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File: 185059333.jpg (120 KB, 507x338)
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>anon to the office please
ooooooooooooooh you're in trouble
>tfw always a good boy in class and I was never called to the office.
>teacher approaches me after class and asks me if things are alright at home in a genuinely concerned tone
I never got called up for doing something bad, it was always like my mom dropping off my lunch but it always felt like a walk of shame.
>It's penis inspection day in gym
File: 1507312007828.jpg (34 KB, 600x549)
34 KB
>Given homework to do during a holiday vacation
>tfw I got falsely in trouble during a practice fire alarm because I got nervous
>had to walk in front of the ENTIRE school to the the office
otherwise I was pretty good during school
File: 1503028057950.jpg (33 KB, 193x350)
33 KB
>feel a rumble in my intestines
>too scared to ask teacher or let other kids know i have to poop
>tfw in math class
>asp smaht
>principal walks in
>yada yada discipline
>"who'd like to find out what if feels like"
>me says yes
>"oh yeah"
>wtf am I doing
>bluff was called
>knows I was smartest sperg in class
>"keep up that attitude and you just might"
File: 20170303_190015.png (191 KB, 500x486)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>who knows the answer to this question... lets see someone who I havent called yet...ANON
>"Something different today, huh?"
I bought the same lunch for half a year because I liked it, but then got bored of it and wanted to try something else. However, the fucking lunch ladies remembered me and would say this every time I bought something different. Had to choke on the same thing for the next 3 years.
>tfw happened to me too
I wasn't even rucking doing anything. Do I just look like a depressed sack of shit or something?
>nose running like a faucet
>no tissues
>too scared to get up in front of the class with a snot covered face and ask to go to the bathroom
>just kind of let it accumulate and wipe it off on my clothes every so often

>some tyrone is blocking the hallway
>too scared to ask him to move
>do the virgin dodge and bump into ten people in my attempt to walk around him

>project assigned
>we have to present it
>way too scared to present
>don't present it
>get a zero
>tfw you're relieved cause you don't have to present it

>tfw your teachers would hate you cause you're quiet and never do shit in class

>"anon please read [whatever we were doing] to the class"
>*incoherent mumbles*
>"haha anon we'll need you to speak up"
>*slightly louder mumbles*
>"we can't here you. Does anyone else want to read?"
>a couple people giggle

>Have oneitis
>learn she has a bf
>better than me in every way
>mental health gets that much worse
Hello I english speaked
File: 1480828444263.png (46 KB, 360x277)
46 KB
>meet me after school i'll kick your ass
I'm a pussy so these words always make my stomach boil
>Stacy, you go with anon
>c'mon, Stacy, it's not hell
>yet it is!
File: 1507201213279.jpg (22 KB, 661x464)
22 KB
>4th grade
>taking SATs
>teacher walking around to student's desks
>I'm filling out my race part
>hesitating, don't know what to put
>options are Hispanic, non-Hispanic white, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander
>was looking for an option that just said white
>teacher silently points to Hispanic
>I say no and circle non-Hispanic white
W-What if you were a sandnigger per say? What would you choose between those options?
They're counted as non-Hispanic whites by the US Census so I would guess that, or maybe there was an Other option.
>not doing this to every kid in the class, even the teacher
it doesn't hurt
File: deeblygoncerned.png (62 KB, 420x350)
62 KB
I got called to the office for threatening to kill a kid in 3rd grade and that's it.
>have shitty substitute teacher
>convince some of my friends we should complain about her
>go to the office to see principal
>principal yells at us and demands to know what us "little shits" did to annoy her
>kicked out of office
it seemed weird at the time and its even weirder in hindsight...


my mom is an ESL kindergarten teacher and that's what all of her middle-eastern students mark
File: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE.png (228 KB, 858x725)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Holy shit this brings back so many repressed memories.
File: FUCK.png (9 KB, 427x311)
9 KB
>be me in elementary school
>waiting for bus to leave
>thinking if I have any homework I have to do
>remember I have math to do
>it's in my desk
>mfw the bus leaves in less than three minutes
>fucking sprint like a motherfucker on fire off the bus into the school
>as I'm sprinting in someone comes around the corner hallway
>feel myself slam into someone
>hear crying behind me, parent screaming, don't give a fuck, keep running to classroom
>get textbook, start sprinting back
>parents are gathered in lobby
>teacher is there, she's fucking pissed and demands I apologize
>see a parent holding a screaming 3 year old child with a completely bloodied face
>apparently I slammed into him and he went facefirst into the metal doorframe
>give halfassed apology, sprint back to bus
>get on 3 seconds before it leaves
>teacher doesn't have time to yell at me
>get home and do homework
>go to school next day, she doesn't mention what happened

this one's been bothering me a lot lately
lmao anon I did too, they had me talk to the school psychologist, and they only sent my mom an email.
Just the word 'recess' brings back many years' worth of unhappy experiences.
File: 1507037879723.png (51 KB, 478x322)
51 KB
>teacher calls me a smartass for correcting him
>tfw got pulled out of class in 3rd grade and was forced to talk to a therapist because they thought I was going to kill myself
the uncomfortable part is this during highschool when they call you and the entire class goes dead silent as you take the very long walk out of the class room
File: 1502899399091.png (56 KB, 491x585)
56 KB
Too close to home

original lolis
File: 1388166699849.jpg (4 KB, 159x200)
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>middle school counselor asks me if everything is alright at home
>tell him I'm scared of my moms bf
>no one does anything about it
>get beat some more for the next four years
What do you think you triggered it?

I wish this had happened to me. I had a really traumatic home life in my early school years.
Fuck bro tell me about it. I would quickly run the library and play shitty video games, that cycle one free rider. But one time I came out of the library a little earlier and fucking chads started buggin me sayin Stacey has a crush on me( obviously a sister a joke). Followed me down the hallway ;(
>mfw this happened to me at uni
>with two teachers so far
c-can they just feel the robotic cries for help?
File: 1504567861696.jpg (8 KB, 250x236)
8 KB
> "Anon, can you please get the phone for me?"
File: 1495947400420.png (53 KB, 596x739)
53 KB
>tfw school would constantly threatem me with 5 day suspension if I continued to use the side entrance.

Still dont understand how I was violating rules.
File: 1507350935127.jpg (37 KB, 633x758)
37 KB
>"Everyone pair up into groups!"
File: 1499544020978.jpg (76 KB, 960x720)
76 KB
>Oh hey you're that quiet kid! Whhy don't you come with us! "
File: whiteunderneath.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>tfw dark skin
>everyone has low expectations
>constantly racing against smart quiet white girl(s) to be the first finished during tests
>teachers are all surprised when I'm the 3rd smartest in a class of white 7th graders (behind the aformentioned shy girls)
>Kids hate me because of that fact
>after 9 years of this eventually just settle for being a very literate but mediocre student.
>did you go smoke weed with anon?
>go to detention you look high
If I look stoned while not being stoned what does that say about me?
>Be me
>2nd grade
>Ask teacher to borrow book
>Never return book
>Lose book
>Reappears years later
>Vanishes again
This one still bothers me anon. Elementary school can scar you
File: 576615276.jpg (137 KB, 499x345)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>Teacher thinks you're a depressed, anorexic student ready to take his own life
>Doesn't help that I was underweight and sat alone
>Always joins me at lunch and tries to make small talk to comfort me
I didn't need it at all and it felt awkward, but I didn't have the heart to deny her
>be me
>year 2
>some kid asks me how to spell "rape" in class
>tell him
>he writes on a piece of paper "I want to rape Anon"
>runs off to show teacher
>I get sent to office for it
>get scolded by counsellor and asked if I know what rape is
>don't know if she wants the actual definition or retarded shit
>figure she wants a retarded answer
>"I-It's a really bad thing"
>she's screams the definition at me
>I cry
File: 1507739258115.png (218 KB, 592x385)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>Be me middle school
>Sent to office a couple times
>First one was for playing tennis during lunch
>Note: not the sport tennis, the game where you and someone else smack the back of each other's hands until somone gives up
>Everyone at tables hands are red
>Lunch room monitor walks over and tells entire table to go to office
>Friend sees this going down and hides in bathroom
>Go to office, principle hints at suspension but just tells us to not do it anymore cause it could hurt someone
>Second Time
>Tell one kid another is ready for him
>IE: calling kid gay
>In art class
>Get called to office
>He, he was saying stuff to make people think I was gay
>Explain I was joking
>Vice principal/shop teacher says it was stupid to have me called down cause it was a joke
>Ok, anon! For this project, you're partnered up with Norm, Norman, and Normie.
File: 1506465447184.jpg (21 KB, 362x362)
21 KB
Serious question anons. When you were in elementary school, did they play music during part of lunch and make you be quiet and eat while it was on? Happened at my school. Seems like no one else's I know did this
>Presentation assigned
>Take zero
>Relieved I don't have to present
Me all the time in school
File: 1507752896062.gif (1.24 MB, 300x304)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
Oh gosh. Got a combo for these
>reletively small class
>everyone was known and friends with each other
>teachers would have allowences
>kids could answer phone even if a parent or principal was calling
>two kids could pair up and go to the teachers lounge
>basically a real live Magic School Bus class
>even had a class clown who the teacher couldn't help laughing with
>everyone was comfortable

>and then there was YOU
>the outsider looking in
>you tried to get in and be a part of the gang
>ultimately your attempts were clingy and cringy
>never chosen for the teachers errends
>not good enough to be teacher's pet
>not even good enough to be the cute underdeveloped boi the other kids stick up for
>they wouldn't give you the stream of their pis s
>so there you sat
>the quiet kid
>the outsider looking in
They played Tom and Jerry on the cafeteria projector during lunch. Fantastic idea for the kids and the teachers cause it kept us occupied. I loved it so much
What did you do to always piss chad off?
File: 1504034610022.jpg (184 KB, 794x794)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Have a similar feel to this
>Go to camp for school activity
>Get stomach flu
>Want to go back to lodge and go to bed
>Go to dance and sit in chair to try and keep from throwing up
>Close eyes to avoid looking at flashing lights
>Normies rave to Gangnam style and other bs
>Camp councilor comes over and bothers me
>You should go dance
>No I'm fine where I am
>Leaves and comes back again later
>You should go dance. Youll regret it if you dont
>I'm kinda sick, don't feel like dancing
>Woman gives me sad look
>Leaves and tries a third time
>Just go for it
>Proceed to leave dance early and go back to lodge where people already are and sleep
She refused to leave me alone. She didn't want to dance with me. Just trying to make me be normie while sick.
Interesting. Would have preferred this to the music
File: 1458290113050.png (532 KB, 609x460)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
>look good in middle school and always a silent good boy so girls like me
>they wonder why i dont talk with them
>some day 2 come up asking if i was raped or something or why im behaving so strange and some friend helped me get out of this situation because I WAS NORMAL BUT ONLY AROUND GUYS

now after all those years i wish i could go back for a second and talk with her for a moment and maybe i would have had a tsundere teenage love
I got suspended for the same shit in 6th grade

>be in counselors office
>counselor is a landwhale bitch
>one of the girls i threatened is there
>counselor is having me explain my home life
Now, my dad died in a freak car accident when i was 3. I never really thought about it much growing up, but knew it made me different so i would usually make something up (he was always out on business or something)
>keep mentioning my mom because, well, she was my only family
>counselor asks about my dad
>"well, i uh, i dont have one"
>she sneers at me, "what do you mean? EVERYBODY has a dad."
>forced to explain my fucked up situation in front of the people that tortured me
I really hated my middle school.
>no-one every talks to me
>"why are you always so quiet anon?"
Forgot to post the aftermath.
Long story short i was suspended for like a week and went to a therapist a few times. She was really nice, she always let me have some candy or a toy out of the candy jar on her shelf.
File: 2131213212.jpg (24 KB, 600x600)
24 KB
>Be big guy (7ft)
>Rumor goes arround i raped freshmen girls
>Everytime i enter class everyone is silent
I would never do that
File: 213321321321.png (95 KB, 255x347)
95 KB
>Be chubbyfat guy with insecurities
>"Put off your jacket"
File: 1499270900589.png (113 KB, 800x800)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>wear a hoodie
File: 123321123.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
>Wearing the typical patterned shirt
>Not you Anon, I know you know the answer.
>be teacher
>some kid comes up with a piece of paper saying "I want to rape Anon"
>send anon to office because another student wants to rape him

Doesn't really make any sense. Explain this better.
Yea. Middle School. They desperatly tried to get us quiet by playing Vivaldi's Spring or Fur Elise. Your table wasn't quiet? You get detention. But my year was "the worst year we've seen" to quote the principal. After 4 months of trying and failing she had to physically come to the 6th grade lunch block to get us quiet. After that we had monitors but never again did they try to use that method.
That's literally how it happened, we had some substitute and he sent me to the office because some other cunt wrote a note about me.
File: 1502743766619.jpg (101 KB, 866x743)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>be extremely underweight manlet
>always wear hoodie and hat everywhere in summer
>made my parents take me to school where that was allowed
>if anyone asked me to remove it I would go into an autistic fit of rage

I honestly think being fat is better than looking like a starving skeleton manlet.
>Class Erection
>The bell for the next class rings
Elementary we had to do the "clap once if you can hear my voice, clap twice if you can hear me., raise your hand if you hear me" It was much more fun than the music que later.
>Anon, are you wearing a diaper?!
>Everyone looks at my shorts and starts laughing
They were just puffy, white shorts for fucks sake. It was gym class.
>anon, can you please do this for me?
Fucking hell, I didn't know what was wrong with me. Whenever the teacher wanted me to do something for her, I'd just blank out, forget what she said, and get confused in an instant. It became so bad, I tried to act lazy afterwards so that I wouldn't be treated like an autist. Anyone else feel the same way?
>Gym class
>Haha, look everyone! Anon still wears briefs!
>Keep forgetting to do homework assignments, almost failed 6th grade
>Have to fill out paper for why I missed the assignment every time. No checkbox for "Forgot to do it and didn't give a fuck because I ate my school and my life" so I kept checking "Left in my locker"
>Teachers notice I do have a messy-ass locker, although most of my missing assignments are not there
>Put on "Locker Patrol", basically I'm only allowed to put my coat in my locker have to carry all my books and papers everywhere I go
>Grades do not improve like teachers hoped, still missing all my English assignments, lost my history book when throwing out my mounds of papers in the locker, now I have a sore back every day. All this shit only made me slightly more miserable than I already was
>Parents have to pay for the lost history book, I do not get a replacement and my history grades suffered, even though I already knew all the material (I already knew everything they taught in 6th grade form my awesome 3rd grade teacher). Since the assignments are from the book and I have no friends to borrow from, I never complete a history assignment again
>Failed English, failed History, almost failed Science
>By all means I should've been held back but they let me go to 7th grade anyway because I got 100% on all the damn tests and pretty much anything done in the actual classroom
>In 7th grade we were only taught all the bullshit they went over already in 5th grade
>Didn't learn anything new until high school
School is just a bigass daycare, guys, a bunch of pointless busywork to keep kids off the streets. They try to convince you it's about learning stuff but they just make you do the same stuff over and over again most of the time. I read "Dear Mr. Henshaw" a godawful 4 times, "The Pinballs" 3 times, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" twice, "The Outsiders" twice, and "To Kill a Mockingbird" twice all because 4th through 8th grade all used the exact same god damn curriculum.
Having to deal with being split between going from my mom's house to my dad's house was really hard for me in elementary school and into middle school too. My grandma died August after year 7 and I remember watching her being carried off on the stretcher on the ambulance. I remember telling my parents to call an ambulance. December of year 8 of middle school I haven't seen my mom sense then she tried to kill herself and then gave up on me when she let up custody of me. Cops came 4 or 5 times. Fucking bitch hit me a few times so I hid in my room to play my laptop. Cops came multiple times and so did animal control to take away the pets. FUCKING SOPHOMORE YEAR MY MOM GOT CUSTODY OF MY SISTER AND NOT ME. FUCK YOU MOM I WOULD TRY TO TALK TO YOU NOW IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A BITCH TO ME GROWING UP. NOT SEEING MY LITTLE BROTHERS GROW UP DEPRESSES ME. FUCK YOU FOR GIVING UP ON ME INSTEAD OF TRYING TO FIX YOURSELF. Maybe I'm a little hypocritical I could reconcile with my mom to see my brothers. I miss you guys
It was probably a gf of the principal.
File: 2a6.png (260 KB, 563x542)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>Bring the piezoelectric piece from a lighter to school to shock random normies
>Some faggot reports me for having a taser
>I decide to hide it in the corner of the classroom
>Minute later, assistant principal comes over and takes me outside
>I deny possessing any taser, and she even has me empty my pockets and backpack to make sure
>MFW she let me go and I picked up the taser again and kept shocking people
>anon to the office please

Damn, this brings back memories.

In Junior school we got called to the "staff room" if something happened during lunch, and I must have been called to the staff room about 20 times for "sexual harassment" of girls. Fucking roasties and their false flags.
>Come into class high and get asked a really tough question
>Get drunk before French and the teacher realizes I have a bunch in my water bottle--have to sneak it out to throw it away
>Start taking classes seriously and everyone starts asking me for help because I have glasses and they always pretend like they're interested in me at first
>oneitis developed in the middle of my only HS relationship, but not for my gf
>treat gf like she's disposable, ruin a great friendship in the process
>oneitis is of course completely unattainable
>no idea who I am, show no interest in colleges

>Finally go to community college at 19, fuck off in classes
>Get AA at 24 y/o
>Go to UC as a transfer to get BA
>Oldest motherfucker there 'cuz I'm 25 and everyone is 18-20
>Kids younger than me act like I'm creepy for wanting to be their friend and guys and gals my age are too "ambitious" to give a shit about social life
>As a transfer, no one knows me

The ride never ends, dawg.
>2nd or 3rd grade
>Some how get expelled for repeatedly breaking school rules
>Have to go to a private school
>Keep getting in trouble there too
>Get sent to the classroom with all the tards
>End up making better friends then in the normal class
>abused my whole life
>this never happened
so did i just grow up in a shithole or what?
i like how normal people will ignore, enable or take part in child abuse while simultaneously believing themselves to be good
File: a190304.jpg (340 KB, 692x1917)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
That phrase made me drop out of college.

i work as a teacher and i hate bad curricula but kids like you make it really hard to justify using good or different ones because we literally have no data to prove that you are smart and capable of learning. like teachers use grades and homework and shit to see how well things are being taught and missing hw just looks like you're having a real hard time with the material.

i have tons of kids that are incredibly smart but just slack and then 15 other kids that are genuinely struggling and it breaks my heart because what is effective instruction for 70% of the class is boring patronizing busy work for 5% of the class and too rigorous and complicated for the other 25%. shit's tough.

that said i try to be the best least bull shitty teacher i can be.
Glad I'm not the only one.

Here's another one:

It was around third or fourth grade, I was writing some paper, don't remember on what, and then the homeroom teacher told me that older students from another grade would make a PowerPoint presentation based on it. That alone is sort of awkward, having some other students make a presentation out of your paper.. But then, a few days later, the teacher told me to go to the computer lab which is where those students were working on the presentation at the moment, and the computer teacher was a pretty weird old lady. She told me to go around and "check on how they are doing", or something like that.

So I awkwardly walked around to every computer and asked the older students what they were doing with my presentation. I was really embarrassed since I was just some third grader "bossing around" these 6-7 graders whom I've never met before. No one really answered much, they simply showed me some of the PowerPoint slides, and I was like "Yeah, good work..", and then I asked the teacher if she would let me go back. But she told me again to check more thoroughly to make sure they are doing everything right, etc. So, essentially, for half an hour I was just awkwardly standing behind those students' backs looking at what they were doing.

Now it could have been over at that, but some time after this my homeroom teacher told me that I would also have to present on that stupid PowerPoint. In the auditorium, likely in front of a lot of people. And I never found out how many because of course, I faked being sick and didn't come to school on the day that presentation was supposed to happen. The next day was really awkward and I tried my best not to make eye contact with my teacher. Thankfully no one ever mentioned it after that again, but I still felt guilty for skipping that day since everyone made a big deal out of this paper.
File: sad makoto.png (237 KB, 872x632)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>grade 1
>really have to pee
>teacher won't let me go unless I ask in french
>really fucking suck at french
>teacher won't let me go
>she finally notices it's an emergency and lets me leave
>the bathroom is fucking flooded and closed for cleaning
>one of the mentally disturbed kids did it again
>urge to pee going away
>only 40 minutes left in class
>think i can hold it in now that the urge is gone
>back in class
>pee my pants at my desk
>pee gets all over the girl in front of me's knapsack
>teacher fucking pissed at me because I went to the bathroom without going
>get sent to the office
>dad comes and picks me up and we get burger king
>take next few days of school off
>parents transferred me out of french immersion

My parents said that they honestly thought I was going to kill myself because of how much the French course was making me depressed.
>kids would bring matches to school
>they would light them up and throw them at me
>sometimes they would put them in my backpack or my hoodie
>one kid put one in my binder when i left class to go to the bathroom
>entire binder burst into flames and someone pulled the fire alarm
>i got suspended for arson
>Entire class has to do a play
>Get to the front ASAP so you can pick the backstage role of either costumes or set design
hope I get a girl at least
>Everyone, let's go around and introduce ourselves. Say your name and something about yourself!
What do you say?
>free teacher gf
Wow someone lucked out.
>3rd grade
>10 problems of math homework learning the "guess and check" method where you take wild shots in the dark and check if your guesses are right until you get the right answer to a simple algebra problem
>Dad comes home and sees me in tears because I found out this means I have to do each problem 5 times to get an acceptable answer
>Dad teaches me how to do math the real way, using simple algebra
>Finish in 5 minutes and get every question right
>Get a 0 on the homework because I didn't do it the teacher's way
>Get put in timeout because I was angry at the teacher for not giving me credit for doing the homework

Mrs. Kurtz was a cunt
My name is Anon and I like comic books. What are they gonna do, shoot me?
im sorry anon

>be 8 or so
>parents let me have sips of stuff like beer/wine
>tell a few kids because i think it is kinda cool
>they isolate me and call me a drunk while laughing
>at least it only lasted a day a or two before they forgot
>swimming at school
File: 1462205818925.jpg (54 KB, 540x960)
54 KB
>9th grade
>don't get a haircut for a while because family's having money problems
>somebody reports me to the counsellor's office anonymously because long hair meant school shooter in 2005 I guess
>have to spend every lunch period catching up on the class I'm now missing because of mandatory counselling I don't need
>everybody thinks I'm one bad day away from making Columbine look like a fucking joke
>end up as a complete outcast until a couple of older goth girls feel bad for me and let me sit with them

>8th grade
>weird substitute teacher who rambles a lot about nothing and plays his flute in class
>most of the class is just being loud
>I'm done the work and reading a book
>he's obviously frustrated with the class
>points at me and yells "You, I heard that, get to the principal's office"
>go sit at the principal's office
>no idea what I did wrong
>teacher comes by after 10 minutes and says he just needed to set an example and picked me at random
>ask why he didn't pick one of the kids who were actually yelling instead of me
>don't get an answer
My dad would beat my ass and MAKE me get it done his way, and then beat my ass again for the low grades I keep getting with his "help"
Im as white as a ghost and i always put pacific islander for laughs on those papers. Im surprised i never got in trouble for doing that.
I read Tuck Everlasting 5 fucking times
>grade 4
>teacher is jealous that the grade 4-5 class is reading it and makes us read it
>grade 5
>this is the year we were actually supposed to read it
>grade 6
>australian transfer teacher makes us read it
>grade 7
>book we were supposed to read was being used by a grade 4 class for some reason and tuck everlasting was the only available book
>grade 8
>teacher's favorite book and she makes us read it
Fucking terrible book

Also school isn't about learning shit. It's about socializing
I've got a ton of them
>for Christmas the teacher gave bells out to each student
>got mine and was playing with it and walking towards the bus
>a 5th grade girl walks up to me and asks if she could see it
>give it to her
>she walks away without giving it back

>had an autistic obsession with pokemon cards around 1st grade
>had a ton of rare ones
>on the bus the older kids would trick me into giving them the rare cards, and they wouldn't give them back
>one of my only 2 "friends" at the time asked to see my rarest, then said he had to go and left with it
>he never gave it back and stopped talking to me

>2nd grade
>had only one friend, he was a spic
>he would come over and we'd play pokemon on our gameboys
>had a little sister
>he would go behind the dollhouse and make her take her clothes off
>me being the innocent 2nd grader I was i didn't know it was bad so I didn't think much of it
>parents catch him doing it, they take away my gameboy, the only thing that brought me happiness, for a month and banned me from seeing my only friend

>4th grade
>at recess
>have to piss really badly
>ask teacher to go to the restroom
>she says no
>ask another one of the teachers
>he says we're going inside in 10 minutes and I can go then
>remember going behind a tree when my dad used to make me go camping
>go over to a tree and piss
>some group of girls sees me doing it and tells the teacher
>when we're lining up the teacher brings me in front of the entire grade and tells me I'm going to the office
>didn't realize it wasn't my fault and thought I was probably going to get suspended and my parents would get pissed, start crying while the whole grade watched
>got 2 weeks of sitting at the wall during recess
>the next day when we were lining up one of my bullies started insulting me for being fat and for what I did the other day
>punch him a couple times, get another 2 weeks of sitting at the wall during recess
Looking back on it, school was meaningless
>>grade 1
>parents transferred me out of french immersion
>thought I was going to kill myself
what the fuck kind of school did you go to
the most i had to deal with in 1st grade was long division
i know this feel, i had a math teacher as a father
a great one
i knew how to do things better than the teachers and they gave me shit for it, good thing i gave them shit back lmao
File: screams internally.jpg (98 KB, 352x360)
98 KB
>anon don't confront the bully, just tell a teacher!
>return English textbook
>they lose it
>force me to pay $80 for a replacement
>had been saving that money for a rare game the local store had
>never got to play it
I read most of the assigned reading books 3-4 times. Not because we would have to repeat them, but because I'm a fast reader and it took the class 6 fucking months to read a 200-page book. I meant what the fuck? So I would blow through it a day, then read through it one or two more times when I was bored, and eventually when the class was almost done I would read with them.
At my elementary we sat in our classrooms for lunch and every 10 days without an incident a kid could bring a movie form home so we could watch it during lunch.
all of these ridiculously awful stories about atrocious teachers are likely either embellished, leave out critical info about students who swear up and down they dindu nuffin (who are predominantly white), or are from the united states and are a cautionary tale on paying teachers a reasonable wage.
>she walks away without giving it back
what a fucking bitch, and on christmas too
>for a month and banned me from seeing my only friend
he was not your friend, and was probably molesting your sister
>Looking back on it, school was meaningless
>tell a teacher
>his mom is on the school board so nothing happens
>it gets escalated to the principal eventually
>his friend who wasn't even there that day says I started it
>point out that he wasn't there that day and get shushed
>given detention for "antagonizing" him (because his mom's on the school board)
>try ignoring him and he just does worse things to get my attention
>literally staples his own hand and blames it on me
>eventually just had a really bad day and break his nose with my math textbook for not letting me give my fucking presentation
Kids need to be taught that bullies only understand violence. I don't know where the "just talk to him or tell a teacher and he'll stop" meme came from but it just makes things worse. Even if you get your ass kicked, he'll usually switch to an easier target.
>start high school
>me and another kid get bullied
>he switches schools because it's really bad for him because he's an obese Mexican midget with a gay voice
>I punch one of them in the mouth the next time they try to bully me and it stops right there because I'm no longer an easy target who will just take the abuse
Not a single year I didn't fucking fail the inspection
We weren't allowed to talk to one another and were told to eat in complete silence. If you even made a peep you had to sit at the middle table and missed out on 2/3 of recess.
I wish that happened to me, things probably would've turned out a lot different. None of my teachers gave a flying fuck.
>I don't know where the "just talk to him or tell a teacher and he'll stop" meme came
from women
feminism was a mistake
damn honestly i feel like schools have turned it around and become a lot less like prisons in my country in the last 20 years or so. teachers are generally kind, warm, and care about the students

but america is still behind the times as fucking usual
It really wouldn't surprise me. It's the kind of terrible advice women always give. Bullies are usually popular, they have people to talk to. They just want the feeling of power over someone else.
Wrong, you fucking moron.

If teachers tell students to fucking whale on their bullies that creates a colossal liability issue for the school. It also creates utter chaos.

This had nothing to do with feminism, this was litigious culture that did this.
TFW i sucked so hard at french they sent me to the native spirituality class even though i was white
Got to make a sweet drum though
>sixth grade
>be in math class, which I hate
>exponents make no sense at all to me
>literally spent three hours on a worksheet assigned the night before
>got every answer wrong
>teacher makes a comment about my shitty math skills
>start screaming, throw everything off my desk
>teacher states "well then"
>run out of the classroom, slam the door, and scream down the hallway
>go to the bathroom and sob
>takes ten minutes before the school counselor is able to coax me out
if you say so my friend
That's rough man. At my school if you talked while the music was on, you'd get written up and have to walk around the circle at recess for a period of time. But the music wasn't on the entire time
File: 1500181718883.png (365 KB, 448x520)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
>>start screaming, throw everything off my desk
>>teacher states "well then"
what sort of fucking teacher is that
Found a video of a teacher from my old high school calling a black student a prick repeatedly. Fuckin' weird as shit.
I live in a city where being bilingual gives you every fucking advantage in finding a job. So a lot of parents try putting their kids in French immersion because kids can pick up on languages easier.

There were two grade 1 french teachers and instead of the extremely nice one, I ended up with the ultra cunt. She was a teacher who believed that most kids shouldn't be taking french and would purposely antagonize the slower kids to try and force them to drop out. I was barely learning any french, couldn't complete any of the assignments, and was getting detention daily because of it.

My parents asked school administration what the fuck was going on with this teacher and essentially they were told "muh teacher's union". Me peeing myself and being ridiculed for it was the final push my parents needed to get me out of there.

19 years later and I still can barely speak a lick of French and I have no intention of learning.
I would have told them I learned my math skills from my teacher and waited for the shit storm to unfold
She was very old school, I hated her back in sixth grade. After she retired when I was in high school, she came back to sub, and she was rather pleasant then.
>teacher approaches me after class and asks me why I have an F in their class even though I used to be in gifted and clearly intelligent
I was too autistic for that thought to even unfold in my mind.
Scenario for you:

Little Timmy bullies Little Johnny mercilessly. Little Johnny tells Mr. Smith, who tells Johnny to stand up to Little Timmy and fight back.

Little Timmy approaches Little Johnny again and bullies him. Little Johnny picks up a stapler and uses it to cave in Little Timmy's skull.

Little Johnny cannot be charged with a crime, but Little Timmy's family is upset because he was a good boy who dindu nuffin, like all bullies. Little Timmy's family sues Mr. Smith, the school, and the division for their negligence, winning a brazillion dollars and bankrupting the division, who then ask for more money from the government to cover the shortfall.

So in short if you like getting taxed to hell or having your benefits cut to pay for lawsuits that could be avoided with common sense then sure let's go the idiot route. But no, it's those feminist boogeymen again.
File: 1500879411195.jpg (261 KB, 800x725)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>teachers find out that your dad just died and are suddenly lenient with you
File: 1445762626403.jpg (36 KB, 300x360)
36 KB
Teacher know for making kids cry takes me out of class after i bomb a test.
Tells me he believes in me and that i can do it.
Only teacher i had that told me he believed in me
File: 1502556997770.png (101 KB, 740x982)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>try to fake sick to go home for years in school
>Nothing ever works, nurse is a stubborn bitch about it
>Go to nurse's office for some Pepto when I had a stomach ache one day
>Take a nasty diarrhea shit in the bathroom
>On my way out nurse asks me if I'm okay
>Casually mention I had diarrhea but it was no big deal and I'm heading back to class
>She tells me to call my mother immediately and have me picked up

Well shit.
File: 1474862282082.jpg (5 KB, 205x246)
5 KB
>oneitis has bf that is a carbon copy of you in terms of personality and interests but is actually handsome and in-shape
I'm glad I haven't seen that bitch in four years now
Teacher unions were a massive fucking mistake
That's nice at least
That counselor sounds like a huge bitch
>if you say so my friend
this means that he agrees but doesnt want to give you the satisfaction of winning
dont insult him or make the conversation longer then it needs to be by explaining further
>education secretary is a loon who has no practical experience and got her position because her family has ties to the president
>republican party wages war on teachers because they're easy pickings for hicks who hate "big gubmint" and resent the fact that someone else has to raise their children because they lack the free time and intelligence
>teacher salaries in america are dismal at best
>teacher unions in many cases protect an already under-fire class of worker from abuses of administrative power, unfounded complaints, and protect some semblance of right to due process

>b-b-but all da bad teachers who get protected!!!

Blackstone's axiom applies to education too.

And the worst part of it is everyone thinks they have a qualified opinion on education because they were a student at one time...lol.

I'd say 9/10ths of what teacher unions do is checking administrators and lobbying rather than defending indefensible teachers from public scrutiny.
>be white nerdy kid in 9th grade
>bored in class and draw me and my friends as stick figure gangsters because i thought it was an epic funny joke
>teacher sees it and sends me to the office because i drew us holding guns
>on my way there some security group intercepts me to escort me to the office because im some sort of dangerous threat
>assistant principal is based and just laughs the picture off and even gives it back to me

the best part was when they searched my backpack and it was just fucking completely empty, like no paper pencils notebooks binder nothing just completely empty i was such a bad student in highschool
oh fuck i remember that book from grade 4. ever watched the movie?
>gym class
this, thank you for typing it out
my dad was a teacher and my childhood would have been garbage if he didnt get the pay he did.
>be me in 9th grade
>did really well in school without doing any work, but being around other people at school stressed me out a lot
>usually got 2 hours of sleep a night because I wanted to maximize my free time and didn't want to go back
>looked like a trainwreck, had long hair but didn't shower so it was greasy as hell, didn't brush so my teeth were yellow and black, didn't exercise so I was skinnyfat, wore dark one color clothes, etc
>everyone thought I was gonna shoot up the school
>principle made me do drug tests several times because he thought I looked "dazed and sedated" and he searched my backpack several times to look for drugs or guns
it was actually kinda funny when he would search my backpack because it was messy as hell because I didnt care enough to sort my papers into folders and binders

This is me even now.
File: 1449798192790.png (80 KB, 529x327)
80 KB
>didn't do homework
>teacher points it out in front of the whole class

thanks teach. i appreciate you using shame as a tactic to try and get me to put some effort in but it only had the opposite effect
my mom taught in the public school system for 30 years and honestly i have no fucking clue how she put up with it except to help put food on our table

we had discussions at the dinner table often about how the union was essentially performing the function of a union: when her employer was doing things that were illegal or that contravened their collective bargaining agreement, the union would swing their dicks around and get them to back down.

but you say the word "teacher's union" in america and everyone's mind somehow jumps to "lazy teacher who is stealing a living but can't get fired because the evil union"

the psyops worked
Because as usual "Nothing wrong with our system murica best country usa usa usa"
I was always in trouble in Grade School, always for things blown way out of protortion or things that I did'nt do.
I always live in Australia too

>Grade 1, first week, I'm 6 YO
>Some kid starts whistling in class
>"Anon stop whistling!"
>But Miss I don't know how to whistle
>Faggot kid keeps whistling
>6 months of detention
>Goes on my school record that I'm a "troublemaker"
Probably the single moment that fucked me up more than any other, by the time I got out of detention I had no friends and was a loser out cast.
Also I'm now 25 and still can't whistle

>Grade 2
>terrible at spelling, fail a test 0/10
>detention, until I write out each word spelt correctly 1,000 times. so 10,000 words
>Parents see this, so they start helping me learn the word, but every word I spelt incorrectly I get smacked for.

>Grade 2
>sick as balls but parents never let me stay at home
>Coughing and sneezing and class, I can't help it
>Detention, have to write out "I will not be a disruption to the class" 100 times, had to write it out an extra 200 times

>Grade 3
>School has no uniform policy
>Teacher demands male students tuck their shirts in
>Helping pack some boxes away, shirt comes untucked
>"Anon why is your shirt untucked!?!"
>Sorry I was packing boxes way, i'll tuck it b-
>3 months detention, banned from all field trips until 6th grade

>Grade 4
>have a "healthy school day" where people brought in healthy food
>I brought in some ham sandwiches, surprisingly didn't get in trouble for that
>Don't like fruit, teacher demands I eats some
>Force some Banana(?) into my mouth, choke on it, cough it up and nearly throw up
>3 months detention for being "disrespectful"

But wait there's far far more
if you say so bud
>half a year of detention for whistling

sure buddy
>instantly making an extreme argument
wow so this is the power of 500 iq :)
The extreme argument is exactly why they don't enact the policy, though.

The school's responsible for the safety of children while they go there...do you really think they could advise students to fight their bullies and not get in shit when a student is injured in a fight they recommend?

Are you really this stupid?

No wonder you hated school.
>Gym locker rooms
>Having to get ready in front of others

>Gym class itself
>People picking teams
>im right ur wrong lalalala
sorry i won't argue with a brainlet any more but i urge you to do some research (which i know you won't)
good one lol u sure trolled me hard :o)
>When you got to stay off school due to sickness
>That weird feeling that you didn't get during other days off during school where everythings so quiet
>And you get to see what ADULTS do during the day.
>Going on the computer and logging onto your online games and seeing it so empty except for like the Australians who you finally get to hang out with
>Watching daytime TV and how dull it is
>Watching the cartoon channels and seeing shows you've never seen before because they're on school time


>Cold in school
>Everyone gets hyped for potentially getting sent home
>PA system comes on
>Hello everyone, due to severe weather later in the day, we're sending you all home early
>Every classroom erupts with cheers

Oh I forgot an early but important one
>grade 2
>religious education class, IE Christianity is the only religion
>Family not religious don't understand it
>Class project is to "draw a picture of god"
>I draw a picture of some trees, a lake, some nature things because "god is everywhere"
>Picture ripped up, 3 month detention for "pagan worship"
I've been an atheist ever since

>Grade 4
>Massively anti-social by this stage, I sit alone in class and during breaks
>Group assignment, no one wanted me
>got given a month long detention for being anti-social and forced to complete assignment by myself
Still Don't understand the logic of forcing someone away from their peers, if they struggle to talk to their peers, honestly by this stage I was glad to just be alone

>Grade 5 (10yo)
>Another day sick
>rumbly tumbly, run out of class and throw up in bin
>3 months detention for "Disrupting the class"
No one cared that I was literally throwing up

>Grade 5
>During breaks I most just wrote stories about game characters fighting other game characters
>Teacher find book, destroys it
>1 month detention for "violent thoughts"
>I spend the rest of the year during breaks starting at the ground just waiting to go home

>Grade 6 (11 yo)
>everyone hitting puberty!
>Now in addition to being an anti-social outcast I'm also a weak manlet
>bullied constantly
>During break kids throw rocks at me because "its fun"
>Tell them to "FUCK OFF"
> 3 months detention for bad language, rock throwers get off scot free

>grade 6
>Detention over, rock throwers start throwing more rocks
>Throw rocks back
>3 more months detention, rock throwers get nothing
File: FB_IMG_1504916467478.jpg (7 KB, 174x200)
7 KB
>tfw only called to the office because of shot my little brother did
Just sitting on the bench every time
i highly doubt all of these stories

>Grade 6 (still)
>have a crush on a girl, but never talk to her
>Her "boyfriend" finds out and challenges me to a fight
>Nearly all of the Grades males are there
>Know I can't win fight, as he rushes me I drop to one knee and punch him in the dick.
>surprisingly the crowd let me go
>the loser snitched on me, 6 months detention for fighting (which carried over into grade 7), loser got 1 month at least

Also unsurprisingly grade 6 was when I started to get very depressed, and is also when I had my first suicide attempt

>Grade 7
>On school camp, doing rope activity
>Accidently fall
>have to wash dishes every night for the rest of the camp for being disruptive to the activity

>Grade 7
>Finally make some loser friends
>We sit in a dark corner playing backgammon or chess, both set I bought with my money
>Teacher find us playing, confiscates my set because we were "gambling"

>Grade 7
>Had to make mini boats to float along the river near school out of household objects
>Mine was great, looked like a classical sailing ship, including mast
>Loser from above thinks it would be a great idea to smash my ship
>He gets away with it, I get a detention for not completing the assignment, despite the teach seeing my fucking boat

>Grade 7
>self portrait class
>I say "yeah I don't look too good, my portrait looks like shit too"
>loser friends at least giggle
>1 month detention for bad language (shit) and another month for not having faith in myself (because fuck me thats why)

>Grade 7
>Have a crush on a girl, and surprisingly she talks to me
>We walk home together everyday (she lives 3 houses up from me)
>what do I do I've never spoken with a girl I wasn't related to
>Walking home one day, some asshole (not the loser above) grabs her and kisses her in front of me
>hung around him constantly from then onwards and never spoke to me again

Thats everything from grades 1-7
High school was a lot nicer, though I did'nt stop being a depressed loser until my 20s
>3 month detentions getting handed out like candy

nigga a kid can storm out of a room and shout fuck you you fucking bitch to a teacher directly and get maybe 2 days out of school suspension or possibly like 3 days in school

stop lying
Wtf I did the same thing too

Told a kid id kill him with a knife in 3rd grade because he said I'd never get married

anon this isn't creative writing class, you can stop anytime
>5th - 9th grade
>maths is easy for me
> almost aways top of the class for maths on tests
>couldnt be fucked doing homework
>only do enough to pass
>pearant teacher interviews in grade 9
>maths teacher mentions my lack of effort in homework
>next year and a half i am forced to sit down at table and do math for an hour min every weekday
>get yelled at if i dont know a math problem or dont have any homework.
>by the end of the year and a half, couldnt be fucked anymore
>bearly did any study and i still got a B+ on final exam
>tfw I could have done better if I wasn't forced into it

>be at grade 5 camp at some dam
>my group goes kaiaking in 2 seaters
>no one wants to pear with me
>get pared with principal
>tfw hes 10x better than any other teacher

>grade 3
>turd does something to annoy boomer teacher
>gets blamed for it
>repeat 2x
>get sent to vice principals office
>tfw teacher can't even talk to me so she pulls only friend and asks him if everything is alright at home with me
Your stories are more made up than /tv/ movie posting

No one believes my life story
I think getting massively in trouble in the first week of school is what caused all of it

Besides look at my school record, literal years in detention by the end of it
They probably went harsher than they should have because they thought I was actually fucked up
6 months detention for making up lame ass stories
Wow, anon, those asshole teachers were pretty mean to you. I feel so sorry for you getting blamed for stuff that you didn't do and all that you went through.

That's the response you were hoping for with those fake stories, right?
File: 1498529494842.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
>she has a carbon copy bf of you in every way, including body, personality, and presentation
It's been two years for me, glad to share the sentiment.
File: anon.jpg (57 KB, 512x384)
57 KB
Yep checks out. I got his permanent record right here.
This comment will have enough content.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Unsurprisingly unoriginal.
>grade 6
>me and 2 friends play yugioh on friday
>hat is required but were undercover
>the one day i forgot it
>teacher comes up and asks me were hat is
>left at home
>takes cards away and says i can get them back once i have a hat on
>get hat on monday
>dont know were his office is so go looking for him on school grounds
>too socialy awkward to ask teacher
>finaly manage to find him 4 days later
>ask him whike studdering nerviously about giving my cards back
>he completely forgot and dosnt even know who i am
>never got them back
thats ok anon some kid stole my yugioh cards in 6th grade too, i look at it as a positive though because i could have continued playing and ended up being one of those virgin autists who played in highschool
File: 1483143403209.jpg (35 KB, 570x572)
35 KB
>sleeping in class
>have a huge fucking boner
>teacher tells me to stand up because im sleeping
I was lunchtime detention so many times, mainly for swearing but also fighting on a few occasions

I got suspended for an entire week where I had to do all my school work at the front office in this small room away from everyone else and I also wasn't allowed to go out to lunch to be with the other students, was a boring week to say the least.

In high school I got after school detention a few times, but I only attended it once. I was also kicked out of class a lot for misbehaving and on one occasion I was permanently kicked out of a class and forced to sit in the autistic class which ironically was more fun than been in my normalfag class.
File: 1507815975406.png (77 KB, 491x541)
77 KB
>be me. 11 year old. I was aware of stuff... Wasn't like most kids tho. Still cringy like every 11 year old.
>grandpa dies. Cried a lot in my house. Get it all out there like one should. Always proud of being a man like my grandpa taught me.
>go to school the other day. Teacher treated me... Too well... Like i was some retard. My mom surely called the school to be nice with me because dead grandpa.
>fuck normie pitty. Most of my classmates treated me like shit or like i didn't exist. Told my best friend what happened. Gave me a hug and told me that everything was going to be ok...
>thank him and tell him that it is ok. I already accepted what happened... Nobody else knows.
>teachers calls me "ohshit.jpg" tells me to go to the teachers break room to get some chalk... Look over to the chalkboard. It's full of chalk. Inform her about this.
>tells me that it doesn't matter. That she wants color chalk... Tell her "i dont know where is the break room". (I did. But i wanted to hear what i knew she was going to say to the class)
>told some stacy to come with me. In my mind i was fucking pissed yet sad. Didn't wanted to let the normies fucking know.
>go to get the fucking chalk. Stacy doesn't talk to me like always.
>autism kicks in.
>run to my classroom
>hear "anon's grandpa just..."
>scream "my fucking grandpa is feeding worms"
>i realized what i've done.
>teacher yells me to go to the principal office.
>told him what happened and told him my point of view.
>he just said "im sorry for your loss kid. Your grandfather was a good man"
>wait... He knew my gp ?
>go to class. Every normie treats me like it's fucking chrismass. Hated it.
>when i get home i asked my mother if my gp knew the principal. They were fucking war survivors...

Till this day i kinda want to return to my old school... See if my old pricipal is still in there. And talk about my grandpa.

I know that if my gp would still be alive i wouldn' be the fuckup that im today. I miss him so fucking much.

Or so he says.
>i smoke weed in the bathroom at school regularly
>last period of the day
>beginning of class ask to go to bathroom
>get there 'tutti fruity'
>get back high as fuck a little paranoid
>on loud speaker at throughout the school
>shitting pants
>shattered bowl in sock and flushed shards and my weed on way to office
>everyone in class knows what i do
>me and my friends arent very quiet about being stoners
>get the principals office
>"anon your moms here to pick you up"
>they called me over loud speaker cuz they called my class but i was in the bathroom
>was never caught and no one knew a thing

i once stole a substitutes cell phone and got caught as well
im a dirt bag
>be new kid
>be the quiet kid
>be ugly
>this other kid just hates my guts
>doesn't like that i autistically stay silent while he roasts me with his friends
>tries to beat me up in class but someone breaks up the fight
>"meet me after school"
>everyone is like "oooooooh" and hyping him up
>>Grade 5
>>During breaks I most just wrote stories about game characters fighting other game characters
>>Teacher find book, destroys it
>>1 month detention for "violent thoughts"
>>I spend the rest of the year during breaks starting at the ground just waiting to go home

Yeah this was me in 4th grade. My two friends and I basically developed every aspect of our own Smash Bros over the course of months, then our teacher found it and broke our spirits. For months after we waited for the school bus in silence staring at the ground to go home.
File: pepedexxy.jpg (20 KB, 242x168)
20 KB
god i know. every time i was so nervous they'd find it but i hid it so well
>tfw they never checked the gendersack hehe
totally. i was there
damn dude...grow some fuckin balls holy shit. for real just kill yourself
>Anon, can you read the next paragraph.
>What page teach?
I had already read the textbook three times and ignored all of the droning the teacher did. Napped through the last half of the year and passed with a B-.
>Anon why aren't you reading with us?
>It's boring, slow, and I hate having to cover the speed of stuttering retards.
>Anon, talk to me after class.

Got bitched out about other students being slower. Told her I expect more from people in high-school. She agreed, but said not to do it again.
>im a dirt bag
no you're just a lame ass
>"playing doctor" in kindergarten
>fuck, we need a cover story
>looking back, probably would've gotten in less trouble if we just fessed up but somehow I knew it would be fucked-up and awkward
>I don't even know what this is but we could definitely get in trouble
>let's get in trouble for something else
>flood/annihilate the room
>get way in trouble for it
>never speak of it again
are you black? if so, there is your answer
you are a weak willed, frail little child
>Will x please report to the principals office
>x to the principals office please. Thank you.
>entire classroom goes 'OOOOOOOOOOO'

Fuck, it was hilarious every single time, we did it all the way up to the last year of High school. Graduated in 07

Anyone else do this?
It's underaged faggot.
File: 3fe.gif (5 KB, 569x510)
5 KB
>anon why are you missing so many days of school?
File: man-crying1.jpg (68 KB, 433x488)
68 KB
Ur sweet ;) have a good night Anon
>Mfw I tell Mom I got a (you) tonight
I used to have a good reputation in middle school. I had a friend in each clique and caste. During lunchtime some of them would get handed a detention (for continous talking). To prove how "straight edge and edgy" I was I'd walk up to the monitor and blatantly ask for a lunch detention. I was a good kid and never really got in trouble so this visibly confused them.
>tfw friends got out of detention leaving me to sit in the office alone
>tfw they never did anything that nice for me, not even a invite to go to their homes
>tfw they all just thought i was retarded

Kek. Is that you Adam?
Oh dang, ouch anon. I can see that being embarrassing as hell
File: images (1).jpg (8 KB, 189x266)
8 KB
>tfw called out for wearing tighty whities in 5th grade
Keep the 70% where they are
Put the 25% in the coal mines
Groom the 5% for command
inb4 tells the principal to not go to school tomorrow because he's okay

>(I already knew everything they taught in 6th grade form my awesome 3rd grade teacher).
Arthur is that you?
Just wait for your brothers to escape her grasp and then build a relationship with them, thus ruining her plans for the future.
(not many mass shootings/killings in New Zealand)
I was a normally good boy who got bullied, didn't have one friend, quiet one in the back of the classroom making jokes about mass shootings, one day got a butter block smooshed into my hair.

>stands up
basically threaten to shoot up the school
>gets home
>Anti-Terrorism units at my door

And that's the story of how I was investigated by my government for 8 months and suspended for a week
>tfw cant switch to boxers the next day as you know they got to you.

Was 6th grade for me.
File: 1460958528291.jpg (12 KB, 426x314)
12 KB
>6th grade
>Learning about PEMDAS and shit
>Class goes to the computer lab to play math games
>Never been good at math and had a D at the time, only ended the semester with a C- because parents made me stay after school for help
>I suddenly understand what we're doing and I feel proud of myself
>Whisper to myself that this is easy
>Teacher hears me and says "if it's so easy then you shouldn't be here" and threatened to send me out of the classroom
>tfw sheltered
>5th grade
>chad white kid plays cod
>always talking about nazi zombies
>constantly dropping facts about nazis in social studies/history
>no idea what any of it is don't even know about WW2 until 7th grade
>literally talking about the difference between officer and general garb
>pretend to, anyway just so I could be friends with the cool kid
Would you believe that kid showed up to take my high school German class?
I hate you Jacob.
>tfw you piss yourself on the first day of your new school
Worst feel I've ever had.
>PE class
>doing jumping jacks
>1, 2, 3, 4
>say random numbers, 8, -82, 16, 3
>off to the principal's office
>PE teacher laughing the whole time like she always did

This was elementary school and that women sent me to the office more than I'd been sent the previous years combined. I think she just did it to mess with me.
File: 1497944969961.png (126 KB, 210x339)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>15 y/o, 6'4, 240+lbs
>walk in front of corner shop to get to school every morning
>some older chavs who smoke outside the shop and never go to class would always come up in my face and want to start a fight
>stop taking that route to school after a week or two

Also some chav hoodlum once threatened to stab me, but he was a 5 foot manlet and it was kinda funny.

Scotland really is shite.
>no I cant handle this feel
>3 weeks in
>have to wait 20 mins for bus to pick us up at the fence
>piss myself 5 mins after I get on the bus
>tell my only friend I feel kind of sick so he should find a different seat just in case
>>he thinks I just don't like him now or some shit
>school is in the middle of the city
>50 min bus ride while I'm sitting in my own piss
>>piss gets cold
>>>heart gets colder
File: 1501754676865.png (69 KB, 364x504)
69 KB
I actually did this

>the school underwear
I didn't tell anyone, I was sitting on a fabric chair so that soaked up most of it. Fucking cunt of a teacher wouldn't let me go to the toilet.
They called my parents when this happens in the 5th grade wrote that I was depressed in my journal for class
>Have desk vacant next to me
>Other kid is acting up
>Teacher says "Alright, sit next to anon"
>Ask "Why am I being punished"
In 7th grade my math teacher called me an idiot in front of the class, and my cool ass science teacher helped me calm down and talked to her.

I had a 80 something in her class
>5th grade
>Nazi zombies
You are cutting it close kidd
I think the first one came out when I was 12 and I just turned 21...
Just turned 18 this jahre miene freunde.
>10th grade
>build popsicle stick bridge for geometry class
>no rules
>coat bridge in Elmer's glue and black paint because black's a cool color
>bridge holds most weight beating some other kid's bridge who also used Elmer's glue
>teacher says I used tar which I didn't
>parents yell at her that I didn't and she relents
>other kid still gets award for bridge holding the weight
What age did you start coming here?
File: 1488867155249.jpg (50 KB, 380x380)
50 KB
>middle school, had a young qt history teacher
>loved teaching asian history, I suspect she was a closet weeb
>she showed us movies like tortoro and spirited away during lunch breaks
>I happen to be asian, known as the quiet depressed kid
>whenever I would pass by her in the hall she would stop and ask me to smile for her
>I didn't because at the time I just wanted to be left alone
>one day she takes me aside and asks if I want to talk about my life
>I blew her off
>a decade later I still I regret it a lot
>mfw nobody has ever cared about me that much since
>decide it is time for my HS to evolve
>present my plan to student council
>it is a student labor program which would force us all to work together around school lol
>they hate it, convince the rest of the seniors to bully me into giving up because I am >a fucking crazy junior who wants to turn us all into slaves
>not intimidated just amazed that theyd actually do this
>also amused that these brainlets dont understand that they will graduate before this is a thing anyway
>tweet Lil B and tell him Im being bullied and ask him to send a taskforce to my school to deal with this (obviously a joke)
>somebody sends my tweet to the Headmaster and tells him I am threatening to shoot the school
>get yanked out of class and dragged to office
>have to explain to Headmaster who Lil B is, it was all a joke, etc
>still get forced into counseling
>give up on my plan because I realize that I am not Il Duce
anon no need to do fbi's job
File: 1409418180398.png (221 KB, 455x379)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>had a highschool teacher that was super young, commonly mistaken for a student
>she was also ridiculously cute
>but she had a reputation as being a bitch from hell
>her class was super strict
>begin to really dislike her
>one day she personally takes me aside and asks why I'm not performing well enough
>anon, you're clearly very bright and I know you have the skills to do well not only in my class, but in life as well
>not even my parents say that kind of shit to me
>suddenly start crushing on her really hard after that
>7th grade
>get out of class late cause dumb teacher made everyone line up and say something in french before we could leave one by one
>go to school bus home
>by this time, it's fucking packed. Have to sit next to someone I don't like, let alone know
>nobody lets me sit next to them
>walking up and down the aisle looking lost
>start crying
>bus driver yells at me for still standing, then forces someone to let me sit next to them
>fat bitch in seat in front of me tells me to stop crying, making it worse

my school was full of assholes. I'm not even that autistic. They locked those away, safe from everyone else.
2012. I was watching thread simulators which piqued my interest.
File: into the cliff.jpg (331 KB, 960x1280)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
>zoning out in class at 8 am because I don't want to be here
>get called on for the answer
>don't know what the fuck is going on for a few seconds
>just say "uhhhhh..." and something I made up
>teacher says "mmm no, that was [answer]" and spends a long time explaining the question
>become a target for others in the class for the rest of the year
flippin heck
>asking to go to the toilet

I always just stood up and went. If they asked me where I was going I told to piss. And I went to piss.
File: cheeky.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
>dumb dance class thing for some reason
>every time a girl has to dance with me, they're disgusted

i confided in my loneliness a long time ago
HEY MAN!...ok, Have a nice day ;)
Did anyone else go to a ghetto school?
>its another go to counselor dindus office to try to accomplish a basic task
>its another black teacher tells you
"mup ba do bix nood" and you just nod your head episode
>its another jewish teacher is complaining about republicans episode
>its another immigrants sprinting to lunch episode
>its another tyrone asks you a question to make stacy laugh episode
>be in 10th grade
>diagnosed autist
>was a 5'8 skelly
>chad and tyrone would bully me constantly, teachers didn't give a shit
>was too small to fight back, thought about bringing a mallet or a knife to make it a fair fight
>one day chad is trying to impress stacey, insults me to make her laugh
>really liked that stacey, humiliating me in front of her was the last straw
>felt I had to do something, I couldn't contain my anger
>was too small to fight chad, felt powerless, which just pissed me off more
>waited until chad left, then punched stacey on the side of her face, then in the gut
>she fell to the ground, people started to watch
>got on top of her and kept punching her in the face over and over again
>people tried to pull me off
>grabbed her hair and got a kiss before they pulled me off and beat the shit out of me
>had to move to a new school after that, didn't get in trouble because of my autism
I went to one. Did any kids die there? In my school two or three kids were shot
>"clap once if you can hear my voice, clap twice if you can hear me., raise your hand if you hear me"
oh christ. this was basically code word for "shut the fuck up" when i was in school
>it's another toilet is filled with weed episode
>it's another guess who the dead little kid on Tyrone and Laqueefa's shirts is episode
>its another school walk out for the 4th time this month episode
>it's another no one leaves the class until Tyrone gets his phone back episode
I'm surprised I made it out with my IQ in the 90th percentile.
Fucking lol I read that book in 6th grade and when we got to the part with Tuck or whoever confessing how he liked the main character and some dindu kid in the class is like
>he-he's a child molester!

That same kid brought his cousin's shoes in for show and tell (he was a semi famous basketball player) and passed them around and everyone said the shoes smelled like weed kek
>not having to sperg out and stutter in class
you dont know how blessed you are
You had the chance to have a goth mommy gf, why let it slip?
>black teeth
damn dude
I know that last feel all too well, worst part is I am 23 and the two of them are still together and they started dating in middle school
because you're retarded as well
File: 1504576182076.png (322 KB, 591x716)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>teachers understand I have severe anxieties
>they try get me help by telling my mom to take me to the doctor
>"He's just shy" says my mom
>don't get an answer
I would have chewed him out, regardless of his authority
File: 1507120065226.jpg (64 KB, 284x297)
64 KB
>tfw only black kid at school but was absolute trash with basketball and football so I would just fuck around in the workout room those days
>tfw your dad died when you were a kid and no one was any nicer to you

>4th grade
>gay teacher asks if i can stay after the lessons
>ooh boy im in trouble
>he asks me how im doing at home, what kind of medication im on since i sleep all day and dont care about anything
>im not even on medication

Just depressed without even realizing it
File: 1503453686546.jpg (247 KB, 705x527)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>walk into the canteen
>no idea which table to sit at
>stand there trying to decide, all the while feeling that everyone is judging you for not knowing where to go
>retreat to the toilets
>desperately hoping the bell will ring any second
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 193x261)
7 KB
My favorite aspect of this, which I've usually noticed as a trait of someone-on-their-case-every-hour-of-the-day black guys, is when they get called out of the room, and you see them give the class a look like pic related on their way out.

I sometimes wished that they'd come back with the look completely gone, or never come back in the room for a few days.
>tfw in English class
>we're reading a book
>usually get picked on to read
>enjoy reading
>teacher picks someone who hates reading and not me
File: eoc_082012.png (108 KB, 134x160)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>Taking EoC
>Get the two sample questions wrong
>Have to silently erase it and hope nobody notices
>standing at urinal in first grade
>other kids talking at the sinks
>turn to talk to them without putting benis away(I forgot to)
>both kids scream and run out of room. I assume they told the teacher because I had to have a talk with the principal afterwards.
Nice fantasy stories Mr. Victimcomplex, you should write a book or something
File: ss.jpg (327 KB, 524x700)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
>sitting alone during swimming carnival
>looking down at the ground to avoid eye contact with girls
>group of girls in swimmers come along and stand right in front of me for a couple of minutes talking
>just state at the ground and wait for them to go
>they leave
>feel relieved
>look up to stretch my neck shortly after
>a ground of fathers on the other side of the pool are all staring at me
>they think that I was being a pervert of course
>everyone always thinks I'm a pervert just because I'm anon
>stare at them for half a minute
>eventually look down at the ground
>never attend another swimming carnival again
>wonder why I must do things that bring me pain
>always wear a baseball cap because autistic little robot
>faggot 5th/6th graders take my hat off my head
>call them fucking faggots
And that's when I starting to become a misanthrope
>in 2nd grade
>Bring a Swiss army knife to school
>Bring it out at lunch to cut up my sandwich
>Teacher sees it
>She takes it away
>Go home
>Run to my bedroom and cry
>Mom gets a call from school
>Go back to school after hours
>Mom talks with principal while I'm sitting in the lobby
>So nervous
>Mom gets out of office and we drive back home
>This was nearly 20 years ago

My mom told me what the principal said when I was I like 20 or so and apparently he said that boys will be boys and I didn't hurt anybody and the only thing he was worried about was other kids taking it from me and hurting others.
hey, me too ;_;
Probably fucked over my groups when I didn't show up for those final presentations too
File: wire_what.gif (1.88 MB, 288x288)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
>taking EOC/Statewide exam
>furiously filling answers
>Remember Class do NOT turn the pages or go on until I say
>desperately try to be conspicuous
Same thing happened to me. I only finished the first page before I noticed that nobody else was writing. Turns out we had a 5 minute reading time.
>tfw special needs
Hated being a sperger in school desu
File: 1503938009122s.jpg (4 KB, 241x209)
4 KB
Last kid to say those words to me ended up in a puddle of blood in the school parking lot. I was weak as fuck and couldn't fight, but that day I was just so pissed that I had enough power to do damage. The kid swung, and I managed to FUCKING BLOCK it and came around with a right hook from fucking hell.

Didn't get bullied after that desu
>tfw I was more literate than everyone and would subtley scan through the reading portions because I actually wanted to and I always finished ahead of everyone
but I couldn't put my head down or pull out another book so that sucked.
This is why schools need segregation to be honest. Thanks MLK
File: 1503151972573.gif (55 KB, 200x150)
55 KB
>this happens to me
>decide to finally open up to someone and let all that shit come out for the first (and last) time in my life, almost cried
>she never called or even talked to me again after that day
>year ends, graduate and she's still ignoring me
What was the fucking point. I wanted to kill the bitch so bad.

At my highschool we had
>Advanced placement
Classes and that was essentially defacto segregation. All the black kids were in standard classes and all the white kids were in either advanced or AP classes. The parent of the black kids (because lel the dads were all in prison) would put their kid in the standard classes because I guess to them public school was a daycare for their child while they go out and whore themselves out for drugs. Going to an inner city public school was a mistake.
At my elementary school, there was a 15-20 minute period of lunch where the lights would dim and no one was allowed to talk. Anyone who talked went from a green card to yellow card, then if you talked again it was red card. I only got red card once and I was convinced I would get expelled for it.
Did you go to Hazelwood by any chance?
>6th grade
>kids start bringing laser pens to class and shining them around during class
>save up money and beg my mom to buy one off ebay
>she orders one from china since its the cheapest
>finally get it a month later
>first day, bring it to school to show off
>shine it around in class, homies all asking to try it
>shining in peoples faces at lunch, most kids just look over in my direction and laugh, some confused where it's coming from, homies laughing their ass off
>shine in some tall kids (who was probably held back) face from across the room, he yells at the top of his lungs "THAT KID HAS A LASER PEN" and points at me
>asian counselor lady monitoring lunch room hears, runs over to me and snatches the pen out of my hands
>says something about it not being allowed
>eat rest of lunch, wait for tables to start being dismissed and everyone in the courtyard
>lunch rooms pretty much empty besides the fat kids who are still finishing their food
>walk over to asian counselor, ask when I can get my pen back
>"You can't, shame since it's a nice pen too"
>almost start crying
>get home, tell my mom the counselor stole my new laser pen
>next day mom goes into office after dropping me off to ask for my pen
>chink took my pen home, and was planning on keeping it, says she'll bring it in tomorrow
>next day mom goes in and gets my pen
>she just tells me not to bring it to school again and gives it back
kek, no one noticed the taser in the corer of the room?
>every year fail
>senior year
>try to make a good impression on new PE coach by shaving all my pubes the night before
>wake up with ingrown hairs

That sucks, I'm a literal Nazi but unless you're part of the whole thug culture thing, I would have no reason to hate you
File: crying-pepe.jpg (16 KB, 351x351)
16 KB
Oh fuck this reminds me if a story
>go to a camp to the sea with the whole school
>all that freedom gets to me
>eat 10 xxl icecream cones 'cuz why the fuck not
>the next day
>i get sick with diarhea
>teacher forces me to go to the beach with the other kids
>i go
>i feel like in gonna shit myself
>she tells two kids to come with me to the hotel room(they were my roommates and they were also twins so lets call them twin 1 and twin 2)
Those two guys were comical levels of normie
>we get there
>they cant get the magnetic card to open the door
>feel shit coming out
>get really fucking angry that they cant open the fucking door
>push twin 2 out of the way so i can try and open the door
>get it opened from the first try
>rush to the toilet
>1 hour later the class comes back from the beach
>they wont talk to me for some reason
>ask why
>"you pushed twin 2,anon how could you do that"
hold me anons
>9th grade
>edgy and emo as shit because my mother is a crippling alcoholic
>have p.e with one of three close friends
>edgy as shit together still would consider it sociopathic behavior but whatever
>our edgyness caught on to the mexicans of our class
>the fuck u say nigga.jpg
>classic beaner vs white boy skeleton
>was going to most likely be bullied for a long while
>one of my good friends was on year 2 of power lifting
>found out later that he threatened to fuck him up if he kept messing with me
>fast forward to senior year of highschool
>be in different school now
>get invited to "hang out" with my old buddies
>can literally see the look on their faces once they realize I still became autistic social outcast that cannot socialize
>the worst part is, is that they're just like me but I keep running because of how fucked up my current living situation is
>developing mental illnesses
>everything is crumbling

why does my brain keep playing this video on replay? It's like I want to feel the worst outcome from an outside perspective on the body I am stuck in. Is this purgatory?
I never went first, so I would just steal some cucks answer before me and re-word it lol.
File: download (1).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
2nd grade story reminds me of something:
>Be me, 9 years old
>Was friends with the neighbors 5 year old daughter
>I'd usually just play whatever she wanted to play
>On this one specific day, her parents go out somewhere leaving her in my care (unbeknownst to me)
>As we're playing, she says she needs to pee
>Ask if she can use the bathroom in her house
>She goes up to her house and comes back down saying the door's locked
>I ask if she can wait til her parents come back
>Says it's really bad
>Didn't wanna let her use my bathroom since the house was kinda a mess
>9 year old mind suddenly has a good idea
>Say she can pee in my backyard
>She accepts and tells me not to look
>I don't and wait
>Suddenly her father arrives and call out for her
>She responds saying she's in my backyard
>Father looks in and see's a 5 year old with her pants down, and a 9 year old kid standing there with his back turned
>Father becomes furious and demands she comes inside
I didn't know it at the time, but he obviously thought I was molesting her. Things cleared up though because I got to see her the next day. Just thought I should share that.
Well he was right.

Sorry m8
Stupid kid, got what it deserved.
>not calling them gay for staring at your crotch

I never got the idea of requesting offensive songs during lunch when they played music, but I'll give my sister a list of good ones since she still goes to my old school
the absolute state of Queerbec
>sitting alone at a lunch table
>literally the entire table is empty
>teachers comes over and sits down
>asks me if anything is wrong
>"you've been staring into space for 15min anon is everything OK?"
>she gets up and leaves
>go back to thinking about stopping time to fuck my crush
>Haha anon, your dad is a stupid farmer
File: 1507864765360.jpg (5 KB, 205x246)
5 KB
>be in gifted
>at the end of the year everyone in class gets a paper to attend a special high school for gifted children
>look around after everyone gets their paper
>what about me?
>not you anon
god damn that brings me back
>be me
>first or second grade
>friends with a really weird kid
>constantly talks about shooting people and stuff but he was really nice to me so I stuck with him
>6 year old me can't understand he's actually borderline psychotic
>in class one day
>teacher asks us to partner up with a friend and write a story where we do something together
>go to friend
>end up writing a story where we bring guns and explosives to a football game and kill dozens of people
>mom gets called
>forced to end friendship which I now understand was for the best
>realized he was nuts 2 weeks later on the last day of school when he walked up to where me and my other friends were playing and smashed our toy cars with his feet for no reason
File: 1497046497550.jpg (68 KB, 633x758)
68 KB
>>Have oneitis
>>learn she has a bf
>>better than me in every way
>>mental health gets that much worse
File: 1497969440993.png (446 KB, 808x805)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>doing classwork in science class
>working from the book
>we have black rectangular tables we sit at with 7 kids to a table
>all of a sudden cough
>shit just pours out of my anus like a mount saint helen erupted in 1980
>expression doesn't even change slightly
>no hesitation with my writing
>just keep doing my school work
>few minutes later
>whats that smell
>sweat intensifies
>people at my table sniffing the air
>did someone shit themselves
>keep looking down while doing my work
>everyone stops working and everyone is audibly confused
>keep doing my work
>only kid in the classroom at this point continuing to work
>people start getting up and walking around sniffing people
>start fucking up my writing
>guy finally gets to me
>takes one big whiff
>before he even has a chance to say anything look up at him and say
>I know
>run out of the classroom to the nurse's office
>get to go home pretending I'm sick
>go back to school the next day
>play it off like I had a stroke so I shit myself and had to go to the hospital
>some guy asks me why I'm in school the next day then
>get nervous and blurt out "I have amnesia"
>after I get out of school I transfer to another middle school
File: eQ20E.jpg (82 KB, 384x313)
82 KB
>other kids always blame me for the shit they do
>don't really care and don't bother defending myself
>always in detention or having a talk or the teachers calling my parents
>half the teachers and other kids' parents think I was a druggie and a bully even though I was the quiet nerd
>this continues all the way to hs
Don't really mind it even now.

This shit still happens to me in college. The weird pale chicks who don't seem popular are the absolute worst. They make you think you have a chance, and then bam
File: 1505318915660s.jpg (1 KB, 68x125)
1 KB
>>play it off like I had a stroke so i shit myself and had to go to the hospital
We had this south american girl in our hs who asked me for prom. That was like the first time a girl had shown any interest in me and I was super excited for it. Then in the time between her asking and the dance she got some older chad bf.
Still danced with her. So I've actually touched a girl, can't really complain.
>be me
>have acne
>face gets greasy and i like to keep it clean
>wipe my face every now and then
>in class
>anxiety always
>drinking herbal medicine to help
>someone asks what im drinking
>reply "cow piss"
>feelz greazy m8
>wipe face
>fat landwhale piece of shit teacher stares at me
>whole class stops
>all staring at me
>no reply
>bitch starts going off on one about how im failing in front of everyone
>lol bcuz depresso made me do this
>"yoU thInk Itss FUNNI???"
>continues to shove pro BLM islam agenda down sheeple throatz


Shit strori sorry bye
>"cow piss"
that was pretty funny desu
thanks babes, i also had a short discussion about rape culture w/ the tranz kiddo that sitz rite next tu me.

have a great weekend fren
"who doesn't have a partner?"
>part of the whole thug culture
No. It's not something I've ever considered subscribing to. Thanks, anon.
>feelz greazy m8
Ahaha. Dude you are so smug. kek.
>come speak to me after class
>I'm going to have to call your parents about your grades
>norwegian high school
>music major
>music/dance/drama lessons (go google MDD and see what comes up)
>we have to to the weirdest shit in front of everybody, like spell our name with our butt in the air, blind tag, pair up in groups all the time and have eye contact with each other for 5 minutes
thankfully I am really good at holding a normalfag facade if I try hard enough
>it's a "history class teaches WW2 and how "hitler was bad guys" for the 5th fucking year episode
>guy bullies me
>I tell the teacher
>teacher phones his parents
>bully is upset next day
>"Hey why did you not ask me first? Communicate!!!"
>lmao to myself about how fucking entitled he is

yeah buddy next time I'll submit a form in the mail ahead of the time letting you know that I do not wish to be a target of your retarded harassment
>realize literally nothing you've learned over all those years meant anything

None of the classes teach you stuff like budgeting, proper ways to apply for a job, and actually useful stuff. Instead, make way for learning about the revolution/WW2 for the 4th year in a row.
this desu
why the fuck do I need to know how to plot an inverse function on a graph
literally never going to help me
it's all busywork that means fuckall just so teachers can keep their jobs and not feel useless
>>you pushed twin 2,anon how could you do that
>english teachers did the whole "take turns reading paragraphs out of a book" deal
>i'd just instantly call on someone else to read every time

Ms Smith you stupid bitch, we were in SENIOR FUCKING YEAR, not 2nd grade.
File: 142517666484.gif (1.76 MB, 219x186)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF

Good job!

That was justice.
>got ISS more than i was in normal class in 7th grade

I dont get what the teachers had against me. Other kids got that shit for fights, i got it for being late and missing assignments. Not to mention it's a shitty punishment in general.

>lets stick the kid in a classroom all day as opposed to sticking them in a few classrooms all day!
>5th grade
>nigger keeps being a racist fuck to me
>dont remember what i said one day but i referred to him as "chocolate"
>he instantly cries racism on me
>get called to principal
>mom gets called
>mom yells at principal for having double standards

I'm glad that stupid fucking kid OD'd after high school
>home sick
>can't play vidya
>nothing's on tv but preschooler cartoons and soap operas
>>chink took my pen home, and was planning on keeping it
asians are the fucking worst, they always steal shit from students
i know this feel, in 9th grade I had this mexican janitor lady who sat next me at every lunch asking if i was okay and offering to buy me lunch because i just sat there drawing or reading. It got so annoying and embarrassing I just stayed in the bathroom/library during lunch for the rest of the year

My worst moment probably was when i forgot to bring extra tampons to school and had to shove that cheap shitty toilet paper in my underwear. I was leaking through onto the seat in my last class, and of course i was sitting next to someone i'd had a crush on for 2 years. As i got up i'm 99% sure he noticed the red streak i left on the chair. I was so embarrassed i didn't even go to school for several days.
White kids always bringing weapons to school tho niqqa dam *holds up*
god they are the fucking worst.

biological wastes, it hurts me to know that they still get gf and such and we dont. i'm not good either but I know I'm at least fucking better than them
which just means she was actually attractive and you have Chad standards you snowflake fuck
>justice is beating the shit out of someone who did nothing wrong because you're an impotent loser who can't stand up for yourself
Chad has a right to all women, anon. You should be thanking him for making her happy for you.
>exponents make no sense to me at all

2^3 = 2x2x2
10^8 = 10x10x10x10x10x10x10x10

what is there to not understand
>that kid who would the the ooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo like a race car switching gears
>teacher calls me "brilliant but lazy"
>assume it's code for dumb and the teacher just doesn't want to deal with angry parents
>stop trying because I'm dumb
>stop even going in but still get passed
>get to college
>90%+ on everything with minimal effort
>classmates average in the 65% range
>tfw I actually was smart and wasted all that time when I could have been learning
>3rd kindgarden
>everyone gets out for lunch time
>an uneartlhly urge to stay in the classroom
>feel left behind
>pee a little for the axiety

i have more rare stories like this
the funny thing is he was 100% of the black kids in school, and everybody hated him
>School is just a bigass daycare, guys, a bunch of pointless busywork to keep kids off the streets. They try to convince you it's about learning stuff but they just make you do the same stuff over and over again most of the time. I read "Dear Mr. Henshaw" a godawful 4 times, "The Pinballs" 3 times, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" twice, "The Outsiders" twice, and "To Kill a Mockingbird" twice all because 4th through 8th grade all used the exact same god damn curriculum.
This anon knows whats up.
>7th grade
>go drink water from a water cooler
>some guy from 4th grade gives me 3 letters
>opens letters
>"I love you" written in all of the letters and well decorated from 3 girls from 4th grade
>some classmate sees me reading the letters
>decide to tell him
>"why don't you go tell the vice principal anon?"
>autistically agree
>realize what I've done
>vp sends some teacher to bring the girls
>girls come sadden and have a depressed look on their face
>vp says "don't worry anon go back to your class"
tfw you reject 3 girls and possibly ruined their childhood
>socially awkward.
>Never even had a real conversation with anyone for all four years of high school.
>New kid joins
>He crushes pussy like crazy and has been invited to several parties just within his first month in a new city.
I never went to school dropped out at 16 it work was homless for a few years after 18.
Ottawa actually but close enough


I've never known of anyone else to do the same. Whoa.
>first grade
>got ISS for throwing a snowball
>at nothing at all, i just threw it into an empty area
>not watching price is right
It was the GOAT sick day show
That shit wasn't on all day. Hated being sick at home, but it was different if i was sick at my grandmas

>the favorite grandkid
>she'd call school and tell them i'm sick even if i wasn't
>threw blankets into dryers so i had a hot blanket
>didn't care what i did

then my mom would show up and get pissy if i was playing anything while "sick
File deleted.
>student asks when will we ever use this in the real world
>teacher says colleges need to know you know this
>student says what about getting a job?
>teacher says weeelll construction workers use angles and graphs all the time
>student says what if I don't want to be a construction worker
>teacher says just do this work or get out of my class
Personally I would've said "you need to go to college to get a job" but every teacher is programmed to give that specific example. At least every maths teacher is
File: 61a5a42.jpg (53 KB, 700x525)
53 KB
>this exactly
>one day respond with "fine let her work by herself
>teacher goes along with it
>I get an "A"
>she fails spectacularly
>blames me for rest of school for ALL her failures
>gets pregnant and drops out

Honestly she probably still blames me but she should have just sucked it up maybe then her life wouldn't have gone to shit.
>in kindergarten
>feel a fart coming on
>try to let it out as silently as possible
>oh fug oh fug it wasnt a far
>realized that I've accidentally shit myself
>too nervous to stand up
>too nervous to tell anyone
>sit there for five minutes before kid next to me starts complaining
>teacher asks if I need to go to the nurse
>speed walk out of class and go home for the rest of the day

still haunts my memories
Ah fuck I love these threads. Reminds me of this place ten years ago.

>grade 4
>smell poop
>girl beside me says she smells it
>best friend is sitting in the next aisle
>see him wiggle his ass
>we think he shit himself
>smells like shit all day
>get home
>ass itches
>scratch it
>covered in shit
>dried shit all over my ass

I threw my best friend under the bus and didn't even realize it was me.
>4th grade
>"Middle school wont accept work if it's not in cursive!"
>5th grade
>"high school wont take non cursive work!"
>high school
>"Handwriting? Typing's easier to read, get to the computer lab and do your paper"
This for my entire life
Thanks for understanding my pain
File: 1478853001325.png (176 KB, 400x406)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
>>some guy asks me why I'm in school the next day then
>>get nervous and blurt out "I have amnesia"
File: download.jpg (8 KB, 214x236)
8 KB
>read "Dear Mr. Henshaw" a godawful 4 times, "The Pinballs" 3 times, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" twice, "The Outsiders" twice, and "To Kill a Mockingbird" twice all because 4th through 8th grade all used the exact same god damn curriculum
>mfw read a book/saw movie of the book before the class even knew about it
>share this with the teacher
>she gives an earnest "gud 4 u"
>never brings it up again
>won't even let me take the test ahead of everyone
>mfw no one cared
Ahh crap. Wrong image.
Original shota
File: IMG_9604.jpg (16 KB, 225x224)
16 KB
>Primary 2
>We get a new teacher
>She's old as fuck and looks senile
>One day I hand in some basic maths sheet we had to do for homework
>I get one question wrong
>She outright calls me an idiot
>Completely blind sided
>She sends me out of the room
>Cry outside the room until she comes out to talk to me
>Screams at me then lets me back it
>This goes on for a while, she singles me out and pretends to miss hear me with things
>Once told my mom who works at the school that I swore in class
>Mom screams at me
>End up crying every day because of this
>One day I've had enough, i walk up to her and tell her to stop shouting at me
>She hits me over the head with a book
>Says something like "Did that hurt?!"
>Throw chair across the room and run out the class to my mom
>Tell her that she hit me
>Mom is red with anger
>Entire class rats on the teacher
>She gets sacked and we get a new teacher
>Everyday of primary I tell myself I should have thrown the chair at her
Think she died when I was in primary 6, fucking hated her and i hated how the school dealt with it
File: 1506467432257.png (278 KB, 500x357)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
>13 years old
>fall in love with a girl in class, let's call her Stacy
>when walking back to class alone with her one time, let out some cringeworthy pick-up line about how beautiful she is
>next day, everyone is making fun of me for it
>still try to persevere by asking her out, but she always has some convenient excuse to run away
>eventually find out a fat ugly asshole, let's call him Brad, is her bf
>Brad keeps making fun of me and pissing me off
>get an idea
>very politely ask one of Stacy's female friends if she could do me a favour
>tell her to lie to Stacy that Brad had been cheating with her
>she says she couldn't possibly do something like that because Stacy is her friend
>find out the next day that Stacy broke up with Brad
>Brad stops bullying me
>my scheming worked out after all, feels good man
>not much really comes of this over the next few years, 4 years of typical school boredom and loneliness

>in the final year of school, Stacy starts hanging out with me more
>Brad, who had been away at a different school for a year, returns as a genuinely decent guy (and having lost a lot of that weight)
>I somehow end up actually finally managing to hang out with a few people, Stacy being the main one
>have a long self-improvement talk with Stacy at the graduation party and hug her a few times
>mfw I won
I just realised this was supposed to be "Bad" school feels. Whoops. Well, the start of it was sad at least.
>people think I'm a big druggie because I look like one
>tfw never used drugs in my life
>people come up to me to talk about drugs
>always replies with random shit about drugs
>become known as one of the big school druggies
>tfw years after school I have still never used drugs
Just b.e. entireIy yourseIf
Fucking Jews

Yeah pretty much the outcome though if i had a school district all to myself to look over i would not give one inch
Kek fattie
Man if you were in America your life would have been over. You would have been all over the news and definitely thrown in jail.
File: scared.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
>OK class, you get to pick your partners for the assignment
Stacy was always really nice to me for some reason.
>tfw she gave me her number in elementary school
>tfw she hugged me when I ran into her at the county fair last year
This happened to me a few days ago.
I wanna see a horny guy trying to hide his erection that sounds really cute actually
File: Thisisntfunatall.jpg (36 KB, 636x639)
36 KB
>>People picking teams
Oh no
File: mpv-shot0001.jpg (84 KB, 960x720)
84 KB
>year 5
>get flyers for a local YMCA
>(somewhat-kinda-friend) and I graffiti them with rape and death jokes
>show friends
>one LEAVES MINE ON THE FUCKING GROUND and a teacher gets it
>does handwriting tests and everything to try and find the culprit
I we managed to avoid proper punishment with a deny everything, but pretty sure they knew it was me. Dad was pretty cool with it though.
File: Abstractwojak.jpg (37 KB, 680x684)
37 KB
>Tfw teacher tells me stay after class.
>Tells me that I'm a great student and fucking calls my mom about it.
>tfw realized years later the reason he did it.
year 5
>studying acient egypt for a project
>get hooked on the heiroglyphs
>start writing out words
>decide to start writing out swear words fuck shit cunt stuff like that
>i tell another kid in my class cause i though it was funny
>motherfuker rats me out
>taken to he mistresses office
>have to watch her translate each line when each line is finnished she hasa greater look of disgust on her face
>get shouted at yadayada ydada
>go back to my class
>do the same thing again but this time saying how much i hated the kid
>sent to head mistrsses office again
>wasnt completely worth it can now write fuck in acient egyptian hieroglyphs
me again this time year 6
>kid from earielr has beome a bane of my existece
>everyone else in th class hates him as much as i do
>start drawing comics of his mother getting beaten and killed with other people in the class (yeah he was this much of a cunt)
>one day I leave the piece of paper witht the comics on my chair by acident
>get caught
>teacher calls me out in front of the entie class
>teavher makes a threat that she wil get my figerprnts from the paper
>says she knows a friend in the forensic department of the police
>i was fucking terrified .jpg
>still didnt confess
>now im doing forensic science at university
why did you tell him tho
>tfw overhear normies talking about some music/interest i thought only i liked
>tfw lose ability to enjoy music/interest after this
me again year 6 again
>one day decide enough is enough
>same kid pushes my last button
>he says something to me,i cant remember what but i rememeber i was pissed.jpg
>decide to run uo after him and bear hug him
>bear in mind that i was the tallest and strongest one in my year by far
>use this opurtunity of him being imobilised to jumo up using my hands on his shoulders to gain hight
>on my way back down i bring my fist back onto the top of his head with the force of a thousand raging 11 year olds
>mfw his legs just buckeld after i hit him
>mfw everyone else in the year started calling it my half term present to him
>god i fucking hate/hated that kid
i dont know i think before this we were some what friends
>year 1 or 2 or something
>kindergarten friend (now weeb) and I make a fake bird nest out of stones and sticks
>two girls tell us how they will tell the teacher about how we were playing with sticks and stones
I thought we were going to get in big trouble

>kindergarten, with preschool trio
>one tells me I can't eat peaches because he doesn't like them
fast forward two years
>they get into a fight at one kids house, I'm just there awkwardly
>peach hater gets hit in the head with a metal baseball bat
>still just standing there awkwardly
see pic of >>40384177
last year saw that his little brother had joined my school in year 7 when i was in year 13
ever time i saw his ace i just wanted t punch it
>i dont know i think before this we were some what friends

Actually, I can't complain, I became friends with some douche who tackled me and slapped me hard as fuck for no reason, and made a hate website about me on weebly. He became alright by high school.
wow you must be one hell of a brainlet
>make dam in gutter out of sticks, leaves and soil from a planter every lunchtime it rained
>some douchebag tries to destroy it

Also, in year 2 I started mining into a steep bit of a hill, and got three other kids to start mining. We found some nice stones and old black plastic shit.
Whoops, I misread it. My bad, Anon.

>school assembly
>high school
>say pledge of allegiance
>use pic related historical salute because why the hell not
>old woman vice principal huffs up to me halfway through
>"you, into my office, now!"
>starts ranting "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!"
>rants how horrible what I did was in a hysterical almost screaming voice
>"Hitler was a demonic possessed man!"
>"my father almost died fighting his evil and you treat the freedom he earned you like that!"
>she goes on and on
>don't recall what I got punished with since it wasn't much
>tfw the strict teacher treats you much nicer than everyone else
>that feel when trust issues b/c abuse and think their after your prepubescent boi taint
>avoid them like broken glass but still get treated great like.
T-thanks Mrs. Kirsch. Thank You Mr. Newell.
all these are samefig
We had to read The Giver at least 2-3 times throughout my years in school
The phuc you on bruv?
>>use pic related historical salute because why the hell not
>mfw unintentionally did nazi salute instead of roman salute and said "Hail Caesar" instead of "Ave".
I don't think anyone cared
Its cool, you now know something about me that I have akways wanted to forget
This desu.

If you're being bullied it's best to fight back but only if you know how to fight /are in extreme rage and will do whatevee it takes to win.

If you're being bullied but you're weak and try to fight back then you will lose and the bullying will intensify.

If you're weak then you better grab something to hit your assaultant with. Show everyone you're crazy and no 1 will fuck w you (in front of your face that is)
>year 6
>get detention with king normie 1 of 3
>teacher leaves the room
>he notices a staple gun on the desk so we start stapling a velcro-wall with it
I happened to meet that guy again last month and he gave me a lift home. What a bro.
I'd you're black then it's because you know niggers are only allowed to enter the building through the windows. Duh
File: 1fe.png (59 KB, 658x662)
59 KB
>be in kindergarten
>complain to the teacher my big brother keeps calling me mentally retarded
>"well, maybe he's right, anon"
>>40376604 a
I wish I could have been there.
My earliest experience with nazism was watching the Mickey Mouse short on youtube.
> For some reason I remembered the swastica symbol and decided to draw it in class (2nd or 3rd grade?).
>I was super proud of how accurate it was (before it was just an x ).
> I run up to the teacher and show her.
> She stared for several seconds and whispers "A..anon get rid of that!"
>I asked "why?"
>she said "it means something very very bad. Here I'll take it"
>I was still confused but handed it to her.
>eventually she called me after class and told me about this "bad man named Hitler who did terrible things to people"
>being that I was 8 I immediantly forgot the next day
And that's how my second day of 3rd grade went.
File: paul allen.jpg (38 KB, 600x399)
38 KB
That teacher handled it well. Much better than other Anon's teacher.
File: 1507149990475.png (1.2 MB, 736x586)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>Grade 1
>Teacher is like 65, going blind and really crabby
>ask to go to the bathroom
>"is it an emergency?"
>tfw too austistic to understand what that meant
>think "I geuss you dont need to call 911 if you have to pee"
>say its not an emergency
>teacher sends me back to desk
>pee my pants

same year
>draw my name on some art project in big bubble letters
>teacher snatches it out of my hands and shames me, says "this isnt how we write our names class"
>5 mins later she holds up another picture
>some stupid roastie wrote her name in bubble letters
>"wow class doesnt this name look cool"
fucking hated that teacher

>3rd grade
>class is on run for gym or something
>its like 3km so long for a kid
>have to poop
>halfway through run cannot hold it anymore
>shit my pants, poo falls out of my shorts onto the trail
>no one saw
>mega anxiety at school for next week bc im super scared that someone saw me

>5th grade
>at afterschool basketball team/club
>principal comes in to talk while I am drinking at fountain
>say "sup" as i come back to the crowd
>principal screams at me for 5 mins and sends me to her office
>chews me out for 15 mins before calling my parents to pick me up

>6th grade
>school track meet
>me and group of friends sign up for 800m race
>decide to walk it because lmao epic funny joke
>we walk and drink juice boxes
>feel like complete gods
>we cross finish line, no one seems to care except principal, who is giving us the evil eye
>nothing else happens, leave
>next day
>hear names called on announcements
>principal says we ruined our schools good name, yells at us for 2 hours, suspends us for a week
>while in ISS a teacher comes in and gives us a lecture about staying off of drugs
>mfw they thought we were on drugs
elementary school was a blast
Well, was he right?

In my 4th grade art class we had those gigantic tipped sharpies so people would draw "Adolf Hitler mustaches" on themselves. I had no idea who the fuck Hitler was at the time though, I thought he was a celebrity or some shit
File: 1503748985968.jpg (31 KB, 540x540)
31 KB
>play it off like I had a stroke so I shit myself and had to go to the hospital
jesus christ anon someone screencap this
File: cc1.jpg (26 KB, 619x453)
26 KB
>PE class in grade school
>2 classmates get assigned team leaders and gets to take turns chosing who joins their team
>i was always last
File: 1504034796597.jpg (100 KB, 480x454)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>skip school
>come home
>moms phone starts ringing
How did you shit yourself and not notice?
>>say "sup" as i come back to the crowd
>>principal screams at me for 5 mins and sends me to her office
What a cunt.
I've done a similar thing. Just didn't wipe well enough and it started to smell like shit
File: kids.png (810 KB, 1024x719)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
>Lunch ladies providing commentary on what you just bought vs. what you usually bought
>Lunch lady you've literally never seen before looks at your info on the computer and decides it's still appropriate to say "Thank you, (casual namedrop)" YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW ME STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO
>Lunch lady that decides to loudly declare what you've purchased as she punches it into the computer which shouldn't make you as self-conscious as it does
>Lunch lady that yells at kids from the other side of a sneeze guard acting like she has authority even though she can't do shit let alone leave her workstation to do anything about it
I don't know what those roasties get paid but it's definitely too much
File: 1497133267603.jpg (32 KB, 750x546)
32 KB
>Well, was he right?
no I'm just a bit slow okay?
File: na0fdyywnosy.jpg (104 KB, 1067x600)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

>grade 8
>me and my first crush are in the same art class
>talk to her for months, we become good friends
>she mentions a few times she thinks im handsome
>decide im going to ask her out
>the day i was planning on asking her
>find out some chad asked her out
>think "well, if she really likes me, this won't last long"
>start ignoring my oneitis
>mfw they were still dating when I graduated high school
>never had another conversation with her again

that was the only 3d woman I've ever really felt something for, it sucks man.

>9th grade
>english class
>teacher says to write about our day at school using decriptive words
>write some overtly edgy joke essay about I want to die and how school is killing me inside
>never intended to hand it in, just to show to my friend bc we were edgelords
>friends reads it and laughs
>teacher snaps her head in the general direction of the laugh, eyes shooting lasers at us
>"what's so funny anon" in that oh so accusing tone
>teacher comes over and reads the paper
>mfw she signed me up for counceling

same year
>school has two floors, in a few spots there are railings overlooking the bottom floor
>have some binders on a railing
>talking with a friend
>he tells some gay joke and I tell him it wasnt funny
>he pushes me
>i run into my binders
>binders fall off railing
>mfw they landed on a teacher
>suspended for a week

After that nothing else really happend, school sucks. I swear I didnt learn anything I didn't already know or atleast have some prior knowledge about until around grade 10/11
I don't know if I just heard the woman wrong but back in middle school at our library I'd always check out books about drugs and mental illness and I'm 99% sure she asked if I was a masochist
Remember when schools used to beat children? Kids getting punished for being cunts isn't a bad thing, pussy.
>be me in second or third grade
>already a big history fag, watching documentary movies instead of cartoons, like a normal kid
>one day decide to watch some stuff again
>The rise of the third reich, sounds interesting desu
>get fascinated by the beautiful symbols and decided to draw a swastika
>leT's ask mom for help
>eyy mom plox help me draw swastika properly
>mom is a bit shocked first
>she sits down with me and tells me it's bad because what they did
>still the symbol is fascinating, proceed to draw fortresses with nazi flags in secret

Anyone else got some /swastika/ greentext?
You're the "mom into succubus" guy.
>get nervous and blurt out "I have amnesia"
Hey Calculon I didn't expect to see you here. Then again, you ARE a robot after all!
maybe they thought you were a fool for not talking to the girls
File: 1507386831868.png (1.08 MB, 795x662)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
> friends always ate way too fast and they'd already be leaving by the time I got my lunch
>Always having to sit next to people in their little cliques and all of them look at you awkwardly.
>some people would sit by me to ask me what's wrong and why I'm always by myself at lunch
File: 1507267665366.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
>In middle school
>Had a relationship with a roastie for a while
>After about 3 weeks, she breaks it off
>Mental illness was her excuse(it was bullshit)
>I was depressed for months after the break up
>Suddenly I get a note from a girl saying she had a crush on me
>wanted to meet me at lunch
>my heart was soaring
>search all over for her, couldn't find her
>give up and go to a group that tolerated me
>my ex was there
She said and I fucking quote
>I was sick of seeing you so down in the dumps, so I wrote that letter to cheer you up
Spent the rest of my school years alone as that kid
File: 2938.png (671 KB, 960x720)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
>Anyone else got some /swastika/ greentext?
No, but I drew cave and fortress drawings too.

Hell, a friends and I even collab'd in the last year of high-school for old times sake.
File: 1507391316128.png (438 KB, 808x805)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
File: chuckle.png (79 KB, 281x326)
79 KB
>roughly 8 years old
>we had "golden time" every friday where we could spend the last hour doing a fun activity of our choice
>choose the lego group
>build kickass space ship from a pile of random parts
>end of golden time
>asshole callum broke up my ship as we were packing away
>bite his arm till it bled
i had a reputation for biting people
>hated school so i never put any effort in
>constantly failing in most classes
>got held back several times
>when i got to high school as a freshman learned that most seniors were younger than me
>my parents and several family members worked at the school and they refused to let me drop out
>finally got permanently suspended last month only two weeks into my senior year
it feels good to be free
File: IMG_0071.jpg (22 KB, 361x330)
22 KB
this memory kills me. i try not to think about it, ever.

>grade 6
>last day of school
>party at some kids house, most of class is going
>party was pretty lame, but halfway through something happened
>i find out a girl in my class has a crush on me.
>at the time i had no interest in girls, i thought they were dumb and yucky
>anyway the girl comes up to me
>says she really likes me
>asks if I do, too
>say "i hate you"
>girl starts crying
>cried for the rest of the party
>call my dad to pick me up
>think nothing of it

fast forward to high school
>the girl is by far the hottest girl in my grade
>she never, ever, speaks to me
>she dated some guy 3 grades above her starting when she was in grade 8
>mfw they were still together when I graduated

I fucking hate myself guys, I try not to think about this as much as I can, she was a total stacey in hs but I dont care, this is my worst schoolfeel.
Be careful with this shit. Bullies are the instigators, so they usually plan for shit like this so they have people on their side when you fight back. They'll pin it on you, and you'll end up in legal trouble.

Losing your job, changing schools, or seeming like a pussy are all better options than ending up in prison. Once that shit happens your life is over.
I've skipped school twice in my life.
The first was because I was getting bullied by several grills
>5th grade
>too scared to come to school
>walk my little brother all the way then turn 360 degrees and walk away
>walk the full mile back
>school crossing guard looks at me funnily but says nothing
>sitting at home watching cartoon network in my socks undies and t-shirt
>phones ringing
>10 minutes later
>*nok nok nok*
>frantically pull on jeans
>scared my mum came home but why would she knock?
>consider hiding
>OH. SHlT.
>open the door
>get on the floor
>ride to school in the back seat of a police cab with an assualt rifle in the seat next to me
She obviously wrote it to get back at you, not to make you feel better.

People do weird petty shit like this when they're going crazy after a breakup, usually women. Men tend to channel it into improving themselves, women just go batshit.
>i'm known as a kid who sucked a guy's kid penis to this day it has followed me to work...after college i worked at a grocery store i had two or three people said remember you sucked that person dick...even at a professional work place i went to someone said hi o your the one who sucked someone dick.
File: animeclub.png (109 KB, 490x281)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Did they think you were suicidal?
wtf, i dont get it. explain?
Anything below the last 2 or 3 years of high school is pretty much anything-goes territory, or at least it was when I was at school. You should have done some crazy shit like just stand up and smash them with a chair or someshit.

It's fucked up how parent normies give you "just ignore them" shit advice. Most of what I remember of high school is people being spit on, hit with rocks, fighting, hopping the fence in the alley to smoke and shit like that.

Cops came in every now and then and made everyone turn out their bags to try and confiscate knives and shit. I think parents forget what being a kid is like.
>6th grade
>taking a test in history
>sitting next to asshole normie
>just sat down after sharpening my pencil
>accidently knock it to the ground
>normie stole my pencil last week
>last one I have at the moment
>he's reaching for it
>I already know he has it out for me today, he's been teasing me all day
>reach down faster than he can and have the point sticking out towards him
>thin red line along the inside of his arm, like a cat scratch
>he tells the teacher
>sent to the principal's office
>I tell them what happened, Normie spins some bullshit
>I've been to his office for this sort of shit a few times, maybe he knows I tell the truth, maybe he's just believing me this time
>sent to In School Suspension for like, three days
A quiet room, a simple delivered meal, and three walls of sweet relief.
>second time
>mum and da head off to work
>little brother gets on the bus to his school
>the year is 7th grade
>I am a ninja hiding in my walk-in
>the reason: everyone in school is dumb but me
>no cable so I sit playing video games with people from my home country
>phone rings
>by now my voice is starting to develop
>but instead of it being deep and brindle like da I get told I sound a lot like mum
>especially on the phone
>answer the call
>"Hello. Can you please put your mother on?"
>H...how did she?
>no I'll bluff it!
>"okay. hold on"
>wait several seconds with the phone at my side
>then in a slightly deeper voice
>"ello? Ma' am?
>"Yes. Can you please put your mother on?"
>in normal falsetto
>"sh..she's not here"
>"I see. well let her know XXXX school district wants to know if there's any particular reason Anon E Mouse isn't at school today."
>"ye..yes thank you."
MFW Stay home all day jacking it off or playing the vidya. Dumb secretary didn't even ask for her work number
Similar story
>Fucking shitlord kid always being a dick to everyone
>Tries to hit me in the dick with his umbrella
>Runs away
>fucking sprint after him and rugby tackle him to the ground
>look up and headteacher is there looking at me in front of us
>lay a load of punches into his face and neck/upper chest area
>stand up and walk away

never got in trouble, I think the guy must have seen the whole thing or just know that the kid was an asshole and thought he deserved it
He was just trying to cheer me up with positive comments. I was pretty unconfident and depressed at the time and I guess it showed, so he tried to help me.
that's nice, anon. I wish I something like that could have happened to me.
>Those kids who spoke over the loudspeaker

Funny despite the suspension
respect for this teacher.
>tfw shrug it off and say I'm fine
>Go to false realities and pretend the thing never happened
>Eventually forget
>Find something new to be happy about
>People see the joy
>They do not understand but want it
>They can't have it
>Oh well
>be me
>3rd grade
>Nigger bully, after half a year, finally decides to pick on me
>yanks my gameboy advance out of my hands while in the middle of a Pokemon battle with a legendary
>punched him in the throat the moment the gameboy left my hands
>take gameboy back
>walk off to the school bus leaving Nigger bully choking on the shame of his ancestors
>get called into office the next morning
>mom is forced to pay medical bills for Nigger bully
>I'm suspended for a month because I said what actually happened and Nigger parents insisted my story was bs because Nigger bully is an angel
>I'm forced to see a therapist at the local college for the next 5 years
>the therapist was really nice and treated me like her own kid
>school was OK
>I'm still in contact with the therapist and we're close friends
>4th grade
>taking SATs

>8th grade
>literally 0 friends in all middle school
>6'2 280 lbs
>peeing in urinal
>think 6th grader pissed next to me
>whisper in his ear "how much do you weigh"
>suspended for being rapey
No. They thought I was a runaway or something since no one answered the phone.
>hear names called on announcements
>>principal says we ruined our schools good name, yells at us for 2 hours, suspends us for a week

Oh crap. I just remembered how in elementary hearing your name on the announcements meant you were either going home early and you walked out like a champ. Or you had to stay for after school detention which made you sit looking down in embarassment until school ended.
File: 1492476647352.jpg (55 KB, 258x360)
55 KB
In the 4th grade my friend and I took advantage of a genuinely autistic 3rd-grader by having him distribute sticky notes to my classmates during recess. On one I wrote "You will die". Got called down to the office for this.

Apparently I made this kid super depressed, but he still insisted on hanging out with us. I somehow caused him to violently strangle one of his classmates because I'd strangle my friend in front of him, as a joke, of course. He got transferred to another school for this. The little faggot deserved it because he annoyed the shit out of me and spread falsehoods about me showing my dick to him (which I didn't even do).

Hope you have a nice life, Chon-cha. You stupid faggot
File: 1406210593747.jpg (6 KB, 115x169)
6 KB
>11th grade
>fell asleep in class
>sub was in
>last period for that class
>class ends, wake up when lights are off and all that
>sub said she didn't notice me
>in a hazy stupor i ask her to "please have sex with me"
>realize what i say and bolt to Japanese class
I only wish for death. So many stupid things I've said, done, experienced in all grades but that one is just a weird one.
Rather not remember the others.
>wearing winter jacket in September because of weight insecurities
>"Take your coat off, anon"
I still wear a hoodie when I go outside, no matter how hot it is
>had an erection at the end of science class one time because I was asleep
>bell rang while I was still rock-hard
>had to awkwardly incline by back forwards and my hips backwards to hide my boner
>tried my best to exit the classroom as quick as possible
>knocked several chairs down from the desks
>anon to the offiice please
>yes anon your babysitter tried to kill her husband so we need to keep you here why don't we show you the teacher's lounge?
This happened to me in 6th, 9th and 10-12. They thought I was depressed because "they felt" that I was a danger to myself. I had a relatively normal school experience not popular, but not hated, I blended in for the most part. But I must emit a fucking depressing aura because they would always ask me if I am okay, or if I need to talk. Shit was weird.
iktf man. Remember my math teacher telling me I was dumb in front of the whole class. I was seething with pure rage the whole way home, and I was depressed and angry for at least a whole month.

Wasn't even my worst teacher
This x1000.
>Always at school after-hours for one reason or another (parents super involved in PTA or work, leaving me alone in the teacher's lounge)
>Cable TV, vending machine, private clean bathroom (where I ended up having my very first curiosity fap), etc.
>Since I was usually there during dinner hours mom would give me $5 for whatever junk I wanted to eat from the vending machine
>Literally living 10 y/o's dream
>Made that shit my home
Then they had to start taking in other kids and it stopped being fun
>All your friends go pair up with the friends they like better than you
>Bullies only understand violence
Truer words have never been spoken. Both me and my sister have been bullied at several schools, and it only stopped when I used excessive and horrific violence. Talking, hugging, turning cheeks and such bullshit NEVER works.

>Sister getting bullied by a fattie and a sperg.
>She tries to ignore them.
>Bullies step it up by waiting for her along her way home from school.
>Takes her money, throws her books in puddles, that kind of shit.
>Teachers and parents gets involved.
>Bullies parents of course claims they dindu nuffin'
>Bullying continues
>Sister is visibly depressed
>Teachers say that they "doing the best they can".
>Still nothing
>Bullying getting worse.
>Figure that I have to take one for the team. I love my sister and people already think of me as a freak anyway, so fuck it.
>Locate bullies at school and tell them that this shit stops now.
>Sperg gives me this really smug faggoty smile since he thinks he's untouchable.
>I throw myself on him and choke him with both my hands around his throat.
>His fatty friend just stands there, frozen in terror.
>Sperg loses consciousness and I throw his body head first into a metal radiator.
>Fatty tries to run for it but trips.
>I grab a fire extinguisher and starts beating him with it.
>Fatty screams like a pig and tries to cover his face.
>I'm screaming incoherent gibberish at this point and kept hammering him.
>Teachers comes running an tackles me to the ground
>Get in serious shit and has to transfer school.
>Noone dared to bully my sister at that school again.
>Was worth it. Totally worth it.
>Preschool age
>Mom helping teacher of my older sister in 6th grade
>Come along with her to and old private school after hours
>Given money for fruit punch
>Get to explore old military school with nooks and crannies
>The echoes of the floor
>The smell of the halls

File: detention_dumbteacher.gif (54 KB, 565x500)
54 KB
>then they give you detention
>Ask to go to the bathroom
>teacher says no just to be an asshole
>mention this is a right now situation
>I guess you are just gonna have to go at your desk lmao
That faggot underestimated me though, he never expected me to drop my drawers in front of the class let my wet shit fill the trash can
File: 1456546010647.jpg (61 KB, 640x640)
61 KB
>was junior in history
>one day we get new seats
>i get one a qt girl a biracial goy and a mexican
>she starts off by telling a couple of racial jokes
>laugh as the other 2 get angry
>so of course i get more comfortable around her
>but of course theres gonna be some problem like always
>starts gettin haughty n shit sayin "did you guys kno that uhh my last name is french?? yeah im from france!!" stupid shit like that
>then she starts talkin shit to all of us "omg she placed me with the stupid kids"
>I say "wtf are you talkin about you got fuckin adhd im the only actual smart kid here"
>"yeah ur right but i miss my friends..."
>keeps fucking talking about missing her friends (teacher moved them away from her)
>I dont remember exactly why but I just end up saying "yeah I look great" (chad faced and chad personality but was new to the school)
>at the time I took it as a joke but it also seemed serious
>later on in class we have to work on something together so I end up writing "fuk you dumb whore slut bitch u bum fukker"
>teacher ends up seeing it as she walks by
>explain to the teacher that it was a joke and I thought the girl would take it as a joke (girl ends up not caring but doesnt talk to me)
File: I know that Reich bro.png (164 KB, 601x590)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>tfw teachers would give me 0s for solving basic problems with mental math instead of taking ten times as long
In hindsight, I see why they did that, but it still pisses me off.
You too? We also had to read that book like three times in elementary school
I got expelled for calling a teacher a fat thief.
>"anon is the one stinking up the place he's always wearing the hoody and sweating. Probably never washes it."
Or I had three dark hoodies and thought I could be like the other kids thay always wore them.
>6th grade
>hear my crush is thining about going to the schools basketball game
>decide to go to hang out with her
>shes not there
>no one from my class is there
>its just me sitting alone on the bleachers, literally the only non-parent spectator
>a couple of guys from the team walk up to me
>"anon why are you here?"

>cant tell my mom to pick me uo because she just dropped me off
>sit in the bathroom alone for an hour
>classmate sitting next to me asks if things are alright at home, if I regularly see my dad, etc.
>tell him I'm fine
>he laughs, says fine, then asks that when I eventually bring a gun to school I don't shoot him, before moving to another seat
>sitting alone at lunch
>do this every day for years
>2 stacys walk over and sit down
>don't say anything for a few mins
>finally they say "hey anon how's it going"
>"what do you two want"
>they look at me strangely and say "you always sit alone and we felt bad"
>stop eating and look up at them
>look back down and say nothing
>they walk away a while later
>never talk to me again
>when a Chad likes your group of friends but messes with you every time you're there
So you tapped that, right anon?

I still have fantasies about my hot teacher from high school every now and then. I looked her up and she's still qt, unlike this other teacher at my old high school who I never had unfortunately. But she got married, had a kid, got fat, and aged. Shame.
>some kid necks himself
>all of a sudden he is super popular and everyone cares about him
>get asked about him
>get accused of being a dick
Nobody cared about the retard the day before it happened so I don't know why that had to change and I'm the bad guy for not changing
>kid shoots himself after he starts a school shooting that he didn't kill anyone in
>everyone's all sad a couple days later when we go back to school
>end up saying "Why should I feel bad? He shot at a teacher"
>get dirty looks

Motherfuckers didn't even know the kid and then he an heroes and he's suddenly everyone's friend, fake fucks.
>get exposed to tranny porn in middle school make myself wooden dildo in wood shop use it at home
>get diagnosed wit schizophrenia fail most classes don't do senior project ask girl I had a crush on since 8th grade if she wants to have sex still graduate
>ask to use bathroom 3x in one period instructor lets me go each time
>watch porn on school laptops in class, torrenting from private tracker
>run away to rich Jewish b#tch's house, jack off on hillside, she lets me spend a few nights in her father's art house, kicks me out and calls me a creep
>get tilted playing tf2 sometimes, assholes that adopted me overhear me saying nigger to myself
>run the fastest half mile of any sophomore ever, don't get much faster, everyone else on the team does
>smoke with a guy as a freshman who transitions into a tranny after hs
>spent first semester of pe talking to him about computers, then he discovers weed and stops talking to me about that
>don't sleep enough
>get bullied by some brown faggot on fb about the voices in my head (I don't hallucinate lmao)
>people think I'm good at computers
>go on spaceghetto on video production macs in class
>take photography class, stop wearing glasses that year can't even focus the camera
>hit random shit for cheating on girl who I had a crush on
>went to church and Sunday school with him
>get thrown by ankles a few feet
>get left out on hugs when everyone else in group gets them
>decide I hate Jewish twins I was friends with, forget about it easily
>get asked by a number of people "r u 3 twins" nope.gif
>jelq my dick and message brown faggot about results
>something pops in my dick whilst jelqing and I freak out
>get 13 yo gf and cam with her when I'm 17 after that shit with that L.A. Jewish cunt
>go to mental hospital like 4x
>fantasize abt dumb edgy shit in school
I'm not even a virgin
I had this happen and it was mortifying
>in the middle of a test college makes you take before starting
>assigned to the front of the room
>have some sniffles before going in but whatever
>second test starts it starts running
>can't do anything but wipe it on my hands and look down
>fuckton of it in my hand
>in a way it's a blessing I'm in the front because the only person who can see this disaster is the instructor and he is look down
>pull up shirt and clean up
>huge snot mark on bottom of shirt but the table covers it
>once dismissed book it out of there
>edgy, autistic, quiet 14 year old
>really like Swans
>like, the band
>have autism disc player that clips to my trousers
>collection of albums in my backpack in big DVD case
>listening to Swans before history class starts
>fucking grooving
>black bully senior kid comes around to fuck with people
>walks up to me first
>steals my player from the desk where I let it sit
>don't want earphones to fall out
>music enlightens me with pure unabridged tard anger
>feel sperg rage erupt within me for the first time
>make a very loud screeching noise
>punch him in the face like 5-6 times within a fraction of a second
>he just fucking goes down
>don't know what to do
>just sit down like nothing happened
>teacher walks over and escorts me calmly out of class
>say "Goodbye Mr. H" in a normal cheery tone
>he waves at me and smiles, tells me to go to the security office
Didn't really get in trouble just got bitched out after I explained what went down, Tyrone fucking hated me after this though
>decide I need to go to school high just once before graduating (my friends had been doing it since 8th grade)
>Broke so have to buy $2 weed
>Smoke before school at neighbors house
>Walk to school and realize I smoked some fake ass k2 shit
>Spend whole day scaring the shit out of my class mates cuz they think I'm on crack or some shit
>10th grade
>Have long hair and wear a lot of black
>Don't talk to anyone in class because I really don't know what I'd talk about with them and I didn't really care for anyone
>Rumors eventually spread that I'm gonna shoot up the school
>Chad who used to bully me back in middle school says "Be careful or Anon will shoot up the place"
>I say in the monotone voice "Killing you people is worthless, shit like you aren't even worth feeding to worms."
I cringe a bit when I remember that I was reading too many manga with edgy protag at the time and thought that sounded cool. On the plus side I was left alone.
File: AngryWojak.jpg (65 KB, 720x533)
65 KB
>be in a whole class seminar
>have to speak for credit
>teacher is calling on others to make their points
>they're all happy and deeply discussing the topic
>raise my hand
>teacher calls on me
>dead silence as everyone looks at me with expressions of slight disgust and curiosity that the quite kid is finally talking
>make my point that I thought was pretty good
>silent for a bit
>they move onto the next question


>everyone is getting picked for partners
>no lone wolves
>uneven number of students
>"who would like to have anon join their group?"
>teacher decides to put me in a group of stacies

Am I really that bad guys? I don't smell and I don't like a goblin. I'm also not that fat, maybe just a little overweight. What's wrong with me?
File: 1497489432971.jpg (19 KB, 495x362)
19 KB
>grade eight graduation assembly
>they call up students to the stage who got into honor roll for a certificate (+80%)
>one by one every student goes up and stands on stage
>at the end im sitting alone among 50 empty chairs while everyone stares at me thinking im the most retarded kid in the grade
most embarrassing thing ever, you can't beat my moment.
>tfw genes from both sides of my family made me a pretty big guy so I never got picked on
What school has you taking the SAT in 4th grade? Are you some kind of autistic genius, anon?
File: sa.jpg (135 KB, 798x1000)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>lunch time
>sitting with all the other weird "gamer" kids sort of crowd back in middle school
>finish my chocolate milk carton and fold the top down so it's in a little cube
>set it on the floor
>stomp on it really hard
>makes a very loud popping noise that sounds like a gunshot
>entire cafeteria with like 1000 kids goes dead silent
>everyone is looking in my general direction, wondering what it was
>foot still covering the carton
>asst. principal walks over, still dead silent
>slowly nudges my foot over, revealing the smashed chocolate milk carton
>"....Anon, go to the office"

Nice. I popped a balloon in class once and the teacher in the next door classroom fucking called 911 because she thought it was a gunshot. Good times.
File: sweating-pepe.jpg (8 KB, 218x218)
8 KB
>6th grade
>be in student council for some dumb reason
>there's like 81 kids in there when there's only like 600 kids in the school(6th grade only school)
>one day the teacher for student council is giving a speech about how we should clean up after ourselves in the cafeteria and encourage others to do so
>sitting there bored out of my mind, leaning on my clenched fist pushing my cheek up into my face making me look extra bored
>"...why should the janitors have to clean up YOUR mess? "
>without hesitating(or thinking) I mutter "'cause it's their freakin job"
>all other 80 kids point directly at me
>Be 14/15
>Have major crush on a girl that I'm friends with
>Go to her house after school to study
>I thought she wanted to "study" as she was a year younger than me
>Go to her bedroom, start kissing and touching her
>She tenses up but doesn't stop me
>after 10 or so minutes I stop and we go back to studying, she doesn't mention the kissing at all
>Next day the principle pulls me out of class to tell me that I've been suspended for a week for sexual assault

Bitch should have just said no.
Still don't get why the school punished me for something I did not at school.
File: 1495838201817.jpg (619 KB, 1959x1469)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
Lmao I didn't go to my 8th grade "promotion" assembly in fear of something similar. The next year in 9th grade my friend told me they called me for 3 separate awards and it was annoying because each time there was a long pause. Didn't go to hs or Jr. Uni graduations either hehe
what a shit story. fuck off retard
File: 1498772410503.jpg (122 KB, 650x650)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>4th grade
>parent teacher interview that evening
>did not empty bowels before going
>Sitting there bored in the classroom
>stomach starting to feel like shit
>excuse myself and head for the toilet at the far side of the school
>get there and find the gates locked tight, fucking toilets are locked up after 4pm
>panic and realise all the toilets are locked with no one else on school premise
>can't hold it any longer and shit all over a wall, shit on my pants for not wanting to wipe it with my hands
>don't want to go back wearing soiled pants
>end up going back to class running naked
>interviews just ended, teacher and one girl spots me running through the hallways butt ass naked
>dad takes me back home in shame, forced to sit on Styrofoam board to keep my dirt ass off the car seat
>get chewed out and ass beat for not taking shits before leaving
>to this day never go to any event before taking a shit

I later realized that there was the afterschool program thats always held at the school hall, and could have used the toilets there.
fuck of Paul McCartney
>teacher says something like "well its nice to see you talking to someone" while i'm bullshitting with some other kids in one class

fucking hell come on let me have SOMETHING
File: 1447020465198.gif (1.9 MB, 316x213)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
>my turn to read out loud
>its the part where character says nigger
File: account_id=0.jpg (70 KB, 736x1124)
70 KB
>be me
>16-18 years old
>attending high school with what seems to be much younger and less mature people than I
>Going to classes that I feel like I've already been in
>Classes either too difficult or too easy
>Can't remember schedule, just floating from classroom to classroom
>Can't seem to connect with any classmates
>Remember that I already got my diploma almost ten years ago
>Realize this is another one of those fucking dreams
>Actually leave the school in the dream and walk to my car in the parking lot and continue my dream

I remember so little of school but I have these on a near monthly basis since graduating high school almost 10 years ago
Do you originally have downs?
File: 1505967638053.gif (47 KB, 250x194)
47 KB
Pretty much, only pulled myself together from being a sperg after getting into highschool, lucky for me no ones talks or knows about that incident and its just a very distant memory now
I look back at school now and realize how much bullshit and a waste of time it is. I could of most likely educated myself desu. It's designed to keep you "busy" so you dont cause trouble or do any other bullshit. I can't believe I wasted 18 years of life in that crap. Really wished I could of done most of it at home. Would save having to deal with all the bullshit normie crap.
at least you didn't go to a ghetto school. I went to a school with a mexican population of over 95% and some classes literally did not have any work. The teachers primary responsibility was wrangling the mexican thugs, keeping them from stabbing each other.
>Can I go to the nurse
>Get to the nurse
>What's the matter
>I'm not going to sugar coat this
>It feels like someone is punching my in the balls
>Both the waiting room and nurse's room was filled with people
The looks of abject terror is something I will never forget. Ended up having a bacterial infection in my balls. I used women of those jacuzzi jets to spray water onto my dick head because it felt good. Accidentally sounded my dick with high pressure water. I pissed blood for a month prior to it. Let this be a lesson to you.
>in 8th grade
>girls unironically had crushes on me and the only person above me was a literal Chad
>have like 10 confirmed girls interested from 7th to 12th grade and prom date requests from multiple girls including fags
I'm the Chad virgin
I don't know what happened there. I am very tired.
holy shit glad that never happened to me. I used to do that as a kid before I knew how to masturbate properly.
It's all a bunch of bullshit to boost up scores. No kid ever needed to know about some shitty "famous" book that's probably only famous because it's shilled in english class, or how to throw a basketball. Fuck teaching you important things like how to fix things or manage money, it's time to read about WW2 for the 10th time
Reminds me of how I thought if I twisted my testes I would get rid of my erection. I was like 6 or 8? l didn't know what this thing was or what to do with it just that it felt uncomfortable. Years later after discovering hardcore masturbation I got Testicular tortion. Go figure

>really fuck up exam in physics
>usually pretty good in that class
>teacher hands out exams silently
>gives me mine and mutters "really disappointing anon"
>spend the whole day thinking about it
Probably, but what made it better is the fact that I owned guns.
>be me
>super autistic and insecure about my face so i cover it
>today is a particularly bad day for me
>class starts
>teacher comes to my desk and tells me to take my hat off and to get my head off of the desk
>nope.jpeg the fuck out of there
>start crying as i run down the hallway
>vice principal asks if i want to go home
>as soon as i get in mom asks if i'm gay
never before did i have a day that was so JUST-tier. pretty much doomed myself to be a virgin/loser for the rest of my high school life that day.

Lol, this happened to me a few times. I remember one particular occasion where I ended up crying in front of the teacher because I was incapable of giving speeches in front of the class or working in groups with others.
File: 1466595950611.jpg (77 KB, 500x347)
77 KB
>be 6 grader who was passionate about art
>used to draw funny stories and used to draw pretty good planes and tanks
>had a lovable art teacher
>makes us draw what ever we love
>used to draw horribly drawn Knights
>asked the art teacher to help me to draw a knight
>He doesn't know but he showed me a better way to draw Knights
>time passes by
>8th grade
>I'm in a new class
>my art teacher can't teach my class that I am in
>meet a new art teacher
>Go to the art room
>I drew Knights again like the way how my past teacher taught me
>Ask my new art teacher how about my drawing
>laughs at me and takes my art book and told me "you call this art" and showed it to all of my classmates
>everyone laughed at me
>I felt embarrassed and felt really sad
>kept my head down during the end of this class
>after that I never drew anything to that point
>l gave up art as a hobby after that incident.
Well fuck them anon, they're a shitty teacher. Dissapointment is not constructive criticism.
just calm down its just bants, embarassing shit like that is okay
i used to have the worst farts and i remember that sweating, angry miserable feeling when people started asking who farted. Dont worry about it
>tfw u miss a couple weeks and the teacher tells the whole class you have constipation
thats too bad, dont worry about it
File: 1507856065767.png (144 KB, 951x450)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>the whole class is reading a book out loud
>each person reads one paragraph
>count the people ahead of you and see that you get to read a short one
>tfw the person in front of you gets to read the short one and you miscounted and now have to read the longest paragraph ever written
>Smile awkwardly and walk away to the pastoral office
File: 1485691230269.png (234 KB, 423x423)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>have sub that we have never had before
>friend and I decide that we should switch names for the day
>during roll call we say here for each others names
>continuing through class as normal
>friend starts being a little shit
>"you better stop or I will write your name on the board"
>the asshole continues being an asshole and I get my name written on the board
>start being even more autistic than he was being
>get his name written on the board too
>keep going
>sub super pissed
>so mad at me she writes a whole note about it to the teacher using my friends name and leaves mine out
>tfw teacher didn't believe that we switched names because I never get in trouble
late response, but the guy may actually mean "STAR" tests, which is just some stupid standardized test you take throughout school. My schools never made them count for a grade, so I'd always just mark it randomly and sleep the rest of the class.
>"guess and check" method
What the fuck, is this real?
Am I the only one that can't concentrate on what the piece is about at all when classes do this?

I need silence and to read in my head so I can imagine what's going on. Otherwise I'm just saying whatever is written on the paper mindlessly and not even thinking about what it means.
>and now have to read the longest paragraph ever written
>point at girl, make "nyuck nyuck" noises like curly since my dad had three stooges VHS tapes and I liked them and thought curly as cool
>was elementary school
>got called to office not long after, assumed I was getting taken out of school early to do something fun
>vice principal asks me to explain what I did at girl
>tell him
>he told me most kids didn't know who the three stooges were, my dad or mom were there can't remember which whoever it was just shaking the head being called down over it because formalities
>went back to class like nothing happened, just thought girl was a jerk and didn't like her past that/thought she was stupid despite her being the only natural whitishblonde hair girl in school
>parents later told me that day vice principal was busting his ass off laughing before I got called to the office
not a truly bad school feel but fuck if I'm remembering any number of that shit
Being an edgy fuck is worth it anon. Peace outweighs any faggot notions of normalcy or dignity
>Drop your plate in the canteen
File: 1496014919834.png (528 KB, 720x540)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
>6th grade
>some older kid gave me a wedgie in the cafeteria
>actually lifted me off the ground and ripped my underwear like in the cartoons
>entire cafeteria laughing their asses off as I fight back tears
>first grade
>thought "sexy" was an insult
>say to some chick that kept fucking with me
"s-shut up! you're sexy!"

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