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Have any of you ever made long term friends from 4chan? Wanna talk about it?
Yes, one person. We've been friends for three years and have met in person a few times.
It ended when he wanted to fist me
File: 1494332489916.jpg (23 KB, 418x405)
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I've never made long term friends anywhere, ever
They always move, or get married, or make better friends
>tfw too shy to make friends on 4chan
you're more enemies than allies
>made friends
Yeah from a /v/ guild.
Been budz for a few years.
I met a bunch in L O N D O N, crashed on their couch for a few months, met another one who gave me a signed astronaut photo.
Went to Germany a few years back with some.
Goin to a con with em next month.

Longterm dream is to establish a bromansion somewhere and bro it up 25/8.
Nope. If I am a friend with someone who knows 4chan, I knew them long before I came here. Fuck this place. I would never, lol.
File: 1465425405009.png (245 KB, 500x505)
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>start talking to fembot after I called her out on redit about posting her pic
>become fast friends, talk every day about intimate shit, accepts me as the loser NEET that I am since she too is a NEET and also has diagnosed mental problems and gets NEETbux
>she's the best friend I've ever had in my life. Never been closer to anyone.
>not even orbiting, even though we did flirt and creep on each other a little. Give real, genuine advice and my best wishes regarding guys
>talk to her almost every day for a year, share more about our lives with each other than anyone else in our lives
>she has a particularly bad interaction with her family one day
>she internally makes the choice to kill herself when she'd get her NEETbux and meds the following month(she never flat out stated this, but gave enough hints that I'd figure it out far, far too late)
>I don't find out she killed herself until almost a year after the fact, I just thought she was working on herself or doing her own thing
>only death I've ever cried to, including family. Miss and think about her every day

The worst part was reading our final chat logs after a few months and realizing I didn't take her as serious as I should have and mentally wrote off her suicidal troubles as venting like a lot of robots do. I seriously might have been able to save her if I was more observant and heartfelt with her and told her how much she meant to me. If I wasn't a worthless, broke loser NEET, I could've sent her money to get away from her family and start a new life in a shitty single apartment she showed me(inb4 beta, she'd only need maybe $1000 startup money). If I didn't excitedly fuck off to game when I finally fixed my computer, and instead talked to her on the final day she was alive when she said hi to me in the morning, who fucking knows what might've been?
Every person I've met on this site has broken my heart.

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