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Writing assignment: write a long greentext story (15 lines or so)about how this pic mightve happened
>guy gets drunk
>shits on seat

I'll accept my pulitzer now
My little bro sent me this, this is in a middle school where nobody drinks
>2 am
>need to use bathroom
>closest place is ghetto-ass bar
>say fuck it and go inside
>see pic related
>years of dwelling on this shithole site has made me an /absolute degenerate/
>boner is rock hard in my pants
>pick up shit and start smearing it all over my face
>pure ecstasy
>pull my pants down and start shoving shit into my already soiled pampers diaper that I have been wearing for two months straight
>get completely naked save for my diapey and use thethe shit to give myself a full on shit bath
>still have to pee so open diaper a little so I can see the tip of my rock hard clitty
>start peeing up into my face and lapping up my yummy lemonade x3
>cum while doing this and give myself a milk mustache hehe
>horniness wears off
>realize im fucked
>devise a plan
>smear the rest of shit all over myself and disguise myself as Tyrone Watermelon
>leave bathroom and none of the niggers suspect a thang
>before I leave I get some malt liquor and give the bar nigger a poopy dollar bill
>in high school
>fourteen or 15 probably
>your typical teenager, plays video games n shit
>one night, after school on a friday, we go back to mine
>unfortunately for my parents, they're out of town
>oliver, one of my freinds, was a mdcunt
>never washed or brushed his teeth
>totally disgusting, but he was 15
>roll up to mine at about 7:30pm after being out on the town for a while
>every one of us looked like shit at that point
>luckily, i lived on the outskirts of town then, so making too much noise wouldnt be a problem
>yogi bear was also hilarious to us then, so we screamed that for a while
>"yooooooooooooooooooooogi bear! yoooooooooooooooooogi bear!
>obviously this is retarded, but we were teenagers
>under the influence of alcohol and drugs, we crashed in my living room
>Robert, my other friend, started screaming that his stomach hurt like shit
>me and oliver just laughed at him
>more time passes and he makes it obvious he isnt bullshitting us
>we take him to the toilet
>it's a fucking tiny, closet like room
>looking at the toilet, he starts projectile vomitting
>laughter is flowing from me and olvier
>"diarhea! i'm going to diarhea everywhere"
>i start freaking out
>equally, it's funny as fuck
>then he turns to me
>orange skinned and quivering
>nearly dying
>in the moment
>gasping for air
>he says
>to me and oliver
read the first letter of each line
File: 130655131487.jpg (56 KB, 207x238)
56 KB
I'm sure you'd love that for your r/4chan screencaps, Reddit. Fuck off.
Tyrone wanted to bang stacey up the butt she agreed cos she is a whore, she let out a poop by accident as he gaped her ass. Tyrone didn't care and came in her to assert dominance.
make that into 15 lines cuck.
The amount of plebbitfags coming over here is now enough to make people make accusations. It's like being accused for being a rapist in a shithole country, where you can see why they think you are one because everyone else does it, but at the same time feel kind of bad. I just wanted to get some giggles out of a pic my younger bro sent me and tell him some stories.
/b/ tier shitpost, but I'll take it
Haha funny story anon.
It sucked ass. Fuck you.

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