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>be at a club 2 days ago
>My friend who went from 'fuck everyone and fuck life' to 'i want to meet girls' approaches some random group of people
>I say fuck it roll with him
>there's this one REALLY pretty girl
>now i should say that I am 19 yo virgin who never had a girlfriend in his life, never kissed a girl, never asked a girl out
>somehow say fuck it and act all alpha
>she is really into me
>I make some stupid jokes and her 'male' friends laugh at me while the girl is actually even more into me
>I ask her about her male friends
>she says she doesn't even know them
>all of her friends are going to the dance floor
>'hey you coming?' her best freind asks her
>'I think I'm gonna stay here
>tfw I have the hottest girl in the club deciding to stay and talk to me

Guys are we all gonna make it?
File: tears_of_rage.gif (560 KB, 583x583)
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560 KB GIF
>go to club
>"""friends""" immediately abandon me (probably because I'd damage their chances of getting a roastie)
>left to dance by myself
>eventually just leave because no one wants to interact with me.
You might make it but I NEVER will
damn dude that sucks.... I'd say you should just be approaching random people but then again I wouldn't have the balls to do it myself so I guess I'll just say get some balls and stop being a pussy
>go to club with friends
>my group is all hands in pockets not dancing
>start dancing at the risk of looking stupid
>group of girls next to us notice me
>they join our group and surround me and start dancing
>one of them starts grinding on me
>get grinded on and danced with by a group of 7/10s
>buddies tell me its time to leave
>too sphagetti and beta to get the girls numbers
>move away from the girl grinding on me and wave and say "uhm...buh bye!"

why the fuck does god dangle women literally in front of my lap but refuses to give me the strength to seal the deal?
hahahhaha nice

But really god threw fucking girls in your face and all you had to do was accept his gift and do SOMETHING with it, going for the number at least. It's your own job to get some balls and do that work not god's

Buy for real I feel you, this girl I talked to was really into me and I didn't do anything really that would move things forward for fucking 2 hours...In the end she had to go and I just got her number (last girl that I had good time with I didn't even get the number).

>i'm starting to thing that courage is something I should work on
>Trying to get girls
Top beta
that's how you become Chad. Not everyone is born Chad
did you bang? doesnt sound like you banged
File: flashback.png (581 KB, 1444x831)
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581 KB PNG
>I'd don't have balls but you should grow a pair of balls
Literally worst advice ever

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