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has anyone on here had a phase of seriously wanting to become a girl, and either going through with it or deciding against it? did your choice make you happier? I've wanted to be a girl on and off for a while now, but it seems like a terrible idea, nobody likes trannies and you can't really emulate a real girl. Did I just watch too much anime? Asking here instead of /lgbt/ because those people are biased. Only interested in hearing from other robots who have dealt with this and either tried to become the girl and gave up, actually went through with it or decided not to try at all.
woman up and get your spiro anon
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these are the typical responses I get on /lgbt/ and stuff, typical "just do it don't bother thinking about the consequences" type posts. I've been on HRT for like a week now and don't really feel any better, just physically weaker and have softer skin and stuff. How do I know if this is the right thing for me? I've seen other anons claiming that a lot of their depression and the like lifted after starting HRT.
I didn't because I'd never pass as a woman. I'd rather be a handsome guy than a hon, even if I hate myself for it.
this is what i'm considering, I'm an alright looking guy but I think I'd be a pretty fucking ugly female all things considered, I have a feminine enough jaw and hairline but I have a big nose and brow and my shoulders are a little bit on the broad side, also lmaonohips. Why even bother? I'd honestly just become a fag and find a BF but I figure they wouldn't want to date someone who can't maintain an erection.
You're a porn-addicted autist who is so mentally weak that reading enough shitposts on a British underground basketball forum has convinced you that you want to turn into a tranny. Most people who would support you doing something so retarded are either shitposters, people who did it and want company in misery, or a small number of people who I'm pretty sure get off on fucking over/corrupting people like bug chasers do.

Christ tranny-shit has been pissing me off these last few days. All these deluded fetishists going too far because some autist on the internet suggested it and then irreversibly fucking up their bodies/minds just to become uglier and more mentally damaged as a result.
This is what fucking bothers me too, the only people I can find who advise against transition are double digit IQ /pol/tards who have never experienced similar thoughts or know anything about the situation.
Don't even watch porn, haven't masturbated once this year
>Muhhh fetish!!
Don't get off on the idea of being a girl
>you were influenced by 4chan!!
I wanted to be a girl way before I found 4chan. Seriously fuck off with this shit you slope browed nigger, I said I only wanted to hear from people who had experienced similar issues for this exact reason.
If it doesn't apply to you then my bad, but after sitting on this shitty board for a few years the fast majority of people I've seen contemplating transitioning have just been prison gay fucks who bought into the meme.

I still wouldn't suggest it. You can act like a woman and get a bf without fucking your body over, if you transition and you/other people don't like the way you turn out at the end of it you're screwed forever though. Not to mention the question of how you're going to look/feel post-transition 10, 20 years down the line. We're too early in the history of people transitioning and using hormones for that many to have hit "the wall" and experienced what they'll be like when they're not a qt 20-something tranny anymore.
> if you transition and you/other people don't like the way you turn out at the end of it you're screwed forever though.
Yeah, this is basically my ultimate fear. The problem is though you can act feminine plenty, but you still have masculine shit like body hair and vile smelling sweat and rough skin and all the other stuff that bothers people with gender dysphoria. Also, you make a fair point about looks fading, but the same shit happens with men as well. The gays even say shit like "gay death" for men over 30 because you stop being attractive or whatever, so it feels like I'm fucked no matter what side I would go for. Honestly if I could I'd just fake being straight and settle down with a woman or something, it seems like way less hassle.
What are you even wanting to change by becoming trans
It doesn't *click* solve your problems
congratulations on ruining yourself. how could you be so stupid?
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Sometimes I like looking at Womens clothes in shops, and imagine myself as a women looking effay as shit. There is a dress shop near me that sells vintage style 1950s, fallout type stuff that looks real dapper and i get sad knowing i can never wear them. That being said I would never ever permanently transition to female. Hopefully virtual reality will one day fix this.
I experience a lot of mental discomfort around being in a male body, so the idea is if I became more feminine in appearance I would alleviate that discomfort.
>ruining yourself
It's a week of HRT you fucking mouthbreather, I could stop right now and it would be like nothing ever happened. Do you think you just grow a set of tits overnight or something? Read a book retard.
Turn back, honestly

Nothing you ever do will make you resemble a natural woman, it's better to just stick with what you've got and try to work with it.
Are you sure the issues aren't outside of that sphere, and that you've internalized that "this would be easier if I was a girl", or something like that? I think you would end up having a lot more self esteem issues if you became trans, theres a lot more to weigh down your consciusness. Try figuring out why you don't like being a man and see if it can be alleviated in a way that doesn't completely change your life in an unpredicatable way
>nobody likes trannies
that's why once you pass you never tell anyone you're a tranny
>you can't really emulate a real girl.
what makes you say that
I'm 6'2 and pretty /fit/
I would say that's the perfect height.
Even girls who are 5'10 can wear heels and still not tower you.
For me it's more of a sexual fetish. Dude gets to experience sex as a woman? Kind of hot. And sometimes I feel that I would be happier as a girl.

But then I remind myself that's just the estrogen and other chemicals the globalists are putting in the water. There's days when I feel a little girly, but most days i like being a dude. Plus, even if I decided to transition, I would so obviously not be a woman.

I would rather be slightly unhappy as an average dude, than to transition and turn into some kind of freak. I just started lifting again today. I'm hoping that extra testosterone will help balance me out.
>when you pass
but anon what about the awkward years where I don't and everyone thinks I'm a freak?
>what makes you say that
no surgery for large feet or a long midface desu
>but anon what about the awkward years where I don't and everyone thinks I'm a freak?
Freak is the endpoint when you'll never pass, if you will someday pass you'll never look like a freak. Also it's only a year and some months.
>no surgery for large feet or a long midface desu
Tru i'm sorry anon

Okay then what if someone was in perfectly female proportions, what is the barrier then to 'emulating' a real girl?
Well at the point the only barrier would be the genitalia, even the newer more cutting edge surgeries aren't much like the real thing as it stands. Pretty sure most tranners can't achieve orgasm through it.
>Pretty sure most tranners can't achieve orgasm through it.
That's actually wrong. The rates of anorgasmia are comparable to natal women.
>Eighty-five percent of participants reported that they were able to achieve orgasm after SRS, which is
consistent with the results of the studies summarized in Table III. The rate of anorgasmia experienced by
participants appears comparable to that experienced by natal women: Laumann et al. (1994) found that 24%
of natal women reported that over the last year there had been a period of several months or more during
which they had been unable to achieve orgasm.

>even the newer more cutting edge surgeries aren't much like the real thing as it stands.
I'm not going to entirely argue with that because until we get actual funding for stem cell research it'll be difficult to replicate the same mucous membranes, however with current surgeries you can lubricate and have sensation and orgasm. Dilation schedule after it's finished healing is the same as a natal woman who's had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).
File: 1515832444182.gif (1010 KB, 320x240)
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1010 KB GIF
what does it feel like to have an orgasm as girl? is it possible to ever get that close?
The only way you will be a girl is if they took your brain out and put it in a female body. Even then, you wouldn't have the same brain chemistry. Quit being a faggot anon.

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