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>Driving down the road
>See this
Wat do?
Run over
keep driving

If im driving I obviously have somewhere to be and im not going to pick up some rando and act as a free uber. There is also a very real and highly likely scenario that she might endanger me or rob me.
Keep driving, duh

Stupid roastie isn't getting a free ride
close my eyes shut and pretend the sun is in my eyes so i don't have to see what i can't have, then drive by and crash into a pole, ejecting myself from the car and dying.
Look around for gypsies or Imported African Americans
>Sees none
>Speeds up anyways
keep driving, she'll probably shoot me with the guitar case or something

Im not a dick like most of you, now if she wants to go to fucking nashville then id drop her ass at a truckstop
Try to figure out how the hell I know to drive
Pick her up, knock her out b4 raping and killing her.

Kek'd, nice trips
Keep driving.
She looks annoying.
Stop and tell her that the payment for a ride is sex, if she doesn't comply then I will gently do the molesting
i fucking hate these threads.

File: IMG_6246.jpg (74 KB, 395x401)
74 KB
I audibly keked, thanks anon
File: IMG_5987.jpg (22 KB, 397x262)
22 KB
Keep on driving, I have no chance.
But if I did say something it would probably go like this
>drive by
>roll down window
>"need a ride?"
>spills drink on me
>roll up window
>drive away
File: 1492722224725.jpg (17 KB, 238x231)
17 KB
Fug hehehehehe
File: 1483696673119.jpg (32 KB, 402x281)
32 KB
Eat her ass like a wild coyote and then piss in her guitar case
stop and ask if she has any cash, weed, or booze. if she doesn't, keep driving

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