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Hey fit I have a problem, the prostitute that I go to has asked me to go to a dinner at her parents place and she said they're going to have foods like potato salad and I don't know how to eat that sort of thing.
Has anyone been in this sort of situation before and how did they go about it?
Also she looks a bit like pic related.
>literally dating a hooker
Is she actually a woman who has sex for money, OP? Or are you r9king us?
No we're not dating, we meet up and do something or go out somewhere, we have sex now and then and at the end I pay her with jewellery or flowers or stuff
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>Also she looks a bit like pic related.
>fucking a prostitute that looks like Rei
>fucking a prostitute that looks like Asuka
No she has sex for money, it apparently she's slowing down with business because of the economy or something
She's like a combination of the two, but she said her childhoods was like Reis
You fucking loser. What's wrong with you that you think the best you can do is settle for a literal garbage tier woman? Are you ugly, stupid, poor, lonely? What's the deal?
I chuckled
>accidently getting in a relationship
I'm not settling I'm just going with her for a bit to practice my game/data skills.
Then I can move to the big fish on tinder
>not knowing how to eat potato salad
Put fork in salad. Bring portion to mouth. Chew and swallow. Repeat until salad is fully consumed
>Big fish
Please tell me you're actually joking. I'm honestly sad for you, my man. Go find a girl worth trying for.
I mean it's potato SALAD, you know how important it is to eat in the right order, I don't want to look like a dick in front of these people, her brother was bringing someone and it could lead to a fight
File: IMG_8645.png (1.8 MB, 1536x2048)
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You know how it is, start small, have fun and then after a while find a Qt and settle down
It's a fucking salad. It goes on the side of your plate next to the main course. In what universe will people judge others for eating meals out of order whatever the hell that means
But potato salad will be the main course, I don't want to go through the five courses eating it wrong
>potato salad = fancy
>dating a literal whore
>posting worst girl
>not posting this in /r9k/
This has so many fucking problems.
I'm confused. Are you worried you might eat the meals in the wrong order? Presumably the meals will be given to you in sequential order, i.e. entree first then the main comes after, then dessert much later on. Just eat what's given to you and you'll be fine
I mean... I guess? Well, how old are you, OP? That mindset is perfectly acceptable up to a point.
Early 20s
1st course standard potato salad
2nd course potato salad with bacon and croutons
3rd course potato salad, cheese and olives
4th course potato salad, chicken and corn infused
5th course potato salad with replaced potato.
Then desert
Okay folks, show is over. OP had fun wjth his bait
>she has sex for money
only with you or does she have other clients?
File: 1496725203692.png (299 KB, 639x273)
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Yo man that's a lot of fucking potato salad. Who eats like that? There's no cooked meats, no garden salads, its all the same crap with slight variations. That family is obviously insane
I assume it's wth other people but she doesn't say too much because it's apparently a family business and I'm not family
They're very European and extremely conservative
What region of Europe are they from? No where in Europe, not even Scandinavia, has that little food variation
Not too sure, Hungarian maybe?
File: IMG_8686.png (165 KB, 1536x2048)
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165 KB PNG
I made a quick version of their basic family tree.
The usurper line are pricks and are trying to take over the house hold.
K is Asian and adopted
R has two families or some shit and is the house 'heir' because he has a son (out of wedlock) both partners live in the house
L is dead
F is chill-kinda
And o and et are barely walking

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