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>tfw it's extremely difficult for me to get an erection any more than once a day now
>only 18 years old
Is there any hope for my dick?
To cure your penis you must stick it in to some prime boipucci
Could be diabetes or blood pressure. Get some cheap meters and check it out. As long as you get morning erections, then you are probably fine.
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god i wish i were 18
I would like to be 18 only if I know what I know now. I was stupid and naive at that age.
>dick sometimes can't maintain hardness, especially after my first nut. used to be easy to cum twice in a row, now nearly impossible
>cumming is more intense, like it produces a more intense unbearable tingling kinda sensation that makes me flex my muscles and overwhelms me, never used to be like this
this might be seperate or entirely related
>right nut seems out of place, while fapping it seems to retract or lay at a weird angle and produce some of that weird sensation

what's wrong with me? aids? i went to the urologists and got fondled, and a ultrasound for frequent urination, said i probably just have narrow urethra but i never mentioned any of the above because i thought it tied in with peeing

been like this for seemingly 6 months. not op btw
im 19
what should I do
lemme know
are you on psych meds? that'll limp yo dick.
My morning erections became extremely rare and/or weak since years ago. Should I worry about it?

if you have any other weird symptoms you need to see a doctor, could be your heart. if your hair starts turning grey get to a doctor asap


>you on psych meds
Only on this board would that be a rational question for ops problems
Not op but I have not fapped since the third, and I don't get morning erections unless I really need to pee.

Before I had not gone more than a week of not fapping for like seven years and I always had morning erections.
keep it up, they will come back

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