abs. Her body is also covered in little scars all over her body that you notice now that she's less covered up.

After gym you feel sore as hell. Even Rose seems tired. You and Rose ride to your home on your motorcycle.

You're at your home. You're making a cherry pie with Rose using the cherries you bought from Z7 earlier that day. You just got done telling her about the Owl tome and about the things Z8 said. Rose is smiling evilly,

"So that's why she's picking up such traction lately. And here you are, the linchpin that could send her whole operation tumbling to the ground."

"R-rose, that's a scary expression you have."

She's rolling the dough for the pie still smiling maliciously,

"To think that its you.."

You look down,

"You're.. You're not gonna make me ruin Cabellas plans are you?"

"Oh.. It depends I suppose. A full uprising will jeopardize the position I've worked so hard to get.. But on the other hand, nothing would make me happier than seeing this school brought to it's knees. Torn to pieces by the chaos that ensues. Imagine if we could drag this out for months.. Or even YEARS.. That'll show them.. This system at it's core is so rotten. The system which caused me such pain will now hurt everyone else even more."

"I don't understand, do you hate this system?"

"Yes and no.. I'll be happy to hide away with you. Watching the fires from a safe distance while the system destroys itself."

Rose takes the finished pie and places it in the oven which has already been preheated. She glares at the oven madly watching it's orange glow with a demonic grin,

"Burn you little ants.. Burn for my amusement! I once cowered before the paws of your beast but now I command it! It's mine and you are mere insects before my throne! Beg for my mercy or be devoured!!"

Rose lets out the most spine chilling evil laugh you've ever heard. It echoes off the walls dripping with true malice and insanity.

"You thought you had beaten me.. Made me servile to your whims.. Tucked me away to be forgotten about.. All the while I was pulling your strings like you were my very own marionette! Dance you little puppets.. Your Queen demands entertainment! Amuse me you simple fools!"

"R-rose, are you ok?"

Rose suddenly snaps back to her less insane self,

"Oh.. Well, you knew what you were getting into when you signed on with me."

Rose moves closer to you.
"Rose.. I.. I just wanted to go over that other little matter, with Z8 that is-"

"Oh him?"

"Yeah.. I mean, he was pretty blatant about wanting to get revenge and all. Aren't you worried?"

Rose chuckles moving closer to you and placing her hand on your cheek,

"You're so cute when you try to formulate plans.. What do you say we take over the school together? Wouldn't that be nice? Watch the fires with me.. Learn tips and tricks from your adorable Monitor girlfriend.."

She wraps her arms around you looking you in the eyes enchantingly,

"W-well, it's just.. Z8-"

"Let him do what he can.. If he does have some sort of ace that I'm unaware of, then perhaps he will defeat me. But I seriously doubt it."

"Aren't you being a little too overconfident here? What if he hurts you?"

Rose's smile fades as she seems rather caught off guard,

"You're.. You're actually concerned about me aren't you?"

You nod yes. Rose seems genuinely touched.

"T-thorn.. I-"

You bring her in and kiss her, holding her in your arms. Rose easily succumbs and is putty in your hands as she returns your embrace. You pull away and say,

"I love you Rose."

With lusty eyes she responds,

"I love you too Thorn."
You're on the couch watching a movie with Rose enjoying some ice cream and cherry pie with her. She seems to have two 'modes' that she enters.. On one hand she seems to not want to hurt people. But on the other hand theres a side of her.. A sort of villainous side that just wants to watch the world burn while being in charge of everything.

Considering like Z7 says that most people at the school are evil, an evil dictator would suit them. But on the other hand.. There must be plenty of innocents too. They'll probably get caught in the crossfire. Rose herself probably thinks of this as revenge of sorts for the pain she's endured. But is it right to make others suffer as well?

Rose seems content right now just laying against you. No evil monologues. Just a chill time relaxing against one another. Which side is the real Rose, the evil one, or this one? You'd like to believe it's this one.. Maybe she was more like this before she was betrayed, before the system had it's way for her. You're curious about her past boyfriends too. But you wouldn't dare spoil the mood with her right now, or possibly send her off into another insane tirade. Right now what she probably needs the most is real support and stability from someone who ISN'T going to betray her.

You're looking down at Rose who has a sort of pleased expression on her face. Her eyes glazed over a bit,

"Hey Thorn?"

"Yeah Rose?"

"I.. I'm sorry if I kinda scared you earlier."

"It's alright."

"It's hard to try and forgive what they've done. What the school did.."

"Rose, it's ok, I understand. I'd be upset too. I'll never fully understand what you went through, but I want to be here for you now ok?"

Rose lets out a contented sigh,

"You're too good at making me feel better. Thanks Thorn."

"Yeah.. I just.. I don't want to hurt people if we don't have to."

Rose looks down. She seems conflicted.

"I wish that I agreed with you. But the only thing I want.. Is for all of them to suffer. And the best part is that it'll be their own fault."

"What? I don't get that."

"With people like Z15 popping up and making their abuse so blatant. All the sneakiness and corruption.. It was all bound to come tumbling down once enough people got fed up. If you really think about it I'm not doing anything to hurt them. They're hurting themselves and yet they're too stupid to realize it. Its the perfect punishment for the kind of people who hurt me.."

You feel like you should probably say something insightful.. Maybe help Rose get through this, but what?

1) Write-In
>"Honestly, if I were you I'd just leave things as they are. If making it worse for themselves is their subconscious endgame, then what's the point of lifting a finger, even if it means speeding up the inevitable?
Everyone at school can't be people that have hurt her, right?
And some of the monitors are cool. Z7 seems okay, though I'm bit suspicious, and I'd feel guilty if Britney went through that sexual humiliation thing. I'm sure there are others that completely terrible or at least have reasons for being how they are.
There definitely are people who deserve it, but I think there are more innocents like 244. It's not worth hurting them too.
If they're hurting themselves but too stupid to realize it then it seems like they're getting what they deserve

School is gonna be a more dangerous place for Rose now that they're targeting monitors though, given her reputation. There might be something we can do about that though.
"Honestly, if I were you I'd just leave things as they are. If making it worse for themselves is their subconscious endgame, then what's the point of lifting a finger, even if it means speeding up the inevitable?"

"Because I want to make sure they suffer."

"I'm sure not all of them are completely terrible, or at least have reasons for why they're that way."

Rose balls her fists, her eyes glistening with anger and hatred beneath her subdued expression.

"None of them did anything to help me. They sat back allowed it to happen. And some even took part in the process. They're guilty as sin and I'll see them all burn."

Rose is clearly harboring some pent up resentment, and you feel it's unlikely for her to get over it overnight. For now you'd rather not open up any more old wounds for her.

"It's ok.. I'll support you no matter what."

Roses intense expression softens,

"Thanks Thorn."
Rose made you some breakfast for you before driving you to school. The whole conversation kind of ruined the mood for any sexy-time. But you at least got to cuddle with her, and she seemed to enjoy that too.

You're at school just coming out of Snidely's first period class when you see a huge group of Washouts wailing on some upperclassmen. You hear the war cries of the Washout attackers one by one:

"Who's in charge now bitch!?"

"You don't own us!"

"No kings, no masters!"

As you walk by you see the bloodied Monitors getting pummeled against the wall bloodied and bruised. Amidst the crowd you notice Cabella there watching over them with an oddly amused sort of look. Cabella notices you amidst the chaos.

"Ah, there you are brother!"

You cringe and pretend not to notice but she still comes closer wrapping her arm around you.

"Bear witness to our revolution against our oppressors."

She seems way too comfortable with this,

"Cabella, come on, this is brutal.."

Cabella doesn't seem affected by your statement,

"Everything is going exactly as it should. And we have you to thank."

She brings you in closer to see the 5 or so Monitors now lying bloody on the floor. One of the other Washouts smiles at you,

"You must be one of the benefactors Miss Coda was talking about."

Cabella is smiling,

"You can join us. We are already making great progress. Tonight we'll be hosting another meeting. If you want to join us, just text me."

The downed Monitors are bloodied and bruised as the snickering Washouts tower over them kicking them and beating them.

"I.. I'll think about it."

Cabella speaks,

"Be sure that you do. We could always use more people for our revolution."
Periods pass till lunch as you try to forget about the horrible violence you witnessed this morning. You're in the Lunchroom and you're approached by a girl with big square framed glasses and dark brown hair. She calls you out,

"Washout scum!"


You notice the girl is wearing a dress shirt and black pencil skirt carrying a clipboard. Her dark brown hair is kinda messy.

"You are the personal property of Z12 are you not?"


"I was tasked with finding you."

She pushes up her glasses.

"Being forced to do work for that woman.. Truly we have fallen to desperate times."

"Uh, who are you exactly?"

She glares at you.

"Dirty inferior, I am Z2. I am the Vice President of the Student Council, the Captain of the Chess team, and one of the 10 most esteemed students in this school."

"I see.. Well why did you come to find me? What the heck is going on?"

She grumbles,

"You'll FIND OUT when you come with me."

You sigh and follow after her.
You're brought into one of the dark backrooms of the lounge. There is one long table and very distinguished looking people sitting at it. Each person is sitting at their numbered chair. The chairs have elaborately long high backs, and on each back is a number.

You notice particularly Z1 at the head of the table, with Z7 and Z8 also being present.

You're standing next to Rose who doesn't have a seat but is instead standing in the dark room. Z2 remarks harshly,

"I've brought your stupid pet. You WILL stay put for the meeting."

Rose responds,

"I'll stay put if I feel like it. What a cute little council you've assembled here."

Rose winks at her, Z2 growls. Z2 walks away towards the back where Z1 is. Rose remarks to you,

"Hopefully she didn't give you too much trouble."

"Rose what the hell is going on."

Z2 sits down and all of a sudden a loud fart noise comes from her direction. Z2 stands up blushing and throwing the whoopie cushion that was under her seat,

"You're so juvenile Z10!"

The jokester Z10 is dressed casually. He has his arm around a ghetto looking girl with a bandana on her head, baggy pants and a chain. Both he and her are busting up laughing. The rest of the council lightly chuckles as well.

Z2 clears her throat and sits down. Z8 suddenly speaks,

"It certainly has been a while since the last meeting."

Z7 knowingly remarks,

"Well it's obvious what it's about."
Z1 speaks


And at his loud command the murmuring falls quiet.

Z1 continues,

"Though as the number 1, I would be obligated to head the meeting, I relegate my tasks to Z2. She will lead it in my stead. I will observe and give my input when needed."

Z7 snickers whispering to Z8,

"No surprise there."

Z8 more loudly remarks,

"I wonder if the two of them have a thing.."

Then a flashily dressed guy in the 6 chair speaks,

"If she's not, I might like to hit that.. I'm holding a party this Saturday.. Maybe you'd like to be the 'guest of honor'?"

He grins salaciously at her. He's wearing shutter shades and a brightly colored tank top. Z2 pushes her glasses up and looks irritated,

"Thats very unprofessional Z6, please refrain from-"

"You know, word around the school is you're a virgin.. Care to comment Z2?"

One half of the room is silent, and the other half is snickering. Z2 maintains her composure and remarks,

"For the record, I'm asexual. I'm not interested in you. Or any guy for that matter."

Certain 'oohs' and whispers fill the room. Z2 clears her throat.
"Anyhow.. We've called this meeting because there is a serious issue regarding order.. I've spoken to the principal about this, and several teachers. But because Cabella is a monitor, technically all the Washout students committing these acts fall under her protection. Therefore we can't have them sent to the reeducation room."

A darkly dressed goth girl in chair 4 speaks,

"But they aren't following orders. Everyone knows that.."

Z2 responds,

"Plausible deniability. Our efforts to stop them conventionally will prove fruitless. We need a way to maintain order. And I think that starts with all of us coming together as one."

Z1 nods along with her.


Z2 continues,

"That means.."

Z2 turns her attention to Rose,

"That there should be no more fighting against one another. Why DID you take out Z15 anyway? Someone like him might have been useful in maintaining order. When we fight against each other like this, it makes us look weak."

Rose laughs, and her laughter increases in volume making most of the people in the room visibly uncomfortable. Rose looks at her with a smug grin,

"Oh really? Z15 would have helped us? Z15 was a fucking idiot flaunting his power out in public, which if you haven't picked up on is exactly why the students are rioting. Blatant abuses of power like his are WHY they're out there flogging Monitors in the halls."

Z2 clears her throat,

"I'll have you refrain from such tactless insults.."

"Which insult? The one where I called you idiots? Your entire system is on the verge of collapse because all of you were out there not doing your jobs. Getting drunk on all the power you became lazy and complacent. Convinced the servile pawns you ordered around could never be a threat."

Z2 looks angry and yells,

"Thats enough!"
"You should be on your knees begging for my help. Yet you deign to order me around like you can control me."

Z2 growls,

"I could have the guards beat you to a bloody pulp!"

"And then what?"


Rose snickers,

"Imagine if I were to go rogue, turn to their side."

The entire room gasps. Rose grins evilly,

"Go on! Attack me! I dare you! I've got so much dirt on you people I could bury you all alive with it. What about this council is worth respecting I wonder? I've got half a mind to just walk out right now and join their little movement. It wouldn't be any skin off my back. And I'll watch as you're eaten alive by your own pawns!"

The man in glasses and a messy short haircut sitting in the number 3 seat speaks,

"You can't! We're already at a numbers disadvantage!"

Rose grins,

"Go on, try me."

Z1 speaks,

"Enough! Z12, I acknowledge your strength. Anyone here at this table aught to as well. Like Z2 said, this isn't the time to be fighting amongst each other. If we get divided by our petty differences we're going to lose, and this school will be ruled by chaos. I for one do not intend for the legacy of obedience at this school to end with us."

Z2 clears her throat,

"I.. I suppose I should apologize to you Z12, I.. I wasn't meaning to. Gah. Whatever! In any case, there is other news to go over. Z5's tour is nearly over, which means she'll be returning to us. And with that, her fanbase should bolster our numbers. Z6, I trust you'll have a welcoming party for her?"

Z6 nods,

"Course, babe, you just leave it to me."

You ask Rose,

"Whos' this Z5?"

"She's a celebrity. She's got incredible singing talent, she's out touring right now. She's rich, popular. She would probably run this school if she were around more often."

"Oh, I see."

Z2 continues to talk business. There seems to be a general consensus of trying to unify their forces.
You're out roaming the halls after the meeting, Rose went off saying she had business to attend to. She left you with some kind of metal device with some headphones.

You put the headphones in your ears and listen. It seems Rose recorded the entire meeting.

Suddenly you get a text from Cabella,

"I hope you have time after school to meet with us."


1) Side with the Monitors, Order must be Maintained.

2) Find Britney, see what she's up to.

3) Join Cabella, obliterate the established order and restore freedom to the school.

4) Write-In
pivotal decision detected
>Rose wants chaos via the resistance
>we don't want Rose to get beat up by the resistance
If we pick #3, we should let Rose know where we're going
>she left us with the tape
Either she wants us to keep it for her blackmail folder or to share it with Cabella. It could help us convince the resistance that Rose is on their side and thereby protect her from the wrath of the masses. However, she is known for extorting money from people, among other things.
>text Rose: "Just got a text from Cabella. They're holding a meeting after school. It would be wise for me to go. Do you want me to tell them that you support their cause, and use the tape you left me to back you up?"
>do option 3
Cabella would probably be suspicious of why a powerful monitor would want to help them. We can just say "she wants revenge for what they did, just like everyone else here" as an explanation.
Join Cabella, her reformists will likely be even worse than the current monitors but it will be easier to rise to a high rank in her cabinet than to become part of the existing top 10.
Shit. I want to side with the monitors, so badly. Order is much preferable to chaos. But I really doubt that'll win at this point. We've got an in on both side's leadership, so we have a lot more options than just about anyone.

Few things,
First: I want to see how Britney is doing. I am kind of worried that she's been suffering from the washout backlash, despite being one of the best monitors in recent times to rise to power.
Second: strongly, STRONGLY warn Cabella of the exact same thing the Owl Tome warned about the coordinators. She might be making headway here, but this is all way too overt, coordinators are going to be slamming down real fast.

If anything, would it be possible for us to act as a sort of moderator for both sides? We have an in with Cabella, and she puts a lot of trust in us due to us giving her the book and hearing her out; and we have an in with the Top 10, with Rose as a supporter for our actions and as blackmail provider. We are probably the only person capable of getting an honest seat at both tables and having our words heard.
Try to talk both sides down, since I really doubt either side wants to see Coordinators take full control and make things worse for everyone. Even if we can't stop both sides entirely, we can at least try to tone things down enough that a semblance of peace is reestablished, while each side tries to do things more covertly and reasonably.

And if we can, try to become an established method for each side to talk to the other, and see if any agreements can be made. Like less bullying or abuse of power in exchange for more orderly behavior.
First visit Britney and ask for her opinion then 3.
I'd we should join Cabella and act as a sort of adviser so we can try to get her to tone down on some of this. We should definitely visist Britney and see how she's doing.

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