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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

Teach me how to transfer my consciousness and memories into a very cute little Japanese girl (can be baby/regain memories at 4) who has upper middle class parents.

Meme magic welcome.
File: images.duckduckgo.com.jpg (10 KB, 300x200)
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/x/ is welcome too. This is very important stuff here, okay?
>kill self

Every time I do this my living situation gets worse until I'm reborn a poor nigger with aids in Africa and have to work my way back up the karma chain.
Necessary bump.

Please help I'm tired of being born a Brazilian because I don't help others.
File: japanese_idols_270.jpg (76 KB, 499x714)
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No one has information on creating a new body and transferring minds?
Truly a shame that there is no knowledge left here only faggots trying to fit in, muhgf and lefembot shitposting. We have two /b/s now. Three actually.
Someone must have knowledge of the process, anyone?
File: 1482367508545.jpg (61 KB, 1080x1080)
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I'm not going to explain the whole why and how this life works but I'll address your concern specifically. It's impossible. You are what you are and you will be your self your whole life. By default you'll be yourself even after you die. There's a possibility to change your body and appearance to an extent in the after life but it's not a given. It's still a complicated and expensive process and something that you earn. Your body is your body, it's already a generous gift, you don't just get another one for free.

Your family will always be your parents as well, you're only given one family. If you want another one you need to make the new relationships yourself.
I know a way to do it.(Forced reincarnation)
But first I need a picture of you.
I need to know how you look.
>By default you'll be yourself even after you die
So you're going to be reborn into the same body over and over again?
Fucking rip.

This family, this meme family. Forever. I wonder what I did to deserve this.

Any advice?

Seems like it.

Pic related.
Whoops forgot my photo op.
The actual you.
1) Sign up for LFE
2) Wait until July 1st to die
3) Die after July 1st
4) ???
5) Profit
File: Spoiler Image (214 KB, 600x620)
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214 KB JPG
Okay sorry. Here we go.

it's another l33t h4x0r anon thinks he's smart episode

Alright let's do it.
OK, sign up on systemspace.link
Thanks my family, super insightful.

Come on anons, we can be loli if we try hard enough.
Fundamentally yes. Same gender, same skin tone, same hair & eyes, same height etc etc. The blueprint is the same, the body is the same.

You're the same, they're the same, your blood relationship is the same. That doesn't mean you have to stay with them. It's fine to go make your own new family if you want to.
File: 1487189454327.jpg (83 KB, 540x694)
83 KB
tfw the universe repeats itself forever and you're never a qt
Any advice on changing my physical form. I'm a living meme.

Life is pain.
>Any advice

Diet & exercise.

Or get a good job so you can pay.
i know the details to a ritual
>let yourself be dropped into the middle of the ocean
>swim until you feel death creeping up upon you
>mumble, three words in 16 different languages
>try to reach a higher state of mind
>shortly before your death, yell:"DICK!"
voila, you are now japanese girl
worked for me atleast
File: 1488009510134.jpg (67 KB, 392x415)
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>shortly before your death, yell:"DICK!"
This, you must embrace dick now to have any hope of becoming a girl in the next life. You should start right away OP.

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