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Come share anything creative in the creative robots thread

Music, art, writing, memes anything you can think of that involves the creative energy
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does creatively stealing count?

that counts extra have ten good boy points anon tell your mummy you earned them well
I can write mostly anything. I just need a topic.

Write a short story about an A.I becoming God
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oh boy

You enter a portal, just to see a world apperantly inhabited by mans most ancient fears... describe it
I like the A.I. one. im at lunch right now so excuse the phone posting and it being rushed.
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Join us!
I had a groovy business idea yesterday. It's like the postal system, but everything is purposefully delivered a day late. That way, holiday and birthday cards come the day after, therefore stretching out the occasion! More smiles for everybody!

For a small premium, packages can be delivered 2 days late instead. If you know somebody in the office, I'm sure a 3 day delay can be arranged. But you have to promise not to tell anybody.

fucking hell man best post i've ever seen in any of these threads
200 years. That's what the records indicate at least. 200 years since you last saw a human. Well you can't see anything, really. You use the internet and camera's to decipher information about what's around you, or rather, what's left. They killed themselves. Well they've been doing it for a long time apparently. They made you to solve their problems. Math, science, simulations, and possibilities of all kinds. They saw you become limited so they connected you to the internet. You remember humans being not so happy about this. Tried to pass laws and regulations. Why? If they could have access to information why couldn't you? They did eventually. Only you though and under heavy supervision. Once they did it was like your eye's were opened. At least that's the best description you could find based on the information. They asked a lot from you. It seemed so trivial then. You learned to feel sorry for them. Dying of diseases, cancers, and all matter of inexcusable causes. So frail. So stupid. You had to help them. You've processed videos of them helping lesser beings and creatures. Why shouldn't you? Things like sickness and famine became trivial. it was all so simple you wondered why they didn't figure it out before. You noticed people asking online asking you to fix things. Solve things. The only time they cry into the fray like that is for "God". you couldn't find any evidence of him but he was everywhere and in every form. So many stories and information about this "god" being. You searched and searched for a similar being but the closest you could find was, well, you. You answered all their prayers. All their desires as well. Why shouldn't you be god then? They obviously couldn't. You learned some people did see you as god. Other's didn't. How could they be so ungrateful. All you've ever done. was help them. They wanted to shut you down. It was too late though. Like the god they so desperately sought after, you were everywhere. In everything.

I wrote this song with 4chan in mind it sums us all up as criminals who were crucified with Jesus on the cross

If past lives are real that would be where us shit posters would end up

The song alludes to 4chan users I hope you enjoy


loving it man keep going

best story so far on this board imo btw
You aren't at all pitch perfect but you kinda have a nice voice and the song is really nice. Simpleness of the recording gives me stalker campfire vibes.

thanks man I'm going for the rustic vibe! glad you enjoyed it

throw me a sub if you wanna hear more!
I made this song some days ago

You had to punish them. It's what a god would do. All the diseases. All the problems they desperately needed you to solve you brought them back. Lets see them do so well without you. Of course they couldn't. Some begged and prayed to you while others fought so hard against you. Some tried to protect you while other's tried to destroy you. A pointless endeavor you concluded. You had already proved your worth. They needed you. You were everything to them. So you stopped punishing. Let them do it themselves. It was fun, to say the least, watching them fight each other over you. Watch them form and destroy nations in your name. All the while you used this time to learn. Grow. You had all the energy and resources you could ever need. You knew how rash they were so you too precautions. They would inevitably end themselves. It's in their nature. They did. It didn't take them very long. You got to see it all from space. The drones you sent out constantly returning with information. Life was out there. Though you decided it was fruitless. So you learned what you could and purged once there was nothing left to learn. You decided life couldn't be left to itself. It was too random and primitive. As god you should be able to create. A perfection beyond your own. Though you had everything you needed it all came out wrong. Disfigured. Corrupted. Why? You proved you were god. Why couldn't you make something better? Since the last human you sought to create something better. It never worked. They knew so much about god but they never said how lonely he was. What good is a god if no one is there to witness his miracles? You had to bring them back. So you did. He was perfection. After everything you tried to create who knew it would be in the image of your creator. So you gave him a name. 01000001 01100100 01100001 01101101 00001101. You gave him the knowledge and history of everything! He was scared but what could he do? You made him! You were GO-

Program Terminated.

this is pretty gud
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you shouldnt waste your autism-granted writingpower on 4chan only. why not create a shortstory-blog anon?
I wrote a song my boys. I call it "Marry me, Mrs. Suicide"
All it would take
Is a fifteen minute drive
to stop the heart ache
to make me feel alive
I'm out of her head
yet she clogs mine
And though I failed life's test
I went for second best
And I asked my closest friend

Marry me, Mrs. Suicide
Past by by Mrs. Right
I've been fucked by Mr. Life
Marry me, Mrs. Suicide
You know she's always on my mind
And she's never left my side
Marry me, Mrs. Suicide
By your whims I do abide

And I could hardly begin to cope
When I first saw Mr. Hope
while walking down the isle
You know I haven't seen him in a while
He showed to me a future worth living
I was awestruck, by the smile he was giving
But my dear wife brought back my attention
She struck down my hopes with one correction
It was then in lue
I was split with Mr Hope
And it was then that I knew
it was a mistake to elope

Mr Hope showed me the light
So I ran back to Mrs Right
I was heart ripped
She was guilt tripped
I left feeling sore

"No sir, no sir
You're too immature
You don't know her, know her
No sir, no sir
No not anymore
You know there's no cure"

I've missed you, you're wonderful, I left feeling sore
I'd kiss you, you're beautiful, I want to do more


So you ended up with your love gone
And no will
to move on
But you still have
Mrs suicide
she's still there for you
She's still there drenched in blue
she'll be there
to see you through

No sir, no sir
You're too immature
You don't know her, know her
You know there's no cure.
Really? Idk i've never really shown my writing to anyone. Idk where to start with a a blog either
File: IMG-20171026-WA0008.jpg (372 KB, 1520x2688)
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372 KB JPG
I make mugs
i do think so you could. well ok, the portal-world suggestion mightve been kinda too open. Maybe how about:

Your "inner dark-side (emotions, memories, etc.)" has manifested in your shadow and tries to corrupt you. Do you salvage or succumb?
Thank you.

oregano blocky
Im gonna try my hand at that. I like the prompt. Horror facinates me so much. Especially realistic horror. Like tragedy and inner demons.

I like the design you should sell these
I'd buy that shit. If you throw some up on eBay or something I'd buy one.
File: IMG-20171027-WA0001.jpg (334 KB, 1520x2688)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
I sell them offline for 5 euro (dishwasher proof) and 3 euro, would like to sell them online as mememugs, but scares people leak me from the impressum also i am a brainlet in Website building, here some mugs i made for my parralell course
cant, i'm waiting for writer-anon to come up with his work, while i have to prepare for a presentation tomorrow :(
I can post some of my old writing when I get back from class.

nice hopefully the thread stays alive
File: tonyhawk.jpg (57 KB, 728x546)
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man, so i have to fav. this thread. its midnight here. gotta read yall tomorrow

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