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The World Health Organization now officially recognizes gaming disorder (video game addiction) as a mental health condition.
Will you now finally be seeking help for your problem, Anon?
the only problem here is WHO. the fuck do they know about sience or health, they are just doing creating more victimhood because thats what the globalists want them to do
videogames are now normie pastime
I stopped playing them five years ago because almost nothing decent is being made, aside from a handful of indies
When are they going to recognize late-in-life virginity as a mental health condition?
The World Health Organization had a symposium in Geneva in 1969, in which they discussed the 'dissemination of the cancer-causing virus in New York and San Francisco which would begin in 1970'....

they we're discussing the release of the biowarfare test AIDS virus...

100% TRUE.....

research it..........................

Although they had not come up with the cute nickname AIDS yet...

It was a World Health Organization and the Department of Defense presentation, simply referred to as 'the cancer-causing virus', and in 1970, they actually set up ad hoc 'vaccination tables' in New York & San Francisco gay bars at 4:30 in the morning, where they suddenly offered free vaccinations for some unexplained reason...

That same year, the United States government admitted releasing 'aerosolized experimental viruses' in New York subways...

Within a year or so, the first cases of 'GRID' were reported in NYC and San Francisco. (gay related immuno deficiency)

The reason they decided to mainly use gay people to test the virus was simple: to also test the 'trickle down' aspect of the bio-agent by documenting it's spread through bisexuals into the heterosexual community, although that doesn't explain why they placed cannisters of the aerosolized virus on subway trains...

Again, absolutely true....

Research it, please... You'll see...

The World Health Organization is an antagonist as well as a protagonist in many matters like this...

GAMING DISORDER it's more of a symptom than a cause.

You losers became gamers because of your creepy mental issues, and the gaming addiction created even further mental issues.


I've been telling you guys that video games are your demise since day one...

But here's the most disturbing and depressing result of playing video games: the fact that you're never going to get laid, because girls look at video games as an indicator that you are a fucking loser...
i agree. i cant play online games anymore. its all filled with normies. and the game is developed to suit them.
anyone have those (japanese?) statistics on how women literally rated rapists and drug addicts as less appealing to boyfriend than adult male virgins?
No, go look for them.

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