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File: gf-contract.png (941 KB, 822x854)
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Apparently when you start dating girls, they make you sign contracts like these.
>You're NOT to bring up Tyler,Noah,Deven , or Josh ever again

are these the guys she cheated with?
This is just the very rare borderline crazy.
This is what I want. I would actively pursue them if this was reality
oh the bait
sorry, i can't believe such people exist
Only if you're dating a 14 year old.
I had an ex gf who wanted me to agree to a similar kind of contract. I said fuck that, started taking hormones, now I just sleep with guys.
1). Dubs.
2). I know a girl I can easily see pulling one of these contracts. For example, she'll only cuddle with you under specific conditions, like if you haven't put on deodorant in a couple days (I'm not kidding). Not to mention, for whatever reason, whenever we DO cuddle, I always break out in a rash in areas where we made skin contact.
Maybe you are allergic to something she uses to wash herself. Idk
Assuming she bathes..probably doesn't if she only cuddles with people who don't wear deodorant.
She had a phase where she didn't shave her pits (thank fuck it only lasted two months). And considering her free spirited and loopy nature, as she does this with tons of other guys, catching a rash from her at all seems weirdly in character.
Don't go anywhere near it. Crazy girls will only give you misery. If you want a girl who will dump you on a whim for no apparent reason, or a girl who will act moody for days on end and never tell you what one innocuous thing you did that pissed her off then go for it.
Why do all grills have the exact same writing style? It all looks so fucking identical.
You're traditionally supposed to trade contracts, and have them inspected by your family's relationship lawyers.
You do have a contract that was approved by your parents and double checked by your lawyer right?
literal insect people
Sure, in middle school maybe.
Come back when you're actually a bot, fucking underage.

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