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Does anyone else here have feel a deep longing to be like a bird? I feel like I have no freedom to do what I want. I was a load of burden to carry and nothing seems to work out for me.

I really wish I could just fly away from my problems and just explore the world, living a simple life.
I have*

sorry I'm a little retarded
you can. It's harder than if you were a bird, but you still can.
All you need is the courage and the determination.
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>tfw you will always be a groundfag.
birds aren't really any more free. just the other day i watched a bird get his shit wrecked by a jolly mouse. and there's plenty of bird on bird aggression. i've seen bluejays jump the shit out of orioles, sparrows attacking other birds, crows are basically fucking assholes. baby birds that don't chirp are starved to death or pushed out of the nest. cuckoo birds lay eggs and the hatched birds push the other chicks out of the nest. they might all fly through the air but all the food, all the action is still on the ground.
I'm like a birb I wanna fly away
Idk where my home is

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