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describe your comfy morning routine here.
>wake up at 8:00am
>go downstairs
>make myself some green tea and cereals
>when I'm finished I go outside and meditate for 10min
>breathing the fresh morning air
>then back from the cold into my comfy warm bed
>spend the rest of day there

what about you anon?
>wake up after 9
>cup of coffee with soy milk
>banana smoothie with kale or spinach
>piss every 20 minutes
>cook lunch, eat
>cook dinner to take to work
>watch stupid shows on Netflix or amazon
>eventually shower and get ready for work
File: 1480024092899.jpg (62 KB, 500x385)
62 KB
>wake up 6pm
>get dinner
>sit around lurking /r9k/ or playing some shit vidya
>get ready for work (if i have a shift)
>if not smoke weed and find something to do
>play vidya
>go to sleep around 8am
you work night shifts anon? sounds pretty comfy.
File: chemex-demleme.jpg (350 KB, 1760x1172)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
>wake up 7am
>go to kitchen and make myself a pourover coffee
>drink coffee and listen to lofi for 30mins
>program or hit the gym after
7 am
get up
usually check my phone
nobody ever messages me and notifications are pointless news stories I dont care for or updates to apps
I get up and go spit in the sink maybe wash my teeth
straighten my hair (man)
leave to get the bus to work at 7 45
listen to a podcast on the way or something
before i go into work i have toast and maybe coffee
>wake up at 8am
>play with phone until i feel like getting up
>make tea
>talk to bf
>get ready and leave
>wake up stressed
>take a piss
>drink coffee on the toilet and shit
>go out on porch to have a cig
>contact my drug dealers
>smoke a couple more cigs
>see my dealer walking up the sidewalk and get my shit
>go back to the bathroom and rail a bag
>take shower and let the dope kick in
>go back out on porch and call a couple people I work for to see if there is work today
>put on my boots if there is work/go back inside and play videogames all day if there is no work
>get ready and leave...
yea leave this board
wagecucks BTFO

Sounds comfy, can you greentext more junky stories?
lol i left away some details, i don't have a job and already had two people tell me i'm not stable enough for one.
I'm going to get round to being a NEET its why I come on r9k. I'm hoping to see a how-to guide soon or something.
File: 1510353747654s.jpg (3 KB, 118x125)
3 KB
>wake up to the loudest alarm you've heard. Song's literally called "pandemonic hyperblast"
>Shit, wet face, brush teeth
>spend 20 mins getting ready not because of hair products etc etc but because I can't get to grips with how ugly I am, how ugly my clothes are on me.
>too autistic to get breakfast/coffee on the go, or even do anything fulfilling on my phone
>arrive at work knowing my peers have already accomplished more than I would all day. (normies work out, walk the dog, watch shows on the train, read papers, talk to friends...)
File: 1510586121639 (1).jpg (896 KB, 1564x2495)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
Proof that even tarded beta women can get partners easy. Pic related is justified.
>be dysfunctional, socially anxious mental case
>quit job
keep your job, NEET live is awful.
>wake up when i feel like
>play vidya for an hour or watch a couple episodes of anime,
>get out of bed and brush my teeth
>order food
>spend the rest of the day playing vidya, watching stuff and shitposting and sometimes working onine
>Wake up at 05:00
>Make coffee, no time for sugar or milk so just drink boiling tar
>Go out in the freezing cold and make my way to work by 07:30
>Keep telling myself it was a good idea to become a police officer
>>arrive at work knowing my peers have already accomplished more than I would all day.

my mother recently complained that I don't work on the side, get my driver's license, help in the house, ... and I told her that I don't have time because I'm studying
"But Brad does all these things AND studies the same as you Anon."
Normies just don't understand.
>wake up around 10:00am hungover, sick as a dog
>boil the kettle, make a tea and one for the old man
>smoke a couple of cigs and chew the fat
>think about what i'm gonna do for the day (usually fuck all)
>cut some logs
>head off to my room
>kill time on here and a few other boards
>listen to music till dinner
at least you can shoot some dindus
It really is a nice little routine. That is the first two hours of my day, everyday.


>struggle to get my dope one morning
>guy I work for calls me up saying he needs help today
>fuck, starting to get dope sick but can't afford not to work today
>my mission for the day was to rent a uhaul, load it up with all the garbage/dry wall, and tile from a house we are demoing
>get to the uhaul place
>starting to feel really sick
>rent the big ass truck
>oh wait a minute I have a vehicle now
>haul ass to the westside of Chicago in a 24ft beast of a moving truck.
>spot some black dudes on a side street obviously selling dope
>white boy slowly rolling up on them
>stick my head out the window and yell BLOWS BLOWS
>black dude runs up to me laughing his ass off
>make the exchange, and start driving to the job site
>about to puke
>say fuck it and use my skills at snorting a bag while driving
>get it all in me
>make it to work 15 minutes later feeling 150% and have a great time making a couple hundred dollars
>everything went better than expected

Stay away from drugs unless you want an average morning to eventually turn into that.
You ever listen to the streams on youtube? Like i remember listening to one by chilled cow.
File: 1510347584942.jpg (35 KB, 800x600)
35 KB
>wake up at 9:30am from alarm set at 3:00am that night.
>go straight back to sleep even though I have a lecture.
>wake up at 1:00pm after having yet another awful dream.
>stay in bed reading 4chan and reddit and watching game grumps until 3:00pm.
>get up, eat cereal (wheat biscuits atm) whilst watching youtube or browsing 4chan.
>play some vidya.
>have shower.
>cook food at 6-7:00pm.
>play some more vidya.
>go to the library with my mates to work at 10:00.
>play some unreal tournament.
>do pretty well tbqhwyf.
>go home at around 1:00am.
>set alarm for 9:30am at 3:00am.
>finally fall asleep at 4:30am.

It's not that bad desu I just wish I could do more work instead of only doing it when I have random spikes of energy.
Week day
>wake up at 6:15 next to gf
>shower, brush teeth, etc
>dress, chew the fat with gf
>grab an apple and granola bar for breakfast as i run out the door
>drive an hour to work
>don't mind, I.T. is the comfiest job
>browse the chan until something breaks
>fix it, praised by coworkers for being the one IT guy who actually gives a fuck
>I just fix stuff because I don't really know another way to live and I crave validation

>wake up at noon
>shower, eat, etc
>vidya gaems or dnd depending on the day
>spend the whole day doing one or the other

Cry wagecuck all you want, I'm damn happy after DECADES of being a worthless NEET
File: Angry Pepe 1.jpg (31 KB, 500x486)
31 KB

Make us proud, anon

File: 1471984930207.png (36 KB, 800x800)
36 KB
>wake up
>if I don't need to be at uni, stay in bed and watch youtube on phone for an hour
>take a shower
>make breakfast, normally cereal but sometimes eggs or bacon if I am not lazy
>get dressed
>go on computer / go to uni
pretty boring, just like me

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