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File: poke osaka.jpg (73 KB, 533x400)
73 KB
Hi everyone its fortune time with osaka as your host
/r9k/ edition

The rules
>fortunes can range from decent to shit
>fortunes might take some time to make
>discussion is accepted
>one fortune per anon
>I have the right to refuse service
>any bad fortune will happen to you
>reminder that my fortunes come with risks like thoughts of suicide, limb loss, becoming homeless, retardation, and death
osaka please give me my fortune
File: ahhh pedo bear.png (137 KB, 640x480)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Ok anonu
>your fortune says to shave and get a hair cut to avoid being called dirty
Oh great and wise one, will please answer me one question?
Sure what do you want advice for?
>your fortune says to leave no witnesses for they will tell
Hi Osaka! I'd love a fortune!
I'm ready to know my future
I'm ready for fortune
I would like one half of a fortune anon
Finally I'm here in time to be one of the early ones!
So, OP. What's my fortune like? I'm curious!
Hello Osaka. Will this be the year my life finally ends?
Osaka, what is my fortune? Thank you and good day.
File: hi hi.jpg (112 KB, 555x777)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Fuck forgot pic
Hi anonu *smiles*
>your fortune says you will see a wild rabbit run across the road
Are you ready?
>your fortune says to stop throwing beer bottles at cats
You are ready
>your fortune says to buy your tickets now
>your fortune says you will cut yourself with a boxcutter
Its great that you got here in time so tell me how you been?
>your fortune says to not take the bus tommorow
could you spare a fortune for the less fortunate such as myself?
Thank god. I never take the bus anyway.

I've been really good lately, you know. Finally sunk into a schedule with my job and I'm taking it in stride! It was scary at first but now I'm pretty comfy. Bought a Nintendo Switch with my last paycheck and playing some games while I post right now. Things okay on your end?
Thanks for the fortune!

Also hallo :^) how are you?
Lets get it. I need good news but I feel how it'll be.
File: image.jpg (528 KB, 1365x2048)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
Sweet! I love these kinds of threads.
What's my fortune?
>your fortune says you will cut yourself with a boxcutter
See but I only asked for half of a fortune, so for all I know, this fortune ends with ...made of thin air. How does it feel to be a cuckold?
Fortunate please, great wise one
Oi Osaka nice to see you back here again lets see my fortune! I've been feeling unfortunate lately and tomorrow's the Thirteenth, spooky.
Rolling for destiny, let fortuna spin
Gimme fortune

also im a blackbot, no bulle
I am ready anon please give me my fate
Unless your able to piss off people well then expect it to end fast but then again why die I mean I know life sucks but I know words don't mean anything so ill stay quite for now
>your fortune says your death will be a painful one
Same to you as well
>your fortune says to spam guro to the ones you hate the most
Sure why do you view yourself as less fortunate btw?
>your fortune says to improve your view on life and focus on the good side of life to become a happier person
Oh nice what game are you currently playing right now and yeah im fine haven't had paranoid thoughts this week sp yay me
Im fine just relaxing for now you?>>40363853
Have one then
>your fortune says to become a fortune teller and see into others futures
Nice image looks retro to me
>your fortune says to listen to 80's synthwave
I like being sub so feels good man
>your fortune says to ignore the asshole tommorow for he will try to fill you with rage
I forgot about that thanks for reminding me also I love spooky
>your fortune says to follow the basic superstition rules to avoid being a faggot
>your fortune says to take a vow of silence for 15 hours to have something to talk about
I won't you seem cool
>your fortune says to look out for the people that only talk to you for your color
>your fortune says to become a pedo and fap to loils only
>your fortune says to walk the path full of broken glass to find the treasure and the end
Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I already love it and I'm only a few hours in. Just getting to run around a huge, beautiful world like Hyrule... nothing could be comfier.

Do you usually have paranoid thoughts?
File: Osaka_Yawn.png (154 KB, 512x384)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
That's nice have you played the other ones as well also I do most of the time but this week have been calm and I didn't want to hurt myself sorry for saying alot about me
I feel less fortunate as of late cause my only friends have live to have so I just chill at home. I enjoy lone time but I still need to socialize.
Also I don't plan on having nightmares, pissing off any occult related entity, entering a abandoned and or condemned campground, or any place really that has had someone die near by so I think I'm good on the superstition side. And I'm not into traps so I think I'm good on the fag front.
But I don't want to tell fortunes. It seems like a boring task.
i'm this anon>>40363747 and i'm assuming you mixed up my fortune with that other guy who asked right before me and tagged him instead but thanks for the fortune my dude
i don't really feel less fortunate, in fact i feel a lot more fortunate than a lot of people and try to be grateful for that, but i just tried to come up with something to be original. sorry for deceiving you into thinking i'm some poor beggar or something
I've played all the mainstream Zelda games, beaten nearly all of them.

It's no problem, I don't mind you talking about yourself. I'm glad you've been well this week!
I used to have thoughts about harming myself. The worst I'd ever do was take a pencil eraser and drag it across my arm really hard. It never left marks and it hurt less than most things I could've done. They kinda just... left one day.
File: 1500844853667.jpg (93 KB, 604x453)
93 KB
The future is scary but i may as well find out what it has in store. Forture please Miss Osaka!
Thank you for my fortune Osaka!
File: hay fever.png (690 KB, 1025x621)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
Why don't you you like go out more sorry for sounding mean also that is good you'll be safe
You can only do bad fortunes so that might make it a bit more enjoyable
Its fine I don't hold grudges also its nice that you have that mindset I don't think I could do it well
I usally stab myself with a pen and rub my arm around something rough I don't want to draw blood but still I want it to hurt for me also that good that your problem gone away
Sure ero guy on couch
>your fortune says to do squats inside a store to avoid getting fat and sick
No problem glad you liked it
Osaka I am requesting one fortune, please.

Please let the end be nigh.
Why do all of you get to die and not me?
>your fortune says to at least die with some dignity left
Sorry sorry im giving a morally bad fortune
May I have a fortune please
File: alphataurus1.jpg (43 KB, 502x508)
43 KB
Give me my fortune
I seem to lack a lot of fortune, but lets see my fortune.
File: 1506961865558.jpg (22 KB, 305x314)
22 KB
Perhaps I'll eventually get around to watching that.

Also, fortune please, Osaka!
File: maid osaka.jpg (117 KB, 377x800)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>your fortune says you will get eaten by zombies in Halloween
>your fortune says to have no remorse once the deed is done
Here's my gift to you then
>your fortune says to stop a guy called Walter everat for he is the source of bad fortunes
Watching what?
>your fortune says learn how to lift weights and become fit
A very original bump made by me
I'm already retarded and I want to die. Which limb will I lose? or is something else going to happen?
File: time to wake up.jpg (351 KB, 1600x1200)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
What illness do you have also it could be worse
>your fortune says you will lose two fingers
File: 1496030566237.png (80 KB, 270x203)
80 KB
osaka please help
I really need some 4chanz
my heart forever
Give me my fortune and a gf.
File: nyoron.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
Ok here your 4tunes
>your fortune says to fix your broken heart with some super glue
Have a wafiu instead im no good with love sorry
>your fortune says to be more honest and confident to get free hugs
>be more honest and confident
Too hard. Thanks anyway.
Tell me my fortune please. Make it extra depressing.
Hey Osaka you cutie! Long time no see! Care to give me a fortune?
My fortune please, and may the auspices be good.
File: creepy osaka.jpg (94 KB, 800x740)
94 KB
Your welcome also sorry I couldn't do it better
Ok I will do that
>your fortune says you will blow out your 24 birthday candle alone and in the dark
Sure thing also thanks for calling me cute
>your fortune says you will get a hug from someone special
They will
>your fortune says you will flip off the news on live and shout notice me osaka san
Thanks for the fortune. Wonder why I'll be blowing them out in the dark. Maybe the world will have ended and I'll be alone in a ruined city or something.
File: thumb-1920-629733.jpg (196 KB, 1366x1024)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Its ambiguous also I'm going to drink some wine so I may not make sense
i would like to know my fortune, osaka
Fortune plz osaka

File: knawlge.jpg (216 KB, 752x863)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>your fortune says that all of your personal belongings will go to the public after get a life sentence
Ok anonu *pets you*
>your says to never wash that virtual head again
My wiafu, I am ready for my fortune.
i've been having dreams of getting sacrificed and becoming the the twin of some kind of young goddess with silver hair and red eyes is this some kind of future that awaits me?
File: osaka loves you.jpg (240 KB, 757x768)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Kirasawa get out
>your fortune says you so not act out on your desires
Hmm that's weird but o think that symbolises becoming something more powerful in life or silmair to that
>your fortune says to not get so cocky about that ok
Sorry im a bit buzzed and feel emotional sorry
>dont get too cocky
I'll make sure that to not get cocky
Sorry but I don't feel like being here anymore for today so ill go bye everyone also here's my discord channel if you want to join
pls Osaka-sama tell me my future

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