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>Starting community college in 3 days after 3 years of shut in NEETdom
>Getting high on DXM cough syrup tonight
>Been suicidal, depression and anxiety reaching a peak a week before Christmas and I've been unable to get out of bed or leave the house ever since
>Really want to succeed in community college but I'm fucking terrified of being in public or around people and my mental illnesses are fucking me over again
Fuck lads, I don't know what to do, These past two months, It's been fucking terrible. I haven't been able to do any thing, watch movies, play video games, listen to music.
Fuck I hate depression so much, It's sad that crying my eyes out from the misery is so much better than the blank stare and nothingness I feel most of the time
stop doing shit like getting drunk on cough syrup, they drug test to move boxes around now.

get treatment for the depression

see the above 2, they will send you back into NEET, and you'll be asking why you failed again.

Also, quit the vidya, and the movies, and other distractions. Your focus needs to be fixing your life, not jerking off to nonsense
college is a terrible place. I think I should kill myself instead of going
>be me
>shuttin neet for past 3 years
>go to community college

I had so much anxiety during that period of time, all I remember is pounding coffee and cigarettes and being so nervous in class that id be twitching

Fuck that whole period of time man. I became a security guard after that, moved out, and then joined the Army like a real man.
But fuuuuck that shit
I start community college soon too. Really going only because I don't know what else to do with my life.
I know I'm going to hate it but it's better than stagnating forever. And there's always the off chance I meet a qt.
It took my autistic ass 7 years to finish CC. You can do it...even if it takes time. Please don't take that long though because holy shit lol
OP here. I'm high, moderately, I don't feel much but a little fuzziness, Music sounds good, sickness.
This thread is depressing
Why the fuck is community college such a frightening place? It just makes me feel like a dumb ass too. I wish I was who I am right now back when I was 15 so I could have easily gotten good grades and gotten scholarships.
Now even if I have a perfect GPA, I'll still be in fucking debt.
I know I'm intelligent enough to be great, But intelligence is nothing without the natural drive to live. I have no motivation for any thing, not even life
Same poster that took 7 years to graduate

Eh, it's not so bad. I found a group of nerds, played Magic the gathering and Yugioh between classes with them and even had a video game club. Look into it and it's actually a great chance for you to make friends. CC is full of geeks and nerds. Seek them out
I'm not a traditional geek or nerd. I like that you said it's a great chance to make friends/connections.
I'm not looking forward to any thing. I just want to end

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