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I give the salute and it really offends people. It's fun to do it. I screamed sig heil in class in front of everyone just to piss off all the normies.
come back when you're 18 lil guy
salut monsieur tu est tres cool
Fight the good fight. I whispered "nigger" into some stupid black kid's ear when I went to my sister's talent show. He gave me a confused look but I doubt he understood
I'm 20 and in college lol.
I love freaking these normies out and joining alt right movements
> calls others normies
> Natsoc, muh Hitler and alt-right
> Lol

Are you a depressed lonely fembot as well?
File: 1493515442452.jpg (17 KB, 253x178)
17 KB
every time you sieg heil a merchant dies
File: 1507119351446.jpg (15 KB, 414x356)
15 KB
those guys are obvious jews
Not depressed just restless, angry, and wanna burn it all down
No they're cool
I'm a child of the sun
one time i almost said n*gger on 4chan. com but I realized that life just isn't for me
what made you realize it? I like seeing everyone outraged
>teehee im a child of the sun goy :3

>Hail victory
>Nazis got BTFOd by Russian peasants
>Nazis got BTFOd by the Bongs
>Nazis got BTFOd by Polish pilots
>Nazis got BTFOd by the USA
>Nazis got BTFOd by the Aussies
>Nazis got BTFOd by the Kiwis
>Nazis got BTFOd by the fucking street shitting Indians

Nazi planes were inferior. The Spitfire and Mustang tag teamed that tightly engineered pussy and left it a ragged mess.

Nazi tanks were a disgrace. Literally, LITERALLY breaking in 50 miles and the mighty Tiger was getting just held down and violently penetrated by 76mm of high velocity American cock while the Soviets gave it the old 85 mm dicking it craved.

Nazi small arms were a joke. Muh buzzsaw, so scary. Yeah, terrifying to a logistical train.

Nazis we're literally using a two wheeled drive vehicle as an off road platform. The Americans had Jeeps, the Nazis were stuck in the mud.

The Nazis allied themselves with Italy, the retard of Europe who got just ass raped and crumbled. And the Japanese, who were not only retarded, but never fielded a proper tank and wasted all their steel on a super battleship without radar fire control. They literally, LITERALLY, were firing colored dye into the water for ranging. Meanwhile the USA had computers, in the 40's, so we could fuck shit up. The Allies on the other hand were literally god tier. You had the infinite manpower of the Soviets, the Industrial might of the USA and the Imperial resources of Britain. Godly, unstoppable, truly the master alliance.

The Nazis were CRUSHED by all it's enemies and it's cowardly little bitch leader Hitler shot himself with a pussy little gun. Didn't even use a man's gun, little pussy dainty shit.

He's so awesome
nice raging spergout, sperg

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