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Why haven't you become an identity theft yet?
>Low IT skill required
>Extremely NEET friendly (you work all day every day from home)
>Pays more than any of you fags earn (easily make over 1.4mil a year)
>Bank/government helps the victims recover. Sure it's stressful for the victims but it doesn't harm them in any way
>Safe as fuck if you know how to do it in a correct way
Read this.. Extremely important if you are new to "cybercrime"
File: 1510191902769.jpg (32 KB, 460x288)
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If you need guidance ask me. Of course it's all theoretical Mr. Fbi
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>no one wants to become a criminal
Somewhat related
There's a guy on /g/ that made 300k by installing old flawed software on ATMs and cashing out. He only got caught because his friend ratted on him.
>Trusting people

Fucking retard.

I actually used to use stolen credit cards to take out money.
I already had my info stolen once recently. All the work I did at my job over the summer... Poof, gone. $800 worth of work that I did for nothing because some asshole wanted to spend money at Walmart. I never got it back from the bank. They said they'd get an investigation but nope. I have nothing but contempt for thieves. They take hard earned money from people they don't even know who might really need it. Even more than I did, in many cases.
Kek what a fag getting identity stolen
Yea? ATMs run Windows XP... They often even have USBs vulnerable for you to plug in whatever.. if that doesn't work, look up old windows XP exploits because trust me... They still work...
Not to mention you can find so many shit software if you don't want to write it yourself which ejects the money for you... That the guy on /g/ did was basic as fuck yet he still failed his opsec
what OP linked is a cringey roleplaying site. the guy who made it obviously saw a few episodes of mr.robot and connected to tor the first time.
File: 1256196_1.jpg (45 KB, 630x630)
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Look him up.. he is a respectable Pen-tester....
On the note of mr.robot.... is there a worse fucking normie show?
This shit it literally the worst... Skids have fucking exploded in popularity ever since that shit became popular
If I read will the FBI be on my door?

Its not illegal to read whatever this stuff is, is it?
Educational purposes... Not illegal what so ever..
>Why haven't you become an identity theft yet?
I just got out of federal prison last year and I'm on probation until 2019. If I get locked up again, it'll be for a minute
The fuck did you do to make you end up in prison?
Trafficking charges. Did a little over 4 years. It was a lot, but it was first felony so I only had to serve like a year over the mandatory prison sentence. I originally got 10 years lol
Why did you get caught? What was the fuck up?
I was pulled over after leaving someone's house. They knew why they were pulling me over, so I'm sure someone talked.
find out who ratted on you anon.
It was 5 years ago. My life has moved on. I'm not a "gangster,"
So you did a bad job at being a kingpin? Next time you move the product, use Signal and Tor.
Wear disposable clothing, don't trust anyone.. in general be as paranoid as you can
>sit in normal horse
>joylessly posting on the internet
After major felony
>sit in big house
>joylessly posting on the internet
>paranoid as fuck I'm about to go to prison constantly
dont know if real, but that is hilarious on people buying illegal shit with their own paypals
Yea.. sadly it's real... You'd be surprised how fucking stupid some people are... The original silk road got shut down due to one of the moderators bought like 1 kg cocaine to his own house (using his address) and then he snitched out the rest of the staff of silk road

Haha larper
Fuck off with your facebook typing.
What's Facebook typing? Not everyone is American and speaks the perfect McDonald's language
I bought like 2 packs of Adderall a year and shipped straight to my address and FBI has yet to arrive. Used bitcoins on an encrypted account though, not PayPal.
They don't care unless it's something really illegal i guess.
Well it depends. For me it's become a habit after using various forums, hence that's typically how people type there.
Depends on how well they ship it too. Is the DEA able to pick up traces of it and so on
Since* I keep using hence wrong because I learned the wrong definition at first

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