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File: 1510512268585.jpg (12 KB, 480x480)
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>be like 13
>on xbox with friends
>party chat
>talking about something or other
>friend says 'anon you're always talking, you never shut the fuck up'
>become borderline mute at school because of this
>went from being talkative and outgoing to quiet and introverted
>now terrified of talking too much in case I annoy people so now I just barely talk


>in HS
>girl kinda likes me
>friend finds out and literally looks at me and says 'how could a girl like HIM?'


>walking into school one day
>chav girl stood outside school talking to chav guys
>as I'm walking past she looks at me and says to her friends: 'ew he looks like a shrivelled up rat'

That one was probably the worse. It's such a horrible thing to say about someone you don't know
Grow a pair, bitchboy.
File: 1506038849012.jpg (31 KB, 509x625)
31 KB
why can't I wallow in self pity for once
Shit OP, are you me?
Most of my shit happened during middle school, and it might not sound like much, but hey, I was an edgy little emotional shitbag and I took it badly.

>receive stares after making a joke when introducing myself in middle school
>Message some girl out of the blue after finding out her screen name
>Make some dumb reference to some godawful VH1 garbage
>her response after I explain: . . oh
>Required to perform in "talent show" in middle school music class
>Sing "Dirty Little Secret" because I unironically thought it was a good song and that I could sing it well, never having heard a recording of myself.
>Record myself later and want to slit my fucking wrists
>chased around by older kids during school dance
>run out of the bathroom crying
>Attempt to talk to my internet heroes and fail miserably
>go over to a friend's house
>he tries to find stuff to talk about / do
>end up just watching him play vidya
>learn that I'm incredibly boring and incapable of interacting outside of school
File: rVVfjbr.png (10 KB, 604x608)
10 KB
>talking on a girl on MSN messenger
>getting along quite well
>asks to see my face
>never talks to me again
I had an experience similar to that last one

>invite friend over after school
>we want to play WoW
>internet is kill
>we can't find anything to do so we just watch the WoW opening cinematic repeatedly and then he just goes home
File: 1466326780873.jpg (20 KB, 361x330)
20 KB
>be like 17
>talking to a dude from school on facebook messenger
>he's at a party or with friends or some shit
>possibly drunk
>out of the blue he says something along the lines of 'you're such a hermit anon, nobody would care if you died'

I thought he was a really cool dude as well. It's possible that some cunt who was with him took his phone and sent that. I can't really remember because I closed the chat straight away. If I opened a chat with him on facebook now it would probably still be there but I don't have the balls to look at it
>nobody would care if you died

I remember having that thought all on my own quite a bit during college.
>be in high school walking with good buddy of mine
>I am gross, fat, indian, and never get any girls
>friend is tall, white, and has hooked up with 2 girls that I really liked
>walking down street after school
>see both girls that I like and he has hooked up with
>walk up to them
>friend: hey guys, which one of us do you think is more attractive
>they both look stunned that he would ask that
>both say he does
fuck you chris, fuck you you piece of shit
the worst part is that when we got older he found a virgin girlfriend that has been faithful to him for several years and her parents are pretty loaded.
It just goes to show you that things fuckign suck, and the distribution of shit seems pretty uneven if you ask me.
File: 1312316055955.jpg (8 KB, 223x251)
8 KB
>freshman in high school
>always been good looking, confident, and had friends
>was on my way to being chad
>history class have to do presentation
>no big deal, always been good at public speaking
>get up to do presentation
>half way through the presentation I get a strange feeling
>heart starts beating incredibly fast
>vision gets blurry
>sweating profusely
>knees are shaky like I'm about to fall over
>voice quivering
>thought I was going to pass out
>look out at the class and half are staring at me in shock and the other half are laughing/recording me with their mid 2000s flip phones
>somehow make it through the the rest of my presentation
>sit down at my desk
>qt girl who was previously interested in me says "holy shit anon I didn't know you were that shy"
>mfw I wasn't
>mfw I can't figure out what the fuck just happened

This might seem super minor to some people but it absolutely demolished my self esteem. This was the beginning of my struggle with social anxiety. Never experienced anything like it before. I slowly but surely began completely isolating myself after that. Four more years of high school filled with presentations, reading out loud, and introductions to new classes that always ended with me panicking and making a fool of myself. It eventually got so bad I couldn't even order food at a restaurant without panicking. This led to a deep deep depression that led to further anxiety issues and OCD tendencies. After graduating I never even looked into pursing college due to fear of reliving my high school years all over again despite the fact I was always an A student who genuinely enjoyed learning.
File: 1416020508049.png (1.01 MB, 1200x797)
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1.01 MB PNG
>10 minutes ago
>overhear roommate and his gf talking about how much of a loser i am and how i never talk
File: 1319156413479.jpg (87 KB, 645x773)
87 KB
Ouch. I can relate to that one

>hanging with friend and his gf
>go to bar with them
>get shitfaced
>end up going to their friends place who I've never met
>get more drunk
>pass out on the couch
>wake up in the morning hearing friends gf and the owner of the house talking
>"omg theres this super weird guy sleeping on my couch"
>"sorry, I warned you last night about how weird he is"
honestly I look back on moments like those and laugh.

School was such a shit time, but ironically the thrill of actually being in such a cutthroat environment never escaped me.

I was a dumbass kid, made some mistakes but I am who I am now because of them whether I like it or not.
I remember you from another thread anon, I'm sorry you had to hear that. I hope you dropped those people immediately
only feel sad for the fact you just discovered your roommate and his gf are shit people.
damn anon.
what a bunch of assholes.
Now's not the time, Reddit
Did you at least remark with "right I'm the worst!" and then storm out?

The confront you, you say "i should've known better than to hang out with you guys."

Then let it die.
File: 1319155112257.png (39 KB, 645x773)
39 KB
>tfw posting so much on /r9k/ that people are recognizing my posts

I'm nearing rock bottom
>muh spacing

Fuck off its a pleasant way to format your sentences on this site.
I'm in college now... can relate
File: 1487186302041.jpg (47 KB, 575x630)
47 KB
>semi-awkward kid in 6th grade
>on my way to becoming part of the popular gang
>for some reason i was sometimes worried about how i smelled so i showered like two to three times a day
>we get into a conversation about going to the gym and some guys said they skip showering every now and again
>i said i could never do that and just admit that i showered a couple time a day
>one girl that i fancied responded with "really Anon? You shower a couple times PER DAY?"
she obviously meant that it was weird to shower more than once per day but i took it like it was weird that I of all people showered often.
>after that i became super obsessed with staying clean. Drowning myself with that fuckin axe deoderant. Brushing my teeth so hard and often that i had to see the
>dentist on numerous occacions. It got so bad that i could barely be around a group of people or even talk to someone because i always thought that i smelled bad.
>all this fucking obsession made me look even MORE weird so i couldn't be a part of their group and everything went into a downwards spiral.
>a couple of years later i regained a bit of trust from some people in the group but not enough for them to be willing to be seen with me in public.
>one night i had one of those "deep" conversations with another one of the girls in the group and i told her my story of how everything went south
>she just laughed and explained what the girl actually meant and then she said "so THAT'S why you were so weird? We just thought you developed some sort of mental condition"
>just wanted to end my life then and there
>an entire social life demolished because of a simple misunderstanding

For some reason even after this realization i'm still obsessed as fuck about my BO and i can't really talk to anyone.
At least no one can smell me on 4chan.
File: 1508973098387.jpg (23 KB, 288x499)
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>innaHS, junior year
>britbong girl in english class, she has a speech impediment where she can't pronounce her R's on top of her accent
>name is Harley
>I don't remember the circumstance but I had to say her name for something
>subconciously say it the way she she says it
>sounds almost like Holley
>her Stacey friends think I'm making fun of her speech impediment and/or accent
>call me a fucking dick
>"I didn't mean to."
>she starts to cry
>teacher sends me into hall, comes out in a couple seconds
>"Anon, that was uncalled for"
>"I swear I didn't mean to say it like that."
>"Stop lying to me; there's no reason to bully others because of your own insecurities."
It wasn't really the spacing, just the sickening normie optimism. Leave faggot
File: 1497210572280.png (152 KB, 335x525)
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152 KB PNG
desu that was a dick move
>I was wondering anon, are you gay?

The girl I have drama class with asked me this, she tried to turn this into a joke after I didn't answer her question and got visibly sadder.
You are an over sensitive cuck. If you let these things get to you like that you deserve the life you live.
It's like when you ask for flied lice in the Chinese restaurant, just utterly embarrassing.
File: 1466104199430.gif (1.21 MB, 275x154)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
Anon are you fucking autistic. That girl obviosly wanted your dick and was unsure if you wanted to give dick or take dick. Ya missed your chance.
>got shitfaced drunk at some random persons house
>pass out on the couch
pretty weird dude. you should have said something and now its too late
hahahaha this thread is full of absolute loser faggots you guys all did some faggot shit, someone made a slight remark that probably didnt mean shit and you still remember it all these years later

god forbid if something actually BAD happened to you
It's a horrible thing to say to somebody. Might as well ask if they're a leper.
Guess I am, but I never wanted to fuck her in the first place I'm a kv
>First year at highschool
>Became friends with the popular kids
>Hang out with them everyday
>One lunch doing some loud meme shit
>Biggest Stacy, who was also my oneitis says 'Anon your really funny, but will your really annoying, will you just stop for a minute?'

This Stacy was really nice to me other than that, she was just in a bad mood that day but it really hit me - FUCK WHAT IF OTHER PEOPLE FIND ME ANNOYING???

I remember this time when we went on school camp the first year, and the year had to go in two groups, me and her were in different groups and we were just getting to leave as she arrived, I remember she ran off the bus and hugged me. We drifted apart after that, as the next school year everyone got into drinking and smoking and smoking and I kind of ostracised myself, but I can't forget this one time in the final year when we were in gym class and she came over and spanked me (glutes for the sloots anons, its the key). Maybe one day I will get with her anons, one day.

Can I have some (you)s please,
for this long winded post
Words hurt anon, and when you're young certain comments can really stick with you and fuck you up. Must be nice being a well adjusted normie
File: Wojak.jpg (36 KB, 482x427)
36 KB
>be me
>be 15
>it's a typical early 2011 evening
>surfing the internet
>get messages from qt stacy on normiebook (i don't go there anymore since may, that's another story)
>says she loves me
>feel ecstatic, worried and suspicious all at once
>after calming down, realize it's probably a prank pulled by said stacy and her pals
>avoid the conversation by telling her i'd rather talk about it face to face
>next morning
>dread going to school
>upon stepping in the school's premises, normans already come to me asking if it's true i'm in love with stacy
>i have no idea what they're talking about, i keep to myself
>realize stacy and her gang have spread rumors about me in the high school
>chad comes asking if i was in love with stacy
>sperg out a little bit before realizing his insistance is suspicious
>i look at chad in the eyes and straight out asked him ''it was you all along, wasn't it''
>bursts out laughing
>chads and stacies mock me for the rest of the day
>turns out stacy was never part of the plot and told me she wasn't the one sending me those messages
>is visibly just as embarassed as i am
>apparently chad and his pals have gained access to her normiebook account without her knowledge to carry out his attempt to ridicule me
>realize stacy was embarassed, not because she was wholesome and felt bad, but because i'm a turbomanlet robot and no stacy could ever feel that way for me

It would've worse had I been as naive as Chad expected me to be, but it was still a fairly traumatic event. This incident confirmed I would live my whole life as a KHV. That I was an undesirable, unloveable dirtbag. I never really recovered from that realization.
i had people say all kinds of shit to me at school, i had several people cast me to the side during my life but i never let it get to me and im far from a normie

you sound like a bitch and you should stand up for yourself
having assburgers do not make you a robot
you truly are a faggot

i hope words still hurt your sensitive bitch self lol
Clearly, you've had an easy childhood if you're that fucking ignorant. Get off my board, normalfag.
You type like a 12 year old and your shits all retarded
go kill yourself you pathetic virgin
>easy childhood
nah it was pretty rough, made it easy to withstand the torment from chad and stacy growing up. unlike yourself you fucking faggot

ive been coming to r9k since 2010 so get fucked you r/incels cuck

>>we can't find anything to do so we just watch the WoW opening cinematic repeatedly and then he just goes home

This is hilarious
Dodged a bullet there, anonorino. You gotta realize though that all stacies only do things for their reputation, and to be sad and not attracting them is silly. Would you rather be the underdog that's constantly underestimated but perseveres despite constant failed attacks by chad and his clan or the ignorant popular guy who gets manipulated by stacy, eventually gets a good job with his muscle and not-so-bad brain, and sacrifices 80% of his green to his wife and brat kids?
That sucks anon, but you went about it best way possible. It could have been a lot worse if you took the bait and said you love her too or some shit and then they showed everyone the messages.
> Hs
> mostly silent, but have sarcastic quips with teachers and Chads, witg no repercussion since I come off as a chill dude
> 6/10 on a good day
> totally hung up on this sexy Christian chick
> usually not my type, but she's tall and thicc af
> senior prom comes up
> actually convince her to go with me
> She showed up an hour late, blew me off the entire time and showed 0 interest in dancing with me
> realize that her and her snobby friends invited a bunch of other betafags to make them feel better
> leave early
> go home, take monster bong rip and start getting drunker than hell
> mfw
struck a nerve, roastie?
I've been there anon, never recovered from it
/r9k/ is clearly a board for losers, your typing like its a board for people who have had it the roughest. Its a place for people who cant fit in, its not really a survival of the fittest type place.
I think you're lying to yourself and you're acting like a self-righteous faggot to convince yourself and everyone else that you're something big. I'm pretty sure you're just as much of a ''pussy'' as everyone else on this god forsaken board.

Fair points.
>kast year of high school
>final party in a cluib
>my crush starts to make out with two of my firends
>tells me to fuck off
>at the finals ceremony
>everyone hugs everyone
>a girl that stood next to me jsut shaked her head when she turned to me

And even after a decade I can't get over it.
KingBlackChad? Michael if that's you, fuck off
He might be Australian.
>in HS
>stop getting work done due to stress
>grades drop
>feel like a dumb brainlet because everyone tried to force the "ur smart anon" meme on me
>repeat every year
>no idea what to do
>still a neet over a year later

>enter relationship with e-girl
>grow attatched for 4 months
>find out she was dishonest with me
>still fucked up over 4 months later, likely forever
I basically do what socialists do but with friendships groups.
>Oh a great friendship group
>They leave me
>but its ok because they werent real friends
>I'll try again.
Rinse and repeat for the rest of my life so far.
>you look like a school shooter, anon
>Anon are you fucking autistic. That girl obviosly wanted your dick and was unsure if you wanted to give dick or take dick. Ya missed your chance.


No girl who has ever asked me if I was gay wanted my dick. Trust me. So I assume you're wrong about some chick wanting anon's.

It means they can't decide whether you're more ultra-feminine or more asexual, and are trying to get clarification.
You guys should stop letting words affect you.
If you see your crush making our with your friends and telling you inbetween them to fuck off, it's more then just words that show you your place in the world.
>ive been coming to r9k since 2010 so get fucked you r/incels cuck
Not that anon but anyone that tries to pull rank like being on this shithole is some kind of badge of honor needs a kick in the teeth.
>6th grade
>ex-crush calls me on some shitty free calling service
>I have told her about me being in love with her a long time ago
>one of the stacie's birthday
>"anon will you go out with me?"
>"uhh, no"
>hear a sigh of relief and laughing
>call ends

>Be me
>Finally think you're connecting with a chick
>Go on actual date
>Girl says in middle of date, "Anon, it's kind of weird that we're on this date. Usually I only date good-looking guys."

I still dated her for a while, lost the k, the h and the v, so it's completely a win and I shouldn't complain.

But I now go through life thinking

>Even the people who respond positively to you think you're ugly. You will never escape this.
File: Room layout.jpg (23 KB, 621x270)
23 KB
>Freshman in college
>having trouble making friends, as usual, but I'm trying to get familiar with people on the hall
>faggot roommate likes to keep door open
Pic related it the layout of my room - basically my view of the door was totally blocked by my wardrobe. My desk was snug against it, pretty comfy.
>working on math one day
>think I hear a small sound behind me but don't turn around, keep doing homework
>a couple minutes later I hear a girl talking with my roommate in the hallway
>"Man, anon is so odd, I went into his room and he didn't even see me or turn around."
>Roommate replies, "yeah, he's... he's a weird one."
WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK YOU CAN'T JUST SNEAK INTO SOMEONE'S ROOM AND SNEAK OUT AND THEN BLAME THEM FOR NOT NOTICING YOU. That was the day I stopped trying to socialize, normies will always see you as a weird one if they want to, even if you didn't do anything wrong. The red is the path I guess that girl took to avoid being seen.
>Normalfag "friends" pretended to be my crush on AIM so I'd do their homework for them

I always hated normalfags after that. I cheer when some dumb roastie ends up dying in a shooting
nah bro you lying she aint say that
File: 5.jpg (325 KB, 1383x1600)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
back in school. been quite a while so gladly I don't remember all the details anymore, but there was some girl that kept asking me to hang out with her and I apparently misinterpreted it and she only wanted me as beta orbiter or something.

so I made a move on her (was really harmless, I just wanted to put my arm around her while we were watching movies), she flipped out and then ensured that everyone I knew had heard the (incorrect) story about how I was confessing to her and then rejected by the next day. she was quite popular too so other people would listen to her and she made sure that no other girl every did more than maybe exchange a couple sentences with me for the next year or two.

it was a fairly unpleasant experience and turned me from a somewhat outgoing person into one who never lets anyone get close.
I can confirm gloots for the sloots is real. Miscer checking in
just walk up to him when his girlfriend leaves and say to him something along the lines of "oh so you think that im a loser huh?"

if he denies this acusation then tell him something like "then why tell your girlfriend that i am huh?"

if he complies tell him something along the lines of "well i thought that you where a pretty cool guy but it turns out that you are kind of a douche and an asshole then" and walk away
Same shit happened to me but even worse. Biggest Stacy of my school pretended to hit on me and her stacy friends(and even some chad friends of her) tried to convince me that she was in love with me. There was no normiebook back then(it was the early 2000s, not even fast internet lmao), so she did it irl, in front of the whole class! Later of course they admitted it was all a joke to embarass me because I was autistic as fuck. I was even in love with her back then and for a moment I actually believed it(fortunately not enough to do something that would embarass me even more). This was when I started to hate women. Today I'm a 30 years old KHV with no future. Death to the normies? Death to the normies!
shit like that sucks.
>some guy in my class had to take meds because he had some mild spastics or something like that
>couldn't find them one day
>for whatever reason he accused me of stealing them
>teachers told me if I don't give them back I'll get detention
>tell them I can't because I don't have the pills
>sent to the dean
>same game
>they were all absolutely certain that I took them even though I had never misbehaved in such a way before
in the end it turned out that he had only misplaced them but not a single one of those fucking assholes apologized to me.

>at a friends birthday party (i was 18)
>had a few beers,hanging out in the garden
>he was a turbo chad so there were many other chads and stacys
>go to take a piss
>toilet window was open and heard them talking
>friend says that i am really intelligent and one of the smartest people he knows
>girl says "yeah,his teeth show that"

i said im not feeling well and went home, crying myself to sleep.
I hate when normies misunderstand shit and can't comprehend that they could be wrong

>be like 10 or some shit
>playing in the neighbourhood with the local kids
>girl is trying to prove that she can do something, can't remember what
>yawn while she's speaking
>other kid ''what you don't think she can do it anon?''
>say no I was just yawning
>they make a big deal about it
>they act colder to me from then on


>with the same kids
>one kid asks me to look after a frog he found for some reason
>he named the frog Gorf (frog spelled backwards)
>feel bad keeping it in a container so I set it free in the neighbours garden
>admit to the kid I let the frog go
>he gets mad and tells everyone
>all the kids call me Gorf from then on
>first time at range, go alone because 0 friends
>never shot a gun in my life but /k/ convinced me to go
>rent g19 and 870
>don't know you're supposed to push/pull
>first shot i flinch really bad and the g19 flails up in the air because limpwrist
>giant 6'4+ hick runs over and starts yelling at me
>everyone staring at us
>hate when people yell at me
>holding back tears at this point, no idea what i even did
>"i-i'm sorry i didn't mean to"
>turbomanlet muhreen comes over and tries to calm him down
>walk out, just leave guns at table and don't even bother returning them
>never went back to that range
I've been bullied a lot but this was probably the worst one. It was just such a surreal situation.
Was it sarcasm? How healthy are your teeth, anon?
>letting one guy's utterings on the internet dictate your entire life
>frogs have feelings
Ahh to be a kid again.
>at a party when I was 17 (one of two parties I've ever been to)
>was my friends +1 because the host girl was in his class
>literally didn't know anyone, not even the host, just my friend
>to make things worse it's not a party, just a small gathering of close friends
>awkward as fuck
>get drunk really quickly to stave off the awkwardness
>start admittedly acting drunker than I was because I was a dumb kid who wasn't much of a drinker
>stumble into the kitchen and a group of girls ask me why I'm acting drunk so I start acting more normal and they just stare at me
>later in the night
>girl who must have been like 300lbs literally said to me ''what's wrong with your face?''

She later drunkenly apologised to me and offered me and my friend blowjobs. We refused. She looked like a bulldog
Why are you badmouthing the guy who tried to stop the situation?
>>everyone tried to force the "ur smart anon" meme on me

I really wish people would stop doing that.
>everyone keeps pretending I'm a genius even though I am mostly average but have a decent memory
>whenever I managed to achieve something it's just "anon is smart, that was only to be expected"
>getting the best possible result is seen as the minimum standard for me after a while
>as soon as I drop below that it's "Oh, what happened Anon?" even when it was still a pretty good result

>now completely incapable of being proud of anything
>got my STEM bachelor with 1.3 and felt nothing, felt like a failure when I finished my master with "only" 1.7
>no one even cared anyway, they were all too busy celebrating the people who managed to barely get their degrees

Why do fatties think they can have anyone? I swear they aren't human.
no you a bitch
that's easier said than being done when those words come from someone you care about. I don't care if some random person talks shit about me, but when I find out that some person I considered to be my friend has been shitting on me behind my back for years that really hurts.
and even if you manage to convince yourself that the person is an asshole and you shouldn't care you are still left with the fact that you misjudged them all that time and were oblivious to how they really thought about you
totally true hurts more the fact that u missjudge them and trust them.
File: naw cutre.jpg (25 KB, 500x376)
25 KB
>Be 17
>Trying to be social going to parties wanting to fit in maybe even meet a girl
>sit in a room sipping cola and whisky
>everyones talking and dancing and all I can think about is fuck I want to go home
>Get up to go to the bathroom to clear my head
>Over hear two girls talk about me outside the bathroom door
>Oh thank god anon is leaving, he is so werid
>Sit there, hearing more people shit talk me saying how I stare and how I don't talk.
>leave the bathroom interupting them all and they go quiet
>I just look at them blankly and leave
>mfw person who invited me said he did it out of pity
>mfw can't fit in any crowd

Just going to go and die in a hole now
Nice dubs. He was trying to dudebro you into coming out. Normies can be quite strange.
>Normies can be quite strange.
because for a lot of them their social skills aren't really any better than those of losers, they just lack the self awareness to feel bad about it when they fucked up.
that's what you get for underage drinking
Similar anon. I flunked speech class 4 separate times because I thought I could handle it and I couldn't. I eventually passed though sheer determination though.
>classbullies playing some weird shit game with girls
>anyone who lost had to do what others told them
>best girl in class lost, and they came with "you have to touch anon".... Still can see disgust in her eyes, that's probably when I started robot life
>asked her to prom in hs, I was from different school by then
>she said yes and dumped me 1 day before prom so I had to go alone
Why are kids so cruel
It was Germany, drinking age was 16
>read reddit post here
>talks about wifes husband who has 6 inch dick
>sex is ok
>they separate
>she fucks guy with 8 inch dick
>goes back to husband
>now when they fuck, it feels like something is missing
>a itch he can't scratch
>I'm only 5 inches
>tfw most girls have fucked bigger dicks then mine
>tfw forever doomed

Never recovered
I know the boards are a place we throw around "kys" as easily as niggers throw around "fuck you." I also knew before this point that there was no hope, but deep down I still thought there was a glimmer, until this happened and really sunk it in:

>start one of those /pol/ threads about guessing each other's heritage from our noses
>first reply
>"i didn't know pedophile was an ethnicity"
Fucking Burger fag

it's like you got randomly cursed or something
File: Snapshot38.jpg (18 KB, 92x343)
18 KB
Doesn't seem that bad to me
And you know what else? I couldn't find that post either in the archives nor through reverse image search, to where I thought maybe I'd just dreamed it. How'd you find it?
she probably had a crush on you and wanted to get your attention and was angry and embarrassed that she failed so acted like a bitch, knowing you'd hear, and your roommate was just a spineless yes man.
Went to 4plebs and searched "pedophile was an ethnicity".
I did that myself and found nothing. Weird
you grow a pair because you are to much of a bitch to appricate the story
>and walk away
To get a knife and stab them both anon. fuck them. Take control! you can do it anon I believe in you.
Not him.
That's very optimistic.
I find its always a good idea when dealing with women to assume the worst.
fucking this. i hate how you have to be an extrovert normie to pass school when really, education should be about smartness
>she probably had a crush on you and wanted to get your attention and was angry and embarrassed that she failed so acted like a bitch, knowing you'd hear

could never stand this kind of behavior
>I want this guy's attention
>but if I am too obvious about it people might guess my motives
>and then it looks really bad if he doesn't feel the same way
>so I will just behave like a cunt towards him
>surely that will make him want to approach me on his own
had one girl do this to me. treated me like shit at every opportunity she got, and only much later did I find out that she actually liked me. if she had shown any hint of that rather than using every chance to berate me I would have totally tried to get with her.
alas, both of us ended up being mad at the other
No I doubt that very much. Chances are that she was just looking for my roommate in the first place; remember that she couldn't see me either as she was walking in.
>I hate when normies misunderstand shit and can't comprehend that they could be wrong
This so much. I said rarely anything in high school. Some girls would always look at me when they were doing something or talking about something and say: "anon probably thinks we're really stupid right now." or something like that and it was never the case. Why are they projecting that shit on me.
Many times yes, but they sometimes mean well.
File: 1510687015890.jpg (39 KB, 295x295)
39 KB
>"i didn't know pedophile was an ethnicity"
I'm sorry anon
Same thing happened to me desu.
>vaguely good with maths and have a decent memory
>never really have to study
>get to higher level stuff
>suddenly I can't get by with just paying attention
>no idea what studying actually entails
>fail and repeat a year
>dad didn't speak to me normally for a month
Had the same, and it never stopped. Even now at work when I am interacting with professionals they do that stupid shit.

I know for me it's because my face rarely shows much emotion unless I actually feel strongly about something. And for them a neutral expression means that I am trying to hide some negative emotion.

The worst is that in the end they always feels like they had been right, because
>imply that I am angry about something
>say that's not the case, everything is fine
>they keep insisting
>eventually I actually do get angry because they keep telling me that I'm lying
>"See! I knew something was wrong!"

It's really only women though. Men don't expect a hidden barb behind every statement, if you just tell them something they take it at face value. Women assume there's some hidden meaning to it that has to be derived from your facial expression and body language.
>>toilet window
do yurostinks really do this?
Can't you picture in your head how lame this would be?
Geez anon, have some imagination, everytime we try something along those lines we come off as pathetic.
>huh, so you think you're a tough guy, bad banana boy?
You condemned yourself, Gorf
>>41116395 is right, your kinda suck
Shouldve asked one of the employees to help you out, they are autistic about teaching safety rules.
>be like a year ago
>hanging out with friend walking around the mall
>he gets a snapchat from this guy who we both went to HS with and wants to hang out
>friend wants to go and meet the guy at a bar and wants me to come
>never really liked this guy all that much, he was just ok, kinda smug
>really don't want to but for some reason I just go along with it, couldn't think of an excuse
>we arrive and this guy is with his friends who I don't know
>it starts out okay, I say hello to the guy from HS and we briefly catch up and then he completely ignores me for the rest of the night
>awkwardly play pool with one of his friends, who probably felt sorry for me due to how awkward and out of place I looked
>we eventually move to another bar
>go for a piss and the guy from HS comes in
>I say something to him and he completely ignores me
>later we're all sat in a booth
>HS guy cracks a joke at my expense
>eventually they leave and don't say bye to me, just my friend

I don't care that this guy in particular ignored me because we were never close in HS, it was just the feeling of sitting on the fridge of all this social interaction and feeling completely unwanted.
File: IMG_1296.jpg (65 KB, 640x644)
65 KB
Didnt your skin dry the fuck out after showering thrice a day?
>sitting on the fridge of all this social interaction

Yeah, I meant fringe. Or maybe the edge would have sounded better.
>ask girl to prom because her friends told me to
>she says no
>hear them giggle every time I walk nearby

Seriously fuck women and not in a good way
File: 8d71.png (465 KB, 680x762)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>always hanging with the most popular dude for some god damn reason
>still a robot, fat
>some stacey goes up to him to kiss him because she had to kiss 5 guys in 30sec as a do or die
>she looks at me with disgusts and goes away to kiss another guy on the cheek
I can recall that scene perfectly.
are you me? I always talked in elementary school, people would shun me and call me annoying until I had no friends, and I became obsessed with not being annoying, and literally became a different person. I now have lost the joy of social interaction at the benefit of not being hated. And I still ramble sometimes.
>transfer to a new school
>have like 3 friends
>talking to this guy in gov class
>similar interests and he seems really cool
>girl starts talking to him
>somehow Im asked if I have a gf
>the guy says "just look at him"
>girl smiles and says "yea"
>hardly fucking knew them

always second guessed myself after that day

Public education isn't just about passing a series of tests on inane subjects. It was supposed to help prepare you to function as an adult. That includes basic skills like talking to other people.

From what I hear these days you can't fail anyway, even blank assignments and tests get 50% which is the pass now.
I fucking get this too when giving presentations. Most of the time, im not nervous about public speaking, somehow my head starts spinning and i sweat like fuck. Then the knees get shake and i feel like passing the fuck out. Actually passed out twice from this, once in middle school and another in high school (while attempting to ask oneitis to prom). Legit wanted to kill myself
Me too, I'am always worried that I might smell bad, it became an obsession
File: 1418941176566.png (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
>in hs (11 yrs old)
>some girl suddenly comes up to me and says she wants to date me
>sure thing
>genuinely be happy for a couple of hours
>want to ask her something (she's w/ her stacy friends)
>girls laugh at me
>walk off and get mocked by my class for being such a retard
File: VNJiR3u.png (27 KB, 366x422)
27 KB
It didn't ruin my self esteem because it was already low to begin with, but
> in hs
>in class, random normie whispers to me "anon stacy thinks you are cute"
> be an autistic robot with minimal social skills awkward as fuck
> tell him "u-uh t-thanks"
> looked beta as fuck, but didn't care because they were probably just fucking with me
> already had low self esteem so i thought it was not possible a stacy found me cute because Im too ugly
> never talk to the girl because too shy

another time was
> be in class
> teacher sits stacy next to me
> was expecting "ummm can I sit next to chad"
> surprisingly was very nice and said " hi anon"
> "u-uh hi"
> always tried to talk to me, but i always responded with short responses.

Anons I keep thinking I'm pretty ugly, but I remember getting lots of smiles and stares. Do these stacies feel sympathy for me, or were they being nice. At least the stacies/roasties were being nice to me :^)
so your solution is unbridled self-pity? So instead of thinking you're weird, they'll know think you're a weird, prissy faggot, who flips out over every slight (i.e. they never speak to you again and tell everyone what a shitter you are)
File: IMG_20171109_204253.jpg (616 KB, 1728x2880)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
>be downhill biking at whistler
>get too far ahead on black or blue level trail, so I wait off the trail after a jump for my brothers
>some random normie comes down the trail, takes enormous air and falls off the bike midair before eating shit on the trial while his bike flies into the beyond
>run over "hey dude I saw that are you alright? looks like it fuckin hurt"
>he lies down, puts out his hand for me not to come closer, and he starts sobbing
>"do you need me to get your bike or something? I think it went over the side"
>the guys dad comes from uphill and skids to stop
>he literally pushes me onto my ass
>starts asking the dude on the ground the same questions
>hear them talking about how scary and gay I am
>some other person comes over and tugs me away by my sleeve "fuck off and do your faggot shit somewhere else"
>mfw I'm not even gay or feminine
No i think i'm the fucking loser who recognizes posts on r9k
File: 1510185159049.png (70 KB, 396x297)
70 KB
post your face, anon, we won't judge you here
>group tables
>me chad and 2 grills
>chad takes charge of group
>cuts me off during introductions and I remain nameless
>leads every experiment
>does it all horribly fucking wrong
>do shit on my own
>chad drops out
>grill 1 talking to grill 2
>"the only cute guy at our table dropped out"
>"that sucks I really wanted his number"
Right in fucking front of me
File: 1509599035375.jpg (10 KB, 250x246)
10 KB
It's not as bad as any of yours.

>be in high school
>senior year
>failed normie mode after a weak attempt of leaving robothood
>alone at home one Friday night
>feeling like a sad cunt
>one of my few friends, a quasi chad, texts to invite me to their place
>apparently theres a few people there
>not remotely a partier
>feel super pumped, get dressed, get parents to buy some rum for me to bring
>never get invited places
>get a text back saying that they'll come grab me after they drop off stacies A through Z
>the mere idea of me joining made every girl want to leave
>get to his place with 3 other guys and dick around on GTA5 trying to hide my discontent

There was also the one time when i was 15 when i tried to tell my mother that i couldn't stop my suicidal feelings and all she said was "that's a fucking horrible thing to say to your mother" and stopped talking to me. That was the moment I stopped trusting her, in hindsight.
>be me, in some high school class
>its Friday, so we're looking forward to leaving bc me and some ppl are hosting a party later
>teacher is talking to some stacies at the front of the room
>"I hope you don't have big plans this weekend, because you guys really need to do well on this writeup, its worth 10% of your mark"
>theyre bantering casually "well there is a party tonight, but I think I'll pass because none of the important people are going"
>she puts her hand over her mouth like a sassy 8 year old who just said a bad word
>looks at me
>I look at her
>she laughs
File: 1509569431876.png (110 KB, 500x387)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Fuck me is your mother Bojack Horseman's mother?
Pretty much this. A few years ago i got a call from my crush asking me out. I cautiously said yes, only to receive a text the next day saying it was a prank and nobody really wanted to go out with me. 19 atm happened when i was 15, and still havent got over it
Sounds like you narrowly avoided being sexually harassed. I bet that chad still has nightmares about it every night.

My story
>skinny as fuck arms
>begin lifting weights while eating good diet
>do this for a month, it gets slightly easier and my arms seem to be a little bigger
>dad walks in my room and out of nowhere says "look at your arms, thats pathetic, you need to get more meat into you"
>never lifted again
>my friend got a contract to make an app, so I help him out by driving people and equipment around, holding mics and camera stands, running effects, etc
>he's in a small group that identifies as a film club/ group but is really just 10 or 15 people who are doing it to get into the industry
>volunteer a lot of time for this guy
>when we finish the shooting he tells me that everyone is going
>"should I drive any of you guys home? You're pretty out of the way here"
>"naw we'll be packing up the camera gear and so we can return it, might take a couple hours. Don't wait up, we'll see you sometime."
>get home about 30 ish, maybe 40 minutes later, open snapchat and see that once I left they invited a bunch of people over
>throughout the night I see snapchat stories and insta stuff posted from there, its picking up into a lit party
>some stacy who is there messages me
>"hey anon how are you doing right now?"
>"I'm alright. Hows the party?"
>"Its great, we were all just talking about how much we like you."
>"well... alright. Goodnight? I guess?"
>hear her laugh as she hangs up
(((Public education))) is to teach you how to be good goyim.
>in high school I was pretty motivated, wanted to do chem engineering, and because of motivation I generally did well in school
>90s, honor roll/ principal list, etc, without trying terribly hard
>one night I'm lying in bed when my parents come home drunk from a Christmas party
>they poke their heads in, I think theyre saying goodnight, but instead "Y'know anon its pretty funny because you think you're really smart because of whatever, but you're actually not"
>Hear them laughing as they go to their room
>Idk why but I think that fucked me up
holy fuck OP these things aren't even close to bad get over it
This, fuck those faggots you need to find some good people
File: 24875892374816.jpg (28 KB, 600x600)
28 KB

>senior year of high school
>every Monday one the teacher in one of my classes asked each person what they did during the weekend
>I always said something along the lines of "I slept in"
>final Monday for that class
>decide to say something different
>say "I played star wars battlefront"
>whole class looks at me in silence
>the teacher looks like she's cringing
>"uh...ok then?" she then turns her head and asks the next the person what they did

I still don't know what I did.

>girl asks if I want to go to prom with her and her friends
>she's really plain looking, so I figure she might be into me
>go to prom
>soon find out her date is this chubby smelly long haired literal weeaboo

Never seen that show, honestly. I'm expecting a fucking wild ride, what with how all my equally miserable friends keep bringing it up.
>my parents one explained why, despite being pretty rich, they decided not to set up much of an resp or college fund
>they expected me to run away, commit suicide, or kil all of us with an ax or something
>seemed funny at first but then I found out it was true and they were really betting on it
>I feel like I wasn't the most fucked up in the family
In all honesty at that point he has very little to lose by not taking it quietly.
File: FB_IMG_1509142507334.jpg (14 KB, 298x330)
14 KB

Probably started in high school.

>Be sitting in school bus by myself
>Gril who recently joined our school decides to sit next to me and initiate conversation
>Really think this is it
>Looking forward to the next day
>She completely ignores me for a manlet

I'm pretty small but this guy was like 5'6
>freshman in highschool
>have a crush on a cute nerdy guy for the whole year
>I tell him I like him
>he just replies eww, no
I haven't had a crush since
some moments in my childhood were actually so fucked up they're hard to believe. I'll start with a mild one
>parents used to give me gift cards to a nearby grocery store to my high school for me to buy our groceries because they didn't trust me with money
>we were actually pretty rich when I think about it so idk why they were so anal (mom bought tens of thousands of dollars of jewelry and clothes per year)
>one day my mom comes into my room at 6AM and flicks the lights while yelling (kinda like interrogation because its hard to lie when you just wake up. She usually woke up at 10 so its not paranoia for me to suspect this as her strategy)
>"ANON I went through your garbage and do you know what I fucking found? look at it LOOK AT IT"
>its a receipt to the grocery store
>"ANON read it out to me"
>I also bought a sandwich and drink with the other stuff on the gift card because I was busy
>"uh I was busy?" too sleepy to really say anything
>she leaves and slams the door

I wasn't fat or anything so she must have been pissed over like ten dollars of food
>be me, in uni
>be normie, get a few hookups now and then
>one of them is a short, butch, blond chick with a nose that looks like a beak
>I think I hooked up with her when I was high
>she hangs out with the normies and says stuff to me like "Y'know what anon, I've thought about it and you really aren't that attractive" or "Yeah I don't think any girl would want to have sex with you"
>at first this fucks me up
>usually people don't say this shit without a reason

but then

>find out that she does this to a lot of guys
>she does it to lower their self esteem and validate her own position
>however it still kinda fucks with me that someone could say that type of thing on the daily
>I still see her around and she still talks shit
File: dicks.jpg (33 KB, 600x600)
33 KB
>always was wierd but tried to fit in
>somehow have a group of normie friends in high school
>one friend had a gf who was good friends with ultra stacy of the school
>ultra stacy having party one weekend, we all decide to go
>as we're walking in the door, I get stopped by ultra stacy
>"i dont want you here"
>pic very related, but just stacy and her bf
>I go back to car, can see stacy arguing with my friends gf
>stacy *really* would not let me in, at all
>I dont even know what all she was saying but it couldnt have been good
>my friends come back outside and we sit in the car
>they try to make me feel better but that just makes it worse
>finally realize I truly am the odd one out and will never be normal or have a happy life

I'm nearly a wizard now, and all those friends I once had are married, have kids, strong careers, etc.
File: CNT Pepe.png (7 KB, 183x275)
7 KB
Public education is to teach you how to be a good prole.

There. Fixed it for ya.
>going out with a friend he would just cockblock me
>i just ended up sitting the drinking a beer
>i use to work at a grocery store i saw like 3 or 4 people say something im not gay
>a co- worker would cockblock me there too like tell on me if i was trying to get girls numbers
>get made fun of for wearing high prescription glasses my whole life
>get fun of for having an unusual name
>get made fun of for my hair color
>get made fun of for my skin color
>get made fun of for my voice
Yeah, I try to avoid showing myself in public.
They weren't your friends. If they were your friends, they would've left with you. They just stuck with you because they had pity for you.
It sucks not being desired.
File: autism.jpg (76 KB, 720x540)
76 KB
>always tried to talk to me, but i always responded with short responses

I do this a lot, but then when I'm asked to elaborate on something I go too much into detail.
File: 1390064396824.png (119 KB, 217x230)
119 KB
119 KB PNG

>bragging about being on this shit hole for 7 years.

Anon we need to talk...
Just because he lists his cred don't mean he's braggin.
File: 1496700271636.jpg (85 KB, 804x802)
85 KB
>high school
>have some normie friends, but I'm obviously the odd man out
>one of the very rare times they ask me to join them for something
>decide to go
>we get to Chad's house
>I'm there for like 5 minutes before my "friends" completely abandon me
>say fuck it and try to enjoy myself
>I'm mostly just standing over by the food and eating, good selection of stuff to snack on
>about 40 minutes later, Chad walks over
>"uh, who are you?"
>explain who I'm with
>"yeah dude, I just talked to them and they said you invited yourself in without asking me first"
>tell him I didn't know I supposed to since they asked me to come
>Chad gets mad and tells me to leave, everyone looking at us at this point
>leave because I know he would just kick my ass
>everyone laughing and calling me a bitch, pussy, etc.
>never hang out with those cunts again, spend the rest of the school year by myself
normies dont know what star wars battlefront is

basically you just gave too much detail and the same would be true no matter what you actually did

its the difference of saying 'I lifted weights' and 'I did reverse tricep extensions, squats, and deadlifts'
I know how you feel, boss
What the actual fuck are you talking about? Everyone who sat at my lunch table knew what Star Wars battlefront was.
>"friend" goes around telling girls that i like them
>every class have to be rejected one by one or stared at and ignored

Fuck him, no seriously fuck him, that's like fucking murder
>they're just words hurr durr
It's not mean words that hurt you fucking moron. It's social rejection that hurts. Words are just the vehicle by which people express their rejection of you
File: 1510532509933-trash.jpg (111 KB, 640x619)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I would break them, your "friends" I mean.
>be 13
>first day of highschool
>vomit everywhere three time
>bullied throughout elementary school
>last year before high school starts
>suddenly im liked by the cool kids
>eat with them, go to their houses, hang out
>4 months later eating lunch
>suddenly start getting roasted heavy
>we never actually liked you anon haha
>leave and start crying in the bathroom
>loner autist to an angry loner autist
>fast forward to last month before school ends
>the ringleader starts bullying me after class
>he was the one I was the coolest with
>would of let it go when I was a quiet loner
>but I was played
>start beating the shit out of him
>get jumped after it's apparent he's gonna lose
>called a psycho, crazy weirdo from then on
>threatened with beatings
>have to get escorted to my parent's car after class and can't leave the classroom at lunch
>continue to get threats from their older brothers
>elementary ends and my parents move towns

And that's how I became a paranoid recluse. The bullying itself and the betrayal left me fucked in the head. Can't get over my paranoia and trust issues even 10 years later. Getting my family and myself threatened with violence by gang members in elementary didn't help either.
>says "lol" unironically.
>Claims to be oldfag circa 2010

You try so hard to fit into normie culture, but they see through your mask and never accept you. Then you come to /r9k/ to make yourself feel better by belittling Robots. You have no home, no friends, you are lost in the eternal solitude of your mind. It's OK. You'll be OK...
Literally me the post

>supposedly gifted at maths in primary school
>ace everything but it's all natural / from memory and I never study or put in work
>get put in the highest achiever math classes
>wtf is this shit
>awful at algebra / any form of advanced math
>fail everything because I don't study

My parents to this day still give me the "what happened to you, you were so smart anon just stop being lazy"

Mfw I'm not lazy just a brainlet
u sad because someone called you a rat
File: 1501906671213s.jpg (6 KB, 208x250)
6 KB

5th grade

> have no friends
> girl keeps calling me "weird"
> this is the beginning of the tailspin of my self esteem

> finally get gf
> awkward as fuck relationship
> had one awkward kiss
> somehow stop talking after a month since i was too pussy to make any moves
> haven't had any luck since

> in science class
> answer question
> one girl (not the previous one) makes a comment, can't remember what
> whole class laughs at me
> run to bathroom since this is the only way i don't cry in front of everyone
> teacher gets pissed at me for running out of class even though she saw and heard everything

> gym class
> doing volleyball
> am team captain
> pick some friends and a couple of people i don't know
> i don't play so well and this one fat fuck keeps making comments every class
> eventually punch him
> get in trouble with the dean
> it's like nothing works at this point

> graduation dance is around the corner
> decide to ask this one colombian girl to the dance
> she says she has to visit colombia and has to give it more thought
> think playing the nice guy and being patient will lead me anywhere
> get stuck up at dance
> this marked the point of no return

high school

> sophomore year english
> first period
> reading some shit about old english stories
> volunteer to read
> somehow stutter over my words as i'm reading aloud
> palms get sweaty
> knees weak
> get pissed
> later on in period
> teacher asks question
> have a vague answer but my brain can't seem to move words from my brain to my mouth that day
> slam fist on desk, and say under my breath "fuck think"
> looked like a complete aspie
> cried

> soph home room
> have to fill out form, ask homeroom teacher for a pencil
> homeroom teacher does not give a pencil
> ask him again
> still doesn't
> home room teacher says, "anon, lemme show you, can i have a pencil, please?"
> looked like a complete social retard in front of the class
> wondered why do i even bother for the next couple of hours
>Msn messenger

Kill yourself grandpa

forgot to mention the first two are from the fifth grade, the next three are from middle school, what with the text limits.
This story is so ridiculous lol wut
>10th grade. 2nd year in that town.
>first "real" crush
>actually talked to her regularly, lived close to each other
>had a lot of chemistry from what I could tell
>sat on asking her out for a couple of months because bitchmade
>friend hyping me up to ask out her out
>decide to finally go for it.
>she declines. was actually very nice about it.
>mostly says she just doesn't feel the same way
>sulk but mostly relieved I got it off my chest
>later in the week I see her holding hands with the "friend" who was gassing me up to ask her out
>turns out he asked her out 2 days after she rejected me and I confided in him

They ended up dating for most of HS. Eventually couldn't even stand eating lunch with them. Me and her were ok again after they broke up but he can go choke.

>middle school writing class
>final project was to come up with a short story of your own concept
>really into RPGs/Anime at the time (.hack in particular)
>spend a lot of time writing what in retrospect was a fanfiction with a self insert into the .hack universe.
>nonetheless poured my middle school soul into that thing
>day comes to recite it in front of class
>people before me got claps, nothing out of the ordinary
>my turn, I start
>kid who always fucked with me snickers
>the more I read, the more they snicker
>eventually other people join in
>start laughing every time I start up again
>don't even bother finishing.

I was never crazy into writing but that killed any interest I had in it for a while.
What kind of nasty cave do you live in where the bathroom doesn't have a window? Jesus fuck.
File: 1445800388667.png (108 KB, 526x437)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
why would you ever need that? you want a view while you're taking a dump? or people to peep in and see where you wash (>implying you do)?
You deserve it, scum.
Yeah, I get it, you live under a fucking rock. The rest of us don't.
>you live under a fucking rock.
that's not the proper use for this line
I like your bladerunner wojak, anon
you were being oddly specific. If you just said you played some videogames people would've reacted differently
>"fuck think"
>"can i have a pencil, please?"
Been in several similar situations before, fuck that teacher. I don't need a fucking lecture on politeness fuck off
also lurk more faggot learn to greentext properly
Wow that sounds alot like my mother.
Its tough lad, women suck
>walking home from school with shy innocent looking qt
>having a nice deep conversation
>chad friend comes up behind us and says hi
>qt completely disregards me and our conversation and starts walking next to chad
>end up third wheeling behind them the whole walk home feeling invisible
That girl ended up being a huge sloot, but it still hurts being disregarded like that.
File: 1439059965578.jpg (372 KB, 888x587)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
>Be around 13 and join band because why not
>After a month or so can't continue because my single dad had to change shifts at his job
>Teacher calls me a waste of space and that I was doing the wrong thing even when I explained him the situation
I wasn't really fazed by it at the time but it made me second guess any later clubs I went to.

>later that year during winter I stood in the snow waiting for my bus for 3 hours because my grandma forced me to go so I wouldn't be late
>Almost got on a little kids bus because I thought it was mine
>get laughed at by 7 year olds because of this

>Be 7 or 8 and have my first crush on my next door neighbor who was a 16
>Told my cousin after a while and a week or so later find out they started dating
>Never felt more hatred towards a family member than when I found out that he was dating her.
>They break up 2 months later
>she's a drug addict and he's on probation
>feel extreme pleasure in knowing this

>Be friends with a complete cunt
>He sprains his ankle
>Tells me not to tell anyone in fear of getting in trouble
>Don't know what to do so I trust him
>His Dad comes after a hour or so to check on him
>He finds out and starts yelling at me for not doing anything
>Never talked to the kid again.
Bullshit, someone said they were playing Fallout 4 over the weekend, and they got normal reactions
File: HereWeGoLads.jpg (69 KB, 1024x576)
69 KB
Oh boy, where do I begin? There's so many moments that killed my self-esteem, but here's a couple of my most memorable.

>Freshman in high school, taking a biology class
>I don't talk much, keep to myself mostly
>Teacher is talking about mole rats, describing their characteristics
>I wasn't paying much attention but I heard him ask a question about mole rats and what it meant
>Hear "It means they're attracted to anon"


>High school again, in study hall
>Never have much to work on so i just space out and keep to myself, never chat with anyone
>Minding my own business, looking down at desk, hear some nigger that I've never said a word to yell out "God damn, you're the ugliest motherfucker i've ever seen in my life" and he starts laughing.
>don't look up, but already know he's talking about me
>nobody else is laughing
pretty cruel to say to a person you've never met, talked to, or has given you any problems

one more for shits and giggles

>high school again, walking through the doors in the morning with my brother who is 2 years ahead of me
>pass by bench of staceys
>hear "ew, it's that ugly couple again"
That fucked with my head for a while, realize i'm being made fun of far more than I'm just hearing about. Could go on with these stories for a while, desu.
>the thrill of being in such a cutthroat environment never escaped me
similar thing happened to me. it fucking baffled me. was talking to my buddy on skype or something and said something like "Brb, gonna visit the washroom" and he made some sort of comment along the lines of "But you don't wash!" I was so confused. I showered every morning and brushed my teeth, I later realized it was the smell of my clothes that I just never noticed, defective washing machine or something.
I'll post one more that I remembered as I was reading. Another classic one, the moment that I first considered I might have autism.
>Skyping with friends
>Tight group that I've known a long time, some people for 5 years, some for almost 10
>One of them was streaming a game which isn't uncommon, the rest of us will watch
>Get into an argument about something trivial as we often do
>It escalates, which it doesn't often do.
>I left the Skype call out of frustration, but still watching stream
>Hearing them talk about me after I left, hear one of them say "I think he's a closeted autist"
It doesn't bother me so much, but I kind of just sat back and was like "whoa..." and considered that maybe I'm autistic.
Still pretty good friends with all of them.
I know that feel bro, it's the worst
I felt like I was on the border of being funny or was capable of entertaining them sometimes. Then my weak ass social skills kick in and they lose interest.
The whole talkative to mute thing is me as shit. I always talked a lot in school. Then people started outright ignoring everything I said.

Attempted to kill myself at 14. Turned me into a depressed intovert throughout high school. Still affecting me today. Woo.
Happened to me today

>sophomore year of high school
>arm wrestle oneitis crush in front of oneitis
>lose with both hands to her crush
>junior high
>be kinda chubby kid
>talking to my crush
>make a self aware fat joke
>both have a good giggle
>she also tells a fat joke
>hahaha so true
>she tells another fat joke
>okay heh heh
>another one
>heh funy heh okay let's talk about something else heh heh
>the fat jokes keep coming and coming and coming
>my soul when
File: 1507255074491.gif (1.4 MB, 498x490)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
We all know they have.
File: Pence sad.jpg (23 KB, 260x305)
23 KB
>couple years after high school
>weighed around 190 back then, lost about 40 pounds and started dressing better, too
>look and feel a lot better about myself
>girl I liked in high school messages me, saying I look good and we should catch up on things sometime
>arrange to meet her for lunch
>she doesn't show up
>call her to see what's up
>"uh, Anon, get the hint, I don't like you. I was just messing with you. How dumb are you?"
>I hang up, eat my food in a quiet, concealed rage
>get home and quietly block her on everything
File: 1508114572883.gif (622 KB, 500x375)
622 KB
622 KB GIF
Ouchie. I feel you anon.
desu it sound like he was just being honest and wanted to guilt you into going to parties for a change.
>6th grade
>getting asked who I like as part of some game
>tell group mine
>the girl who sits in my cluster
>they ask her if she likes me
>she gets a look of disgust, terror, and offense all in one and says "no?"
>just like I've typed it "no?"
>group laughs and I chuckle
>only to stop when she takes a ruler and slits a gap between our desks
>pushing me so I'm very far
>goes on for a week
>one time teacher yells at me to get back in the cluster and I give him a helpless look
>she ends up switching seats with her friend until it becomes her normal seat
File: sohappy.png (202 KB, 485x274)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
> year 5
> had been catching bus home my whole life
> parents recently divorced
> poor, but still happy and small circle of friends
> get off the bus
> always race it from the bus stop to my house
> happy.jpg
> about to get off bus one day
> best friend looks at me
> serious.jpg
> don't run today anon
> what why?
> just don't run
> press him more
> everyone is laughing at you
> never run again
> become afraid to run in public
> embarrassed by everything i do

no wonder i became a neet shut-in
I genuinely feel bad for you, my man
This, if this happened to one of my mates I would've left with them. The anon must've not been very close with his friends
File: 1460959710961.jpg (64 KB, 519x519)
64 KB
>Lost an arm wrestle 3 times each to a different fat girl
>friend says that i am really intelligent and one of the smartest people he knows
>girl says "yeah,his teeth show that"
what's that even supposed to mean?
all this shit happened in school OP

kids are cunts

just forget about it
>Be about 12
>Interested in girls but too pussy to make a move for fear of failure
>Be in the bathroom one day taking a piss and can overhear my brother and dad talking in my parents bedroom
>Brother: I think anon might be gay
>Dad: Yeah I suspected
>They say some other stuff but it's hushed up and can't hear it
>Dad says something completely different because they figured I could hear them

God why did that memory have to come back
kek he was probably trying to motivate you
>everyones talking and dancing and all I can think about is fuck I want to go home
This is why I never went to parties, even though I used to get invited at first.
I swear to god, I don't get why normies like parties at all.
File: 1510065008089.gif (1.33 MB, 285x285)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF
>11th Grade
>Sitting in English class next to a group of girls
>They're talking about random shit, I'm reading something
>Eventually one of them brings up dick size
>One of the fairly ghetto ones named Nicole says
>"I fell bad for guys with small dicks you know, if I had a small dick I would just give up" or some shit like that
>Can't say anything or else I'm doomed
File: images (1).jpg (17 KB, 454x324)
17 KB
This (especially the last Anon) is truley the worst feel. When you go out of your way to plan something. Begging your parents to buy something. Ironing clean clothes. Putting forth an EFFORT. And NO ONE responds or comes. Please don't tell me they KEPT your alcohol, anon? Happened once.
>be in 6th or 5th grade
>buying treats for class since it was a school day
>beg mum not to get Spiderman or Ninja Turtle paraphernalia(not sure if that's right english word)
>get permission slip signed and an area with balloons set up in the commons
>lunch and it's just one friend sitting with me
>dead air silence
>eventually tell him he can go if he wants
>little fucher actually says "THANK GOD" and jets out to a group of our friends
>they're laughing and asking him why he sat with me so long
>eat one and a half a cupcake
>stop when I see my tears in the icing
>leave the into the restroom and stay until I get discovered and have to go to the head of school for suspension.
>be me, 16, at college
>female friend tells me her friend likes me
>spend weeks trying to figure out if it's true
>finally decide to ask her out
>tell my friends what I'm going to do
>later that day
>friend tells me he spoke to her and she said "please tell him not to, I really don't want him to ask me out"
>literally never speak to this girl again
>2 weeks later aforementioned friend is boning her

Felt fucking bad man. For 8 years I've never had the guts to ask a girl out again.
Well, are you?
File: 1509401244098.png (128 KB, 1200x347)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>in elementary
>watched a lot of loser movies such as Everyone's Hero, Chicken Little, and Megamind
>Physical Education
>Kids choosing players
>as soon as it was down to four people I knew I was going to be the last chosen
>kids actually groan when I'm forced in
Actually made me skip out on Gym until the teachers started doing a thing where they would split the remaining four.
If that had happened in senior year I might've said " well it's a good thing you have a long one"
The logic behind this post is retarded. Think before you post.
most people are so deeply depressed over such small things. Shows the true power of NEETs, being broken down completely because of a single insensitive person
my parents thought I was gay too. Some people still think I'm gay. I don't care though, and neither should you
You guys are too sensitive.
nah, he's just literally trying to say he lives under a rock for a home as opposed to being a hermit. Use your brain.
I know that feel on the second one, but the first and third one my nigga sack up senpai.
Oh fuck lad I just want to give you a hug

I give off that serial killer vibe too anon, it's okay..
File: 1491343791368.png (525 KB, 1280x546)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
>made some mistakes but I am who I am now because of them whether I like it or not
literally I want to die. you are so fucking cringe. your post sounds like a facebook text picture people share around. fuck man. end yourself holy shit
File: FB_IMG_1509796914283.jpg (30 KB, 1000x569)
30 KB
>MMO I played a few years ago
>in TS3 my GM and a couple others playing
>"anon you should post your fb let me add you"
>GM sees my FB
>"no wonder you have so many crusade points guess you're not getting a gf soon go outside more lol"

I later pretended to be a girl and ERPd with him, he loved me and when I outed him in the guild as a faggot I managed to split it in half. I looked him up a few months ago and he was single, I spoofed my GPS on OkCupid and made him wait for a 9/10 at Olive Garden. I also added his sister and flirted with her, I didn't have to pretend as now I'm relatively attractive but I didn't push for nudes. I might go back and try to get her nudes and send them to him.

There's other things in middle and high school that crippled my self esteem for a long time, most of them I can't do anything about to pay back the little faggots. One time my left leg was infected and had pus running out of it, this kid calls me out and says I pissed my pants and I spent the next 2 years never living it down. Last year he killed himself, I'd say karma works in all types of ways.
why are you all such thin skinned fairies. who gives a shit about what other people think
reminds me of that time in HS I had to do a presentation in front of 200 people. I didn't lose my shit (only on the inside) but it was still quite a horrible experience.
>hear them talking about how scary and gay i am
>Humiliated someone and catfished him twice
>Hitting on his sister and wants to get her nudes to send back to him
>All over some dumb comment that most people make over the internet
Jesus fucking christ anon, get a grip. If you are that obsessed over such small shit, go get help for fucks sake
>a rough divorce
haven't touched any womyn for a decade desu
could have responded with "yeah actually, i do" then he most likely would have said something like "you should show her to me sometime" to which you respond with "sorry, but i dont hang out with faggots".
damn. if i was in your place i would have for sure continued to beat the shit out of everyone who had a problem with you. the only way i would have been stopped is if police showed up. the fact that you were outnumbered would even increased my will to beat these fucking faggots.
File: 1397659450651.jpg (45 KB, 500x505)
45 KB
>Be in year 8 at the school library
>Random chad who always gave me shit comes to my table whilst im with all my mates
>Starts talking about girls n this n that
>Try chiming in on the convo
>He swiftly responds "Anon have u even ever kissed a girl"
>Mfw i hadn't and on top of that i just got shunned in front of all my mates

Gets better but
>Fast forward to year 12
>One of my best mates becomes mates with the chad
>Conversation gets brought up whilst having a smoke with me and two of my best mates about what's up with people acting weird about girls
>Then swiftly say not you anon even tho i know they were kinda referring about me
>Starts talking about how the "Chad" acts weird as around girls
>that moment when I find out he hasn't kissed a girl since year 8
>That moment I find out he still hasn't lost his virginity

Jokes still on me but im 18 now and still a virgin
lots of small things related to me being best friends with the Chad of my school. I don't even look that bad but that doesn't matter when you've some outgoing 9/10 next to you wherever you go. he'll draw all the attention and you get nothing. can't blame him though because it's not like he did it on purpose and he was a really good friend.

These threads reach bumplimit sometimes(they are the only good threads left in /r9k/ after all) so it's possible a good chunk of the userbase reads through them, so it's not surprising to remember a story, I too remembered it.
File: 1509705822434.jpg (35 KB, 465x493)
35 KB
>distribution of shit seems pretty uneven if you ask me
You would know.
I can relate to this. I've got no issues with public speaking but since I started a new job (after leaving one I'd worked in for 11 years) I seem to get really bad anxiety out of absolutely nowhere. I had to leave early today because I thought I was having a panic attack.
I don't believe it tbqh, there is no way a 20 year old girl would be so immature

You may be from 56% land though so I'm not really surprised.
Girls are truly evil. All of them do this 'pretend to ask unattractive guys out so they can laugh with their friends about it' thing. Absolute fucking scum.
File: 1510507232672.png (229 KB, 1000x1144)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>"anon i don't mean to be rude, but is that an akzent or a lisp?"
>"when i first met you i thought you were making a funny voice, after a few months i finally realized you just talk like that"
I was talking with my boss about video games because he mentioned he liked Skyrim. I asked him what mods he used and he looked at me blankly. Filthy casual.
>Be me
>Doing some group project bullshit and partnered with two Chad's
>They are talking about Stacy's tits while I do all the group work
>One of them looks over to me
>"Hey anon, are you high? You look high anon."
>He starts really staring at my face
>Nervously look away and try to keep working
>"Your face looks kinda rough, do you use meth?"
>Deny it quickly
>Some roastie behind me hears me
>"Anon uses meth?"
>Desperately try to deny it
>Spreads quickly and soon the entire class thinks I use meth
>I start screaming entire sentences, but people keep talking over me so it sounds like gibberish
>"Anons on a drug rage, hahahahahahaha!!!"
>Teacher screams and tells me to stand outside the classroom for being disruptive
>I stand outside and break down and start crying
>Later that night, I get a few random messages from people on normiebook asking me if I could them drugs with varying levels of seriousness
>The next day it's spread even worse
>The entire high school thinks I abuse crystal meth
>I can hear people literally whispering right behind me
>"Yeah he sure looks like a methhead, look at his face. So that's why he's so wierd..."
>I can't even sperge out because it would look like another meth rage
>A month later, it kind of dies down but most of the school still believes that I abuse meth
>In engineering class one day
>Having a conversation with some brainlet about human morals
>I keep shooting down all his points
>He becomes flustered
>Later that day, I am called into the office
>Turns out brainlet became upset after losing the argument and reported me for carrying meth
>"We're just gonna search yer bag m'kay?"
>They find vinyl tubing I was carrying around for my science project
>I don't get suspended, but they have to legally call my parents for carrying possible "drug paraphernalia"
>Parents are called and I am taken home
File: OOOOAAAARGGHHH.png (221 KB, 556x835)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
you orignialytkifrkg
>normies "meaning well" to robots

hahahahha yeah right man, and i have a gf. hahahhahahahha
File: images (16).jpg (7 KB, 301x167)
7 KB
>be 13
>be 4/10 weird kid
>7/10 Stacy makes fun of me Infront of everyone by pretending to be my gf.
>goes on for a good 2 years.
>turn my life around, get haircut and start working out.
>thot begins to become more unattractive, dropping down to a 3
>doesn't say shit anymore because she knows I'm better looking than her
>Parents literally tie my ankle to a chair and "interrogate" me for two hours
>Keep explained what the tubing was for, but they ain't buying it
>For the next few months they threatened to take me to the police station and always used that threat when I wouldn't do what they said, or when I talked back
>The rest of high school was basically hell
>Several years later I'm working minimum wage at a Domino's Pizza
>One of two original Chad's walks in
>He's now joined the military
>He didn't recognize me at first, until I spoke
>"Oh hey, ANON!!!"
>He tries to start a conversation with me but I reply with quick responses
>"Oh hey sorry about that meth thing in high school, no hard feelings bro, lol"
>Memories come back, I'm literally seething internally
>Never wanted to kill anyone more in my entire life
>"Y-yeah sure"
>He takes his bread sticks and walks away
>He has no car so I get watch him walk all the way down the road from the window
>Literally seething
>I'm conceal carrying a 45 ACP pistol that day even though it's against the store rules
>It's holstered in the right side area of my crouch (the pants for the uniform they gave me were too big and it's easy to hide with a loose belt)
>I put my hand down my pants and grip the gun
>He's still walking down the road
>I could have gone after him
>I could have put a hole in his head
>But I didn't
>Because I'm weak
>He will never know the kind of pain I've experienced
>He walks away for thirty more painful seconds before turning a corner and disappearing
>On the drive home that night, "Searching for a Heart of Gold" plays on the radio
>Cry my eyes out at fifty five miles and hour
Keep going.........

Sorry to hear that anon, I can definitely relate to you're experience. Sometimes we might think that we don't belong, but remember, in situations like this it's the fault of assholes like that dude from HS and his friends, not you. Chin up my duderino.
hooo boy i fucking HATE women
oh boy I always cringe when I remember this one

>walking around with a "friend" and my crush
>wanted to show them something cool because we passed right in front of my house
>tell them to wait for me for a second as I go in and get this really cool rock I had bought
>go back outside
>they're gone
It really crushed me.

They also got together eventually even though he knew I liked her so that didn't help either. She was a really fucking trashy skank though so not too big a loss in hindsight.
this is the case with my best friend, if we're ever out in public he gets looks. i know I'm ok looking cause I've actually been mir'd a few times. basically going out in public with chad looking friends sucks DICK
natural selection claiming more victims bruh
go home
The people I thought were friends in school described me as a "lost puppy" that doesn't fit in at all, but everyone feels too bad to tell me to fuck off.

They were and are 100% right about me
none of us belong anon
File: 1498748066639.jpg (49 KB, 540x540)
49 KB
>be 13 or 14
>hanging out at friends house with two other friends
>we're all on omegle
>we match with a qt girl who looks about our age
>my friend has the laptop and keeps pointing the camera at me for some reason
>girl literally says ''stop showing me him, he's ugly''
File: 1510652610186.jpg (65 KB, 604x453)
65 KB
>go to morning breakfast with some papers that have all of my student info including teacher reviews and parent comments on every time I've been in trouble, or gotten into a confrontation with another student, y'know.. embarrassing shit.
>of course my dumb ass leaves it in the lunch room
>totally forget about it until my teacher asks for it when I enter class
>go back to the lunch room
>"Hey anon Chads and Staci's are reading your info out loud in the back of the lunch room
>heart fall straight out of my ass
>as I approach, jaws drop, they go dead quiet waiting for my next move.
>I silently reach out my hand
>chad places my paperwork in my hand and I walk away without saying a single word

I'm sharing more embarrassing High-School stories here if anyone is interested.
File: 1505165499993.jpg (30 KB, 597x519)
30 KB
>art class in middle school
>guys at my table were looking at a girl and talking about how they could see her underwear
>I tell them to shut up, because I knew I'd end up in trouble
>try to look distant from them
>im sitting right next to them
>art teacher sees them (and me)
>art teacher made us write a 4 page essay on 'respecting women'
>'anon i cant believe you would do such a thing' - art teacher
>I try to defend myself
>doesn't believe me
>im bricking myself at that point, because if my parents heard about this, they too wouldn't believe me
>my parents were the type to beat me to a pulp
>when i handed in my essay, the art teacher says 'you should never act like that again'

will add more stories
File: 1508107691135.gif (1.79 MB, 275x275)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
>same year
>in the library
>librarian was a crazy black woman, a complete bitch
>we have to to recite poetry
>I missed the day she assigned the poem
>kids are reciting it wrong and laughing being rude and shit
>I try to pick some popcorn from my teeth with my finger
>'ANON, KID 1, KID 2 ,KID 3' stop talking or its detention! now recite the poem'
>they kids recite it well
>my turn
>'im sorry miss, I wasnt here last lesson is it okay if I have more time to memorize it?'
>get lunch detention for a week
>get to the first detention session
>so anon did you memorize the poem?
>well starting next week you need to memorize 2, and if you dont
never made a friend

That's actually kind of alpha anon.
File: 1510412970982.png (612 KB, 808x805)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>be in 5th grade
>no friends
>end up being buddy's with the neighbours kid
>we play on our scooters sometimes
>new chinese family moves in and parks their car in the backyard (its a shared one so everyone living together shares a large paved area)
>neighbours kid scratches their car with the scooter
>neighbour's kid goes home after 20 mins
> as im going home, chinese neighbour comes out yelling
whoscratchmycah? youscratchmycah?
>grabs my scooter and points out that it was the handle of a scooter that made a mark.
>starts yelling at me
>my parents check out whats going on
>parents start yelling at me
>it wasnt me it was the neighbours kid.mp3
>no one believes me, because that kid wasnt around
situation calms down, the chinese man threatens to sue and everything
> (tough stuff to deal with when you're a kid)
>parents beat the shit out of me that night
I never thought a belt and a coat hanger could cause that much pain


I've grown into a phobia type fear of being framed or misunderstood.
truly epin, well thought out and calculated post. its funny bc it hurts the ops feelings! he said so! its joke
/r9k/ is a white/hapa board
were you one of those violent lanklets?
File: 1510348363473.png (17 KB, 882x758)
17 KB
no man, I was quiet af. I sat alone in the back of the room that day. the bad kids came late and ended up on my table
>be lazy asshole in a group of shy people
>don't do anything for our assignment
>they're all too shy to do presentation
and that's how I got through school
File: Gosling1.jpg (78 KB, 420x279)
78 KB
>Got told I walked funny in school
>Rejected by every girl I've ever asked out
>Messaging one girl on bbm, asked to be my girlfriend she said we're too good friends. Asked her to not tell anyone
>Fast forward to next week
>In french class
>Her friend shouts out 'HAHAHAH ANON ASKED YOU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND HAHAA' everyone starts fucking laughing

Just more slowly becoming self aware to the point where instead of being self concious, I'm always paranoid like people are staring at me, judging me. Talking about me.

Work story
>Work in warehouse as picker
>Not good at it
>Pass 2 co workers
>They give some shitty carboard sign they made that says 'help I can't pick'
>coworker 1 says 'here anon you need this' they both laugh
I cried every night when I got home from that job

Happened yesterday
>Walking to train station
>Get up to platform
>I pass these 2 crack heads that were getting off the train as I was going to the platform
>One of them says to me 'ay lad be careful there's an inspector on'
>mfw they thought I was a crack head trying to sneak onto the train
>mfw I've never touched drugs in my life

Another time I missed out on a college presentation because phimosis
>Finishing high school have to apply for a community college
>Presentation is part of the interview
>Night of my presentation I have everything prepared and ready to go
>Also have phimosis. Foreskin starts to get inflamed
>Hurts so much I can't even walk in my jeans
>Mum finds out I didn't go
>Yelling at me asking me why I didn't go. Start fumbling over my words
>Admit to her about my dick problems and phimosis and that I need to go to a doctor
>She says 'Oh fuck off Anon' then walks away

What's a picker?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (73 KB, 1024x576)
73 KB
See pic related. Low level job where you move boxes from a shelf onto a pallet then take that to a bay so it can get delivered
>be me
>11th grade
>bit overweight, but otherwise pretty okay
>7/10 probably
>been in love with a girl since freshman year
>said that she'd be willing to date me at some point after her breakup with her current boyfriend
>they break up
>fuck yea
>start asking if she wants to date now
>she's hesitant since she just got out of one
>have good friend who's pretty autistic but an attractive guy
>he knows that I love her
>one day overhear from someone that they're together now
>what the fuck
>I confront him over text and get mad since we were really good friends
>he says "I'm currently fucking the girl you love, what you say doesn't matter to me"
File: IMG_20170827_211530.jpg (1.4 MB, 4032x3024)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
>tfw mantisbro visits through the toilet window
>bit overweight
>7/10 probably
Oh, honey. . .

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