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File: IMG_20160111_082710990.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x1836)
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Old trip here, I'm not dead or in prison. Can't post my name for certain reasons, but those who know me can guess from the pic
File: IMG_20160427_194208090.jpg (1.7 MB, 1836x3264)
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Maybe this will help also
you're an exile now
I've seen you posting on other boards
It's been a while Samson

Getting banned from posting selfies really upset you didn't it?
can anyone tell me about JLH where did "she" go?
>can anyone tell me about JLH where did "she" go?
She's old anon
She lost interest
I miss your drinking threads samson why arent you posting anymore
File: 1514664350721 (2).jpg (53 KB, 609x788)
53 KB
Do you miss this guy, Samson?
File: 1482922236430.jpg (608 KB, 1392x1392)
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608 KB JPG
I was under the impression that you were arrested. Where else could you have possibly been? Unless this is a larp

To verify. Where did we go for a drink
so she just vanished?
what about the other fucker swarmi? i dont remember how to spell it
I get all my nutrients from a Ready-To-Drink Meal(TM)!

Honestly samson?

I was semi-fond of you, but we don't need updates on your life. Nobody was worried.
Nah, I wasn't doing that anymore. My perma was for "evasion", even though I never got the original ban
Forgot the name of the place, somewhere in Barking, yeah? We were hanging out with some Pakistani dude too
File: 1539232112909.jpg (229 KB, 800x800)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Hello Sams long time no see, miss your drinking treads, hope we can enjoy some beers and just be comfy.
There is another drinking fag but it's just not the same.
Lots of love to you man.
Btw why the long absence?
This, but I was never fond of you, and not only do I not need updates on your life, I actively don't want them.

Fuck off

See >>49709697
Only here now because I'm on my phone, and likely that will be banned soon too
Aww ye lad. It is you
Potentially. Unless you checked the archives Idk
Don't have Skype on my phone or Chromebook, but add absyalp on Google, it'd be great to chat and catch up
That's number one bullshit, now there is only fucking meme of the month flavor and people calling on others by that 'brainlet', 'zoomer', 'boomer', 'npc'.
This place got more depresing un fucking youngster way.
Drink one for me k?
I think that's part of the reason the mods got rid of me, they hate this place and are actively making it worse
Hell yeah, Johnny was a madlad. Hope he's not in prison or anything
Seems like it lad.
Will drink one for you i promise.
JLH and Swami were the same person, anon.

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