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What do you guy think of kids having easy access to crazy amounts of degenerate porn?
Just like for the past 20 years, it's going to create another generation of depraved promiscuous losers who openly commit the most degenerate acts possible, but everyone is going to ignore it and rant (in an approving or disapproving way) about how "conservative" and "traditional" young people are.
Wash, rinse, repeat, we're seeing it again now.
I was probably being too generous with the 20 years thing. Try at least 40, or more.
a fuck up generation like the previous one and the next one but in a higher degree
us zoomers are aware that porn is degenerate, thats why we limit our "porn" to ig snap and vsco, its the fucking generation y that gets affected by degenerate fetish porn.
You're no different. You still consume porn and emulate it's act. The fire is coming to consume you too, along with everyone else.
When I was a kid I thought sex was nasty
I probably would have watched it just to lol @ dumb gross adults
It wasn't attractive in any way until I was like 14
What does it matter? Kids have had access to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol well being they were supposed to for centuries.

The people who are pre-programmed to be fucked up will be fucked up regardless of their access to certain shit. Just like pedophiles will always be pedophiles, rapists will always be rapists, etc etc. It really makes no difference. That chick was going to slurp and burp 30 cocks whether Tinder existed or not. Just like that other whore was going to sell her pussy regardless of whether Craigslist/Backpage was a thing or not. You faggots would still be jerking it to trannies if 4chan didn't exist. The world goes on.
Talk about late bloomer, boners start being a thing early and it's not fun bring a kid with hard ons all the time

That's nonsense, our behaviors are heavily influenced by our environment, if you normalize degeneracy people are more likely to participate. Smoking has decreased by 20% in Cali because of efforts made to educate people about the dangers of tobacco.
Do you know how many kids post here? Do you know how many stalkers there are on the internet? We're fuck as is. The only way out is to die now, it's the same solution the US is planning for climate change.
>smoking replace by faggots with vapes

Because their shitty addictive personality need the nicotine. Don't pretend like it's people just completely cutting nicotine out of their life because they aren't, otherwise you'd have an argument then. If it wasn't for the fact that it was healthier and MORE IMPORTANTLY CHEAPER, most people who vape would still be fucking smoking cigs nig. Same reason why people still chug back brews and hard liquor, if they find a cheaper and slightly healthier alternative then faggots would flock to it too.
I was exposed to vanilla BBC porn by the age of 5 before the internet. I could only imagine how much easier it is for them to gain access to such media accidentally

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