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>watched at least one porn video every day since age 13

No wonder I'm so fucked up
How does porn fuck with your brain. I started jacking off when I was 8 but don't know how it changed me.
porn turned me gays

apparently it makes you depressed or something? I've never really been able to tell since I've never been off porn. I don't know what a life without porn is like.
For me porn makes me angry. Watching all these ugly guys getting hot girls fills me with a sense of jealousy and entitlement. Such a sensation makes me either want to kill myself or somehow break through the barrier of my PC and strangle that lucky bastard. But I can't so I just grimace in anger and turn the TV off. Feeling this way ever since I started watching porn kept me from getting addicted to that.

I've also only masturbated 2 or 3 times in my entire life.
Who did you whack it to today? What was her name?
I'm not much older than you guys but I didn't have internet at home which meant no porn until I was 17.

I would just beat off while staring at like the ceiling or walls or whatever. My dick would just get hard on its own and I'd be like "oh shit better take care of that right away so I can go back to playing video games or studying"

The closest thing I had was the underwear section of Sears cataloges and Archie comics. Pokemon manga too was especially saucy.

It's crazy to me that there's this whole generation of younger adults and now kids that were immediately raised on hardcore inter-racial anal or whatever and were beating off to that before they even knew what they were looking at.

I quit porn a few years ago and I'd recommend it to everyone on this board. Beat off when you have to, not when you're bored.

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