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>be me
>live in kansas my whole life
>sleeping out my car and going to work every morning
>make new normiebook account and ask for a place to stay
>older sister of friend who doesn't even talk to me anymore reaches out to me
>drive to Houston, Texas all the way from Kansas in a night to stay with her
>its been a week and a half and I am already working a job
>she's a 28 hikki but has a job and is kindve fat, has 3 cats
>decide to fuck her because she will prolly let me stay longer
>cum on her last night finally and apologize profusely
>think she wants alone time and is already getting tired of me
>scared she will kick me out
>what do robots?
on her or in her?
On her. But I think I've came in her too. Like precum. But I came all over her leg. She thicc I suppose. I'm also super depressed and anxious.
buy her a gift. make her happy.
I don't get it. You've had jobs in 2 cities, but are incapable of finding a cheap ass apartment. Why? Do you have an expensive drug habit or something?
Already bought her pocky. I don't get oaid till next Friday. I'm fucking scared. Its hot as hell down here. My a/c doesn't even work in my car.
Yes acruslly but I haven't been using drugs. Just drinking.
Can we get some pics? I wanna know if you pity fucked some nasty hoe or if this bitch doesn't realize she has potential.
She has potential. But it was still a pity fuck. I'm practally gay. and she knows it. No pics I'm not retarded
upper deck her toilet and disappear over night
all she did was help you when you were desperate
>I'm practically gay
What kind of gay? Like "fuck me in my cute lil boipussy!" Gay? Or "Bend that ass over my motorcycle, I'm going in dry!" Gay?
More like, I have sex with women and then tell them gay. Sort of gay. So prolly not gay at all just sort of retarded.
File: IMG_2938.jpg (112 KB, 640x640)
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112 KB JPG
So you don't want a piece of my penis in you?

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