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Post a letter for an r9k/discord friend that may or may not read it.
dear r9k discord
you make new discords every fucking day
nobody cares shut the fuck up
fuck off
You only contact me when you're horny, which is irritating because I've told you multiple times that I'm here for you in every regard except for sexual things. And you don't need any more sex in your life. You have plenty of that. It won't solve your problems, but you continue on pretending that it will.

I guess I can't help you anymore. It's like you don't want to be helped, and I'm sorry for that. You're incredibly special and it's sad to see your potential being wasted.
File: 1514765447372.jpg (404 KB, 1200x1200)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
I wish we talked more. You used to be so nice to me and things were incredible and now you never message me at all. It feels bad being clingy but even just the occasional message would make my entire day, I've been doing bad lately...
Sincerely, P
File: 1497324093376.png (28 KB, 136x183)
28 KB
dear A, you think you're nice but you're actually just an edgy asshole. please go seek attention elsewhere.
Dormin, you have no idea how much I look up to you. You're. so. cool.
I wish I could tell you this directly.
Thanks for letting me into your server even though I'm technically breaking a rule by being there. I want to love you but it won't work out.
I wish you the best in life.
dear pretender

i hate you because i understand you. i understand you because you're exactly like i used to be.

hopefully you'll change, like i did.

sincerely yours,
a friend who would have given his life for you.
Uhh, 3 buck theatre.

You're a faggot. Oh my god, a big Nobody.
Don't worry, I think he got your message
he thought I was being sarcastic.

that isn't it at all, i'm sorry for wording things oddly. i didn't expect you to think that, are you not used to people saying these things to you?
Fuck you Toby. You ruined my life.
>i didn't expect you to think that, are you not used to people saying these things to you?
Yeah, das rite, I've been facing the world since Day 001, only now have I been able to create a cozy community/server which i truly and genuinely enjoy.
I have no idea if you're here or not, but you are so, so loved, even if you don't want to realize it. You are incredibly talented, and you can do anything. There is no limit for you. You will shatter every glass ceiling imaginable if you trust yourself and believe in yourself. You're my best friend, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I love you and will always support you if you let me, no matter what. I wish I could tell you this in person.
File: 1512614183467.jpg (9 KB, 250x255)
9 KB
Dear KBC,
I love you
Dear friend

I just heard that your dad wanted you to go to Guangzou in china today. I am sorry that you are going away. I have read about china on the internets and it looks like there's a lot of asian people there.

I also think that you'll see new things but as long as you don't just stay inside with your grandparents.

Try to be good and get drunk for me, ok?

File: IMG_5351.jpg (195 KB, 894x894)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Dear E,
you deserve the best! you are so wonderful and kind. even though there were times where i was upset at you and when you weren't very nice, it's okay. you are so loved. i'm so extremely happy to be friends with you! i want you to be happy and i want good things to happen to you. i am so thankful for talking to you! i want to talk to you for a long time. i'm glad that you accept me as your friend, despite all my flaws. even though we only talked for a few days, you are one of the very few people who are kind to me! thank you.
sincerely, M.
You guys were cool and nice. If I didn't hate groups and all temptation to not happily doing my own individualist thing, and require solitude to be comfortable and effectively sort through my troubles, I would have stayed and said more cute waifu things.
Dear everyone

I wish you'd just join my server it's the best everywhere

Also add me if you want a good fren Surlz#5847
dear S,

i never liked you and you were the cancer of reddit room

sincerely, A
add a trap on discord flammarion#8202
>no fembots
>chill and laxed
>no exclusion/circle jerking
>old irc-feel
sounds like my server but not full of gays like yours
I hope you beat your cancer. You had a pretty bad year in 2017 but I hope you will be alright. I still think about you a lot and even think about adding you back despite us promising we would cut contact with eachother for the best.

I don't know what happened to you or what is going to happen to you, but I'd like to imagine you became happy, or met someone who could support you better emotionally than I could.

Lots of love,
Dear S
I used to chat with you a lot, but as of recent we've kinda drifted apart and haven't talked as much. That's mainly because we both keep leaving discords.
I hate your home discord, but I don't hate you, if anything I enjoy talking to you occasionally and I simply wish you the best in life. Here's to hoping your discord stops being cancerous or I find you in a new discord so we can chat again.
Also, if you're ever feeling down, remember, as I said, I'm always there, buddy

Dear J
No idea if you even go on r9k anymore, but I'm sorry for leaving your discord a little while back, I left because I wanted some time to think to myself, and I think I've finished. Your discord had a great theme to it, and it was incredibly comfy. Hopefully your discord prospers and you git gud at COD one day

Dear You,
Why did you block me? I don't want you back; I am past that point. I just want to know why, even if it hurts. You spent all that time talking to me, making me care, for what!? to get pics of me? I seriously it's the only question that is killing me everyday.

a second letter to a friend miles and miles away

Dear Regin,
you have been the truest friend I've ever had. you know more about me than anyone in real life. You have listened to all my minor woes, and tried you best to help me. I Just wanted tell you that if I kill myself it is not your fault. it was something I did despite all your efforts
I apologize for the first two days of meeting you spazzing out and acting retarded. I'm not retarded at all actually and I'm actually a pretty chill person but clearly I fucked up obviously so I'm admitting to this mistake. I really enjoy do talking to you and you are a great person. I hope you had a good christmas and I actually did miss you when you are offline because I really do enjoy our conversations.

And you are a nice person and even though you haven't showed your IRL photo you probably are beautiful I won't lie about that lmfao.

And I can tell you have alot of empathy and are a good person in general. I think you'd make a great therapist or whatever you want to do because you are also very hardworking from what I can tell so far. I won't do what I did the first two days ever again because I have no reason to do that anymore.

If I offend you let me know and I'll apologize but I'll try my best not to cause I joke alot and yeah you do too so lmfao. I probably won't offend you anymore anyways cause I'm not that kind of guy lmao
If someone's deleted me on Discord, will their profile disappear or be on a perma offline status?
try sending a friend request. if it gives the invalid user name error, they blocked you
The only option is remove friend, I guess I'm just overthinking again. Where have you been...
I'm not him. I have not blocked anyone
What're you talking about? I was wondering if someone deleted me cause they've been gone all day. I was wondering if when people delete you does their profile disappear or remain offline forever
yeah it would,but just right click on their nam and see if it stays remove friend. and you said "where have you been at the end of >>42243709 that is why I made that last post
Hi A***
Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me, it really means a lot. Everyday I hope something good will happen to you! It would be awesome if we could email each other and such for a long time. You're such an interesting person though, I am worried I'm just going to bore and annoy you in the long run.
Thankfully, I don't think you are going to ever read that, so I can freely say: CHINESE/HK MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES BORE ME TO DEATH. But Transformers anime are truly /max comfy/.
It does indeed say remove friend, so she's still there then.
Dear higgus
more like niggus lol
ya boy zaza
File: 1514028363219.png (806 KB, 1001x823)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Dear F,

I'm sorry for not messaging you these past weeks. I'd like to say that it was because I was waiting for a reply of yours, but I could've just changed subject and written to you anyway.
I'm just really bad at this, and what you told me that night really took me by surprise. Was that the reason we don't talk anymore? I wish we could've kept in contact, even after what happened, since our friendship looked very promising.
I kind of expected it to turn out like this... But I also hoped it wouldn't. We could've remained good pals, instead of throwing all the good memories we had together away.
Are you together with R now? I want to apologize for treating her so bad. I'm just so used to abusive people that as soon as I recognize someone is trying to guilt-trip me (even as a joke), I switch to defensive mode. I'm really sorry. She's a little naive, please treat her right. She doesn't deserve anymore of the crap she went through.
I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. Do you think it'll snow anytime soon?

Sincerely, A.
you homies dumb or playin hahahah
all u discord boys
ps so u justbinstall this shit in yo pc and u can ran it right?
Dear A
i miss you
Dear Joel,
I know I should probably say this directly to you. Hell, if I wasn't such a pussy I would say this to you, but honestly, I probably would date you if it weren't for the current circumstances. You're a super awesome and sweet dude, also hilarious as fuck, and I hope you all the prosperity and happiness in the world my guy.
Dear faggot:

you just left me, I hope you see the threads I made

writing is hard


-your faggot
File: 04-1-1000x619.jpg (45 KB, 1000x619)
45 KB
What the fuck diminshed, I was going to text you back soon.
No wonder you dont keep any other friends from /r9k/, you block them after they don't respond for 2 consecutive days!
Youre a cool guy, but don't expect my life to automatically hault so I can be online chatting with you on discord. I Thought You Seemed Cool But You Should Know That's Unacceptable to drop people as soon as they don't fit your schedule.
>:( . Not cool nigger.
File: french-pepe.jpg (42 KB, 528x424)
42 KB
I Love you P
and if you don't... I love you A.
Having trouble maintaining that gpa huh? Looks like your major may be too smart for you
File: 1474491462909.jpg (705 KB, 1920x1080)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
Dear Nigger, I wrote you, but you still ain't joinin. I left my link, my skype and my steam at the bottom
I sent two messages back in autumn
You must not've got em
There probably was a problem with the server or somethin'
Sometimes I send links too sloppy when I type'em
But anyways, fuck it what's been up man?
How's your oneitis?
My qt noticed me too, I'm bout to go further
If I get laid, guess what I'ma call her?
I'ma call her Bonnie
I read about your Uncle Ronnie too, I'm sorry
I had a friend kill him over some roastie who didn't want him
I know you probably hear this every day
But I'm a KHV
I even have my own pillow with a waifu that that I've been cummin'
I got a room full of her posters and her pictures, man
Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back
Just to chat, truly yours, your best friend, I hope this ain't the end
File: image (1).jpg (44 KB, 540x540)
44 KB
Dear @Comrade Vlad#7139,
your penis is pathetically small, hehe fuck you man. I really do believe you're a virgin with that baby microdick around
Regards @Anarchy#6978 uwu
You guys are so fucking nice I wish I could be friends with you or someone who cares as much as you do.

why did you send pictures of your penis to each other? Are you gay?
Nah, I'm actually neither of them turds. Just know them on some discord that GrandSorcerer mentioned.
Please give me some direction. I'm spinning...
Dear Ethan,

I secretly like you in that way. I know you don't feel the same but that's ok because I wish for you to be happy. Our time together is cherished, thank you for being my friend.
bruce the moose#8359

You were pretty cool, I hope your music endeavors go well for you, sad that you haven't come back to discord since last year

Yes, they appear as offline
Dear v
Kill yourself you massive faggot
Dear H
i love you but you only see what you fucking want to see.
Dear aggy,
I dont personally know you and this will stay that way. (Which is plobably a good thing). You are probably one of the best friends I ever had. We first wrote because you asked "who wants to be my friend". You probably didnt mean it seriously but since then I really started to like you. Which is technically impossible but its how it feels. Thank you for being sometimes very patient with me.
better server than the one posted above


oh my, it's the Oregon trails
Man I want to join a discord where people actually talk about stuff and it's not just constant autistic memespam.
Dear Royal,
I'm really sorry I made fun of your mental illness and didn't take your problems seriously when you vented to me. Please respond to my messages, I love you.
I'm toast#4305
POSt KBC servers
Hello Emma please post your discord
Dear J,
You are my entire life and I am going to marry you and carry your children. I LOVE YOU.
Sincerely, S
Dear anon who added me from that one thread...

I told you that you wouldn't be able to remain my friend. It only took you two days to remove me. Thank you for proving my point.
What's wrong with you? why can't anyone stay your friend?
Dear Alina

I wish you would stop being suicidal and depressed. I know you said that only you are capable of helping yourself. I wish you could get it through your thick skull that what you are doing right now is not helping by any definition of the word. You cut yourself to make the voices go away. You shit on society for no reason other than it being too hard to integrate into. You are not helping yourself.

I know I dont know your whole story but what I do know is you are a god-tier human being who is extremely kind, talented, and funny, not to mention attractive as hell. Stop being selfish and just get the help you need. There are so many people in this world who deserve to be depressed, and you are not one of them.
Several mental health problems. I think the one that applies most is that unlike a lot of the normies on this board, I actually do have autism. So it's harder for me to hold a conversation. They knew that when they added me though, as well as my having a slew of other problems.
Piety, I miss you and your thighs.
Soyboy beta cuck loser confirmed! Rofl.
Kelly I need help, I really did mean everything I said to you but you drove me crazy. I have no clue if you were the person you told me you were all those long nights of video calls. Me going to meet you, me blocking you randomly and trying to fix my life. Before I could even hope to be with you. I just wish I knew who you were.
I do not feel my doubt with you was not wrong. But I do miss you and I still feel I will just block you randomly. I litterally wanted to make my life purpose to live for you but I feel that was wrong. I am so sorry, I know I can just unblock and send this message but I just feel I will end up blocking.
Your post set off some serious red flags that the person you are referring to is pic related. This is their endgame, anon.
Move on, and if you want, I can post her number.
is c a girl? she seems so nice, i wish i could find a friend like that
Chris, I still love you and miss you. I know you cut it off for a reason, but I still wish you would come back.
It was nowhere near that bad, but the jealousy part was shit for me and I felt like trash when she wasnt around. I do have her personal adress and she made it clear and wanted me to go and meet her and even showed me her house. I did not help the situation but I do believe she was pretty pure hearted but at the same time I could tell she was crazy. Ended up blocking her two times. I think she was just a poor fembot who was looking for a rich robot. She had alot of issues and needs people to care for her. From what I realized, I am sure it was a front but I believe she was into ntr from all the storys she told me.

Showed me some stuff she wanted then the next day her glasses mysteriously broke. Also her ex leaving calling her a whore and her being a huge retarded feminist, was another. I felt it was wrong but damn was I ok till My personal life went to shit and she couldnt show me a care. Shes blocked on everything and was pretty much kinda asexual. Along with a bit of a stalker. Altho I did stalk the shit out of her too. My discord friends told me she was crazy but she was one of those cute crazy girls.
Too sum it up, She never actually wronged me. I just started going crazy. I kept more of my life hidden, she was a nice girl looking for attention. If she did do anything wierd and I corrected her she would stop. I actually felt we were two of the same personalities. However she had a big daddy issue and she did so much for me. I was the one who wronged because I had no bias and didnt put the effort in to keep up our relationship. However I was not trying to be her 24/7 orbiter.
I was going crazy and I think I made her equally as crazy. I just dont think I could have handled it.
You. In the skirt. I can hear you screaming about Undertale and whatever other autistic shit you're into from out in Uppers courtyard late at night while I'm smoking weed.
Never stop. I unironically fucking love it and think it's great you don't give a fuck.
it's been a year and i forgot your name

you were one of the cutest trannies i've ever seen and i was falling for you pretty hard

you threw me into the bin for having a small dick and i had one of my worst depressive episodes ever because of you

i hope you get columbined
I miss you so much.

Just know it was either end it now, when it was still nice and perfect, or end it in a few years when we've hurt each other beyond imagination. I truly don't think I'll ever find anyone as perfect for me as you were, a glimpse into another universe, momentarily.

before I would've gone back, too many times. it can't be like before, I'm trying to trust me too

Thank you for being such a great friend to me. I'm so happy I could find someone like you here. You're always there for me, sometimes even in my thoughts. You have taught me many things, and you have surely changed my life. I feel as though you've made me a better person, and I know I'll remember you until the day I die, even if ir's not far off. You're my anchor to reality and sanity. You're my one constant in life. So when you told me about your life, how it's changed and all, I kind of freaked out. I was fine when we were talking, I think you being there was calming me down, but when we said goodnight I couldnt contain my panic. I know it's a stupid thing to panic about. I know that I really have no reason to be like this, and you're at no fault. It's not the first time someone close to me has changed like this, and when it happened to him it was hell for me. I watched as my friend's personality was slowly homogenized and perverted. So when I heard about you I overreacted. I wasnt able to sleep for that night. I stayed up in a cold sweat in bed, my heart beating at 100 miles an hour. I could almost feel myself losing my grip on reality. That night, I ended up burning myself again. Something I havent done in a long time. 2017 was a surprisingly good year for me, and I rarely hurt myself like this. But that night was different. I burned myself 4 times that night, and now all I do is sit and stare at the blisters and damaged skin and think about how foolish I was for acting this way, yet I still worry about you. You really shouldnt blame yourself for this, it's all on me. I shouldnt have reacted like that, you're happier this way. I was just foolish in expecting you to never change I guess. I don't even know why I would ever think that. I'm so stupid sometimes. I was never mad at you, only myself. Now, I think I'm over it for the most part. I know you'll never read this so I'm not sure why I bothered to type this all out but whatever. Love you, no homo

- Hc

I also want to thank you, for being so cool and being there for me on new years. You really helped me out and calmed me down, if it were not for you I may have burned myself even more. You're really a cool guy and I'd love to be close friends with you, I'm just not sure where I would fit in your life. You're not online all that often, which is sad because you're the only reason I'm still staying in that server filled with underage kiddies. I worry about your vices. Maybe not full blown addictions yet but you're not exactly on the fast track to being clean. I dont think you should quit cold turkey, I just think you should slow down so you dont have to suffer an addiction, although I may be too late with you drinking rubbing alcohol and all that stuff. Anyway I'm not as good with words as you are so I'll keep it short. I'm thankful for qhat you've done for me and I want to be closer to you (no homo). I hope your vices don't get the best of you.

- Hc
File: 1513914784093.jpg (57 KB, 720x960)
57 KB
These are all so sad yet hopeful and kind.
Goodluck and godspeed you nice anons.

why are you browsing 4chan at 5:30. get a life nerd

hey s,
I think you're really cool, and we have a lot more in common than you know. I'd like to get to know you, but I'll never have the guts to tell you that. So I'm happy with the way things are.
Dear CS

You know I am waiting for you. I am holding you in my heart everywhere I go.

Dear YHWH,
Give me a sign, guide me, something. If there's no God or afterlife, it all means nothing.
- G
I kept asking you where in europe
I traced it, i know now.
I know why you didn't want to tell me. I wish i hugged you. I hope you are alright. Good Luck with that CS degree. Wish you the best
yo im calculating the hours to check if it is you lol
i might just tear up reading this post again even tho it could to addressed to some other loser
but if it is you, i appreciate you a lot. I hope you already knew that. I really hope nice things are waiting for you in the future, and we remain friends forever.
I wished we talked more and shit anyways i left your server on accident i want back in but im actually to autistic to ask back in
what's... the last letter of s's name?
I have the exact same problem, I know that feeling. I have no friends, online or off. I keep trying to talk to people and it never works out. People have responded to my posts with "aww I'll be your friend" and it never goes past a single awkward conversation because it's impossible for me
Do you still come here, Jacob? I hope you're doing better these days, but given the way things usually go in life and in America I'm guessing not.

I don't remember why we cut off contact, but I remember you.
This is so sweet.

I hope all of you somehow reconnect with your old discord people
Aren't you going to give initials anon?
Addressed to a mtc of course

ive been posting about you tonight
I genuinely love you. I'm worried af about coming off as clingy and delusional, but I am so looking forward to spending as much time as possible with you the coming years, preferably for life.
This is so difficult. I really can't handle being away from you this long. ;___;
Please come home and give me comfy head pats,
Is s the beginning or end of a name?
I hope all you normies continue to suffer because of all the so called friendships you forge.
It's the beginning.
Dead H************

I am so sorry I was SUCH a bitch to you. You know how crazy my life is I just want to see you. You were the only man who ever loved me and made me feel safe

Idk why I'm here, honestly people are pretty rude on this board. But you were so nice to me. I'm pretty shocked you visit this place desu. It's kinda scary
Lol desu->desu *
>it's a letter thread
>and it's finally honest about being for the discord clique fags
Dear fanta, its been a pleasure knowing you, such a wholesome and comfy dude, have a good life
File: bored029.gif (1023 KB, 500x281)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
ORIGINAL who dis
Honestly what?
You're a stupid dog.
Wish I was your friend
>tfw removed someone today

wonder if I was the one
spit it up, who are you talking to?
Is this from Evan?
File: LznPD8Z.png (289 KB, 800x999)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
Dear B
I like being friends with you so much that I've made a wallpaper out of your messages and it always makes me feel better when you're not home.
Please don't ever leave. Thank you.
File: 1512852848430-r9k.jpg (122 KB, 581x1100)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I hurt, I hurt, I hurt

Pain, pain, pain

Ethan here, who's this?
Dear O

It's probably pretty obvious by now, but I love you. I'd move heaven and earth to be with you, even though I know abandoning my daughter and fiance would be a scumfuck thing to do. As if trading nudes and webcamming isn't bad enough, if you asked I'd leave them in a heartbeat

Love, D
Want to stay up all night and chat with comfy anons? Comfy discord: FPmfYX2
I need a second initial. I think I know who this is.
I know for a fact that you're lurking. stop spending so much time here. you're ruining your life. do you really think that this is all you need?
Who was it who added my old Discord?
I've also got burritos. It's either life alone or suicide.
File: 1465226886378.png (603 KB, 667x615)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
You salty, C?
You asked me to please not come back. Is that for you, or to make me feel better? All I want to do is talk to you. I just want to talk things out like we always do and quell these tides of emotion within me.

I wish I could help you. Even more than I wish to help myself right now. Its taking all of my energy not to reach out again. I cant tell what is best anymore, so Im defaulting to your wishes
u power bottomed and bounced before I could nut. u were rilly gud. hmu again pls
Hi if you're reading this you'll know who it is.

It's a one in a million chance that you started dating the best friend of the girl I was in love with during university. Without knowing because I rarely talk about my feelings or our divergent professional lives.

Me and her talked often in the first two years but stopped completely in the third, mainly me trying to move on because she had a boyfriend and still does.

Now because of the situation we play games on Discord together often, but it makes me so sad knowing that she'll never be mine.

I'll be taking a break for a while, to spam souls while appearing offline. I'm sorry, it's just something I need. You're still my best friend.

I hope you're life is going as shitty as it was back then. God I got so tired of listening to your craptacular life story, I actually felt sorry for you. I felt sorry that you have to tell it to girls in order to get laid. So sad. You're nothing but a fuckboi I used for my own purposes. Get over yourself.

i solved that puzzle and that mongoloid ruined it
wheres my prize i solved it dude
File: 1506.jpg (124 KB, 1366x745)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
dear "fembot" I removed

apologies for the removal but I got the feeling you weren't too interested in talking to me and had some sort of aversion to men

perhaps it was all just overthinking on my part either way i'd re-add you if you wanted me to
You probably don't know who this is. There's no more initials and it's all discord stuff. Sorry

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