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>if you don't like gays, you're secretly gay.
How true is this?
mostly a hollywood meme
There are individuals like that but it's unlikely that most individuals who are anti-gay are like that.

However, it's quite likely most men aren't like, strictly 100% heterosexual considering how many like traps and that ilk.
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>roachie can't handle a little word game

wow maybe you are gay, after all only closet homos are homophobic
I can't speak for anyone but myself. I don't like gays and I'm 100% heterosexual
Hating gays is irrational. You can disagree with their lifestyle, but when it becomes hate, it becomes irrational.
I'm not. But, I've heard a lot of people use it as a criticism shield against gays.
'Sexuality' is a spook. Huge numbers of young people are coming out as 'bi' now simply because they aren't socialised anymore to think that there's anything wrong with thinking sexually about the same gender. I'm sure that the vast, vast majority of males have at some point had some sort of sexual feeling towards another male, even if it was just an involuntary physical reaction to stimulus.

I think in general people who are very passionate about hating on gays and so on are probably caught in a trap of believing something that requires repression. Even if they'd otherwise never be STRONGLY inclined to gay sex - holding a strongly anti-gay opinion or holding to a religious belief that homosexuals are somehow innately repugnant - requires the person to repress any thoughts about other men, but repressing thoughts about something often gives those things power. Most of those passionate Islamists who throw gays off buildings are probably very repressed in this manner, and if you watch ISIS videos there's almost something very S&M about the whole thing, they enjoy inflicting pain on other men and you have to wonder what goes through their mind late at night, whether they want to be treated the same way.

That said, Islam and Christianity come from outside the person, so people who are anti-gay on religious grounds are to some degree the victims of circumstance, and may not have been so bigoted if they hadn't been trapped by those religions.
Untrue. You may be retarded if you give a shit about which gender someone else likes to fuck, though.
File: 1507711296994.jpg (53 KB, 500x723)
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If you dont like shit it Secretly means you love shit. Makes perfect sense.

Your statement implies everyone is gay. Every single human. Either you confessed or youre keeping it as a secret but everyone is gay. Straigh relationships are just a disguise so nobody realizes youre gay even though everyone is
traps are an overstated meme thanks to degenerates on 4chan
Somewhat. Some people are just bigots, though. I mean it's not like disliking black people makes you secretly black.
Everyone is gay to a point
Any person under certain circumstances can have homosexual feelings and shit

What about men who are constantly obsessed with preventing white women from sleeping with black men?
I hate gays because they cannot live without trying to brainwash/rape children.
Oh well they obviously have tiny penises.
File: 322323.png (11 KB, 391x357)
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People who feel the need to constantly loudly and openly berate homosexuals are most likely compensating for own insecurites and issues regarding sexuality, that might not mean they are secretly gay or bisexual, but that they are insecure enough that they are afraid that might be the case or are afraid to be percieved or thought of as gay.

People who simply dont like homosexuals tend to stay quiet about it or simply dont care enough to voice their opinion at all.
Hate and love are close enough. Look at how /pol/ loves cuck porn and black women, or how /fit/ obsesses over "thick" women
File: Untitled (333).jpg (105 KB, 700x459)
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t.expert in shit projecting his own insecurities onto others in hopes they'll all cuck as hard as he had to in life
Dont worry anon, it's okay to think about penises at times. I wont tell anyone. <3
mentally ill people talk to themselves less
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793 KB PNG
I don't like niggers.
I'm not secretly a nigger.
If you don't like gays because of 4chan, it's because you're straight. If you in any way support the gay and tranny dickposting on /r9k/ you are gay.
Doesn't apply on 4chan. Everyone is fed up with the constant /lgbt/ raids.
I used to be a massive homo

Wondered why nothing ever worked out for me, I was trying my best but nothing seemed to work or I just stopped loving someone. I realised that atleast for me it was a fetish borne from loneliness, I craved attention after ye first hit and I needed it, but I needed more each time and I felt to an extent my romantic partners also had that same urge, which is partly why homosexuals have so many partners, they crave attention from men and once they get it it's not enough. I'm glad I never did anything sexual, but I'd make decisions to meet someone off Grindr when I was horny or something and then back out the next day after realising it was just terribly horny and made a bad decision. From my experiences I think I learnt a lot about homosexuality and myself, and I seem similar patterns in homosexuals I know, as well as in trends from surveys and just by browsing 4chan.

4chan has become seriously gay in the last couple of years hasn't it? I remember traps still being taboo back when I first started posting, that's probably where I started. But homosexuality in general has skyrocketed on 4chan. What a shame.
well tell /pol/ to stay in /pol/ and we'll stop. :^)
I don't like kikes and niggers.
I'm secretly black jew.
>I used to be a massive homo
>never did anything sexual

I dont think you were a homosexual at all.
I am afraid of sex, female or male I really don't like bringing t up unless i'm really turned on. I cammed, I did live shows wiggling my ass and dick for cash and sending private photos and dressing up and showing off my ass and cock. To men, gay men. I think that's pretty homosexual.
> I think that's pretty homosexual.
No, thats just whoring yourself out for money and attention. Drug addicts suck dick for cash, that doesnt make them gay.
Attention, drugs, aren't they the same thing? A homosexual is addicted in much the way a drug user is.
>my personal opinion is the definition of rational
>therefore other opinions are irrational

nice gymnastics
File: 1478671908817.jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
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you really missed his point

im laughing
whats this attention shit you're talking about? Maybe you should consider the fact that grindr isnt the best place to get a balanced impression of fags. Even faggots hate grindr
his point comes down to drawing an arbitrary line between the word "disagree" and the infantile buzzword "hate". do you believe your IQ is triple digits?
You stop raiding /pol/ and they'll return to their containment board.
I dont really give a shit about fags on a mental level, but whenever i see romantic affection between men IRL i always get a sick feeling and a sense of revulsion, on an physical, almost instinctual level. This sucks because the funniest guy i know is prison gay.
It's a fantasy =/= reality situation which you seem to have a great grasp on.

you can fap to furry porn because it arouses you, yet still hate the culture and the people perpetuating said culture and lifestyle.

what you do in the bedroom, or what you fap to, should never define who you are as a person.

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