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I've completely lost the desire to jack off, I am like 4 days into /nofap/ and I didn't even plan on it, is my dick broke?
day 5 is when it happens
Don't sweat it. I'm sure you'll want to soon, and fapping does feel so much better when you wait a while instead of doing it every day.
no, but you should find out if it is (by keeping the streak for +100 days etc etc)

my theory is that once you reach past a certain point you can have more control over your boner or whatever and flatline is no longer an issue

But I don't think anyone really knows, I went 2 weeks clean and still could get boners when I wanted

Maybe some people respond to abstaining differently.

Look it up, or see for yourself. I have also read some opinions that "if you don't use it, you lose it" in which case you might consider Karezza which is sex/masturbation without orgasm and you can keep having sexual stimuli but not wasting ur jizz
>figure out about tinder 4 years late
>start fucking every single day
>always jerking off when alone
>no cum comes out anymore
>feel no emotion during sex, just do it to pass the time

I feel this feel OP. It usually comes back though.
File: 1516292837445.jpg (34 KB, 900x466)
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>tfw I don't want to jack off but I just do it because I have nothing better to do
>tfw can't get off unless it's something really taboo like scat, cuck, pegging, etc.
I don't even find those things attractive, but just yanking it to regular porn doesn't do it anymore.

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